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Star Ocean Anamnesis we got


So did we get any guys like I hope for?

No we are getting girls and more girls even Myuria VA asked where the guys at?

Yes Myuria VA was there today.

I will say this the only girl who looked inserting was Reimi

Girls we are getting this picture just...screams...'sex' don't it? O_o it will attract the guys.

Oh boy pervert event upcoming with the girls no more dreams please? I don't want another one like the Wedding Event that was...I wonder what girl out of the group will be looking for some guys? Since you know how all the girls act to the guys they's going to be crazy and Salt. (This is my guess for the upcoming event)

Beside the girls the roadmap is what I wanted to know they did say a Halloween event and a collab event.

What collab are we getting this time? Final Fantasy? Nier Automata?

But my hype was the skill build it looks like you can make your character more OP but you have to use materials?
And they people are saying you have to farm...oh boy time to farm like crazy.

Well I'm going to be working on Fayt win that drops and maybe Edge and Rena.

And as usual the guys are saying it's all going to be all girls if that ever happens I will stop buying gems.

*sigh* what did you expect? I think my next money I get will go into something else...

The gems I have might go into weapons time to roll some swords.

Next boss is weakness ageist Lighting and they said Darkness is no good there so RIP Faize and Fiore.

So use who ever has lighting attacks and Star Ocean 3 event comes back hello Luther.

"Skill Points for characters to increase the power of Battle Skills, there is also the ability to strengthen Rush Combos and learn new Battle Skills depending on the character"- From Facebook

So you can make them OP O_o yess

I'm going to be happy for that update win it comes in the roadmap is all the way to Dec if we can last that long...

I do want the list of all the new skills they can learn that what I'm most excited for.

And good luck on rolling for any of the girls they do look cute but I'm going to pass on them I might try and roll for Reimi maybe.

------From Discord----

New Event : Planet of the Blue Sea - From 7/12 to 8/3
Upon visiting the planet with a beautiful coast, they meet an orb-weaving spider along the beach. In order to grant its wish, the crew along with Miki and Myuria does a search on the planet.

New Boss: Predate Queen
This boss is does Ice elemental attacks and is completely resistant to Seal. The boss this time is weak to Lightning Element Attacks.

New Event Weapons

[Billowing Bow: Bow]
- Resounding Wind Damage +20%
- Recover 3% of Max HP every 5 seconds
LB Factor - Critical Damage +20% when behind enemy

[Blue Wave Sword: Sword & Sheathe]
- Explosive Lightning Slash Damage +20%
- Increase Aggro +1
LB Factor - DEF +10% when under aggro

Road Map for the rest of the year - Check order number for relative time for when it will be added(edited)
July/August Part 1 - SECOND TO COME OUT
- Contents/Functions -
Accessory Upgrade - Upgrade accessory parameters, complete accessory mission for materials
Story Chapter 8 - New Character Belda
- Battle Features -
Result Time - Shows time taken for missions
- Player Features -
Dual Follow "Friendship Gauge" - Bonus reward for filling gauge when playing with people that you follow and has also followed you(edited)
July/August Part 2 - FIRST TO COME OUT
- Event -
Eternal Summer Swimsuit Event
- Large Scale Campaigns -
Summer Break Campaign(edited)
September/October Part 1 - THIRD TO COME OUT
- Contents/Features -
Increase Character Stats - Increase stats of your choice by upgrading, complete character stats mission for materials
- Player Features -
Titles - Fancy titles for ego needs
Bestiary - Show characters you have/don't have and enemy data
Rental Bonus - Bonus reward for people using your rental character
Beginner Participation Bonus - Extra mission drops when beginners join multi-player party(edited)
September/October Part 2 - FOURTH TO COME OUT
- Event -
Large Scale Collab - No info
- Event -
Halloween Event - No info(edited)
September/October Part 3 - FIFTH TO COME OUT
- Contents/Features -
Character Awakening (Level Up Battle Skills) - Level up battle skills through Character Board, Depending on the character, raising Rush Combo or learning new skills are under consideration
Story Chapter 9 - No info
- Battle Features -
New Difficulty "Supremacy" - One Time Completion for reward
- Player Feature -
Easier to Dual Follow - Make it easier to dual follow(edited)
November/December Part 1 - SIXTH TO COME OUT
- New Battle Contents -
Completion Type Challenge Missions - Clear each dungeon floor, used characters cannot be used again on other floors
All Players Joint Event Boss Subjugation Event - Server Wide Boss Raid, Defeat Boss and upon clear whittle away Boss Total HP(edited)
November/December Part 2 - SEVENTH TO COME OUT
- Event -
New Years Large Scale Collab - No info
- Large Scale Campaigns -
One Year Celebration Campaign - No info

-------End of Discord---post

September and October is one to look out for the patch for 'Character awakening' for new skills this the roadmap they posted so who the large collab?

But I'm looking forward to the roadmap and the skills.
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