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.Hack NU story update again and more update.


So yes .Hack//N.U. has updated

 photo CtmMlDHXEAAl8cQ_zpsvuwn9klo.jpg

 photo Ctl18KJWAAAVs73_zpsdjbgry9e.jpg

Too familiar .hack//guilty dragon what? O_O this make sense the connection to .Hack//guilty dragon is!...

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So yes this is what is going on new Halloween RNG in the store and this new event that is going on beside some old events that is going up also .hack//new world has updated.

And yes the update you can see them talk in battle! I was surprised wait...now I think my player character talks to much O_o and no I'm not upset DD is very very beautiful and I do want her card must romance all copies lol omg.

 photo DD 1_zpsjhy9u5uq.jpg
DD with sapphire eyes she looks so cute but her actions change and so her eyes change to.

 photo DD 2_zps4q02puiv.jpg
DD with emerald eyes that win she becomes serious her actions can now change between Azure Kite who was known for his focus and all seriousness to Kite the one we know that win she can become warmer.

I think DD eyes change color so she might be a mix of ...Kite, Azure Kite and Phantom Kite.

This might be the point where I want DD and Kite and Azure Kite and Phantom Kite in the same party so wait DD if a fire element along with Azure Kite and Phantom Kite but it's Kite original SR card who is wind?

But you know the first picture the one we saw her in the cute one we never did see that picture again not after we first met her after we found out about our powers that win DD serious side come out and has been out since curious very curious.

Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info
Twitter new world.

.Hack new world RNG Cards.


 photo IMG_0016_zpseypvr538.jpg
Pai from .hack//G.U. she is a wind element and very good to have.

 photo IMG_0017_zpsagk5wcaf.jpg
Shino she is a water element she don't heal she adds a buffs.

 photo IMG_0018_zpsrypgxdpe.jpg
Alberio is a Fire element Sword user.

Alright spoilers major spoilers!

Pai event-
Pai stars off by tracking you the player character someone see her and recognizes her from project G.U. as Pai is watching the player character fight some random monsters Pai even knows the player character name O_o right off the bat she labels the player character is a AI but Pai is surprised win the girls tell the player character to help fight the random monster after the battle Pai makes a 'ah' nose and approaches the group win the player character responds Pai is most shock, Pai asks the player character that they are not a normal AI the girls don't believe anything Pai says and takes the player character away from Pai and Pai warns the group the player character might be dangers.

Win Pai says the player character is not normal you can either majorly say 'no' or quietly ignore it making Pai even more suspicious note the girls even get !? with the player character if you choose that.

This is Pai first event.

Shino first event-
The girls are in town with the player character they spot Shino who looks gloomy as usual and the girls make a comment on it you get a choice either acknowledge why Shino is all in black or be very clueless and ask what is going on making the girls ask !? again rather choice you make don't matter win PKers show up Shino even greets them and ask about 'The key of Twilight' making the Pkers joke around with her that win the girls plus you step in to stop them from attacking Shino as the blond Julie? is that her name? The blond Sword user gets upset at Shino saying she should watch herself as Shino explains why she was being nice
Then she asks the group if they know about the Key of Twilight the old rumor from R;2.

Over all it depends what choice you make here Shino will tell you why she looking for it she wants to bring back Ovan that what I got from this and she spelled out O-v-a-n name.

And yes win Shino explains why she being nice she said it was from someone teaching.

And yes Shino never mentions Haseo at all T_T they do talk but that's it.

Alberio event-
It starts off with someone talking to Alberio telling him about something going on in the world that sparks interested in Alberio about the rumors going around the player character after the talk Alberio is having trouble with some random monster the group shows up to help him do we get a thanks? nope Alberio comes at the group with a furry this moment he reminds me of Balmung,
he labels the player character as a AI as the girls have to give a reason why the player character should exist after Alberio calmed down then he start to think about Lycoris he starts to compare the player character to Lycoris and that get him to agree to let them go but with a warning.

You are also given the same choice you had with Pai event confirm or ignore it ends in different results in talk but the results also gets the girls talking "!?" very suspicious or not to Alberio.

Alberio is very very VERY Tsundere but if you give him books he will love you more *cough* and yes he seems very attached to Haseo 1st and Haseo 1st seems to be attached to Alberio more then he is with Azure Kite or Kite or Shino or anyone else that what I noticed win they talk O_o I don't know how many times Haseo 1st glared at Kite who was trying to be friendly with Alberio and that made Kite go running to the player character after that O_o uh...Haseo 1st is a uke?
Alberio emotions is strange he will go after Haseo 1st and denied Kite but if he sees the player character talk to Kite or Azure Kite or even anyone else that makes him upset 'wtf' moment.

Having Alberio in the group makes a lot of drama for sure there some conflict between him and Kite that for sure and poor Haseo 1st if he get denied by Alberio he will go talk to Shino or Phantom Haseo I think the bad thing is Alberio is comparing the player character to Lycoris that what making it bad...

And I got a feeling that Alberio was in love with her that my thoughts I can be wrong.

With Pai and Alberio events this makes me think is the player character a AI that Aura made? That would make sense if you maxed out Azure Kite 100 romance event win you use G.O.D. to stop him I think he knew that why the choices in that event made the girls question the player character or maybe I'm over thinking it, ah maybe that's why Kite trying to go after Alberio he reminds him of Balmung? but Alberio is not too accepting to Kite at all as for Haseo 1st I don't know why he tries to like Alberio is beyond me new shipping come up lol omg the fan service the only thing that Alberio and Haseo 1st has is they are both Tsundere.
Link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundere

But these are events you can randomly get by the RNG card the shop and real money I was lucky to get them.

And Pai loves that cup the black cup you might know what it is and Pai dislikes books, Alberio likes no loves books, and Shino give her the Mt of Ice cream for her love Shino love sweets and she at level 80 right now in romance.

Sorry all pics are taking off my Iphone using my Ipad Air that why but the story and events are from what I can tell so far with my broken Japanese sorry.

What I like to do is go into .Hack//New world get my character to sit down and let them talk watch who is talking to who and watch them knock one another out that how you can tell who they like or don't like that's cheesy I know it I'm a fan girl.

With the alts I have the romance or talk or whatever you call it is different it might depend on what level of romance you're with anyone like if you spend more time with the girls or that special card you love that can result in different talk.
Since this save I have this character going after guys that results to this drama, on my alt I have a character going after girls well that makes the guys go after the girls like crazy it's odd so I assume everyone save's er games are very different it's all up to you to decide.

.Hack//New world update Event.


This time this event is omg

Phantom Haseo has arrived bit of a joke that he tries to go after Shannon my feeling they was trying to make some kind of pun out of this with all the fan services going around you know.

But his voice is the same voice used for Phantom Kite I was like alright they sound alike now O_o

On my main I got Haseo 1st, Beast Haseo and now Phantom Haseo and Haseo 1st is like 'wft' is going on?

Fun fact Phantom Haseo and Phantom Kite are almost the same height so yes the Phantoms are really tall we just need Sharp BlackRose now and Phantom Tsukasa but yes Phantom Haseo makes Haseo 1st look so feminine and girly lol.

My RNG got lucky and I got Shino SR card I'll post a picture of her later but she loves loves loves sweets stuff like if you give her the mountain of Ice cream she will really like you that one way of getting Shino romance up high.

But yes Haseo 1st and Shino do talk it nothing big like Haseo 1st noticed that Shino is there or not.

I might go after Shino I got the Water element Shino SR Card there are two types Fire or Water that you can get with the randomly RNG in the store.

But yes I went back to the old bluestacks since I had troubles with Goggle account on the blue stacks I found a old version just before the bluestacks 2 come out and I went to however Luna my alt who was there from the begging got erased T_T she had Kite's SR weapons I still have that account friends with my main but I can't get to it.

I want to get upset but yes just watch out win you do use bluestacks make sure to back up your saves if you can I just learn the hard way so I made another alt again this time this account is well...new way too new.

Phantom Haseo-
Phantom Haseo is from .Hack//Guilty Dragon a game we once had and is no more but now he's in this event in .Hack//New world the year MONOREAL The world 2032, ALTIMIT CC The World:Re-vice age, Phantom Haseo is a water element so bring Wind elements to the fight and Phantom Haseo can get annoying the more higher the level is Phantom Haseo also has that skill where he get's low of HP and Phantom Haseo will cast it it will heal to almost full and cast a dark shadow over him alright more likely blue shadow but you get the idea.

Just before you fight Phantom Haseo that girl you pick out that helps you and give you advice she will say something about HP like a warning but all these events are they CC doing? if you played a .Hack game you know what I'm talking about and why are the Phantoms showing up in the first place? in .Hack//Guilty Dragon Phantoms used dark power to turn normal players into mindless Phantoms a.k.a. zombies the Phantoms lived off there dark power and the more they had the more they become powerful, yes both Phantom Kite and Phantom Haseo will say 'I'll eat you' if you give them gifts that a reference back to .Hack//Guilty Dragon and back to Phantom Kite heart events in .Hack//N.U. he was all this time trying turn 'You' the player into a Phantom but always failed to win Phantom Kite lost the fights, another strange thought the Phantoms are drawn to you the player character in this event no one else either that or the player character in .hack//new world has really bad luck running into them.

But originally that what the Phantoms did back in .Hack//guilty dragon but I'm surprised that the events are allowing us the player character be friendly with them because I don't know how many time we fought them in .Hack//guilty dragon I know we fought Phantom Kite almost past a dozen or more times.

.Hack//N.U. Update 2016.


I'm not dead nope I've been very very busy yes getting ready and trying to get work done.

But I end up with doing with my time is...

 photo IMG_0013_zpsn94cpawt.jpg
Haseo first form 100 in romance

 photo IMG_0015_zpsmwkm2xfe.jpg
Tsukasa 100 in romance

 photo IMG_0014_zpsm3wmvzzs.jpg
Azure Kite 100 in romance

That is a LOT of time consuming and items T_T omg I wanted to see the events so I did.

Spoilers a bit ahead.

Haseo event- major Haseo Tsundere oh boy low level but the PKKers that show up at the end did make me laugh or they could of been normal players and Haseo being all Tsundere like leaves after that.

Tsukasa- Well Tsukasa don't play around unlike Tsundere Haseo but yes Tsukasa comes straight out and asks 'give me a reason to stay?' kind of question yes Tsukasa was going to leave the group but the player gives enough reason to make Tsukasa stay.

Azure Kite- You get to fight him twice one for his normal event the second time you use Data drain--G.O.D. on him and that stops him from attacking the party unlike the real Data drain that hurts Azure Kite this G.O.D. don't effect him that much just enough to knock some sense into him after that he growls at the group before leaving items behind.

In the Azure Kite event you can play along with the girls who ask about you and Azure Kite or just ignore that it pretty much what the girls did last time in the Phantom Kite event but either choice will lead you to fight Azure Kite again then after that knock some sense into him and then Azure Kite realized what the player is.

In the Haseo event it's pretty much the girls question Haseo motive since the last event with Haseo is well he's Haseo what did you expect? So it pretty much if you trust Haseo or not after that the girls noticed Haseo has brought the player to this area for that items ect and they question him before he go all out in denial very Tsundere moment then 3 players show up or pkers they ask something and then Haseo gets upset and leaves that how Haseo event ends.

all events give stones and titles and keys.

So it's

Phantom Kite.
Haseo 1st.
Azure Kite.

That the order I did lots of time consuming and items nothing happens after you get them to 100 just a awkward talk among lovers er...but the RNG on this account I never did get Haseo 2nd or BlackRose or Alkaid or Atoli or even Shino yeah it's that bad...T_T yes I wanted Shino card but never did get her card I know Endrance was in the arena and Saku and Bo was in the deck of RNG cards you have to spend real money in but the RNG is not nice.

So I don't know how Haseo 2nd romance event ends my alt is not that far with him yet yes my alt has his card.

.Hack//N.U. update!


We got a update that's for sure it's a good update I might add.

Azure Kite has return

Nothing special if you add Haseo to the battle and if you noticed win you fight Azure Kite it set in .Hack//G.U. yes that room! and this time Azure Kite has a voice unlike last time we fought him during that SAO event.

So we have Kite, Phantom Kite and Azure Kite now all we need is DD and it will be finished.

And it seems Azure Kite likes mirror Kite's own likes no he don't like perfume :P
but ouch his voice win he really really likes something watch the ears...

by the way they given out a ticket to get a SR card with re-rolls I just spent it on a Kite upgrade witch I wish I went with Haseo 2nd form oh well but my alts got that one speaking of SR cards they updated the shop win you buy SR cards but the way they did that...is that you spend more money you get chances of getting SR cards...but Shino is in that deck and I want that card.

Bluestacks updated but at first it almost made the game lag but it can handle this update but you might get some lag that what I experience win playing on my alt.

Now for both my 100 Kite and Phantom Kite romance they don't really react to Azure Kite that much except win I put Azure Kite in party and ignore Kite and Phantom Kite that win Kite will talk to my character a lot I'm like are you jealous Kite? but yes Haseo first form don't really react to Azure Kite that much either you could put them in the same party, As before Azure Kite don't really talk that much like in R;2 he mostly growls.

Azure Kite is a little more powerful then Phantom Kite but a little short on power versus a 70 something Kite.
But Azure Kite has skill win he uses a skill versus the normal Kite, once you get Azure Kite to a SR card.

but how Azure Kite attacks omg I think spinning around is graceful but...wow that is showing off that makes Kite look well bland I feel like there is some rival between them somehow maybe it's just me??

So yeah this time around Azure Kite just randomly comes to .Hack//N.U. world that is set in 2032 re-vice age and we find him and this time he drops his card! so yes we can get Azure Kite this time.

Yes in the game loading screen it says 2032 re-vice age, the date and the version of the world I think...I could be wrong correct me on this one.

For Azure Kite fight bring a water element and a healer as Azure Kite is a fire element.

Oh right Azure Kite dose not come with his weapons you have to give him one sadly to say so giving him that SR Twin fangs of abyss from R;2 would work that one you won from that SAO event I just did that and it fit him by the way if you missed out on the SAO event crossover they did long time ago, that win you could of gotten the empty skies SR weapon but that event is over with.
Link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/69695.html

link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info
Twitter .Hack new world twitter page.

link- http://www.bluestacks.com/
For Bluestacks to play the game without Japanese itunes account once you get Bluestacks look for the QooApp in search of bluestacks window and it should have Japanese Games and look for New world or under Bandai namco.
Black hair

.Hack//N.U. voting


Shino! she did beat Atoli sadly T_T

Here it comes the voting in .Hack//N.U. in the game over at Japan what people voted for

ハセヲ 8,413 pawns them all once more followed by ハルイエ 5,915? I think that his name who people thought was a girl O_o followed by カイト 2,741 who comes in third but yes that guy people thought was a girl people sure do love her...er him *cough* seriously do we need enough fan service??

But I guess the debate over who is more loved in Japan is finally over with now Kite has seriously beat Azure Kite for the longest time people liked Azure Kite over Kite but I think it's the fan girls who voted Haseo and Kite in the polls :P that is my guess and it's the fan guys who pushed for Alkaid in there, I myself voted Shino since I like her over Atoli sorry guys T_T

Now .Hack//N.U. give us the chance to get Shino SR card mumbles mumbles


But inside the game Haseo finally said his famous quote
'Do you know Tri-Edge?' I almost screamed at that but he said it to some random monsters O_o I was like Haseo they are monsters there is no way they would know Azure Kite er...Tri-Edge but yes 10 years has past since .Hack//G.U. Right?

If they do ever add Azure Kite I think Haseo should have some kind of talk with him I mean Haseo thinks he still chasing him after all this time I want to laugh and cry at this poor Haseo still trap in the past.

Omg sorry for getting off the topic seeing this just made me think of what is going on in the game.

Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info
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.Hack//Romance 02

Alright got to level 100!

in the romance saga of Kite that is :P

So what happens win you get Kite to level 100 in romance and time consuming items?




Update- You unlock this.

All that farming and money and time consuming! Kite up to level 100 in romance

Alright in Kite 3rd story his voice surprised me I never heard Kite so serious I think he asked the player a serious question here witch you got two choices to respond picking the first one I did was the good choice (I think) T_T Kite shows his depression and emotions here I think by now he realized he isn't someone trap inside the game and that Kite can indeed get Tired it seems Kite will never voice win he is tired I think that event with SAO win you ask that question voices that Kite likes to hide his emotions but in the event Kite talks to the player I honestly thought he was going to cry that if the girls didn't interrupted them and boy do they do major teasing on them both but win the girls arrive Kite pulls himself together and asks for a mission yes this mission that was just a let down I thought Kite was going to admit his emotions then T_T
I think he was but the girls come along this mission surprised me I was expecting something like his second mission omg this one is cute but it also hints how special the first mission was to Kite somehow after the battle you get rewarded and a title O_o so it was perfect right? the blond hair girl notices something odd (For the life of me I don't know her name lol sorry) she comes out and ask Kite if he brought them here because to her it almost looks like Kite was giving this to the player or something that's how it looks to me correct me if I'm wrong, but the first time Kite words question it as Kite brushes it off like Kite knew he was caught I don't know if Kite is good at lying lol but that was cute and you get two choices again the first one leads to Kite being his old self or how he was in his second mission after that you get some Green GOD stones cores what you call them some keys and that title that's Kite's 3rd mission.

Now after you get to level 100 you don't have to keep giving him stuff but I like to it become a habit :P
alright what effects dose Kite have once at 100? in romance beside that mission (I just check on my alt) he likes to stare at the player I mean stalking kind of way it's cute that's about it no new skill or anything no memories that might come later oh right that area that Kite taken them to was a fire area witch did surprise me since Kite is wind element but that romance to level 100 for Kite I'm not too sure how the others are so after that even getting Kite to level 65 I take him out once a bit I guess I can use him for story missions in the future nothing major and yes his romance bar is still up even if not being in party and ect but yes Kite voice win he ask that question in the begging of his 3rd mission surprised me his voice sounded older almost mature like if possible just for that moment.

Alright after that exchanging Kite for a heavy blade and change my class to a heavy blade I went and fought Azure Kite yes he's still around and I noticed something funny Azure Kite was facing the direction the player was at O_O how he was facing like he was side ways or he was staring at the player awkwardly omg I should of taken the picture of that alright that's enough of this but these are the moments I find cute in this game.

I taken this picture with my Ipaid air off my Iphone sorry >_<;

Omg now I want a Haseo card to get to level 100 I still think Haseo is going to be picky and no the RNG don't like me no Tsukasa or Subaru card yet T_T

Oh right correct me if I'm wrong about this O_o I apologize if this is spoilers.

Update-Just redid Kite mission again my alt his second mission omg so the 3rd mission is unlock win you're at a higher emotions with Kite, this alt is nowhere near level 100! thank you bluestacks for answering this question

.Hack//N.U. DD chapter update and talk about it



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So DD chapter in this story wow that a lot and lot and lot of Pkers that want to fight the player character after you defeat DD they come after you and all you was doing was trying to get them off DD who never fights them but she will fight the player character after the fight she seems like she knows what is going on but she never tells that the feeling I'm getting from it.

So yes maybe they are going to do something with this? but those are my thoughts about this subject I can be wrong about this but that's what I'm getting from this correct me if I'm wrong about it

About that whole topic about the player character being a AI was that right? I thought it was since if you saw .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending they go to .Hack//N.U. and well I thought they was reborn alright correct me if I'm wrong about this subject I didn't get time to look up if .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. are somehow linked I know so far .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending is to .Hack//N.U.

Well this turn out all to be thoughts and maybe theories of the subject so again correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.
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.Hack//N.U. thoughts


Today we're going to talk about .Hack//N.U. thoughts and theories

Let's start with Cards we all know the player who can use cards in battle wise versus .Hack//Guilty Dragon win the player calls the cards just for battle in .Hack//N.U. you actually manifest the cards into the game well .Hack//N.U. itself so all the HP bar and all the cards stats depends on the player so win you actually get defeated depends on the player to you're party members don't have HP only the player dose so they are linked to the player if the player dies so do they go it? so it best that you try and get a SR card link to the player as soon as possible SR cards are more worth then R and R+ cards you don't want to stick with the N card you get as soon as you start but you can use a R+ card for a bit until you get a SR card or you can go all SR team and having the player use a R+ card I did see people do that it also works, I also want to say every hit you're cards take goes right to the player there HP bar takes the blow not the cards so if you have a weak card on you're team you're going to noticed it.

No if you're asking what do you mean summon the cards to the battle right? it kind of like a GF from Final Fantasy 8 but the HP bar for them is the player if that makes it more simple so yes you want to get good equipment for the player and if you can get it for the cards it will help to

Now let's talk about the GOD system the GOD system are kind of like orbs that you unlock like Final Fantasy 10 Sphere Grid or Tales of Xillia Lilium Orb it unlock power, magic and def in the game and that is a must for SR cards it makes you the player powerful enough to survive the only way to get the GOD orbs/Virus cores is to use Data Drain or doing events they drop right after you do events but you want to use you're class GOD system for my main I'm using a SR twin sword class green so I'm going with green for my alt I got a magic class I'm going with blue with that one and yes you can switch you're class you don't have to stick with the 3 starter class you can go with any class you want the 3 starter class you get to pick are Twin Sword, Heavy blade, and Staff for magic but if you find a different class with the right color you can switch so since I played with a SR green card for my main for a long time I've unlock level 2 but it takes more and more GOD cores seriously? and I'm not even maxed out in level 1 yet...yes I was lucky enough to get a SR green card out of the RNG for my main

Now let's talk about the dating system yes this game you CAN somewhat date you're cards however you have HAVE to get there affections to level 20 and you start off at, Zero win you get them so that lots and lots of gifts not unless you know what they like win you get them at level 20 that win you can start dating them or let just say that win win Dive into there emotions like in Ar Tonelico for them level 20 is there level 1 for them make sense? alright you don't actually Dive into them that would be cool but I'm just trying to make a point win you reach level 20 you have to find out what they like or dislike just like dating in real life they can dislike something and it will be that same item for them until the next level the ranking is by them win you look to give them something so if you randomly give them items in the begging and you see the pink heart go up that normally it not dating yet not until level 20 and what do you get win you give them the gift win you are at level 20 that they like? and it there affections for you go way higher then normally? well cheesy lines from the Japanese voice actors that what it's cute jest to let you know win you at level 20 with that one card and you see the the one you got to level 20 looking at you across the room win you're talking to someone else is that Jealousy? lol now can the cards get Jealous? I think they can somehow just watch how you're cards act at times it's cute and funny now it seems you can date anyone in this game don't matter what you're gender is.

You might want to decide over you're party for element play in this game the cards colors and don't forget the healer you need one not unless you got a really high level SR card you might not need one maybe.

My alt on Bluestacks is dating all girls and she a girl herself and I see Kite just hanging out way off screen away from the girls poor Kite on that game file sometimes I give him something maybe and since you pretty much start off with all girl team witch make it obvious they like the player don't matter what the gender is I think the game wants you to go for them

So you can summon any card that you get from buying gems or get lucky with that free point offer and try to date them one thing I did noticed is the cards that the player has and uses on his team don't count for the real ones in the game and story so yes you can do the story with the people from the story in the party who are not the players but cards get it? >_<; it confusing that why most foes attack the player if they can't see the HP bar but only linked to the player that would be suspicious right? funny enough the people and foes you fight do have a normal HP bar so they can go down normally

As for Kite profile in the game someone said that his profile said he had amnesia but he only recalls his name and he was supposed to be a hero?, that would fit how he acts in the game let not try to guess how old he is now in .Hack//N.U. that first event you do with Kite in a random event but it has Kite trying to get the player attention by acting like he's under attack by Chim Chim and trying to get the player recognize people in trouble or something like that win I first done that event I was like 'wft' are you doing Kite? next event for Kite is at level 50 witch I'm just now at level 30 so I got a long ways to go I could level grind now since they got the money event going up today maybe...

That the crazy thing gold in this game is hard to get by and you need to to level up you're cards they don't have it like in .Hack//Guilty Dragon where you can buy it

So that my thoughts on this game and how it is the whole dating thing is cute but time consuming and item consuming if you really like a special card go for it

If I said anything wrong on this subject let me know thank you

And yes by the way in this game Hack//N.U. it seems Kite is alone no one else from the past .Hack isn't in this game yet so he has no one except the player?
Oh right Kite can talk to other cards and other cards can talk to one another so it not completely lost
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.Hack//N.U. Thoughts 01


Today we're going to be posting thoughts and theories

Blue hair girl is DD the one I think is another Kite clone the women who looks like Miss Skeith lol is the crying women the women who you fight the first time around

Gender blend Azure Kite? nah it can't be it maybe it's DD becoming corrupted? or maybe it's someone else? but the two girls here maybe they are part of the group that you play with? or way of topic maybe they are the ones who we are controlling? our character? but I doubt it they could be the ones who are connected to the crying women somehow or they are just there hum if it not gender blend Azure Kite she could be a copy of the other copies say Phantom Kite? or even Shugo or Sora but maybe she has a connection to DD somehow that just a theory for now

Well as I said before DD battle pose is just like Kite own battle pose I noticed that and if you play a twin blade class you well get Haseo battle pose I also noticed win playing my twin blade class my character was doing black flips it reminded me too much of Haseo if you played .Hack//Versus or watch Project X Zone 2 opening yeah that kind of thing it surprised me and yes the RNG from this game hates me I end up getting gems win playing the game if you do missions long enough you can get up to 5 gems for the store that different from .Hack//Guilty Dragon so yes the theory of DD being a Kite clone was brought up by

Link- http://www.dothackers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19778
they also post APK for bluestacks it works I tested it

they are the ones who first thought of it to me DD would of been a normal girl but nothing IS normal in the .Hack universe that different I mean we got Phantom Kite for .Hack//Guilty Dragon fitting for them to use a girl this time around beside Sakuya as for DD personality she hits off vocal and kind of cold and very serious that the first few min I thought of win I met her she not that bad I guess we don't know very much of her yet but I doubt that DD is her full name maybe it's a nickname or something? if it just DD that kind of odd if you ask me but it kind of odd that DD is chasing miss Skeith (Don't ask me why we're calling the crying women that name lol) who randomly appears win you're fighting in the first area and her attacks do 9999 damage or something and then a group of players go chasing her and she ignores us for now and DD just brushes us off like nothing and follows her but win we enter the next stage that win DD get vocal seriously she scolds us and tells us to back off but lucky our blond friend says it alright and we somewhat do no damage to miss Skeith a.k.a. crying women she just laughs at us and attacks us that win we get %100 on top to use Data Drain that looks dark and creepy looking versus the one that any Kite clone would use so maybe this has to do with that women who looks like Skeith gender blend or Skeith wife god forbid and maybe it has to do something with the Eight epitaphs? maybe something to do with Haseo? I doubt it but it just a thought and that's why DD involved because she is a Kite clone but remember this is all theory for now oh right there is this other guy he has crimson eyes and long silver hair he strikes me kind of odd...the first time you can met this guy is win you do a PK mission strangely enough of course he has this blue uniform on versus the one DD has that is red so maybe they are part of world something another? or they are in a guild or something it there outfits look like uniforms win I started the event it lock me in it T_T I was doing another event before that but ugh...now I got to fight PK who wants to fight us and we got a kid party member who shows up after you used Data drain she has silver hair and pink red eyes or are they violet pink but her personality is different she the one who starts this whole PK event by trying to talk to a PK guy (yeah really nice move) who tried to get away from her but she followed him I'm like 'Wtf' moment and then the danger music plays and then we fight PKers great omg I'm getting way off topic now lol sorry

back on topic so that what I'm assume is going on you know I can be very very very wrong about this DD could be someone else and the women who looks like Skeith could be some random women

So far I got 3 weapons from R;2 random RNG and one pants and a golden halo nothing from R;1 yet and some random armors from .Hack//Guilty Dragon that wasn't too pretty looking ugh...

so yes this what is going on and what I think of this game

Oh right there is this one strange guy who keeps following them and it looks like he has a hood on...Tokio is that you? or is it someone else? still reminds me of that one guy who follows you in .Hack//Guilty Dragon hmmm

Or maybe it's the weapon from R;2 that I used O_o maybe that makes the poses? that just come to me humm