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.Hack//N.U. Bad ending??


After finding out more information about this.

update event is now going for bad ending!?

Or so the rumors say.

But what about the main story wasn't DD corrupted? So this happens after the main story win you get DD somehow O_o you fight the Crying women who wasn't under mind controlled you see the 3 brothers one more time and then you decide the fate of this world...in one fight um...what?

Oh and they don't explain how DD got un-corrupted and who saved her... but DD is back to normal no more red eyes and Dwarf dies laughing? That's the big guy right?

Just go take a look it's in the new events omg...plot twist to the end...

Oh by updating your game you do get a new SR card no it's not DD SR card >_>

the words that the crying women said she acted...like a robot or like she didn't even care that...sucked I mean it all stared with her and DD in the begging so if they pull off a bad ending...

No .Hack//N.U. vol.2? Is this them saying or putting the fire out in rumors of .Hack//N.U. Vol.2?
I feel like it was all rushed done this ending or event they are doing...

however this event is up you can fight the crying women and get nothing...no new SR card or anything just money if you go to the stores was it wroth it?

I think...they should of stopped doing the really really really hard bosses in the story not everyone made it to the end and they found out and hurried up to pull off this...event witch did not explain anything at all if they was going to do this event for the final ending, they should of did it all in not the main story and just did one big event or made it easier like in .Hack//guilty dragon. (Sorry for rant)

But that my thoughts some people did like the fights being hard.

did they just pull a Deus ex machina? Did I say that right? I never use it so...er...

but anyways .Hack//N.U. updated maybe for the real final time and you can see for yourself.
(This is the last update right???) "........"

So yes I got more feedback from twitter and how the other people feel about this.

And you know what we never saw Tokio in this game you think he would show up more right?

In the begging we might saw his shadow but nothing more...that's odd...

And in this last event DD is acting nice toward us for a change it's like her emotions gotten lighter if possible so DD acting light and fluffy versus her serious actions almost all the way through the game that's different it's almost like she showing her softer side to us and she is a girl after all.

Fixed bluestacks alt-2
Since the new upgrade it forced me to switch to bluestacks 2 and...bluestacks 2 has issues bad I was able to get into my alt's game but the graphics will NOT load and NO music and...I can't see any ANY characters not even my player character oddly enough I can still give gifts and no voice no character but I still see the words however I cannot do the romance rub thing it just kicks me out T_T

I sent a message to Bluestacks I hope they can fix this but the outcome of Lunar the character that was going to replace Luna who had the same issue don't look good so I'm back using my main and my 2nd main both on my Ipad and Iphone I can get into the game but graphics and music will not load so I don't know what else to do...I even reinstalled it that did not work.

So be careful bluestacks 2 can have some issues and omg...

I'm going to try again a few days if bluestacks 2 don't work I'm going to be saying goodbye to Lunar my alt this is heartbreaking seriously it is.

!update-I fixed it! O_O omg omg omg! alright IF you're game gets like mine just uninstall the game in bluestacks 2 menu go to apps and uninstall T_T and download it from qoo app NOT .Hack//N.U. fixer itself don't work! once the game installs again my account showed up it was either pick that or make a new character I picked the top choice and--my game was running normally! Everyone was back and nothing crashed it was that easy! so Lunar is not dead! (honestly I thought I was going to make a new character but I didn't need to) If only I knew this sooner...I might of saved Luna...

!-Update!- see post above T_T Noooo

But yes the days are going down.

This info is from the event and from twitter feel free to correct me on this please.

And I apologize for sounding negative I'm drained from this emotionally right now this is not the ending I was going for or hope for so...I'm sorry.

link- https://twitter.com/haruko6610/status/807191406372528128

But I still have a tiny small hope that one day we might get our PS4 game...but it's looking doubtful right now.

Once more I'm sorry for being frustrated I guess it's my emotions for wanting a new .Hack game and wanting to see it on the PS4 win I'm going to try and cool down I might go play Star Ocean Anamnesis or Final Fantasy XV for PS4.

On the bright side there is a CD I'm waiting for a CD that I think you guys might like.
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV - Omen Trailer (North America)


Story just got darker omg Lunnnaaa!! that's it I'm keeping my copy I've order from Amazon this game looks epic.

But yes this game looks good but what of the story?

Or will Luna survive?

Maybe more then one ending?

I'm excited.