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SOA event story [JP] swimsuit time.


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So this hints toward Maria and Sophia ending in SO3 with Fate it also hinted that Maria thought highly of Fate in Maria ending in SO3 to be husband choice as Sophia is naturally wanted to be Fate wife since the begging of SO3 but I think it was more lust with Fate in the start of SO3 with Sophia.

but in this event Sophia says she is 'promised' to Fate meaning she already thinks she is his wife and she lays it thick in SOA that she IS Fate girlfriend.

this sounds so fan fiction like...Sophia still reminds me of Yukari Takeba from P3 her whole actions in SOA rubs me the wrong way...and now it hinted in SOA that Maria wants to be with Fate she did ask him to go out with her leading to SO3 Maria ending.

This is a rough translation there is no doubt they will change this don't take this seriously it was also teased in Chisato event that this was a love triangle and they are still going at it.

keep that in mind if you using Sophia and Maria with Fate in party maybe that why Sophia is glaring at anyone that is near Fate if you play on auto girlfriend is pissed.

I see why Fate stays away from them and hang around Faize now it chaos.

Now this is only the swimsuit event the other events are different like the bridal event win we had that whole VR experience with bridal Maria now that was fun.

It was sad Groom Fate had no story at all maybe that why he did not have a story because they did not want to conflict this? This love triangle they are doing now with them.
it almost makes me sad and a bit upset we paid fully for groom fate and bridal reimi and we get this it sucks.

So they go down hard on making alts of Maria and Sophia to attached the guys but they don't like making alts of Fate in fact groom fate only won because of money real money and then they expect people to go with this love triangle that has nothing to do with our character or anyone else and enjoy it?

they want guys to buy in on Maria and Sophia sexy girls right? but in reality they are going to make them have a love triangle with Fate who wants to do his work over them I hope there is no more alts of Maria and Sophia anytime soon that is false hope since this event it says 'we will give you alts but in reality they will love fate' and all the couples we do will have romance in it...it starting to become...ugh not good.

they keep putting romance in this they are going to be like the Tales series I don't know who they are trying to attract.

It's to the point if they are going to do the same thing as they are doing now I want to skip the events now it might be the new writer they got in I don't know but I don't like this new change they are doing.
but yes Swimsuit Maria event starts off good and Swimsuit Sophia comes in and ruins it with the whole 'I-am-promised-to-fate-I'm-the-one' and it ugh...I don't think anyone was expecting this groom fate had no event and swimsuit maria gets both fate and swimsuit sophia in her event.

it almost feels like that is why groom fate had no event because they did not want to destroy this love triangle however bridal maria had a event with our character in VR that's...unfair.

I'm salty and upset just ignore me and no I don't like romance that much that why win the put couples and do major PA/events with them it don't go over smoothly with me but if it with couples I do like lets say Claude and Rena that is alright but something this dramatic as this love triangle it all 'meh' to me it there for the fans but not for me.

And reading this it pushed me off on using swimsuit Sophia and using Sophia at all in trying to roll for Swimsuit Maria that what it done to me however swimsuit Millie event was fun and cute I like that one over Swimsuit Maria romance one.

and it almost made me want to pull for swimsuit millie almost. and twitter is very silent about this event I think they are getting tired of it whatever they was trying to do it stop people from almost talking about fate but they are still posting about RNG draws about getting swimsuit maira and swimsuit millie but it not that big as usual.

they went from our character and less dialog with us and other characters and focused on making couples and romance it don't feel the same as it use to now it might get to the point where only our character exist in the main story and battles and that's it I don't want that to happen but it might happen.

Ugh enough of that I wanted to know what was going on and this is what I've come up with now win this comes out in NA it might be a bit different they might change the dialog but this swimsuit maria event was disappointing she was made sexy to attract the guys to pull for her but this event says more then that that maria despite being sexy and to attract male players is deeply in love with fate and she will fight sophia if she has to and fate all he wants to do is hang out with faize and do his job....Delacroix is that you?...

So this my rough translation of it don't take this seriously at all it was out of my desire to know what was going on in this event.

About groom fate I think since he has no story you can make one up for him and put him with anyone you want, and if your going to do this swimsuit event have fun.
I just noticed fate calls our character 'captain' in this event in that last event with fed edge and fed reimi that fate calls our character by our name hmmm...maybe its nothing.

but enjoy this swimsuit event and the beach background I like it.

本日14:00~16:30 Maintenance SOA [JP].


【6/21(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス

"[6/21 (Thu) Maintenance Notice ②] Today, we will carry out maintenance work accompanying the addition of new events from 14:00 until 16:30. You cannot play a game during maintenance. Please check the in-game announcements and official websites for more information."


マンガ「アナムネ艦長さん家の日常」第2話公開しましたー。 マンガはこちら ⇒ http://sqex.to/Nfn #アナムネシス
New comic Faize and...background...Fayt? and Lymle.

This update is going to remove

---From facebook---

• Maintenance
Duration: 21 June (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- Version Update (iOS Only)
- New Event
- Bug Fixes

Following Events will end:
- 2017 June Bride Event Part 1, Tall Prisma
- Thread Missions
- SO3 Event, Great Executioner
- SO3 Event, Lucifer
- Hell Sire Coin Exchange
- Both Michael Coin Exchange

[Radio Information for 6/21 MT]
- 50AP & 60AP Stages for 2018 Wedding Event, Land Kraken
Uses an attack which consecutively attacks target and inflicts poison afterwards, as well as has a jump attack.
- Event Accessory: HP Regen

[6/21 UPDATE | Light Element/Plant Killer Weapons, 2018 Wedding Event Part 2 50AP & 60AP Stage]

• Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha / Pickup Gacha / Step-Up Gacha
Start: 21 June (After MT)
End: 28 June (After MT)

- New Weapon Pickup Gacha (新武器ピックアップガチャ)
Increased rates for the 3 new weapons, which have Light Elemental / Plant Killer Passives.
- Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha (新武器1本確定10連ガチャ)
Once per player, 10-pull Weapon Gacha which will guarantee at least one of the 3 new weapons.
- Step-Up Gacha (新武器1本確定3ステップ10連ガチャ)
Includes a total of 3 steps. Only 10-pulls, and upon reaching the 3rd Step, will guarantee any one of the three pickup targets. Resets after 3rd Step.

*Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Perma & Ticket Banners on 6/28 (After MT)
[Ceremonial Blades - Colour Lily: Dagger]
- Adds Light Element to Attacks
- AP Recovery Speed +50%
- (LB5) Crit Rate + 10% & Crit Damage +15%

[Happiness Machine - Smashing Four: Arms]
- Adds Light Element to Attacks & Light Elemental Damage +25%
- While Target is at Long Distance, ATK Damage Taken -10%
- (LB5) Upon reaching 100 HITS, Rush Combo Damage +10%

[Golden Thorn Staff - Wing Baton: Staff]
- Damage to Plant Race +40%
- Will not flinch while casting symbology
- (LB5) INT +5%

Event Reprint
Facula Dragon- Dragon Race. Weak to Wind Element

Event Reprint Adhesion Alma- God Race. Weak to Dark Element.
---End of facebook--

I might take a look at the HP Regen accessory otherwise this update is ready to go and going up soon and as for the June brides and bridegroom fayt this event was fun I myself wish we got another guy but it was alright the story was...a bit disappointing from the first June event it almost felt like they was doing couples and not focused on our character at all that just my take on it otherwise it was fun.

I think they should of saved bride clair event win adray was around.

As for bridegroom fayt event it feels like bridegroom fayt is married to his work with the help of faize.

after saving and not rolling anymore after getting bridegroom fayt I almost got my gems back to how they was before I rolled for bridegroom fayt on my main account my alt...poor alt.
and no I did not roll for the new sword for my alt account at all so no new sword except for the ones they have.

no I did not roll for bride clair that was temptation itself but no I did test her out on a rental and she is good.

my newly phone is running smooth I'm happy I've upgrade my phone and it plays this game very good my iPad Air is the same I got a new case for it and it runs the game yet not as smooth as my newly phone but it works.

I'm ready for Twin Eclipse ready to go.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-』先行PV
Date- Summer 2018.

Summer 2018 twin eclipse is going to drop no date yet. We know its summer 2018 and no news if we are getting twin eclipse right away or something else.

SOA Update weapons.


So we got another weapon gacha upcoming.

--From Facebook--
[PMF-M4: Rifle]
- Adds Earth Element to Attacks
- Crit Rate +15%
- (LB5) Evasion AP Consumption -50%

[PMF-45: Guns]
- Adds Earth Element to Attacks
- If HP is at 20% or above, 80% chance to survive a fatal blow
- (LB5) Recover 5% HP every 3 seconds

[PMF-226: Guns]
- Adds Earth Element to Attacks & Damage to Human Race +20%
- ATK Damage +15%
- (LB5) AP Consumption -10%

[Bloody Sword: One-Handed Sword]
- Damage to Human Race +40%
- Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks
- (LB5) Rush Combo Damage +10%

---End of Facebook---

So that sword looks good and it might be good for 2B and Fayt and one handed sword users that you are using I myself got 2b weapon if you did not get 2b weapon go and roll for this sword for me this sword is temptation I'm not going to roll for it and yes I did end up buying more gems.

And if you don't have Fayt own weapon I say roll for this sword I have Fayt sword so I'm not going to roll for this sword even if I want to.
must save gems for wedding event come on wedding Reimi with rifle.

good luck with the RNG if your going to roll for them I got gems and tickets saved for the wedding event that win I'm going to roll as I said before I'm going to skip this banner so updated pictures of EoE characters from me after playing around with a rented beach Leanne she is fun if you don't have Opera go for beach Leanne and there is no reason not to use both.

I will tell you it's hard for me to warm up to girl characters win I do i will warm up to them it taken me a long time to warm up to reimi for that very same reason and I did and I'm a reimi fan and yes I did vote for her in the wedding event so I'm going to roll for wedding reimi and wedding fayt, all I need is wedding reimi to complete the reimi set I'm serious. :P

A2 was a bit different I automatically felt connected to her and liked her more over the other girls 2B not so much I don't know why but I'm lukewarm about her.

9S I do like him and I never got him on my main account however on my alt account got him and yes my main account is still very very salty about not having 9S.

【10連3回目で新武器1本確定!】 5/1(火)0:00より、10連3回ごとに★5新武器1本が確定のガチャが登場! 新武器は「PMF-M4(ライフル)」「PMF-45(銃)」他全4本。効果は地属性付与や、人間系へのダメアップなど。期間は5/24(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス

so good luck with the RNG rolls if your going to do it and have fun farming the new events.

SOA event story with--and talk.


I did find....

Alt Albel and Cliff...it works O_O must put...them...

I knew putting that Alt Albel with Cliff works >_< Here comes the fan wars

Now let me go over the event story with Alt Albel and Opera

This surprised me Opera who has no idea who Ashton was this was before she join SO2 group

This also surprised me Sophia and Alt Albel in the same party not fighting over Fayt O_o

Yes Sophia is in this event it almost like she preventing us from talking to Alt Albel

Was...she looking at Alt Albel since he's in pants now??

Sophia and Alt Albel have time to talk to one another shockingly they agree on stuff...

Fiore and Ashton join us in this event also it starts off with Alt Albel talking to Ashton wait wasn't Albel talking to Ashton before like this?? I don't know if that a hint or not...

Sophia joins us in order of helping Fiore again? (I think that what is was) she goes between Fiore and talking to Alt Albel a lot in this event and we use Alt Albel memories witch Sophia tells us about (shockingly) she knows more about Alt Albel then we do...and we go to the past where we see Opera who Ashton recognized but she says she don't know him...

That where Opera notes that we can fight and she asks us to protect her but Alt Albel makes a challenge and it ends up being a drinking challenge and Ashton, Alt Albel, Fiore all pass out from all that alcohol we end up being her bodyguard like SO2 story with Opera she chasing Ernest.

It pretty much ends the same way except we fight a boss from SO5 not SO2.

The ending is we get warp out and Opera is shocked that we transported out she notes that we was suspicious enough and she leaves alone.

This whole event felt like...it was more aimed at Alt Albel and Sophia nothing else.

Much like the Cherry Dias and Cherry Maria hints this event had small hints nothing big.

It feels like Sophia spends time with Alt Albel more now they are talking like friends or maybe something more it hinted but not that big of a hint

I think what they are doing is pushing this so the Wedding event with Reimi and Fayt will go uninterrupted or we are going to see salty Sophia.

But no Alt Albel nor Sophia mention Fayt at all so if that a hint that has to be one.

Alt Albel talks to our character once and act like 'I don't care' witch makes Sophia talk to alt Albel more so this felt more like Alt Albel and Sophia event strangely enough Albel and Sophia in SO3 never do talk to one another like this but they do now and here.

To me I'm getting a major Alt AlbelXSophia vibe from this a part of me wants to ship them another part of me wants to ship Alt Albel with Cliff.

And also Meracle is in this event she says that we 'smell good' O_o uh...she voted us as leader confusing the group that win Alt Albel ask if we are that powerful? Fiore and Sophia try to explain our power to Alt Albel who get frustrated about it and just tells us to lead the group

(They try to explain how our character is fused with other party group and our powers witch don't go over smoothly with Alt Albel that talk leads to more Alt Albel and Sophia talk)

And no Meracle don't drink in this event but the others do and no Sophia don't drink either not in this event.

But yes Alcohol was in this event and no our character did not drink either...T_T

This event is going on and if you want to see if play this event and see for yourself.

This whole event started off with Alt Albel and Ashton and (sexy Alt Albel) in pants :P
And ended like Sophia is the one who gets to talk to Alt Albel a lot it like she moved that quick stopping anything between our character and alt Albel.

And what's the deal with Albel and Ashton? If that not hint I don't know what is.

To me it looks like whatever Albel and Fayt had in SO3 is gone completely I think as I said before Fayt had a crush on Albel but moving into SOA we see them with different guys...*cough*

Fayt spend his time win VR room with Faize or doing something like setting up Fidel with Miki with Roddick it was also hinted in the Cherry event that Fayt like to eat....O_O and him and Roddick was talking about food and how Cherry Dias and Cheery Maria looked good together

Another strange thing is our character likes to sleep and eat >_< the jokes about bananas is one of them there was a few hints in the main story and off the story that our character likes food and water

I don't know win Fayt habit of eating started it could of been win he was with our character with all the events going on or it could of been all the time he was with Roddick

So Fayt spends time in the VR room with Faize, Roddick or our character.

And it looks like Albel spends time with Ashton and Sophia now??

And it looks like they are letting Maria do her own thing like win she wanted to be leader with Dias.

As long as Fayt don't turn into Allen Walker from D.Gray-man about food I'll be alright with it

Them making a new personalities for the main cast of Star Ocean 3 I'm talking some time to adjust to it seeing Alt Albel and Sophia get friendly like that surprised me

But yes this whole new event with alt Albel was more like him and Sophia event

One of the things I did noticed is they did change Albel and Fayt personality a bit

Fayt in SOA likes VR, hanging out with Faize, romance like setting Fidel with Miki with Roddick, Hanging out with Roddick and hanging out with our character and food.

Albel is now opening up to Ashton and Sophia doing what we only saw bits of that.

So far Albel and Sophia have no contact with our character but Fayt has contact with our character we did have lots of events with Fayt.

We had some events with Sophia but she never talks to us like she talks with Alt Albel or someone else we can ask her about 'Fayt' about something and she goes 'what Fayt?' that was one her responds in that young school girl Sophia event.

So it hinted that Sophia has no inserted in our character in this event with Alt Albel it more like she wants Alt Albel to talk to her and no one else that how it felt.

Putting Alt Albel for the fans in this event and putting him with Sophia was that a good idea?
Albel fans might be ranging about this and Albel fans are salty since Albel is not with Cliff or Fayt in this event but with Sophia.

But this talk was on my mind thinking about and playing it 2 times with my 2 accounts and reading the lines (with my broken Japanese) and making sense about this event.

And thinking about the Cherry event and how they acted it make sense now maybe...

Now I'm really looking forward to the Wedding Event with Reimi and Fayt

Remember Reimi has not spend any time with our character that is going to be inserting how they are going to put that up and I got a feeling Edge might show up for that one.

Fayt event we did have lots of events with Fayt and our character more then we did with Reimi that says a lot so I'm expecting Roddick or Faize or Sophia to show up in Fayt event and maybe a salty Sophia we don't know yet.

But since Sophia had this time with Alt Albel seeing her in Fayt event is going to be majorly awkward if you ask me.

But I hope you have good luck on getting Opera who is OP and Alt Albel who is good and if you don't have A2 get Alt Albel good luck on your RNG.

Remember this all my ideas and my experiences people can have different ideas about all of this.

Play the new event and see for yourself how you feel about it.

Update- Did the side story Alt Albel and cats beside the bar people that wanted to talk to him he goes out side to encounter cats and he sees this one with emerald eyes that is different he tries to get close to it and it turns out it's Meracle she transforms into a cat and normal and runs off Alt Albel goes chasing her and runs into Ashton they both fall to the ground and Ashton asks what's wrong and alt Albel says 'never mind' and has a gray emote over his head.

Opera story part 2 is about her talking to Sophia and Fiore about why she did that she looking for Ernest and she did it for love and now Sophia is surprised and then she starts talking about Fayt
(here we go) now she talks about Fayt we might see her in the Wedding Event after all.

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No I did not take a pic of Opera story it was the same as SO2 version with Fiore and Sophia and Sophia talks about Fayt and how she might be inspired by Opera determination about her love for Ernest if you don't know Sophia wants to be more then friends with Fayt however that never happens it never hinted in Sophia and Fayt ending at all and Fayt just always brushes her off somehow.

The only other time Sophia was thinking about her and 'Fayt' was in the school event where she wanted them to 'walk together' like couples do and she gets upset throws a fit win she realized Fayt wanted to talk to Albel not walk with her and Albel was taking a nap in this event and Fayt get frustrated that Albel didn't want to talk or fight him and Fayt ends up fighting random guys in the end.

Sorry about the pics it off my phone and yes I'm still playing this game.

So if you can get into this event and see for yourself do so.

Wait...why did Sophia stop our character from talking to Alt Albel if she was going to start talking about Fayt in the Opera part 2 event??

>>Sees Alt Albel leave with Ashton grumbling about Meracle

Yup we will never have any connections with Albel or his Alt sadly to say.

SOA X NieR:Automata event.


This will have major spoilers if you had not played the new event play it now.

My random theories about this story.

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So this is my take on it people can play this event now and see for themselves how it is and it sounds like something right out of the fan fiction.

That my take on this event the emotions I feel.

Play this event and see how you feel about it that all I got to say but this event was fun now I got to play it again on my alt with no Rena for heals T_T

It did draw me back into SOA again and it made me spend money on RNG luck that given me...

I'll post later about it...

New comic.

I hope RNG luck is with you on getting the characters you want.

"現在、特定のミッションにおいて、アプリが強制終了しやすくなる症状を確認しております。原因は調査中となりますが、強制終了する方はバトルに使うパーティメンバーの編成を変更することで改善される場合がございます。お客様にはご不便をおかけして大変申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス"

"At present, we have confirmed that the application will be easier to kill on certain missions. The cause is under investigation, but the person who kills it might be improved by changing the organization of the party member used for the battle. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to our customers."


I hope you enjoy this event and have fun.

All this drama makes me want to do a Star Ocean story...O_O the hints the hints...is real.

Keep in mind this is my thoughts everyone can and will have different ideas.

Now I'm going to say this talk has theories in it.

SOA SO4 side story.


Spoilers ahead if you had not played the new event do so before reading this.

Collapse )

"[The dreamer in a sea of stars who] 10/12 (Thursday) maintenance after more special event "the dreamer in a sea of stars who ' will be held. Original stories meet USTA Academy age edge, Raimi, Crowe captain was involved in a failed battle simulator!"

Now the events after that is quite a surprise it starts off win Crowe is talking to Roddick and Millie they are getting along that is until Holy Mother Eleyna shows up she asks if they are getting along and are they happy win they respond they are getting along that win Holy Mother Eleyna brakes the Ice

Holy Mother Eleyna tells Crowe and Roddick they are related by blood witch makes both guys say
'What!?' after that Holy Mother Eleyna tells them that Roddick is her descendant down the line witch makes the guys say 'What!?' again and after that Holy Mother Eleyna tells them that Roddick is the descendant from her and Crowe...leaves Crowe to freak out.

Not only that Crowe asks win and where and how that win Holy Mother Eleyna explains to him that is was 'fate' or something like that win Crowe pouts that well Holy Mother Eleyna is not his 'type' of girl that win she gets upset and says that he will get use to her one way or the other she also hits him.

Dun dun dun forceful ending is explained my guess is that Holy Mother Eleyna got Crowe drunk and...you know until she got pregnant they never did get along and Crowe wasn't happy with her win he got stuck with her hint to Star Ocean last hope ending.

Second event is Edge who goes to talk to Emmerson...O_o as Emmerson asks whats up Edge explains he needs 'help'...>_> as Edge explains how he wants to get stronger to protect Reimi as Edge tried to protect her from a dangerous sound that ended up being a 'cat'...needless to say Reimi wasn't pleased as Emmerson takes this the wrong way and thinks Edge needs help with women problems as Emmerson is happy to teach Edge how to be a flirt with the girls as Edge thinks it's training to make him stronger as he agrees to it as Emmerson is left thinking about Celine and Reimi with a smirk dialog.

After the 2 events that end no word on our character or where Fayt went to my guess we might be alone or with Fayt that just my guess.

But yes Gunner Edge wishes to be Defender Edge that is my guess Defender Edge is what Gunner Edge wants to be powerful enough to protect everyone even Reimi or should I say caster Reimi.

You can say they are past of Edge, Reimi and Crowe before last hope did happen.

But one thing is for sure to do anything with Fayt you have to go through the games and VR if that possible that might be the the last event with Fayt since he is busy with games and maybe something to do with us (our power my guess I can be wrong)

But yes this event win the 3 choices come along that is the first time we actually call Fayt by his name but sadly to say Fayt never call us 'Captain' he address us by our name and Fayt personality is how I guessed it was demanding and possessive quite the opposing how he was in SO3 in SO3 Fayt wasn't that much spoken and kept almost quite that is until SO3 help Fayt emotions to come out.

In SO3 people labeled Fayt as a 'uke' because of his personality that why girls loved him they liked to pair him with Cliff or Albel however SOA is quite different Fayt lost his girly abilities and become more dominated role that left SO3 fans...bitter so they turn to Albel trying to make him girly.

But that won't work it hinted that in SOA Albel is also a dominated role that why him and Fayt now clash I know how many times in auto-battle how Fayt protested win Albel was around.

And I also feel in SOA that us our character is not...a dominated role the way people order us around and how Fayt taken charge of us in this event we might be...Uke materiel that why everyone is attracted to us guys and girls.

But man this whole event screams fan materiel somehow it hinted that Edge might like Reimi somewhat win he didn't show that emotion in last hope at all as I said before Reimi in last hope was more forceful and Edge was more glued to anyone but Reimi there.

And this event shows Fayt personality alright it shows how much he changed since SO3 and how demanding and possessive he is and how much Fayt loves games and ordering us around :P I say that because that order was quite serious shocking our character that much.

Now I got the picture of Fayt dragging us around in the VR world :P taking lead as usual.

So that just my experience play this event and see for yourself but oh boy this event I was not expecting this at all now I wonder who will be for Halloween?

Save gems for Halloween we don't know who we will get.

Thinking it over now I think this event was aimed for girl player base...there no way guys would be talking about this event O_o just like the dozen of girl events was aimed for guys and the swimsuit girls was full of it.

So they might acknowledge girls play this game? or was they aiming for the guys that like guys? There are some like that that play this game you can find them on twitter but the fan base they like to go with is the guys who love girls hence all the girls we get and they forget the fan base is not one sided.

But my fan girl senses did pick this up.

Now watch after this they randomly throw a Sophia and Fayt event to even it out saying they are a couple it is hinted that Sophia likes Fayt more then friendship but in SO3 and in SOA Fayt never gives her any time in the school event they did Fayt was liked by a lot of girls O_o Sophia was pissed it showed off Sophia personality more in the school event they had Fayt was more into fighting Albel.

Swimsuit Sophia is a different story they showed off her body and make her breast bigger to make her liked by guys to make her more appealing to guys so she can be loved away from her school event counterpart.

This Icon is the home picture of the school event background the school event did happen.

I always thought that Fayt had a closeness to Sophia as a childhood friend but Sophia wants to be more wife material then childhood friend stage even in there ending if they are forced together by PA in SO3 it never hinted or said they are a couple not like Claude and Rena ending.

In SOA it true Sophia even here is trying to get Fayt attention but this is Fayt he will ignore her Fayt is almost drawn to swimsuit Sophia more I tested it out with both on my main account in auto battle that is until Fayt glares at Swimsuit Sophia and pushes her into the wall...

That why you want to play this game on auto to see who likes and dislikes who and yes I will say this again Fayt is a hard person to put with anyone he will either like or dislike them so putting him with a party is difficult putting Sophia in the party makes chaos she is clingy with Fayt and Fayt will reject and watch Fayt go way over on the other side of the room don't help and yes Sophia will react if there another girl rented she gets jealous that jealousy can make it tense and it can get so bad that Fayt will start to protest that Sophia is getting on his nerves that he start attacking recklessly...yes recklessly what I mean by that Fayt will swing his sword toward Sophia who runs in the other way...I seen this all on auto battle in SOA...O_O

Now Swimsuit Sophia is very flirty a rented one she will go up to Fayt and push her body forward almost pushing her breast in his face with her ball O_o...yes I seen that happen more then enough however Fayt will give her a little time second battle Fayt will run far away from Swimsuit Sophia or glare at her.

This gives a little bits of personality that Sophia has and if her and Fayt did become a couple I think Fayt would not be happy with her

Win you look at Rena and Claude that is romance and warm win you look at Fayt and Sophia that like Sophia trying to get Fayt who ignores her that my feelings and I know a lot of people will disagree with me.

However in SOA they might try to make it look like Fayt loves Sophia win we all know the hints says otherwise I'm expecting a event between Fayt and Sophia in the future if they are pushing for couples.

But this is my take and wow this event got me thinking about them.



"9/28(木)よりFFBEとのコラボイベントを開催いたします!さらにコラボ開催を記念して「ラスウェル」(★5エース)が貰える先行キャンペーンを本日メンテナンス後より開催! http://sqex.to/GBX  #アナムネシス"

"FFBE×SOA collaborative event held] 9/28 held collaborative events and FFBE (Thursday) more! Further collaboration held to commemorate "Lasswell" (★ 5 ACE) convened today maintenance after leading campaign get! http://sqex.to/GBX #アナムネシス"


Lasswell it is FFBE


Lasswell is from (achievement) login SOA today from discord chat so that means...who are we getting??

SOA game is in maintenance right now I just checked...

So if Lasswell is free...can we guess who we can get?

This is getting me a little excited just a bit not that much...

And Final Fantasy Brave Exvius event kicks off soon win 9/28 SOA event starts

9/22 14:00 ~ 17:00 [JST] for FFBE event with SOA

And 9/28 for SOA got it?

But to hold us off we are getting a free Lasswell for SOA win FFBE get a free Reimi.

Side note is that with this crossover you can now do legit stories O_o you can put Rain and Rena together
O_O sorry Claude you are not in this summon lol but I'm expecting both fan base to go wild now I'm surprised they didn't pick Nel she is the favorite of the one of the producer he said it himself he loves Nel.

[Happy Bunny Gun : Gun]
- Imbues attacks with Fire Element
- At 20% HP or higher, 70% chance to survive fatal attack
LB Factor - Damage +10% to Single Target

[Hidden Talon - Crimson Hawk : Knuckle]
- Imbues attacks with Fire Element
- Damage +10% to Single Target
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +15%

[Tomb Brand : One-hand Sword]
- Damage +40% to Human Race
- AP Consumption -15%
LB Factor - Damage +15%

Red looking sword that is Damage +40% to Human Race it looks cool looking I do want it but...

I'll roll once for the sword on my main and save the rest for gacha and yes they are new gacha weapons.

They say that new sword is good for Swimsuit Reimi but this sword has...no elements keep that in mind.

And more guns...how many guns do we need? Not that I mind I don't play with gun users.

Skill seeds are out O_O

This update come with them so get on your farming I'm already working on both Fayt my main and my alt

From discord chat they say they seen a lot of Swimsuit Sophia's being worked on that was expected
from the wedding girls to the swimsuit girls expect them to be worked on I'm trying to get Fayt done on my main I got one maxed out already his 'GRD' now to work on his other stats on my alt got a bit.

I'm taking a break farming that one area is...well farm farm farm that's all I got to say.

But this farming is not cheap using the skill seeds you have to have some money for using them.

And the added on Cyril fight is hard expect to die I did already and that wasn't fun so they made this fight more harder good for the hardcore people who like hard fights and do more doge in this fight.

I'll update later about the weapon draw I got on both accounts but yes skill seeds are out farm them.

SOA Prince Claude -update-


"【因果律のその先に】 8/24(木)メンテ後より限定イベント『因果律のその先に』開催! SO2の主人公「クロード」が時を超え、若かりし頃の両親と出会うオリジナルシナリオが展開されます。 イベント限定キャラ『★5式服のクロード(キャスター)』も報酬で入手可能ですよ! #アナムネシス"

"[The law of causality before] 8/24 (Thursday) maintenance after limited event "held"the destination of causality! SO2 hero Claude] over time, younger days of expands the original scenarios meet the parents. Events limited character "★ 5 ceremonial Claude (caster)" also is available in the rewards!"

So the rumors was win they had the radio event
That Prince Claude was 'not' Ilia son but 'another man' O_O

Wait so Emmerson is not 'Claude' and 'Rena' son also!?

This universe is...

So this event with Prince Claude is all about Claude and his 'emotions' for Ilia that triggers Rena and Ronyx they got jealous well you know how silent Ronyx jealousy is but Rena she showed it

So it started out romantically Claude got help from Emmerson hence 'Prince Claude' outfit to woo Ilia O_o

And it turn out to be friendship in the end I was like...O_O all the way

So what they said Prince Claude isn't there 'son' but another 'man' right?

But yes they did hint romance in this one I was surprised it's official give pretty boy Prince Claude out and push for straight romance so what fan base was they aiming for??

That last program they did was supposed to be 'guys' and we got this...

Not that I'm upset I'm all up for Claude and Rena romance it just...

They 'hinted' at this wrong people voted Claude as most loved among girls/guys I think they wanted...'Yaoi' but got this I don't know how the fan base feels this was straighter then a arrow alright

Now they are saying Albel is most 'gayest' now >_<

This event told me that RonyxXIlia, ClaudeXRena, are a couple it cannon they have kids get over it Claude will never be without Rena why people voted they wanted Claude again??

*sigh* out of all the guys we could of had this is what we got

I'm sad yet happy so bittersweet

That why we got M.Anne people voted her most liked and in the game people don't play her

I feel like we got 'trolled' here people want Claude but don't want him with anyone else
People voted Anne most liked and most loved and they don't even play as her

This event is fun and full of tricks it leads you to believe that what you see is there but is not you get the idea?

Prince Claude wants to impress Ilia this leads pretty boy who wants girl who was 'supposed' to be his 'mother' but is not his 'mother' not in this universe >_<

But in the end this event turn out to be friendship and then we get the big old
RonyxXIlia, ClaudeXRena, hints they are together

this event is cute but misleading the fact we was supposed to get 'guys' and we got this...

So take this mind they well never make a guy only event it will either be with there cannon girlfriend or has to do with guy likes girls


I'm disappointing but yes Prince Claude plays just like Ronyx if you want to know

But hey this prove 100% that Claude did end with Rena even now

So no more fighting that Claude and Prince Claude will love anyone else but Rena

That ship has sailed and is going 100%

Sorry for being upset it just...the way the story went and the event...It got me

So SOA is all to my point of view pushing out girls and making straight romance I'm going to say that because that how it feels so if you're into 'Yaoi' this might be not the game for you

If they ever go back into making nothing but girls let them do so that what they want

I myself am a fan girl I go both ways I like the fact they put ClaudeXRena in here it makes it more cannon

But the people who voted for Claude as most liked you got what you wanted this event was for you I do hope you enjoy Prince Claude he's not that bad

And yes I'm salty that they only given us Claude no Prince Claude sorry for all of this

I'm very salty

Sorry for all of this it just got my emotions I'm a fan girl

Prince Claude event is out and go see it for yourself

But don't fall for the trap 'Prince Claude' is pretty boy attract the girls but this event is 100% romance with guy and girl

And enjoy this update before the real one drops

Ashton it's all about Ashton

And I apologize for my 'rant' I was upset T_T sorry and salty...



Scheduled for Aug 9, 2017




"8/9(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14.5』が放送決定!『.5』が数か月ぶりに復活しますよ!そして『今回のキーワードは『相棒』です!  視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/KNx  #アナムネシス"
"8/9 (Wednesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14.5' 20:00 more! The revived months or Buri ".5"!  And "Partner"is the key word! Will watch this ⇒ http://sqex.to/KNx #アナムネシス"


link- http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv304372063 Nico if you have that.

keyword- Partner? and the character VA will be appearing for the first time.

O_o so we might get a guy??

if it's not another girl it has to be a guy hopefully...


my guess its another girl with a guy or we can have more girls not enough Waifu for the guys.

People are already guessing it's Ashton maybe Leon?

Since this is 14.5 program it not the 'big' one we are waiting for it more like a small side update
they used to like 10.5 but they stopped doing side programs like this because they said

"It was too much work" and they got tired easily so I'm surprised they brought it back they stopped doing side programs
win Edge and Meracle was leaked bad it as all over twitter they had to apologize that win they stop doing side programs
That started with .5

And for fans from discord they guess it might be swimsuit guys? I doubt it no matter how much I want that...T_T

For the leak win that happen the 'banner' showed up too quickly before it was announced that how it was leaked they had to do a 'Maintenance' to pull that banner out that was Edge and Meracle leak.

this time around since they brought back .5 program it can be anyone and nothing is leak so far

maybe they drop in ranking so bad they have to do more programs??

I'm thinking they pushed out too many girls and now trying to re-balance it if they care about ranking among other mobile games remember the last guy was Edge and that was long long time ago it felt like ages since we got a guy.

I don't know how Swimsuit Reimi and Swimsuit Sophia did in sales wise I know the new weapons sold like candy
(Win I say it sold it sold I see every male attacker like Edge, Claude, Fidel and Fayt with this weapon even some LB it)

I myself was more hyped for the weapons versus the swimsuit last girls I did see more of the weapons versus the swimsuit girls maybe that says something?? I don't know or I'm not running into them a lot I do see them once a bit but that it

And yes that sword was good it even better then the wind sword in Attack and INT for me it is but some people might like the wind sword for it elements

"Weapon Name: Storm Dealer
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Wind Attribute
Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
Limit Break Factor: 50% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 963 ATK / 958 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"
This is the wind sword it's blue and I believe it's Edge weapon it works good if you don't have the new sword.

But I myself like Reimi weapon
"Weapon Name: Sea Treasure Sword・Braublitz
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Lightning Attribute
Ease of Stun +20%
Limit Break Factor: Critical Chance +30%, when not being targetted by an enemy
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 965 ATK / 960 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"
It's pretty and it works good with Attack and INT I rather have Attack and INT versus "Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP" from the wind sword

The way I see it if you have Rena who has "Healing Light - Heals 10% of Max HP every 5 seconds (All Close Range Weapon Allies)" You don't need that Absorb 5% from the wind sword if you have Rena you are covered.

but if you don't have the new sword go with the wind sword if you have that and it depends and who you use
people like Roddick might not need the INT in the weapon I think Claude and Fidel might use the wind sword.

And ironically the Wind sword is Edge weapon right? But he works better with the Earth sword O_o

That earth sword is another story it works good with Edge and Fidel so far it don't do good with Fayt at all.

(So if you're a Fayt user avoid using this sword with him I check his stats and the Ice sword any other element sword is good with him that why I have on my alt the The Holy Sword Farwell and that even better then the earth sword for Fayt I think win I tried to use the earth sword Fayt stats drop and you want his stats up not dropping even with it high attack and INT it don't do good with Fayt)

the earth sword can be used by Edge and anyone else beside Fayt it odd how it is I myself like to compare Sword's before using them to check there stats and see how it works with them I just don't throw a random sword on them I think some people do that without looking how it effects the ones you are using.

With Rena you might need a weapon with high INT for her spells that goes with any mage type you're using for plan attackers that don't have elements you can work with weapons that don't have INT in them that how I think.

Shooters is a mix some of them have to have INT win some don't so you got to look at who you are using that the same with defenders it a mix also.

For defenders use the Sword and Sheath is right for them some work with there attacks they work good with Absorb 5% Sword and Sheath I myself like using elements for my defenders so I'm using Dias use the Fire or Ice Sword and Sheath on him and I think there is now a darkness Sword and Sheath you can get O_o

No dark sword for our attackers yet

For Edge I just use the earth sword or any sword that is good for him if I use him

I'm getting way of topic here sorry I just got thinking about how the 'ranking' was doing and how the weapons sold and that me thinking about...ugh moving on.

So are you ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14.5? I know I am and who do you think we are getting?

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And in game if you're doing the event I say start farming now.

SOA What did I get? 01


Collapse )

*Cough* *Cough* er...nothing in my alt account not until I get paid...T_T I got Meracle the on my first draw I was like 'ugh' next got Edge on my third I'm done with this gacha now to work on my alt poor Zero that is why you want a good weapon for Fayt once you get him to 10LB as soon as you can holy...yeah with rent Rena 10LB that works.

【新降臨イベント&ピックアップガチャ開催!】 5/25(木)メンテナンス後よりSO4後編イベント『アルマロス・デプス降臨』がスタート! 合わせてSO4より参戦の新キャラ『エッジ』『メリクル』のピックアップガチャも開催中!ピックアップは6/8(木)メンテナンスまで! #アナムネシス

So good luck on drawing either one Edge is pretty weak compared to Dais a lv 2LB Dais is a bit powerful compared to Edge but Edge can do his job you might want to start LB him if you want to use him I got both Edge and Dias 5 stars Dias 2 LB and Edge 1 LB so yes Edge has more HP and Dias has more...power? But Edge needs a good weapon to.

I hope my alt get this luck to T_T

But yes the power of Fayt at 10LB with a good weapon...

Oh I finally got SO3 on PS4 just finished DL it I will play it later.

Odd enough fighting ageist that Armaros Manifest that voice...sounded a lot like...Faize but I think they are done with SO4 events right?
giving the timeline for this story er...makes you wonder play SO4 it will make sense.
(I played the game I know what happens to Faize)

But we do know Celine do see SO4 people.

So that weapon is Edge weapon? Wait...what about the Holy Sword Farwell? I thought that was Edge weapon so I just given Edge weapon to Fayt lol I never did get Fayt weapon from the gacha but I guess they don't mind it looks good on Fayt.