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SOA What did I get?


Luck with the Random RNG.

Luna draw

Fed Edge

Fed Edge he's cool looking.

Zero one draw seriously I was getting low and losing hope and this drop on my alt.

So both of my accounts has Fed Edge I'm working on him at the moment and...

Random Fayt damage now who said Fayt was useless? This is with Dias and Rain a rented Rain and not a full maxed out Dias yet this is on my main account oh right Rena 10LB is mine I don't need any more healers she covers it all side note on my main account I only use 10LB Rena for bosses my alt don't have Rena at all.

So yes this is my draw and I got Fed Edge on both accounts no Fed Reimi or Crowe at all.

Sorry for the bad picture of random damage with Fayt it was hard trying to get that and my phone didn't want to take the picture >_> the timing for that is...ugh and this was my second try to get that picture >_> the first picture was home page picture >_> but Fayt damage can go higher it was a bit higher but I never got that first picture of it T_T...

So yes Rain and Dias is a must for damage dealer with Fayt and Rena for heals and buffs.

If anyone else don't need LB I'm going to work on Dias for my main account.

And you need the best for Fayt if you're going to use him I use elemental swords if possible since Fayt powers are elemental to begin with and you need a high INT on the sword.

And it's good if Rain has a good weapon win you rent him but yes Fayt can do damage win you have the right set up.

But yes I got weapon tickets I was saving I might use them maybe.

So this is pictures of what I got and random Fayt damage and my main Fayt is maxed out in skill seeds and AP seeds and I finally got my alt Fayt maxed out to that taken longer seriously.

And yes Faize works good with Fed Edge and Fayt that's my experience beside Fayt is not protesting with this set up yet so I'm going with it and yes Fayt is a hard one to put with anyone

So my party looks like this and yes my rank went up I this is Luna account my main.

So Luna is my main account and Zero is my alt my Iphone and Ipad and yes I have two different Itunes accounts for them.

I need a good gun for my Fed Edge on my main I use him he's not that bad but no I don't have that many guns on my main account but I do got a lot of swords for Fayt to use :P

But I got a lot of Sword and Sheath on my main account and 2 Orb weapons I think >_>

My alt has Staff weapons and Gun weapons and hardly no Swords >_> poor Zero.

However my main got so many swords but never twice the only sword I got more then once is Fayt weapon the one he has on T_T I need more sword drops.

For both accounts the weapon of choice I want is swords and Gun for Fed Edge on my main.

This is my draw and what I got on my main and alt accounts with the luck of Random RNG.

I had to get this out there I almost forgot about it I've been busy >_<;;

Now waiting for Halloween update.

SOA ranking.


So we heard that SOA sales and app download has skyrocket since the FFBE event is out.

They are getting the sales and is ranked in the store again.

Now how are the characters themselves?

Fina is good if you don't have Swimsuit Sophia I head she is risky if left alone in auto she almost good as Rena I said almost.

Rain is a god defender and is a tank you can replace Dias and Edge with him if someone says re-roll if you roll Rain don't listen to them Rain is that good I tried him out and he fits perfectly with my team with maxed out rented Dias and my 10LB Fayt we did damage to the Cyril event.

Lasswell is good for new players he is free if you have the blue FFBE tickets and I never tried him but people say he is a good freebie.

I'm thinking of building my 'Rain' up a lot yes I did get Rain it just...*sigh* it just how much I had to spend on my main account to get him T_T My alt got him with in the second free gems roll my main got...

>_> 2 drops of Fina >_< I had to get more money to get Rain and he was worth it.


Fina drop 2

So yes the money I had to spend for Rain on my main was worth it.

My alt got Rain but not Fina my main got Fina.

So good luck with the RNG in this game remember they are limited characters so roll if you can

And yes Fina is cute I almost do like her for a girl she maybe up there with Rena in my ranking.

Word from facebook group that a lot of people joined them O_o so people are coming in maybe from FFBE game itself so expect to see a lot of new players about.

I know both of my Fayt on my main and alt are getting rented I'm not too sure by who but I am getting coins I do see a lot I mean lot of Rain with all kind of swords out I think there are a lot of Rains out there now.

And yes Nel is making a comeback with a lot of Claude users and Edge somewhat and there are still a lot of Rena users out for rent along with the wedding girls and overflow of Swimsuit Reimi that is what I saw.

But for me I do see a lot of Fayt users making a comeback on solo maps I don't know about MP maps.

So far no Emmerson making at comeback at all with maybe barely Decus I mean...Michael.

With the skill seeds you can upgrade anyone but it takes time to farm them and it's not cheap.

I just maxed out Fayt on both accounts my main and my alt so I'm good to go as in LB and skill seeds.

And Faize is making a slow comeback on solo maps.

I would work on my 10LB Rena just for boss battles with the skill seeds and I do like Fina but I'm not too sure with the skill seeds first off I'm going to try to finish Rain in LB.

I say if you're new try to get Rain and Fina and try to LB them soon as possible but expect to see new people playing this game in MP and solo maps and people on discord say that Fayt users are dying...
I see a lot of Fayt users in solo maps...seriously and a lot of them admit they drop Fayt for Swimsuit Reimi for her body and some will say Swimsuit Reimi is squishy this is from discord chat.

Well I can't complain I am a girl after all so I go for the guys mostly :P

Girls have different point of views that why we are called fan girls lol.
Alt Millia

SOA what did I get alt.


So we got free gems right?

I decided to roll on my alt account yes Zero rolled in hope to get Wedding Rena...

I got 2 rainbow I was excited I thought one would be Wedding Rena...but fate said...

Luck is not on you're side today.


twice and her name is Bridal Ivilish >_<

Got Bridal Ivilish 2 times >_> so Zero is team Ivilish I also have healer Ivilish that I pulled for this account >_>

No luck of Rena anywhere that sad very sad I have to rent a Rena for this account.

So how do Fayt react to them? Win I play Healer Ivilish Fayt is clingy with her not Bridal Ivilish I'm starting to think Fayt would be clingy to anyone we play don't matter who they are yes I had both Ivilish on the same party it was team Ivilish er...Iris.

But alt account is down gems again to draw again so got to start saving up more.

on my main account we got gems that I never spent I'm waiting for a good weapon draw for that account.

And it looks like the fan base is loving Bridal Ivilish she is very OP that what people are saying and healer Ivilish is still not good.

So there plan worked Bridal Ivilish is loved but I still don't like her sorry T_T

Maybe if I play as Bridal Ivilish I might like her more...she is cute but...ugh I'm going try so don't count that out.

Again good luck to any of the wedding girls who you might roll for may you get lucky with either Bridal girls or get lucky with both this was a roll I did on my alt.

So Zero got Wedding Maria and Wedding Ivilish and Fayt I think we're good who is best Wifu but we need Husbando to.

And for healer Zero got Millie and Ivilish for now.

And yes I'm saving my money for .Hack//G.U. Last recode come on tell us more about that game.
red and white

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode pics.


Haseooo *fan girl time*


 バンダイナムコエンターテインメントは、週刊ファミ通2017年6月29日号(2017年6月15日発売)にて、『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』の最新情報を公開した。以下、記事内容を抜粋してお届けする。



 2006年から2007年にかけて、『Vol.1』から『Vol.3 』までの3巻構成で発売された『G.U.』は、巻が進むほど改善されていき、遊びやすく洗練された。しかし、『Vol.3』発売から10年が経過し、プラットフォームはもちろん、ユーザーのプレイスタイルも変化。本作では、“いま”の時代に合わせて調整された『G.U.』が楽しめる。





"Rebirth in HD remastered!

Bandai Namco Entertainment is on sale on June 29, 2017 (released on June 15, 2016) in the weekly Famitsu, extended//G. U. Latest information on last Recode (RAS Tri Code) was released. The following is an excerpt of the article to deliver.

With the focus on the game, the extended series, which is popular with many media, has been developed. In 2017, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the series, the extended//G. U. (hereinafter, "/") The release of the remastered version was decided. The new "/" has been greatly enhanced by graphics and functions Let's focus on

● Enhanced functions

From 2006 to 2007, "Vol. 1" From [Vol. 3] was released in the three-volume structure [/] was improved as the volume progressed, and it was easy to play and refined. However, 10 years have passed since the launch of Vol. 3, the platform, as well as the user's play style change. In this work, "/" which was adjusted according to the age of "now" .

* For details, check the weekly Famitsu June 29, 2017 (released on June 15, 2017)."

---End of Translation

....O_O we need video! Seriously if someone else can translate this please do.

Time to import this I wonder how much it going to be?? I'm thinking PS4 downloading in the PSN store like how SO3 was.

I'm excited time to get Star Ocean 3 played...*ahem* beside playing Star Ocean Anamnesis for the phone.

Wait they didn't say who was added to this game...we have to guess??

We can hope to get more characters come on BlackRose come on Kite come on any Kite copy even Tokio.

.Hack new world RNG Cards.


 photo IMG_0016_zpseypvr538.jpg
Pai from .hack//G.U. she is a wind element and very good to have.

 photo IMG_0017_zpsagk5wcaf.jpg
Shino she is a water element she don't heal she adds a buffs.

 photo IMG_0018_zpsrypgxdpe.jpg
Alberio is a Fire element Sword user.

Alright spoilers major spoilers!

Pai event-
Pai stars off by tracking you the player character someone see her and recognizes her from project G.U. as Pai is watching the player character fight some random monsters Pai even knows the player character name O_o right off the bat she labels the player character is a AI but Pai is surprised win the girls tell the player character to help fight the random monster after the battle Pai makes a 'ah' nose and approaches the group win the player character responds Pai is most shock, Pai asks the player character that they are not a normal AI the girls don't believe anything Pai says and takes the player character away from Pai and Pai warns the group the player character might be dangers.

Win Pai says the player character is not normal you can either majorly say 'no' or quietly ignore it making Pai even more suspicious note the girls even get !? with the player character if you choose that.

This is Pai first event.

Shino first event-
The girls are in town with the player character they spot Shino who looks gloomy as usual and the girls make a comment on it you get a choice either acknowledge why Shino is all in black or be very clueless and ask what is going on making the girls ask !? again rather choice you make don't matter win PKers show up Shino even greets them and ask about 'The key of Twilight' making the Pkers joke around with her that win the girls plus you step in to stop them from attacking Shino as the blond Julie? is that her name? The blond Sword user gets upset at Shino saying she should watch herself as Shino explains why she was being nice
Then she asks the group if they know about the Key of Twilight the old rumor from R;2.

Over all it depends what choice you make here Shino will tell you why she looking for it she wants to bring back Ovan that what I got from this and she spelled out O-v-a-n name.

And yes win Shino explains why she being nice she said it was from someone teaching.

And yes Shino never mentions Haseo at all T_T they do talk but that's it.

Alberio event-
It starts off with someone talking to Alberio telling him about something going on in the world that sparks interested in Alberio about the rumors going around the player character after the talk Alberio is having trouble with some random monster the group shows up to help him do we get a thanks? nope Alberio comes at the group with a furry this moment he reminds me of Balmung,
he labels the player character as a AI as the girls have to give a reason why the player character should exist after Alberio calmed down then he start to think about Lycoris he starts to compare the player character to Lycoris and that get him to agree to let them go but with a warning.

You are also given the same choice you had with Pai event confirm or ignore it ends in different results in talk but the results also gets the girls talking "!?" very suspicious or not to Alberio.

Alberio is very very VERY Tsundere but if you give him books he will love you more *cough* and yes he seems very attached to Haseo 1st and Haseo 1st seems to be attached to Alberio more then he is with Azure Kite or Kite or Shino or anyone else that what I noticed win they talk O_o I don't know how many times Haseo 1st glared at Kite who was trying to be friendly with Alberio and that made Kite go running to the player character after that O_o uh...Haseo 1st is a uke?
Alberio emotions is strange he will go after Haseo 1st and denied Kite but if he sees the player character talk to Kite or Azure Kite or even anyone else that makes him upset 'wtf' moment.

Having Alberio in the group makes a lot of drama for sure there some conflict between him and Kite that for sure and poor Haseo 1st if he get denied by Alberio he will go talk to Shino or Phantom Haseo I think the bad thing is Alberio is comparing the player character to Lycoris that what making it bad...

And I got a feeling that Alberio was in love with her that my thoughts I can be wrong.

With Pai and Alberio events this makes me think is the player character a AI that Aura made? That would make sense if you maxed out Azure Kite 100 romance event win you use G.O.D. to stop him I think he knew that why the choices in that event made the girls question the player character or maybe I'm over thinking it, ah maybe that's why Kite trying to go after Alberio he reminds him of Balmung? but Alberio is not too accepting to Kite at all as for Haseo 1st I don't know why he tries to like Alberio is beyond me new shipping come up lol omg the fan service the only thing that Alberio and Haseo 1st has is they are both Tsundere.
Link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundere

But these are events you can randomly get by the RNG card the shop and real money I was lucky to get them.

And Pai loves that cup the black cup you might know what it is and Pai dislikes books, Alberio likes no loves books, and Shino give her the Mt of Ice cream for her love Shino love sweets and she at level 80 right now in romance.

Sorry all pics are taking off my Iphone using my Ipad Air that why but the story and events are from what I can tell so far with my broken Japanese sorry.

What I like to do is go into .Hack//New world get my character to sit down and let them talk watch who is talking to who and watch them knock one another out that how you can tell who they like or don't like that's cheesy I know it I'm a fan girl.

With the alts I have the romance or talk or whatever you call it is different it might depend on what level of romance you're with anyone like if you spend more time with the girls or that special card you love that can result in different talk.
Since this save I have this character going after guys that results to this drama, on my alt I have a character going after girls well that makes the guys go after the girls like crazy it's odd so I assume everyone save's er games are very different it's all up to you to decide.

.Hack//N.U. Romance going good


Since my last update I've been trying to romance Phantom Kite why you ask? I want to see that event >_<; yes Phantom Kite is not the most romantic person in the world he won't really warm up to you until level 70 something in romance unlike Kite who is very friendly oh god this sounds like a fan fiction already lol

Now that I got more of a personality for Phantom Kite his likes and dislikes mimics Kite's owns that for sure it wouldn't be that hard :P *cough* anyhow I'm close to level 90 for Phantom Kite and you can date more then one person the game don't punish you for having more then one lovers O_o unlike a Persona game we know for Valentine's Day *cough* mind you I never did that in Persona but I did hear about it so yes my 100 Kite romance is taking this very well however I think he's trying to protest in his own way ironic win I was trying to get Phantom Kite romance bar up I was working on Tsukasa also not even trying but got him up to crush his romance bar starts at 65-69 I believe that surprised me oh right I have a Tsukasa SR green card *sigh* no luck on getting Subaru or Sora T_T

but this is strange the dialog changed win I was doing Phantom Kite event that one where he tries to fight you again at level 21 I think win I did it on my alt she didn't want to go near him T_T but win I tried with my main the dialog changed win Phantom Kite was talking and the screen went black wtf usually win something like this happens...*cough* black screen in Persona anyone? well I already reach crushed level maybe 80 something win I tried? but it didn't last long the girls got very very upset that was the big change from my alt who never got that but my main who is level pink heart with Phantom Kite and my main wasn't too upset like my alt who yelled is that new update? I forgot to post pictures of the changes so that black screen was...

A kiss?? omg I would die if that happen but I don't know after that it played normally you fight Phantom Kite and the choices remain the same for the second half now I'm curious what level 100 is with Phantom Kite but I got to say he's more serious then Kite is with Romance it seems Phantom Kite don't fool around

So my advice play the character stories win you get a higher bar with them something might change a tiny bit like talk, music or something else I noticed win I doing Kite's second mission with a high romance bar the music changed it was noticeable win I tried on my alt she didn't have that music since she wasn't at a high level with Kite.

speaking of Kite and all his copies

 photo K Copies_zps5wfg1gn6.jpg

Why do people now confuse Azure Kite and Phantom Kite? over on facebook people was excited we got Azure Kite I was wtf that's Phantom Kite *cough* well I supposed having a nickname 'Azure Flame Pursuer' would confuse them.
But yes that's a lot of copies we got I want Azure Kite and DD SR card in .Hack//N.U. beside we already saw Azure Kite who was chasing after the people from SAO who in that event but he never drop his card and we already got DD in the game who is being stubborn and that event with Phantom Kite just ended and that was the last chance for his card and we already got Kite who was automatically given to us so yeah that stubbornness, come on Azure Kite and DD you both know you want to join we might get them later.

That reminds me there might be a Haseo copy in this game I'm not too sure yet I've talk about him a little

 photo CcsTBiJW4AAEjZp_zpsuqixesba.png
This guy his personality is nothing like Haseo oh no he's more like Sora O_O but in a serious way but I think that last long time ago event he was saying he met a man he couldn't forget about...uh Ovan copy? I'm not 100 positive about about this one he could be someone else

Sorry for this post I post from PB and then after that it wouldn't let me type no more that why this was unfinished I had to post it *grumbles* and LJ being lag

Anyways so that's a lot of copies coming into the work right now we are focusing on DD in .Hack//N.U. then we might comeback to this Haseo look alike or someone who like's that design so correct me if I'm wrong about this so everything I said about this Haseo copy it just all theories until we can prove it's true but this guy no story on him yet in .Hack//N.U. story we just found out DD is...someone we might have to fight again it looks like DD in .Hack//N.U. is working with them and we might not get DD until later on in the game that's sad T_T
Spoilers you will fight DD in .Hack//N.U. do the story and you will find out.

This makes me think why do we have two version of Kite in .Hack//N.U.? we got DD and Kite who with the player character but Kite has memory loss and...it looks like DD is unaware of her role in this game, Kite just re-discover his powers if you did that event with SAO it pained him to use it but so far it looks like DD has not activated her own powers and I got a feeling the people she working with know who she is and isn't telling her the truth so I'm guessing they really want DD to defeat the player character I look at DD back story and it can go up to level 77 not her main story you know what I'm talking about.

So this is my update on .Hack//N.U. I'll post pictures win I get Phantom Kite to level 100 in romance and to find out what that event is but I'm in no hurry I think they was posting something about PVP was going on or something it was over at
Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info
I'm not inserted in PVP so I didn't pay attention to it.

And no I didn't forget about my .Hack//Guilty Dragon cards I got them maybe I'll post them one day.
Girls smile01

.Hack//Romance 02

Alright got to level 100!

in the romance saga of Kite that is :P

So what happens win you get Kite to level 100 in romance and time consuming items?




Update- You unlock this.

All that farming and money and time consuming! Kite up to level 100 in romance

Alright in Kite 3rd story his voice surprised me I never heard Kite so serious I think he asked the player a serious question here witch you got two choices to respond picking the first one I did was the good choice (I think) T_T Kite shows his depression and emotions here I think by now he realized he isn't someone trap inside the game and that Kite can indeed get Tired it seems Kite will never voice win he is tired I think that event with SAO win you ask that question voices that Kite likes to hide his emotions but in the event Kite talks to the player I honestly thought he was going to cry that if the girls didn't interrupted them and boy do they do major teasing on them both but win the girls arrive Kite pulls himself together and asks for a mission yes this mission that was just a let down I thought Kite was going to admit his emotions then T_T
I think he was but the girls come along this mission surprised me I was expecting something like his second mission omg this one is cute but it also hints how special the first mission was to Kite somehow after the battle you get rewarded and a title O_o so it was perfect right? the blond hair girl notices something odd (For the life of me I don't know her name lol sorry) she comes out and ask Kite if he brought them here because to her it almost looks like Kite was giving this to the player or something that's how it looks to me correct me if I'm wrong, but the first time Kite words question it as Kite brushes it off like Kite knew he was caught I don't know if Kite is good at lying lol but that was cute and you get two choices again the first one leads to Kite being his old self or how he was in his second mission after that you get some Green GOD stones cores what you call them some keys and that title that's Kite's 3rd mission.

Now after you get to level 100 you don't have to keep giving him stuff but I like to it become a habit :P
alright what effects dose Kite have once at 100? in romance beside that mission (I just check on my alt) he likes to stare at the player I mean stalking kind of way it's cute that's about it no new skill or anything no memories that might come later oh right that area that Kite taken them to was a fire area witch did surprise me since Kite is wind element but that romance to level 100 for Kite I'm not too sure how the others are so after that even getting Kite to level 65 I take him out once a bit I guess I can use him for story missions in the future nothing major and yes his romance bar is still up even if not being in party and ect but yes Kite voice win he ask that question in the begging of his 3rd mission surprised me his voice sounded older almost mature like if possible just for that moment.

Alright after that exchanging Kite for a heavy blade and change my class to a heavy blade I went and fought Azure Kite yes he's still around and I noticed something funny Azure Kite was facing the direction the player was at O_O how he was facing like he was side ways or he was staring at the player awkwardly omg I should of taken the picture of that alright that's enough of this but these are the moments I find cute in this game.

I taken this picture with my Ipaid air off my Iphone sorry >_<;

Omg now I want a Haseo card to get to level 100 I still think Haseo is going to be picky and no the RNG don't like me no Tsukasa or Subaru card yet T_T

Oh right correct me if I'm wrong about this O_o I apologize if this is spoilers.

Update-Just redid Kite mission again my alt his second mission omg so the 3rd mission is unlock win you're at a higher emotions with Kite, this alt is nowhere near level 100! thank you bluestacks for answering this question
Final Fantasy

Project X Zone 2 Screenshot


This is looking good

Link- http://www.siliconera.com/2015/04/19/project-x-zone-2-screenshots-show-ninja-teamups-hack-union/
You can see more of the pics here

So Kite and Haseo meet old Skeith yes this is going to be awkward moment this makes me want this game more but I do hope we get English voices but the Japanese voices isn't that bad