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SOA a whole...


So the new VP collab is a 2 part event they say.

That means a whole month of VP you guys asked for VP a whole month of VP (So the rumors are saying).

The good thing old characters Lenneth is returning to get her they also are giving her awakening so her and her sister are not going to be useless.

The bad thing the rest of the SOA characters have to wait until VP is over with to see who is next in the awakening so far we only got Fidel no one else.

Who we are getting first.

So part 1 of this event starts tomorrow keep in mind we are still voting.

They did post Clair and Nel new year outfit stamps >_> I think if we had no got this VP that everyone on youtube and twitter wanted we might of gotten New year characters that my thoughts but the last crossover we had people was pissed they wanted VP and no we got it...we might of missed out on new years.

If we go for the whole month of Jan we out by Feb 2018 just in time for Valentines by then the results of the voting should be in that my thoughts so the whole month of Jan is VP no new years event (my thoughts I can be wrong).

No news on who is winning now for the voting.

My mind is still on the voting I can careless about this but if you're into the whole VP go ahead and draw I got Lenneth on my main account and I'm not using her.

Now here is the big deal

2017年12月29日00:00〜2018年1月7日23:59までの10日間に「スターオーシャン:アナムネシス」をプレイした方が対象となります!詳細は特設ページにて!特設ページ⇒http://sqex.to/MYo  #アナムネシス

Extra super large campaign! : Every day one person 1 million pieces! 2017 12 / 29 / 00: who played "Star Ocean: anamnesis, 1/7 23:59 10 days to be eligible. For more information on the special page! Special page ⇒ http://sqex.to/MYo


Login in everyday to enter 10 days to enter if you are making alt accounts keep a eye on this win you log in you will be entered so if you're re-rolling you might want to hold off until this event is over with if you have a re-rolled account you might want to keep a eye on this if your are using it and if you delete it and you used it you might of won.

good luck to the people who are going to enter I am I'm always playing this game everyday so may the RNG be with you.

The downside to this 1,000,000 is that they made a digital error it not that much they tried to talk down about this and someone made a mistake so it might not be that much win you do win it will automatically go to you account.

Overall this mistake is to draw people into this game so is the girl gacha it all bait looks like they are aiming for the guys this time.

No new on the skill update so far we only have Fidel who is the only one who is awakening I think we got to wait until VP is over with to see who they are going to push out so that might mean they need more time.

So is this digital error going to be pushed out? Are they going to fix it?
Or are they going to make it real? That's my question now twitter is saying the gems login to get that is supposed to go to everyone but the digital error is lower so it not 1,000,000 that what twitter is saying so I'm going to say it's (Rumors) for now.

So next update is VP incoming with new Gacha related to VP and Lenneth awakening nothing related to SOA just all VP.

Next Jan 2018 win we are still in VP...I'm going to be hoping they awakening Rena or Fayt by then...and I'm going to be putting all my focus onto the voting.

Voting is still going on support who you want.

I'm voting for Fayt and Reimi.

But yes this is the VP incoming tomorrow and to be sure that you vote for who you want.

Now this is based of my ideas and what I'm seeing on twitter.

People on discord says that giveaway is not going to be paid out until mid January?

Just enter that all I'm going to say it best just to enter and hope you can win.



12/27(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22』が放送決定!『ヴァルキリープロファイル』コラボイベント第2弾の情報をお届けします!ゲストにはあの女神さまが…!!  視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/XIw #アナムネシス

"12 / 27 (Wednesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22' 20:00 more! 2nd installment collaboration event information!  The guest is that goddess. Will watch this ⇒ http://sqex.to/XIw #アナムネシス"



スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、

Valkyrie Profile Collab no keywords yet.

And the voting so far is...
Reimi and Albel >_> But Fayt is in second place for now.

From discord -Reminder that the event is still ongoing until 01/11/18
Continue to vote and support your favorite characters!
Final Results will be posted by 01/25/18

But yes Twitter was pushing for Claude but they might of changed there mind to Albel people want to see Albel in a dress...*cough* or something girly but people on discord thinks Albel will be in pants I just want another copy of Fayt I don't mind Albel.

So on my main account I just put one vote for Reimi might as well she in the top right now so we might get another Reimi I don't mind her.

But I'm still voting for Fayt.

If your not voting get in and vote I say vote for either Albel or Fayt since they are the top 2 for the guys and Reimi in top right now but you can vote for whoever you want.

And yes Valkyrie Profile Collab is coming up so save gems if you want in on that now I got Lenneth on my main account O_O but I never use her Lenneth is alright if you got nothing else better she good with her rush but to other attackers she kind of...outdated.

People who missed the 1st Valkyrie Profile Collab will like this event but they wanted Lenneth back and all that I'm not going to draw in the Valkyrie Profile Collab this time around I'm more focused on the voting right now.

Let put it this way Lenneth is good if you don't have the updated Fidel or Fayt for the rush but maybe the attack Seeds will help her? I don't know I never touched Lenneth so I'm not sure if helps or not.

Not unless they come out with someone else beside Lenneth returning I'm not tempted to draw for any of this I'm more focused on the voting.

So be ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22 coming up and Valkyrie Profile Collab coming up.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

But I'll watch the Star Ocean program 22 just to see who we are getting and all that.

My mind is...on the voting...ugh this is why I don't like being a earth zodiac sign I'm too stubborn.

Moving on the voting is still going on vote for the character you want right now Reimi, Albel are the top 2 with Fayt and Clair in second place I'm going to vote for Fayt and maybe throw another vote for Reimi.

And get ready for the upcoming STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22 coming up and Valkyrie Profile Collab coming up.

I hope you got what you want from Xmas and gems for this upcoming Collab.

And if you have twitter use twitter to push your voting character maybe it might help? I don't know but the voting is still going on.

SOA Update


【Xmasイベント開催!】 12/14(木)メンテ後より、イベント『サプライズクリスマスパーティー』を開催! Xmasパーティー当日に行方不明となった星のオーナメントを取り戻すため、寒空のなか艦長とリーシュ、フィデルなどが奔走するというシナリオとなっています。ご期待ください!

"[Xmas event! : 12 / 14/(Thursday) maintenance after we hold a surprise Christmas party event! Ornament-star was missing with Xmas party day to regain the vote leash, Fidel and Captain cold in that scenario? Please stay tuned!"


Xmas event has started

iveleash...er Snow White Evelysse?...wait they changed her name from Ivilish to Evelysse?

What is she Lyss from Guild of Wars?....I'm joking seriously Lyss name and the first thing come to my mind is Guild of wars or Guild of wars 2 Lyss...

Moving on Ivilish name changed to Evelysse I still don't like her.

Holy Night Precis

Winter Sky Fidel

New Xmas characters are out I did draw for them my draws are...omg my alt did get
the one character I don't like you know who she is and I got her...ugh I'm not using her my main had to spend lot of gems to get Winter Sky Fidel I'll post pics of them later

As far as I can tell Snow white Ivilish is someone you want so is Winter Sky Fidel people are saying you should of not LB Halloween Clair because Snow white Ivilish is better I did put some LB stones in Halloween Clair and I'll keep trying to LB her levels of my main account my alt is not using Snow white Ivilish I don't like her.

---From discord--
Christmas Character Pick Up Gacha is up from 12/14 to 12/28.
Holy Night Precis, Snow White Ivilish, and Winter Sky Fidel are all limited characters
Even after banner ends, they will remain in Normal Gacha and Ticket Gacha
They will be removed indefinitely on 1/4/2018
If you do a 10 pull, you get 3 Wedding Invitations are bonus.
Winter Sky Fidel Rates: 1% (1st-9th Slot) 3% (10th Slot)
Snow White Ivilish Rates: 1% (1st-9th Slot) 3% (10th Slot)
Holy Night Precis Rates: 1% (1st-9th Slot) 3% (10th Slot)
5☆ Rates: 5% (1st-9th Slot) 15% (10th Slot)

These are used as voting tickets in the "My Bride/Groom Championship" Voting Poll.

Voting Pull Event "My Bride/Groom Championship"
Voting Period: 12/14 - 1/11
Midway Poll Results: 12/21
Final Poll Results: 1/25

In this voting poll event, collect the following Wedding Invitations and use them to voting on your favourite characters. The winning Bride and the winning Groom will receive a wedding version on next June Bride Gacha.

How to get Wedding Invitations
Get 3 every 10 Pull on Christmas Pick Up Gacha
6 are obtainable in Christmas Ornament Shop for 3,000 Ornaments Each
Afterwards any other are bought for 9,000 Ornaments Each

--End of discord---

You can Vote for who YOU want O_O

there is more info on discord how to vote I say if you have gems and you're not saving try to vote for who you want

【俺の嫁選手権 開催!】 12/14(木)メンテ後より「ジューンブライド争奪-2018-『俺の嫁選手権』」開催!皆さんの投票で2018年の「花嫁・花婿」キャラを1人ずつ選びます! 投票期間は1/11(木)13:59まで。12/21に中間発表もしちゃいます!詳しくはアプリ内お知らせをチェック! #アナムネシス

"[My wife Championship! : 12 / 14/(Thursday) maintenance later than "June bride fight - 2018 -" my daughter-in-law "Championships" held! Elect a 'bride and groom' character of 2018 for one of you! The voting period is 1 / 11 (Thursday) up to 13:59. Interim report 12 / 21 too! For more information check the app in the news!"

All the possibilities who might win and who you can vote for

For the guys I voted for Fayt I have not chosen a girl yet so I'm waiting on that from discord a lot of people are going for Ashton I think on twitter they was talking about Claude I don't care about him but there are votes you can do in this so if you have twitter you can spam who you want that what people are doing.

So save gems for the Jun Bride that are incoming.

And yes twitter is pushing for Claude you know if we do get Claude Rena will be somehow involved hello ClaudeXRena ending?? they are cannon hello they have a son Emmerson T. Kenny hello I don't think people realized that Claude and Rena are cannon but they push for Claude anyways >_> Sorry Claude fans I'm more of a Rena fan if you ask me.

And you can try to vote for Albel or Faize or Roddick? I'm trying to think of characters who don't have alts already I would like Fayt to get a alt it would be nice for him to be in the Jun Bride but I doubt it people are pushing for it looks like Ashton and Claude from discord to twitter for the girls it might be Reimi and Clair maybe Celine but nothing on Sophia.

You got to remember the fan base for Claude is big I see lot of Claude fans on twitter it almost rivals the Edge fans almost there are also Victor and Fidel fans on twitter as for SO3 fans they are not that outspoken mostly around Albel or Fayt maybe they might push for Albel since the fan base did a mock up picture of him but he was in a dress not a suit so that might attract the fan girls.

So the Bride wars are now starting who are you going to vote for?

Let the Wifu wars and Husbando wars begin.

No hard feeling anyone but I'll say this now if Claude get in or Ashton gets in I'm not drawing for any of them that my mind I'll draw for Albel or Fayt but I had enough of SO2 for a bit.

I'm still using Prince Claude on my alt but I finally got to replace him on my main.

The wedding girls if I did vote for will be Celine or Reimi we have enough Sophia alright no more Sophia please.

I think I'll say this I'm starting to like Reimi now that a good sign.

I might use the rest of my gems on my main and vote for either Celine or Reimi and throw the rest for either Fayt or Albel.

And we do have the start of....

To celebrate Fidel's Awakening, he is getting a pick up character gacha from 12/14 to 12/28.
Fidel Rates : 1%
5☆ Rates: 5%

Character Awakening has arrived farm now and awakening the Characters later.

From what I can tell Fidel is the first one to come out there is a list that is coming out with characters who will be awakening and Fayt is not on that list yet from what I can tell so it will be a bit for him to awakening but they did post.

they asked what character you wanted awakening they did say use Twitter for who you want in Awakening so use twitter.

This is the first time they are doing something they ARE asking twitter for who they should Awakening next.

Not only that they are letting us choose who the June bride will be that a different feeling then before usually they would pick a random guy and 2 girls right? But I think they are trying something different here it surprises me.

If you want to vote do it now and try to save gems for the upcoming characters.

I did spend a lot of money to get Winter sky Fidel on my main and I got....

I'll say this Winter sky Fidel and Snow white Ivilish are characters people want they say that Holy Night Precis is slow on casting she not fast not like Rena or Faize keep that in mind.

So enjoy Xmas and the limited characters that are out

"Christmas Character Pick Up Gacha is up from 12/14 to 12/28.
Holy Night Precis, Snow White Ivilish, and Winter Sky Fidel are all limited characters
Even after banner ends, they will remain in Normal Gacha and Ticket Gacha
They will be removed indefinitely on 1/4/2018"--From discord.

And if you want any of them do the one with the

How to get Wedding Invitations
Get 3 every 10 Pull on Christmas Pick Up Gacha
6 are obtainable in Christmas Ornament Shop for 3,000 Ornaments Each
Afterwards any other are bought for 9,000 Ornaments Each

Try that one and start voting that's my suggestion or save gems for upcoming characters.

And have a happy Xmas I'll post my pics later on who I got and my alt did get her...>_> my main I had to use lot and lot of gems don't ask how much I spent....T_T

And good luck on the RNG lot of people want Snow White Ivilish and Winter Sky Fidel.
Black hair

.Hack//N.U. voting


Shino! she did beat Atoli sadly T_T

Here it comes the voting in .Hack//N.U. in the game over at Japan what people voted for

ハセヲ 8,413 pawns them all once more followed by ハルイエ 5,915? I think that his name who people thought was a girl O_o followed by カイト 2,741 who comes in third but yes that guy people thought was a girl people sure do love her...er him *cough* seriously do we need enough fan service??

But I guess the debate over who is more loved in Japan is finally over with now Kite has seriously beat Azure Kite for the longest time people liked Azure Kite over Kite but I think it's the fan girls who voted Haseo and Kite in the polls :P that is my guess and it's the fan guys who pushed for Alkaid in there, I myself voted Shino since I like her over Atoli sorry guys T_T

Now .Hack//N.U. give us the chance to get Shino SR card mumbles mumbles


But inside the game Haseo finally said his famous quote
'Do you know Tri-Edge?' I almost screamed at that but he said it to some random monsters O_o I was like Haseo they are monsters there is no way they would know Azure Kite er...Tri-Edge but yes 10 years has past since .Hack//G.U. Right?

If they do ever add Azure Kite I think Haseo should have some kind of talk with him I mean Haseo thinks he still chasing him after all this time I want to laugh and cry at this poor Haseo still trap in the past.

Omg sorry for getting off the topic seeing this just made me think of what is going on in the game.

Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info