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SOA Top.


I thought I'd share what I've heard.

Caster mage-
Faize for fast cast and yes so far Faize is the fast caster and if you get him max out he can tank however playing as Faize you have to do a lot of dodge.
Sophia for fire and buffs they say put her with Faize.
Lymle is alright for fire damage but I never did like her sorry.
Myuria would be last sadly to say Sophia and Faize outshine her.

Rena is top for now you want to get Rena she also has buffs put her with Sophia for major buffs.
Millie she not as fast as Rena but she can heal you want her if you can't get Fayt for buffs.
Miki she is the last resort healer she has that Light AOE I think if you get her to 6 star but people say she not good no more.
Hana she's good for heals if you don't want to go for Millie try going with Hana I use her for heals.
Nel healer Nel is alright if you got nothing.

Dias is a tank if you get him to 6 star.
Victor people say that Victor has come back I have not yet to see that if you can't get Dais get Victor.
Stephen D. Kenny I see a lot of people use him so maybe?
Miki defender Miki is pretty good she not as powerful as Victor or Dias but will do if you don't have any.

Attackers- Oh boy
Cliff people say that Cliff is still the major tank if you have him I don't have him on either accounts.
Fayt his attacks feel much smoother then Albel if you ask me but yes Fayt is powerful once to 6 star.
Albel is a tank if you can dodge and keep using air slash of fury he is pretty powerful after get him to 6 star.
Claude people say Claude is good over Albel I'm not going to argue about that omg.
Lenneth she was good? Before Fayt and Albel and Claude come out lately she fallen in behind in popularity.
Fidel would be dead last people say that Fayt replaced Fidel and people say that Fayt is more powerful then Fidel so I'm not too sure about that I don't have Fidel.
Daril no use for him at all poor Fidel dad use him if you got non of the top 'Aces'.

Maria is still tops.
Clair would be second people like her.
Phia is pretty good if you can get her people like her because of her element and attacks she might be up there with Maria and Clair as a must to get.
Reimi is up there I think she is one of the tops If I recall.
Nel would be good to get but she's not that great.
Valentine's Day Clair she alright.
Pavine people do use him I think he's not that good maybe it's his character? (I think he's creepy and he love to stalk my accounts)

As for rushes so far I noticed Fayt, Albel and Dias have major tank rushes Rena's rush is alright along with Sophia and Faize but people are starting to say Sophia rush is OP for a caster.

So it all depends and who you like and what party you're going with.

I only use Rena if I need to for now I'm using Fayt and Albel and some random one but on my other account I finally made Hana into a 5 star so she can heal.

Now If I use Rena in party I put her in main so I can control her and put Dias on party maybe Sophia or Faize.

But yes you don't want to use all 4 stars cards you might want to try and get 5 stars at least 2 in party.

So go for the rainbow win you do random RNG draw and wish for the best.

Oh right I spend my last...money on another RNG draw...>_< and got Fayt for my main account but all that money...omg.
"@#%^&$@" don't ask how much I jut spent for Fayt...I don't want to remember...But I had fun.

And yes I'm seeing a lot of Sophia and Fayt cards going around so yes it looks like they are popular now.

So last hero to come out is Edge they might pull a random SO4 event but I'm not too how they can do it now since SO2 and SO3 are out in events and yes SO3 is the all 'end game' it's still confusing for timeline.

Link- http://dengekionline.com/app/sp/soa/
This page is more updated then Wiki that what people say.

Link- https://www.dopr.net/anamuneshisu-cheats/%E3%83%AA%E3%82%BB%E3%83%9E%E3%83%A9
Updated Wiki??? Alright here is SOA Wiki update for top characters.

So far I'm having fun running around as Fayt maybe it just the whole nostalgic feeling? I mean Star Ocean 3 is most loved and yes Fayt is more faster in attacking I mean I just go and hit everything and he attacks more...faster?
Compare to Albel yes his normal attacks not his skills attack it's hard to explain.

And some other time it just me attacking nothing with Fayt is kind of funny Fayt just owns the monsters to fast.
Either that or Albel uses air slash of fury and destroys the monster before I can hit it >_> I'm having fun.

So this time around it looks like they made real money Fayt might of drawn a lot of people.

star ocean anamnesis info update.


This link might help people who are playing SO-A

Link- https://translate.google.com/translate?act=url&depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://altema.jp/soa/buki/91

go it from SO-A discord.

You can join SO-A discord link from
Link- https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/ side bar location it has SO-A discord link.

So going over after making Faize into a 6 star card his power is pawns however there a downside.

He's weak like earth spells or really fire attacks you name it that hits him and damages him and he can die even at 6 star.
So running around sometimes is your job avoiding attacks is part of it.

And at ranked

Magic top user-

are the top ones you want to get for magic users Myuria for ++SS however Lymle gets buffs after rushes attacks so the rumors say.

the best healer is
Miki is the best.

second is

third is
Hana and Raffine.

last ranked would be Nel poor Nel.