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Red Rose

Crimson cherry blossoms.

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12 May 1985
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  • asukai@livejournal.com
Hello this is Asukai speaking I'm a fan girl who loves many different couples I also like doing Stories I also play online games like Guild of wars 2 and I love Persona and Tales ♥ ♥ I do buy Doujinshi and I still like Japanese music beside anime and Game music ♪

I own two community! twilight_light and crimson_roses_r everyone is welcome!

Mostly KiteXHaseo/Azure KiteXHaseo, HaseoXAzure Kite, HaseoXKite but Yuri is also welcome! as other .Hack//G.U. couple are also welcome! twilight_light

http://twilight-light.dreamwidth.org/ MY other community! yes it the same!

http://asukaikari.tumblr.com/ Tease of Doujinshi
http://imgur.com/user/Minako My second pic site no not my real name I like using Minako name Beside Rozalin and Asukai
http://asukai.dreamwidth.org/ MY Dreamwidth journal

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