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.Hack//N.U. End goodbye game.


The final moments really shook me up emotionally T_T

the towns was full of players it surprised me but on my main Azure Kite and everyone except Haseo was cool I got the feeling that Kite was somehow worried about our character or maybe it was me?

Now for the full feedback about the good and the bad and the ugly and the love.

The story- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwgVBE_IsQG19R7MkVBWQe3YtyakdnQH

You can find it here.

What was the the whole story about? We now know that DD is known as the silver horn?

We heard rumors that the crying women is the crying princess and she wants the player character to meet her?

In the very begging we got powers because of a white unicorn right? is that hint to DD? silver horn??

I heard that person who did the youtube vides will be translating this story so I'm going to leave my theories here however.

In .Hack//Guilty Dragon we got Phantom Kite right?

In .Hack//N.U. we got a mix of DD who was in our story more then Kite was who we got our first SR card right?

So in the next phone game if we get another one who are we getting DD or Kite?

I was very disappointed that Kite or Haseo had no role here or anyone else except for DD and the story and the girls.

Win it first come out people was excited for .Hack//N.U. on twitter and after a few months the numbers drop fast I assume the rumors of people in Japan disliking this game was true??

And what's this about Algiers who says "See you in the next world?"

I just now found out Algiers is that little girl name >_> omg I'm bad with names.

So who did I like between my SR cards?? :P

Well let's start with Haseo everyone favorite.

Haseo 1st- It was Haseo 1st from G.U. his actions reminded me of the rude Haseo that never grown up sorry to say...it turned me off so bad...and I loved Haseo in G.U. to.
Haseo 2nd- Haseo 2nd was much more...nice to be around he didn't act like Haseo 1st at all witch surprised me and I just wanted to smoother this version and get him with Azure Kite :P.
Phantom Haseo- he is like a big rough soft version of Haseo he has emotions and he feels like a pure dominated sign.

Atoli- Oh wow Atoli knew how to attached them seriously but she was either chasing Haseo 1st around or trying to talk to my player character uh...no.
Shino- Oh wow I loved Shino I would of kept her if she didn't try to chase Kite around >_> every time I give a item to Shino she would go try to dominated Kite who would end up going to my player character so no and the sad part she rarely talked to Haseo 1st they did talk but not that long.
Pai- She was the same as Shino but Pai would often reject everyone mostly but my player character.

3 girls that we hang around in story they are all the same...but one of them is worse so no.

Phantom Kite- This surprised me out of all the copies Phantom Kite is the only one the girls see as our romantic partner not only that Phantom Kite wants to marry us *rumor* maybe...but yes the downside is Phantom Kite get confused at everything even items.

Azure Kite- Again this surprised me I knew I liked Azure Kite in G.U. and this just got me deeper but the way he sits and the way he almost says 'I love you' if you do that romantic rub with him is a step more then any of the copies it looks like Azure Kite is not afraid to show his emotions he's mature.

Kite- oh boy I thought I didn't like Kite since I thought I liked Haseo but since Haseo 1st come along I grown to like Kite his friendly personality drawn me in and I found out versus Phantom Kite and Azure Kite, that Kite's emotions can waver between his innocent looks to his dominated side and I got a feeling half the time he wanted the player character to be dominated element it showed.

And yes Kite wasn't afraid to go after the girls but they rejected him that sent him going after my player character in the end but on the flip side Kite isn't afraid going after the guys that what I saw.

In fact no one in this game is afraid to after anyone even our player character isn't safe.

Jealousy- They can get jealous if you give one gift to someone it knocks them out and it makes them sometimes go or vanish with someone and you knew you screwed up not only that sometimes if the one you loved is being chased by someone else they will let you know seriously Haseo 1st back off...

Romance- everyone in this game of love no one is left behind seriously all the SR cards that you had was fighting one another for you're player character love it showed bad but they won't say it but the SR card desire you're love in that romance game.

Items- now Items in this game was used mostly to restore and some was used to rise romance levels and I do know that every SR card is different and Kite can protest how much food you get lol and Haseo didn't care about food he like the sharp items.

Now without your favorite SR card this game would be...blah seriously I loved it win it was nice and good but win it start becoming hard and story taken a turn with romance ect and pkers >_> it felt like a chore the only thing that kept me in this game was the romance items and new store weapons.

I know that harsh to say but that was reality for me out of all of this I think .Hack//Guilty Dragon had the better story in wise but .Hack//N.U. had the better elements and romance now if only they could of mixed the two...

The only time we might of saw Aura was in the start and maybe the Shadow of Tokio at the start to?

But yes rumors are the little girl Algiers "In was to end while I'm getting ready for training your new world!" was Algiers made by Aura?? it feels like it.
It might be a rumor for now.

RNG- oh my god I hated this with passion they need to fix this really really bad! The RNG either sometimes liked me or half the time hated me T_T that win buying in the gemstore but the soul in me wanted the cool looking weapons that wasn't in game and that wasn't put up on Arena.

Events- don't get me wrong I loved events more then I did with stories and that was bad I wanted more but I didn't really like the major boss events I did end up doing a few and it was...not interesting to me But I wish half the SR card you got from the arena was in events like a Azure Kite event that would of been fun.

SR cards- now here the thing some are locked in Events some are locked in the store and some are locked in the Arena and major boss fights so you can't get every card and some are lock in daily time gated items that annoying like you got to get 20 for one and 40 for another...

Weapons and outfits- time gated in dailies and some are lock in store and arena nothing you can get normally witched...sucked I wanted town merchant or something another bad thing is they never never brought back old outfits and weapons so if you missed out you missed out.

So someone normally would either save up the crystals and get really luck at the RNG or do dailies like mad the issue with store crystals really was in this game you had to have money but in the end they did us a favor and given us SR weapons and outfits for those who needed it like my Alt's.

In the begging of .Hack//N.U. it was barley anything but with more updates it got bigger and the areas got nicer looking and it look amazing near the end especially that final two daily you can do I saw the sun and the rainbow and I never wanted it to end...but it did.

Now past the light fluff...now down to the meat.

CC2 has said in interviews or twitter this was not the .Hack game they wanted to make seriously that was brought up several times so was .Hack//n.u. rushed??

And back in .Hack//Versus win asked if they was going to make a new game the excuse was .Hack//Versus graphics wasn't enough they wanted it better so the rumors of them working with square enix on FF7-R more better??

And now we are seeing CC2 making new games like more Naruto and Project LayereD witch they are focusing on big time so is CC2 trying to move away from .Hack?? I got this feeling bad and it hurts.

The .Hack//N.U. had with SAO was more then a hint? was it CC2 way saying go to SAO??

In some twisted way I almost wanted SAO to buy .Hack that's how bad it got but CC2 also said it was up to Namco-bandai not them and Bandai-namco said it was up to the publishers so...its up in the air.

Despite me being negative here I've grown to love .Hack//N.U. to the point where it hurt me emotionally to see it go I couldn't do the romance rub right on my main it hurt and I tried not to cry...

I grown to love this silly game that wasn't a proper .hack game and it drawn me into it deep I did miss the whole feel from .Hack and .Hack//G.U. the original proper mmo feel.

To both .Hack//Guilty Dragon that saw it fate before .Hack//N.U. I love you both you guys brought me joy and pain at the same time and you made me realize how much I love the .hack series.

And how much I desire to see it remake on the PS4 I would love to see .hack and .hack//g.u. remake or HD on the PS4 as a bundle with more dlc and story that would be the dream.

or even have .hack games on the PSN so we can play it on the PS4.

But this was my talk about how .Hack//N.U. got and I gotten off topic I'm sorry.

Goodbye .Hack//N.U. may you rest in peace in the sea of twilight with .Hack//Guilty Dragon.

I'm going to miss them and that romance game so bad...

.Hack//N.U. time end.

In Japan it's about 6:33 am there and it's the 20th now the ending said 12:59(in game it said) from now that's 7:00 hours from now so about roughly 7:59 pm that win .Hack//N.U. might end...

Omg I stayed up almost all night just watching them it was heartbreaking. (I did take breaks every 3 hours and stop the game and given them a break)

I taken a nap I finally woke up 1:35 pm here and it's about 6:36 am over there on my main I login and Kite was the first to greet me beside Azure Kite I almost cried...

twitter is going mad since last night posting about .Hack//N.U. use search
"ニューワールド" to find the tweets.

But I just looked up dec 20th and didn't the original .hack end sometimes in December?
I think I remember that from .hack//liminality it makes me wonder why they didn't wait until dec 25 for it to end...

This is so sad the final moments are on us.

I thought I post this and yes I'll come back win the game is gone T_T

I just now noticed that .Hack//N.U. in the bottom of my iphone and ipad they both say
"Good morning" alright I'm emotional right now...the app is saying that in a gray window...T_T

So the way they timed it we got 2 more romance mini games that we did today one that started at 7:00 am this morning and now the timer cools down it will begin again at 7:00 pm this evening just in time for the game to end...daily showed this is our last gold chest so this is the end.

.Hack//N.U. Videos not me.


I was going to wait until after .Hack//N.U. shuts down but I want to post this before it dose.

Link- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwgVBE_IsQG19R7MkVBWQe3YtyakdnQH

Someone did the whole game it might help if someone is looking for more info.

The game shuts down very soon so say your goodbyes now I did login all my accounts and some players was out right now in town.

I was sitting here trying not to cry again...looking at my cards *cough* er...our NPC friends.

However the ending they did post in the video is not a cliffhanger ending?

That might lead to something...

"Come and find me?" something to do with the crying women or people was calling her the crying princess.

Usually the game dailies start around 7:00 AM our time er...7:00 am PST so I'm guessing that win the game will end from now I can be wrong another time they use is at 8:00 PM PST that win they do updates so I'm not too sure what time they will use.

update- time above after looking at the time.

Thanks to my facebook club I was in letting me know about this youtube videos.

But it loos like .Hack//N.U. has two possible endings that the player can choose will that lead to the end of .Hack?? time will tell.

No word on anything new in .hack related but more rumors about FF7-R in 2017 and you know that CC2 is helping square enix with this game that's why maybe they had to shut down .Hack//N.U. not enough time.

But more games that are not hack related they are making with more Naruto games.

I also heard in a rumor among facebook and twitter that .Hack//N.U. was not liked...I don't know if that true or not in Japan.

But on twitter people do post about .Hack//N.U. and WAS sad about it ending that I saw myself so I'm getting conflicted info right there.

So that's about the only info about .Hack//N.U. right now I got to say until the game end I'll post my thoughts about it T_T

.Hack//N.U. Bad ending??


After finding out more information about this.

update event is now going for bad ending!?

Or so the rumors say.

But what about the main story wasn't DD corrupted? So this happens after the main story win you get DD somehow O_o you fight the Crying women who wasn't under mind controlled you see the 3 brothers one more time and then you decide the fate of this world...in one fight um...what?

Oh and they don't explain how DD got un-corrupted and who saved her... but DD is back to normal no more red eyes and Dwarf dies laughing? That's the big guy right?

Just go take a look it's in the new events omg...plot twist to the end...

Oh by updating your game you do get a new SR card no it's not DD SR card >_>

the words that the crying women said she acted...like a robot or like she didn't even care that...sucked I mean it all stared with her and DD in the begging so if they pull off a bad ending...

No .Hack//N.U. vol.2? Is this them saying or putting the fire out in rumors of .Hack//N.U. Vol.2?
I feel like it was all rushed done this ending or event they are doing...

however this event is up you can fight the crying women and get nothing...no new SR card or anything just money if you go to the stores was it wroth it?

I think...they should of stopped doing the really really really hard bosses in the story not everyone made it to the end and they found out and hurried up to pull off this...event witch did not explain anything at all if they was going to do this event for the final ending, they should of did it all in not the main story and just did one big event or made it easier like in .Hack//guilty dragon. (Sorry for rant)

But that my thoughts some people did like the fights being hard.

did they just pull a Deus ex machina? Did I say that right? I never use it so...er...

but anyways .Hack//N.U. updated maybe for the real final time and you can see for yourself.
(This is the last update right???) "........"

So yes I got more feedback from twitter and how the other people feel about this.

And you know what we never saw Tokio in this game you think he would show up more right?

In the begging we might saw his shadow but nothing more...that's odd...

And in this last event DD is acting nice toward us for a change it's like her emotions gotten lighter if possible so DD acting light and fluffy versus her serious actions almost all the way through the game that's different it's almost like she showing her softer side to us and she is a girl after all.

Fixed bluestacks alt-2
Since the new upgrade it forced me to switch to bluestacks 2 and...bluestacks 2 has issues bad I was able to get into my alt's game but the graphics will NOT load and NO music and...I can't see any ANY characters not even my player character oddly enough I can still give gifts and no voice no character but I still see the words however I cannot do the romance rub thing it just kicks me out T_T

I sent a message to Bluestacks I hope they can fix this but the outcome of Lunar the character that was going to replace Luna who had the same issue don't look good so I'm back using my main and my 2nd main both on my Ipad and Iphone I can get into the game but graphics and music will not load so I don't know what else to do...I even reinstalled it that did not work.

So be careful bluestacks 2 can have some issues and omg...

I'm going to try again a few days if bluestacks 2 don't work I'm going to be saying goodbye to Lunar my alt this is heartbreaking seriously it is.

!update-I fixed it! O_O omg omg omg! alright IF you're game gets like mine just uninstall the game in bluestacks 2 menu go to apps and uninstall T_T and download it from qoo app NOT .Hack//N.U. fixer itself don't work! once the game installs again my account showed up it was either pick that or make a new character I picked the top choice and--my game was running normally! Everyone was back and nothing crashed it was that easy! so Lunar is not dead! (honestly I thought I was going to make a new character but I didn't need to) If only I knew this sooner...I might of saved Luna...

!-Update!- see post above T_T Noooo

But yes the days are going down.

This info is from the event and from twitter feel free to correct me on this please.

And I apologize for sounding negative I'm drained from this emotionally right now this is not the ending I was going for or hope for so...I'm sorry.

link- https://twitter.com/haruko6610/status/807191406372528128

But I still have a tiny small hope that one day we might get our PS4 game...but it's looking doubtful right now.

Once more I'm sorry for being frustrated I guess it's my emotions for wanting a new .Hack game and wanting to see it on the PS4 win I'm going to try and cool down I might go play Star Ocean Anamnesis or Final Fantasy XV for PS4.

On the bright side there is a CD I'm waiting for a CD that I think you guys might like.

.Hack//N.U. story end? part?


I've found one post about the ending seriously??


Nothing else is said...


Cliffhanger ending!? Noooo

But if anyone else knows about the ending to .Hack//N.U. please let me know!

I'm thinking if that the ending it's a step down from .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending.

However I think this is story ending to that story correct me if I'm wrong.

No one else is talking about the ending to that story we know that DD got maybe corrupted otherwise nothing else is said??

So the rumors of .Hack//N.U. being in vol? might be true?

All I know more rumors about Final Fantasy 7 R being made on is floating around I'm saying it's rumors but we do know that CC2 is ONE of the people helping Square enix with this so stopping .Hack//N.U. around this time makes CC2 more time to help on FF7-R.

Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info/status/806694291187924992
最終日となる明日12/9(金)は 12:00~12:59 の開催となります
events ends this guy I think is the one.

But yes the days are counting down to .Hack//N.U. final goodbye T_T

As of this moment I realized I'll never get DD card T_T this is too sad if only...

I feel bittersweet seeing them as the days go bye...I think on the last day I just give all my items out to them and that will be it beside watching them until the game shuts down...

remember 20th of December 19th for us .Hack//N.U. will be gone forever.
Phantom Kite

.Hack//N.U. DD


I found more tweets about this the rumors is.

So DD get's turn evil as he body is taken over by--bad guy.

Remember this pic? This is what DD looks like after...that!?
DD looks like Azure Kite...*cough* and her hair is longer...
Honestly I thought this was a new girl long time ago but this is DD?...wow she really changed.

Wait can we assume the red eyes is a hint to who is controlled?? So is the crying women being controlled to?
(theory) or the crying women can be evil do we really know?? Someone correct me on this one.

Very ironic it started with DD and the Crying women and it will end with them? Win you start the game What the first thing we see? The crying women shows up and DD chasing her so now they might be both controlled?

You also get this after that DD SR card!! DD is a fire element and she might get along with Haseo *wink* *wink*

translations- "Dwarf-got DD" who is Dwarf? that big guy?? or the evil guys? Whoever it is must like the teal hair women Just kidding :P Sorry my mind just went there...>_> So at odds Dwarf got DD and Crying women but we got the other Kite copies that's good enough and Kite himself.
(Maybe they was after Kite to but Aura was protecting him by giving Kite to us!? Wait...I'm starting to think they was after Aura to...) theory.
This guy?? or the guy in charge? The pretty one with violet eyes and dark hair? If not the big guy beside the crying hair women is that is with the 3 brothers? Correct me on this one.

I don't know if this is true I never made it that far yet 8 stories and 11 battles is a lot to do >_>
And I'm like 2 stories away from that and dealing with Pkers who are...nuts and annoying.

My emotions are they should of never made the battles so long it's...time consuming so the battles right now bring a fire element but yes the bad guys might have DD body doing...? eh...do we want to know?...

If DD is a the legit copy made by Aura and she is a Kite clone DD has the power and I have new theories in Pai event she said that the player character was a AI right?

Well I'm thinking...since people on twitter was talking about getting a e-mail from...themselves it surprised me our character might be a AI maybe...copy of a real person...O_O made by the 3 brothers.

Maybe this AI our character was supposed to bring chaos but Aura might of stopped it buy awaking us that my theory or I can be wrong about it correct me on this one. (theory)

So the 3 brothers are our...that? All that this moment I'm thinking of fullmetal alchemist story...

You get one of the brothers as a SR card and he knows the player character so that is a hint and you see them again way later on.

After thinking that there might be thoughts that DD might be part of the final battle.

So far the story is about DD getting taken over nothing about the ending yet.

Yes I was looking for the ending but nothing yet.

Maybe...it's a cliffhanger ending? They won't do that to us...would they??


.Hack//N.U. vol 2...nah...that can't be...

Well this is what is going on so far I can get together with the help of twitter since I'm not that far into the story thank you the people who posted this on twitter.

But whatever I said is a theory until someone can confirm this I'm not that far int the story so this is my thoughts and twitter talk so take this in mind.

.Hack N.U. story spoilers?


From the info I gather from twitter about the last new story they put ou

The 3 brothers ARE inhabits of the world O_o they are also exorcist? (Correct me on this one please)

And they are your... "........" (family!? my guess is that)

That the translation someone posted on twitter so I don't know if that true or not

we confirmed that you the player character might be a AI but not made by Aura? How about made by the a.k.a. Crying women? the one we keep running into? That's just a theory for now.

But all of this is not mine I don't own the pictures I got it from twitter someone else got that far not me.

As I said before the bosses just got majorly hard and annoying.

But mostly I just login spend some time on my main and do other events and yes this updated also has

Most of the SR cards you can fight and yes Azure Kite has return to get his SR card along with Haseo 1st and Phantom Kite has return also to fight.

.Hack//N.U. will shut down next month keep that in mind and that will be the end T_T

correct me if I'm wrong about any of this I have not made it that far into the story this is all information from twitter keep that in mind thank you.

Update- did one of the story missions but got a long long long ways to go and one of the Pkers called my main character...'brother?'...or did I get that wrong? I got one story mission to do leading up to that mission but omg it's pure nightmare have a Fire and Water elements are needed with a healer.

(And I find it creepy that some PKer we fight knows my character name but let alone use our hairstyle not only that I noticed all Pkers use our hairs for both male and female...hmmm that's not suspicious? At first I thought it was yes they are going to use random hairstyle that we don't use but now...)

And win I thought that moment it lead me back thinking of Soul Nomad Drazil and win you find out about the people in Drazil look like you...and then you find out Revya is world eater? That what made me think of this moment.

Back on topic sorry about that.

But my theory is changing now after hearing that so...maybe

Theory- that our character is a program but not the one Aura made maybe since we first saw Aura maybe she pushed us to our friends a.k.a. the girls mints SR card Kite?

I'm still thinking DD is made by Aura she looks like a Kite copy (Correct me on this one) but so the brothers in that story is?...

dun dun dun....Parent?...*cough* *cough* *cough* er...owner? No Star Ocean 3 Luther not you...
er...family? Now I'm just guessing but it would make sense why we don't have a class and we have to use SR cards to make our class so this story is... interesting.

But yes Pai event and the talk with DD leads me to believe that our character is a AI correct me if I'm wrong about it seriously.
Black Feather

R.I.P. .Hack//N.U.!?


New World vol.1 will be ending on 20th December 2016.


B-But you was our hopes and dreams! Noooooo!!

Omg I need to start making videos now T_T IF you want to play .Hack//N.U. I advise you to DO it now on Bluestacks I know Bluestacks is annoying but This IS the only chance you get to see what this game is!


And then look for


This will help you DL .Hack//N.U. use the apk to install qoo-app

My guess is that CC2 decided to pull the plug on this since they are making more other games like Naruto or they are pulling for FF7-R they are also working on sorry for being bitter but I-I gotten use to seeing .Hack//N.U. characters this is so sad T_T I would wake up and look at them and...omg this-this is like losing my friend I'm sorry...


But...I was wondering why we haven't gotten the second round of Azure Kite the world is going to end again.

Just like .Hack//Guilty Dragon...that game I do miss I'm going to make videos to help me remember how this game was...I never gotten attached to a smart phone game before and this is truly sad not even a year and it's gone... T_T

Do you remember? Winter 2016 hints rumors? I thought it was going to be .Hack//N.U. EN since the game had lots of English texts ect but...I never thought that win this game would end...was game a Test!?

To see if they was truly .Hack fans alive!? So that's why they are pushing harder stories out

Yes harder stories harder bosses they want to finish this game...

I just hate this I hate how they play with my heart...I love this series so much and for them to do this...

Is that why win they had that crossover with SAO the game was dying!? Or...was it they wanted there fans to love SAO more?...

I played this game because I love this series I supported them because I never wanted to end...But they never showed interested in remaking any of the .Hack games none whatsoever just teasers and once they got you hooked they destroy it.

I apologize for being negative but this is how my feelings are...

But I'll be here win the game goes down I'll watch it to the end another game gone into our dreams.

I don't know if I can finish the story they stop selling crystal so...this is going to be hard.

But wait...the world announcement the same day Nintendo Switch? People are very curious about it also maybe it's something maybe it's nothing.

Maybe people are clinging onto any kind of hope they can find out of this...tragedy.

Do you remember win .Hack//Guilty Dragon was dying? The drops was endless so was the cards is .Hack//N.U. going to end the same way? Endless Crystals?

But...what about the promise that .Hack//N.U. was going to be in vol? Was that not real?

Either way this is a sad day.

You got until 20th December 2016 to play this game then it vanishes forever into the abyss.

Link- http://www.siliconera.com/2016/10/21/hacknew-world-shut-less-year-service-december/

.Hack//N.U. thoughts yet again.


Collapse )

But yes RIP Shino and Pai may you're cards rest in peace

T_T yes I gotten rid of them *hides away* well I was noticed something odd both Shino and Pai would smoother themselves onto the character seriously and it was making everyone else jealous super jealous so yeah...

And oh boy did it hurt to see both Shino and Haseo ignore one another and knock one another out...that hurt

No Azure Kite and Kite still don't get along yet either but not as bad as the girls was and Pai omg she acted like she was the girlfriend she was knocking Kite back a lot not only him and anyone else from talking to the character so yeah that was...ugh...

So if you really want a girl to love you and only you get both of them seriously it just got on my nerves and for me a fan girl to say enough was enough I had to stop it sorry.

However I noticed on my Alt some girls ARE not forceful and some ARE forceful win it come to romance and talking so you got to guess what one is nice and what one isn't.

Sure Shino was cute and I love her Japanese voice however she was...forceful she wanted eyes on her only but that the thing once that get you're 'romance' gift a.k.a. 'Item' they want to dominated the others just give them something and watch them chase someone else around trying to get them to agree.

And believe me it was hard watching Pai and Shino do that to the others so yeah they are gone from my party and believe me I never wanted to hate either girls it just was...ugh and yes I still like them.

(Don't get me wrong Pai and Shino are good cards just not for this save er...game if you can get them great!)

So I knock my deck down to 6 cards and I think that is enough well the results is no one knocks anyone out and the talk is...pleasant O_O no more glares no more they freeze and look up at you moments it's...peaceful

My thought is don't have too many cards in you're deck I think they felt spread thin so win you start up you're game look at who is knocking who out and how many people you have it might too much for them.
(Yeah yeah they ARE cards with emotions don't forget that and you can romance them)

But yes this is my thoughts and my discover in this game.

And yes I'm going for Phantom Haseo 100 romance event look forward to that much later.
Black hair

.Hack//N.U. update talk...


You know the whole battle win they talk?

Well it's starting to get annoying >_> my character always complain about something I think the character is hungry or something this is super annoying now I thought it was cute in .Hack//Guilty Dragon but now...ugh

in .Hack//Guilty Dragon I'm referring to how the Phantoms eat geeze it's almost like we are part of that phantoms now with the talk...(Or I can be wrong) sorry if I'm wrong about this.

So this must be the trait we inherit from being made if we are a AI >_> but beside the newly complain it's a turn off seriously I miss it win our character did not talk at all...

I know I should be happy that we talk in battle but this has to be tone down a bit...seriously...

But some people might like it but I noticed it starting to scare people cards away from us now thanks a lot >_>

Ugh so much complaints so much battle talk so to keep our character from talking we got to give a item to the person we are using as our main card >_< if that isn't enough.

Sorry it just...this complaints is interrupting my flow and my like and dislike for this game now.