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『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』 情報紹介番組「NEWS コロ LIVE!」 [JP]


【NEWSコロ LIVE!のお知らせ】 艦長!3月16日(月) 20:00より『NEWSコロ LIVE!』を配信予定です。今回はなんと生放送!ウェルチさんをコメンテーターに迎え、MC「コロ?」によるSOAのゲーム最新情報をお届けします!(`◎∀◎´) b お知らせ⇒
[NEWS Coro LIVE! Captain! "NEWS Coro LIVE!" from 20:00 on Monday, March 16 will be delivered. What a live broadcast this time! Welch was invited as a commentator, and MC "Koro? We will deliver the latest game of SOA by]! ('◎∀◎' b) b Announcements ⇒

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SOA New year....JP has drama [JP]


【新キャラクター登場!】 本日1/23(木)メンテ後より、新キャラクター『華王妃ネル』、『華王妃クレア』が登場! イラストは「華王妃ネル」は大慈さん、「華王妃クレア」はたくぼんさんにお願いしました!明日の登場まで今しばらくお待ちくださいね! [New character appearance! ] 】 From 1/23 (Thursday) maintenance today, a new character [Queen of The Chinese Nel] [Queen Queen Clare] appeared! The illustration was "Queen of the Queen of China Nel" was Mr. Oji, and "Queen of the Queen Of China Clair" asked Mr. Takubon! Please wait for a while until tomorrow's appearance!
After all, it is the usual character again after all waiting, and there is no freshness only in the (;´Д`) ⁉️ same character, news koro is no longer broadcast at all, and what do you think about the management? (ーー;) ‼️

-----From twitter-----

That was just a bit of it looks like someone trying to push for more money now. (theories)
JP is pissed it can be near the end of the service maybe they are trying to gete more money before it too late? (I hope not)

I just have a yuck feeling right now...like win GL shutdown I hope I'm wrong...the voting and got in girls girls girls right? So did the girls they push out not sell??

looks like Koro got removed from Newsコロ? So it this the end?? Is that why SRFfate buff was so bad?? They had no money for him? And they put all the money in Nel and Claire?
So many emotions going around I never saw JP so upset since the dark memorial thing they did...

they have deep pockets not enough to pay everyone is that what is going on?? (theories)
all the guys who voted for the top girls there not here are they? They have not spent any money in the game did they?...(theories)

from twitter it looks like people ARE leaving the game they are losing money who going to pay for all of this?

Koro got removed from newsKoro what is that? What that tell you?

so much emotions are going on you better get you're pics win you can this game might end if Nel and Claire don't sell.

How they buffed SRF fate was bad...I want to get so mad even if I don't like SRF fate...

maybe this is nothing...right?...then why is JP so mad? Why are fans leaving the game? why did Koro get removed from newsKoro? (theories)

all sings tell me something is going on something good for new Nel and Claire something bad is going on with all the things they are doing...like win GL shut down...

maybe this is the last shot...we don't know.

however if they are getting money why all the silence?
what I last saw they did make money and they was not last so what is going on??
can it be they have enough money to keep afloat but not enough money to make EP3? or Are they waiting for FF7...remake??....doing a crossover?? (theories)

So a new Nel and Claire are coming out and they buffed SRF fate bad...what do you think of all of this??

I just don't like this silence they are doing reminds me so much of GL...I'm sorry GL....🥀 😢

Bridal and Groom

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』 情報紹介動画「NEWS コロ」#6


Incoming voting girls are coming.

The guys who voted for Celine and Myuria they are coming.
But yes Celine has a alt finally that's the good part.

Get ready for the girls who you voted for are coming in I did not vote for them but lot of guys did.
So good luck on pulling for them may Evelysse shine upon you with the RNG.

I'm not going to pull on them I did my RNG with Ioshua I'm good for now.

Celine and Myuria are coming get ready for both girls if you want them.

Let see the guys who voted for them will pull for them right?...I hope they do this is the girls they voted for.

Celine got a alt after all this time as for me we was this close to sky prince フェイト if they ever do another フェイト alt it has to be him 💙.

can't wait until the next vote they do.