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SOA Featured Weapons [JP]


--------From facebook----

—— Featured Weapons ——

5★ Greatsword :「Umbrella Blade・Twilight Serpent Eye」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
While Hit Count is over 200, Critical Rate +50%
(LB5) While HP is at 100%, AP Recovery through Normal Attack +150%

5★ Dagger :「Evil Relic Swords・Gold Twins」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
While HP is above 10% and at Long Range with Target, 90% chance to survive a fatal blow
(LB5) While User is 100% HP, Critical Rate Received +20% (All Enemies)

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Relic Sword of Malice」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
While Hit Count is over 200, ATK Damage Dealt +50%
(LB3) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

— Notes —

※ These Weapons will be added to the Permanent & Ticket Banners on 12 September, 2019 (Thu) After MT.

---end of facebook---

Now lets talk about weapons good dark elemental weapons.

good for One hand sword users if you have not gotten the ice sword from the Tales event.
this sword might be worth looking at if you are starting.

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Relic Sword of Malice」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
While Hit Count is over 200, ATK Damage Dealt +50%
(LB3) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds.

good for heals stack but you got to get that hit count up over 200 for ATK damage +50

So I got this sword for may main and my alt if you are a sword user this is a good sword
for the dark element and the heals recovers 10% every 3 seconds is good for heal stacks.

Relic Sword of Malice is a blue version of Fate sword is that a hint to a new alt fate?
I want to hope for it but I doubt it.

this sword works good with any sword user you are using right now I see it fitting
perfectly with fate since he had the red version of this sword as his weapon.

now if you are using bunny maria or even edge or fidel or claude this will be a good time to
start looking for elemental swords for them.

or find characters with duel elements like 2B or Fate I like using fate since he has duel
elements adding this dark sword original fate has now fire/light/dark I like to go with
weakness with the right elemental sword.

just play with characters that you like to me it looks like JP just plays with who they like
that very different from GL but JP love to stamp stamp and stamp.

I was not going to roll but win I saw that sword I had to get it I was saying
'Finally they added a dark sword how long?'

I am a fate main user so my party is around fate and his alts so looking forward to new
elemental swords coming out.

just have fun with this game if you are playing JP ver.

on twitter I seen a all claude JP party who just nothing but claude and I seen on twitter a all girl party who uses nothing but girls just use who you want and go.

I did pull for the new weapons I got both on my account I can post pics of them later.

May the RNG be with you pulling for the new weapons.

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Quote from twitter
"survey rank is an ominous number w"

the survey we just had in game...💭 makes me think who the most wanted character was. hmmm 🤔.

Did my part [JP]


I did my part on JP

Got the healer set him up as assist skill for SRF Fate.

Zero RNG got him in one roll talk about luck.

switch to my main account Luna got gold gold gold and Gold thinking フェイト had something to do with my RNG ended up pulling 10 coins and got
this healer on my main account >_>

So I did roll this time on both accounts the setup is pretty much the same Ioshua is alright tried him out he has that buff win he heals.

Update did my part and rolled on my main account to support this game.
this is my setup.

Ioshua has that buff win he heals if you have winter clair you are good to go.

May the RNG be with you.

SOA update and what is going on [JP]


【7/5(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもってイベント『託した想い、明日への誓い』『駆け出し技術者と凶つ星』などが終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス


----From facebook----


• Maintenance
Duration: 5 July (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- New Event
*All 2018 Wedding Character variants (Bride Reimi, Bridegroom Fayt, Bride Precis, Bride Clair) will be completely removed from the pool

Following Events will end,
- 2018 Wedding Event, Ocypete Necromancy & Land Kraken
- 2017 Wedding Event, Beast Monarch
- Adhesion Alma Event
- Facula Dragon Event
- Both Colossal Beak Coin Exchange
- Armaros Depth Coin Exchange

---End of facebook----

So yes the brides are going to be removed completely no more less random chances on getting them.

Bride Reimi, Bridegroom Fayt, Bride Precis, Bride Clair until next year for you sorry for the people who did not draw you.

I myself is happy with Bridegroom Fayt boy he drop on my alt the first roll and my main account had to chase him with lots of gems that was my experience with bridegroom Fayt.

So the brides are going to be removed until next year.

This wedding event was fun but my disappointing they focused on couples this time like Edge and Reimi and not like the first time but it was fun to see that and yes it do feel like Edge and Reimi are more canon now.

But to me Bridegroom Fayt had no part in this story that was sad it still leaves in the air how Bridegroom Fayt come to be we know how Bride Clair was here.

I'm going to stay with my theory how Bridegroom Fayt come to be for a moment in Fayt wedding story he thought of him being a 'Bridegroom' and thus Bridegroom Fayt is here that's why he says
'No....' in the begging of Fayt wedding story before Faize come in.

And yes Reimi and Fayt was voted for the bride event people paid real money for this this time it wasn't a random choice of brides this was voted with real money and people voted for Reimi and Fayt.

And this is what we got did you like it? Did you hate it? Or was you only in for the brides? I myself wanted another Fayt and more story and we got it.

So after getting the goal of Bridegroom Fayt will I be drawing for more characters? I don't want to I got my goal however random characters falling into my lap from all the time not drawing since Bridegroom Fayt that is another story...it did happen I was not expecting it.

My alt

Bride Clair from and Ace ticket O_O

She is pretty

One ticket used for her I was working on original Nel and Bride Clair come in hmm.

My main account

Nooo Nurse Fiore I was trying my hardest to avoid her but she is good for a healer and yes I got her on my free draw.

I do got a enough stones to LB her on my main account for saving that long I might maybe.

But yes my main account Luna got a free Nurse Fiore without trying.

But my rental on Luna and Zero accounts is still going to be Bridegroom Fayt for now.

And yes I'm slowly working on my gems on my min account since Bridegroom Fayt made spend a lot on him my alt account is not so lucky on gems not like my main account.

That was my experience with ace tickets and free draws it can happen even win your not ready for it but yes Bride Clair for Zero and Nurse Fiore for Luna that what I got without spending gems that surprised me.

So say goodbye to the June brides until next year it was fun and now...we wait for Twin Eclipse to drop.

🌸 SOA what I got it's time. [JP] 🌸


It's time to show you what I got in my RNG...the tears the joy the...what?...

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So that what I got and what happened and how much I spent on my accounts.

I got a new iphone 8 plus red 🌹 moved my main game over to it and it's so smooth and fast yes I got the red iphone for color wise and my tablet is the same no upgrade for that yet now I'm so ready for star ocean twin eclipse.

have fun trying to get wedding reimi and wedding fayt may the RNG be with you if your going for them.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』TVCM (アシュトン篇)


スターオーシャンシリーズ初のスマートフォン向け作品 『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』

Ashton TVCM


Come and get your gems

But yes Ashton is the first guy we got in a long time since Edge we had that many girls

I foresee more girls in the future

But Ashton is not that bad him and Mavelle are both good but not OP

In Tier ranking they are alright Mavelle is pretty good and you can play auto with her but some parts you can't she makes you dodge

Ashton you have to fully control but some people do auto-battle with him also

Playing with Ashton in party I thought they would never collided right?

They did pretty much Ashton and Fayt collided >_> they can never get along Fayt 'protested' and I ended back with Faize in party >_>

Maybe the rumors are true you have to use Fayt with all SO3 team and he won't protest that what people was saying it was talk among people long time ago

And I do see Fayt with SO3 party a lot so maybe that true?

I don't know it was old rumors that people was saying 'Use Fayt with SO3 party' or something like that but I do know Fayt do get along with Faize sometimes and Fayt gets along with 'Prince Claude' also.

So my time with Ashton was short lived but he was fun to play with if you have Ashton I say Ashton and Edge would be good in the same party with a healer

If you have Mavelle use her with Swimsuit Sophia or Sophia and Fiore or just have all 'orb' team that might work

You can also use Mavelle with Faize and Swimsuit Sophia that might work and just rent a Defender like Edge, Dias, Swimsuit Myuria you get the idea

So if you have Mavelle and Ashton just play with who you want to play with I might try adding Mavelle to the party maybe she might work better then Faize maybe

For my alt I never did get any of them my alt party is Fayt and Prince Claude and Relia surprisingly enough alt Fayt is not protesting with Relia...unlike my main did

So this is the new TVCM and hopefully it do draw in people for this game.

Star Ocean Anamnesis what I got again?


So Last time I told you I had gems right?

I was going to roll for Wedding Maria and Wedding Nel however that night...we got back late and I went to sleep >_>

So I had gems both accounts I rolled on my alt first nothing but Anne >_>

Today I just rolled waited didn't roll yesterday on my main account and I got...

An Rainbow I wasn't too excited I thought it would be a double of someone and...

Wedding Rena O_o

One draw

I wasn't expecting this seriously all I said no Iris er...Ivilish.

I already got Wedding Rena to 6 star I had enough mats and got her to LB1 so I was playing around with Wedding Rena and well...

My 10LB Fayt was clingy O_o he just followed me er...Wedding Rena around it was cute well Albel just watched and stayed away O_o

(To let you know Fayt is still leader I just put Wedding Rena in back and Albel in front and switched maybe that why Fayt was clingy and win I'm just not controlling anyone it's auto battle all the way)

after that I replaced Wedding Rena with Faize >_< and Fayt was turning around and looking at the camera er...screen I wish I had a video of all of this it was cute that was a hint that Fayt wanted sleep this game is cute and funny Fayt approves of Wedding Rena
But not Rena?...as far as I know Fayt has protest with Rena healer Rena...

I had to get rid of Dais because of this protesting it wasn't pretty and Fayt don't mind Faize O_o

So my alt got Wedding Maria and my main got Wedding Rena we're good to go.

And yes I got gems left on my main account but not my alt T_T

So for Waifu we got Wedding Rena and Fayt I think Luna is alright with them I got Rena to LB6 and maybe I'll start working on Wedding Rena since Fayt nor Albel are protesting with her and just Rent a Rena if I need to.

And I just thought of something Wedding Rena dose damage at 1LB she is powerful I'm thinking her and Ivilish might be OP since Rena has the cat gloves I've giving Wedding Rena the crescent gloves 'Rena' default weapon until I get another good weapon.

So good luck on the random RNG draw my alt Zero had no luck this time around and Luna got it.

SOA What did I get Alt? 02


So I deiced for laughs to pull one from the wedding banner on my alt Zero I was like

"Nothing going to show up right?" So I put it on wedding Nel banner almost hopefully to get her Wedding Nel is cute.

But did I get Wedding Nel like I'd hope so?...




Zero got wedding Maria O_o with no healer note I do have Millie but I'm not going to use her to play as Millie is not fun you have to control Millie or she won't heal that is from my experience.

Needless to say Alt Fayt wasn't too happy about this 3 battles with wedding Maria alt Fayt turns around and glares at wedding Maria thus the wedding is ended I still think wedding Maria looks too much like Fayt that don't help.

But I did get a chance to play as her and wow she smooth compared to original Maria she perfect for someone 'new' however you have to dodge a lot with wedding Maria dodging is you're friend if not wedding Maria not LB is...weak in defense meaning she can die easily.

Wedding Maria has some plus sides her attacks are faster but you got to doge so I'm thinking her play style is the same as playing as Faize attack and dodge.

Woo Zero has two wedding girls that he never uses but are in party so my party for Zero is Fayt, Dias and Albel for now with rent Rena I might add wedding Maria if I do plan to LB her right now with no LB she's weak and don't have good defense.

However I'm still working on Fayt yet so that's going to be a bit.

I spent the rest of the gems on the One Free Single gacha draw daily on the regular character banner and got Claude drop not inserting.

So Zero is doing fine with no good healer but he's doing fine.

On my main account Luna I got a Ice sword level 5 woo now Fayt has two swords to switch around with but the wind sword is still has more damage not unless I get super lucky and pull out another Ice sword that's on my main account.

If you don't know Zero and Luna are my characters I've used in the past they are not special as Xion and now I gotten this far with Zero and Luna I don't think I need to re-roll at all for both accounts now it just where to spend my money at I might start with Zero account.

SOA What did I get? 01


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*Cough* *Cough* er...nothing in my alt account not until I get paid...T_T I got Meracle the on my first draw I was like 'ugh' next got Edge on my third I'm done with this gacha now to work on my alt poor Zero that is why you want a good weapon for Fayt once you get him to 10LB as soon as you can holy...yeah with rent Rena 10LB that works.

【新降臨イベント&ピックアップガチャ開催!】 5/25(木)メンテナンス後よりSO4後編イベント『アルマロス・デプス降臨』がスタート! 合わせてSO4より参戦の新キャラ『エッジ』『メリクル』のピックアップガチャも開催中!ピックアップは6/8(木)メンテナンスまで! #アナムネシス

So good luck on drawing either one Edge is pretty weak compared to Dais a lv 2LB Dais is a bit powerful compared to Edge but Edge can do his job you might want to start LB him if you want to use him I got both Edge and Dias 5 stars Dias 2 LB and Edge 1 LB so yes Edge has more HP and Dias has more...power? But Edge needs a good weapon to.

I hope my alt get this luck to T_T

But yes the power of Fayt at 10LB with a good weapon...

Oh I finally got SO3 on PS4 just finished DL it I will play it later.

Odd enough fighting ageist that Armaros Manifest that voice...sounded a lot like...Faize but I think they are done with SO4 events right?
giving the timeline for this story er...makes you wonder play SO4 it will make sense.
(I played the game I know what happens to Faize)

But we do know Celine do see SO4 people.

So that weapon is Edge weapon? Wait...what about the Holy Sword Farwell? I thought that was Edge weapon so I just given Edge weapon to Fayt lol I never did get Fayt weapon from the gacha but I guess they don't mind it looks good on Fayt.

Star ocena program 11.5

本日20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #11.5』が放送されますよー!ピィピィ!(´◎8◎`)


using Rena voice "Are you ready?"

Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jQYjeSRLWA

So it begins and who we get this time around but people don't really want Sarah I don't mind her but I don't want her not unless she a fast caster like Rena in healing magic I just learn the true value of Rena she is a must at healing the other healers you have to juggle with them and slow casting.

not unless they have someone else with magic maybe Celine? Nole? Leon? Fiore?

But I'm ready to see who we get.

And the side note I got Fayt to level 10LB O_O I'll post pictures later that on the main account and...my alt...might not be cursed anymore >_< the sword I wanted to get for Fayt on my main drop on my alt >_<; T_T and you have to use gems to RNG for weapons.

[Holy Sword Farwell: One-handed Sword]
- Adds light elements to attacks
- Critical Rate +10%
- AP Consumption -10%
LVL : 20
ATK: 960
INT: 959

And then you ask 'why put this weapon on Fayt?' since Fayt has light in his attacks? I just want the flat out damage however my alt Fayt is not 10LB and that account might take a bit >_> *sigh* looks like I have to keep both accounts now seriously ever since I got Fayt up past 8LB on my main my luck in RNG weapons has gone down T_T I feel like every time I roll Fayt is like 'you don't need this' maybe it the game telling me I don't need a good weapon for 10LB Fayt lol.

All he has is his starter weapon from Luther fight at 2 nothing special.

But holy crap got Champ Pater halfway and did a rush with Dias with that 5 fire red katana and Albel and a 10LB Rena rent and holy crap 10LB Fayt is worth it 100% you must if you have Fayt LB him that was on my main my alt not so lucky...

So get ready.

Update- Celine wow and it's Sarah and Edge was mention so was the game hmm.