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When It Falls - RWBY Volume 3 Opening Theme - Jeff Williams ft. Casey Lee Williams Lyrics


I do like this opening it fits really good with Project X Zone 2 for some odd reason O_o but season 3 I'm looking out for this one yes I do watch other anime and other music I myself like red roses for other reasons that is personal to me just say red roses are special to me that's all but RWBY is a good anime sorry I guess my taste is different lol
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Persona 4 golden anime Episode 12


Just got done with Persona 4 golden anime 'Welcome home' Episode 12

I have mix feelings with this one I do like Marie but I felt like she was forced into this anime and it was all Marie fan services the ending was good I did like the boss battles but it felt like Newgame+ since Yu P4 MC was over powered the final moment I was like many others is Yu going to kiss her? but he didn't win Marie saves him that moment was good however win she told Yu she as going to become a goddess this come to my mind >_<

Yes it reminded me win Milla told the group she was becoming Maxwell >_> I almost felt like Yu and Marie has the same tragic love story that Jude and Milla has? why did I feel like Persona 4 golden anime has pulled a TOX? or maybe it's me? >_>;

Overall it was a good anime love the design but I did wish the battles was longer
I assume they was going for P4 golden true ending if you had Marie as your girlfriend but it was alright I myself like Persona 4 golden better however Marie says it straight out 'I love you' for all the Marie fans now the shipping is going to go wild
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.Hack movie update


These are pics of the movie and how the game might look like but yeah here you go

Collapse )

So what do you think of it? nice pics of the movie so yeah this is another update for the Movie that we're going to get maybe I want more info on the game now but yes what do you think of it?

Persona 4 ep 12 is going good


Update Persona 4 Ep 12 is out

Results epic battle MC needs to use more Persona Ep 13 has Devil and Death links

so tell me how you like it watch it before Youtube takes it down

Edit- Friday December 30-2011 Youtube videos of the movie got taken down >_> I told you so by some random copy right so if you want to go watch it look for ep 12 of Persona 4 anime that is a good one
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.Hack Movie pic

This is the .Hack movie pic with I think it's Sora and her friends

.Hack Movie01., Movie pic with Sora

Yeah it's copies of Kite, Balmung and Orca I want to think this is Different from the pic I've posted with Haseo is a Different new game but we don't know all the info yet so yeah buy .Hack Quantum it well support them win it comes out to the usa so yeah this is a pic I forgot sorry

See the post below for DL to the music
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.Hack Quantum English Cast

The Cast

ASTA Kara Edwards
HERMIT Lindsay Seidel
IYOTEN Brandon Potter
MARY/ ERI Lara Woodhull
SAKUYA/ ASUMI Trina Nishimura
SHAMROCK Stephanie Young
SMITH J. Michael Tatum
TOBIAS/ IORI Anastasia Munoz

Sakuya Sounds like Sakubo in the begging or it just me Mary amazing yeah and Tobias almost sounds like Haruka from Sailor moon almost OMG Sakuya is the Uke here

Part 2 So yeah Hermint sounds too low of a voice but yeah both clips look good so yeah we need more supports for this so yeah this is updated now
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.Hack Quantum is coming to the us in 2012


Yes .Hack//Quantum is coming in 2012 but yeah if you have not got into the hack season do it now But yeah I well expect romance between girls Just kidding but you know this is the only couple I would accept Kite and BlackRose as a couple for me I'm a fan girl and stories are my Passion but yeah Sakuya and Mary are cute tougher so I well expect to see the Manga coming to the US to hopefully

Link- http://youtu.be/r9a27z1EPVw

So yeah get ready to buy this one the story line is good if you like watching girls and fighting online and saving the world once again with out the help of the real old hackers
We just need link or another game by CCOP to be out but yeah win you get into Quantum you won't be lost in my stories I do lol

But yeah I'm am happy this is coming out I well be buying it but I do own the whole DVD so I know the anime but I want to understand the storyline some ware but I'm sad that Kite nor Haseo did not show up only in...*Cough* never mind I might give it away!
But it looks like they are doing it so yeah watch out for this one coming out in 2012

Persona 4 anime Ending Loop music


It taken me a wale to find this one but yeah I had no Idea that someone made it but yes I did not MAKE this I only made it DLC Free so please don't sue me!

Link- http://www.4shared.com/audio/ChzE8ENH/Persona_4_Beauty_of_Destiny_-E.html
Persona 4 anime ending Extended loop made so yeah enjoy now

So yeah I hope people well listen to it but please remember it not the true full one
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Persona 4 Anime opening loop


I do not own making this but I do take credit for making this Music free and DL free so yes don't sue me over this so yeah enjoy this now

Link- http://www.4shared.com/audio/u6fV6VWZ/_The_Animation_skys_the_limit.html

Song- Sky the Limit Loop

So yeah I hope you guys are enjoying the hot Weather I know I hate it it near 11:06 PM over here and yes IT cooler at nighttime must rise with the nigh...*Cough* lol enjoy it now!