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Nier and Ashton and SO3 [GL]


Seeing this is mix feeling among the fan base.

Some people on reddit are getting tired of seeing Nier and upset about the whole Nier unnerf the nier characters and some people don't want them to unnerf the nier characters 🤔

Some people are all hyped for Ashton and Mavelle.

About the whole unnerf Nier at this point they will be outclassed did people really think that Nier would be top class forever?...nope there will be other characters that will do that.

salt is going around at the moment for people who didn't draw them and is salty they are weak that from what I've seen from GL facebook group.

for myself even if they was unnerf Nier I would not use them a lot of people want something new and I think I agree with them.

Do you think it time for them to unnerf Nier?


About SO3 they are outclassed they should of waited until they got there awakening to promote them as for fayt wait for groom fayt and srf fayt and if you got all 3 of them you can do this

this is my JP account at that time.

I will not be pulling and this banner not seeing the whole Ashton and Mavelle but if you are going to pull on this may the RNG be with you.
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SOA are they...[JP]


the surprised guest was Sophia and Shimada >_>

not only that they are still trying to promote sophia character after all the love triangle they did with fayt and maria?

twitter says
'Fayt...cliff and Albel are dead' this is to
her rush has them if you put her with Halloween Nel there rush are opposing to one another Halloween Nel has girls win winter Clair has Fayt...Cliff...and Albel...as...Kids!

Wait...re-read twitter and people are now saying Fayt ended up with Cliff and Albel...O_o but there kids...oh dear maybe this is why people was saying 'Fayt, cliff and albel are dead'...

not really into winter clair rush kid fayt and kid albel I do want.

you know if they made them not kids sophia fans would be so pissed and I think that's why they made them kids not adults this might be a hint that clair is hinting who she likes without the story being said.

checked twitter one Sophia fan is upset that fan says sophia is wife to fayt, another person says they know what clair rush imply and they are not going to touch clair at all from twitter JP side.

winter ashton is alright

winter Rena <3 almost tempted by her almost.

Bringing Sophia va out like this was bold of them JP guys was upset they was pushing her onto Fayt I don't know if this will help them it looks like they brought Sophia va out to try to ease up the tension with the Japanese males that liked Sophia character and to slowly show them that sophia likes fayt...hint that they should accept romance blah blah blah I don't think it worked.

JP was mixed about it they like it and they disliked it win Sophia showed and talked.

Beside that I was more into

---From facebook---
Star Ocean Program #34]
Duration: 8 December (Sat) 19:00 JST ~ 21:00 JST
Detailed Summary Up

Please leave all discussions in this post.

- YouTube

- 1000 Gems to be sent after 12/13 Maintenance for clearing the Event Boss on stream
- New Mechanic: Down Recovery: Able to immediately recover from being knocked down by swiping at a specific time.

—— New Playable Character: Snowy Sky Ashton ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Scythe

- All Elemental Damage +25% / While HP is at 100%, All Elemental Damage +45% (All Allies)
- When using a Fire Skill, Crit Rate +20% (Self / 10s) & When using an Ice Skill, Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks (Self / 10s)
- Normal Attack AP Recovery +150% (All Allies) & Upon a Perfect Evasion, Recovers Own AP by 100% (Self)
- ATK +20% & AP +20 (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Sacred Triangle | ATK x5000%]
AP Consumption -30% & Recovers 10% HP every 3 Seconds (Self / 20s)

—— Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp) ——

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose

—— New Playable Character: Holy Night Clair ——

Role: Healer (Ace)
Weapon Type: Books

- Allows Max HP Recovery Overflow to All Allies of up to 100% Max HP (Self) & Max Overflow HP +10 000 (All Allies)
- ATK and INT Damage +25% / While HP is at 100%, ATK and INT Damage 35% (All Allies)
- Reduce Casting Time by 40% & Will not Stagger while Casting Symbology (Self)
- INT +15% & HP +15% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Stella Fairy Tale | INT x4000%]
Recovers 80% HP & ATK and INT Damage +50% (All Allies / 20s)

—— Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp) ——

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose

—— New Playable Character: Snowflake Rena ——

Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Gun

- Damage +40% / While HP is at 100%, Damage +70% (All Allies)
- Recovers 3% Rush Gauge every 3 Seconds (Self)
- AP Recovery +100% (Self), +50% (All Allies)
- While HP is above 20%, 80% chance to survive a fatal blow & Recovers 5% HP every 3 Seconds & Allows Midair Evasion (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Draw Luminous Square | ATK x4500%]
Crit Damage +70% (Self / 20s), +50% (All Allies / 20s)

—— Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp) ——

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose


• “The Instrumental Trio of the Silvery Grace” Event
Start: 13 December, 2018 (After MT)
End: 3 January, 2019 (23:59 JST)

—— Event Boss: Winter Botanical Beast ——

- Boss: Winter Botanical Beast
Weak to Thunder Element.

—— Event Stamps ——

- Ashton Stamp, “I-It’s so… cold…”
- Clair Stamp, “And they lived happily ever after”
- Rena Stamp, “Oh, no…”

—— Event Weapons ——

[Snowy Sky Ashton’s Scythe: Overwinter Great Scythe]
- Damage of Spinning Scythe +20%
- Single Target Damage +10%
- (LB5) ATK Damage Taken -10%

[Holy Night Clair’s Book: Midwinter Book]
- Damage of Thunder Javelin +20%
- HP +10%
- (LB5) All Elemental Damage +10%

[Snowflake Rena’s Gun: Winter Blaster]
- Damage of Bullet Rainfall +20%
- AP Consumption -10%
- (LB5) While at Long Distance, Damage Taken -10%

—— Event Accessory ——

[Event Accessory: Flying Santa Doll]
- ATK Damage Taken -10%
- While HP is above 10%, 30% chance to survive a fatal blow


• Pickup Gacha (Snowy Sky Ashton / Holy Night Clair / Snowflake Rena)
Start: 13 December, 2018 (After MT)
End: 3 January, 2019 (23:59 JST)

- Increased rates for the newly added Limited Christmas Characters: Snowy Sky Ashton, Holy Night Clair, Snowflake Rena!
※ 10-pulls will grant x10 Limit Breaker M

—— 2017 Christmas Character Return ——

• Pickup Gacha (Winter Sky Fidel / Snow White Evelysse / Holy Night Precis)
Start: 20 November, 2018 (After MT)
End: 3 January, 2019 (23:59 JST)

- Winter Sky Fidel, Snow White Evelysse, and Holy Night Precis will be returning once again, all of whom will have adjustments!
※ 10-pulls will grant a Bonus Currency

—— Snow White Evelysse Adjustments ——

- Single Target Damage +20% / While Hit Count is above 150, Single Target Damage +40% -> +45% (All Allies)
- ATK & HP +15% -> ATK & HP +20%

[Rush Combo]
- Multiplier: ATK x4000% -> x4500%

—— Holy Night Precis Adjustments ——

- When using Offensive Symbology, Recovers All Allies AP & Will not flinch while Casting
- White Hit Count is at 50 and 100, Crit Rate +20% and Crit Damage +30% -> Crit Rate +30% and Crit Damage +40% (All Allies)
- ATK & HP +15% -> ATK & HP +20%

[Rush Combo]
- Multiplier: INT x3000% -> x4000%

—— Winter Sky Fidel Adjustments ——

- While Hit Count is at 100 -> 50, Normal Attack AP Recovery +100%
- While Hit Count is at 200 -> 100, ATK Damage +20% (All Allies)
- ATK +15% & HIT +10% -> ATK +25% & HIT +10%

[Rush Combo]
- Multiplier: ATK x4000% -> x5000%

— Awakened Rena —

Available from 12/27 (Thu) onwards.

—— Custom Gears ——

• Custom Gear Campaign
Start: 13 December, 2018 (After MT)
End: 3 January, 2019 (After MT)

- Limited Achievements available

What are Custom Gears?
- They are to customize Weapons to fit your play style. Able to inherit Factors from other Weapons.
- Gears have different Qualities, with only LQ (Low Quality) being available on 12/13.
- 2 Types of Gears: Fixed Weapon Type Gear & Weapon Gear. Only Fixed Weapon Type Gear available on 12/13, which you can use to set onto Weapons
- Gears can only be set on Slotted Weapons from 12/13 onwards
- Able to overwrite Slots but in doing so, will get rid of the previously equipped Gear. Note that in the future, there will be an item to remove the Gear without getting rid of it completely.
- “Gear Exchange” will be released from 12/13 (Thu) onwards.

—— Attaining Gears and Slotted Weapons ——

[12/13 Update]
- Gears through Gifts and Achievements
- Slotted Weapons through New Weapon Gacha (12/1 onwards) and Event Drops (Event Weapons will have 1 Slot)
- 5* Weapons through 2nd Anniversary Weapon Gacha will have Slots added

[Future Update]
- Generating Gears: By feeding the Bunny some Gear or 5* Weapons, it will hand over a new Gear by chance. To be released sometime February, 2019.
- Factors for Abilities and Factors can also be Generated
- Gradually add Slots to all Weapon Types
- Drops in Missions

—— Weapons with Slots (Gacha) ——

• New Weapons Gacha
Start: 13 December, 2018 (After MT)
End: 3 January, 2019 (23:59 JST)

- 4 New Weapons, all of which will have Slots available.


- 5* Pickup Weapons attained through the 2nd Anniversary Weapon Gacha will have Slots added

—— Affection System ——

To be implemented from 12/13 onwards. The more you increase a character’s affection, the higher chance of them to activate Rush Assist when set as an Assist Character.
Using Gifts will increase their Affection, which can be attained through Events etc.

——Upcoming Characters ——

- SO1: Ashlay, T’nique, Ioshua, Erys, Dorne
- SO2: Bowman, Noel, Ernest
- SO3: Peppita, Roger, Adray
- SO4: Bacchus

Silhouettes of 2 Characters currently being worked on.

—— Original SO2 Voices ——

Original SO2 Voice Switch coming by on 12/24 (Mon) 00:00 JST


That’s all for now. Next up is #35.
----end of facebook---

Affection System now we can date our characters! O_O *cough* grind to give gifts to the character you want to date.

may the RNG be with you if you pull for them and good luck.

SOA event story with--and talk.


I did find....

Alt Albel and Cliff...it works O_O must put...them...

I knew putting that Alt Albel with Cliff works >_< Here comes the fan wars

Now let me go over the event story with Alt Albel and Opera

This surprised me Opera who has no idea who Ashton was this was before she join SO2 group

This also surprised me Sophia and Alt Albel in the same party not fighting over Fayt O_o

Yes Sophia is in this event it almost like she preventing us from talking to Alt Albel

Was...she looking at Alt Albel since he's in pants now??

Sophia and Alt Albel have time to talk to one another shockingly they agree on stuff...

Fiore and Ashton join us in this event also it starts off with Alt Albel talking to Ashton wait wasn't Albel talking to Ashton before like this?? I don't know if that a hint or not...

Sophia joins us in order of helping Fiore again? (I think that what is was) she goes between Fiore and talking to Alt Albel a lot in this event and we use Alt Albel memories witch Sophia tells us about (shockingly) she knows more about Alt Albel then we do...and we go to the past where we see Opera who Ashton recognized but she says she don't know him...

That where Opera notes that we can fight and she asks us to protect her but Alt Albel makes a challenge and it ends up being a drinking challenge and Ashton, Alt Albel, Fiore all pass out from all that alcohol we end up being her bodyguard like SO2 story with Opera she chasing Ernest.

It pretty much ends the same way except we fight a boss from SO5 not SO2.

The ending is we get warp out and Opera is shocked that we transported out she notes that we was suspicious enough and she leaves alone.

This whole event felt like...it was more aimed at Alt Albel and Sophia nothing else.

Much like the Cherry Dias and Cherry Maria hints this event had small hints nothing big.

It feels like Sophia spends time with Alt Albel more now they are talking like friends or maybe something more it hinted but not that big of a hint

I think what they are doing is pushing this so the Wedding event with Reimi and Fayt will go uninterrupted or we are going to see salty Sophia.

But no Alt Albel nor Sophia mention Fayt at all so if that a hint that has to be one.

Alt Albel talks to our character once and act like 'I don't care' witch makes Sophia talk to alt Albel more so this felt more like Alt Albel and Sophia event strangely enough Albel and Sophia in SO3 never do talk to one another like this but they do now and here.

To me I'm getting a major Alt AlbelXSophia vibe from this a part of me wants to ship them another part of me wants to ship Alt Albel with Cliff.

And also Meracle is in this event she says that we 'smell good' O_o uh...she voted us as leader confusing the group that win Alt Albel ask if we are that powerful? Fiore and Sophia try to explain our power to Alt Albel who get frustrated about it and just tells us to lead the group

(They try to explain how our character is fused with other party group and our powers witch don't go over smoothly with Alt Albel that talk leads to more Alt Albel and Sophia talk)

And no Meracle don't drink in this event but the others do and no Sophia don't drink either not in this event.

But yes Alcohol was in this event and no our character did not drink either...T_T

This event is going on and if you want to see if play this event and see for yourself.

This whole event started off with Alt Albel and Ashton and (sexy Alt Albel) in pants :P
And ended like Sophia is the one who gets to talk to Alt Albel a lot it like she moved that quick stopping anything between our character and alt Albel.

And what's the deal with Albel and Ashton? If that not hint I don't know what is.

To me it looks like whatever Albel and Fayt had in SO3 is gone completely I think as I said before Fayt had a crush on Albel but moving into SOA we see them with different guys...*cough*

Fayt spend his time win VR room with Faize or doing something like setting up Fidel with Miki with Roddick it was also hinted in the Cherry event that Fayt like to eat....O_O and him and Roddick was talking about food and how Cherry Dias and Cheery Maria looked good together

Another strange thing is our character likes to sleep and eat >_< the jokes about bananas is one of them there was a few hints in the main story and off the story that our character likes food and water

I don't know win Fayt habit of eating started it could of been win he was with our character with all the events going on or it could of been all the time he was with Roddick

So Fayt spends time in the VR room with Faize, Roddick or our character.

And it looks like Albel spends time with Ashton and Sophia now??

And it looks like they are letting Maria do her own thing like win she wanted to be leader with Dias.

As long as Fayt don't turn into Allen Walker from D.Gray-man about food I'll be alright with it

Them making a new personalities for the main cast of Star Ocean 3 I'm talking some time to adjust to it seeing Alt Albel and Sophia get friendly like that surprised me

But yes this whole new event with alt Albel was more like him and Sophia event

One of the things I did noticed is they did change Albel and Fayt personality a bit

Fayt in SOA likes VR, hanging out with Faize, romance like setting Fidel with Miki with Roddick, Hanging out with Roddick and hanging out with our character and food.

Albel is now opening up to Ashton and Sophia doing what we only saw bits of that.

So far Albel and Sophia have no contact with our character but Fayt has contact with our character we did have lots of events with Fayt.

We had some events with Sophia but she never talks to us like she talks with Alt Albel or someone else we can ask her about 'Fayt' about something and she goes 'what Fayt?' that was one her responds in that young school girl Sophia event.

So it hinted that Sophia has no inserted in our character in this event with Alt Albel it more like she wants Alt Albel to talk to her and no one else that how it felt.

Putting Alt Albel for the fans in this event and putting him with Sophia was that a good idea?
Albel fans might be ranging about this and Albel fans are salty since Albel is not with Cliff or Fayt in this event but with Sophia.

But this talk was on my mind thinking about and playing it 2 times with my 2 accounts and reading the lines (with my broken Japanese) and making sense about this event.

And thinking about the Cherry event and how they acted it make sense now maybe...

Now I'm really looking forward to the Wedding Event with Reimi and Fayt

Remember Reimi has not spend any time with our character that is going to be inserting how they are going to put that up and I got a feeling Edge might show up for that one.

Fayt event we did have lots of events with Fayt and our character more then we did with Reimi that says a lot so I'm expecting Roddick or Faize or Sophia to show up in Fayt event and maybe a salty Sophia we don't know yet.

But since Sophia had this time with Alt Albel seeing her in Fayt event is going to be majorly awkward if you ask me.

But I hope you have good luck on getting Opera who is OP and Alt Albel who is good and if you don't have A2 get Alt Albel good luck on your RNG.

Remember this all my ideas and my experiences people can have different ideas about all of this.

Play the new event and see for yourself how you feel about it.

Update- Did the side story Alt Albel and cats beside the bar people that wanted to talk to him he goes out side to encounter cats and he sees this one with emerald eyes that is different he tries to get close to it and it turns out it's Meracle she transforms into a cat and normal and runs off Alt Albel goes chasing her and runs into Ashton they both fall to the ground and Ashton asks what's wrong and alt Albel says 'never mind' and has a gray emote over his head.

Opera story part 2 is about her talking to Sophia and Fiore about why she did that she looking for Ernest and she did it for love and now Sophia is surprised and then she starts talking about Fayt
(here we go) now she talks about Fayt we might see her in the Wedding Event after all.

Collapse )

No I did not take a pic of Opera story it was the same as SO2 version with Fiore and Sophia and Sophia talks about Fayt and how she might be inspired by Opera determination about her love for Ernest if you don't know Sophia wants to be more then friends with Fayt however that never happens it never hinted in Sophia and Fayt ending at all and Fayt just always brushes her off somehow.

The only other time Sophia was thinking about her and 'Fayt' was in the school event where she wanted them to 'walk together' like couples do and she gets upset throws a fit win she realized Fayt wanted to talk to Albel not walk with her and Albel was taking a nap in this event and Fayt get frustrated that Albel didn't want to talk or fight him and Fayt ends up fighting random guys in the end.

Sorry about the pics it off my phone and yes I'm still playing this game.

So if you can get into this event and see for yourself do so.

Wait...why did Sophia stop our character from talking to Alt Albel if she was going to start talking about Fayt in the Opera part 2 event??

>>Sees Alt Albel leave with Ashton grumbling about Meracle

Yup we will never have any connections with Albel or his Alt sadly to say.

SOA maintenance


"【9/7(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもってイベント「因果律のその先に」や「TVCM放送記念ピックアップガチャ」などが終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス"

"[9 / 7 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-we 16:00 to add new events due to maintenance work. With the maintenance starting events to see the destination of causality"or"TVCM broadcasting commemorative pickupgacha"can be finished. Please note that."


----From discord---
Maintenance on 9/7 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Story Chapter 9
New Event
New Campaign
Minor Bug Fix

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Beyond the Laws of Causality Event
SO2 Michael Event
Ruins of Trial Physical Resistance
Fed and Quartz Justice Gacha Box
Simulator Coin Shop
TV Commercial Campaign
- Gem Present
- TVCM Pick-Up Gacha

----End of discord----

So this is your last chance for gems the TVCM is going to be over soon.

Why so fast??

Wait...did Ashton and Mavelle not sell?? I did see a lot 'youtube' people roll of Ashton not Mavelle I think that was a hint there

So SO2 Michael event is going to be over with soon if your farming him do it now

And yes no announcement of any new program yet people are getting worried

My guess they are going to go back to 'girls' people did like 'Ashton' more then they did with Mavelle it was known on some twitter posts

But the problem was that Ashton wasn't that powerful as in OP in the matter he is alright but not that powerful and Mavelle falls under that also not being 'OP' like some characters we have.

However the fan base still use Ashton a lot I see more of Ashton players versus Mavelle players that says a lot

One rumor going around is you know how they 'promised' you can upgrade some skills right and get new ones? Well someone was saying they are only going to be for special characters...O_O

I hope that not right I want to upgrade my characters a lot of them need it

And I want Dimension Door on Fayt he need that badly he needs that dark attack
>_> giving him mirror whatever did not work

It just some people was talking about that *sigh* I wish for that upgrade to come soon

I just hope that rumor is wrong please be wrong I just don't want special characters to get it...

There are some other characters that need that upgrade badly win that upgrade hits the lower tier might be worth playing if you go by tiers I myself don't worry about 'tiers' but I know a lot of people trust that.

Come to think of it Sword users did not get a 'dark sword' yet as in weapons the Sword_Sheath did get a dark weapon you can tell I do want a dark sword also however I do wish we get one in the future

Back on topic

Do you think Ashton and Mavelle sold good?

The youtube video is rather 'low' compared to the swimsuit girls so...

This is odd the swimsuit girls did sell but it drop low the TVCM was watch so many times however from what I know they wasn't...that loved people rolled for them but didn't spend that much money on them

That why they turn to making Ashton they wasn't getting that money and the fan base had enough of girls so what happened?

As they said in the interview they are going by Popularity Factors this means for the characters they are making and what they are going to sell if Ashton and Mavelle didn't sell that means...

I think we will see win the next program is announced what way this ended

For now farm SO2 event and try to grab Ashton and Mavelle win you can but keep in mind they are going to be in the Gacha from now on they are not limited characters

Update info
"【キャラクターバランス調整について】 現在キャラクター「マーヴェル」につきまして、本来の性能を発揮しづらい状況であることを確認しております。このため次回9/7(木)メンテナンス時に、一部タレントの調整を予定しております。詳しくは、アプリ内お知らせをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"Confirmed to be about [character balance adjustment] current character "Mavelle" regarding performance and difficult situation. Because of this the next time 9 / 7 (Thursday) maintenance when some talent adjustment is scheduled for. For more information, please check your app in the news"


>_> Mavelle buff her Ice skills are getting a buff

Now they are making her OP

No announcement for a live program alright this is bad we don't know what new characters we are getting for the update or what is going on

People right now are expecting a weapon Gacha nothing is being said.

But it was true Mavelle wasn't that powerful but with her new buff she will be OP in Ice she might be wroth it now but no buff for Ashton just Mavelle hmm

I'm going to wait for more info and if we get a new program or not people was saying it was supposed to be tonight er...today soon? however nothing was said so...

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』TVCM (アシュトン篇)


スターオーシャンシリーズ初のスマートフォン向け作品 『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』

Ashton TVCM


Come and get your gems

But yes Ashton is the first guy we got in a long time since Edge we had that many girls

I foresee more girls in the future

But Ashton is not that bad him and Mavelle are both good but not OP

In Tier ranking they are alright Mavelle is pretty good and you can play auto with her but some parts you can't she makes you dodge

Ashton you have to fully control but some people do auto-battle with him also

Playing with Ashton in party I thought they would never collided right?

They did pretty much Ashton and Fayt collided >_> they can never get along Fayt 'protested' and I ended back with Faize in party >_>

Maybe the rumors are true you have to use Fayt with all SO3 team and he won't protest that what people was saying it was talk among people long time ago

And I do see Fayt with SO3 party a lot so maybe that true?

I don't know it was old rumors that people was saying 'Use Fayt with SO3 party' or something like that but I do know Fayt do get along with Faize sometimes and Fayt gets along with 'Prince Claude' also.

So my time with Ashton was short lived but he was fun to play with if you have Ashton I say Ashton and Edge would be good in the same party with a healer

If you have Mavelle use her with Swimsuit Sophia or Sophia and Fiore or just have all 'orb' team that might work

You can also use Mavelle with Faize and Swimsuit Sophia that might work and just rent a Defender like Edge, Dias, Swimsuit Myuria you get the idea

So if you have Mavelle and Ashton just play with who you want to play with I might try adding Mavelle to the party maybe she might work better then Faize maybe

For my alt I never did get any of them my alt party is Fayt and Prince Claude and Relia surprisingly enough alt Fayt is not protesting with Relia...unlike my main did

So this is the new TVCM and hopefully it do draw in people for this game.

SOA update and what did I get?


Ashton has drop I repeat Ashton has dropped


So what Did I get?


O_O Ashton

Luna is luck

my 1st roll and after that I brought gems >_< I also got a Itunes card for this account

Zero my alt not so lucky 5 rainbows in different draws all the same the only 1 new card I out of that is Relia so my alt now has a good healer T_T

No new draws for Zero poor Alt...

holy I never been this lucky with Luna before this draw I got Swimsuit Sophia

Hmm but I had to farm Ashton weapon that was annoying and after that I got the coins >_<;

So this is my main account now I got so many summons cards

I also drawn 2 times from the weapon Gacha and got the The Holy Sword Farwell O_o
Er compared it with Fayt weapon 'Sea Treasure Sword・Braublitz' S.Reimi weapon and well it falls short if you don't have Swimsuit Reimi sword use Holy Sword Farwell it has good stats for Fayt

Since on my main I'm not using any other attacker and sword user so I given the sword to Swimsuit Reimi it works it felt like they just traded swords :P

Ashton is alright and Mavelle has no casting time? That what people said

Character: Ashton Anchors
Availability: Gacha Permanent
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dual Sword
Talent: Gyoro's Encouragement - AP Recovery after using Fire Element Skills (Self 10 seconds)
Ururun's Healing - AP Recovery +150% from normal attacks after using Ice Element Skills (Self 10 seconds)
Gentle and Sincere - All Elemental Damage +30% (All Allies) & AP Consumption -10% (Self)
Sole Successor of Symbology Fencing - Rush Damage +10% upon 100 and 200 Hit Count (All Allies)
Rush Combo: Tri-Ace - ATK +60% & AP Consumption -30% (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 11
Skills: Piercing Blade 15 AP - Power: ATK x 150% Max Hit Count: 6 Element: Ice
Twin Thrust 20 AP - Power: ATK x 200% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Fire (Self Recover 5 AP)
Northern Cross 27 AP - Power: ATK x 400% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Sword Dance 39 AP - Power: ATK x 920% Max Hit Count: 30 Element: Fire (Self Recover 10 AP)

Character: Mavelle Froesson
Availability: Gacha Permanent
Role: Caster ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Orb
Talent: Cruel Fate - INT +40% (Self)
Hardships of Vengeance - AP Consumption +100% & Ice Skill Damage +150% when Hail Orb is used (Self 20 seconds)
Light of Atonement - AP Recovery Speed +100% when Shiny Lancer (Midair) is used (Self 20 seconds)
Ancient Arcance - AP Recovery Speed +30% (All Allies) & Will not flinch when casting Symbology (Self)
Rush Combo: Seventh Star - INT Damage +50% (Self 20 seconds)
Power: INT x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 8 Element: Ice
Skills: Hail Orb 30 AP - Power: INT x 230% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Shiny Lancer (Midair) 20 AP - Power: INT x 200% Max Hit Count: 8 Element: Light
Aurora Rings 35 AP - Power: INT x 460% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Light
Freezing Impact (Connection) 45 AP - Power: 740% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice

Prehistoric Psynard
Race: Avian
Weakness: Ice
Long Ass Note: Boss does attacks based on remaining HP. Git gud and dodge. Using weakness element and status affliction helps. Freeze and Seal also works to some extent. It may recover HP by using an absorption attack
Caution: If you do not defeat it in 7 minutes, boss will enter Destroy Mode and will do massive amounts of damage
Upon battle start, everyone will get a -80% fire resistance debuff
In addition, the Nightingales that appears with the boss will use Faerie Heal and recover the boss's HP.

So this boss fight use Ice weapons and Ice spells is a must and go after the add on first or else it will heal and heal and heal you get the idea and have a healer Rena or Swimsuit Sophia

They also have a gem sale

So good luck on getting any of them for now I'm going to not roll on my alt I think Zero is good now and my main account time to save gems

And yes the RNG is nuts but oh boy Luna is lucky for now Luna luck might drop

Poor Zero my alt.

And yes Fayt and Ashton are getting along somewhat I'll update later and see if they conflict or not *sigh* Fayt has to be the most stubborn person ever I just replace Faize with Ashton

Talk about stubborn Fayt would not talk until I did the new event and found who 'Ashton' was and all that >_> after that Fayt started to talk again >_< I think the summons have the most emotional emotions at times Prince Claude has no issue with Ashton in fact Ashton is clingy with Prince Claude O_o er...maybe that what Fayt is annoyed about? *sigh*

(oh right I've forgotten about Claude and Ashton...O_o that PA they can have hint hint *cough*...so maybe Fayt saw the hints they had?...and yes we know Claude ending with Rena but that don't count Prince Claude o_O) >wants to ship Ashton and Prince Claude...

It just gives me a take how there emotions work got to love the wonders of auto-battles
You can see everything and how they feel at times

Fayt just looked at Mavelle once just like he did with Swimsuit Sophia no issue it just the uneasy of Ashton for now and I just given Mavelle the dark orb even if she don't have any dark spells it better then nothing

I just notice something odd about Mavelle...do her and Albel share the same Knee Highs?
O_O I mean...*ahem* stockings? I just noticed that well...if you put them together they can be...purple and fashion *sigh* just put Mavelle and Albel in the same party...

No offense Albel and Mavelle users it just they have the same stockings almost.