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SOA FFBE event.


So did the story mission and...

Ivilish don't even show up at all this OP is false but yes Ivilish has no part in this story.

It starts off win you find Spoilers Fina alone you do a battle with her and Rain and Lasswell come.
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I think I can stop now I'm getting way off topic lol :P

So play the new event that is out and see for yourself what is going on.

And good luck to getting the FFBE limited characters that will be rare in the future.

I'll post my pics later and how much I spent to get...*sigh* you will see later.



So the news is FF7-R is getting new graphics...

Or the rumors is that


We know that Square Enix fallout with CC2 a.k.a. CyberConnect2 is big we know that CyberConnect2 was kicked from the team win they wanted new people in this game right?

And that win CyberConnect2 announced they was going to push for .hack more likely that what triggered us getting .Hack//G.U. Last recode

This news is like oil and water CyberConnect2 and Square Enix are going at it and it something I wanted to avoid talking about but win it linked to FF7 remake that's a go

So far the interview just talks about them wanting to use a different graphics
"Yoshinori Kitase has stated he looks to shock fans by introducing technology"

That the quote from youtube video yes I'm trying to keep up with Ff7-R news also

Over all this might mean FF-7 R for PS5...yes PS5 if the rumors are true *sigh*

I'm worried but I'm also upset I got the PS4 Pro for this game >_>

I also got a 4K TV for this game >_>

If you don't know CyberConnect2 was working on FF-7 R with Square Enix it was no secret but Square Enix wasn't 'pleased' with CyberConnect2 work so they kicked them so the rumors was after that 'break up' CyberConnect2 announced .hack//G.U. Last Recode and why we are getting .hack//G.U. Last Recode from CyberConnect2.

There also hints that if .hack//G.U. Last Recode do well we might get another new game out of the .hack series or another remake *cough* .Hack//infection anyone?

CyberConnect2 said they wanted to introduce fans to the .hack games that why they started with .Hack//G.U. this is why we are getting .hack//G.U. Last Recode.

Now on Square Enix side there break up with CyberConnect2 was big they was saying CyberConnect2 was going to be replaced with people with new ideas so far no big names they replaced CyberConnect2 with.

More likely Square Enix 'hand picked' who they wanted to replace CyberConnect2 with people we don't know or heard about.

What dose this have to do with FF7-R? Well the fact is that we never got a new update since CyberConnect2 break up with Square Enix and this news coming out they want

New 'technology' in says a lot that means PS5? That the only thing I can think of

If it not the PS5 what is it?

If anyone else can translate this better then me please do.

Square Enix also said they are working on a bigger game that will be better then
Final Fantasy XV O_o

That was my reaction so if they are going to push FF-7 Remake to PS5 and working on another game that is bigger then Final Fantasy XV where dose it leave FF-7 remake??

So where do FF7-R come in again? If they are going to make a new game or FF game that means...FF7- R is getting pushed back?

This is all my thoughts and news coming from youtube people who try to keep up to FF7-R remake news

One thing oddly... .hack G.U. last recode news always drops win...Star Ocean Anamnesis updates...or do anything I'm starting to see that CC2 is watching Star Ocean Anamnesis and yes Star Ocean Anamnesis is still working with Square Enix so...

Hmm maybe it nothing? I don't know but it always win Star Ocean Anamnesis drops news and updates I get more .Hack news.

As far as I know Star Ocean Anamnesis has no issues with CC2 more likely Star Ocean Anamnesis is worried about FGO and trying to beat them somehow.

The other two games I see going at it is Star Ocean and Tales you should know there bittersweet history it all started with Tales of Phantasia for those who don't know Star Ocean and Tales use to be 'One'...O_O

Yes that was before they broken up in two different factions they split into Star Ocean and Tales games that why Star Ocean fans and Tales fans don't get along and win a new Tales or Star Ocean game comes out they are at it.

For those who wish for a Star Ocean Anamnesis crossover with Tales it not going to happen.

So what do you think about this news FF-7 new graphics or the fact we might get it on PS5 or more later?

I myself is disappointed I do want to play FF-7 remake one day and I wish they would stop worrying over the graphics and how the game looks...*sigh*

Looks like .Hack//Last recode broke my theory they just posted hmm.

Alright this is the word this topic is just...'ugh'

I'm calling this BS topic to have fun.

However the Final Fantasy 7 remake news is??...

I might try to translate this page but I have broken Japanese so...

If someone can translate this page please do.

SOA They went there.


They just had to do it.

Oh boy time to get ready.

So now they hint at romance but this that not the same story in SOA however...

SO3 is different there are hints that Albel do like Nel to some point look at the PA's there can be a Albel and Nel ending if...Clair wasn't there it looks like to me Clair was on Nel's mind in the game she don't say it out loud but it's there.

Maria and Fayt oh boy what happen to Lieber? Now if you play and go through every PA it hinted that Maria do like Fayt however the love triangle that has Lieber pushes Fayt away from her a bit and there are no romance between then not unless you the player pushes for Maria ending.

If you get Maria ending it said she wants to settle down and get married not only that have kids maybe and she thinks Fayt might be the one (Now that's what I got from Maria ending on youtube) so correct me on this one if you must.

So dose that mean Maria ending is cannon??

So what happens if we get wedding Sophia is that cannon to?

I can say that Nel might like Albel to some degree but I don't think it's love how Albel feels for Nel might be love win he won't say it.

Sorry I am a Nel and Clair shipper they feel more real then anything else that just my thoughts.

link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/870115915202838528
another comic I'm guessing this is what she was trying to do in the event.

I personality think Wedding Nel is cute and Wedding Maria still looks too much like Fayt sorry to say but from the comic you can tell who she still wants.

I'm not upset it just helps the Maria and Fayt shippers more

From my experience getting Albel ending in SO3 was hard win Nel was around I think Albel emotions for Nel is high almost romantic I never did get Maria ending in SO3 but I heard it's pretty hard to get that ending I know a lot of people love Maria but I prefer Rena.

So it safe to say thanks to this comic Maria still has emotions for Fayt rather what ending is cannon watch out Sophia lovers this is all out war now.

Win you roll for wedding Nel and wedding Maria think what team you're supporting that what people was saying on discord
Team Maria or Team Nel.

So with this in mind I'm going to avoid the wedding banners and go for weapons >_>
Sorry I got enough girls...on my main account and my alt has Fayt and Albel with no healer.

About the event in SOA :

"But in order to challenge Advance or higher for character scenarios they require you to use "Promise Bouquet" as token the first time you do them. These can be found in the exchange shop. 1st Quest is Maria. 2nd Quest is Nel." - From discord

So the wedding event you must get the promise bouquet it's in the shop.

I myself never did finish the wedding story but I think it might have Albel and Fayt in by the comic I don't know so correct me on this one.

Wedding Maria...is Fayt and Maria never had angel wings like Fayt in SO3 but her attack no wonder people are putting her high and yes wedding Maria has her own version of Ethereal Blast.

Now from the comic I just posted it can happen or it can it depends how the reader wants to read it this is just my thoughts everyone has different ideas.

Come on wedding Rena you know you want to or wedding Albel you know you want to.

SOA what do we?


Alright time to talk about what our character looks like.

The same coat as the officers in Star Ocean 2 and it looks like our character might have black hair or dark hair I just watched the very begging we know that we play as a ship captain that order his crew to leave the ship win 'we' stay behind and it looks like our character by figure is...male.

So I'm still going with alt account is female despite how low the chances are that we can be both genders.

Someone did a comic about this

link- https://twitter.com/mtk114SO/status/865595413507620864
warning this comic is very...yaoi in it but we can look young this comic reflects how our character might look maybe correct me on this one.

We know our character has the same outfit that the captain has and that white hat but we don't know how old he is.

So I'm guessing how the summons work and how connected they are to our characters but that comic made it cute it would be funny if they did fall on us but they don't.

in the begging they never show how we look...I do wonder how do we look.

Now we know we can do events in this game right? So that means our summons...er party have feelings to? I didn't want to go there but them doing wedding summons in June you think...we might have wedding events or something...?

I just hope our character looks hot that's all I want we know we named them that's about it.

I know our party do react to one another and Fayt omg...he's way to possessive just set them on auto and watch them go.

And kid you or not people...want wedding Deputy Director Shimada I think I died...and they might want wedding Albel that would kill the fan base I'm just waiting for the guys to be out.

It's kind of odd...our character is always behind our leader so...>_> I'm not going there O_o just use your imagination.

It surprises me win Fayt turns around win he attacks and looks directly at 'us'...er...that happens in the battlefield more then once I take that into 'note' that he wants to stop fighting that's why you want to put them on auto they do the cute and strangest things.

dun dun dun our summons/party members might be very aware of us being with them.

(I use the word 'us' for we the people who are behind the screen and maybe behind them)

And yes or character is really the silent hero if you played the old rpg you will know what I'm talking about.

Maybe in the future they might give us a clue what our character looks like beside our 'name'.

And yes people have different ideas this is just mine and what I saw in the game and on twitter.

SOA story 01.


"Set in Space Date 539 (A.D 2625), the player controls the captain of the Pangalactic Federation starship GFSS-3214F, which was exploring deep space following the events of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness two years earlier. After a surprise attack by pirates, the entire crew jettison the vessel in escape pods while the captain stays on board with only the AI robot Coro (voiced by Ryūsei Nakao). Making the decision to activate the ship's hyperspace drive, the warp fails and ends up sending them to a distant region of space outside the Federation's borders. While investigating a seemingly barren planet, they happen upon a mysterious women being chased by a monster. The woman, named Ivlish (voiced by Sumire Uesaka), uses a powerful form of Symbology magic that allows her to summon warriors from throughout time, and manages to escape with the aid of her time-warped allies. After she joins the captain back on the ship, the course is set to return home to the incredibly distant Earth."

Link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Ocean:_Anamnesis

So that means we control that captain who we named in the begging...er is it male or female and how old are they?? and What do they look like? That is the questions I would like to know.

No wonder in that Lymle event win we got shooter Lymle that event Emmerson thought suspiciously about our character or something along those lines that was the feeling I got if it wasn't for Faize stopping that something might of went down.

The habits I'm picking up from our character by choice of dialog is that they like--Food, and Sleep?? correct me on this one but we do know where that banana come from and by more dialog it sounds like our character might be around Edge age not that old...maybe...on the flip side we can be way younger then them...O_o;

But the conflict between MC ahem our character and Ivlish is amusing in dialog and yes Ivlish is 100 no 200% Tsundere and yes that whole romantic emotion that the game hinted at Coro and Ivlish was a joke I think they wanted to get a reaction out of people maybe even hinting toward Ivlish being our player character crush?
(Tsu-tsundere Ivlish might like our character hint hint)

If you don't know who Ivlish I'm calling her Iris is she the blond who summons it was a joke in the begging that she can't fight win every other main character girls can fight so that why she ended up in the April fools joke.

But oh man so my character Luna she must be the most emotional serious captain ever lol.

But wait they are AI right?...so in the events I'm seeing reality and non reality coming together?? In the story Ivlish is worried about them and about 'us' using them but I myself got a feeling they are more then AI and the events treats them more then AI almost like they become...real...oh never mind maybe I'm thinking about this too much...(I know the plot twist in SO3 but I didn't think they would move this fast with it)

In the main story Ivlish calls them 'AI' so I guess they are AI but...with emotions?...er...but that also makes me remember SO3 plot...hello win they arrived at 4D space? Fayt and co existed in 4D space right? So is this what happening here to? with them our party?? So I'm guessing win Ivlish summons them they become linked with our character maybe theory: as long as we exist they exist? I got to think about this more.

So that why everyone like and is drawn to our character we have the main protagonist vibe along with captain vibe so that why everyone wants to be part of it and thus the fight for who get to be 'loved' continues.

And yes sometimes our character acts like the silent hero tops who get this one.

Yes this story SOA is not done yet so the main story line is going slow plenty of time to get new players caught up.

But yes I had to post this after I was thinking about the story and time for this game but it looks like Star Ocean 3 is really end game for now in the time line.

I just got a chill...Fidel and our character and everyone must be way older then Fayt and co...O_O

Just wait until we get Edge...he's going to be amazing...and old...compared to Fayt er...sorry.

This is what happens win you mess around with time travel JK But nah I still love them no matter if time is involved I'm happy to see Rena and all the others and yes I wonder how poor Emmerson feels about seeing his parents Rena and Claude and years younger and not married yet.

Spoilers Emmerson is a Kenny/Kenni so we can say that Claude and Rena ending is cannon and we know where Emmerson get his flirty side from Rena and it looks like Emmerson takes after his grandfather Ronyx in bows and this family is descendants of Stephen D. Kenny ahem Lightspeed Kenny so yes this is one major family tree but maybe...ended with Emmerson? or after Emmerson they kind of faded out?. (to my knowledge there was no Kenny in SO3 correct me on this one)

But god this game needs PA's really bad to fill in this emotions now I want a PA with Claude, Ronyx and Emmerson and Stephen for fun.

So this is my talk about this game and story and what my thoughts on correct me on this if you must.

But now I know small parts of the story it makes me a bit excited and it makes me wonder what our character looks like and how old they are I did get some dialog in the game about hints and translation sorry I have broken Japanese but I'm starting to make out Ivlish personality and our character personality to.

So this is my thoughts on it everyone thoughts can come differently.
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Project X Zone 2 Englsih and random talk


Wow spoilers just played the English version got almost half way on the Japanese version and stop in the English version typo? spoilers seriously

Win Haseo called Kite Tri-Edge and talks about 7 years ago that must be a typo since Haseo never heard about the .hackers not until Vol 3 from Yata right? But in Project X Zone 2 Haseo knows about them in G.U. he finds out later about them right? that kind of confusing not only that Haseo still in his third form so he must be in Vol2 of G.U.? still a bit confusing but yeah the whole think about Azure Kite not talking that happens in .Hack//G.U. Vol 1 he never talks until you get him in Vol. 3 in G.U. after the game so I'm trying to gasp what time they pulled Haseo from he thinks Kite and his lookalikes are Tri-Edge witch they are not it's Ovan who we find out who Tri-Edge is ugh it seems like every game they put Haseo in he's stuck in the past like in .Hack//Link he was like that to not only that in .Hack//Versus he was like but here in Project X Zone 2 Haseo calls R;1 kind of old maybe he wants to remember his past in R;1? I don't know I think people would like .Hack//G.U. vol 3 Haseo you know the one with X-from that would be nice so yes Azure Kite is pretty much the person to get Kite and Haseo on the same party with Haseo 'Sasuke' personality and Kite well Kite's personality they do collide, funny to say it feels like Kite getting his revenge somehow he was never in G.U. that was Azure Kite and it was Azure Kite who you could get after you beat the game in Vol.3 I noticed something odd they are showing off Kite more then Azure Kite since Azure Kite was more popular in Japan and Kite wasn't and even in the latest games .Hack//N.U. the only person you have from .Hack is Kite so hmmm well .Hack//Link was supposed to to be the 'end' for .Hack with Tokio and even playing to this part I think Tokio would of been a better choice then Haseo since Tokio had more of a bond with Kite versus Haseo did speaking of .Hack//Versus that comes right after .Hack//Link right? so I assume maybe if they do a Project X Zone 3 they well go with .Hack//Link? I rather them go with .Hack//Versus or even .Hack//N.U. with DD that would be fun

Wait Haseo just called Kite 'Azure Kite' but Azure Kite *cough* Tri-Edge is over there that's not him...omg Project X Zone 2...lol so Azure Kite get his real name back sometimes later in the game I'm surprised they name him Tri-Edge in this game

For me personality I think Tokio and Kite have more of a bond in .Hack//Link *cough* and much as I like it since with Tokio time travel he can go to any time in the .Hack universe and I think they did add him in .Hack//N.U. that my feeling from it that why I find it odd they just randomly put Kite and Haseo together in Project X Zone 2 and with Azure Kite not in party he was in G.U. after game that is yes it's very bittersweet for me honestly I like the older Tokio from .Hack//Versus
I feel like in .Hack//N.U. you get that Kite SR card and cards come to life thanks to the 'player' and that shadow figure stalks you 'Tokio' because you got Kite SR card that how I feel about it
But I could be wrong it could be someone else stalking the player O_o

as far as I know about Tokio and Kite relationship it kinda went nowhere there was major hints in .Hack//Link and as far as I know Tokio would watch over his friends that's why we see him like in .Hack//Versus and hinted in .Hack//N.U. in .Hack//Guilty Dragon I feel like it's Tokio but they never showed off his face yet

Back to this topic...wow I went over bored sorry but this just make me think more of the subject >_< overall the game play of Project X Zone 2 is good the voices are in Japanese no English like I hope it would be but for Haseo voice torn between hearing Haseo and Asbel from TOGF they share the same voice actor and Kite voice hasn't changed but overall Project X Zone 2 is pretty good if this is cannon I don't know how they are going to link this...

I know I'm not trying to let my personal feeling get in the way of this game so far ugh... just call it bittersweet symphony

Side note-

I'm playing .Hack//N.U. it's going good I keep getting sword weapons out of the random RNG T_T seriously and I play a Twin sword class on my second account I got the buggy one I got a R blue card that is a healing one used that since that character is a magical class anyways

In .Hack//Guilty Dragon just waiting for new events to show up nothing yet

Also they have a dating system in .Hack//N.U. I find that cute and funny they kind of had one in .Hack//Link but was keeping them 'happy' versus giving them random items as gifts in .Hack//N.U.
On the plus side I did a test give Kite that random pink perfume he dislikes it but his affections goes way higher then anything else after that O_o the girls love girly stuff and Kite kind of edges away from that lol oh god I can just think of what Haseo likes and dislikes will be if they ever add him in .Hack//N.U. him and personality lol omg...I think I just died so the whole dating system in .Hack//N.U. is kind of cute and funny wow I'm getting off the subject here again >_<;

Overall Project X Zone 2 is a good game play it for more fan service and story

Side note 2-
Shugo- never had a soiled girlfriend in the anime, but he did kiss other people *cough* Aura, Reiki and Zefie
Azure Kite- Never had a soiled lover except maybe Haseo if you pushed it in G.U. but I think all the Azure knights are program to love Haseo somehow er...O_o
Sakuya- she never had a soiled lover maybe Mary? why I said Mary if you watch the anime Mary is closet to a lover that what I think it's more epic in the Japanese version.
Sora- She/he never had a lover maybe Balder that guy who looks like Balmung maybe in .Hack//Versus anime Sora and Balder alone hello that is all hints
Kite- difficult question his love is difficult to answer we got the girls who like him and Kite never returns there love and Kite had lots of hints with the guys like Tokio, Cubia and maybe Haseo, but in Project X Zone 2 Kite says Aura is a special girl so maybe Aura to? we don't know what kind of special relationship Kite has with Aura it could all motherly figure or sister or love.
Phantom Kite- major difficult question win playing .Hack//Guilty Dragon so far his relationship with the other phantoms is mystery maybe the closest friends/lovers he has is Phantom Haseo and Sharp BlackRose that my guess we really won't find out until the final final final part
Kite- N.U. version of Kite omg he has no one except maybe the player?

I thought I'd add this playing Project X Zone 2 Kite said Aura was his special girl that got me thinking about all the Kite copies and there relationship with the others
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.Hack//N.U. Thoughts 02


You know looking at the events I'm mostly reminded of Code Geass for some odd reason it must be the outfits or something from that time .Hack//N.U. don't have that fantasy feel like the old .Hack games it even has idols in the game well sort of the girls who dress up almost like cosplay or something anyways they have another event going now and you can win Phantom Kite outfit I think it's pkk and yes you have to unlock pk to do pking in this game and I figured out how to get out of events >_> seriously I wasn't paying attention but it seems this game is promoting PK a lot and just got done with that Kite event I was like 'wtf' all the way lol and also the main story get at a higher level every time so you got to be ready for that the story line is alright so far but I'll have to wait more to get the feel of this game but I still like .Hack//Guilty Dragon I hope we get both this and .Hack//N.U. abut I almost wanted to redo my character to look like Lelouch just for laughs that what that data drain in .Hack//N.U. reminds me now that and Demon Gaze oh right I also noticed if you play a female twin blade that voice is differently Sakuya Japanese voice I know since she has the same voice as Sakuya in .Hack//Versus they also have the pigtails in the female hairstyle for girl characters so you can make Sakuya if you want they do have Kite hair style I didn't recognize it since the bangs for the male hair is longer and I'm using it O_o silly of me not to noticed it! I hope they do some kind of crossover for .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. like in events for both game that would be nice but yes the RNG is still RNG to get weapons and cards so I'm trying to get more feel of .Hack//N.U. and will they bring it out of Japan? I hope so that and .Hack//Guilty Dragon

My thoughts-

I said you wasn't done with the cards right? so in .Hack//Guilty Dragon I noticed they like to block colors right? well here you're own character uses a card more likely they fused with a card so that is on another whole new level then .Hack//Guilty Dragon that you are somewhat aware of them not only that in .Hack//n.u. you're whole party are cards you can update and fuse and even sell for money just think everything is strange is happening around you and you come arrive with you're party that draws attention to you even win you start that PK event you're starting to make yourself noticed by other players not only that at the end of that event they showed the crying women a.k.a. Skeith wife just laughing that creep me out a bit but after you do that PK event that arena is unlock and then you can fight in it so wait I just thought of something
Haseo pose flips (that for twin blade) and male hairstyle for the guys I think it's his Xth hair style well almost and Sakuya voice and pose for the girls (twin blade) and they also have the pigtails for the girls so they are really putting hints there I'm using bluestacks for the girl I'm playing and my Ipaid air has my guy I'm playing so I'm getting both reaction as for the affection from the girls who you party doesn't change rather if you're playing a guy or a girl >_> I think the group of girls still 'like' you or maybe it's me?...*cough* but you can end up saying the most serious line or comical like or even I don't care line in this game and still get a reaction somehow lol and no I have not tried any other class but if you change you're class don't forget to change you're God nods to what class you're changing it to I'm sticking with Twin blade class because I got that half way done I'm not fusing with the Kite card I have rather I'm Using him in party I got a R card I'm fused with no green twin blade SR card yet for me beside Kite SR card I got I think most people fused with there SR Kite card and I think you're supposed to or that what the feeling I'm getting Kite twin blade weapons are SR I just given it back to Kite since I got one of .Hack//G.U. weapons just a R+ weapon twin sword weapon but if you don't fuse with Kite and have him in party he has some dialog for battle yes he talks more now 'lol' that Kite's Japanese voice alright playing my girl party on my PC watching my character fight and she sounds like 'Sakuya' and having Kite in party I'm like omg it's Sakuya and Kite and .Hack//Versus all over again and (why didn't I make my character like Sakuya now!?) but sadly I made her look far-far away from looking anything like Sakuya lol she has crimson eyes the lighter red and long silver hair :P but she sounds like Sakuya omg there are too choices of red you can go with red the normal lighter crimson or the darker crimson and no I never did make a girl for .Hack//Guilty Dragon T_T but that are my thoughts so far on this game

I almost forgot you can fight ageist the Chim Chim from R;2 it's funny and kind of sad if you ask me I would love to see a Phantom event in .hack//N.U. for a cameo and I would like to see DD or someone from .Hack//N.U. be in a phantom event in .Hack//Guilty Dragon for a cameo to that would be nice beside the poor Chim Chim

Tales Festival What?

Alright I'm speechless seriously

alright it started off normally Luke and Van VA come up on stage and it was going smooth right? then comes on Lloyd and he calls Zelos out who Va comes out and flirts with one of the girls it was 'wow' moment and they chat for a bit then comes Sorey and Mikleo as they come down Sorey and Mikleo talk normally as they do like in the game right? the crowed goes wild over them as the others can't see Mikleo *seriously* so they think Sorey weird as Lloyd and Zelos suggestions just made Sorey picture drop and drop and drop and it turns red as he gets upset of what the group says so Mikleo comes to the rescue and calms Sorey down (wow the VA did a amazing job here) then comes in Kanonno and Edna and Pascal, as Pascal being Pascal she has this skoal on win she talks all she dose is mumble it's cute as for some reason Edna talks to Sorey and Mikleo win the group talks to one another Edna attacks the guys me wtf moment the way at that time Spada and Luca VA come stage to and that what happens win this happens to Sorey and Mikleo VA take a Selfie together and the people go wild that happens win they first come out sorry I forgotten that part >_<;

in part 2 oh boy starts off with Jude, Milla and Ludger in this part they are seriously pushing JudexMilla so hard and making it way too obvious as Ludger is silent until Jude noticed this and ask Ludger 'What's wrong?' Milla picture looks annoyed by this as Ludger responds as choices R1 and R2 shows up as Milla joins in and "R1 R2" shows up and questions 1-3 comes comes up as after that Milla says something as Ludger quickly agrees as we watch the VA go to the side as Jude call after him as Milla picture looks annoyed as win Ludger goes to the side he discovers an capsule he opens it with corpse shell like and I'm like what? seriously? and then we see Sorey inside that makes Ludger back up it look like Sorey asleep as and Milla attacks Sorey O_o I was like nooo Milla don't attack Sorey and Jude picture looks surprised as Sorey picture falls to the side almost lopsided as Jude comes in and tries to talk as Milla says something as Ludger picture pulls Sorey out of the capsule and Sorey wakes up groggily as Jude and Ludger talk to him but Milla quite harsh Sorey as that moment as Sorey talks about his friends as the people of Xilla don't believe him and yes the VA was acting all of this

speaking of that they show another part where Rose and Alisha who get lost after this battle they was doing before Sorey got lock in this capsule the monster the girls could not defeat they all run away from it as the group comes together as Sorey finally finds Rose and Alisha as who watch Asbel, Luke, Van, Lloyd and Zelos and Yuri attack it (I think that it sorry I didn't pay attention to this part T_T) I think Spada and Luca might of been there to...but after they all used an attack Sorey was about to do something win Jude and Milla show up again and wham Jude and Milla do attack and somehow that attack hits Sorey as Sorey goes lopsided as Sorey get knocks as Rose and Alisha call out to him as Jude tries to apologize as they attack the monster again as Sorey recovers as he ask Rose and Alisha to do a attack as they do as Sorey finished the monster off with his own attack it feels like TOX is attacking TOZ and they are pushing for straight couples because TOZ had BL in it? or maybe it just me? but I'm getting that feeling now... win Sorey recover we see a green light helping him and no Zaveid dose not come out and no Sorey can't use his Tenzoku here by the way Rose and Alisha VA do amazing job here win they do there attack then the battle ends by the way the attack Milla and Jude did is a combo attack

then we see a blond hair guy that looks like Leon nope Leon is not in this one this time around but that was some teaser and then come relaxing time where the VA just goofed off and did BS that was the fun part before that they did have music playing Tale music beside the other music that was vocal that was fun and no Hideo Baba was not there during that time the VA was BS around and well making fun of 'Baba' last name and adding more to it his name (wtf) then it got more crazier before the 1st session win the VA had signs around there necks and smiling at the camera Asbel Va come up and start talking that's win Zelos Va come up and tried to kiss him O_O or hug him I was laughing so hard I almost cried as they was pushed back as the other VA come up into the camera and tried to shrugged it off the 2nd group talk was like this
Pascal-behind the desk
Rose, Alisha, Sorey
Milla, Jude, Ludger,
and Zelos Va walking around questioning them it look like TOZ was off to the side ignoring TOX who as doing the same O_O you can sense the tension between the group as Asbel VA tries to make the people forget about this as Lloyd VA always comes up with strange answers win he write them down on the art book as win Yuri VA answer he always put down some hit to Tales of vesperia I think Spada and Luca and Senel might of been there but as I said before they didn't really stand out that much it was cute win Lloyd answer for a skill Majinken as Zelos says 'Majinken?' as they joke around a bit as they move on as Asbel answer was kind of odd he acted his answer out me o_o as Milla held up her answer was simple enough then come Yuri answer his was a picture of a sword O_o as that made Zelos stop and point and ask about that I forget Luke answer as Van as holding up the card I didn't pay attention to Spada and Luca that much sorry! next was Alisha who answer for the TOZ group was 3 words as the people laugh at this during one this group talk it got a bit more crazier they was BS around again and Lloyd Va and Zelos Va got close enough and almost kissed O_O it was a teaser alright the oter VA was like O_o win that happen right toward the end win they was pushing one another around and BS Sorey VA gets up and almost knocks Jude VA away O_O was that some kind of revenge? not only that near the end everyone hold up a card as Zelos goes over them as they talk and a laugh as Zelos stop at Jude card Yes this time he hold it up as it something that makes Zelos walk away from him as Jude calls out to Zelos who ignores him as win it comes to Alisha who holds up that 3 word card again and the card Asbel holds up makes them laugh again oh and win ever Yuri did anything it was always toward TOV but the VA did a amazing job at this

Overall I have no idea where they was going with this...it felt like a step back from last year one I mean the whole rival thing between TOX and TOZ was kind of 'ugh' I love both games and seeing them fight was bittersweet ironically Ludger VA had no troubles with TOZ oh right another side story where Pascal makes a memory box and it makes them talk lines from the game so far Lloyd and Luke got it and it rolled again and broke and Van was near it and he got hit Luke went rushing to his side he seem alright (right...) later win Van is alone with Luke he attacks Luke O_o Luke is freaking out and never attacks back (wtf) and Luke start wining and almost start breaking down before Van can attack again Asch shows up O_O (now we get to see Luke/Asch Va act twice) as Asch scolds Luke from not attacking Van and defending himself as Van just talks like he did in TOA win you fight him as Van was about to attack Asch that win Luke moves forward and attacks Van that win Van goes down and the small awkward moment between Luke and Asch is there Luke tries to be nice to Asch and Asch is Asch so everyone else shows up and they defeat Van knocking sense back into him he returns normal yes he got hit by the memory box so Van back to normal and Asch grumbles and leaves as Luke tries to thank Asch he turns and gets upset (Seriously?) and that how that ends right and we got long hair Luke for this part but that was another story they did the VA did a good job for this one

Overall I guess it was alright the hints in this is crazzzyy

Oh right I almost forget Violet VA showed up *screams* Tales of Berseria near the end she also brought Violet card bored cut out? with her to remind the people of Tales of Berseria nothing new on TOB yet they showed last trailer of it but nothing new and a TOZ anime? Tales of Zestiria TV Anime For 2016 and that was about it but that my take on this people ARE going to have different ideas and they might see it differently but it was good I like the music