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Tales of Rays RIP


This might be not news to people but Tales of Rays is shutting down

It was announced win Tales of Link just got shut down


So what is Tales??

Sit back as I tell you the story of Tales and Tri-Ace

Long ago it started with a game called Tales of Phantasia.

They worked on it Tales of Phantasia was finished however they could not agree on anything else after that soon after that two split up hence Tales went there way win Star Ocean went there way...

Yes Tales and Star Ocean was once the same long time ago...

That why win ever a new Tales or Star Ocean game come out they go at it since it's old history

Tales of Link is already gone and now Tales of Rays in NA but not in Japan

People are now saying Tales are now dying and I'm starting to believe them.

So far Star Ocean anamnesis is doing very good in Japan

And we know for a fact Tales and Star Ocean will never never have a crossover if you know there history it will never happen that why some game style is almost the same and some characters look like one another

I will say this I was starting to get into the NA ver of Tales of Rays but the RNG is horrible and I'm used to the combat from Star Ocean Anamnesis and the combat felt like a step back you have to have major luck in RNG to get a rainbow.

Tales of Rays also has no free movement it's bad but the story wasn't that bad no English voices all Japanese voices it was nice it felt like Tales however you either had to spend lots of money in this game or get very lucky or re-roll.

And they are not generous as Star Ocean Anamnesis is with gems it harsh maybe even more harsh then FFBE with gems.

As a Tales fan who wants more Tales game I see this as a sign that Tales is dying.

We will never get the rest of Tales of the World games or Tales of Asteria not outside of Japan

So I'm going to delete Tales of Rays off my phone and go back to Star Ocean Anamnesis and Pokemon Go, and FFBE.

I was trying to get into the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia however my phone lags with it and it slow loading so that was cut short it looks cool but my phone says no.

So this is a mini update telling you if your playing Tales of Rays it going to end and the rumors are they are closing the game because someone told them 'management' that players are not playing this game and people are pissed.

Not only that facebook nor twitter never talk to the NA community isolation much? Yes people are saying they wished they had better management.

And if your just starting Tales of Rays like me you might not want to get too attached to it and go find another JRPG game.

Goodbye Tales of Rays I will never see the end of that story.

SOA New update


emergency maintenance is up the game is still in emergency maintenance why?


Leaked info of Meracle and Edge no one draw either of them that was a surprise attack.


No one got pictures of them but got this that why we are in emergency maintenance.

Meracle is attacker


Edge is---defender with Sword O_o Edge broke the mode wasn't all main hero's attackers??...so wait Edge must be powerful as Dias? I mean Dias is a tank and yes Rena the only main semi-hero who is a healer?

This must be next major update with program 12 so Edge and Meracle are coming do not draw from the girls.
Girls banners are up don't draw from them unless you have to save for Edge and Meracle.

But no one knows Edge and Meracle battle skills this surprised everyone and thus twitter is silent no one was expecting this so upcoming event with Edge in next update not this one.

so no time on this emergency maintenance but this leak is bad for them people know Edge and Meracle was in the game for not that long.

I was working on my 32GB PC win all this was going on I almost missed this leak and info and update and chaos.

But hey a new story is out

"With the addition of a new planet "Vire", comes with an additional 33 missions for you to clear. Clear those along with the 2 additional achievements "Clear Vire Scenario" and "Clear all Vire Missions" for tons of gems."

So new planet time omg...I wanted Edge hopefully my main and my alt will allow me to get him >_> I swear ever since I put Fayt as leader on both my accounts has been stubborn or maybe it just Fayt?...I don't know but I'm having a time trying to get new characters only on my main I got Sarah but I already have Rena on that account.

And again people are having a hard time getting Fayt I got a feeling Fayt is rather...picky or just plan stubborn.

I guess Celine is doing good and people are using Sarah so everything is fine on that end.

Yes SO3 is heading to NA this May.
No word on Japanese voices yet 23rd May 2017 so get ready for the most epic plot twist in Star Ocean history for PS4 and Star Ocean 3 is still End game as far as the timeline is even with Star Ocean Anamnesis is out.

I'm going to buy the English version but I'll miss the Japanese voices.

Strange...win they made the SO3 event in star ocean anamnesis it felt like Fayt solo ending connected to star ocean anamnesis if you know time traveling warriors it would make sense I don't know maybe it just me??

First off you met SO3 with Luther not only that us the characters we are from the past ended up there and fight Luther with Fayt and Sophia and they don't tell us what ending Fayt had in that event so...I'm guessing solo ending Fayt ends up summoned by 'us' in the Anamnesis timeline? it's still confusing.

Alright enough of this I'll be thinking of theories all night.

However we was that close to having Edge and Meracle in the game T_T.

"[Emergency maintenance 5/18 (Thursday) ③] and waiting, I apologize. Now complete and sorted out problems, specific fixes for confirmation in the development environment. Inconvenience caused, I'm sorry, I like you to be patient please"

update 2-

現在、不具合の修正対応を行っております。本メンテナンス終了時刻は21:00を予定しております。変更がありました場合には、改めてお知らせさせていただきます。ご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません #アナムネシス
"[5/18 (Thursday) emergency maintenance ④] currently, seeks to fix glitches. This maintenance end time will be in 21:00. If there have been changes, I will inform you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused"

New comic up hmm so Fayt likes girls now lol not in my game win I have Fayt on auto he's mostly around guys if I have girls in party he avoids them >_< something I noticed Sophia rented or in party will stick to Fayt like glue and Fayt ignores her that what I noticed...and if you noticed Fayt is loved by girls mostly because of...fan fiction er...you know, fun fact in the game last night Fidel and Albel almost landed on one another dame it I should of taken a picture and Fayt was like 'wtf' are you doing? After that Fayt has been avoiding poor Fidel the rest of the night...omg this sounds like fan fiction sorry...I have a itch to ship Fidel and Albel now...O_o sorry Victor.

Just put them on auto and let the chaos run it's funny and cute.

2017 What to expect? .Hack


So we all know that 2017 is the year of .Hack//G.U. right?

All the hints we saw from twitter might lead to .Hack//G.U. remake or HD right?

or is all the hints toward .Hack//N.U. vol2?

With .Hack//N.U. closed and two possible endings the choices is up to them.


I don't understand how .Hack//N.U. was going to be for the G.U. fans I don't see the story being the same...

so with all the hype of twitter finally going down are we going to get the hints?

I would love to see a remake of .Hack//G.U. for the PS4 and not a phone game but I still miss the phone game so...ugh.

Thoughts and Theory-

however would the remake of .Hack//G.U. stay the same as the original for the PS2? I myself
would not like the story changing at all like it did in .Hack//Link *cough*

I wish they would of added more characters to it and the debate if they should add anymore Kite copies to the story that would be fun to see but Azure Kite should get more spot light since that where Azure Kite comes from and he has more ties with Haseo then Kite.

Why I say that it's true Azure Kite has more ties with Haseo and people would love to see the drama between the two but if Kite was ever ever added I think some conflict between Kite and Azure Kite needs to be there somehow.

But no nothing is said right now this is just my thoughts and theories about it as they said on twitter to help support them again and I think we might get some news in 2017 I hope so.

but on the other side is the rumor news of FF7-R that one game everyone IS waiting for and CC2 is helping them you know the people who made Naruto and .Hack yeah them.

So we might get FF7-R first then the news of .Hack anything maybe...but I hope it's not too late.

So 2017 must be a good year right? We hope so.

but yes this is a small update.

And yes I would love anything .hack related in 2017 but I hope for a PS4 game please.
after new years I might put on .Hack//G.U. and replay it for 2017 on my PS2.

happy holidays.

.Hack//N.U. update


It looks like they give you 2 SR cards win you update.

But I just saw someone on my friends list on my alt who-who...HAS DD card!!


Wait how!?

>>Looks at the store nothing new
>>Looks at the new fight maybe..
>>looks at people posting the story maybe...
>>looks at the events nothing new

So my guess it either the new fight event OR the story witch is...annoying I think it the main story.

But why why wait so long to give out her card!?

And to lock it with the main story to...

Legit everyone should of gotten her card this is annoying I wanted DD card to...T_T

or put her in the event fight that would of been easier but yes DD card is out in the game now and I think you have to finish the main story to get it...>_> correct me if I'm wrong here.

either that or it's a drop with the new event going on

Or it's a drop from the arena.

But the update everyone is the same nothing change no new event to fight.

So this is the update.

and the 20th of December 19th for us .Hack//N.U. will be gone.

.Hack...So is it?


So 20th December 2016 is the end of .Hack//N.U.

But in the month of December the new CD is coming out that what the rumors say.

But that news did any news come from that music event?

The answer is 'No' nothing was announced so what dose that mean? The end of .Hack?

They are still advertising .Hack//N.U.

link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info

But the story is coming to a end and yes I've tried the story again and the battles are still...annoying.

I've taken a look at them in .Hack//N.U. and lately...I've noticed Kite is depressed (Maybe it's me?) I think the characters got a update and no I'm neglecting anyone seriously and Haseo 1st is clingy as ever lol omg.

With both my main and my alt's Haseo 1st is so clingy...not that I mind but jealousy in this game is cute.

Back on the topic is there a new .Hack game coming out my sources tell me 'no' noting yet they will have a new CD out but nothing else is said...and it sad this might be the end of a truly good RPG series even if .Hack was supposed to end with .Hack//Link >_>

So I head rumors about the last story will be out with the last update that what people was saying and the 3 brothers in this story are... "......." you're going to find out in the last update but correct me if I'm wrong about this it what people was saying.

But remember December 20 2016 will be the end of .Hack//N.U. and maybe for good T_T

I hate saying stuff like that I want to believe that someday we will get a remake or PS4 game but the hopes of that is...looking not good.

Maybe that's why they WAS pushing SAO into the light? Because this was the end of .Hack??

I still remember that crossover they did with SAO but so far CC2 only wants to make new games or not anything .Hack related now and I still remember Namco-bandai saying it was up to the publishers not them...so??

With CC2 new game coming out that is not anything .hack related and Naruto and FF7-R remake and maybe another game is there anytime to make anything .Hack related? I'm starting to doubt it.

I'm also getting the feeling CC2 wants to and is trying to cut ties with .Hack that why they are pushing new games out I hope I'm wrong about that...sorry for being negative but that can explain why we never saw a new .Hack game for so long...

But so far the fan base is disappointed and some believe this is the end so they end the 'world' by closing .Hack//N.U. and leave many fans with a heavy heart this is too sad...

And some fans was upset they they chosen a phone game and not something for the console but they got to remember that phone games are cheaper to make but CC2 said that .Hack//Guilty Dragon would decide the fate of .Hack I don't know...if this is going good or bad...but .Hack//Guilty Dragon is gone.

And so now .Hack//N.U. is going to be gone with .Hack//Guilty Dragon so no good?

I still want a PS4 game or have them release the old games for the PS4 I would buy them again or even on Steam or working with VR somehow.

And you know what? We still never got a DD card in .Hack//N.U. I still want that card.
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.Hack LieN music update.

【開催まであと7日!】11/23(水・祝)13:00~開催の「サイバーコネクトツー20周年記念 LieN-リアン-スペシャルライブ」、ネット生放送も本日発表されました! お見逃しなく! http://www.cc2.co.jp/20th/

I like to think that after .Hack//N.U. that this happens somehow...
It's like they are saying choose me or something...omg never mind maybe I'm thinking too much into this...
Haseo has sharp teeth...as they reach out too...is that Yata in the back?? He kind of looks like a potato.

Live Streaming show of Lien next Wednesday 11/23(水・祝)13:00

Media : FRESH by AbemaTV
Android user may try to install it
From facebook.


Alright this is updated and I'm slowly letting .Hack//N.U. go...it's been really hard since I loved that game no matter how much people hated it and disliked it I'm still sad to see it go... T_T

However I found something to replace it.

link- https://ro.my.com/en
A Chinese game that is doing it's Beta right now the beta ending is tomorrow I think... and yes I like that game it reminds me of GW1 and Aion and that has been taken up my time lately >_> and no I didn't let .Hack//N.U. go I'm still playing to the end like I said I was <3

One funny thing I did noticed win watching them in .Hack//N.U. that is...Kite and Haseo have a colliding going on...I give one gift to Haseo exit then come back and watch my character sit down and somehow Kite gets to talk to my character first so...I have this feeling that maybe they are rivals for the love from the character we control? lol omg and yes they can show win they are jealous if you pay attention.

And if you fight Azure Kite event and Haseo 1st event you can see the hints between them it almost like win you do Haseo 1st event he all wounded right? So then Azure Kite comes was he looking for Haseo 1st?
And win you fight Azure Kite it's in the same room from .Hack//G.U. hint hint? hint?

(Well for what I've seen and studied if Haseo isn't talking to Kite or Phantom Kite sometimes Haseo and Azure Kite just chase one another around by talking it's funny...and bittersweet)
However that comes to a stop win they don't say anything else and try to push there love onto the player character 'you' and that just makes waves.

And I finally failed at that rubbing game I did it to test to see what happens and boy did Kite look disappointed the timer after that was 9 hrs I wish they cut the timer down but yes it one game that is kind of romantic in .hack//N.U. but nothing really happens after you do that mini game even after you reach level 100 in romance it just there.

But remember this is only a music event by LieN and CC2 has not said anything new about any new or remake .Hack games yet so this might be our only chance...

Please be a PS4 game or another phone game or something.
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.Hack 「LieN -リアン-」 「Azur -アジュール-」


「Azur -アジュール-」
【アルバム名】 Azur -アジュール-
【価 格】¥2,500(税込)

■PS2「.hack//G.U.」の主題歌 ―「やさしい両手」、「真実の行方」、「優しくキミは微笑んでいた」が、遂に1枚のアルバムに集結! さらにCD未収録曲や、書き下ろしの新曲も収録。

受付12:30開演13:00~14:30 まで

Link- http://www.famitsu.com/news/201611/04119817.html

Link- https://twitter.com/famitsu/status/794408854444384256
twitter post.

We finally get to see DD back O_o not that's importation but she really looks like a Kite clone we have Kite facing us first and DD mirroring him facing back...

CC2 Blog.

That was from Famitsu it's in Japanese sorry it's 20th CC2 LieN event this is where the magic happens to see rather .hack is dead or not people WAS saying if nothing is said at the 20th event then .hack is dead...

T_T I don't want that to happen but we must see...

With the announcement of .Hack//N.U. dying in next month this is our last hope.

So far CC2 has not said anything .hack related at all ever since their last major game .Hack//Versus they haven't made any new .hack or remake any of the games.

So yes a new CD is coming out by LieN I'm excited I'll order that but nothing on a new game yet.

But if nothing is said people who are playing .hack//N.U. think this series is dead that what they been saying...and I know how much people dislike phone games in NA I gotten use to them thanks to .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. but I want a PS4 game with all the works.

They could take something from Guilty Dragon and N.U. your own character creation and keep the elements of both games in this new game and that would work in story wise.

However we know that CC2 is making new games that ARE not .Hack related and is working on FF7-R (with Sqaure enix) that says much beside more Naruto.

So what do you think we'll get a new game/remake or is this just...a wishful dream?

Or is it just music event and nothing more?

But remember .Hack//N.U. shuts down next month prepare to say goodbye to that dream that did not last that long... T_T

So with that new picture with .Hack//Link...ugh that still somehow cannon with .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U.? *grumbles* wait didn't CC2 say that .Hack//Link was the final game? >_> all I know they got major backlash from it enough of that...I'm still upset about that sorry.
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They can't say?


'Thank you for your comments again.
Most of comments comming from you guys are relating to ".hack" or "Naruto" or etc... in future.
To be honest, we can't reply them becouse of we, CC2 are developer, not publisher.'

So this is off there facebook they can't talk about .Hack or Naruto that's surprisingly

Link- https://www.facebook.com/CyberConnect2.EN/?fref=ts

So is this them saying no?

yes this is what them replying to all the questions about .Hack and Naruto so what do you guys think? I'm kind of annoyed they are just brushing off the questions again >_> but they did dodge it again this time so I guess people got to twitter and post