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.Hack//N.U. update!


Azure Kite omg

And yes .Hack meets SAO I'm not a SAO fan but you can fight Azure Kite because of them however Azure Kite has no Voice and he don't drop a card and it looks like you can only win scraps to get a outfit so no Azure Kite SR card T_T and yes Kite finally finds out .Hack//N.U. is a online game but you can fight Azure Kite because of the people from SAO enter the world now I got both SR cards outfits part's that I used on my female alt it's not that bad

So far Azure Kite still floats and growls he is a fire element versus Kite who is a wind element in .Hack//N.U. and all his skills are the same as Kite attack skills however Azure Kite has more skills ironic? and it looks like Azure Kite is still around since R;2 final moments T_T Azure Kite attacks but his R;2 attacks Azure Kite attacks are different but maybe weaker? since R;2? Huh but once you fight him past 20 he's hard his attacks get more ouch like and they brought back Tsukasa SR card for the RNG money I didn't win his card >_> I wished Azure Kite was voiced that would of made it more epic it kind of odd fighting him without his voice

So this event is limited it's not going to be around forever maybe they are testing Azure Kite? but he looked epic in win fighting him I was wishing he was party member beside Kite T_T we need more old .Hack characters seriously and we need Haseo omg how are they going to add him? hmmm that would be difficult because of his weapons not unless they just make many versions of Haseo and keep him on one weapon like they did in .Hack//Guilty Dragon during that one event they had long time ago this makes me excited and then...

I wish for .Hack on PS4 T_T

If you're going to fight Azure Kite in .Hack//N.U. bring a healer and water elements that is a must
Wow I was just thinking how Azure Kite would react to DD and how she would react to him lol omg... by the fossils on Azure Kite blades looks like he was alone for very very long time omg
and yes Kite meets Azure Kite yet again and reacts typical Kite style this would be there let's see
they meet 3rd time? .Hack//Link they meet before along with Tokio, then they meet again in Project X Zone 2, and now in .Hack//N.U. during the event with SAO so yeah this is the 3rd time they met and no they never did meet in .Hack//G.U.

So yeah we need more past .Hack characters I wouldn't mind if Azure Kite stayed but I think he might come back again later win ever they decide to make a Azure Kite SR card

All we need a random event with Haseo in .Hack//N.U. chasing after Azure Kite and they somehow run into DD that would be fun to see and by the looks of it we might get characters from .Hack//Guilty Dragon

So this is a update at one is happening in .Hack//N.U. right now

I've taken the pictures of twitter

Off topic-
So far we guessed that Kite might be a AI that's why he has memory loss right? but since the player character was just made they would be AI two right? and Azure Kite is a AI that protects the world still so collide with the AI's?...but it looks like they are bringing Kite more into story this would be his second time out his second story shows him in town talking to the player character in town btw his second story mission is level 50 and you do have to bring a healer, but this story in SAO we see Kite out again looks like he's really getting along with the party and the player character very good so we might see Kite in the main story line to? maybe?
And yes Kite almost sounded depressed hearing .hack//n.u. is a online game or was it me? but after you do Kite second mission he get very close to the player character, but I think the people from SAO recognize Kite as a hero from long time ago and Kite like 'wtf' are you talking about? and they tell Kite I don't know if he get's it or not that win Kite emotions come in he sounds depressed because he can't remember or something, that the feeling I'm getting from this event and through all of this the player character don't react that much >_>

Update- the choice is up to you win the SAO event comes out the first choice is you're cold to Kite the second choice is that you're warm to Kite and it has a different somewhat outcome except the outcome if you're warm Azure Kite almost feels awkward win he arrives after there talk lol omg I went and replayed the story

Outcome you don't have to do this event if you don't want to it won't change how Kite fights or what level his emotions for the player character is at so this is a choice you make or not I'm trying to say it won't change .Hack//N.U. at all it just give some extra story with Kite being Kite.
Phantom Kite

.Hack Guilty dragon update again


.Hack//Guilty Dragon update

 photo IMG_0584_zpsmse9uce9.jpg

Spoilers ONE new map has been added

Collapse )

So what do you think?? spoilers to the final final final end yes that lv 100 boss isn't that hard
Maybe we might see some phantoms in .Hack//N.U.? maybe? I hope so

Remember you got until the 03/23 to play this game and then it's gone fade into twilight like a dream

No Phantoms are in this map just 3 boss you have to fight to get to the new 0 map sadly you don't fight the .Hack//N.U. people


"最終イベント「這い寄る黒波」開幕! そして、物語は最終章へ――メインストーリーを進め、物語の結末を見届けよう!!「ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い」開発ブログ"
Link- https://twitter.com/PIROSHI_CC2/status/708507230593638400

Final event?? they can't leave it there it's a big cliffhanger they go through the map and end up in .Hack//N.U.??....

That's not really a ending not unless they are saying the character from .Hack//Guilty Dragon IS the character in .Hack//N.U. *cough* our player character maybe?...or maybe not now that I think of it maybe the character in .Hack//Guilty Dragon our player is not the same one in .Hack//N.U. just went through the last mission again and they did run into .Hack//N.U. people but none recognized one another so that theory is out this time I did play attention to the dialog but the 3 girls from .Hack//N.U. did meet the player from .Hack//Guilty Dragon at one time it looks like so maybe that player is somewhere in .Hack//N.U.? that just a theory for now

wait wait wait if they end up in .Hack//N.U. what happen to the other Phantoms? You know that last update where they did add DD chapter in .Hack//N.U. she starting to feel more like a copy of Kite and that guy she's with I thought it Orca who turn Gothic, That twitter post I just post said
'The story to the final chapter--through the main story and see the end of the story!'
So that the end? cliffhanger ending alright I have mix emotions now I was wondering why I was seeing all the people that the player character in .Hack//Guilty Dragon met over the travels it was bittersweet

Link- http://www.cc2.co.jp/guiltyDragon/?p=1842
Better picture of what was said in the game
Final Fantasy

The Cat is out of bag Rumors are True? -update-


CyberConnect 2 developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yes this topic come before and CC2 has come out and said they wasn't however now we got Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase both confirmed that CyberConnect 2 will be developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake I'm shocked seriously the whole rumors was CC2 was remaking Final Fantasy 7 in order to upgrade there graphics for a rumored .Hack game because they said the graphics for .hack//trilogy was bad that was the whole rumor and it started way back in

Link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/57226.html

so that's win the whole rumor started it was confusing at first some people didn't believe it but it looks like it really happening but why would CC2 hide it so long? hmm


For Kitase model, for example, we are doing things in that or put or are supervised by the director of our visual Works, the hand to the data.

Nomura design, such as Biggs three of us, which has become now public, in addition there are Ferrari has worked mainly in sub-character (Mr. Roberto), programmer, core members of the planning and the like, densely and external cooperation company's I am feeling to go underway.

At the same time Kitase these core members is supervised been gathered, it is in now become a commonplace of production techniques, but also our cooperation in a number of production company's. "FFVII G bike" CyberConnect2 that is indebted (hereinafter, CC2) san, will be the one company of them.


Kitase CC2 san to action game experience is you have a rich and know-how, I felt that there is something that shines in the sense of the video production. However, in the densely exchange because there were parts production of taste is subtly unlike our work. Also Tetsu about this PV (that of Mr. Tetsuya Nomura) to say is annoying (laughs), it was closer to our style.

--end of Quote

Wait so that means...all the work CC2 is getting upgrading graphics is from Square Enix? what kind of deal is this? I thought CC2 was from Bandai-Namco? is something else going on? so wait all the stuff CC2 is doing will it become under Square Enix in the future? ugh...I don't want think about that yet that just a theory of mine hmm...I really can't see Square Enix owning Naruto and .Hack and whatever else CC2 has it would make one hell of a crossover with Square Enix or something omg omg I know CC2 was putting out job advertising and having lots and lots of meetings before .Hack//Guilty dragon come out and .Hack//N.U. there was rumors of a new .Hack game but it never went on and we got apps for our phones so this 'wow' the graphics look amazing and it was done by CC2 I'm speechless now for all the people who dislike Cloud new design I think he looks good it's CC2 version of Cloud the whole sunglasses thing is what we should be worried about :P

Source- http://www.famitsu.com/news/201512/07094721.html
Source- https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/673740295444365312

Oh right Final Fantasy 7 R will be split into parts episodes

Nomura: If we make the characters real, they’ll look like real people and no one will recognize them, so we’re aiming to balance.
Nomura: Advent Children models are too old, so they’ve been refining the graphics and balancing reality and deformation.
Aside from the CG shown at the beginning of the trailer, everything is in real-time. You can alter the camera angle during the train scene.
Cloud’s appearance has to partially to do with the lighting and his pale skin. Nojima had said Cloud’s sickly appearance is brilliant.
Square Enix is working with CyberConnect 2 to develop the Final Fantasy VII Remake.
Cross-dressing scene will be included. Nomura has yet to work on the design, however.
Final Fantasy VII Remake is completely different from Crisis Core’s battle system. Not as action-y as Dissidia Arcade or KH but closer to that style.
The battle speed they’re aiming for is Dissidia Arcade’s. The battles we saw in the trailer are kind of like a standard to aim for.
Nomura can’t go into details about the battle system, but he said it’s important to note that the ATB gauge turns red. Something significant.

Kitase: We are not going to remake a game so you only play for nostalgia.
Kitase: We want to make the hearts of the original fans pump. We are adjusting the storyline with this idea in mind.
The character models for FF7R are being overseen by the director at Visual Works, SE's CG studio.
Each of the party members will have an updated design, like Barret.

That what we know so far overall I'm still hyped about but all the theories I said is just my thoughts about this so everyone has there own ideas.

But wait! what about that new .Hack game? yes that still on my mind T_T so far I know that all they are doing is .Hack//N.U. witch they are posting

【第2回オープンβテスト】[2 open beta test] will last as well as from Google Play Tester registration on the participants. So travelers who register in advance will be the detailed step by step guide non-registered members take a look at the register.

Link- http://newworld.bn-ent.net/entry/

Ummm Now I want a crossover with SE and Bandai-Namco somehow someway

Update- Just a clarification: CyberConnect2 is one of many studios assisting development on FF7 Remake. from twitter

So CC2 IS one of the many people helping them alright I can accept that Hmm who else is helping them? it making me wonder now



Update- Found a better one but win I looked at this why do I got the feeling something might happen to Kite in order to defeat Azure Kite? or maybe it's just me looking at the opening O_o I hope I'm wrong maybe that will force Haseo to tap into his powers from .Hack//GU vol 3? I don't know that just a theory one thing they could do is tease us by at the end we see Haseo in his X-form but we never get to play it that would make me upset but yeah would Kite do something stupid like that for Haseo? giving the fact this is Kite we're talking about and it's pretty sad that no one can understand Azure Kite's words well Azure Kite don't really get to talk that much not like in .Hack//Link beside no word on anyone else from .Hack like BlackRose, Balmung, Orca, Ovan or even Tokio but my order from CD Japan has been shipped I hope this game is good so what are you're thoughts on this? I'm anxious yet excited

Update- People are ready streaming this game

so far it's looking good update- people over at gamefaqs are saying NO secret characters so people are upset of that? O_o we don't know yet

link- http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/146043-project-x-zone-2
Alt Millia

PROJECT X ZONE 2:BRAVE NEW WORLD』せがた三四郎など新登場キャラクター続々、『TOV』ザギ、『.hack//G.U.』葬炎のカイトなども!


「さあ……逝こうぜぇ! ユーリ・ローウェル!」

Tales of Vesperia Zagi has been added

『The World』を放浪する謎のPC
 “The World”に現れるPCで“三爪痕(トライエッジ)”とも呼ばれる。カイトに酷似するが、感情が欠落している。
Azure Kite *cough* er Tri-Edge/三爪痕 has been added

So my guess was right they are somehow 'holding' Aura hostage and that's why Azure Kite is being the bad guy here wait where is Ovan at? don't tell me he's...humm I wonder how many times they have to fight Azure Kite before he joins them? or just like GU maybe he'll join after we finish the game? oh right Zagi looks way too girly here expect heavy Yaoi with this one not unless the bad guys are holding both Aura and Aina hostage O_o that would work to get Azure Kite and Ovan to fight for them but nothing said on Ovan yet or Sakaki

Source- http://www.famitsu.com/news/201509/10087676.html#page02

omg this is going to be nuts once again maybe Haseo will stop calling Kite Tri-Edge now? One can hope so this give me some kind of flue not unless Azure Kite is just following Haseo around making him paranoid and Kite being Kite has to follow Haseo because he worried Haseo might turn ageist the group? and then they both encounter Azure Kite er...Tri-Edge that just my theory how it goes but it can go either way remember now that just my theory anything can go down with this game or you can think of this of a fan girl rambling moment lol
Poor Haseo he looks like he's in shock mood since Kite isn't the Tri-Edge he wanted him to be not unless Azure Kite is just fighting them to make Kite and Haseo get along that would be insane but he might just do that so dose this mean this takes place in Vol2 of GU? or at the begging? I'm just surprised Kite, Haseo and Azure Kite in the same picture don't mind me hahahaha er...*cough* but yes we need more people from the Tales but why win I look at the picture with Zagi, Yuri and Flynn I think of some kind of love spat O_o er but I hope we get English voices but I doubt it since the first one was in Japanese so...

Remember now anything I said could not happen I'm just making theories

Hug me now01.

Project X Zone 2


So yes this is going to have part 2 and yes they didn't forget .Hack *Fan girl screams* but I wished ATLUS was part of this to but I'm excited and from Tales we get Yuri and Flynn I wish they added more from Tales but it's from Vesperia that should get the people excited I really hope this game has a good story and is fun to play makes me think why isn't ATLUS part of this? I would love to see Shin Megami Tensei or Persona part of this but I doubt that it will happen but since it's Sega I hope they add Miku Hatsune but I would be unsure how she'll fight but this is inserting to see that they are working on this

off topic-

Humm hopefully at some point in the game Haseo will call Kite Tri-Edge :P aww I wanted Haseo in his Xth Form but his third isn't that bad but yes I'm surprised they added Yuri and Flynn in I did want Milla or even Ludger or Tear or even Tales of Zestiria but the game isn't out yet *Cough* in English