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Groom fate

Was this fate?


this games out at the same time スターオーシャン アナムネシス dies?

Time to work on my idol fate in PSO2 for new genesis

I got the outfit that somewhat looks like it.

I got the hair now I need to find a ear blue feather thing or just a blue feather to put on the side.

I had broken sleep last night is this what SE do? They close one of there games and the funds go into another game?

Is Star ocean going get another chance? As SE see it? We don't know they may mark this as a thing that they might not want to touch again.

That is the sad reality we must face this might be the last Star Ocean game T_T

The offline ver gives us the closure we need but it won't be the same they are giving lot to do in the game right now win the offline ver comes it going to be less what it is unless they give us a way to fight in battles we will have to wait and see.

Now players are going to have to go to twitter and tell SE they want a real star ocean game maybe SO6 will be another phone game?

Or be like GI that you can play on PC and Phone? The downfall was to this game they never put it on PC win they had the chance to they never pushed for it.

June comes the season of weddings and the end of SOA and the start of New Genesis.

Just think of it this way SOA gave it life for New Genesis a MMO that you may make SOA characters in.

SOA will always be around as long as you have it on you're phone or ipad it won't be the same just think of it this way the captain got his retirement in June and is taking it easy with just saying hello to his husbando and waifu on the touchscreen you can dream of where they went to live in retirement.

The captain is in retirement they only fight win they need to and they spend the day taking it easy.

This is going to make Fate very restless since he has the need to fight due to the powers he has that might actvate his need for something else then fighting *cough* Hint hint hint take hint and do a story on this.

the more I spend time with all the fate's this tells me Idol fate he don't like to fight that much compared to fate, Idol fate is more taking it easy and he just want the captain to touch him *cough* talk to him.

so Idol fate is perfect for the offline ver I don't do Auto-battles no more O_O I stop doing them long time ago Groom fate is smooth to fight as Idol fate he protest to fighting and he don't like me trying to make him fight he loves to throw his body at the screen.

Overall Idol Fate don't like to fight he is so perfect for the offline ver we are going to get.

If I did not have Idol fate I would of main groom fate but I am a Idol fate main I'll always be a Idol fate main and Idol fate is the last of the fate's that was made and for some reason sophia and maria kept talking all the other weapons so that fate always had a sword >_>

I can just see it

"Hey did you see that weapon I was going to start using?" Fate
"No did you sophia?" Maria
"N-No uh oh boy" Sophia say as behind her a lot of weapons fall out
"...." Fate says as his eyes look at them in disbelief as Sophia wave her hand
"No it nothing we just collecting them for someone else!" Sophia says
right behind maria was all the other weapons that wasn't a sword as Fate *groin* at this
"Fine I get I'm going to see what the captain is doing" Fate grumbled as he leaves them both
"Phew that was very close" Sophia says with a uneasy smile
"Now lets hide all these weapons so Fate can't use them" Maria says smiling
"right" Sophia says

And that how Fate, Groom fate, SRF fate, Godwing fate and Idol fate got stuck with a sword type weapons the captain did not mind as the captain thought fate had a obsession with swords along with fate obsession with retro games and the captain and being lazy and somewhat working with his dad.

The story thoughts that are going in my mind now.

But out the males fate had the most alts of characters and players love him the most.

PSO2 NEW GENESIS is coming out so I might move onto that game and right now I'm going to look for items for my Idol fate for PSO2 NEW GENESIS and play that  game win it comes out.

What are you guys going to play? Are you guys going to keep SOA or drop it?

I'm keeping all my accounts all of them and I'm going to talk them win the offline ver comes.

Do you think star ocean will get another game or is this end of star ocean?

Star ocean is going to be in my heart and I'm not going to stop talking about it or showing off my accounts and it time for players to take to twitter and let them know you want star ocean 6 you want a crossover game you want a MMO start talking about what you want.

keep pushing for SO6 is you want to see that keep pushing for that MMO you want.

Like they said star ocean is not dead it up to us the players to ask for a new game.

Time for me to go into PSO2 and look for items for my Idol fate and work on some fan fanfiction oh boy I got a lot of ideas now. 📃

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode HD


『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』HD+新要素追加で甦る!【先出し週刊ファミ通】

".hack // G.U. Last Recode ' revived in HD + new features added!"

HD...!? HD!....somewhat a remake in HD but we got something!

"本日のファミ通さんの先出し情報が、アクセスランキング1位、トレンドワードで2位を記録しました。 多くの皆様に支えられてここまできました。 本当に嬉しく思います。 詳しくは2日後に発売する週刊ファミ通をご覧いただきたいのですが。 一言だけ。 “待たせたな。俺はここにいる。”

"Information out of today's FAMI 通sann recorded second access ranked number one, in the word trend. Backed by many of you, has been so far. I really am delighted. I need weekly Famitsu to launch two days later for more details, please. Only a Word. "Waiting for a. I'm in here. "

"While no further details were shared about the new title, they say that it won’t be a simple HD remaster but a newly reborn .hack//G.U. with enhanced graphics, systems, and elements that’ll make it feel like a new game without taking away from the original work."

------End of Quote from Twitter--- Sorry for my translation if anyone can do better please do. T_T

So it a remaster with new features added to the game it looks like from the translation.

English site for some translation.

English site for some translations.

Why no video of it and from Famitsu?...hmm I hope this is not fake...or else I will cry.

I hope this is not a leak...T_T Come on .Hack//G.U. HD for PS4 and PC...I hope Kite is in this one Sorry Azure Kite we still love you.

Omg omg omg om...and here I was hyped for Final Fantasy 7 remake news!...if there was one yet T_T

Dun dun dun the someone thrown a phoenix down on me my fan senses are tingling I am so importing this if this IS real.

This might revive my road block of stories...O_o yes if you don't know I'm on a major road block right now T_T I almost...lost the will.

So .Hack//G.U. is not dead not yet we got enough hype for this.

Maybe one day we might be a HD or a remake of the original .Hack games so if you have twitter share the news.

So can we think of who they might add in this?

Phantom Kite?

I would love Kite, BlackRose and Tokio just to gab at .Hack//Link I wonder what the new features will be?

So was this the reason why CC2 was...drop from Final Fantasy 7 remake??...O_o or what the rumors was saying they was? They had time to do this...?

Wait...the quote

"they say that it won’t be a simple HD remaster but a newly reborn .hack//G.U. with enhanced graphics, systems, and elements that’ll make it feel like a new game without taking away from the original work."

Looks like CC2 taken some moves from Final Fantasy 7 Remake to remake G.U. in HD with new graphics and systems but keeping the same elements that G.U. had I'm still going to buy it so maybe...we might get a new...ending?...with new events ect.

New remaster game a newly reborn .Hack//G.U. but it will feel with the original work...I'm excited.


『.hack//G.U.』は今から11年前の5月18日に『Vol.1 再誕』が発売され、9月に『Vol.2 君想フ声』、翌年1月に完結作となる『Vol.3 歩くような速さで』が発売されました。 シリーズ完結から今年で10年! #.hack

Haseo!...O_o uh...Hasewo looks different almost...yellow eyes two different tattoos on his face that hair...*cough* where are you Azure Kite?


So this is .Hack//G.U... time to tell him what You want on twitter I want a remake or HD for PS4.

I guess it's time to replay .Hack//G.U. again oh man I wished we did have a .hack game even a smart phone game would of worked anything.

So 2017 is the year of .Hack//G.U. nothing yet!? Nope nothing yet we got pictures of .hack on twitter fans posting there love for .hack and .hack//g.u. but nothing yet...


So do we keep this hope from dying?

I'm still a .hack fan to heart I do miss .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. both games died too soon.

With the hints of FF7-R remake coming out in maybe 2018 we might get something .hack maybe however...
(Rumors for now we have no info that FF7-R is coming out in 2018)

They posted they are working on a new project that is not .hack related that dashed my hopes...T_T

So yes twitter is active to keep a eye on this to see what they are working on.

So do we believe in .Hack on PS4 someday?...I don't want to give my hopes up yet I'm being careful for now.

STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #11.5 and talk...


Scheduled for May 10, 2017

"5/10(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #11.5』 が放送されます!#11.5の放送キーワードは「魔法と鳥」だそうです!魔法と・・・鳥?"



It's that time again.

So we know from news is that Edge character is done but the hints are "魔法と鳥?" meaning...Magic and Bird? er...got this info from discord people think it might be Sarah and it looks like people are already saying she the most disliked character.

I would like Edge but I think they might save him for a event you know so it might be Sarah with someone that can use magic...maybe that's a rumor for now.

And don't forget the event with EoE is still going on right now so fight him if you can.

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX

So we can guess who this is going to be it might not be Sarah at all.

Alright off topic-

There been some talk with CC2 and the creator of .Hack...yes .hack...T_T

~Plays Aura~ by LieN

*ahem* I have been trying to ignore this but it looks like Hiroshi Matsuyama has been leaving hints of .hack all over twitter yes twitter.

At first I don't know if he's doing that because of .Hack//G.U. or something else...

I was ignoring them since they...they bring up hope in me and nothing has been said about any game just 'hints'...nothing more.

And now a youtube video has come up.

Link- http://www.cc2.co.jp/cc2news/?p=12861

So my guess it nothing new no game...>_< T_T *bite tongue* just...memories of .hack...>_< T_T

I feel like my emotions just...


Moving on it can be memories of hack or trying to get people inserted into the game I feel like since Naruto the anime is done? (Sorry I don't really watch the anime too much so I heard it was done but...) they can put a small focus on .hack but remember FF 7-R is behind there backs that is one major big project that is not even done yet.

I also remember 2017 is the year of .Hack//G.U. that keeps me hope for something anything .hack related.
.Hack for PS4 please....

And no .Hack did not die in my heart at all it still alive even if I throw myself into something like Star Ocean for the phone.

Alright enough of that.

So that's the news for today and what I saw and heard that is going around Star Ocean program 11.5 will be up soon and talk about .Hack just small hints memories of .hack on twitter and CC2 blog news.

So get ready for Star Ocean program 11.5 to see if we get Sarah or not maybe someone else?

2017 What to expect? .Hack


So we all know that 2017 is the year of .Hack//G.U. right?

All the hints we saw from twitter might lead to .Hack//G.U. remake or HD right?

or is all the hints toward .Hack//N.U. vol2?

With .Hack//N.U. closed and two possible endings the choices is up to them.


I don't understand how .Hack//N.U. was going to be for the G.U. fans I don't see the story being the same...

so with all the hype of twitter finally going down are we going to get the hints?

I would love to see a remake of .Hack//G.U. for the PS4 and not a phone game but I still miss the phone game so...ugh.

Thoughts and Theory-

however would the remake of .Hack//G.U. stay the same as the original for the PS2? I myself
would not like the story changing at all like it did in .Hack//Link *cough*

I wish they would of added more characters to it and the debate if they should add anymore Kite copies to the story that would be fun to see but Azure Kite should get more spot light since that where Azure Kite comes from and he has more ties with Haseo then Kite.

Why I say that it's true Azure Kite has more ties with Haseo and people would love to see the drama between the two but if Kite was ever ever added I think some conflict between Kite and Azure Kite needs to be there somehow.

But no nothing is said right now this is just my thoughts and theories about it as they said on twitter to help support them again and I think we might get some news in 2017 I hope so.

but on the other side is the rumor news of FF7-R that one game everyone IS waiting for and CC2 is helping them you know the people who made Naruto and .Hack yeah them.

So we might get FF7-R first then the news of .Hack anything maybe...but I hope it's not too late.

So 2017 must be a good year right? We hope so.

but yes this is a small update.

And yes I would love anything .hack related in 2017 but I hope for a PS4 game please.
after new years I might put on .Hack//G.U. and replay it for 2017 on my PS2.

happy holidays.

.Hack//N.U. End goodbye game.


The final moments really shook me up emotionally T_T

the towns was full of players it surprised me but on my main Azure Kite and everyone except Haseo was cool I got the feeling that Kite was somehow worried about our character or maybe it was me?

Now for the full feedback about the good and the bad and the ugly and the love.

The story- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwgVBE_IsQG19R7MkVBWQe3YtyakdnQH

You can find it here.

What was the the whole story about? We now know that DD is known as the silver horn?

We heard rumors that the crying women is the crying princess and she wants the player character to meet her?

In the very begging we got powers because of a white unicorn right? is that hint to DD? silver horn??

I heard that person who did the youtube vides will be translating this story so I'm going to leave my theories here however.

In .Hack//Guilty Dragon we got Phantom Kite right?

In .Hack//N.U. we got a mix of DD who was in our story more then Kite was who we got our first SR card right?

So in the next phone game if we get another one who are we getting DD or Kite?

I was very disappointed that Kite or Haseo had no role here or anyone else except for DD and the story and the girls.

Win it first come out people was excited for .Hack//N.U. on twitter and after a few months the numbers drop fast I assume the rumors of people in Japan disliking this game was true??

And what's this about Algiers who says "See you in the next world?"

I just now found out Algiers is that little girl name >_> omg I'm bad with names.

So who did I like between my SR cards?? :P

Well let's start with Haseo everyone favorite.

Haseo 1st- It was Haseo 1st from G.U. his actions reminded me of the rude Haseo that never grown up sorry to say...it turned me off so bad...and I loved Haseo in G.U. to.
Haseo 2nd- Haseo 2nd was much more...nice to be around he didn't act like Haseo 1st at all witch surprised me and I just wanted to smoother this version and get him with Azure Kite :P.
Phantom Haseo- he is like a big rough soft version of Haseo he has emotions and he feels like a pure dominated sign.

Atoli- Oh wow Atoli knew how to attached them seriously but she was either chasing Haseo 1st around or trying to talk to my player character uh...no.
Shino- Oh wow I loved Shino I would of kept her if she didn't try to chase Kite around >_> every time I give a item to Shino she would go try to dominated Kite who would end up going to my player character so no and the sad part she rarely talked to Haseo 1st they did talk but not that long.
Pai- She was the same as Shino but Pai would often reject everyone mostly but my player character.

3 girls that we hang around in story they are all the same...but one of them is worse so no.

Phantom Kite- This surprised me out of all the copies Phantom Kite is the only one the girls see as our romantic partner not only that Phantom Kite wants to marry us *rumor* maybe...but yes the downside is Phantom Kite get confused at everything even items.

Azure Kite- Again this surprised me I knew I liked Azure Kite in G.U. and this just got me deeper but the way he sits and the way he almost says 'I love you' if you do that romantic rub with him is a step more then any of the copies it looks like Azure Kite is not afraid to show his emotions he's mature.

Kite- oh boy I thought I didn't like Kite since I thought I liked Haseo but since Haseo 1st come along I grown to like Kite his friendly personality drawn me in and I found out versus Phantom Kite and Azure Kite, that Kite's emotions can waver between his innocent looks to his dominated side and I got a feeling half the time he wanted the player character to be dominated element it showed.

And yes Kite wasn't afraid to go after the girls but they rejected him that sent him going after my player character in the end but on the flip side Kite isn't afraid going after the guys that what I saw.

In fact no one in this game is afraid to after anyone even our player character isn't safe.

Jealousy- They can get jealous if you give one gift to someone it knocks them out and it makes them sometimes go or vanish with someone and you knew you screwed up not only that sometimes if the one you loved is being chased by someone else they will let you know seriously Haseo 1st back off...

Romance- everyone in this game of love no one is left behind seriously all the SR cards that you had was fighting one another for you're player character love it showed bad but they won't say it but the SR card desire you're love in that romance game.

Items- now Items in this game was used mostly to restore and some was used to rise romance levels and I do know that every SR card is different and Kite can protest how much food you get lol and Haseo didn't care about food he like the sharp items.

Now without your favorite SR card this game would be...blah seriously I loved it win it was nice and good but win it start becoming hard and story taken a turn with romance ect and pkers >_> it felt like a chore the only thing that kept me in this game was the romance items and new store weapons.

I know that harsh to say but that was reality for me out of all of this I think .Hack//Guilty Dragon had the better story in wise but .Hack//N.U. had the better elements and romance now if only they could of mixed the two...

The only time we might of saw Aura was in the start and maybe the Shadow of Tokio at the start to?

But yes rumors are the little girl Algiers "In was to end while I'm getting ready for training your new world!" was Algiers made by Aura?? it feels like it.
It might be a rumor for now.

RNG- oh my god I hated this with passion they need to fix this really really bad! The RNG either sometimes liked me or half the time hated me T_T that win buying in the gemstore but the soul in me wanted the cool looking weapons that wasn't in game and that wasn't put up on Arena.

Events- don't get me wrong I loved events more then I did with stories and that was bad I wanted more but I didn't really like the major boss events I did end up doing a few and it was...not interesting to me But I wish half the SR card you got from the arena was in events like a Azure Kite event that would of been fun.

SR cards- now here the thing some are locked in Events some are locked in the store and some are locked in the Arena and major boss fights so you can't get every card and some are lock in daily time gated items that annoying like you got to get 20 for one and 40 for another...

Weapons and outfits- time gated in dailies and some are lock in store and arena nothing you can get normally witched...sucked I wanted town merchant or something another bad thing is they never never brought back old outfits and weapons so if you missed out you missed out.

So someone normally would either save up the crystals and get really luck at the RNG or do dailies like mad the issue with store crystals really was in this game you had to have money but in the end they did us a favor and given us SR weapons and outfits for those who needed it like my Alt's.

In the begging of .Hack//N.U. it was barley anything but with more updates it got bigger and the areas got nicer looking and it look amazing near the end especially that final two daily you can do I saw the sun and the rainbow and I never wanted it to end...but it did.

Now past the light fluff...now down to the meat.

CC2 has said in interviews or twitter this was not the .Hack game they wanted to make seriously that was brought up several times so was .Hack//n.u. rushed??

And back in .Hack//Versus win asked if they was going to make a new game the excuse was .Hack//Versus graphics wasn't enough they wanted it better so the rumors of them working with square enix on FF7-R more better??

And now we are seeing CC2 making new games like more Naruto and Project LayereD witch they are focusing on big time so is CC2 trying to move away from .Hack?? I got this feeling bad and it hurts.

The .Hack//N.U. had with SAO was more then a hint? was it CC2 way saying go to SAO??

In some twisted way I almost wanted SAO to buy .Hack that's how bad it got but CC2 also said it was up to Namco-bandai not them and Bandai-namco said it was up to the publishers so...its up in the air.

Despite me being negative here I've grown to love .Hack//N.U. to the point where it hurt me emotionally to see it go I couldn't do the romance rub right on my main it hurt and I tried not to cry...

I grown to love this silly game that wasn't a proper .hack game and it drawn me into it deep I did miss the whole feel from .Hack and .Hack//G.U. the original proper mmo feel.

To both .Hack//Guilty Dragon that saw it fate before .Hack//N.U. I love you both you guys brought me joy and pain at the same time and you made me realize how much I love the .hack series.

And how much I desire to see it remake on the PS4 I would love to see .hack and .hack//g.u. remake or HD on the PS4 as a bundle with more dlc and story that would be the dream.

or even have .hack games on the PSN so we can play it on the PS4.

But this was my talk about how .Hack//N.U. got and I gotten off topic I'm sorry.

Goodbye .Hack//N.U. may you rest in peace in the sea of twilight with .Hack//Guilty Dragon.

I'm going to miss them and that romance game so bad...

.Hack//N.U. Bad ending??


After finding out more information about this.

update event is now going for bad ending!?

Or so the rumors say.

But what about the main story wasn't DD corrupted? So this happens after the main story win you get DD somehow O_o you fight the Crying women who wasn't under mind controlled you see the 3 brothers one more time and then you decide the fate of this world...in one fight um...what?

Oh and they don't explain how DD got un-corrupted and who saved her... but DD is back to normal no more red eyes and Dwarf dies laughing? That's the big guy right?

Just go take a look it's in the new events omg...plot twist to the end...

Oh by updating your game you do get a new SR card no it's not DD SR card >_>

the words that the crying women said she acted...like a robot or like she didn't even care that...sucked I mean it all stared with her and DD in the begging so if they pull off a bad ending...

No .Hack//N.U. vol.2? Is this them saying or putting the fire out in rumors of .Hack//N.U. Vol.2?
I feel like it was all rushed done this ending or event they are doing...

however this event is up you can fight the crying women and get nothing...no new SR card or anything just money if you go to the stores was it wroth it?

I think...they should of stopped doing the really really really hard bosses in the story not everyone made it to the end and they found out and hurried up to pull off this...event witch did not explain anything at all if they was going to do this event for the final ending, they should of did it all in not the main story and just did one big event or made it easier like in .Hack//guilty dragon. (Sorry for rant)

But that my thoughts some people did like the fights being hard.

did they just pull a Deus ex machina? Did I say that right? I never use it so...er...

but anyways .Hack//N.U. updated maybe for the real final time and you can see for yourself.
(This is the last update right???) "........"

So yes I got more feedback from twitter and how the other people feel about this.

And you know what we never saw Tokio in this game you think he would show up more right?

In the begging we might saw his shadow but nothing more...that's odd...

And in this last event DD is acting nice toward us for a change it's like her emotions gotten lighter if possible so DD acting light and fluffy versus her serious actions almost all the way through the game that's different it's almost like she showing her softer side to us and she is a girl after all.

Fixed bluestacks alt-2
Since the new upgrade it forced me to switch to bluestacks 2 and...bluestacks 2 has issues bad I was able to get into my alt's game but the graphics will NOT load and NO music and...I can't see any ANY characters not even my player character oddly enough I can still give gifts and no voice no character but I still see the words however I cannot do the romance rub thing it just kicks me out T_T

I sent a message to Bluestacks I hope they can fix this but the outcome of Lunar the character that was going to replace Luna who had the same issue don't look good so I'm back using my main and my 2nd main both on my Ipad and Iphone I can get into the game but graphics and music will not load so I don't know what else to do...I even reinstalled it that did not work.

So be careful bluestacks 2 can have some issues and omg...

I'm going to try again a few days if bluestacks 2 don't work I'm going to be saying goodbye to Lunar my alt this is heartbreaking seriously it is.

!update-I fixed it! O_O omg omg omg! alright IF you're game gets like mine just uninstall the game in bluestacks 2 menu go to apps and uninstall T_T and download it from qoo app NOT .Hack//N.U. fixer itself don't work! once the game installs again my account showed up it was either pick that or make a new character I picked the top choice and--my game was running normally! Everyone was back and nothing crashed it was that easy! so Lunar is not dead! (honestly I thought I was going to make a new character but I didn't need to) If only I knew this sooner...I might of saved Luna...

!-Update!- see post above T_T Noooo

But yes the days are going down.

This info is from the event and from twitter feel free to correct me on this please.

And I apologize for sounding negative I'm drained from this emotionally right now this is not the ending I was going for or hope for so...I'm sorry.

link- https://twitter.com/haruko6610/status/807191406372528128

But I still have a tiny small hope that one day we might get our PS4 game...but it's looking doubtful right now.

Once more I'm sorry for being frustrated I guess it's my emotions for wanting a new .Hack game and wanting to see it on the PS4 win I'm going to try and cool down I might go play Star Ocean Anamnesis or Final Fantasy XV for PS4.

On the bright side there is a CD I'm waiting for a CD that I think you guys might like.
Black hair

.Hack LieN music update.

【開催まであと7日!】11/23(水・祝)13:00~開催の「サイバーコネクトツー20周年記念 LieN-リアン-スペシャルライブ」、ネット生放送も本日発表されました! お見逃しなく! http://www.cc2.co.jp/20th/

I like to think that after .Hack//N.U. that this happens somehow...
It's like they are saying choose me or something...omg never mind maybe I'm thinking too much into this...
Haseo has sharp teeth...as they reach out too...is that Yata in the back?? He kind of looks like a potato.

Live Streaming show of Lien next Wednesday 11/23(水・祝)13:00

Media : FRESH by AbemaTV
Android user may try to install it
From facebook.


Alright this is updated and I'm slowly letting .Hack//N.U. go...it's been really hard since I loved that game no matter how much people hated it and disliked it I'm still sad to see it go... T_T

However I found something to replace it.

link- https://ro.my.com/en
A Chinese game that is doing it's Beta right now the beta ending is tomorrow I think... and yes I like that game it reminds me of GW1 and Aion and that has been taken up my time lately >_> and no I didn't let .Hack//N.U. go I'm still playing to the end like I said I was <3

One funny thing I did noticed win watching them in .Hack//N.U. that is...Kite and Haseo have a colliding going on...I give one gift to Haseo exit then come back and watch my character sit down and somehow Kite gets to talk to my character first so...I have this feeling that maybe they are rivals for the love from the character we control? lol omg and yes they can show win they are jealous if you pay attention.

And if you fight Azure Kite event and Haseo 1st event you can see the hints between them it almost like win you do Haseo 1st event he all wounded right? So then Azure Kite comes was he looking for Haseo 1st?
And win you fight Azure Kite it's in the same room from .Hack//G.U. hint hint? hint?

(Well for what I've seen and studied if Haseo isn't talking to Kite or Phantom Kite sometimes Haseo and Azure Kite just chase one another around by talking it's funny...and bittersweet)
However that comes to a stop win they don't say anything else and try to push there love onto the player character 'you' and that just makes waves.

And I finally failed at that rubbing game I did it to test to see what happens and boy did Kite look disappointed the timer after that was 9 hrs I wish they cut the timer down but yes it one game that is kind of romantic in .hack//N.U. but nothing really happens after you do that mini game even after you reach level 100 in romance it just there.

But remember this is only a music event by LieN and CC2 has not said anything new about any new or remake .Hack games yet so this might be our only chance...

Please be a PS4 game or another phone game or something.
Girly H

.Hack 「LieN -リアン-」 「Azur -アジュール-」


「Azur -アジュール-」
【アルバム名】 Azur -アジュール-
【価 格】¥2,500(税込)

■PS2「.hack//G.U.」の主題歌 ―「やさしい両手」、「真実の行方」、「優しくキミは微笑んでいた」が、遂に1枚のアルバムに集結! さらにCD未収録曲や、書き下ろしの新曲も収録。

受付12:30開演13:00~14:30 まで

Link- http://www.famitsu.com/news/201611/04119817.html

Link- https://twitter.com/famitsu/status/794408854444384256
twitter post.

We finally get to see DD back O_o not that's importation but she really looks like a Kite clone we have Kite facing us first and DD mirroring him facing back...

CC2 Blog.

That was from Famitsu it's in Japanese sorry it's 20th CC2 LieN event this is where the magic happens to see rather .hack is dead or not people WAS saying if nothing is said at the 20th event then .hack is dead...

T_T I don't want that to happen but we must see...

With the announcement of .Hack//N.U. dying in next month this is our last hope.

So far CC2 has not said anything .hack related at all ever since their last major game .Hack//Versus they haven't made any new .hack or remake any of the games.

So yes a new CD is coming out by LieN I'm excited I'll order that but nothing on a new game yet.

But if nothing is said people who are playing .hack//N.U. think this series is dead that what they been saying...and I know how much people dislike phone games in NA I gotten use to them thanks to .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. but I want a PS4 game with all the works.

They could take something from Guilty Dragon and N.U. your own character creation and keep the elements of both games in this new game and that would work in story wise.

However we know that CC2 is making new games that ARE not .Hack related and is working on FF7-R (with Sqaure enix) that says much beside more Naruto.

So what do you think we'll get a new game/remake or is this just...a wishful dream?

Or is it just music event and nothing more?

But remember .Hack//N.U. shuts down next month prepare to say goodbye to that dream that did not last that long... T_T

So with that new picture with .Hack//Link...ugh that still somehow cannon with .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U.? *grumbles* wait didn't CC2 say that .Hack//Link was the final game? >_> all I know they got major backlash from it enough of that...I'm still upset about that sorry.
Black Feather

R.I.P. .Hack//N.U.!?


New World vol.1 will be ending on 20th December 2016.


B-But you was our hopes and dreams! Noooooo!!

Omg I need to start making videos now T_T IF you want to play .Hack//N.U. I advise you to DO it now on Bluestacks I know Bluestacks is annoying but This IS the only chance you get to see what this game is!


And then look for


This will help you DL .Hack//N.U. use the apk to install qoo-app

My guess is that CC2 decided to pull the plug on this since they are making more other games like Naruto or they are pulling for FF7-R they are also working on sorry for being bitter but I-I gotten use to seeing .Hack//N.U. characters this is so sad T_T I would wake up and look at them and...omg this-this is like losing my friend I'm sorry...


But...I was wondering why we haven't gotten the second round of Azure Kite the world is going to end again.

Just like .Hack//Guilty Dragon...that game I do miss I'm going to make videos to help me remember how this game was...I never gotten attached to a smart phone game before and this is truly sad not even a year and it's gone... T_T

Do you remember? Winter 2016 hints rumors? I thought it was going to be .Hack//N.U. EN since the game had lots of English texts ect but...I never thought that win this game would end...was game a Test!?

To see if they was truly .Hack fans alive!? So that's why they are pushing harder stories out

Yes harder stories harder bosses they want to finish this game...

I just hate this I hate how they play with my heart...I love this series so much and for them to do this...

Is that why win they had that crossover with SAO the game was dying!? Or...was it they wanted there fans to love SAO more?...

I played this game because I love this series I supported them because I never wanted to end...But they never showed interested in remaking any of the .Hack games none whatsoever just teasers and once they got you hooked they destroy it.

I apologize for being negative but this is how my feelings are...

But I'll be here win the game goes down I'll watch it to the end another game gone into our dreams.

I don't know if I can finish the story they stop selling crystal so...this is going to be hard.

But wait...the world announcement the same day Nintendo Switch? People are very curious about it also maybe it's something maybe it's nothing.

Maybe people are clinging onto any kind of hope they can find out of this...tragedy.

Do you remember win .Hack//Guilty Dragon was dying? The drops was endless so was the cards is .Hack//N.U. going to end the same way? Endless Crystals?

But...what about the promise that .Hack//N.U. was going to be in vol? Was that not real?

Either way this is a sad day.

You got until 20th December 2016 to play this game then it vanishes forever into the abyss.

Link- http://www.siliconera.com/2016/10/21/hacknew-world-shut-less-year-service-december/