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SOA swimsuit [JP]


----From facebook---

[NEWS Coro #5]
Link: https://youtu.be/fkB4l0B_X9Q

— 2019 Summer Event —

Event「Summer Resort Scramble - Side A」& Pickup Gacha Duration:
18 July, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 22 August , 2019 (Thu) 13:59 JST

—— New Character: Mid-Summer Nel ——

Role: Defender (Ace)
Weapon Type: Scythe
Gameplay: https://youtu.be/fkB4l0B_X9Q?t=109


Party Single Target Damage Up based on Hit Count
AP Consumption Reduced based on Hit Count
Triggers additional Hit when using Battle Skills

—— New Character : Mid-Summer Edge ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Axe
Gameplay: https://youtu.be/fkB4l0B_X9Q?t=160

- Utilises the Expanded Charge Assault “Blindside Attacker” (Blindside A)
- ATK Damage Dealt Up when not in front of target
- Hit Count-based Talents. Hit Counter Duration Up.

—— Expanded Charge Assault ——

Special types of Charge Assaults out that trigger special effects.
First of which being「Blindside A」 which upon being triggered, will move the character behind the enemy before proceeding to attack.

※ Newer Charge Assaults to be released in the future as well.

[How to Trigger]

① Long-press a Short Range Skill and charge, just like you would a regular CA (skill will glow green if done correctly)

② Must be receiving incoming short range attack from the enemy you’re targeting

—— Mastery System ——

A system in which Mastery Talents, special talents like that of「Blindside A」, can be transferred over by characters who have such abilities, to characters who do not.


① Both “Master” and “Pupil” must be Lv70.
② Both “Master” and “Pupil” must be of the same Role (ie. Attacker)
③ Mastery Talent will be available for teaching
※ It will be noted as “MASTERY” in the Talent Details page.

—— Summer Step-Up Character Gacha ——

18 July, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 21 July , 2019 (Sun) 23:59 JST

- Step 1 will be Half Price! Step 2 onwards will guarantee one 5★ Character! The last step, Step 7, will guarantee either Mid-Summer Nel or Mid-Summer Edge!

※ Note that Mid-Summer Nel and Mid-Summer Edge will have their own separate pickup gacha

—— Weekend Limited Characters Pickup Gacha ——

20 July, 2019 (Sat) 00:00 JST ~ 21 July , 2019 (Sun) 23:59 JST

- Snowflake Rena, Holy Night Clair, Snowy Sky Ashton, SRF Fayt, SRF Sophia will be returning for a limited time!

—— Summer Campaign : Limited Item Sets——

18 July, 2019 (Thu):
「Summer Item Set」

Once per person
5★ Ace Character Ticket, Welch Special Oil etc.

25 July, 2019 (Thu):
「Special Summer Bag」

Three times per person.
Inclusive of the Marzelia Coin (Orange), which can be used in its respective Item Exchange to exchange for certain characters. Lineup of these characters will be announced separately

—— Gem Sale Bonus ——

18 July, 2019 (Thu) 00:00 JST ~ 25 July , 2019 (Thu) 23:59 JST

- Gifts to be sent to players who purchase Gem Packs within this period based on total cumulative amount spent!

[960円 and up]

5★ Ace Character Ticket

[2000円 and up]

Magical Thread x1

[3000円 and up]

Magical Hammer x1

[4800円 and up]

Magical Hammer x2

-----End of facebook---

Summer Nel and Summer Edge I'm going to pass on this one but wow looks like Summer Edge got a
tan and some people are saying summer edge looks like cliff?...maybe cliff body model?...

good luck on pulling for them may the RNG be with you.


SOA fed edge and fed reimi or prince claude [GL]


So this is a upcoming event for GL.

Fed Edge and Fed Reimi are coming you know what that means.

VR story with fayt will they keep the original lines of fayt calling our character name in the story?

Fed Edge is a almost a upgrade from Maria I say that and fed Edge is quickly forgotten win awaken Maria comes.

Fed Reimi is a wind mage if I recall she a good if you need a wind element or don't have wind weapons but Cyril will quickly replace her.

if you like them pull for them I have both on my main account I do use Fed Edge but... on JP side both Fed Edge and Fed Reimi are replaced.

this VR story that we are doing with Fayt is the start of SRF Fayt...or it will be the start of that.

SRF Fayt you ask??

SRF Fayt "Yess!"
Me "Not yet"

keep in mind on JP side SRF fayt has no event so...we don't know what happen to that.

but it said in SRF fayt BIO that it hinted that his 'father was alive' and he spent most of his time with Edge in the VR world so it was also hinted on twitter that SRF Fayt was from a different world...no Alt world so you can say SRF fayt is what 'if' fayt had a normal life with edge.

since SRF Fayt has no event they can bring them out any time they want to.

SRF fayt compared to Groom fayt I say Groom fayt is more fun to play as I did play as him farming on my alt he is way more fun then SRF fayt is as for original fayt on GL you have to move and move on JP side ever since fayt awakening fayt has been fun to play as his long rang attack is good and his air dodge that is something I'm use to how many times on GL I tried to use...Air Dodge...T_T

this VR story will also hint who fayt is now spending time with...*cough* faize so it starts....

but I might pull for fed edge on GL I don't really care for fed reimi but whatever comes.

I do need to show off my GL account I'll think about it.

but having awakening on JP we need awakenings on GL soon I miss that so no awakening on GL yet made me play not on auto that much on boss fights so it move, to side move to right move away from AOE fun fun times.

if you are pulling for them may the RNG be with you I might try for fed edge.

if it not fed edge or fed reimi it might be prince claude, Prince Claude is a caster he's not that bad fire/ice spell you can say Prince Claude is a upgrade from Ronyx for now.



From what I see that SRF fayt is a Alt...?

if you read his BIO it says or hinted at much as SRF fayt spends a lot of time with edge and also 79 wins, 81 draws, 11 draws.

from SRF fayt BIO his father works at 'this ship' meaning SRF fayt father is alive??

it also said that SRF fayt is more into sports then any studying.

they are talking about this.

from SRF fayt BIO it hinted this SRF fayt is a alt.

that's explains why SRF fayt don't have any skills from fayt or groom fayt and SRF fayt has skills from edge himself and it also might hint why SRF fayt don't have angel wings in his rush because this SRF fayt had a normal life with edge.

so is this...the what if fayt had a normal life?

wow this timeline is odd enough.

It explains why SRF fayt is so clingy with edge they spent so much time together in that alt world.

SRF fayt has taken time to get use to but SRF fayt is really into edge that SRF fayt acts like him that is something to get use to.

hopefully this explains something about SRF fayt and why he don't have any skills from fayt or groom fayt.

SOA Wedding story~✿


SOA Wedding story~✿

It starts off with Fayt working with our character learning how to do Federation work?? (correct me on this one) but with the new foes that show up Fayt recklessly sets off with Reimi them both alone.

That makes Faize and Verda show up looking for them worried yes Faize is in this event *cough*

This story works just like how Phia got her powers but its for Reimi alone so this is a female event story *cough* so win do Wedding Fayt show up? He don't not in this story.

The results is that Reimi is alone and Faize and Fayt have to go look for her and she is with that foe who ends up talking to them much like in Phia story and Reimi has to accept that power much like Phia story.

So that how we get wedding Reimi who ends up with Edge who comes really late and he makes a note that Reimi would be fit to marry any lucky man that makes Reimi upset at him and Edge is really really dense in this story.

Win Fayt was helping Reimi with that Faize says to Verda that Fayt and Reimi are both special people to him or it hinted like that maybe that why Faize is attached to Fayt that Fayt reminds Faize of a reckless Edge.

In the end Edge ended up with Wedding Reimi alone and for Fayt event he ended up with Faize...>_<

Did I tell you Faize and Fayt are together a lot? No girls just them both...

But before Faize went to talk to Fayt who said... "...No" what was Fayt thinking of that Wedding version of him? I think for a moment Fayt desired a wedding version of him and thus Wedding Fayt was born...*dies*...(theory)

Since Wedding Fayt has no part in this story you can make theories of how wedding fayt come to be another theory is that our character is dreaming of all these wedding versions of our party and is dreaming them ourselves.

And it is hinted that Fayt is spending lot of times with Faize our character and Roddick no girls Fayt has enough time with Faize to be shipped with him that what fan base didn't like.

Even in the live event they did that video that got removed Fayt was spending time with Faize a lot

And yes all the hints saying Fayt is spending time with our character and Faize and sometimes with Roddick no girls.

Maybe that why win they did that live event they thrown girls at Fayt who responded like Fayt did

This event was fun go and see for yourself how it ends and have fun with this event.

But yes wedding fayt has no part in this story and wedding fayt is the desire from?? "......"

And Edge and Reimi are now almost canon ending like Claude and Rena.

And have fun with this story.

I'll post my pictures later I did roll on both of my accounts I'm very...happy.✿✿

"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 5/31 (木)メンテ後より、ウェディングイベント『託した想い、明日への誓い』がスタート! 併せて「花嫁レイミ」「花婿フェイト」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は6/14(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス"

本日のメンテ後に登場予定の期間限定キャラを、動画でご紹介! SO4より「花嫁レイミ」さんが、★5エースの弓アタッカーで登場です! 純白のドレスに、すこし恥じらいのある表情がたまりませんっ!こ、これはなんとしても僕たちの艦にお迎えしないとっ…!!(`◎∀◎´) #アナムネシス

本日のメンテ後に登場予定の期間限定キャラを、動画でご紹介! SO3より「花婿フェイト」さんが、★5エースの片手剣ディフェンダーで登場! この差し出された左腕…!えっ、まさか僕のために!?だ、だめです~っ!僕には艦長という存在が~っ!!(´◎∀◎`;) #アナムネシス

I have to say wedding fayt is very...girly O_O er...this versions makes him more girly...but no wedding story with our character and fayt or even reimi that sad I did want to see reimi and our character but she ended up with edge.

My the RNG be with you~✿

SOA 10/19 (Thursday) maintenance.


"現在「連邦エッジ」にステータス強化用の各種シードを使用した際、上限値が本来とは異なる設定となっている不具合を確認しております。本件につきましては、10/19(木)のメンテナンスで修正予定です。お客様にはご迷惑をおかけし、大変申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス"

"When current federal edge with a variety of seed for enhanced status limit originally and the bug has become a different setting is confirmed. Regarding this matter, 10/19, (Thursday) maintenance is fixed soon. To customers for any inconvenience, we apologize"


Fed Edge bug is going to be fixed it has to do with his stat so look out for that.

"【10/19(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもって「SO4発表記念ピックアップガチャ」や「SO2ピックアップガチャ」などが終了となります。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス"

"10/19 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-we 16:00 to add new events due to maintenance work. With the maintenance starting "SO 4 notation just pickup Gacha" or as "SO2 pickupgacha" will end. Please note that."


Maintenance adding new events my guess it a harder boss and SO2 Gacha will be removed yes Rena and Claude are up now and whoever comes with SO2 if you want Rena the chances are high now.

No word on anything Halloween yet I'm saving up gems for that.

Now the word on Fed Reimi, Fed Edge and Crowe who is the best.

Crowe in doubt the most liked among people in discord his one spam attack.

Fed Reimi is useful for her buffs.

Fed Edge is lukewarm among the people in discord.

One thing you can do have Crowe, Ashton and Albel in party and just have Crowe and Albel spam that long rang attack over and over you get the idea but people like putting Crowe with Ashton *cough* O_o

People say Crowe is Albel 2.0. in every way and better (rumors)

I myself did try Fed Reimi and well...she slow on casting and weak but Fed Reimi has buffs that why people play with her or as her.

As weak as Fed Edge is he is fun to play as I tried him and I did get...I'll save that win I post the pictures of my RNG luck...O_o >_> >_<;;

I know I said I was not going to draw but...I did T_T I will say both of my account did not get Fed Reimi at all so I don't have her.

One thing I did noticed Fed Reimi has one new line win Fed Edge do not.

However I find this odd...in Star Ocean last hope win Edge get his symbology it is in the game that Reimi cannot get anything and yet...in SOA she is a caster she has symbology.

Yes fun fact like Fayt in Star Ocean series Edge can use symbology and Edge is noted in Star Ocean last hope that Edge IS a light elemental symbology user and Faize is darkness.

But that's odd that Fayt nor Edge do not have symbology in SOA like they should have somehow.

(Heck even in FFBE Fayt had some kind of symbology but not in SOA that really made me jealous I was like Fayt has symbology in FFBE but not in SOA?)

But Fayt symbology is more mixed elements not one element like Edge.

Maybe that why Edge and Fayt do collide in SOA if they are put together beside personality wise in auto if I have both in party they do not get along at all especially if I have Fayt as leader and Edge is getting so jealous :P man got to love auto battle it makes battles so much interesting.

One thing people said on discord if you play with Fayt or Edge one of them only one can be in party do not put them together I think it might be to do with the buffs they both have.

However Fed Edge is a different story you can put him with anyone unlike the real defender Edge however it is wise to start LB him so he won't die win using him and he is a shooter you know how shooter defense are.

Crowe they said he goes good with Ashton (tries to ignore the shipping) *cough* sorry that the first thing that come to my mind...is er...never mind.

But most people like to put Fed Reimi and Fed Edge in the same party and some just want all Reimi party Swimsuit Reimi, Reimi and Fed Reimi.

I did try Crowe out and he's...alright I wasn't really into the whole Crowe is the new 'thing' now I know a lot of people was comparing him to Albel somehow in skill wise and some people just love him to death.

One thing people did say or rather remember in the road map they did yes did you forget that?

One thing that was listed was 'Awaking' new skills now some have come to theory that this is from FFBE Awaking that it's linked that a theory for now and this was all planed out from the very begging this is the rumor going around discord right now rumor for now.

But we won't get the character awaking until much later first we got to have Halloween.

So the road map is not done yet we got until dec then what happens after that we don't know.

We do know part 1 of the story is now finished the main story what happens after that is unknown.

The whole awaking thing did surprised me honestly win they first announced it no one thought of FFBE 'Awaking' type that is until now and the crossover they had and the CM got to me I was like hey they hinted a Crowe and Fayt with angel wings that he don't have out in SOA but has some kind of angel feather effect in FFBE...was that hint to Fayt 'awaking' in SOA?...or was that FFBE Fayt?.

This makes me want to skill thing to come faster but first we got Halloween and who we get.

So who do think we will get? I do want someone from SO3 I would not mind Fayt and Sophia and Nel for Halloween but they might mix it up a bit I do hope for some guys this time around no all girls like the Swimsuit girls or wedding girls that was too many girls.

Some people are guessing Celine and some others but we don't know yet.

And they can do characters that we are not expecting and have the fan base get upset again.

But yes looking forward to some info on Halloween event.

And get ready to do more farming I'm expecting harder level to be added to the boss or something new.

And if you're aiming for Rena for top heals try getting her now.

SOA SO4 side story.


Spoilers ahead if you had not played the new event do so before reading this.

Collapse )

"[The dreamer in a sea of stars who] 10/12 (Thursday) maintenance after more special event "the dreamer in a sea of stars who ' will be held. Original stories meet USTA Academy age edge, Raimi, Crowe captain was involved in a failed battle simulator!"

Now the events after that is quite a surprise it starts off win Crowe is talking to Roddick and Millie they are getting along that is until Holy Mother Eleyna shows up she asks if they are getting along and are they happy win they respond they are getting along that win Holy Mother Eleyna brakes the Ice

Holy Mother Eleyna tells Crowe and Roddick they are related by blood witch makes both guys say
'What!?' after that Holy Mother Eleyna tells them that Roddick is her descendant down the line witch makes the guys say 'What!?' again and after that Holy Mother Eleyna tells them that Roddick is the descendant from her and Crowe...leaves Crowe to freak out.

Not only that Crowe asks win and where and how that win Holy Mother Eleyna explains to him that is was 'fate' or something like that win Crowe pouts that well Holy Mother Eleyna is not his 'type' of girl that win she gets upset and says that he will get use to her one way or the other she also hits him.

Dun dun dun forceful ending is explained my guess is that Holy Mother Eleyna got Crowe drunk and...you know until she got pregnant they never did get along and Crowe wasn't happy with her win he got stuck with her hint to Star Ocean last hope ending.

Second event is Edge who goes to talk to Emmerson...O_o as Emmerson asks whats up Edge explains he needs 'help'...>_> as Edge explains how he wants to get stronger to protect Reimi as Edge tried to protect her from a dangerous sound that ended up being a 'cat'...needless to say Reimi wasn't pleased as Emmerson takes this the wrong way and thinks Edge needs help with women problems as Emmerson is happy to teach Edge how to be a flirt with the girls as Edge thinks it's training to make him stronger as he agrees to it as Emmerson is left thinking about Celine and Reimi with a smirk dialog.

After the 2 events that end no word on our character or where Fayt went to my guess we might be alone or with Fayt that just my guess.

But yes Gunner Edge wishes to be Defender Edge that is my guess Defender Edge is what Gunner Edge wants to be powerful enough to protect everyone even Reimi or should I say caster Reimi.

You can say they are past of Edge, Reimi and Crowe before last hope did happen.

But one thing is for sure to do anything with Fayt you have to go through the games and VR if that possible that might be the the last event with Fayt since he is busy with games and maybe something to do with us (our power my guess I can be wrong)

But yes this event win the 3 choices come along that is the first time we actually call Fayt by his name but sadly to say Fayt never call us 'Captain' he address us by our name and Fayt personality is how I guessed it was demanding and possessive quite the opposing how he was in SO3 in SO3 Fayt wasn't that much spoken and kept almost quite that is until SO3 help Fayt emotions to come out.

In SO3 people labeled Fayt as a 'uke' because of his personality that why girls loved him they liked to pair him with Cliff or Albel however SOA is quite different Fayt lost his girly abilities and become more dominated role that left SO3 fans...bitter so they turn to Albel trying to make him girly.

But that won't work it hinted that in SOA Albel is also a dominated role that why him and Fayt now clash I know how many times in auto-battle how Fayt protested win Albel was around.

And I also feel in SOA that us our character is not...a dominated role the way people order us around and how Fayt taken charge of us in this event we might be...Uke materiel that why everyone is attracted to us guys and girls.

But man this whole event screams fan materiel somehow it hinted that Edge might like Reimi somewhat win he didn't show that emotion in last hope at all as I said before Reimi in last hope was more forceful and Edge was more glued to anyone but Reimi there.

And this event shows Fayt personality alright it shows how much he changed since SO3 and how demanding and possessive he is and how much Fayt loves games and ordering us around :P I say that because that order was quite serious shocking our character that much.

Now I got the picture of Fayt dragging us around in the VR world :P taking lead as usual.

So that just my experience play this event and see for yourself but oh boy this event I was not expecting this at all now I wonder who will be for Halloween?

Save gems for Halloween we don't know who we will get.

Thinking it over now I think this event was aimed for girl player base...there no way guys would be talking about this event O_o just like the dozen of girl events was aimed for guys and the swimsuit girls was full of it.

So they might acknowledge girls play this game? or was they aiming for the guys that like guys? There are some like that that play this game you can find them on twitter but the fan base they like to go with is the guys who love girls hence all the girls we get and they forget the fan base is not one sided.

But my fan girl senses did pick this up.

Now watch after this they randomly throw a Sophia and Fayt event to even it out saying they are a couple it is hinted that Sophia likes Fayt more then friendship but in SO3 and in SOA Fayt never gives her any time in the school event they did Fayt was liked by a lot of girls O_o Sophia was pissed it showed off Sophia personality more in the school event they had Fayt was more into fighting Albel.

Swimsuit Sophia is a different story they showed off her body and make her breast bigger to make her liked by guys to make her more appealing to guys so she can be loved away from her school event counterpart.

This Icon is the home picture of the school event background the school event did happen.

I always thought that Fayt had a closeness to Sophia as a childhood friend but Sophia wants to be more wife material then childhood friend stage even in there ending if they are forced together by PA in SO3 it never hinted or said they are a couple not like Claude and Rena ending.

In SOA it true Sophia even here is trying to get Fayt attention but this is Fayt he will ignore her Fayt is almost drawn to swimsuit Sophia more I tested it out with both on my main account in auto battle that is until Fayt glares at Swimsuit Sophia and pushes her into the wall...

That why you want to play this game on auto to see who likes and dislikes who and yes I will say this again Fayt is a hard person to put with anyone he will either like or dislike them so putting him with a party is difficult putting Sophia in the party makes chaos she is clingy with Fayt and Fayt will reject and watch Fayt go way over on the other side of the room don't help and yes Sophia will react if there another girl rented she gets jealous that jealousy can make it tense and it can get so bad that Fayt will start to protest that Sophia is getting on his nerves that he start attacking recklessly...yes recklessly what I mean by that Fayt will swing his sword toward Sophia who runs in the other way...I seen this all on auto battle in SOA...O_O

Now Swimsuit Sophia is very flirty a rented one she will go up to Fayt and push her body forward almost pushing her breast in his face with her ball O_o...yes I seen that happen more then enough however Fayt will give her a little time second battle Fayt will run far away from Swimsuit Sophia or glare at her.

This gives a little bits of personality that Sophia has and if her and Fayt did become a couple I think Fayt would not be happy with her

Win you look at Rena and Claude that is romance and warm win you look at Fayt and Sophia that like Sophia trying to get Fayt who ignores her that my feelings and I know a lot of people will disagree with me.

However in SOA they might try to make it look like Fayt loves Sophia win we all know the hints says otherwise I'm expecting a event between Fayt and Sophia in the future if they are pushing for couples.

But this is my take and wow this event got me thinking about them.

SOA What Did I get?


So I tried the RNG right? On my main account.

Someone posted you can get the wind sword in this gacha so I rolled got that bow weapon the one I said was good for Reimi?

I rolled again it given me the same bow >_> rolled 3rd time given me a bunch of 5 weapons that was useless a fist, a gun a staff
Oh right the staff was the new earth one but I don't use casters T_T

So lastly I tried the other gacha got a Ice Staff...wasn't too happy.

Now I got 2 good bows for Reimi the

[Horn of Gold: Bow]
- Damage +40% to Beast Race
- Will not flinch to damage that is less than 10% of Max HP
LB Factor - ATK Damage +20% when over 100 hit


Weapon Name: Flame Soul Shooter
Type: Bow and Arrow
Factor: Gain Fire Attribute
+50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks
Limit Break Factor: Recover 3% HP every 5 seconds
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 958 ATK / 960 INT

And I'm not even using Reimi at this point (Not right now I do use her) I said forget it enough weapons I still got gems left so I'm going to save them.

Reimi with the flame soul shooter that's the red bow she is OP with it very OP I have not tried her on the new weapon I got.

So people was saying if you're going to keep the 'leader' you want 2 weapons for them good ones.

For Fayt I got Wind Sword and Ice Sword I was hoping to get another one of either one to help it but I never did T_T

On my alt Fayt has...Holy sword and Ice Sword I noticed the holy sword do nothing for Fayt however it boost his Intellect strangely I tested it and Intellect makes his Ethereal Blast do more damage O_o er...what? All I know on my alt win I tested it the Ice Sword did little damage versus the holy sword that did more thanks to Intellect it had on it.

I'm guessing Fayt needs that Intellect for his attacks right?...O_o if Fayt is still the 'Sword mage' without symbology in this universe
Oddly enough the Ice Sword boost Fayt attack but lowers his Intellect so his attacks get buffed but his Ethereal Blast get lowered??

Ugh I'm confused...

This is what I'd experienced so the Holy Sword Farwell is good for Fayt for attack and Intellect, the Wind Sword Storm dealer the blue sword that is Edge weapon is good for Fayt I noticed Fayt dose more damage with that weapon.

*sigh* so playing both my main account and alt and I'm still learning how it is...

So it can work if you can get more then 1 Ice sword to boots that Intellect maybe.

And if you can get element weapons do so it will help you in the long run for now Reimi has two good weapons and Fayt is going to be using the wind sword or a long long time until I get another Ice Sword if I ever do...T_T

My alt I'm going to try and roll win it done charging I was undecided to go for weapons for save for gacha the gacha they put in there might be a trap and I don't want to pull Lymle or Sophia from that however they have Rena in there for a small chance.

Ah for Swords --

Weapon Name: Storm Dealer
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Wind Attribute
Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
Limit Break Factor: 50% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 963 ATK / 958 INT
-Blue sword that might be Edge weapon- this weapon is perfect for Fayt right at this moment.

Weapon Name: Icicle Sword
Type: Sword
Factor: ATK +15%
Factor: Gain Ice Attribute.
Limit Break Factor: AP Usage Reduced by 10%
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 535 ATK / 533 INT
-Red-pink sword that is Ice elemental good for Fayt-

Weapon Name: Holy Sword Farwell.
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Light Attribute.
Critical Chance +10%
Limit Break Factor: AP Usage Reduced by 10%
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 960 ATK / 959 INT
-gold sword- not good for Fayt but it has damage and INT.

Weapon Name: Renowned Sword - Veinslay
Type: Sword
Factor: Damage to Divine +40%
Damage to Humanoid +20%
AP Usage Reduced by 10%
Limit Break Factor: 80% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 961 ATK / 956 INT
-green sword- the one that Fayt has in his pic I think...

I never did get the Veinslay at all it says you can get it from the Gacha but no luck on this side.

The Earth sword looks like it is the worst weapon for Fayt it might be good for Edge or Claude maybe Edge since Edge has that one earth attack...I think I never did roll for the earth sword the wind sword is much better for Fayt.

The Earth sword is-
Weapon Name: Scratch Blade
Type: Sword
Factor: Damage to Beast +40%
AP Usage Reduced by 10%
Limit Break Factor: Recover 5% HP every 3 seconds, if hitcount is 100 and above.
Yup the good weapon for Edge and it looks like Edge colors to.

I'm not too sure about weapons for Claude or Fidel I'm thinking all the weapons Fayt can use Fidel can use it to as for Claude maybe the Holy Sword Farwell?? Since Claude has no light elemental powers unlike Fayt? But Claude is more...Fire I think.

I'm not too sure about Roddick I never use him so...sorry maybe his weapon you get from the shop??

But I think this is enough thinking about weapons...seriously so just choose who you're going to use and go with the weapons.
Alt Millia

SOA voices


So I was wondering why I can never take Edge Japanese voice so seriously now I know why.

Edge Jap voice is Daisuke Kishio

At first I'm thinking Edge personality might on the Naruto level of voice not action just...the way Japanese Edge voice talks...

I got to tell you it's toned down a lot in the English version very much.

It just every time Edge do something I'm hearing Hakkaku from InuYasha it that tone that Daisuke is using and it's funny and cute.
(I just come to realized Hakkaku and Edge share the same Japanese voice actor that surprised me)

That's why I'm not taking Edge seriously at all O_o with Fayt serious light tone and Albel dead serious tone that's quite a party.

It like they want Edge to be serious but not serious and trying to make him different that the feeling I'm getting.

Come to think of it I think that was Edge personality he was serious and cheerful before...you know what happen in the game that made Edge become depressed yes we know.

So maybe I just got a refresh on Edge voice actor but I got to say Fidel, Claude and Edge might the laid back people there voices and how they act sometimes versus Albel and Dais distant actions and Fayt serious yet sometimes light tone and possessive side why I keep saying Fayt has possessive side? I got just got that feeling Fayt don't like to 'share' it often conflicts with Edge and Rena if I have them in party...no my Main account that Fayt is not getting along with Edge at all like I thought he was.

On my alt Fayt over there is now acting that way toward Dais just a little not bad over at my main account.

(Maybe I'm not seeing it but both Fayt and Albel sometimes act like they are protective of our character from the other party people maybe that how Fayt is acting toward Edge and Rena it just the way they act sometimes maybe it not trusting the new people either that or they are that possessive on my main I put Rena in party back party Fayt will stop in front of her next battle Rena will run off in the distant I was like 'wtf' did you glare at Rena...Fayt? Yes Fayt dose that often with Edge who runs away...poor Edge)

For the girls if I had them around I think Rena would have a nice soothing voice I can't stand Miki voice at all sorry Miki fans I also like Clair voice and somewhat can stand is Celine voice despite not having her at all another girls voice I can't stand has to be Lymle the way she talks...sorry and Nel voice is alright another one I don't have beside healer Nel on my main account.

off the topic-
The fan base wants wedding Cliff in a dress...that what I'm seeing on twitter O_o now only that the fan base is quit...vocal so I'm thinking this June is going to be full of fan wars who is best Waifu is going to be I just want wedding guys we got too much girls already.

So I'm thinking with the wedding event if we had one our character marries... the person we selected I can just imagine all our summons/characters fighting one another just to be 'the one' as I said the fan base is quite vocal some people just want nothing but girls some people want guys and some people want them all.

How I'm finding out is put them on auto and pause the battle every now and you will see your party do something...maybe you can see what they do sometimes win I do that Fayt will react sometimes and sometimes he completely ignores me, so I'm guessing our summons have a deep bond with our character or I like to think so.

So back on topic I just thought I'd share with you my thoughts yet again on this game and if you're going to use Fayt just watch out for that so for my main account I'm using Fayt, Albel and Edge drama in the nutshell part 2 is my alt Fayt, Dias and Albel for anything major I rent a Rena she's that good for heals.

Ironic I made this post to talk about Edge voice actor and end up talking about other ideas.

This is my experience everyone experience can be different.

SOA debate


So people was talking about what 'sword' to use on Fayt.

Light and Fire weapons you want to avoid with using Fayt since that his powers.

Ice, Wind and Darkness is good on him so what people are saying so that level 4 dark sword might work correct me on this one I thought there was a lv 4 dark sword but I would like to get a 5 dark sword to.

Right now Fayt still powerful if you use him right so me putting the Holy Sword Farwell on my alt Fayt isn't such a good idea but it has damage.

Pulling the Wind sword right now is a good weapon for Fayt if you have enough gems/crystal for the store gacha.

I would like to get a Ice sword for Fayt I think that might do good on him.

Holy Sword Farwell might work good on Claude I see a few that have that weapon and Edge might work good with that weapon.

But it's odd in this universe Fayt has no symbology so they given him elements that switch around depends on what foe you fight.

Come on Fayt need 'explosion' it a must symbology from SO3 but that what made him special from the other Star Ocean Hero's come to think of it Fayt might be the only one of the Star Ocean main Hero's that can cast symbology beside Rena.

So we can confirm Edge is more powerful then Dias? I finally taken Dias out of my party and wow Edge has a high HP boost now if you can't get Edge use Dias but make sure he has a good weapon.

Rena still top healer and fast caster with Faize they are still both fast what I like to do is have Fayt as leader and put both Rena for heals and buffs and Faize for fast and dark element that's on my main account and maybe rent a defender.

Using anyone that is not Rena is a juggle you might have to play them yourself since the AI are kind of...*cough* yes.

As for the wedding gacha in June I'm going to wait and see if the girls are worth it but yes too many girls...O_o

I think the fan people will have fun putting wedding Nel with Cliff or Albel if I do get her shes going with Clair...O_o yes I finally got Clair on my main account so...*cough* enough of that.

Celine is good to use if you have her but her casting is slow I rent one and I never did get her...my main and alt accounts said 'no' T_T

As for personality on my main account 'auto' battle Fayt gets along with Edge somewhat as Albel is ignoring Edge...so...and yes Fayt is still leader all ends will right? I don't know it looks like Albel got along with Fidel more...*cough* never mind moving on.

If you can get a element sword good if for anyone that might work for Fayt avoid light and fire ones.

And maxing out a sword isn't cheap so get ready to spend some money on it but if you have enough go for it.

SOA What did I get? 01


Collapse )

*Cough* *Cough* er...nothing in my alt account not until I get paid...T_T I got Meracle the on my first draw I was like 'ugh' next got Edge on my third I'm done with this gacha now to work on my alt poor Zero that is why you want a good weapon for Fayt once you get him to 10LB as soon as you can holy...yeah with rent Rena 10LB that works.

【新降臨イベント&ピックアップガチャ開催!】 5/25(木)メンテナンス後よりSO4後編イベント『アルマロス・デプス降臨』がスタート! 合わせてSO4より参戦の新キャラ『エッジ』『メリクル』のピックアップガチャも開催中!ピックアップは6/8(木)メンテナンスまで! #アナムネシス

So good luck on drawing either one Edge is pretty weak compared to Dais a lv 2LB Dais is a bit powerful compared to Edge but Edge can do his job you might want to start LB him if you want to use him I got both Edge and Dias 5 stars Dias 2 LB and Edge 1 LB so yes Edge has more HP and Dias has more...power? But Edge needs a good weapon to.

I hope my alt get this luck to T_T

But yes the power of Fayt at 10LB with a good weapon...

Oh I finally got SO3 on PS4 just finished DL it I will play it later.

Odd enough fighting ageist that Armaros Manifest that voice...sounded a lot like...Faize but I think they are done with SO4 events right?
giving the timeline for this story er...makes you wonder play SO4 it will make sense.
(I played the game I know what happens to Faize)

But we do know Celine do see SO4 people.

So that weapon is Edge weapon? Wait...what about the Holy Sword Farwell? I thought that was Edge weapon so I just given Edge weapon to Fayt lol I never did get Fayt weapon from the gacha but I guess they don't mind it looks good on Fayt.