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Shop - Pokémon Masters Pokemon masters normal day...not


since I posted about Pokemon masters I login the game to see what's up.

Collapse )

looks like both Steven and Hilbert both have feelings for the player. 

my player name is Hikaru I was thinking of naming him Light but then I went with Hikaru.

I just started so I'm low lv right now. is it me or Steven like to smile and laugh around the player a lot??

Hilbert has some mad aggro everyone just keeps on attacking him so I just play healer and keep him alive.

right now I'm focused on LV up oddly enough I see Blue hanging around by the desk a lot...lot lot of times I was like go back to Red he needs you! lol.
sorry about the half cut pics win Steven was talking I was too happy and click too fast omg...but I do recall what he was saying.

Steven new rival is Hilbert in the game of love...so this what happens win you give Steven someone that he starting to like.
Anime guy blue

SOA 【Special Report】 mysterious notice! [JP]


【特報】 艦長!大変です!謎の予告状が届きました! 現在情報の解析を行っており、判明した情報は特設ページや今週開催のTGS2019のステージで発表!ステージには素敵なゲストも登場! コラボ特設ページ⇒ TGS2019特設ページ⇒

【Special Report】 Captain! It's tough! I received a mysterious notice! We are currently analyzing the information, and the information we have found will be presented on a special page and on the stage of TGS2019 held this week. A wonderful guest appeared on the stage, too! Collaboration Special Page ⇒ TGS2019 Special Page ⇒


P5? Never saw that coming.

ペルソナ5 and アナムネシス never saw it coming.

now come on persona and star ocean ships are now starting. it's not P3 or P4 but this will do for now.

so who hyped for P5!?...

How is that going to work? Maybe a testing how sophia summons Efreet? How they will summon personas?

Now who will we get? Joker is one who will come with him? And what weapon will Joker have?

I was not e
xpecting this at all.

on twitter Lotus Juice just said "Tgs! Let me sing! Thank you very much"

P5 incoming with Lotus Juice and a Star Ocean crossover, Lotus Juice singing something from P5 and Star ocean omg please.

Now it drawing the people in this crossover will be good.

what do you think good or bad? P5 and SoA crossover.
Bridal and Groom

SOA Wedding Campaign reprint [JP]


【復刻ピックアップキャラガチャ】 6/20(木)メンテ後より「花嫁マリア」「花嫁ネル」「花嫁レナ」「花嫁イヴリーシュ」が出現する『復刻ピックアップキャラガチャ』を実施!10連ガチャにはアイテムと交換できるおまけ「復刻ウェディングコイン2017」つき! 期間は7/18(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス


Brides have return.

【ウェディングキャンペーン】 6/20(木)メンテ後よりウェディングキャンペーンを実施いたします! 期間中、復刻ガチャ、復刻イベントが開催されます!また、新スタンプが手に入る特別なログインボーナス等も開催されますので是非ご利用ください。 #アナムネシス
[Wedding Campaign] 6/20 (Thu) We will carry out the wedding campaign after maintenance! During the period, reprint Gacha, reprint event will be held! You can also take advantage of the special login bonus that you will get with the new stamp. #アナムネシス

Out of nowhere the bride girls have comeback.

just looked at my info in the game >_<;

saw this info on twitter omg.

花婿フェイト !...

花婿フェイト 💖🌸 omg.

"state that the character of the performance has been adjusted"

info about it.

花婿フェイト for...GL...? 🌸

may the RNG be with if you pull for them I'm not since I got 花婿フェイト on both accounts.

SOA Lezard and Mystina [GL]


Captain! Lezard and Mystina from VP will be appearing for the very first time! Now you got an increased chance of drawing new 5★ characters in Campaign Character Draw! New Maze of Frost and more! #StarOceanAnamnesis #StarOcean

I did roll for Lezard on my GL account and I did get him.
win will I show off my GL account?...🤔 maybe win I get groom fate 😎.

I did awaken fate/フェイト on my GL account now waiting for groom fate to drop.

Lezard just replaced Fidel who was in my party.

may the RNG be with you win you try for Lezard and Mystina.

if groom fate comes soon I'll be happy if not that's alright save more for him. 🌸
Anime girl white

SOA playable character [JP]


【新キャラクター情報】 2/14(木)メンテナンス後より、新キャラクター「アンリ」「バッカス」「ヴァルカ」が登場!「バッカス」「ヴァルカ」は新武器種「ランチャー」で登場です! #アナムネシス

[New character Information] 2/14 (Thu) After maintenance, new character [Henri] [Bacchus] [Valka] appeared! [Bacchus] [Valka] is appeared in the new weapon species [launcher]! #アナムネシス


---From facebook---

[2019/13 Radio Information — 2/14 Update etc.]


New Event -「孤独の闇とモーフィスの輝き」The Darkness of Solitude & Radiance of Morphius

—— New Playable Character: Vulcan ——

Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Launcher (New)

- Damage Dealt Up (All Allies)
- Recovers All Allies AP when using [Skill]
- While at x Hit Count, Stats Up (Self)

—— New Playable Character: Anri ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Rifle

- While at Close Distance, Stats Up & Increases potency of Specific Skill
- While at Long Distance, AP Recovery Speed Up

—— New Playable Character: Bacchus ——

Role: Defender (Ace)
Weapon Type: Launcher (New)

- While Hit Count is at x, All Allies ATK and INT Damage Dealt Up
- After a Rush Combo, resumes battle with a fixed Hit Count (All Allies)


- Character Pickup Gacha for the 3 New Characters above.
∟ 10-Pull Bonus will grant Limited Currency, which can be used to exchange for the Pickup Targets once enough has been gathered


- Clair Awakening

---End of facebook---

that was fast O_O so are the girls not selling?...

3 new characters to be added and the long awaited Bacchus who is late.

this the first time in a long time for a 3 character gacha.

I guess the all girls didn't work this time huh?...I'm not too sure the girls made it nothing big about them on twitter at all from what I saw.

I almost tempted to pull for them on my alt almost and people did want bacchus who is very late.

may the RNG be with you if you do pull for them.

new weapon Launcher...opera with healing star??

but for Whips Ernest so they need to add whips weapons so Ernest can be added next.

we need more scythe users I still want fayt with scythe.

launcher will be added so more weapons and more characters that can use launcher.

SOA Sakura Taisen Collab Event [JP] 🌸


---From facebook---

• Event「Romantic Breeze Across the Ocean of Stars」
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) (After MT)
End: 7 February, 2019 (Thu) (After MT)

- Uses Item Exchange, with the required Empire’s Floral Assault Team Coin to be earned in the Event Stages.
- There is an additional stage at 30 AP which requires a Vanish Bomb, and awards 100 Gems as it’s First Clear Reward. They can be attained through various events.

- There are certain areas which require the use of Cherry Blossom Keys to advance. To get these Keys clear the three respective stages after the story missions.
※ Total of 3 Cherry Blossom Keys can be attained in this event, but only one is needed. The rest can be sold after the event has ended.

※ Surprise Battles in the higher stages will now drop Gear Coins

—— Character Drop Bonus ——

By having Sakura, Erica or Gemini, players will receive drop bonuses based on how many of them they have.
If the player has one of these characters, they will receive a +1 Bonus Drop, while if they have 2, they will receive a +2 Bonus Drop. Drop Bonuses are capped at 2.

Do note that players do not need to have them in the party for these bonuses to apply.

In Multiplayer, only those who possess the characters will have the drop bonuses. The game will not tell you if other players have these characters.

—— Event Boss: Demonfell Plant ——

- Event Boss: Demonfell Plant
Weakness: Light and Fire Element.
Race: Demon
Ailments: Susceptible to Poison and Freeze.

Slow but powerful attacks. May charge directly towards allies even if they’re at a distance from the boss with it’s variety of movesets. While Enraged, may use Long Distance attacks in a line.

※ Enrage Timer: 7 min

—— Event Weapons ——

[ Sakura’s One-Hand Sword : Virtuous Sword・Wild Hawk ]
- Damage of Cherry Blossom Soaring Mist +20%
- Single Target Damage +10%
- (LB5) Damage Taken -10%

[ Erica’s Guns : Raphael ]
- Damage of Sacré de Lumiére +20%
- ATK Damage Taken -10%
- (LB5) AP Consumption -10%

[ Gemini’s One-Hand Sword : Mop]
- Damage of Drafting Cloud +20%
- ATK Damage +10%
- (LB5) HP +10%

※ Each of these Weapons have 1 Slot
※ Green Hammers in the Coin Exchange are required to LB these weapons

—— Event Accessory ——

[ Event Accessory : Gemini’s Western Hat]
- AP Recovery Speed 30%
- While at Close Distance, ATK Damage Taken -10%

—— Event Achievements ——

- Clear Event Beginner (4 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1000 Empire’s Floral Assault Team Coin

- Clear Event Intermediate (10 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1500 Empire’s Floral Assault Team Coin

- Clear Event Advanced (20 Sta) Stage 1 time
x2000 Empire’s Floral Assault Team Coin

- Clear Event Super (30 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1 Gemini’s Western Hat, Accessory

- Clear Event Hell (40 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1 4* Weapon Ticket

- Clear Event Hell (40 Sta) Stage 10 times
x5 Limit Breaker S

- Clear Event Hell (40 Sta) Stage 20 times
x10 Limit Breaker S

- Clear Event Prison (40 Sta) Stage 40 times
x15 Limit Breaker S

- Clear Story Mission, “[Navigation Log] Opera Troupe of the Star Ocean” 1 time
x1 Sakura/Erica/Gemini Stamp, “Choose your Victory Pose!!”

- [Daily Achievement ~ 24 Jan] Obtain 700 Empire’s Floral Assault Team Coin
x1 Platinum Ingot

—— Friendship Gift Achievements ——

- About Friendship Gifts
From 12/13 onwards, you will be able to give Friendship Gifts to your characters, which will in turn increase their affection.

※ The Achievements are based on the amount of Event Coins attained in the Event.


• Event Reprint, Shrouded Gaze Event
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 31 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Coin Exchange which uses Silver & Gold Treasury Coins does not reset.
- Able to also earn Reprint Coins.

- Boss: Shrouded Gaze.
Demon Race. Weak to Thunder Element. Changes attacks depending on player’s distance, and shoots projectiles. Allies at long distance (such as Shooters etc.) will have higher aggro over the projectiles. Close Range Attackers and the like can easily attack. Able to inflict Freeze and Seal ailments. In 50AP & 60AP Stages, marks target and uses a beam attack afterwards.

- Treasury’s Silver Coin Exchange
- Treasury’s Gold Coin Exchange


• Event Reprint, Mother Polyphaga Origin
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 31 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Coin Exchange does not reset with required Astral Coins available once more. Also able to attain Reprint Coins to be used in it’s respective store.
- As usual, able to attain Cyuss’ Great Sword, and Crimson Grace Phia’s Bow, with the Green Hammers used to LB them.

- Boss: Mother Polyphaga Origin
Bug Race. Weak to Ice Element. High DEF, Recommended Crit. Does not have a particularly strong attack, but attacks consecutively. Immune to Paralysis, Seal and Curse. Susceptible to Poison and Freeze.

—— Collab Campaigns——

• Limited Item Set「Sakura Taisen Collab Set」
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 31 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Limited Bundle available in the Item Shop
- Available ONCE per player
- Costs 7000 Gems

Contents of Bundle:
- x1 5* Ace Character Ticket
- x1 5* Character Ticket
- x2 5* Weapon Ticket
- x1 Vanish Bomb
- x2 Limit Breaker L
- x20 Platinum Ingot
- x50 Prism Platinum
- x2 AP Seed
- x50 of Each Seed
- x70 Stamina Ticket (Full)

• Limited Achievements
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 31 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Defeat 200 Enemies
x1 Limit Breaker L

- Clear 10 Missions in under a minute (excluding Story)
x1 5* Weapon Ticket

- Clear Ruins of Trials 6 times
x1 5* Character Ticket

- Limit Break a Weapon 1 time
x6 Prism Crystals

- Attain a Victory in Multiplayer 5 times
x30 Prism Platinums

- Enhance an Accessory 3 times
1 000 000 FOL

- Enhance a Weapon 10 times
x1 AP Seed

- Attain 1 Custom Gear
x30 Reprint Coins

• Sakura Taisen Pickup Gacha (Sakura / Erica / Gemini)
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) (After MT)
End: 7 February, 2019 (Thu) (After MT)

- Increased rates for the newly added Limited Collab Characters: Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine & Gemini Sunrise!
※ Sakura Taisen Collab Characters will be completely removed from the pool from 7 February, 2019 (Thu) After MT onwards
※ SRF Fayt/SRF Sophia and NieR Collab Characters are not included in this pool

—— New Character: Sakura Shinguji——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: One-Hand Sword

[Battle Skills]
- Cherry Blossom Bloom
- Cherry Blossom Reversal Wheel
- Cherry Blossom Divine Liberation
- (6* Evo) Cherry Blossom Soaring Mist

- ATK +50% / While at Close Distance, ATK +70% (All Allies)
- Increase AP Recovery Speed while Moving (All Allies)
- Adds Light Element to Attacks / When using [Cherry Blossom Soaring Mist] and [Cherry Blossom Reversal Wheel], Recovers All Allies Rush Gauge (Self)
- While Charge Assaulting, Invalidates Crit Damage Taken & AP Recovery Speed +100% & While Charge Assaulting from Idle Stance, Starts from Skill Chain 2 (Self)

[Rush Combo : Cherry Blossom Heaven-Piercer | ATK x4500%]
- ATK Damage +60% (All Allies / 20s)

—— New Character: Erica Fontaine ——

Role: Healer (Ace)
Weapon Type: Gun

[Battle Skills]
- Grace au Ciel
- Metyu Do Bare
- Pri Do Bare
- (6* Evo) Sacré de Lumiére

- While HP is over 20%, 90% chance to survive a fatal blow (Self)
- While HP is over 20%, 80% chance to survive a fatal blow (All Allies) / While at Close Distance and HP is over 20%, 90% chance to survive a fatal blow (All Allies)
- When using a Battle Skill, Recovers All Allies AP (Self)
- Reduces Casting Time by 40% & While Skill Chain is over 3, INT Damage +40% (Self)
- INT +20% & HP +30% & AP +20 (Self)

[Rush Combo : Evangile | INT x4000%]
- Recovers 50% HP & All Elemental Damage +50% (All Allies / 20s)

—— New Character: Gemini Sunrise ——

Role: Defender (Ace)
Weapon Type: One-Hand Sword

[Battle Skills]
- Rumbling Wheel
- Helm Divide
- Trinity Pierce
- (6* Evo) Drafting Cloud

- Damage Taken -20% / While under Aggro, Damage Taken -30% (All Allies), -50% (Self)
- Will not flinch to Damage under 25% HP / While Attacking, will not flinch (All Allies)
- Single Target Damage +25% / While at Close Distance, Single Target Damage +50% (All Allies) & While Gemini is under Aggro, AP Consumption -20% (All Allies)
- Aggro Rate +3 & Allows Midair Evasion & While at Close Distance, ATK and DEF +20% (Self)

[Rush Combo : Turning Swallow | ATK x4500%]
- AP Consumption -50% & Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds (Self / 20s)


• New Weapons Gacha (Sakura Taisen Collab)
Start: 17 January, 2019 (Thu) (After MT)
End: 7 February, 2019 (Thu) (After MT)

- New Weapon Pickup Gacha (新武器ピックアップガチャ)
Increased rates for the four new weapons, which have Fire/Light Elemental & Demon Killer Passives.

- Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha (新武器1本確定10連ガチャ)
Once per player, 10-pull Weapon Gacha which will guarantee at least one of the four new weapons.

- Step-Up Gacha (新武器1本確定3ステップ10連ガチャ)
Includes a total of 3 steps. Only 10-pulls, and upon reaching the 3rd Step, will guarantee any one of the three pickup targets. Resets after 3rd Step. x1 New York Floral Assault Team Coin will be given as bonus for each step, and they are to be used in it’s respective Coin Exchange:

The Coin Exchange includes Pink Hammers to Limit Break the new Gacha Weapons below.

—— Pickup Targets ——

※ Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Perma & Ticket Banners on 24 January, 2019 (Thu) After MT
※ All 4 of these Weapons have 3 Slots Each for Gears to be equipped.

[Light Blade・Immaterial : One-Hand Sword]
- All Elemental Damage +20% & Damage to Demon Race +40%
- While Skill Chain is over 3, Crit Rate +30%
- (LB5) While Skill Chain is over 4, AP Consumption -30%

[Gabriel : Gun]
- Adds Light Element to Attacks & Light Elemental Damage +20%
- ATK & INT Damage Taken -15%
- (LB5) While Attacking, will not flinch

[Red Sun : One-Hand Sword]
- Adds Fire Element to Attacks & Fire Elemental Damage +20%
- HP +10%
- (LB5) Absorbs 15% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks

[Bunny’s Venture : Book]
- Damage to Demon Race +60%
- Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds
- (LB3) Damage +10%

---End of facebook---

Sakura Taisen Collab Event info up.

not very excited for this but what I did noticed is...

Fayt has a voice at the home screen we knew that SRF fayt did have a voice at the home screen but now original fayt has a voice at the home screen 🌸

now to farm items.

so good luck on pulling them may the RNG be with you and for this fight

light and fire get you're fayt's ready to go or anyone that can use light and fire elements or weapons.

no I'm not going to pull any of them but it looks like JP was hyped about them from twitter.

I must say the 🌸 home screen is so cute I wished we can keep it 🌸🌸🌸


[Light Blade・Immaterial : One-Hand Sword]
- All Elemental Damage +20% & Damage to Demon Race +40%
- While Skill Chain is over 3, Crit Rate +30%
- (LB5) While Skill Chain is over 4, AP Consumption -30%

[Red Sun : One-Hand Sword]
- Adds Fire Element to Attacks & Fire Elemental Damage +20%
- HP +10%
- (LB5) Absorbs 15% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks

checking my swords the Red sun would be a upgrade from 2B weapon the swords I have are alright I don't need to pull for the new ones.

man that sword that upgraded wind sword with the Health regeneration is good I'm using it taken a look at SRF fayt weapon the one you can pull it's alright but it lacks a bit INT from it and I want INT win using fayt.

for groom fayt it either the wind sword or SRF fayt sword and I know SRF fayt sword do have health regeneration also it's good for SRF fayt or groom fayt I'm not putting SRF fayt sword on original fayt since SRF fayt sword has

[Mech Crusher・Divine Cutter : One-Hand Sword]
- Adds Light Element to Attacks & Damage to Mech Race +40%
- Aggro Rate +3
- (LB5) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

that aggro pull so this Mech sword that is SRF fayt sword will go to either groom fayt or SRF fayt himself I'm tempted to pull for the red sun sword however I do like the health regeneration from the wind sword.
Anime guy blue

SOA Distorted Reality [GL]


Well April fools so soon?

Eve and Michael is here however.

the whole edit profile is only done to a few characters not all of them unlike Japan ver had it all.

namely one of them is Fayt profile in JP ver he was labeled as school perfect president and love to fight and was highly popular among girls.

one of those girls who has not a edit profile is Chloe in JP ver her profile said she was trying to get close to Fayt or was around him a lot and that was making Sophia extra salty.

Why I recall Chloe profile because it was all over twitter Sophia fans was pissed about her and how close Chloe was to Fayt and Fayt fans was all 'www' about it they even joked about Chloe making Sophia salty.

Sophia profile in JP ver is she was extra salty about Fayt being around all the girls and not paying attention to her at all.

even Albel had a edit profile his spark attention on twitter that Albel was the 'bully' loner that skip classes and hang around lots of cats and Fayt was trying to fight him thus Albel was hiding from Fayt.
twitter fans loved Albel edit profile they even was making pics of Fayt trying to find Albel in a school setting it was all over twitter that time. (Edit)

I did remember that much thinking about Albel edit profile people did like it and yes it spark pictures of Albel with Anne and cats also since Anne is a cat lover to.

JP version focused more on Fayt trying to fight Albel I don't know if they changed that on GL or not I'll have to see.

on JP side they did all profiles not just the handful all of them it sparked on twitter it made a lot of people talk about it but this ver on GL they got lazy no all edit profiles.

that some changes I recall so get ready for the April fools event so soon.

And yes this event was made for JP side people joked about 'Eve' not being a character to play thus this event was made it supposed to be a April fools event Eve was a joke character that's why she revives with 1 HP with her rush.

However after this event air in JP people taken Eve seriously she not a joke character no more she has other copies that are good.

I'm going to do the story a bit later right now I'm getting ready for

STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #33 for JP side so no updating the story and how I feel compared to the JP ver nor right now.

"Captain! It's a bird... It's a Plane...It's...Coro!? Face Coro Revorse in A Powerful Foe Attacks! Also, Michael Descends Returns, new characters, and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS #StarOcean"

Story Feedback-
Alright did the story it was alright part 2 win the next one comes I think that one will have Fayt and Albel and Sophia story with Maria and Cliff (I think) but the story is cheesy and it reminds me of something of a high school drama people disliked this story some people liked it to me it's alright.

Just you wait until we get that background for our home screen picture time.

SOA Maid event [JP]


We know that we are getting maid sophia and butler leon, another sophia and leon banner I don't mind if they put sophia with leon.

【新イベント開催!】 8/30(木)メンテ後より新イベント『夢幻の森の迷い猫』を開催! ミッションクリアで「夢の国の銀貨」を集めて、イベ限定武器をゲット! イベアクセ「生意気執事の懐中時計」は、チャージアサルトのリスクを減らし、敵と遠距離時には消費APも減らすスグレもの! #アナムネシス

Will I be drawing on them?...No I don't want another sophia it's bad enough I got original sophia on both accounts and swimsuit sophia who I never use on my main account, I have to say leon is cute if sophia wasn't on that banner I would of drawn for leon but no.

so more gems being saved again.

---from facebook---
• Pickup Gacha (Butler Leon & Maid Sophia)
Start: 30 August (After MT)
End: 13 September (After MT)

- Increased rates for the Limited Servant Characters, Butler Leon & Maid Sophia!
※ Butler Leon & Maid Sophia will be completely removed from the pool from 9/20 (After MT) onwards
※ All Swimsuit Characters will not be included


- Maid Sophia (Ace Shooter / Dual Guns)

Battle Skills:
- Skyline Shooting (Contract)
- Stardust Aim (Contract)
- Hard Knocker (Contract)
- (6* Evo) Sweep Trigger

- Damage +40% / While Hit Count is at 100 & 200, Damage +50% & +60% respectively (All Allies)
- While Hit Count is at 50 & 100, AP Consumption -10% & 20% respectively (All Long Range Weapon Users)
- While Hit Count is above 250, Rush Combo Damage +40% (Self)
- Evasion AP Consumption -50% (All Allies) & AP Evasion Distance & Evasion Speed +100% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Cradle Song - Beat | ATK x4000%]
Crit Rate +30% & AP Consumption -40% (Self / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose


- Butler Leon (Ace Shooter / Dagger)

Battle Skills:
- Flying Rend (Servant)
- Shockwave (Servant)
- Dancing Sword (Servant)
- (6* Evo) Gremlin Lair (Servant)

- Converts 50% of INT to ATK (All Attackers / All Shooters / All Defenders)
- While target is at Long Distance, ATK & INT Damage +20% (All Allies)
- AP Recovery Speed +100% (Self) & AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies)
- While Charge Assaulting, Negates Crit & While Charge Assaulting, Crit Rate +40% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Dark Circle | ATK x4000%]
ATK Damage +50% (All Allies / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose

- Added an option to view current status of Login Bonus
- Allows 10-pulls to be done with Gacha Tickets in the Ticket Gacha
- In the Gacha Screen, adds an additional tab for Event Box Gachas
- Able to attach symbols to saved parties which can be used as an indicator for specific roles, elements etc.
- When selecting an Assist Character, added a Sort option.


★ View Recently Played-With Players
Users will now be able to check who they recently played with in Multiplayer to Follow/Block. Up to 30 Players will be displayed.

★ 3D Model Resolution (apart from Battle)
Users will now be able to adjust the resolution of the 3D Models outside of Battle, such as in the Home etc.

★ Assist Skill Activation
Users will now be able to select between long pressing or tapping once to active Assists Skills in Battle

---end of facebook---

I don't know why after all the sophia we have I'm getting a bit tired of seeing sophia she was the swimsuit event with swimsuit maria and fayt it just...I don't know I feel like I'm getting burnt on seeing sophia a lot that just me people might feel otherwise.

swimsuit maria event is still bittersweet on my tongue yet I'm still annoyed about that whole romance comedy maybe that why I don't feel really hyped about maid sophia.

I'm not surprised they are pushing sophia out again after the whole 'silent' on twitter I think maybe they are trying to bring sophia back in favor of the people and right after the whole chaos that was swimsuit maria event ugh...

That reminds me about her dialog she said in swimsuit maria event...
big volleyballs...and swimsuit sophia said that made swimsuit maria doubt her sexiness not only that swimsuit sophia wanted fayt to play with her quote 'big volleyballs' ugh...enough of that that's all in the past...moving on.

even with her breast back to normal and putting sophia with leon that's not going to make me draw for her people might and I wish them luck on getting her if they want her.

I'm going to skip this banner may the RNG be with you.

Event story-
This is all a dream and Sophia ends up with Fayt yes more romance and they also put groom fayt in this event this whole event a big SophiaXFayt ship heads so looks like fayt picked sophia over maria more otome game romance so it this is hinted that fayt ends up with sophia.

I'm skipping this event on my main account I preview this story on my alt account looks like they finally shipped sophia with fayt looks like sophia bigger volleyballs won and maria lost and sophia was right about maria not being sexy.

I'm a bit upset but I'm not going to let this get me.

looking at twitter there are a lot of sophiaXfayt fans and since they was pissed about fayt not liking sophia this event fix this 100% they are now shipping fayt and sophia as a couple sorry maria you're out of luck so far this game has nothing but couples it feels like I'm playing a otome visual novel full of romance that nothing to do with star ocean except the characters and sexy girls so yes they did pair sophiaXfayt in this event as a couple.

keep in mind win you see another sophia she with fayt now they made it proof that sophia will always love fayt this event is proof that they are shipping faytXsophia now wow I do feel sorry for maria she got...and thing thing about groom fayt that pisses me off people paid money for his character and since groom fayt had no event they pair him with sophia it like they was saving groom fayt for this moment maybe that's why we never got a groom fayt in the bridal event.

And yes the fans that ship faytXsophia are very very very happy that the fans they listen to.

if you look at the twitter page it looks like they retweet one of the fans
looking at the fan page I think that tweet they made was removed the fan page looks all happy and what not but that just one of the fans, they just retweet another fan they are supporting looks like...girls/or people who support girl characters it not hard to see this was done out of favoritism I want to say this not the first time...I would say something else but it might trigger people so I'm not going to say it.

I found 2 more accounts that are friends with the two tweets they posted and all of the accounts might be girl players but I'm thinking one them might not be a girl it there name.
I'm not going to list them you might be able to find out there close friends if you look at the tweets they posted about the 2 people they posted.
Link-Link-https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX just look at 2 people they tweeted about and they are close friends with one another the 2 people have 2 more friends that they are all the might be all faytXsophia supporters I know they was pissed and upset that fayt wasn't into sophia so this event might be for them not us the players not the people who pay for this game but other fan girls maybe. (theory for now we don't know the full story)

there was a lot of fans that was upset about the whole fayt not liking sophia they was pissed and they did this whole event for the faytXsophia fans to make them happy that's all to it and yes I did skip this event on my main account I don't care about faytXsophia at all sorry.

SOA rough theory [JP]


In the April fools event the whole school event if you looked at everyone BIOS they was changed to hinted what was going on.

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Now if you play on auto-battle you will see that fayt is very picky about what type of guys who you have in party...and I know for a fact that fayt do not like rena for some reason that's all thanks to auto-battle seeing who like and dislike one another.

Win this come to GL I don't know if they are going to change all of this or leave it this is off my theories and events I saw but enough with the romance this is not a romance game I know they are doing this because they think of...Otome games to attract girl this is not working.

people on reddit was saying the reason they was doing this was popularity they was trying to aim at the latest popularity among people I don't know if that true or not but them making sexy girls and doing romance story is 'meh' to me maybe some people might like it.

they are making sexy girls to keep the guys playing this game and making romance stories for the girls they are trying to attract I'm a girl and I don't like romance stories that much.

thinking about what happen and looking at the swimsuit events got me thinking about all of this is is based off my theories and my thoughts people can think differently win they see this events that are going on and what hints they are doing.

you can say this random talk don't take this seriously it just based off what I saw and the random hints they was giving off.

maybe that's why they taken swimsuit maria event off so fast it backfired we don't know.

SOA swimsuit story [JP] and Talk.


So the story isn't that bad it do hints a little of Roddick and Millie it not over powerful and over done like Swimsuit Maria event >_>

Now speaking of that twitter the fan base has lighten up a bit after the whole swimsuit Maria event some people are now saying both Sophia and Maria are both Fayt wife's the battle between Sophia and Maria fans are now going at it again.

I have not touched Swimsuit Eve event because I know she like our character to some degree that hinted win we get Yrian Luxter you got the choice to give him a banana and Eve gets upset she don't want our character being friendly with Yrian that was one of the new stories from Twin Eclipse it was obvious that they are trying to make Eve center girlfriend for our character they tried in the past and they are trying again if you want to know who Yrian Luxter is he that blue hair boy from Twin Eclipse.

And yes Eve calls our character by our name that I did not care about that before they did the same in the Fed Edge and Fed Reimi event Fayt called our character by our name but they changed that and now Fayt just calls us captain and now Eve calls us by our name.

I said I don't care about Eve I know she has feelings of romance for our character and they hinted many many times about that.

I was going to try on my alt to roll this time but I'm going to pass I don't want that Eve at all for my alt.

So this little change I noticed they are trying to slide some romance in this I don't care about romance and they are making couples like Roddick and Millie and the love triangle they made with Fayt and Sophia and Maria I'm not into that.

I think they are trying to now attract girls who love romance like the drama that is Fayt having to choose between Sophia and her 'Big volleyballs' and Maria 'Dominating' body I don't care for that it was hinted in Chisato story they was going to do a romance love triangle with Fayt, Sophia and Maria so expect to see more of that in the future.

However Swimsuit Millie event was light and alright but win they added Swimsuit Roddick they went back to hinted romance it like they are saying here a hot guy in a swimsuit but his heart belongs to Millie but we want girls to spend money on him.

As I girl I find Swimsuit Roddick almost cute almost but win they thrown Swimsuit Millie and having Millie rush after the monster thinking that monster was some kind of 'god' and Roddick going and saving her that's...ugh.

So everything every event Roddick had with anyone *cough* Fayt and Fidel...that don't matter since they are pushing him with Millie now the romance is clear as crystal.
Just like they did with the bridal Reimi event she was with Edge that was clear as crystal.

All this romance reminds me of...Tales Series like win Jude sees Milla and if I wanted romance there is Tales of Hearts but good god I can't even finish that game because of all the comedy romance in it.

I heard from reddit that someone heard the person who doing this is putting things into the game that are 'Popular among young people' but they are making sexy girls like we know they are making for the guys to pay money for this game and now they are throwing romance for the girls who like romance.

And there is a talk now among facebook global and reddit that girls are oversexed and sexy I will tell you this expect more girls more girls in future we had a bad drought between the first EoE event and the first Swimsuit and the first bridal event that was all girls I remember that.


As for the talk in SOA global join there group and look for the topic in facebook.

That was bad and it got so bad Swimsuit Myuria JP voice actor come on win they first released her and she asked 'Where are the guys at?' that was the time they was making nothing but girls girls girls and girls and I think that was about the time win SINoALICE was the talk among people and SINoALICE from the looks of it has girls I'm not too sure if that changed but win I first saw it it was big on girls.

Looking at the history yes they did make a lot of girls for the guys so don't be surprised win you see girls and more girls and in fact one of the guys who make this did like Nel people know that he liked Nel a lot more that why she almost special and I got a feeling that he don't like Fayt that much and guys in general.

And don't forget Nel got that special pillow Nel was so loved by that guy they made this
Link- https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%B9%E3%82%AF%E3%82%A6%E3%82%A7%E3%82%A2%E3%83%BB%E3%82%A8%E3%83%8B%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B9-SQUARE-ENIX-%E3%82%B9%E3%82%BF%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A3%E3%83%B3-%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8A%E3%83%A0%E3%83%8D%E3%82%B7%E3%82%B9/dp/B078VHF7TN/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1533860023&sr=8-2&keywords=%E3%82%B9%E3%82%BF%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A3%E3%83%B3%EF%BC%9A%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8A%E3%83%A0%E3%83%8D%E3%82%B7%E3%82%B9

The Swimsuit Sophia pillow one was was made to draw in the guys however the story with Swimsuit Sophia and Swimsuit Maria clearly says they both want Fayt.

Why do you think it taken them this long to release a Swimsuit Guy?

And yes today I'm salty sorry about all of this but that what is going down.

And if your doing this swimsuit event good luck with it and may the RNG be with you.

I was going to try for Swimsuit Roddick but I'll pass anyways.

I did buy myself a new computer O_O so I don't need to upgrade my old one and putting the cost to buy all that upgrade parts was the same amount of buying a new computer so I'm going to be busy setting that up.

Since I did not spend any money since bridal Fayt come out I had time to save it and save enough to buy myself a new computer it shocked me.

back to savings.

And I hope you have fun with this swimsuit event and may the RNG be with you.

Now I'll say this in design wise Swimsuit Maria is cute she was made to be sexy also I do like Swimsuit Roddick design also if you ignore the story they made for them and try for them good luck with that.

And if you feel that you want to draw for any of them go ahead use the characters that you like and have fun may the RNG be with you.

I turn on my switch and got a few games I was looking in the store win I noticed a lot of otome games that was supposed to be liked among girls?...hmm there not looking at otome games are they??
Nah...that can't be it...>_> *cough* it would explain the comedy romance maybe.