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SOA Featured Weapons [JP]


--------From facebook----

—— Featured Weapons ——

5★ Greatsword :「Umbrella Blade・Twilight Serpent Eye」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
While Hit Count is over 200, Critical Rate +50%
(LB5) While HP is at 100%, AP Recovery through Normal Attack +150%

5★ Dagger :「Evil Relic Swords・Gold Twins」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
While HP is above 10% and at Long Range with Target, 90% chance to survive a fatal blow
(LB5) While User is 100% HP, Critical Rate Received +20% (All Enemies)

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Relic Sword of Malice」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
While Hit Count is over 200, ATK Damage Dealt +50%
(LB3) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

— Notes —

※ These Weapons will be added to the Permanent & Ticket Banners on 12 September, 2019 (Thu) After MT.

---end of facebook---

Now lets talk about weapons good dark elemental weapons.

good for One hand sword users if you have not gotten the ice sword from the Tales event.
this sword might be worth looking at if you are starting.

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Relic Sword of Malice」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
While Hit Count is over 200, ATK Damage Dealt +50%
(LB3) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds.

good for heals stack but you got to get that hit count up over 200 for ATK damage +50

So I got this sword for may main and my alt if you are a sword user this is a good sword
for the dark element and the heals recovers 10% every 3 seconds is good for heal stacks.

Relic Sword of Malice is a blue version of Fate sword is that a hint to a new alt fate?
I want to hope for it but I doubt it.

this sword works good with any sword user you are using right now I see it fitting
perfectly with fate since he had the red version of this sword as his weapon.

now if you are using bunny maria or even edge or fidel or claude this will be a good time to
start looking for elemental swords for them.

or find characters with duel elements like 2B or Fate I like using fate since he has duel
elements adding this dark sword original fate has now fire/light/dark I like to go with
weakness with the right elemental sword.

just play with characters that you like to me it looks like JP just plays with who they like
that very different from GL but JP love to stamp stamp and stamp.

I was not going to roll but win I saw that sword I had to get it I was saying
'Finally they added a dark sword how long?'

I am a fate main user so my party is around fate and his alts so looking forward to new
elemental swords coming out.

just have fun with this game if you are playing JP ver.

on twitter I seen a all claude JP party who just nothing but claude and I seen on twitter a all girl party who uses nothing but girls just use who you want and go.

I did pull for the new weapons I got both on my account I can post pics of them later.

May the RNG be with you pulling for the new weapons.

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Quote from twitter
"survey rank is an ominous number w"

the survey we just had in game...💭 makes me think who the most wanted character was. hmmm 🤔.
Anime girl white

SOA Arumat & Caleen [JP]


Info coming from facebook


- Main 11/15 UPDATE | Sahariel Plunderer Event / Faize Awakening etc.


• Pickup Gacha (Arumat & Caleen)
Start: 15 November (After MT)
End: 29 November (After MT)

- Increased rates for the newly added Permanent Characters, Arumat & Caleen!
- 10-pulls will grant a Bonus x1 Pickup Character Coin. This coin is to be used in it’s respective Coin Exchange, where copies of the Arumat and Caleen are available (at x10 Coin Each).
※ Halloween Characters not included in this lineup

— Gacha Pull Achievements —

Gifts will be given depending on the amount of pulls done in this banner. Total of 100-pulls to attain all gifts.

Total Gifts:
- x30 Platinum Ingot
- x50 Prism Platinum
- x100 HP Seed
- x50 INT Seed
- x5 AP Seed
- x50 GRD/ATK/HIT/DEF Seeds

—— New Character: Arumat ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Scythe (New)

Battle Skills:
- Unholy Maelstrom (Soldier)
- Purgatory Palm (Soldier)
- Diabolic Edge (Soldier)
- Death Flash

- Adds Fire & Wind Elements to Attacks (Self) & Short Distance ATK Damage +50% (All Attackers)
- Negates Crit while Charge Assaulting (Self) & Starts with Skill Chain 2 when Charge Assaulting (Self)
- AP Recovery Speed +100% (Self) & Upon a Perfect Evasion, Recovers own AP by 100% (Self)
- ATK +30% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Spiral Slip | x5500%]
AP Consumption -30% & All Elemental Damage +50% (Self / 20s)

— Animations —

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose

—— New Character: Caleen Keemosn ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Scythe (New)

Battle Skills:
- Unholy Maelstrom (Fox)
- Purgatory Palm (Fox)
- Lifesucking Wing
- Whirling Wrath

-ATK +40% / While Hit Count is 100, 250, ATK +55%, 70% (All Allies)
- While Hit Count is 100, 200, 400, AP Consumption -10%, 20%, 40% & Deals an Additional Hit dealing 5% of Skill Damage (All Allies)
- Allows Midair Evasion & Upon a Perfect Evasion, Recovers own AP by 100% (Self)
- While Hit Count is at 100 and above, ATK, INT, DEF, HIT, GRD +20% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Heavenly Weep - Sinister Wings | x4500%]
Crit Rate +30% & Crit Damage +30% (All Allies / 20s)

— Animations —

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose


• 5★ Guaranteed Pickup Gacha
Start: 15 November (After MT)
End: 22 November (After MT)

- 10-pull Gacha which guarantees at least one 5*! x5 Limit Breaker M will also be gifted afterwards!
※ Halloween Characters and Arumat/Caleen will not be included in the lineup

-------End of facebook-----

Looks like Arumat has Fire & Wind Elements to Attacks (Self) might be someone you might want to look at and there is Caleen I don't know why...but I want to say Cowleen >_<;
Good god what Reddit dose to me at this time omg...moving on.

It might of been nice of her name was Carlin it just how it sounds but Caleen is her name.

Arumat fire&wind is good if you don't have any wind elements or wind swords.

going over them I thought and look at both of my accounts my main and my alt over on JP side and decided not to roll yes I'm not going to draw for any of them.

Arumat looks cool and Caleen looks good but I'm going to pass on them no random RNG for me not this time but I do got my results from the free pulls and yes I waited this long to use them.

I might show them off later who I got on JP side from my free pulls and whatnot right now on JP side I'm slowly farming events and going between JP and GL side on GL I'm working on my account so far 3 accounts 2 on JP side 1 on GL that's enough...right? >_<; and that is where my time is going.

may the RNG be with you if you deiced to go for any of them they do look good I have to say that.

I'm loving my LG 27"4K Monitor since I had no spending money on JP side I had money to buy this it's good now GL side is another another...story that will come later.

CC2 has a bunch of new .hack ideas.


"We get a lot of requests regarding remakes, remasters, re-releases, etc. concerning the ".hack" series, so here's our response. We at CyberConnect2 have suggested many ideas to Bandai Namco Entertainment (the publisher, AKA the client) in regards to the .hack series in the past, and we still discuss these ideas with them today. However, in the end, the one who has the power to green-light anything in regards to the ".hack" series is Bandai Namco Entertainment. We appreciate your passion and love for the ".hack" series, and we hear requests from tons of people every day. But in order for that passion to reach the people who have control over the future developments of the ".hack" series, we ask for everyone to please send your requests directly to Bandai Namco Entertainment so they can hear what you have to say."




So if your a .hack fan and waiting for a new game for a game that needs much love take to twitter or facebook it all up to Bandai namco publishers what do you think?

I want another PS4 .Hack game or dothack remake we already have G.U. HD so we need the first games remade or a new one.

I'm starting to think CC2 needs new publishers they have ideas it just bandai namco are not into anything .hack right now but I'm thinking some help from the fans might let the publishers look at it maybe we can only hope.

It's all up to the publishers again that the only thing holding anything back right now but this is news that .hack is not dead yet and they are still fighting the publishers.

What do you think of it? it's all up to facebook and twitter and the power of social media.

本日14:00~16:30 Maintenance SOA [JP].


【6/21(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス

"[6/21 (Thu) Maintenance Notice ②] Today, we will carry out maintenance work accompanying the addition of new events from 14:00 until 16:30. You cannot play a game during maintenance. Please check the in-game announcements and official websites for more information."


マンガ「アナムネ艦長さん家の日常」第2話公開しましたー。 マンガはこちら ⇒ http://sqex.to/Nfn #アナムネシス
New comic Faize and...background...Fayt? and Lymle.

This update is going to remove

---From facebook---

• Maintenance
Duration: 21 June (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- Version Update (iOS Only)
- New Event
- Bug Fixes

Following Events will end:
- 2017 June Bride Event Part 1, Tall Prisma
- Thread Missions
- SO3 Event, Great Executioner
- SO3 Event, Lucifer
- Hell Sire Coin Exchange
- Both Michael Coin Exchange

[Radio Information for 6/21 MT]
- 50AP & 60AP Stages for 2018 Wedding Event, Land Kraken
Uses an attack which consecutively attacks target and inflicts poison afterwards, as well as has a jump attack.
- Event Accessory: HP Regen

[6/21 UPDATE | Light Element/Plant Killer Weapons, 2018 Wedding Event Part 2 50AP & 60AP Stage]

• Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha / Pickup Gacha / Step-Up Gacha
Start: 21 June (After MT)
End: 28 June (After MT)

- New Weapon Pickup Gacha (新武器ピックアップガチャ)
Increased rates for the 3 new weapons, which have Light Elemental / Plant Killer Passives.
- Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha (新武器1本確定10連ガチャ)
Once per player, 10-pull Weapon Gacha which will guarantee at least one of the 3 new weapons.
- Step-Up Gacha (新武器1本確定3ステップ10連ガチャ)
Includes a total of 3 steps. Only 10-pulls, and upon reaching the 3rd Step, will guarantee any one of the three pickup targets. Resets after 3rd Step.

*Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Perma & Ticket Banners on 6/28 (After MT)
[Ceremonial Blades - Colour Lily: Dagger]
- Adds Light Element to Attacks
- AP Recovery Speed +50%
- (LB5) Crit Rate + 10% & Crit Damage +15%

[Happiness Machine - Smashing Four: Arms]
- Adds Light Element to Attacks & Light Elemental Damage +25%
- While Target is at Long Distance, ATK Damage Taken -10%
- (LB5) Upon reaching 100 HITS, Rush Combo Damage +10%

[Golden Thorn Staff - Wing Baton: Staff]
- Damage to Plant Race +40%
- Will not flinch while casting symbology
- (LB5) INT +5%

Event Reprint
Facula Dragon- Dragon Race. Weak to Wind Element

Event Reprint Adhesion Alma- God Race. Weak to Dark Element.
---End of facebook--

I might take a look at the HP Regen accessory otherwise this update is ready to go and going up soon and as for the June brides and bridegroom fayt this event was fun I myself wish we got another guy but it was alright the story was...a bit disappointing from the first June event it almost felt like they was doing couples and not focused on our character at all that just my take on it otherwise it was fun.

I think they should of saved bride clair event win adray was around.

As for bridegroom fayt event it feels like bridegroom fayt is married to his work with the help of faize.

after saving and not rolling anymore after getting bridegroom fayt I almost got my gems back to how they was before I rolled for bridegroom fayt on my main account my alt...poor alt.
and no I did not roll for the new sword for my alt account at all so no new sword except for the ones they have.

no I did not roll for bride clair that was temptation itself but no I did test her out on a rental and she is good.

my newly phone is running smooth I'm happy I've upgrade my phone and it plays this game very good my iPad Air is the same I got a new case for it and it runs the game yet not as smooth as my newly phone but it works.

I'm ready for Twin Eclipse ready to go.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-』先行PV
Date- Summer 2018.

Summer 2018 twin eclipse is going to drop no date yet. We know its summer 2018 and no news if we are getting twin eclipse right away or something else.



Star Ocean Anamnesis NA is coming!

And you can have English Voices and Japanese voices

Pre-registration is now open for STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS, a #scifi #action #mobile #RPG on #iOS & #Android! Pre-register through @GooglePlay Store or like/follow us for better community rewards!

You wanted to play this game without the hassle of DL QooApp and putting that on your phone? Now you can with the English version of this...support this game and we might get something in the future...

Since I've already made so much work on my Japanese account I'm going to be playing my Japanese account.

Be warn you got a lot of crossovers and characters to buy to get up to speed with the Japanese players
Lot of time and lot of money but it's worth it it very very fun game.

I might take a look at the English version of this win it comes out I might use my English iTunes account but...I don't want to play 3 accounts do....I?... I'll think of it

But Star Ocean Anamnesis is coming to NA and out of Japan get ready for this.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And yes Rena is one you want to get Rena for heals.

And if this keeps up maybe NA will get this.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-』先行PV Arc 2 coming to Japan.

Arc 2 is what we are waiting for.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And join Star Ocean Star Ocean Anamnesis English on facebook or join the discord either one has people to work with.

It makes me wonder if NA server will be merge with the Japanese one...hmm so NA can play with Japanese players...that would be fun.

Beta link-https://staroceangame.com/closed-beta-test/
Jun. 1, 12:00 a.m. 2018 to Jun. 13, 11:59 p.m. 2018 (PT)
Jun. 1, 7:00 2018 to Jun. 14, 6:59 2018 (UTC)

Both facebook and discord has said they are only going to support the Japanese version of this game however...

Facebook Star Ocean Anamnesis Global group is now up that for the NA a.k.a. English or Global groups
go to facebook and look for 'Star Ocean Anamnesis Global' and join if your a global player.

The discord we got now is they are allowing people to talk about the game but they are going to fully support the Japanese version no word on a global version of discord yet and discord also said win the NA game comes out they are going back to support the Japanese version.

And the facebook 'Star Ocean Anamnesis [JP] - English Community' they are allowing people to talk about the game but win the game comes out they are going back to support the Japanese version.

facebook and discord said the same thing they will support the Japanese version the best bet would be Star Ocean Anamnesis Global for now until a global discord opens up.

The choice is yours join whoever you want to join but I'll keep a look out if a English or Global discord group shows up and good luck and have a good day.

Global discord-https://discordapp.com/invite/cjBG63w
Global discord is up.
Alt Millia

Tales of Rays RIP


This might be not news to people but Tales of Rays is shutting down

It was announced win Tales of Link just got shut down


So what is Tales??

Sit back as I tell you the story of Tales and Tri-Ace

Long ago it started with a game called Tales of Phantasia.

They worked on it Tales of Phantasia was finished however they could not agree on anything else after that soon after that two split up hence Tales went there way win Star Ocean went there way...

Yes Tales and Star Ocean was once the same long time ago...

That why win ever a new Tales or Star Ocean game come out they go at it since it's old history

Tales of Link is already gone and now Tales of Rays in NA but not in Japan

People are now saying Tales are now dying and I'm starting to believe them.

So far Star Ocean anamnesis is doing very good in Japan

And we know for a fact Tales and Star Ocean will never never have a crossover if you know there history it will never happen that why some game style is almost the same and some characters look like one another

I will say this I was starting to get into the NA ver of Tales of Rays but the RNG is horrible and I'm used to the combat from Star Ocean Anamnesis and the combat felt like a step back you have to have major luck in RNG to get a rainbow.

Tales of Rays also has no free movement it's bad but the story wasn't that bad no English voices all Japanese voices it was nice it felt like Tales however you either had to spend lots of money in this game or get very lucky or re-roll.

And they are not generous as Star Ocean Anamnesis is with gems it harsh maybe even more harsh then FFBE with gems.

As a Tales fan who wants more Tales game I see this as a sign that Tales is dying.

We will never get the rest of Tales of the World games or Tales of Asteria not outside of Japan

So I'm going to delete Tales of Rays off my phone and go back to Star Ocean Anamnesis and Pokemon Go, and FFBE.

I was trying to get into the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia however my phone lags with it and it slow loading so that was cut short it looks cool but my phone says no.

So this is a mini update telling you if your playing Tales of Rays it going to end and the rumors are they are closing the game because someone told them 'management' that players are not playing this game and people are pissed.

Not only that facebook nor twitter never talk to the NA community isolation much? Yes people are saying they wished they had better management.

And if your just starting Tales of Rays like me you might not want to get too attached to it and go find another JRPG game.

Goodbye Tales of Rays I will never see the end of that story.
Black hair

They can't say?


'Thank you for your comments again.
Most of comments comming from you guys are relating to ".hack" or "Naruto" or etc... in future.
To be honest, we can't reply them becouse of we, CC2 are developer, not publisher.'

So this is off there facebook they can't talk about .Hack or Naruto that's surprisingly

Link- https://www.facebook.com/CyberConnect2.EN/?fref=ts

So is this them saying no?

yes this is what them replying to all the questions about .Hack and Naruto so what do you guys think? I'm kind of annoyed they are just brushing off the questions again >_> but they did dodge it again this time so I guess people got to twitter and post

A sign? or just teasing?


Well this is a little surprise

Link- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=960803647319786
from CC2 EN O_o is this a hint we might be getting .Hack//N.U.? but no word on .Hack//Guilty Dragon?? T_T that so bittersweet!

For those who don't have facebook but yeah that is some teaser if it just advertising >_< I myself hope it not just some random post

Source- https://twitter.com/RPGSite/status/683875580492644353

So what do you guys think? good or bad or just teasing? but yes this .Hack//N.U. is for the phones but I still want .Hack PS4