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GL video

JP video

Do you noticed something?? Yes JP side was a bit into promoting fayt on that side win fans was asking about fayt on JP side.

so did you pull for any of FFBE characters?? I'm not going to save for bridal set and groom fayt.

SOA upcoming hints? [GL]


We got some info that


FFBE is coming again with SOA so in SOA GL a upcoming event?


FFBE did have it crossover with SOA already the first time this would be the second time however on SOA side we did not have FFBE on GL yet.

People in FFBE say SOA GL is dead and needs players >_> people on GL side of SOA says they stop playing FFBE >_>

just read what people are saying.

Now if FFBE the upcoming event I will say this having them on JP side I'm going to not pull for any of them.

Awakening Rena on JP side of SOA is good so no Fina for me.

And beside with the weapons that we get we don't need a healer.

I'm waiting for the bridal set to start coming out need groom fayt on GL side.

So are you ready for FFBE to come on GL side and will you be pulling for them?

I have them on JP side of SOA they are alright the problem was I have no attachments to them at all Fina to me was outclassed by Rena who I knew and liked, Rain was outclassed by Groom Fayt who I liked and I never used Lasswell who was quickly outclassed by the awakening Dias.

may the RNG be with you.



It was posted on Reddit


That FFBE was getting star ocean anamnesis for it's game.

"Come and watch as #FFBEWW Global Producer Hiroki Fujimoto happily announces the collaboration event with @StarOcean Anamnesis! Don't miss this chance to get SOA series characters as they enter the world of Lapis on July 27!"

So FFBE is getting SOA July 27 *cough* wow they pushed this out so fast if SOA get FFBE characters they will be so OP since the game just come out...it going to throw everything out of chaos.

I don't know if they can use this teaser in EN ver they don't have half the characters used in this yet. And I think it was the 1st hint that Fayt had white wings that was out a lot.

But the rates win they did this crossover in Japan was bad...I had to use Nox to play FFBE trying to get Fayt omg the rates are bad...and someone was saying FFBE is dying...? I don't really listen to rumors but that what they was saying.

I don't play FFBE anymore I moved to FF Mobius the only FFBE I have is the JP ver that has Fayt I use Nox for that otherwise I don't play that game.

But yes SOA EN get them for the first crossover they will be OP for a long time and it going to throw everything out of chaos...now FFBE is one of the crossovers for Star ocean anamnesis they have other crossovers.

Come to think of it FFBE has not return to SOA JP version yet so whoever missed on them on the JP side can get them now here if they are playing the EN of SOA.

Fina will be the top healer until Rena comes so Fina will be good for a long time and Lasswell is free you just have to pull for Fina and Rain.

Having them on my JP account my main one I don't use Fina that much as I use Rena for her Health regeneration is good for me but Fina don't have Health regeneration unlike Rena however Fina win she rushes she heals the party and that key win you want to heal.

Rain was good for a bit until Rain got replaced by A2 and 2B and Groom Fayt. otherwise the stamps was cute yes Final Fantasy stamps and Rain was supposed to be a GS user however they did not have GS in the game win Rain was out so Rain sword looks like a GS sword win it's not...

Now a real GS user like A2 is slow but a real tank I have A2 on my main and my alt account playing SOA JP and she is good.

will I be rolling for FFBE in EN? I'll try but I'm going to save my gems for Rena and Fayt >_< yes my mind is already set...that way lol.

And Star ocean anamnesis EN don't have the free characters yet like Healer Nel and Prince Claude/Admiral Claude.

all we need now is the announcement from SOA EN they are going with the whole FFBE first crossover that fast and FFBE characters with English voices...I hope they are good.

Are you excited for this news or not? will you be pulling for them or waiting for A2 or 2B? I myself is somewhat mixed of happy and surprised if SOA EN get this that fast.

The 2 accounts I'm working on I'm still testing them if we do get this crossover for SOA EN I'll see what account I'm going to be using for my 3rd account.

Most of the people are saying skip this banner I'm not going back to FFBE sadly to say.

SOA ranking.


So we heard that SOA sales and app download has skyrocket since the FFBE event is out.

They are getting the sales and is ranked in the store again.

Now how are the characters themselves?

Fina is good if you don't have Swimsuit Sophia I head she is risky if left alone in auto she almost good as Rena I said almost.

Rain is a god defender and is a tank you can replace Dias and Edge with him if someone says re-roll if you roll Rain don't listen to them Rain is that good I tried him out and he fits perfectly with my team with maxed out rented Dias and my 10LB Fayt we did damage to the Cyril event.

Lasswell is good for new players he is free if you have the blue FFBE tickets and I never tried him but people say he is a good freebie.

I'm thinking of building my 'Rain' up a lot yes I did get Rain it just...*sigh* it just how much I had to spend on my main account to get him T_T My alt got him with in the second free gems roll my main got...

>_> 2 drops of Fina >_< I had to get more money to get Rain and he was worth it.


Fina drop 2

So yes the money I had to spend for Rain on my main was worth it.

My alt got Rain but not Fina my main got Fina.

So good luck with the RNG in this game remember they are limited characters so roll if you can

And yes Fina is cute I almost do like her for a girl she maybe up there with Rena in my ranking.

Word from facebook group that a lot of people joined them O_o so people are coming in maybe from FFBE game itself so expect to see a lot of new players about.

I know both of my Fayt on my main and alt are getting rented I'm not too sure by who but I am getting coins I do see a lot I mean lot of Rain with all kind of swords out I think there are a lot of Rains out there now.

And yes Nel is making a comeback with a lot of Claude users and Edge somewhat and there are still a lot of Rena users out for rent along with the wedding girls and overflow of Swimsuit Reimi that is what I saw.

But for me I do see a lot of Fayt users making a comeback on solo maps I don't know about MP maps.

So far no Emmerson making at comeback at all with maybe barely Decus I mean...Michael.

With the skill seeds you can upgrade anyone but it takes time to farm them and it's not cheap.

I just maxed out Fayt on both accounts my main and my alt so I'm good to go as in LB and skill seeds.

And Faize is making a slow comeback on solo maps.

I would work on my 10LB Rena just for boss battles with the skill seeds and I do like Fina but I'm not too sure with the skill seeds first off I'm going to try to finish Rain in LB.

I say if you're new try to get Rain and Fina and try to LB them soon as possible but expect to see new people playing this game in MP and solo maps and people on discord say that Fayt users are dying...
I see a lot of Fayt users in solo maps...seriously and a lot of them admit they drop Fayt for Swimsuit Reimi for her body and some will say Swimsuit Reimi is squishy this is from discord chat.

Well I can't complain I am a girl after all so I go for the guys mostly :P

Girls have different point of views that why we are called fan girls lol.

SOA FFBE event.


So did the story mission and...

Ivilish don't even show up at all this OP is false but yes Ivilish has no part in this story.

It starts off win you find Spoilers Fina alone you do a battle with her and Rain and Lasswell come.
Collapse )

I think I can stop now I'm getting way off topic lol :P

So play the new event that is out and see for yourself what is going on.

And good luck to getting the FFBE limited characters that will be rare in the future.

I'll post my pics later and how much I spent to get...*sigh* you will see later.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』TVCM (FFBEコラボ篇)




Rain is a defender people say he better then Dias and almost with Edge top rank defender must have.

Fina is a healer bow healer get a good bow if you roll her.

Lasswell is a Sword & Sheathe get the fire sheathe or dark sheathe and put it on him.

Remember Lasswell is from the blue FFBE tickets he is not in the Gacha.

If you are going to pull Rain get his sword that is in the new weapon Gacha.

Yes another weapon set is going to be out.

*Sigh* and we just drawn from this weapon set now for the weapons and Fayt sword.

O_o so many weapons sets now.

TVCM...Ivilish not interesting but the anime hint of...Crowe and a very good anime looking Fayt is that going to be a hint?...as far as I know Fayt in SOA don't have his wings out...hmm or it's FFBE Fayt.

So I'm thinking Ivilish is going to be a big part of this story?

Yes the Ivilish hints I'm trying not to see them >_>

The fan base was mixed people was saying FFBE is leeching off SOA now and is dying a slow death...

Or so what people on youtube was chatting about and some are upset no EOE event again or Valkyrie profile lenneth I think they was salty now the limited characters from that events feels rare now.

Remember now if you don't draw from this crossover we got Halloween coming try to save gems for that event.

I hope we get guys this time around >_>

Odd...are they promoting Fayt a lot or is it just me?...I know they do that with the girls...

As far as I know Fayt was the most wanted guy before he come out and win he did come out and they changed his body just a bit made him more like a guy they stop asking for him...compared to SO3 Fayt the one in SOA is not that girly looking like I said before even Swimsuit Sophia got a bit...thicker however they had to slim Wedding Maria down almost to her body type from SO3 all the characters got a upgrade in looks the only Cliff, Nel and Albel and Clair hardly changed except maybe Clair got more...breast.

If you put Fayt, Fidel and Claude in a team Claude is more girly looking now O_o

(But don't go thinking that way Claude did marry Rena that's proof of Emmerson Claude and Rena are cannon)

I said I'm a fan girl shipping never ends.

Seeing Rain and Lasswell oh wow a lot of people on discord was joking about them 'yaoi' or 'bl' anyone?

And yes Rain do look a bit girly and I have to admit Fina is cute.

About Fina she already ranked up to Swimsuit Sophia maybe passes her if you want a healer get Fina.

If you want Lasswell get the blue tickets FFBE ones in SOA now.

I do want Rain I'll say that *sigh* buying gems incoming O_o

If I didn't spend money on FFBE...>_> *sigh* thank you NoX player... T_T

I got money for this thank you for getting paid next week.

And if you're farming now do it now this update is coming soon.



詳しくはFFBE×SOAコラボ特設サイトにて⇒ http://sqex.to/GBX  #アナムネシス"

"[Ffbe×so collaboration event! ] 9/28 held collaborative events and FFBE (Thursday) after maintenance! For more information on FFBE×SOA collaboration Web site"


FFBE Draw.


6 accounts later and how many Fidel's later I got them T_T

I wish I knew this method before spending money in this game use
emulator to play FFBE and use

DL this to NoX and play

So this account is free to play no gems T_T

Both my Ipad and Iphone accounts have nothing but Fidel that guy drop more then I liked him to.

Yes move off the Fayt banner and onto the Rena one Fidel will stalk Fayt banner and you will get nothing but him.

They look good

I got nothing but Fidel how many times I got sick of him and I almost lost hope until I made my 6th account and used that name just for 'oh just go for it' I used Zero name and Rena and Fayt both dropped

My accounts on my Iphone and Ipad was so jealous and this is all done on a emulator of all places.

With the NoX emulator you can use it's Multi-Drive look on youtube for more info about that and how to use it but DL the game 6 times and going through it all from start that was time consuming.

But I got Fayt in FFBE I'm happy but the downside is I cannot spend any money in this game T_T

So I wasted that money on my Iphone and got nothing but Fidel it was making me upset.

I might actually play this game now I've seen a lot of re-roll accounts with the same name I think someone else was doing the same thing but they never changed there names but I think they are gone I myself was using all other names and yes you can play FFBE on a emulator.

This emulator helps people who don't have a Japanese account you can play this game at you're PC.

I myself have 2 Japanese Itunes accounts I did this to get Fayt and Rena and I got them both.

However on both of my accounts I never saw them I got nothing but Fidel and it was nuts I think if you pull on Fayt banner you most likely to get 100% Fidel I'm not joking move off Fayt banner and onto Rena banner if you are going to pull for them.

The Fidel draw is crazy he drops more then Fayt will.

This bring me back to the moment win I used to play on the emulator before making Itunes accounts.

So this is my experience I might play this slowly and painfully without any real money in it.

But good luck to the ones who want to pull Fayt and Rena I got both and Fidel randomly drop in a ticket >_> I was like '@#$@%@#' win I saw Fidel who drop again so I'm using him but enough Fidel already.

And the RNG is more harsh then it IS in SOA that from my Experience.



"9/28(木)よりFFBEとのコラボイベントを開催いたします!さらにコラボ開催を記念して「ラスウェル」(★5エース)が貰える先行キャンペーンを本日メンテナンス後より開催! http://sqex.to/GBX  #アナムネシス"

"FFBE×SOA collaborative event held] 9/28 held collaborative events and FFBE (Thursday) more! Further collaboration held to commemorate "Lasswell" (★ 5 ACE) convened today maintenance after leading campaign get! http://sqex.to/GBX #アナムネシス"


Lasswell it is FFBE


Lasswell is from (achievement) login SOA today from discord chat so that means...who are we getting??

SOA game is in maintenance right now I just checked...

So if Lasswell is free...can we guess who we can get?

This is getting me a little excited just a bit not that much...

And Final Fantasy Brave Exvius event kicks off soon win 9/28 SOA event starts

9/22 14:00 ~ 17:00 [JST] for FFBE event with SOA

And 9/28 for SOA got it?

But to hold us off we are getting a free Lasswell for SOA win FFBE get a free Reimi.

Side note is that with this crossover you can now do legit stories O_o you can put Rain and Rena together
O_O sorry Claude you are not in this summon lol but I'm expecting both fan base to go wild now I'm surprised they didn't pick Nel she is the favorite of the one of the producer he said it himself he loves Nel.

[Happy Bunny Gun : Gun]
- Imbues attacks with Fire Element
- At 20% HP or higher, 70% chance to survive fatal attack
LB Factor - Damage +10% to Single Target

[Hidden Talon - Crimson Hawk : Knuckle]
- Imbues attacks with Fire Element
- Damage +10% to Single Target
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +15%

[Tomb Brand : One-hand Sword]
- Damage +40% to Human Race
- AP Consumption -15%
LB Factor - Damage +15%

Red looking sword that is Damage +40% to Human Race it looks cool looking I do want it but...

I'll roll once for the sword on my main and save the rest for gacha and yes they are new gacha weapons.

They say that new sword is good for Swimsuit Reimi but this sword has...no elements keep that in mind.

And more guns...how many guns do we need? Not that I mind I don't play with gun users.

Skill seeds are out O_O

This update come with them so get on your farming I'm already working on both Fayt my main and my alt

From discord chat they say they seen a lot of Swimsuit Sophia's being worked on that was expected
from the wedding girls to the swimsuit girls expect them to be worked on I'm trying to get Fayt done on my main I got one maxed out already his 'GRD' now to work on his other stats on my alt got a bit.

I'm taking a break farming that one area is...well farm farm farm that's all I got to say.

But this farming is not cheap using the skill seeds you have to have some money for using them.

And the added on Cyril fight is hard expect to die I did already and that wasn't fun so they made this fight more harder good for the hardcore people who like hard fights and do more doge in this fight.

I'll update later about the weapon draw I got on both accounts but yes skill seeds are out farm them.



So we know the rumor that SOA was going to go with FFBE right? a.k.a. final fantasy brave exvius right?

New info has come out



Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting



I'm surprised one thing I did noticed Fayt eye color is...gray looking and they all have SOA weapons and accessories and this Fayt has the Holy Sword Farwell O_o in SOA not that good for him

However this is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius world so it might be useful for him? I don't know.

(Also Rena has green eyes so maybe her and Fayt need to switch eye color...O_o)

This is from Discord chat and Reddit


So this says we are getting Final Fantasy Brave Exvius crossover?

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting Free Reimi, Fayt, Rena, Fidel and Roddick?

And we only get a hinted picture of Lasswell?

I'm starting to think Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting more characters >_<

The only hint SOA got was Lasswell so we will get the same amount of characters to right?

*sigh* this makes me want to get into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius so I can roll for Rena and Fayt :P

But this is info from Japan no info on if 'NA' will get it.

Remember SOA is not out of Japan so if they do this event most likely NA will not get it not unless they release SOA that soon.

If you're playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JP I would say roll for them go for Fayt and Rena.

So the links are up and the pictures are done...

Collab with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius...


I'm a little bittersweet by it...

I'm happy and yet...'blah' about it it hard to say but I hope we get someone useful.

I did want FF7 and other FF games but it looks like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius so that might be coming with all the new info we got or should I say...leaked info right?

I'm just posting what come over discord chat and reddit that's all.

So what are you're emotions for this? Hyped liked? not hyped keep that in mind win this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collab comes.

With all this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius coming out...it might be true...O_o


Check twitter reaction Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are excited for this win SOA fans are...
not even lukewarm that says a lot one person says Star Ocean Anamnesis is going to end the series.

On the NA side of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius they don't even know about Star Ocean Anamnesis...
>_> and they want this event and a lot of NA people want Claude >_> and they talk about SO3 and Rena.

Mixed emotions alright

"本日21:30~「超!A&G+」にて、 中村悠一さん、マフィア梶田さんによる 公式ラジオ「スターラジオーシャン アナムネシス」が放送です! http://agqr.jp 明日メンテ後のイベント情報も公開! スマホ片手に正座で待機です!#アナムネシス"

"Today 21: 30-"Super! A & G + "is broadcast by Yuichi Nakamura, mafia kajita's official radio"Star Radio Ocean anamnesis"! http://agqr.jp Publish event information on the maintenance after tomorrow! The Smartphone in seiza is waiting!"

Talk about the new 'event' win people already know what it is so check out the 'radio' if you can.

Check twitter again now people are talking about this ^_^ and now some NA people do want Star Ocean Anamnesis...*sigh* I know I do so this looks like Japan event only.

Makes me wish Star Ocean Anamnesis was out in NA to...T_T