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SOA P5Rコラボキャラクター情報 TGS2019 [JP]


【P5Rコラボキャラクター情報】 本日、TGS2019スペシャルステージで発表された『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』コラボに登場するキャラクターを改めてご紹介! キャラクター名:結城 理 イラスト:ニシカワエイト CV:石田彰

【P5Rコラボボキャラクター情報】 本日、TGS2019スペシャルステージで発表された『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』コラボに登場するキャラクターを改めてご紹介! キャラクター名:鳴上 悠 イラスト:雉本ユーヒ CV:浪川大輔

【P5Rコラボキャラクター情報】 本日、TGS2019スペシャルステージで発表された『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』コラボに登場するキャラクターを改めてご紹介! キャラクター名:ジョーカー イラスト:曽我部修司(FiFS) CV:福山潤 (FiFS)

【P5Rコラボキャラクター情報】 本日、TGS2019スペシャルステージで発表された『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』コラボに登場するキャラクターを改めてご紹介! キャラクター名:芳澤かすみ イラスト:LAM CV:雨宮天

【P5Rコラボキャラクター情報】 本日、TGS2019スペシャルステージで発表された『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』コラボに登場するキャラクターを改めてご紹介! キャラクター名:ナビ イラスト:ろるあ CV:悠木碧

【P5Rコラボキャラクター情報】 本日、TGS2019スペシャルステージで発表された『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』コラボに登場するキャラクターを改めてご紹介! キャラクター名:レナ イラスト:梶本ユキヒロ CV:水樹奈々

Rena 😐 🤔

So my guess is Joker and Kasumi are going to be one banner might be the 1st one we get.
Yu and Makoto are going to be 2nd one.
Futaba and Rena are going to be 3rd one are they are going to be alone banner like Adray banner.

you know they like doing that alone banner. Lets hope they don't do the alone banner.

As for Rena this stops her from getting a star ocean school outfit win they do them.
this time around I'm not too hyped for Rena.

they are showing love for SO2 but they have other cast from SO2 not just rena.

don't get Makoto from P3 confused with Makoto from P5 and Makoto from Devil Survivor 2.
Way too many Makoto names now that why I like to think Makoto from P3 as Minato.

Rena fans enjoy another ver of rena is coming so that will be her 'alt?' how many?
she might of passed clair now maybe.

I'm happy we got souji and minato yes I will be rolling for them they are the two I want the most.
got to have Souji and Minato in the same team 💜.

I do like Rena but as having フェイト for main and alts they don't like her as much as I do.
so I will not be rolling for P5 alt Rena she looks cute.

So who ready for P5 crossover I am come on Souji and Minato 💜

may the RNG be with you win you draw for them.
Bridal and Groom

Voting [JP]


皆さんこんばんは。 イラコンへの投票ありがとうございました! 総投票数11032票で1位~3位まで接戦でした。 現在はスクエニ賞など、各賞の選出を行っていて、各賞の発表含めて来月中に発表させていただく予定でいます。 結果発表まで少々お待ちください。 #アナムネシス

Good evening everyone. Thank you very much for your vote! Total votes 11032 votes It was a close match from 1st to 3rd place. Currently, the Square Gamers Award, including the awards, is scheduled to be announced in the next month, including the announcement of the awards. Please wait a little until the results are announced. #アナムネシス


11032 votes 😳 what? I'm surprised some fans who hate this is upset on twitter right now.

*sigh* yes the fans who want that guy gone.

ignore all the negative that is on twitter I'm excited for this.

so get ready for next month.

Who do you think who the top 3 are?

SOA upcoming maintenance 1/25


"【1/25(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。また「ルシファーコイン交換所」ほか「復刻祭 第2弾」イベントのアイテム交換所は1/28(日)13:59までとなります。 #アナムネシス"

"[1/25 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-we 16:00 to add new events due to maintenance work. Also besides Lucifer coin Exchange item Exchange, "reprint 2nd Festival" event 1/28 will be (Sunday) 13:59. #アナムネシス"


--From discord--

Maintenance on 1/25 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Event
Your Bridal/Groom Championship Results
Minor Bug Fixes

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Ruins of Trial - Poison (Revival)

- The following ends later on 1/28 14:00 -

Reprint Festival Part 2 Coin Shops
- Executioner, Lucifer, Colossal Beak, Armaros Manifest, Adhesion Almar

---End of discord---

The only news I'm hyped for is...

VP part 3?....

Nooo not that no more VP please...enough Valkyrie Profile please a.k.a. VP.

I'm hyped for Your Bridal/Groom Championship Results you did remember to vote right? The voting is in for Jun bridal and groom is...we don't know yet but the results are in.

For Bridal was...top was Reimi.

For Groom was Albel.

Second place was Clair and Fayt.

That was the last results they posted I don't know if changed or not but I'm hyped.

The war between Albel and Fayt was real twitter kept saying Albel was going to be in a dress yes the fans are that desperate I voting for Fayt because we need a alt Fayt and I'm a SO3 fan I'll be happy if Albel wins but I won't roll for him I'm not a big Albel fan much as the Fan people on twitter are.

I'll roll if Reimi wins I think I've become a an Reimi fan much to discord feelings about Reimi again...some people love her some don't want her.

My guess it going to be one guy and 2 girls again they like pushing out girls did you forget that? If I recall them saying why they didn't have guys in first round or in summer event is they didn't know how to make guys look 'cool' was there excuse.

a.k.a. meaning they didn't know how to do a guy story right how they are going to handle this I wish them luck they do girl stories amazing but they need to adventure out more and see the fan base is not one sided.

So I tried if Fayt didn't win that's alright I got a feeling why fan people on twitter voted for Albel I think they wanted to put him with Cliff or Fayt right?

If they do a Albel story I hope it focused on Nel or Clair the unanswered questions who Albel really liked in SO3 the NPC hints say he was looking for Clair in SO3 win the PA hints says he was into Nel that was confusing as much.

And no I'm not buying the whole Albel, Cliff and Fayt love triangle the fan base can be dangerous and one sided win it comes to that.

The whole PA between Albel and Fayt felt like it was one sided in SO3 I think to some degree Fayt might of liked Albel that way but Albel only saw Fayt as a friend or even a one night stand friend but that's my feelings on it.

But then again people would bring up argument over this.

Then again you got to see Star Ocean Anamnesis a.k.a. SOA is it's own game and universe so hopefully whoever wins Albel or Fayt that will change people mind on how they feel in Anamnesis things are different they did make Sophia more clingy and clingy and Albel and Fayt friendship is...different.

The major different is...well if you have Albel and Fayt in party they will fight over 'you' win I switch to another character leaving Fayt, Albel will glare at Fayt and push him into the wall that happen many times before that is why I don't use Albel that is my own experience that's why I say in the Star Ocean Anamnesis world it is different I don't know if people know that or not.

I have to say this if Albel wins the Groom he better be the most girly guy you can see they better have him in a dress...lol.

But I do want a alt Fayt.

I would not mind another Reimi she is cute I'm now a Reimi fan.

Alright I'm getting way off topic here sorry for my long talk about this.

But yes the Albel fans are...on twitter and they did talk about Albel in a dress so that might be a reason if he wins?...

But how are you're feelings about this?

I just want another alt Fayt to have for girl I would not mind Wedding Reimi.

Now if another girl got in second place would be Clair I don't mind her.

But if Clair got in I would not roll for her I got Demon Clair that is enough.

The Bridal/Groom voting are in who did you vote for and are you happy with the results?

Come on...come on...voting your making me anxious...
red and white

「.hack//G.U. Last Recode」収録 Vol.1再誕 オープニングムービー


Looking good <3

I'm not going to say spoilers are in this video :p

But yes I'm excited very excited this means G.U. last recode might be ready to go

Just waiting for Nov to come can't come any sooner

I'm going to put hours into this game that for sure

"GULR】「.hack//G.U. Last Recode」公式サイトSTORYページ にVol.1紹介・オープニングムービー追加! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW0r4TrVJ2A … 公式サイト http://hackgul.bn-ent.net/ #dothack #ドットハック"
"[GULR] ".hack // G.U. Last Recode "Add Vol.1 Introduction and opening movie official site STORY page! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW0r4TrVJ2A … Official site http://hackgul.bn-ent.net/ #dothack #ドットハック"

So who excited for .Hack//G.U. I am

The tension between Square Enix and CC2 is...you will see in the next update

Oh boy here we go.
red and white

.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)


9/7(木)発売号で新情報!URL先の記事も必見です! 『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』新規描き下ろしイラストとともに、『Vol.1』~『Vol.3』の名シーンを振り返る!【先出し週刊ファミ通】

"9 / 7 in the (Thursday) release of new deals! URL of article is not to be missed! ".hack // G.U. Last Recode (theatre code) ' draw new illustrations and "Vol.1-recalled scenes from"Vol.3!"


Famitsu post.

It's official we have...5 different Haseo from G.U. alone


I think Ovan can have one of them that's it >_> I'm being nice that all I'm going to say about the whole Haseo and Ovan deal >_>

So .Hack//G.U. is known as .Hack//Glow.up. a.k.a. Grow up it hints to Haseo story

Now the 5 Haseo don't count from the ones from Link, Guilty Dragon, N.U. you get the idea so Haseo has lot of copies he can almost outmatch Azure Kite and Kite copies...lol

I want the game now but we got a bit and I hope we get new characters added to the game like BlackRose, Kite even Tokio you get the idea and maybe dlc?

I'm loss with all 5 Haseo copies personalities that will come in omg and that don't count Phantom Haseo from Guilty Dragon...hey that gives me a idea I'll save it for later

I'm always happy to hear some news from G.U. even something like this I still want this game badly

But yes this is little info on .Hack//G.U. that was posted by famitsu

I'm just re-posting it here

5 Haseo copies with the Kite copies we can...er...*cough* moving on

So who hyped for .Hack//G.U. I am.



Scheduled for Aug 9, 2017




"8/9(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14.5』が放送決定!『.5』が数か月ぶりに復活しますよ!そして『今回のキーワードは『相棒』です!  視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/KNx  #アナムネシス"
"8/9 (Wednesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14.5' 20:00 more! The revived months or Buri ".5"!  And "Partner"is the key word! Will watch this ⇒ http://sqex.to/KNx #アナムネシス"


link- http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv304372063 Nico if you have that.

keyword- Partner? and the character VA will be appearing for the first time.

O_o so we might get a guy??

if it's not another girl it has to be a guy hopefully...


my guess its another girl with a guy or we can have more girls not enough Waifu for the guys.

People are already guessing it's Ashton maybe Leon?

Since this is 14.5 program it not the 'big' one we are waiting for it more like a small side update
they used to like 10.5 but they stopped doing side programs like this because they said

"It was too much work" and they got tired easily so I'm surprised they brought it back they stopped doing side programs
win Edge and Meracle was leaked bad it as all over twitter they had to apologize that win they stop doing side programs
That started with .5

And for fans from discord they guess it might be swimsuit guys? I doubt it no matter how much I want that...T_T

For the leak win that happen the 'banner' showed up too quickly before it was announced that how it was leaked they had to do a 'Maintenance' to pull that banner out that was Edge and Meracle leak.

this time around since they brought back .5 program it can be anyone and nothing is leak so far

maybe they drop in ranking so bad they have to do more programs??

I'm thinking they pushed out too many girls and now trying to re-balance it if they care about ranking among other mobile games remember the last guy was Edge and that was long long time ago it felt like ages since we got a guy.

I don't know how Swimsuit Reimi and Swimsuit Sophia did in sales wise I know the new weapons sold like candy
(Win I say it sold it sold I see every male attacker like Edge, Claude, Fidel and Fayt with this weapon even some LB it)

I myself was more hyped for the weapons versus the swimsuit last girls I did see more of the weapons versus the swimsuit girls maybe that says something?? I don't know or I'm not running into them a lot I do see them once a bit but that it

And yes that sword was good it even better then the wind sword in Attack and INT for me it is but some people might like the wind sword for it elements

"Weapon Name: Storm Dealer
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Wind Attribute
Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
Limit Break Factor: 50% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 963 ATK / 958 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"
This is the wind sword it's blue and I believe it's Edge weapon it works good if you don't have the new sword.

But I myself like Reimi weapon
"Weapon Name: Sea Treasure Sword・Braublitz
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Lightning Attribute
Ease of Stun +20%
Limit Break Factor: Critical Chance +30%, when not being targetted by an enemy
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 965 ATK / 960 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"
It's pretty and it works good with Attack and INT I rather have Attack and INT versus "Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP" from the wind sword

The way I see it if you have Rena who has "Healing Light - Heals 10% of Max HP every 5 seconds (All Close Range Weapon Allies)" You don't need that Absorb 5% from the wind sword if you have Rena you are covered.

but if you don't have the new sword go with the wind sword if you have that and it depends and who you use
people like Roddick might not need the INT in the weapon I think Claude and Fidel might use the wind sword.

And ironically the Wind sword is Edge weapon right? But he works better with the Earth sword O_o

That earth sword is another story it works good with Edge and Fidel so far it don't do good with Fayt at all.

(So if you're a Fayt user avoid using this sword with him I check his stats and the Ice sword any other element sword is good with him that why I have on my alt the The Holy Sword Farwell and that even better then the earth sword for Fayt I think win I tried to use the earth sword Fayt stats drop and you want his stats up not dropping even with it high attack and INT it don't do good with Fayt)

the earth sword can be used by Edge and anyone else beside Fayt it odd how it is I myself like to compare Sword's before using them to check there stats and see how it works with them I just don't throw a random sword on them I think some people do that without looking how it effects the ones you are using.

With Rena you might need a weapon with high INT for her spells that goes with any mage type you're using for plan attackers that don't have elements you can work with weapons that don't have INT in them that how I think.

Shooters is a mix some of them have to have INT win some don't so you got to look at who you are using that the same with defenders it a mix also.

For defenders use the Sword and Sheath is right for them some work with there attacks they work good with Absorb 5% Sword and Sheath I myself like using elements for my defenders so I'm using Dias use the Fire or Ice Sword and Sheath on him and I think there is now a darkness Sword and Sheath you can get O_o

No dark sword for our attackers yet

For Edge I just use the earth sword or any sword that is good for him if I use him

I'm getting way of topic here sorry I just got thinking about how the 'ranking' was doing and how the weapons sold and that me thinking about...ugh moving on.

So are you ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14.5? I know I am and who do you think we are getting?

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And in game if you're doing the event I say start farming now.

SOA twitter.


Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844809963469910016

So close to twitter yes this is a campaign going on twitter and LINE I can only help on the twitter side.

so twitter this link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844526626981404672
We can see how far we can go but if we get the end free crystals gems.

However if you make a new account and you reached this twitter end you will have lots of crystals from being 'new' and the story just to keep that in mind.

But sadly to say no word on a English version of this game yet I heard you can play this game win using a APK however I can't get this game running on Bluestacks 2 or KOPLAYER so I'm using my Ipad and Iphone.

And yes Fayt and Sophia drop tonight soon very soon this is going to be madness I tell you.

People was saying they want Fayt and Sophia but they want to save gems for the collab win they do events it looks like the cards are a one time thing so it's rare if you draw them like Valkyrie Profile Lenneth she's rare her card never drop back into the game yet.

So yes I hope to use some of my luck tonight time to do some drawing.

And don't forget Luther is drop into the game for a boss event so get ready and have a healer and fire element.

【3/23(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 現在実施中のメンテナンスにて、一部問題が見つかったため、延長させていただきます。終了時刻は現時点では未定となります。皆さまにはご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません。
"[3/23 (Thursday) maintenance ③] will be to extend the current part in the ongoing maintenance issues was found, so. The end time and undecided at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience to our guests"

Nooooooooo *dies*....dun dun dun Luther said 'No'...T_T
Link- http://www.jp.square-enix.com/soa/dame/comic22.html

So time for the new maintenance is...'unknown'...noooo.

Update 2
【3/23(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ④】 現在実施中のメンテナンスにつきまして、終了予定時刻を19:30頃とさせていただきます。ご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません。メンテナンス終了までもうしばらくお待ちください。
[3/23 (Thursday) maintenance ④: now with regard to ongoing maintenance, scheduled ending time will be 19:30. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Maintenance end now please wait for a while
link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844847766673154048

I'm still waiting...O_o... for Fayt I can stay awake but some people are upset Fayt has no Dimension Door but they already rated Fayt as a 'Ace' so get him if you can.

SOA Fayt and Sophia.


It's Fayt and Sophia.

New event is Luther er...Lucifer.

New campaign.
"【Wシェアキャンペーン開催中!!】 このツイートをRTして、達成数に応じて紋章石や☆5確定キャラチケットをGET♪ そして5,000RT達成で「エンドオブエタニティ」イベント実施!! ▼詳しくはこちら"

For the power of twitter please share this.

So Sofia-Sophia she a fire elemental she like Myuria but better that's what people are saying.

I also heard people in Japan don't like Sophia but they did make her cute...I myself don't like her I always thought she was too...clingy and ugh I did not go for Sophia ending in SO3.

As for Fayt I heard his elements switches between fire and light or was lighting? and he has buffs that supports so no more Millie so depending on the boss Fayt element switches or so that what people said.

another thing that was said

SO3 HD remake for PS4 will be out March 31 in Japan.

No word on a English version yet.

So tonight live video felt more SO3 then anything else not that's bad.

Huh someone tried to translate this...Fayt skills are
"side kick, mirror blade and shotgun bolt" mirror blade...? what? Fayt never had mirror blade I wanted that dimension door anyways we will see tomorrow how his skills are really are.
Link- http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/489/1489186/
RIP blade of fury and dimension door omg why give Fayt that they should of given him explosion.
And yes his air raid looks...odd I'm calling sideways air raid with angel feather effects it looks weird but cool.

So in this universe I'm saying Fayt forgot his symbology and learn Mirror blade.

Now that Mirror has gone around don't you think so many characters has that or double slash? er...maybe it's me?

People was saying Albel is the only one that stands out differently somehow in skill wise?
So today I switch to Rena and did some events switch back to Albel and man Albel is OP very OP win he's at 6 stars it's his whole Air Slash of Fury I tell you that's all you need to take them down.

But as I said before my Iphone has all the good characters and my Ipad don't I almost think that account is cursed.

back on topic so yes Star Ocean 3 madness is almost over with tomorrow will be the day of the highlight Fayt and Sophia will drop into the game I hope I get Fayt.

I'd advise you to watch Program 10 it's a must.
link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/84825.html

Star Ocena- SOA公式生放送 "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM" #08


A couple more hours to go

"艦長!今日も公式サイトで謎のメッセージの出現を確認しました! 今晩の公式生放送で何か明かされるのでしょうか……??"
translate- Captain! Today confirmed the appearance of the mysterious message on the official website! What is revealed in the official live tonight?
Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/823366575361179648

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/823365701410750464
No must resist on making a...anyways I think Victor was more of a Fidel father's person--er never mind.

So I'm guessing in SO-A any couple can happen?? I'm thinking SO-A is a shipping paradise you know *cough* moving on.

Back on topic tonight program.

We might know that it's a crossover with VP but I hope we get Fayt and here
Link- http://soa-matome.xyz/archives/11164806.html
Rennaaa wait...post about Rena being made and people want her however they said
"Sorry we did not have enough words.
Caster's down is awful" >_> no Rena anytime soon...noooo! if someone else can translate this please do.

My guess they don't have enough 'time' for Rena right now with this live event going on...

But hopefully tonight they will tell us if the rumors are true.