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I wish they make this game a MMO or put it on PS5 or something SO3 remake please. 💙
Groom fate



【公式生放送のお知らせ】 艦長!公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #40』を6/23(火)20:00から配信予定です。 MCウェルチに加え、たかあき、コロ?が登場! SOAのゲーム最新情報をお届けします!(`◎∀◎´) b お知らせ⇒sqex.to/goLLX

[Notice of official live broadcast] Captain! The official live broadcast "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #40" will be delivered from 20:00 on June 23 (Tue). In addition to MC Welch, Takaaki, Coro? Appeared! We will deliver the latest information on SOA games! (` ◎∀◎ ´) b Notice ⇒sqex.to/goLLX #アナムネシス



I have not pulled anyone since 神翼のフェイト

Who do you think is coming? I have to say 神翼のフェイト is good do not pull for SRFフェイト one thing that bug me was SRFフェイト voice is bad.

if you want to pull for someone pull for 花婿フェイト he is good very good or wait for 神翼のフェイト to come back.

I love
花婿フェイト voice he so  💙💙💙

神翼のフェイト has bad def you have to play as him if you are doing a boss fight or Health Regeneration items on him.
But 神翼のフェイト has the power to back him up.

So get ready for #40 is coming.

Who do you want to come? More girls or a guy?

Ever since we got that new Albel this whole June event felt so SO3 at the last moment they added SRFフェイト.

People love SO3 that much it sells more. the fact that people voted for june event that was  ティカ and カーリン but it felt very SO3 and the music did not help.

it was like they put
ティカ and カーリン in who the people voted for but they wanted to do a SO3 event without SO3.

I was like what are they doing?

フェイト was in that one event I was like OMG they are doing a SO3 June event without a new SO3 character that they wanted for the June wedding event.

Votes said they wanted Tika and Caleen they said yes to that but deep down inside they wanted more SO3 They even had SO3 music it was very SO3 alright.

You got Tika and Caleen but it was a SO3 event in disguise that what it felt like to me ever since the Albel event it felt very SO3 like it did not mix good with Tika and Caleen at all.

no I did not pull for the new Tika and Caleen.

Good luck if you are going to pull for anyone.

I'm ready for the new #40.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』 情報紹介番組「NEWS コロ LIVE!」 [JP]


【NEWSコロ LIVE!のお知らせ】 艦長!3月16日(月) 20:00より『NEWSコロ LIVE!』を配信予定です。今回はなんと生放送!ウェルチさんをコメンテーターに迎え、MC「コロ?」によるSOAのゲーム最新情報をお届けします!(`◎∀◎´) b お知らせ⇒
[NEWS Coro LIVE! Captain! "NEWS Coro LIVE!" from 20:00 on Monday, March 16 will be delivered. What a live broadcast this time! Welch was invited as a commentator, and MC "Koro? We will deliver the latest game of SOA by]! ('◎∀◎' b) b Announcements ⇒

Groom fate

SOA フェイト! [JP]




【新キャラクター登場!】 明日3/12(木)メンテ後より、新キャラクター『神翼のフェイト』が登場! イラストはPOKImariさんにお願いしました!明日の登場をお楽しみに!!
[New character appearance! ] 】 From after 3/12 (Thursday) maintenance tomorrow, new character [Fate of the god wings] appeared! Illustration asked POKImari!! Please look forward to the appearance of tomorrow! !

Alt フェイト is coming!

hmm??...don't his outfit look like Luther outfit?? *gasp* Fate taken Luther job!...💭 Fate become a god somehow...💭 do that mean we can finally have Luther?? 💭
Fate is now a god class?

----Face book---
—— New Character : Divine Wings Fayt ——
Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Greatsword

  • Beneficial against Divine race enemies

  • Support buffs for all allies


  • Cave of the Seven Stars Adjustments


  • Step Up Gacha (for Divine Wings Fayt)

    • Guaranteed Divine Wings Fayt on Step 10


  • New Weapon Gacha (for Divine Wings Fayt)


  • 2 White Day Pickup Gachas

    • Male characters

    • 10-pulls grant 「White Day Cookie」 for Affection


  • Character Awakening: Chisato

---End of facebook---

神翼のフェイト is a GS user I hope you have GS ready for him. and stones and gems.

White day...they did it!

Are you ready for 神翼のフェイト I am! now you almost drawn me away from Pokemon masters.

he looks way better than SRFフェイト omg my two main accounts are rolling for him my new account maybe.


SOA ranking.


So we heard that SOA sales and app download has skyrocket since the FFBE event is out.

They are getting the sales and is ranked in the store again.

Now how are the characters themselves?

Fina is good if you don't have Swimsuit Sophia I head she is risky if left alone in auto she almost good as Rena I said almost.

Rain is a god defender and is a tank you can replace Dias and Edge with him if someone says re-roll if you roll Rain don't listen to them Rain is that good I tried him out and he fits perfectly with my team with maxed out rented Dias and my 10LB Fayt we did damage to the Cyril event.

Lasswell is good for new players he is free if you have the blue FFBE tickets and I never tried him but people say he is a good freebie.

I'm thinking of building my 'Rain' up a lot yes I did get Rain it just...*sigh* it just how much I had to spend on my main account to get him T_T My alt got him with in the second free gems roll my main got...

>_> 2 drops of Fina >_< I had to get more money to get Rain and he was worth it.


Fina drop 2

So yes the money I had to spend for Rain on my main was worth it.

My alt got Rain but not Fina my main got Fina.

So good luck with the RNG in this game remember they are limited characters so roll if you can

And yes Fina is cute I almost do like her for a girl she maybe up there with Rena in my ranking.

Word from facebook group that a lot of people joined them O_o so people are coming in maybe from FFBE game itself so expect to see a lot of new players about.

I know both of my Fayt on my main and alt are getting rented I'm not too sure by who but I am getting coins I do see a lot I mean lot of Rain with all kind of swords out I think there are a lot of Rains out there now.

And yes Nel is making a comeback with a lot of Claude users and Edge somewhat and there are still a lot of Rena users out for rent along with the wedding girls and overflow of Swimsuit Reimi that is what I saw.

But for me I do see a lot of Fayt users making a comeback on solo maps I don't know about MP maps.

So far no Emmerson making at comeback at all with maybe barely Decus I mean...Michael.

With the skill seeds you can upgrade anyone but it takes time to farm them and it's not cheap.

I just maxed out Fayt on both accounts my main and my alt so I'm good to go as in LB and skill seeds.

And Faize is making a slow comeback on solo maps.

I would work on my 10LB Rena just for boss battles with the skill seeds and I do like Fina but I'm not too sure with the skill seeds first off I'm going to try to finish Rain in LB.

I say if you're new try to get Rain and Fina and try to LB them soon as possible but expect to see new people playing this game in MP and solo maps and people on discord say that Fayt users are dying...
I see a lot of Fayt users in solo maps...seriously and a lot of them admit they drop Fayt for Swimsuit Reimi for her body and some will say Swimsuit Reimi is squishy this is from discord chat.

Well I can't complain I am a girl after all so I go for the guys mostly :P

Girls have different point of views that why we are called fan girls lol.



"9/28(木)よりFFBEとのコラボイベントを開催いたします!さらにコラボ開催を記念して「ラスウェル」(★5エース)が貰える先行キャンペーンを本日メンテナンス後より開催! http://sqex.to/GBX  #アナムネシス"

"FFBE×SOA collaborative event held] 9/28 held collaborative events and FFBE (Thursday) more! Further collaboration held to commemorate "Lasswell" (★ 5 ACE) convened today maintenance after leading campaign get! http://sqex.to/GBX #アナムネシス"


Lasswell it is FFBE


Lasswell is from (achievement) login SOA today from discord chat so that means...who are we getting??

SOA game is in maintenance right now I just checked...

So if Lasswell is free...can we guess who we can get?

This is getting me a little excited just a bit not that much...

And Final Fantasy Brave Exvius event kicks off soon win 9/28 SOA event starts

9/22 14:00 ~ 17:00 [JST] for FFBE event with SOA

And 9/28 for SOA got it?

But to hold us off we are getting a free Lasswell for SOA win FFBE get a free Reimi.

Side note is that with this crossover you can now do legit stories O_o you can put Rain and Rena together
O_O sorry Claude you are not in this summon lol but I'm expecting both fan base to go wild now I'm surprised they didn't pick Nel she is the favorite of the one of the producer he said it himself he loves Nel.

[Happy Bunny Gun : Gun]
- Imbues attacks with Fire Element
- At 20% HP or higher, 70% chance to survive fatal attack
LB Factor - Damage +10% to Single Target

[Hidden Talon - Crimson Hawk : Knuckle]
- Imbues attacks with Fire Element
- Damage +10% to Single Target
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +15%

[Tomb Brand : One-hand Sword]
- Damage +40% to Human Race
- AP Consumption -15%
LB Factor - Damage +15%

Red looking sword that is Damage +40% to Human Race it looks cool looking I do want it but...

I'll roll once for the sword on my main and save the rest for gacha and yes they are new gacha weapons.

They say that new sword is good for Swimsuit Reimi but this sword has...no elements keep that in mind.

And more guns...how many guns do we need? Not that I mind I don't play with gun users.

Skill seeds are out O_O

This update come with them so get on your farming I'm already working on both Fayt my main and my alt

From discord chat they say they seen a lot of Swimsuit Sophia's being worked on that was expected
from the wedding girls to the swimsuit girls expect them to be worked on I'm trying to get Fayt done on my main I got one maxed out already his 'GRD' now to work on his other stats on my alt got a bit.

I'm taking a break farming that one area is...well farm farm farm that's all I got to say.

But this farming is not cheap using the skill seeds you have to have some money for using them.

And the added on Cyril fight is hard expect to die I did already and that wasn't fun so they made this fight more harder good for the hardcore people who like hard fights and do more doge in this fight.

I'll update later about the weapon draw I got on both accounts but yes skill seeds are out farm them.
red and white

.Hack//G.U. Japan


Japanese version

Noticed that Haseo words in the begging is different not long in the English version


Different dialog??

And look they are showing off the hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION like I said they would

Not only that it looks like the "Premium Edition" is Japan only none for NA


so here the links again

(11448yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 96.65

Look for 【PS4】.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION【早期購入特典】オリジナルPS4カスタムテーマが貰えるプロダクトコード同梱【Amazon.co.jp限定】アイテム未定
¥ 11,448

It looks like the Premium Edition comes with the CD and art book and if you order from amazon Japan or CD Japan you should get "First Press Detail Custom theme through download code"

PS4 wallpaper theme Japan only??

If you're going for Premium Edition you might want to get the orders in

So I'm really thinking of ordering the Premium Edition also for collection and my desire to love .hack however I'm trying to support Star Ocean Anamnesis also I might if I don't try and roll this time...T_T got to save gems for Ashton

I do have a job but I'm also paying bills...


And the money I did have went to my New PC I got yes I got a new gaming PC right now I'm downloading all my games I have to DL GW2 and Revelation Online yet I'm not doing BDO on this PC it will take hours I recall the last time I had to download it and it taken more then 1 day

I got a CyberpowerPC and it works good 16GB I had to replace my 12GB Asus but I'm going to hook it up with my 32GB in the bedroom so I can play it I also have games on it

I think I'll save my 12GB for BDO a.k.a. black desert online it has it on it and it's up to date

I was this close of buying a PSVR but I held off for my PC my gaming PC

So got to start saving again

I'm getting off the topic but who hype for .hack/G.U.

The Premium Edition looks good no word on NA at all to this point we can say the Premium Edition is for Japan only and it looks good

I'm thinking about the Premium Edition I might per-order or I might not I'll see

"『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』第2弾PV公開されました! https://youtu.be/nuibzErilgs 新要素もあるよ!! ぜひ御覧ください! #ドットハック #dothack"

"".hack // G.U. Last Recode ' 2 series PV released! https://youtu.be/nuibzErilgs There is also a new element! Please take a look at our!"

SOA twitter.


"Captain?! TVCM broadcasting has been started is like! Narration is Mr. Ryūsei Nakao person inside of me! Whats the key Visual poster sign? Mr. Nakao! Thank you very much! / ('◎∀◎ Be)"

【『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』Twitterプレゼントキャンペーン第3弾開催】 フォロー&RTで、ウェルチ役半場友恵さんやネル役浅川悠さんのキャラクターイラスト付きサイン色紙ほか豪華賞品をGETしよう!
"["Star Ocean: anamnesis ' Twitter campaign first 3 bullets held] follow &RT in the anime illustrated signs colored Welch helps 半場 friend rie and channel help Yuu Asakawa Besides trying to GET prizes! For more information"

TVCM放送を記念してアプリ内でも8つのキャンペーンを実施中です(`◎∀◎´)b 紋章石10000個プレゼント 1日1回無料ガチャ イベント復刻開催 ★5エース確定ガチャ(1人1回) などなど! 詳しくはこちら→http://www.jp.square-enix.com/soa/tvcm-campaign/
"TVCM broadcast to commemorate the is conducting a campaign of eight apps ('◎∀◎ be) b Crest stone 10,000 presents one day one time free Gazza reprint event ★ 5 ACE confirmed Gazza (once) and more! For more information click here #アナムネシス"

--End quotes from twitter

SOA TVCM time.

So twitter TVCM Campaign has started if you login in today you will get gems I did on both accounts.

If you have twitter help take part in this I did yes SOA Campaign time.

Link- http://www.jp.square-enix.com/soa/tvcm-campaign/

SOA Maintenance update -Story- Debate.



"SOA Maintenance on 5/11 14:00-16:00.
New Contents
Additional Event
Bug Fixes
Ending Contents
Reanbell Shooter/Attacker Pick-Up Gacha
Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha
New Weapon Pick-Up Gacha
Come Back Campaign
Gem Bargain
Character EXP Great Success Rate Increase Campaign
Prism Crystal Drop Rate Increase Campaign"
Update news from Discord.

So This the news for new update Celine and Sarah.

New Story will be in next update T_T I got too excited to that win we might get Edge.

I do want Nier Automata in it.

The rumor are they are following some voting site of what people want in Japan but that don't count for the rest of us who play the game.

Like how they made Anne so fast people voted her 'most liked' but in reality Anne Patriceani wasn't liked in the game it was confusing.

But I got a feeling they got major backlash win they made Fayt giving him Rising Blade that looks like a odd mirror blade to me >_>
(Fayt needed Blade of Fury and dimension door it was odd seeing him without it and I was very disappointed)

And they said creating characters is hard and time consuming.

By the voting 'rumors' Final Fantasy was a high pick beside EoE so we might have a SOA and Final Fantasy crossover?? It was rumored we don't know.

To be honest I never did play EoE and people say they 'loved' that game on my alt I did get the Wedding Leanne she is fun to play not so lucky on my main account.
However people wanted the guys not just the 'girls' and I think they was a little disappointed with that it feels like they are having a hard time pleasing both male and female fan base.

I kind of want level 6 star characters now or somehow evolve them that would make it interesting.

So I'm guessing the whole 'they was following a website to see what people like' is a rumor for now I thought I'd share with you what I heard.

And yes it looks like Fayt and Albel did bring the much money into this game people love SO3 people would die for a full remake I would.

But I'm not too sure how the wife's of...EoE did er...Waifu?...never did use that so er...anyways did EoE bring in the money? Or was EoE a bit disappointment?
I find this fight kind of annoying on my alt who not a major power like my 10LB Fayt but it was fun.

oh man I would love to play this game in English and the story has been updated.

So maybe why theory- they was holding out on Edge since he was the start he the ending character?? I mean out of all the main characters hopefully Edge will be different or it might be...since Star ocean last hope was the begging that the sign of the end is near...for Star ocean Anamnesis?

I'm trying not to be doubtful but...I just got that feeling I hope I'm wrong about this.

Win people ask 'we want new area' 'we want new story' they don't realized they are pushing the team to end the story and win the ending comes and they get upset saying 'we didn't want that' it will be too late...I know people have been restless and asking for more story and more area so I'm guessing this might be too hard.

yes people wanted harder fights win it did get hard they had to tone it down from the people who protested.

Now with the new people Celine and Sarah we know that people didn't want Sarah but I think they are adding her own there own desire this time around not the fan base so we're getting mixed reactions of good and bad and Celine starlight looks good.

So let's talk about Star Ocean program 12 it was announced in June? This time it will have Edge and some random character this will be after the heavy plot that come from this story and what from there?? Maybe hopefully Star Ocean program 13 and so on.

Sorry if I sound angry or anything I'm just a fan who worries haha.

On a serious note this story will have heavy plot on it hopefully someone might translate it but we do get more characters in story wise.

So I'll be posting my picture of my box and Fayt 10LB soon and talk about how I wanted that sword T_T

and maybe I'll get a picture of my alt account to why not my poor alt blessed and yet cursed.

banner up

I might try to roll for Celine maybe if I'm lucky enough T_T hopes my main account will let me.

**fixed** T_T >_> sorry.

SOA Fayt and Sophia.


It's Fayt and Sophia.

New event is Luther er...Lucifer.

New campaign.
"【Wシェアキャンペーン開催中!!】 このツイートをRTして、達成数に応じて紋章石や☆5確定キャラチケットをGET♪ そして5,000RT達成で「エンドオブエタニティ」イベント実施!! ▼詳しくはこちら"

For the power of twitter please share this.

So Sofia-Sophia she a fire elemental she like Myuria but better that's what people are saying.

I also heard people in Japan don't like Sophia but they did make her cute...I myself don't like her I always thought she was too...clingy and ugh I did not go for Sophia ending in SO3.

As for Fayt I heard his elements switches between fire and light or was lighting? and he has buffs that supports so no more Millie so depending on the boss Fayt element switches or so that what people said.

another thing that was said

SO3 HD remake for PS4 will be out March 31 in Japan.

No word on a English version yet.

So tonight live video felt more SO3 then anything else not that's bad.

Huh someone tried to translate this...Fayt skills are
"side kick, mirror blade and shotgun bolt" mirror blade...? what? Fayt never had mirror blade I wanted that dimension door anyways we will see tomorrow how his skills are really are.
Link- http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/489/1489186/
RIP blade of fury and dimension door omg why give Fayt that they should of given him explosion.
And yes his air raid looks...odd I'm calling sideways air raid with angel feather effects it looks weird but cool.

So in this universe I'm saying Fayt forgot his symbology and learn Mirror blade.

Now that Mirror has gone around don't you think so many characters has that or double slash? er...maybe it's me?

People was saying Albel is the only one that stands out differently somehow in skill wise?
So today I switch to Rena and did some events switch back to Albel and man Albel is OP very OP win he's at 6 stars it's his whole Air Slash of Fury I tell you that's all you need to take them down.

But as I said before my Iphone has all the good characters and my Ipad don't I almost think that account is cursed.

back on topic so yes Star Ocean 3 madness is almost over with tomorrow will be the day of the highlight Fayt and Sophia will drop into the game I hope I get Fayt.

I'd advise you to watch Program 10 it's a must.
link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/84825.html