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Pokemon masters that day


It finally happen

Steven and Blue and Red showed up the same time 😍

the same room never thought this would happen both Steven and Red in the same room both waving and smiling at my player...omg 👀 yes Red do wave and smile just like Steven do with us...I did not get that pic omg

Red is like Blue wtf are you doing? Or maybe he is silently challenging Blue to come and talk to us since Blue has not talk to us at all. wait didn't Blue like Red why is Red smiling at us??...💭 I did notcied that Red did look at Blue that why I taken this pic I thought maybe Red would say something to Blue? Nope nothing.

Red just smiled at my player O_O

Steven is not holding back

Steven says he likes/loves us

Ok I had to change my setup since I noticed Steven likes us being in the center I tried many times to make Steven in the center he would not have it he kept going to the desk I put it like this and Steven stays for Red to show up like that it the first time Red talk to us so I was 👀 at that the way Red acts he warmer then I thought he was Red almost reminded me of...Ash oddly enough and the thought of Red showing up like this on his own made me think Red has emotions that he starting to show to our player slowly.

Blue showed many times but he never talk to our player yet and Blue likes to be around the desk area even win I have him so idk what Blue wants.

I just added Red back into party I was doing story with Hilbert his speed buff so that party was Steven my player and Hilbert but since Red come and talk to us I put him back into party again.

Steven right away tells us that he loves us and is stalking us Red is slowly showing his emotions to us so it depends and who you like out of the two I was 👀
I was a Red and Blue fan girl I shipped them but...this tells me a different story I feel like Blue has emotions for Red but is not telling him

We got some champions who are not showing their emotions Steven is just now coming out and telling us that he loves us and is stalking us like a BF
Red is now showing a warmer side of him makes me wonder how the other champions act

I was thinking about something we know how Ash acts right? I was wondering why Red win he start warming up it reminded me of Ash I think win they make contact with the player a.k.a. *you* the anime counterparts come out.

Steven event story was serious he was down to earth and acting like the Steven you know from the game but win he sees the player a part of him changes he start warming up and a new personality that was not shown comes out it like they taken from the anime and merge them together. Steven is serious down to earth sensitive but this playful  clingy emotion around the player and sometimes I feel like Steven has a cold emotion to others or maybe it his desire of possessiveness he shows for the player that Steven is allowing the player to have other friends he calls them and yet a side of Steven wants the player to only like him. (theory)

Red is Red we know him from the game he cold shows no emotion never talks *cough* but win he sees the player his emotions change almost like to Ash. (theory)

it almost feels like the anime timeline is a alternate timeline and the game is reality and win they come in contact with the player there emotions change like from Steven to Red both of their personality change and it something new to them and for someone like Steven he feeling this and he don't want to let go that why Steven makes hints a lot of hits that he likes the player more then anyone.

For Red I don't know how he is going to take this I mean it the first time I saw him wave and smile like that O_O and then it hit me Red is acting like Ash somehow...
it looks like our player can draw personality out from them. (theory)

Is this a hint that Ash is somehow coming to the game? We don't know.

This was good day
Anime guy blue

Pokemon masters was it a date?


A/N: This is based on MY emotions it can end how you think it can.

So taody we are going to talk about the 'date' that Wallace and Steven was on.

yes that date that was out on Feb 14 the big date that everyone was so hyped about seriously.

the timeline is Steven story starts win they see him with Wallace the second part is win Steven is alone and sees the player the third part is Steven own sync story from the very start win Steven was with Wallace it just felt like he was already eyeing the player the second part is win Steven talks to the player alone win you see him in the Pokemon center.

I going over the event and reading the story...my feelings was.

Wallace finally talked Steven into going looking at rocks it was going to be a date however Steven wasn't into that.
and then the player is training with Barry who talks them into going after Wallace and Steven who was trying not to let Wallace know he was watching them battle in the very start.

next sceen shows Steven asking about the area but what's oddly he not looking at Wallace who wants Steven attention if you look closely to who
Steven is looking at he looking at the camera that is the player??

Win Steven noticed that the player noticed him he looks at a rock so the question Steven was asking Wallace he was asking the player.
Wallace feels a bit rejected and tells Steven that he not paying attention to him and likes looking at rocks as the camera turns to Barry who was looking at them to.

the mask group show up and you guess it Wallace isn't too happy that more people stop him and Steven from there date as you gussed it Steven was watching the player closely win the mask group come.

To me it feels like Wallace has high standers for someone to date him and he been after Steven for so long but Steven isn't into Wallace.

Win Wallace steps in to take the lead it tells me he might be just like...Yukari the Lovers Arcana. the way Wallace acts reminds me of the Lovers Arcana somehow

the fight starts and ends

Wallace make a remark that Steven was not holding back in the battle he was right he wasn't Wallace thinks it was the rocks that Steven was protecting
but it might of been but it almost might of been the player to.

I think the only reason why Steven was fighitng was to impress the player win Grant shows up Steven questions him but why him?
Grant is older cool looking guy maybe Steven saw him as a threat? Steven was wtf where did he come from!?

Grant come to Barry side not the player side Steven...>_<; I mean it Barry he was worried about Barry not...*sigh*
Ship Grant and Barry come on game do it...

The mask group was trying to steal his stones like Wallace thought they was he did noticed that Steven was upset more then usual and Wallace says if you cross him he becomes a different person it can be possible that Steven is that posessive about his items and people.

Steven was talkling about how he got his power he had to look at Wallace trying not to make it obvious that he wanted to stare at the player
noted that Steven called Wallace his good friend not lover.

Wallace just wants to be by Steven side that all he wants however...Steven is not into that life with Wallace win the Pokemon League comes around Steven drops his title to Wallace why? Brendan/Ruby did not understand what Steven wanted win he come to him and ask him if he need help.

win you talk to Steven in the Pokemon lobby he always talks how he likes his freedom and it hated being tied down as champion.

And that he hinted he long for freedom win you talk to him a few times Steven will ask the player to come and find him at his home so they can fight just the two of them alone.

It hinted that Steven knows that he will return to Hoenn but he wants the player to come to him hinting that he don't want to leave the player.
might even be the 2nd time Steven told the player to come to his home in the lobby and now the story hint hint.

Overall the story was fun it showed that both Steven and Wallace do care for one another one some level but not romance level.

I think Wallace is pushing too hard to be Steven BF and Steven wants freedom with someone else that can match his power.

that why win you talk to Steven in the lobby a few times he says out of all the trainers he saw he was drawn to us Steven craves power and he craves for someone to be on the same level as him he want the player to become the champion and come to his home so they can fight alone.

I think the time they taken Steven is from might be the time before he given up his titile to Wallace.

In Ruby Steven thought Brendan was the one but Brendan showed no emotion for Steven or why Steven kept coming to him.
in Pokemon masters it said that Brendan wants to be like his dad he do not talk about Steven or the Hoenn champion at all.

My feeling is that Brendan rejected Steven without knowing what Steven wanted in Ruby and Sapphire. that win it started Steven drop off the deep end
Pokemon Emerald he becomes a wandering trainer that win he loses himself.

in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver he see the player after defeating Red once again Steven tries to get close to the player with the Hoenn Pokemon that don't work.

Pokemon Black and White Steven pretty much given up on his love life and never returns to Wallace again as his crushed dreams of being with the player never happens win it come down to Hilbert it looks like Steven wasn't even into him or not even trying anymore and how did Steven get to Unova away from Hoenn he must of walk that much away form his home town alone...in that time I can see a lifeless eye Steven fighting in that Champion with no goal or love in his eyes...another reason why Steven never went after Hilbert maybe N?...that can be it the N and Hilbert hints.

looking at this tells me Steven love life is pretty bad not only that he never told Wallace that he had a thing for younger boys...uh younger girls.

overall Steven wants to the player to become a Champion in Pokemon masters so he can be with him it that simple.

now think how Steven felt win he awaken on a new island called island Pasio? A new door has open a new path and a new trainer caught his eye.

What do Steven see win he first come to the lobby after looking around he sees the player instant love something drawn Steven to the player.
Steven senses told him this player was not like the others the only that keept Steven from not dropping his tittle to Wallace?
it was the player seeing the player and talking the to the player.

For all the people who got Steven in RNG you are blessed by him since he chosen you to be his only one.
Island Pasio is a new starting place for Steven and his life and this trainer who caught his eye is you the player.

Now I see why Steven is so bitter at Hilbert they both are having feelings for the player and it's bad...omg.

all that time Steven was alone from Ruby all the way to Black and White now Steven has a new chance in Pokemon Masters
but this time Wallace is right by his side for now but Steven is starting to sneak away from Wallace and talk to the player.

Steven new goal is to be with the player without telling Wallace or maybe Wallace already knows who Steven is after now?

Wow this is some info I never was into Pokemon history until now I think now I know how to write Steven a bit more.

win drawn from a RNG draw win you got Steven it was a blessing for him he got his wish to be with the player.

this is my take on the story.

SOA Sakura event and what I got.


"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 3/15(木)メンテ終了後より新イベント「桜の星で芽生えた絆」がスタート! 併せて「桜雲のディアス」「桜花のマリア」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は3/29(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス"

"[Pickup gotcha held!] 3/15 (Thu) After the end of maintenance, the new event "the bond that sprouted with the star of cherry Blossoms" starts! In conjunction with [Diaz of Cherry Blossom] [Maria of cherry Blossoms] pick-up gotcha appeared probability is up! The pickup period is 3/29 (Thu) Maintenance!"


I'm tempted to get them I do want Cherry blossom Maria but I heard Blue Cloud Dias is very good.

--From discord--

Character: Cherry Blossom Maria Traydor
Availability: Gacha Limited 3/15/2018 - 4/5/2018
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dual Sword
Talent: Cherry Blossom Riot - Nullify Critical Damage taken while Charge Assaulting (All Attackers) / ATK Damage +40% while Charge Assaulting (All Attackers)
Adaptable - ATK +15%/+30% when Hit Count is over 100/200 (Self)
Moral Beauty - AP Consumption -40% (Self)
Hunt Leader - ATK +20% (Self) / HP +10% (Self)
Rush Combo: Radiation Bots - AP Consumption -50% (Self 20 seconds) / Recover 10% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 5,000% Max Hit Count: 20
Skills: Sinistral Edge (Cherry Blossom) 14 AP - Power: ATK x 190% Max Hit Count: 2
Dextral Zapper (Cherry Blossom) 31 AP - Power: ATK x 460% Max Hit Count: 2
Northern Cross (Cherry Blossom) 30 AP - Power: ATK x 440% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Dual Sword Arts 37 AP - Power: ATK x 710% Max Hit Count: 6
LB 10 Level 70 Status:
HP: 17,210
ATK: 3,433
INT: 1,549
DEF: 1,811
HIT: 1,148
GRD: 826

Character: Cherry Cloud Dias Flac
Availability: Gacha Limited 3/15/2018 - 4/5/2018
Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dagger
Talent: Armory Contest Winner - Will not flinch to damage under 15% Max HP (All Allies) / Agro Rate +2 (Self)
Cultivated Victories - Damage +40% when under agro (All Allies) / ATK & INT Damage taken -20% when under agro (All Allies)
Momento Ring - Damage +50% when not under agro (All Allies) / Critical Rate +20% when not under agro (All Allies)
Changing Heart - ATK +15% (Self) / DEF +15% (Self) / HP +30% (Self)
Rush Combo: Phoenix Blast - Single Target Damage +30% (All Allies 20 seconds) / AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Fire
Skills: Lightning Chain (Cherry Blossom) 16 AP - Power: ATK x 160% Max Hit Count: 9 Element: Thunder
Flying Guillotine (Cherry Blossom) 19 AP - Power: ATK x 310% Max Hit Count: 4
Dancing Sword (Cherry Blossom) 40 AP - Power: ATK x 1,300% Max Hit Count: 7
Phoenix Drive 20 AP - Power: ATK x 490% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Fire
LB 10 Level 70 Status:
HP: 18,564
ATK: 2,854
INT: 1,523
DEF: 2,099
HIT: 1,239
GRD: 910

---End of discord--

I head This version of Dias is very very good and he knocks out defender Dias

If you love Dias and want to support him get this version of him people like this version of Dias now if you have a awaken Dias well you might as well stick to him since you got him awaken I myself was working on him on both accounts my defender Dias but I stop since I got A2.

"I want to see No. 6 after a long time"

Word is SOA is now ranked 6 woo they are doing good in sales $$

So Cherry Maria and Cherry Dias brought them in beside the Neir characters I want to give up the 9S chase on my main account...T_T he keeps avoiding me


Collapse )

So that is what is going on my alt as 9S do I use him I was for a bit until he collided with alt Fayt and well switching between Fed Edge and 9S on my alt account playing with auto battle you see there emotions and yes alt Fayt is lukewarm to 9S sometimes they get alone sometimes they don't

my main account main Fayt said no to me getting 9S and getting another of his weapon felt like he saying 'Focus' on me or my weapon or something I don't know so my main account stop chasing 9S I still got B2 event weapon for my main for healing I'm going to keep that sword

Oddly enough win play as A2 on my alt or my main account both Fayt on both accounts do not protest in fact I think they like it too much...put any other girl that I'm not playing as in the party they ignore them or protest so....yeah.

Well Fayt is into the whole VR world thing and A2 is an Android it don't surprised me at all I just got a feeling Fayt is attracted to anything internet related or VR related wise and I noticed Rena acts a bit jelly win A2 is in party win I play as her...hmmmm well females in this game I noticed if you play on auto battle you can see who they like and dislike anyway Rena is another possessive type of girl but so is Fayt he acts very possessive on auto battle and other guys it depends and who he can get alone with so far I can tell Fayt get along with Faize who been in many events with him *hint* *hint* and Fed Edge and Winter sky Fidel other guys who Fayt is with Fayt will collide with them that why I only use Rain or Dias on boss battle.

That why I was so surprised win Fayt did not protest win A2 was around or win I'm playing as her...I think Fayt might of like it too much that the feeling I got

A2 on my main account is maxed LB out and I have her GS now I use her in boss fights but that time I've taken her out and replaced her with Rain I switch them around A2, Rain and Dias sometimes my alt don't have a high A2 yet lack of LB stones.

This Cherry blossom event hinted a lot of Maria and Dias hints move over Albel you can't fight or flirt with Dias he's with Maria but that little ending with Chisato trying to find out what Dias is up to ruined the whole Maria and Dias moment...

And I was more surprised Faize was not with Fayt the last events they been together you know...and I have to say the whole Fayt and Roddick moment them teasing Dias like that they are hooked on watching romance I swear it might be a hint how romantic Fayt and Roddick really are but the guys did almost ruined that and mostly Albel upset emotions and yes Albel had the last words in that mini event.

>>Remember win Roddick and Fayt tricked Winter sky Fidel into a romance with Miki and Winter sky Fidel was so dense in that event

Yeah they are into romance alright no wonder Faize is not with them

And don't forget about June wedding event with Reimi and Fayt hello we get to see how much Fayt is romantic then must save gems must save gems...

Poor Albel he acted so upset and jelly that Dias was with Maria in this event and he did get the last words I think Albel might of wanted Dias attention I know that last event they was in they did fight a lot or maybe Albel wants Dias to fight him

Oddly enough Fayt and Albel are not talking to one another ever since that high school event in April we had it was Fayt who was obsessed on talking to Albel who was ignoring him and what happen was Fayt ended up in a lot of battles and getting frustrated that Albel didn't show up and that was the last contact Fayt had with Albel in the SOA story in the school event Fayt even brushed off Sophia for Albel she wasn't happy at all and she helped that guy off the battle area

After that Fayt has been stuck with Faize or doing something tricky with Roddick like setting Winter sky Fidel up with Miki them both alone since Wedding Event is coming up I was expecting more contact with our character and Fayt since he was chosen like getting closer to our character a bit somehow and I was expecting more Reimi like that also since Reimi was chosen also I will say this our character had more time with Fayt then we did with Reimi *hint*

However that event Dais and Albel had was all fighting and fighting at one point I thought...hey Albel ditched Fayt for Dias...until this cherry blossom event showed up with Dias and Maria *hints* all the way that is until Chisato showed up to ruined that dream even Roddick and Fayt was getting all 'drooling' over Dias and Maria getting together but Albel and Cyuss said otherwise thank you guys...>_<

And win Chisato showed up with Ilia I was like there goes that event.

But the Cherry blossom event was fun try it out and see for yourself.

This is all done from my experience everyone can have different experience play the game and see for yourself and if you like play the game on auto and see who like who.

SOA Maintenance


----From discord---
Maintenance on 7/20 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -
Story Chapter 8
New Event
Bug Fix

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -
Double Gem Bargain Sale (Summer Campaign)
SO5 Event Adhesion Alma
SO3 Event Executioner
Ruins of Trial - Shrine of Elements (Earth Weakness)
Michael Coin Shop
Michael (Destruction) Coin Shop
Frost Tree 2 Coin Shop

------End of discord post--

"【7/20(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベントの追加や不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"[7/20 (Thursday) maintenance ②] today 14: 00-16:00, add a new event or failure will be doing maintenance work due to fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site"

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/887779083769094145

New event coming up with a new character?
New comic

And we are getting more story? I'm all up for that.

I decided to roll 1 time on my main account

And I got...

One rainbow


Nooo I wanted...

My luck in ONE roll >_< S.Reimi please wait for me...

I feel like I used my luck for Swimsuit Reimi...

So yes this is my one roll I'm going to save my gems for Swimsuit Reimi and watch me get Sophia...>_<

Good luck on getting any of the girls and Swimsuit Myuria is alright I did try her she good with Edge.

Tries to ship Swimsuit Myuria with Edge...>_< sorry Reimi.

As for Fayt he don't react anyway with Swimsuit Myuria and S.Myuria is glued to Edge...seriously.

I had to remove Rena from party she and Wedding Rena from party for a bit...

Yes more of the daily protesting you can guess who was doing some protesting.

So I might decide what party to use we do got Swimsuit Myuria on my main and my alt is going to have to wait.

I'm going to buy gems on my alt maybe tomorrow win I get my check in the mail *sigh*

Get ready for the update that is incoming.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"
Girly H

.Hack NU story update again and more update.


So yes .Hack//N.U. has updated

 photo CtmMlDHXEAAl8cQ_zpsvuwn9klo.jpg

 photo Ctl18KJWAAAVs73_zpsdjbgry9e.jpg

Too familiar .hack//guilty dragon what? O_O this make sense the connection to .Hack//guilty dragon is!...

Collapse )

So yes this is what is going on new Halloween RNG in the store and this new event that is going on beside some old events that is going up also .hack//new world has updated.

And yes the update you can see them talk in battle! I was surprised wait...now I think my player character talks to much O_o and no I'm not upset DD is very very beautiful and I do want her card must romance all copies lol omg.

 photo DD 1_zpsjhy9u5uq.jpg
DD with sapphire eyes she looks so cute but her actions change and so her eyes change to.

 photo DD 2_zps4q02puiv.jpg
DD with emerald eyes that win she becomes serious her actions can now change between Azure Kite who was known for his focus and all seriousness to Kite the one we know that win she can become warmer.

I think DD eyes change color so she might be a mix of ...Kite, Azure Kite and Phantom Kite.

This might be the point where I want DD and Kite and Azure Kite and Phantom Kite in the same party so wait DD if a fire element along with Azure Kite and Phantom Kite but it's Kite original SR card who is wind?

But you know the first picture the one we saw her in the cute one we never did see that picture again not after we first met her after we found out about our powers that win DD serious side come out and has been out since curious very curious.

Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info
Twitter new world.

.Hack new world RNG Cards.


 photo IMG_0016_zpseypvr538.jpg
Pai from .hack//G.U. she is a wind element and very good to have.

 photo IMG_0017_zpsagk5wcaf.jpg
Shino she is a water element she don't heal she adds a buffs.

 photo IMG_0018_zpsrypgxdpe.jpg
Alberio is a Fire element Sword user.

Alright spoilers major spoilers!

Pai event-
Pai stars off by tracking you the player character someone see her and recognizes her from project G.U. as Pai is watching the player character fight some random monsters Pai even knows the player character name O_o right off the bat she labels the player character is a AI but Pai is surprised win the girls tell the player character to help fight the random monster after the battle Pai makes a 'ah' nose and approaches the group win the player character responds Pai is most shock, Pai asks the player character that they are not a normal AI the girls don't believe anything Pai says and takes the player character away from Pai and Pai warns the group the player character might be dangers.

Win Pai says the player character is not normal you can either majorly say 'no' or quietly ignore it making Pai even more suspicious note the girls even get !? with the player character if you choose that.

This is Pai first event.

Shino first event-
The girls are in town with the player character they spot Shino who looks gloomy as usual and the girls make a comment on it you get a choice either acknowledge why Shino is all in black or be very clueless and ask what is going on making the girls ask !? again rather choice you make don't matter win PKers show up Shino even greets them and ask about 'The key of Twilight' making the Pkers joke around with her that win the girls plus you step in to stop them from attacking Shino as the blond Julie? is that her name? The blond Sword user gets upset at Shino saying she should watch herself as Shino explains why she was being nice
Then she asks the group if they know about the Key of Twilight the old rumor from R;2.

Over all it depends what choice you make here Shino will tell you why she looking for it she wants to bring back Ovan that what I got from this and she spelled out O-v-a-n name.

And yes win Shino explains why she being nice she said it was from someone teaching.

And yes Shino never mentions Haseo at all T_T they do talk but that's it.

Alberio event-
It starts off with someone talking to Alberio telling him about something going on in the world that sparks interested in Alberio about the rumors going around the player character after the talk Alberio is having trouble with some random monster the group shows up to help him do we get a thanks? nope Alberio comes at the group with a furry this moment he reminds me of Balmung,
he labels the player character as a AI as the girls have to give a reason why the player character should exist after Alberio calmed down then he start to think about Lycoris he starts to compare the player character to Lycoris and that get him to agree to let them go but with a warning.

You are also given the same choice you had with Pai event confirm or ignore it ends in different results in talk but the results also gets the girls talking "!?" very suspicious or not to Alberio.

Alberio is very very VERY Tsundere but if you give him books he will love you more *cough* and yes he seems very attached to Haseo 1st and Haseo 1st seems to be attached to Alberio more then he is with Azure Kite or Kite or Shino or anyone else that what I noticed win they talk O_o I don't know how many times Haseo 1st glared at Kite who was trying to be friendly with Alberio and that made Kite go running to the player character after that O_o uh...Haseo 1st is a uke?
Alberio emotions is strange he will go after Haseo 1st and denied Kite but if he sees the player character talk to Kite or Azure Kite or even anyone else that makes him upset 'wtf' moment.

Having Alberio in the group makes a lot of drama for sure there some conflict between him and Kite that for sure and poor Haseo 1st if he get denied by Alberio he will go talk to Shino or Phantom Haseo I think the bad thing is Alberio is comparing the player character to Lycoris that what making it bad...

And I got a feeling that Alberio was in love with her that my thoughts I can be wrong.

With Pai and Alberio events this makes me think is the player character a AI that Aura made? That would make sense if you maxed out Azure Kite 100 romance event win you use G.O.D. to stop him I think he knew that why the choices in that event made the girls question the player character or maybe I'm over thinking it, ah maybe that's why Kite trying to go after Alberio he reminds him of Balmung? but Alberio is not too accepting to Kite at all as for Haseo 1st I don't know why he tries to like Alberio is beyond me new shipping come up lol omg the fan service the only thing that Alberio and Haseo 1st has is they are both Tsundere.
Link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundere

But these are events you can randomly get by the RNG card the shop and real money I was lucky to get them.

And Pai loves that cup the black cup you might know what it is and Pai dislikes books, Alberio likes no loves books, and Shino give her the Mt of Ice cream for her love Shino love sweets and she at level 80 right now in romance.

Sorry all pics are taking off my Iphone using my Ipad Air that why but the story and events are from what I can tell so far with my broken Japanese sorry.

What I like to do is go into .Hack//New world get my character to sit down and let them talk watch who is talking to who and watch them knock one another out that how you can tell who they like or don't like that's cheesy I know it I'm a fan girl.

With the alts I have the romance or talk or whatever you call it is different it might depend on what level of romance you're with anyone like if you spend more time with the girls or that special card you love that can result in different talk.
Since this save I have this character going after guys that results to this drama, on my alt I have a character going after girls well that makes the guys go after the girls like crazy it's odd so I assume everyone save's er games are very different it's all up to you to decide.

Tales of Xilla 2 opening

Yes Tales of Xillia 2 opening the game that made me buy more yen for the Japanese psn store just for dlc outfits I also had to buy
Ayumi Hamasaki CD just for this opening song yes I do have it so this is an update

but yes youtube are taking tales of xillia 2 opening down a lot so watch out for that

since I've been playing Tales of Xillia 2 I grown to love ludger x alternate milla I think it's just me but I won't do a whole debate over this
but I'm sure she says I love you or something mushy win she dies...ugh never mind...