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SOA What I got [JP]


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Don't this look like...this?? 歌星フェイト did leave rena alone win you two went to become idols?

Genshin impact?? If you look at 歌星フェイト outfit his cape looks like
This?? It might be a hint?? If you saw the stars in 歌星フェイト background is that hinted at astrology?

All this CAN be nothing it just a theory for now it just something I notice win looking at 歌星フェイト and seeing his rush it just reminded me of 歌星フェイト coming from another 'game' or 'area' or something and using his powers to do so.

Genshin impact on the survey???

May the RNG be with you win you pull for them.
Summer Steven.

PM update




EX unlock OMG!!

Red turn Blue...his outfit if that is not a hint of them being a in love I don't know what is.

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Red turn Blue...OMG RedXBlue 💝

wait...PM EX?...



are you ready for PM EX?

I am I want to get Steven color outfit unlocked and him up to 6 stars ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

Now is a good time to get into PM and wait for EX to come.

OMG Steven up to 6 stars and a outfit color change yes yes yes!
Anime guy blue

Pokemon masters more talk


You can get more talk from Steven O_O

this is of my feelings and my emotions thank you.
Note-  they just added more dialogue what he says has nothing to do with the story...>_<; oh man I got all hyped over this.
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Okay in order for Stevne to talk this way to your own MC you have set Steven as your favorite and sync battle on your profile. like making Steven your favorite sync battle partner and making Steven your favorite without anyone else but him as marked.

Win Steven moves back to the top that desk where he just says that one dialogue and he is not where he is showen in the pic you ignore him do one battle until you drag him down away from the desk and start talking to him that win the new dialogue should come up. if Steven is at the desk do not talk to him ignore him and that will pull him back down and then you can get new dialogue or more info from him. you only do this if you marked Steven as your favorite that will pull him into the pokemom center win you can talk to him all the time. and only he is marked as your favorite and no one else.

if this works on Steven I think it works on other people or other champions if you want you can redo the whole story from the very start and get new dialogue from the people you mark as your favorite and who you like did you even know this!? I did not I just found out today omg...I wish I did this win I first got Steven.

No more Hilbert as sync partner favorite sorry my MC wants to talk to Steven and get new dialogue from him.

Ta-da you are now dating the mineral champion.  With more events coming Steven should say more dialogue if you do this or if you like anyone else from other champions to girls this might work so if you have this girl or champion you like you can do this to get them to talk to your MC.

This must be
Flavor text they put in the game without anyone seeing it you have to find out what they put in this game this makes me want to redo the whole story again
just to see what Steven says from the very start but if you have so many girls mark as favorite this might not work I have not tested it and I don't think I will I don't want to mess this up with Steven.

I might redo the story and find out what he says in the very start and maybe if you're a Red fan you can do this if you have Red and you love him so much I don't know what Red would say beside ".........." or any other girls would say if you do this with them try it out and see for yourself this might make you redo the whole story again.

the bug I did run into was not nice it told me my game crashed win I was buying gems and I was not too happy it did to me 2 times I sent in a bug report.
You might want to look out for that.

This a little pic of what is going on in Pokemon masters and what is Steven saying to our MC and what you can do to make the favorite person or champion to talk to you.

Side note I did change to EN voice I was going to change back to JP voices but...Steven said

the first top line in EN voices he said it I was O_O I'm keeping his EN voices it win I open the game and that what he said to me. the two time my game crashed this is what he said so I'm keeping the EN voices as much as I loved his JP voice this is what he said in his EN voice. You might want to change back to EN voices if they added more dialogue for them to say to you win you open the game.

I change to EN I thought Red would have a EN voice so that why I switch but I'm happy I did change to EN voices I get to hear Steven say in his EN voice dialogue win you open the game.

I don't know what he says in the JP side of the game I'm only playing NA/EN side of this game so I don't know if this only for NA side or not (theory)
Black hair girl

Pokemon masters flame champion


Long ago we was all looking for him the flame champion


the flame champion in pokemon masters

The Flame Champion in Pokemon masters 🔥
working on my team right now.

Not my full box I did get Blue maybe he the reason why Red come to me? 🤔

Stevne is not holding back 😍 omg you should see who all shows up win Steven talks to the MC win I was pulling for Red
both Brendan/Ruby and Lyra was behind the MC I was oh god they are so pissed yes I got both Brendan *Win you confuse May with Lyra* they look alike...>_>
wait if both rejected Steven this is why Steven like/loves/stalker to 'us' why would both of them show up creepy behind my MC?...
did they hope my MC would reject him? Not going to happen. Steven was talking about how much like us and our pokemon.

look at Red event to me it feels like Red is 100% Tsundere Flint had no chance to be with him.
it like night and day Steven and Red their personality looks like Red has no interest with the MC I'm thinking Red more into Blue.
Red has the power but to me Steven feels like a warmer personality to talk to the way Steven acts he only warm to the MC 'us' by the looks of it.

I got 1 Red and you can see how many Steven I got I might just end up with one Red after I did some story come back Brendan and Lyra was gone.

talk to Steven he said this along with some other stuff 👀

I 💭 who Red reminded me of and hit me
Flame Champion from Suikoden III
The guy who never talks the Silent protagonist. (Yes I know red talks in the event)

Red has red outfit and has fire he is the reincarnation of the flame champion from Suikoden 3
this would make a good story! I never did a Suikoden story in a long long long time.

it was fun to make this post I got Red on my 1st roll now you ask what is Suikoden 3? Go play it I wish they remake Suikdoen 3 on the PS5 that would be amazing.

May the RNG 🙏 you tonight for Red.

SOA JP I know about Rena I'm not going for her so that's a no for me she looks cute but no. I'm still playing SOA with my 3 accounts on JP side and now Pokemon masters I got a lot of stuff to do.

if you want to try Pokemon masters now is the time to get in the game and get both Red and Steven for a good powerful team.

Looks like reddit is still 🧂 about Steven Hmm my guess it your MC if favorite mark any girl I think Steven will not come to you
I have not mark any girls as my favorite and they still show up a lot even win my MC is talking to Steven

Reddit is saying Steven likes gems and they are upset about that might be not true I think it might be your personality or what user name you used.

it can be who you are using maybe the girl you are using likes you're MC maybe that why Steven has not shown up for you? 💭

For me I'm happy with Steven as for Red I'm thinking he more happy with Blue 🎶
Anime guy blue

SOA New Weapons Gacha what I got [JP]


time to post what I got from the new RNG drop.

my account Luna my main.🌸

got it.

sword time.

now I'm done フェイト/fate has the sword no 3rd sword since srf fate already has ice in his powers. 🌸🌸🌸

hmm this sword fits with groom fate very good in color wise it almost made me wish
フェイト 'prince fate' won the voting this sword would of fit him.

my alt account zero omg...poor alt who don't have that much gems and that rng my alt was getting so many staff weapons.

open game get ambushed by groom fate. 🌸

hello to you groom fate. 🌸 groom fate has said 'hello' to my alt zero a lot more then on my main account for my main account it either fate/フェイト or srf fate.

this is my alt setup. I need to get a new accessories for groom fate I want to get another health regeneration one so I can heal stack with groom fate.

for my alt account I did not think I had enough for both swords but I did.

if you put this new ice sword on original fate he will have all his powers light/fire/ice
and the very missing dimension door skill that fate don't have.

[ Vorpal Sword : One-Hand Sword ]
- Adds Ice Element to Attacks & Ice Elemental Damage +40%
- Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds
- (LB5) While HP is at 100%, ATK Damage Dealt +40%

is good for the 'fate' users if you use them the heals do stack I seen claude, edge even fidel rentals using this sword this new upgrade ice sword is good for sword users.

heals do stack no more healer. Now I can put away bunny maria sword and srf fate sword both had heals on them.

I was using bunny maria sword for so long it was that good if I need a wind sword I have that.
srf fate sword was alright it had heals but it was way too clunky for my taste.

now to get more Welch’s Special Oil I need to remove gears out of my old weapons.

SOA what did I get??


I did some RNG draws for the GS alone O_o yes I did roll and I did spend my hard working Yen in this game.

My results are

GS for Zero account

A2 has a good weapon for my alt account

my alt did spend gems T_T

Now for my main account

This time I had to spend some gems it wasn't lucky as my alt was...T_T

However A2 has approved of this this weapon is good for A2 or Alt Albel if you are using them

My boss setup for boss fights this is my setup for now sometimes I change A2 out for defender Dias sometimes but A2 is my tank she is good with this newly GS and I have Rena for heals as usual

I did not post during the Maid event since I did not roll for Maid Clair and Maid Nel I have to say Maid Clair was temptation itself

So I got my gems back up on my main account yes I did spend money I'm saving for
Wedding Fayt and Wedding Reimi please come to my main account and maybe my alt...

So good luck if your rolling for the newly GS I did get the Rifle I'm not using it unless they give me someone I'm going to use it maybe Wedding Reimi? *cough*

May the RNG be with you its all up to luck and what not

I am still playing this game on my Tablet and Phone so I will support this game.

But it's all up to your RNG for this game if your rolling for this new GS it's very good.

I'll never have Alt Albel So I'm going to focus on A2 on both accounts for my GS user.


Fayt and Alt Albel lives so this is the first hint between the two in such a long time it did make twitter alright there was no talk between Fayt or Albel since SOA dose this mean Albel will appear in Fayt Wedding Event? Beside the salty Sophia? They might since it obviously hinted in SO3 Fayt had a 'thing' for Albel somewhat, this just felt like a light teaser to the fan base that they know that people do ship AlbelXFayt or FaytXAlbel this second time we see Fayt with Albel in SOA the First time was the school event where Fayt wanted to see Albel not Sophia but Albel was taking a nap in that event and didn't get to see Fayt at all Fayt ended up fighting some random guys and getting upset that Albel didn't show or talk to him.

Fun fact people on twitter like calling Albel pudding Albel for what reason we don't know maybe it a hint to his hair?

And you thought the war between Maria and Sophia fans was bad lol

Take a look at the triangle that is Fayt, Albel and Cliff that is another war.

PB what?


My account at Photobucket just got flagged.

For 3rd party image hosting >_> seriously?

They want me to sign up for the $399.99 / Year deal no way so they went from a free website to a you have to pay or they will
terminate your Membership deal...

So they already sent me a warning time to look for another free picture place oh boy I'm going to have to
Download all my pictures

The e-mail they sent me is sign up for this or else kind of warning it felt treating my account is free if you want to know.

But no I'm not buying into this so I'm starting to download my pictures all of them O_O
(I got all my pics downloaded and I have them backup on usb flash drive so they are safe)

Wait what do I do with the pictures that the people who made them are gone??

Especially the .hack ones oh boy I'm going to have to think what to do with them...

At first I'm going to back them up to a USB flash drive and after that I'm going to look around for picture sites that are free.

This change started July the 1st it looks like so this is a update if you have a PB account and you was paying for it before the changes stated you're okay as long as you keep up the payments or else they will...be very treating *mutters*

I just noticed I have good cosplay pictures and a lot of good pictures so if the people made them are gone...

That mean they are mine?...T_T that not how I wanted it...

See this is what happens win you was a fan girl for so long and out lasted the fan people... *sigh*

I think I can post them on my tumblr account or something...I'll think of it.

Maybe win .Hack//G.U. is out for the PS4 I'll post some pictures O_o maybe some cosplay pictures maybe some fan pictures we will see

So what they did is lock my account until I pay them >_> not going to happen not only that they are forcing me to click on the ads for paying them...no way I don't have that kind of money for it $399.99 a year? no way.

I can download my pics I can't share them.

Time to move on to a different picture place.

And now I'm trying to download my pictures they are going slow with it I think they are doing this to make me give into them...

This is a update what is going on.


O_O Maria

I'm going to have to use dropbox it worked!!

so I'm going to be using dropbox for post for my doujinshi I'm not to sure yet.

I looked into Flickr and Imgur both sites I had problems posting pics on and getting them to show on LJ so I ended up going to Dropbox and people was telling me Imgur is a good place to go but you have to watch out for Imgur since pictures vanish sometimes there? One person was saying that I don't know if it true or not.

So Dropbox almost works like Photobucket and it let me post the pics how I want it to look so I'm going to use Dropbox for now.

For my doujinshi I'm still thinking maybe...tumblr? I don't know yet.