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SOA bunny girls [JP]


【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 バニー衣装の『兎耳のマリア』が、片手剣装備のアタッカーで、9/27(木)メンテナンス後より登場!コンセプトは『体力満タン!ATKフィニッシャー!』です。 #アナムネシス
Bunny Maria who one handed sword move over Fayt and Swimsuit Reimi you got someone new.

【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 バニー衣装の『兎耳のミラージュ』が、弓装備のヒーラーで、9/27(木)メンテナンス後より登場!コンセプトは『避ける!耐える!生存戦略バフヒーラー!』です! #アナムネシス
Bunny Mirage looks fun to play as but she is a bow healer the only one I recall is Fina if you missed out on getting her.

Viva Las Vegas style er...

So looks like we might get a upgrade wind sword? beside the Storm Dealer that blue sword that was Edge weapon maybe we might get a upgrade wind sword?

Wait if we are getting bunny girls so no Halloween? The choice for new players who join JP side I say roll on VP banner or try to get Yrian since they missed out on Groom Fayt since they just started.

Opera orb user is pretty fun to play as but I don't have her and I'll never get her.

However bunny Maria reminds me of mix of Swimsuit Reimi and Fidel if possible I'm surprised they did not give bunny maria more of fayt moves but looking at bunny maria they did try to make her different a little.

Now for me I have way too many one hand sword users a.k.a. attackers like Fayt, Fidel, Swimsuit Reimi, 2B who is collecting dust on my main account I'm going to pass on Bunny Maria.

For healers I got Rena, Fina, Sarah, Relia on my main account enough healers so going to pass on Bunny Mirage.

Usagi/bunny girls do look cute looks like they are pushing bunny maria out that fast the way they talked about Cliff I thought they would add another version of Cliff but no sadly to say no alt Cliff yet but we do have Cliff awakening.

現在開催中の「ユーイン」「紅輝のオペラ」ピックアップガチャにつきまして、開催期間を延長いたします。詳しくはアプリ内並びに公式サイトお知らせをご確認ください。またtwitterの記事につきましては、期間を変更した内容で再度投稿し、古い記事は削除させていただきます。 #アナムネシス
"We will extend the opening period of the current "Yrian" and "Red Opera" pickup. For details, please check the inside of the app and the official site notice. Also, for Twitter articles, please post again with the change of the period, I will delete the old article. #アナムネシス"

【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 9/13(木)メンテ終了後より「ユーイン」「紅輝のオペラ」の出現確率がアップしたガチャが登場です!さらに10連1回毎に1枚ついてくるオマケ「ピックアップキャラコイン」は、5枚で「ユーイン」「紅輝のオペラ」等と交換可能! 期間は10/4(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス

----From Facebook---
- 1000 Gems to be sent after 9/27 Maintenance for clearing the Event Boss on stream

—— New Playable Characters ——

- Bunny-Eared Mirage (Ace Healer / Bow)

- Damage Taken -15% (All Allies) & Damage Taken -30% (Self) / While HP is less than 50%, Damage Taken -50% (Self)
- Crit Rate +25% & While attacking from anywhere except the front of target, Crit Damage +45% & Upon a Perfect Evasion, Recovers Own AP by 100% (All Allies)
- Reduce Casting Time by 60% (Self) & Evasion Distance (Self) & Evasion Speed +100% & Movement Speed +30% (Self) & Damage Taken -100% when Evading (All Allies / 0.5s)
- HP +40% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Royal Straight F Chariot]
Recovers 80% HP & Crit Rate +50% (All Allies / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose


- Bunny-Eared Maria (Ace Attacker / One-Handed Sword)

- While HP is at 100%, ATK +20% / While HP is below 50%, ATK +10% (Self) & While attacking from the Back, absorbs 15% Of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks (Self)
- Evasion AP Consumption -80% (Self), -50% (All Allies) & Upon a Perfect Evasion, AP Consumption -30% (Self / 10s)
- While HP is at 100%, AP Recovery through Normal Attack +100% (All Allies)
- ATK +30% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Blackjack Vortex]
AP Consumption -30% & ATK Damage +40% (Self / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose


• “Gambling Satellite ~Bunny’s Retaliation~” Event
Start: 27 September (After MT)
End: 18 October (After MT)

- 50/60 Sta. will be released on 10/1 (Mon) 00:00 JST

- Boss: Crimson Chariot
Weak to Wind Element

- New Stamps,
Maria Stamp, “D-Don’t look!!”
Mirage Stamp, “It’s finished now”

[Bunny Maria’s One-Hand Sword: Lucky Hands Sword]
- Damage of Mirage Penetrate +20%
- While HP is at 100%, Crit Rate +100%
- (LB5) Damage Taken -10%

[Bunny Mirage’s Bow: Lucky Release Bow]
- Damage of Cyclone Bit +20%
- Aggro Rate Reduction +1
- (LB5) Recovers 5% HP every 5 seconds

[Event Accessory: Bunny Bangle]
- HP +5%
- While Target is at Long Distance, Damage Taken -10%

[Event Format - Two Methods of attaining Event Currency]
1) Clear Battle Missions to attain Casino Chip Pieces. Convert them into a Full Casino Chip to be used in the Item Exchange.

2) Clear Battle Missions to attain Casino Chip Pieces. The more Pieces you collect, the more the item Gauge fills. Once it’s maxed, the massive subjugation request will begin! Clear it and you’ll be able to directly attain the Full Casino Chips.


• Pickup Gacha (Bunny-Eared Mirage & Bunny-Eared Maria)
Start: 27 September (After MT)
End: 11 October (After MT)

- Increased rates for the Limited Bunny Characters, Bunny-Eared Mirage & Bunny-Eared Maria!
※ Seems players will also be able to attain a Red Dice for 10-pulls, supposedly to be used to attain copies of the character, similar to Yrian and RC Opera

—— 9/27 MT Contents ——

Battle Simulator:
- Accessible via Character Menu
- Against a static Coro Revorse
- Able to set commands in the menu for Max Rush Gauge etc.

Equipment Warehouse:
- Deposit and Withdraw Equipments
- Store Equipments attained from Gacha etc. into Temporary Storage

[Twin Eclipse Chapter 3]
- Available from 10/9 (Tue) 00:00 JST onwards

----End of Facebook---

That Battle Simulator that Fayt talks about if you have Fayt on home screen that Fayt kept asking about is finally here...it's not that important or maybe Fayt was asking about VR Simulator it was one of them I have to go back and take a look at what Fayt was asking about I just remember that quote Fayt says.

I do recall it was 'I would like to try it one day' or something like that again it's not that important just some little detail I remember.

moving on get your characters that have wind elements or have the wind sword and get ready for this event wind is the weakness this time so people with wind elements or wind weapons.

time to use the rusty old Storm Dealer that sword seen the days it Edge weapon and it works good on wind weakness boss fights.

but this boss set up how the new map looks almost reminds me or...the bridal map somehow...maybe it's just...me? that is the first thing that come to my mind was the bridal map and the 3 bosses.

this time around no bridal setup but this time it's more...like a casino setup almost the whole bunny a.k.a. Usagi girls gives it a non Halloween feel to more like a casino feel.

it almost makes me wonder if this is a bait banner it might be and it might be not.

I would say save for Halloween but we might not get Halloween if not save for the banner after this still waiting for Arumat.

if your rolling for the bunny usagi girls good luck may the RNG be with you I will say this they do look cute but I'm going to pass on them.

Twin Eclipse Chapter 3 so ready for this more story.

Halloween is after this so save your gems for that there is still hope for other characters to show up.



本日20:00より、公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #25』が放送です! みなさん本日もよろしくお願いします! 視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/_hU  #アナムネシス

"From 20:00 today, the official live STAR OCEAN PROGRAM # 25 is broadcast! Thank you again today! Watch it here ⇒ http://sqex.to/_hU #アナムネシス"


スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、ゲーム実機プレイ交えて公開予定です! ◆出演者 ウェルチ・ビンヤード(MC) 小林秀一(プロデューサー) 甲斐聖現(運営プロデューサー) イヴリーシュ ゲスト

So we don't know who we are getting no keywords can you guess who it is?

Will it be the rumored Collab? *cough*...Final Fantasy XV...

Or something out of the blue??

But keep in mind this is near the ending of the Nier Automata Collab if you didn't get them they might not come back keep that in mind

I hope it isn't anyone that we want I myself don't want to spend any money until June for the Wedding sets I want Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt must save

And if your doing events Farm now.

So get ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #25

And who do you think we are getting??

My guess is something random not the Collab (I can be wrong) and some girls...that my guess who do you think we are getting??

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

Maid Clair

Maid Nel

Girls this time around with

With Maria awakening Not interesting

Back to girls for the guys aiming for the guys again

And remember that guy who works on this game really really loves Nel so expect that.

I think I heard...PA...ohh this is going to be fun.

So it will be like PA from Star Ocean or more like talk among the group like Tales of Rays?

So this makes me Save my gems I'm not rolling for girls they said June wedding event and people said 'Albel' and we get Nel and Clair too many of them now.

This time it feels like it a Nel and Clair from the guy who loves Nel he the guy who loves girls keep that in mind.

They forgotten about the girls who play this game again and the fans who like guys either that or they are trying to go back to how they was all girls nothing but girls.

Sorry I'm salty good luck with the girls.

SOA update.


So we know the drop is coming tonight

Are you ready to roll for Swimsuit Sophia or Swimsuit Reimi?

I want Swimsuit Reimi she is so cute and I might end up with Sophia >_>

I'm done farming the last event just barely got all the weapons tickets for my main account.

suck suck suck...O_o >_< push for the girls they will draw guys...

No swimsuit guys...>_< T_T

I'm kind of upset about that we got so many girls...the last guy we had was Edge and that was that long ago.

But I'm trying to stay positive...

"【7/27(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~17:00頃まで、新イベントの追加やアプリアップデートなどに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"7/27 (Thursday) maintenance ②: today 14: 00-17:00 to add a new event and Android updates due to maintenance work. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site"

No excuse Sophia wants Fayt to see that. (So yes it's hinted even through out SOA Sophia wants to be something more)
The school event Sophia was throwing a fit since Fayt wasn't walking with her and she was looking at all the 'couples' go by and Fayt was focused on Albel, this event we don't know.

(Odd in SOA Sophia feels more pushy then SO3...maybe it how they are making them? I don't know)

So If I get Sophia on either account I'm putting her in party even if I don't like her that much I know people are hyped for Swimsuit Sophia I want Swimsuit Reimi.

And Waifu wars the war between Wedding Maria and Swimsuit Sophia what side are you on?

Me? I'm on husbando side :P but for the choice I would say Wedding Rena :P

And Get ready for the madness that is the swimsuit event oh boy time for some jealousy and story.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

Star Ocean Anamnesis we got


So did we get any guys like I hope for?

No we are getting girls and more girls even Myuria VA asked where the guys at?

Yes Myuria VA was there today.

I will say this the only girl who looked inserting was Reimi

Girls we are getting this picture just...screams...'sex' don't it? O_o it will attract the guys.

Oh boy pervert event upcoming with the girls no more dreams please? I don't want another one like the Wedding Event that was...I wonder what girl out of the group will be looking for some guys? Since you know how all the girls act to the guys they like...it's going to be crazy and Salt. (This is my guess for the upcoming event)

Beside the girls the roadmap is what I wanted to know they did say a Halloween event and a collab event.

What collab are we getting this time? Final Fantasy? Nier Automata?

But my hype was the skill build it looks like you can make your character more OP but you have to use materials?
And they people are saying you have to farm...oh boy time to farm like crazy.

Well I'm going to be working on Fayt win that drops and maybe Edge and Rena.

And as usual the guys are saying it's all going to be all girls if that ever happens I will stop buying gems.

*sigh* what did you expect? I think my next money I get will go into something else...

The gems I have might go into weapons time to roll some swords.

Next boss is weakness ageist Lighting and they said Darkness is no good there so RIP Faize and Fiore.

So use who ever has lighting attacks and Star Ocean 3 event comes back hello Luther.

"Skill Points for characters to increase the power of Battle Skills, there is also the ability to strengthen Rush Combos and learn new Battle Skills depending on the character"- From Facebook

So you can make them OP O_o yess

I'm going to be happy for that update win it comes in the roadmap is all the way to Dec if we can last that long...

I do want the list of all the new skills they can learn that what I'm most excited for.

And good luck on rolling for any of the girls they do look cute but I'm going to pass on them I might try and roll for Reimi maybe.

------From Discord----

New Event : Planet of the Blue Sea - From 7/12 to 8/3
Upon visiting the planet with a beautiful coast, they meet an orb-weaving spider along the beach. In order to grant its wish, the crew along with Miki and Myuria does a search on the planet.

New Boss: Predate Queen
This boss is does Ice elemental attacks and is completely resistant to Seal. The boss this time is weak to Lightning Element Attacks.

New Event Weapons

[Billowing Bow: Bow]
- Resounding Wind Damage +20%
- Recover 3% of Max HP every 5 seconds
LB Factor - Critical Damage +20% when behind enemy

[Blue Wave Sword: Sword & Sheathe]
- Explosive Lightning Slash Damage +20%
- Increase Aggro +1
LB Factor - DEF +10% when under aggro

Road Map for the rest of the year - Check order number for relative time for when it will be added(edited)
July/August Part 1 - SECOND TO COME OUT
- Contents/Functions -
Accessory Upgrade - Upgrade accessory parameters, complete accessory mission for materials
Story Chapter 8 - New Character Belda
- Battle Features -
Result Time - Shows time taken for missions
- Player Features -
Dual Follow "Friendship Gauge" - Bonus reward for filling gauge when playing with people that you follow and has also followed you(edited)
July/August Part 2 - FIRST TO COME OUT
- Event -
Eternal Summer Swimsuit Event
- Large Scale Campaigns -
Summer Break Campaign(edited)
September/October Part 1 - THIRD TO COME OUT
- Contents/Features -
Increase Character Stats - Increase stats of your choice by upgrading, complete character stats mission for materials
- Player Features -
Titles - Fancy titles for ego needs
Bestiary - Show characters you have/don't have and enemy data
Rental Bonus - Bonus reward for people using your rental character
Beginner Participation Bonus - Extra mission drops when beginners join multi-player party(edited)
September/October Part 2 - FOURTH TO COME OUT
- Event -
Large Scale Collab - No info
- Event -
Halloween Event - No info(edited)
September/October Part 3 - FIFTH TO COME OUT
- Contents/Features -
Character Awakening (Level Up Battle Skills) - Level up battle skills through Character Board, Depending on the character, raising Rush Combo or learning new skills are under consideration
Story Chapter 9 - No info
- Battle Features -
New Difficulty "Supremacy" - One Time Completion for reward
- Player Feature -
Easier to Dual Follow - Make it easier to dual follow(edited)
November/December Part 1 - SIXTH TO COME OUT
- New Battle Contents -
Completion Type Challenge Missions - Clear each dungeon floor, used characters cannot be used again on other floors
All Players Joint Event Boss Subjugation Event - Server Wide Boss Raid, Defeat Boss and upon clear whittle away Boss Total HP(edited)
November/December Part 2 - SEVENTH TO COME OUT
- Event -
New Years Large Scale Collab - No info
- Large Scale Campaigns -
One Year Celebration Campaign - No info

-------End of Discord---post

September and October is one to look out for the patch for 'Character awakening' for new skills this the roadmap they posted so who the large collab?

But I'm looking forward to the roadmap and the skills.

SOA Who we going to get.


So we watch the video on youtube and we got...


Wedding girls again

Wedding Rena and Wedding Ivilish both wife er...*cough* Waifu

it makes me think the captain and Claude are having a double wedding >_<;

Man our Captain has to stop dreaming of girls...and dream of some guys now lol

And we know that Ivilish the blond summoner is trying hard to be our captain girlfriend romance hints there.

But I really don't feel emotions for Ivilish unlike Rena who I do like.

So I ended up doing wedding Maria event on my alt who got wedding Maria and that event was...can we respond to them!?

It kind of bad our character is the silent hero pun indeed but I'm thinking they are going to let us respond to Ivilish since she is supposed to be cannon girl you know...every hero has them.

I do want Rena but not Ivilish.

I think people might like Tsundere Ivilish it just...'ugh' to me and giving the fact we got our character bonded to whoever we put as 'leader' for both of my accounts I got Fayt lol and maybe Rena for main and alt maybe wedding Maria.

All I know is they are pushing Ivilish train trying to make her...'amazing' honestly her original role was unique before to me it was but now we got a wedding version it just...made it 'ugh' to me sorry to say.

Alright I know some people do love and like Ivilish er...Iris but that just my thoughts on this sorry for being negative.

Come on Waifu wars we got Rena and Iris/Ivilish but no...guys?

we need Wedding Albel and Wedding Fayt and Wedding Cliff...come on but this might be the last wedding characters that sad.

They picked Rena because she was the most highest female to rank they picked Ivilish to make her more loved...>_>

And no guys? ugh...this is a bit disappointing but I hope for anyone who tries to get them good luck with the RNG.

Hmmm I'm starting to think they forgotten girls play this game to...>_> we had nothing but girls, girls, girls er...Sorry

But I have to say they do look cute I might pass on them time to roll whatever gems I have before the update.