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SOA...theory? [JP] Theory time.


I was wondering why Sophia character drawn so much spotlight...

Maybe it wasn't sophia character or die hard sophia fans on twitter but maybe...
sophia voice actor herself...Atsuko Enomoto.

I looked at twitter and yes this girl Atsuko Enomoto they do support her a lot

they been supporting her since the whole Swimsuit Maria event.

why would sophia character get so much spotlight?? her voice actor.

If that is going how I'm seeing it why...

Why is Eve cosplay crying?? (break up??) they said it was allergies but I think not (Theory)

why WAS Atsuko Enomoto invited given special treatment win Eve cosplay was not?

Do you see it? I'm starting to think Sophia character is not special at all but...
Atsuko Enomoto is to one of those guys it not the sophia fans it not the male players who love sophia it's...

Now Sophia character has been in the spotlight ever since swimsuit Maria event now you make the timeline and how long sophia was special and you tell me why they keep the spotlight on sophia if it not that obvious.

women don't get that kind of treatment if you not something to someone and I dislike thinking that way.

for now it's a theory but I did noticed that is one of the person they fully 100% support on twitter is sophia VA and the sophia fans.

it so sophia center that maid sophia was her own event and JP male players didn't like the whole fayt and sophia romance now bringing on sophia voice actor Atsuko Enomoto was something else it told 1 they went back to Atsuko Enomoto, 2 they are supporting sophia fans.

it was also slightly said that sophia and fayt voice actor was at some conventions right? is that win he was starting to see Atsuko Enomoto? Sophia voice actor has the spotlight however Fayt voice actor has none.

That guy who loves Nel he also love putting male and female romance in the game and Atsuko Enomoto is girl right? so I think something was going on....? (theory)

if he's a guy who loved Nel character and is fully supporting Atsuko Enomoto he using that to his own desires not the desires of the fan base or the fan boys.

We never see fayt voice actor around Sōichirō Hoshi at all but we are seeing a lot and a lot sophia character and sophia voice actor Atsuko Enomoto.

now you tell me why?

Before you get all angry at me I'm going to say this is all a theory but it just makes me think...

why was Eve cosplay crying? why did Atsuko Enomoto get the spotlight?
why are we getting more sophia characters? why did we see sophia voice actor and not fayt voice actor?

That guy who loves nel and is supporting Atsuko Enomoto he will always pick girls over guys it was hinted way back then win we had nothing but girls and girls and girls it got so bad Myuria voice actor come out and asked 'where the guys at?'

Now I think I know why we are getting sophia characters a lot it not the sophia fans who cried out that fayt was a cold heart, it not the sophia fan boys who loved her character it sophia voice actor and sophia voice actor is a girl and she got spotlight at the last live stream.

I don't know what makes me more annoyed finding out this hints or having romance in our game.

This something I thought of I almost felt bad for the Eve cosplay win the said it was allergies I thought something was up...and win sophia voice actor come out it all come together.

Now I ask...how long has this been going on?...You know what I don't what to know.

I mean no harm to the voice actors they did a good job, however if you're going to support and spend time with that person do it off camera and out of the game.

So this my theory and I do look forward to the leaked SRF Fayt.

SOA Changes? [GL]


Win everyone is all hyped over 9S and A2 I was looking over character info.

Looking at Fayt and Sophia info.
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This is for the people on GL who are asking about 'why isn't fayt looking at sophia?' 'why is the info says they are siblings?'

Don't ask that this is the outcome of what JP side tried to do it's not good.

This is all from what I recall on JP side and what went down on twitter.

As for GL side it's going good I might have a GL account to show off I did some rolls the RNG was..RNG but I'm still deciding over the names I think I might have a name but I'm not too sure.

But nier automata is out enjoy nier ocean automata er...A2 ocean....2B ocean.

My the RNG be with you.
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Star ocean...that talk [JP]


So you might of heard that this

Arn't these the guys that SOA was favoring at one point?? they even made characters for them inside the game.

How are they going to explain this on the GL side is beyond me.
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Ugh...this is madness don't take this seriously this only my point of view people can and will think differently so this is not a serious post I just had to get this out win I was thinking about
Catherine Full Body by Atlus 'hey don't those guys look?...yeah it's them' and getting hyped over PQ 2 Opening I had to get this post out and more KH3 hype.

So are we looking forward to Halloween? I'm expecting 2 girls and 1 guy that how they usually work a very sexy girl to draw in the guys and a random guy character to draw in the female players who do play this game.

I will still supporting this game no matter how I feel about might be salty might be upset emotions people might think I'm trying to dislike this but star ocean anamnesis is a fun game and I wish they would just lay off the romance and stop listing to twitter feedback on random lack of romance it almost feels like all there ideas are coming from youtube and twitter feedback if possible and how big the person on twitter is they listen to like the faytXsophia fan base who complain.

And yes I'll be watching for the Halloween event hopefully another Celine? For the guy maybe another Fidel we need another Fidel to compare ageist Fayt :P Or maybe even Albel or Dias or even Claude I don't know why but I do want puppy dog Claude for no reason at all if Rena is a cat for Valentines Claude needs to be a puppy for Halloween.

But I'll say this the lack of Arumat and Bacchus and Ernest and Noel and Roger and Peppita maybe Erys maybe Ioshua I think we need more star ocean characters.

I know people want Arumat bad they talk about him as much as they talk about Ioshua and Erys I do want Arumat once they add the scythe weapon it will open all possibilities and open for more characters to use the scythe weapon forget orbs it all about the scythe now.

with all the orbs users I think it's enough and time for them to move on the scythe and them adding Arumat to the game with boss fight Indalecio that will never happen.

SOA 14:00~16:00 maintenance [JP]


"【9/13(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもって「メイドのソフィア・執事のレオン」のピックアップキャラガチャなどが終了となります。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス"

"【 9/13 (Thu) Maintenance Notice 】 the day after tomorrow from 14:00 until 16:00, we will carry out maintenance work accompanying the addition of new events. With the start of maintenance, the pickup character of "Leon of the Maid Sophia Butler" is finished. Please understand. #アナムネシス"


The removal of butler Leon and maid Sophia finally and no I did not draw for them but for Leon I almost did almost.

As far I can see about the whole twitter deal not very many people are talking about except the real die hard fans who might of wanted this event *cough* it looks like they kept this maid event longer over swimsuit maria event that they quickly pulled.

I did not spend any money on this event or did buy gems so I'm not too sure if they lost sales or not.

I said win they had swimsuit maria event a handful of people who look like fan people by the they tweet they was upset there was no romance between fayt and sophia so this maid event with maid sophia is for them that is the feeling I'm getting and yes they did complain on twitter and https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX did post the people who supported this yes they listen to faytXsophia fans this event was aimed for them.

It got to so bad win fayt was cold to sophia people was calling fayt 'terrible' 'asshole' you get the idea so that win they pushed this to make it look like fayt loves sophia the power of twitter now this event is out people...are not talking about it great.

(troll much? maybe they was trolling about wanting romance? I'm talking about the people who complain on twitter that fayt did not love sophia and fayt was so cold)

overall I have no desire to do this event at all and this romance is very much otome gēmu a.k.a. maiden game made for 'develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male characters' >_> from wiki don't play otome games so I'm not sure.

I have to say enough sophia's now we need another girl beside sophia she has way too many copies now hopefully we will get someone else like celine or opera and we still need ernest and arumat and noel.

Fighting that bird boss in the new story it had wacky attacks with all the moving around you have to do it reminded me of boss we never saw yet...we have Cyril and we have Michael/Decus but this bird boss who had all the attacks made almost wish for...
Indalecio yes that boss and we need the rest of the Ten Wise Men.

since I'm also on the subject we also need The Apostle of Creation and a boss fight with Der-Suul who has not showed up yet but we don't know what they are going to make for bosses or who they will make.

Maintenance is coming up so if your going to pull for Leon and Sophia you might as well do it may the RNG be with you I have no pulled for none of them on both of my accounts so no random RNG pics from me this time.

Both Leon and Sophia both look cute in outfit wise I would of tried to pull for Leon but the whole deal with Leon having to be with Sophia is...ugh to me and it turn me off from pulling on this especially the romance they pushed with it seriously enough romance

And upcoming character is
コミカライズ第1話『貴族であり 剣士であり 何者ではない』に登場の「ユーイン」さん、9/13(木)のメンテ後に、ガチャに登場ですよ!(`◎Д◎´)b CVは「豊永利行」さん、イラストは「あきまん」さんにお願いしました! #アナムネシス #ツインエクリプス #あきまん #豊永利行 https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/1039011872140189696
Yuuin (Yrian) gacha character on 9/13 (After MT)-thanks facebook

Yuuin/Yrian luckstar that blue hair guy from Twin Eclipse also
艦長~!新シナリオ「Episode2 -Twin Eclipse-」の漫画が、公式サイトで連載決定ですよ!初回は「ユーイン」さんが登場!僕たちと出会う前のお話です! 原作は『#和ヶ原聡司』先生、作画は『#梶本ユキヒロ』先生! 来週9/10(月)公開予定!お楽しみに!\(´◎∀◎`)/ #アナムネシス #ツインエクリプス
Yuuin gets his own story with Welch time to ship Welch and Yuuin I think it already hinted in the game...O_o wow they moved fast on putting Yuuin with Welch.

And if you are doing events farm now and good luck with the RNG if you do pull.

---From facebook----

[9/13 Gacha Thread | Yrian & Noblewoman Opera]

※ Keep all gacha posts here (deleted without notice if outside).

- Main 9/13 UPDATE
Separate Post


• Pickup Gacha (Yrian & Noblewoman Opera)
Start: 13 September (After MT)
End: 27 September (After MT)

- Increased rates for the New Perma Characters, Yrian and Noblewoman Opera!
※ All Servant Characters will not be included
※ 10-pulls will also grant Pickup Coins. They can be used in it’s respective Coin Exchange to exchange for copies of the Pickup Targets, Platinum Hammer


- Yrian (Ace Defender / Dual Blades)

Battle Skills:
- Air Slash (Bravery)
- Double Slash (Bravery)
- Mirror Slice (Bravery)
- (6* Evo) Helmbreaker (Bravery)

- HP +40% & Will not flinch to Damage Taken under 20% HP (All Allies)
- Single Target Damage +20% / While Hit Count is at 100 & 150, Single Target Damage +30% & +40% Respectively (All Allies)
- Will not flinch while attacking & While attacking, Damage Taken -20% (Self)
- Allows for Midair Evasion & When using Helmbreaker (Bravery), ATK & INT & DEF & HIT & GRD +20% (Self / 10s)

- Rush Combo: [双龍穿空斬 | ATK x4000%]
Recovers 15% HP every 3 seconds (All Allies / 20s)


- Radiant Crimson Opera (Ace Caster / Orb)

Battle Skills:
- Lightning Blast (Beat)
- Shiny Lancer (Beat)
- Sunshine (Beat)
- (6* Evo) Thunderbolt

- Converts 50% of ATK to INT (Self & All Healers)
- INT +40% (Self)
- When casting Lightning Blast (Beat), AP Consumption -15% (10s) & When casting Sunshine (Beat), INT Damage Dealt to Enemy +40% (10s)
- Will not flinch while casting & Damage Taken -40% (Self) & When Chaining 3 or more Skills, Symbology Cast Time reduced by 60% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Blitz Tactics | INT x4500%]
ATK Damage +40% & Crit Rate +30% (Self / 20s)

—— Campaign (7 Mil. Downloads) ——

- Login Bonus/Sales/Item Sets etc.
- Item Set (3 per person) includes special coins to be used in Coin Exchange to exchange for One 5* Character from a selected set of characters

---End of facebook----

Noblewoman Opera they added someone else that is not sophia and looking at this I might pull for them now we need another Celine but this is good we get another Opera nice.

New comic-https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/1040078395470540800
sophia is comparing Yrian to fayt and look she has 2 other listing beside fayt moving on and millie also? and victor that did not surprise me now people on twitter are saying next year there will be wife sophia so she can marry fayt >_> no thanks this really got the faytxsophia fans going they want wife sophia now no thanks.

I almost want both but I'll try on my alt first and I'll think on my main account rather to draw or not but good luck my the RNG be with you.

艦長!本日登場の新キャラ「紅輝のオペラ」さんのラッシュコンボ動画もゲットしましたよ! 三◎∀◎)/ デリャー
Omg Opera might rival Myuria now somehow

I don't know why but I think Yrian reminds me of fayt somehow someway but his rush has light/lighting dragons win Yrian himself don't have light elemental powers like fayt hmm

looking at Yrian skills his skills are mostly fire elemental alright one fire attack but his rush has light dragons win Yrian is not elemental user like fayt and 2B and groom fayt and sigmund.

Since SOA is way before SO3 there might be a chance that Yrian might be somehow related to fayt it just a theory a way off theory right now we don't know and it just a theory.
but I find that odd Yrian has one fire attack and his rush has light or lighting dragons maybe it's nothing.

fayt has Fire or Light Attribute (Self)
groom fayt has Thunder & Light Element to Attacks (Self)

it might be a random throwback to fayt and yes yrian reminds me too much of fayt somehow since we are talking about fayt he needs another version of himself with dark attribute to make up the fact fayt do not have Dimension Door yet going at this rate I'm starting to think fayt will never have Dimension Door.

And I'll post my pics I did draw and I got...wow just surprised me and if you don't draw this time save for Halloween we might get some new characters that are good.

SOA event story [JP] swimsuit time.


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So this hints toward Maria and Sophia ending in SO3 with Fate it also hinted that Maria thought highly of Fate in Maria ending in SO3 to be husband choice as Sophia is naturally wanted to be Fate wife since the begging of SO3 but I think it was more lust with Fate in the start of SO3 with Sophia.

but in this event Sophia says she is 'promised' to Fate meaning she already thinks she is his wife and she lays it thick in SOA that she IS Fate girlfriend.

this sounds so fan fiction like...Sophia still reminds me of Yukari Takeba from P3 her whole actions in SOA rubs me the wrong way...and now it hinted in SOA that Maria wants to be with Fate she did ask him to go out with her leading to SO3 Maria ending.

This is a rough translation there is no doubt they will change this don't take this seriously it was also teased in Chisato event that this was a love triangle and they are still going at it.

keep that in mind if you using Sophia and Maria with Fate in party maybe that why Sophia is glaring at anyone that is near Fate if you play on auto girlfriend is pissed.

I see why Fate stays away from them and hang around Faize now it chaos.

Now this is only the swimsuit event the other events are different like the bridal event win we had that whole VR experience with bridal Maria now that was fun.

It was sad Groom Fate had no story at all maybe that why he did not have a story because they did not want to conflict this? This love triangle they are doing now with them.
it almost makes me sad and a bit upset we paid fully for groom fate and bridal reimi and we get this it sucks.

So they go down hard on making alts of Maria and Sophia to attached the guys but they don't like making alts of Fate in fact groom fate only won because of money real money and then they expect people to go with this love triangle that has nothing to do with our character or anyone else and enjoy it?

they want guys to buy in on Maria and Sophia sexy girls right? but in reality they are going to make them have a love triangle with Fate who wants to do his work over them I hope there is no more alts of Maria and Sophia anytime soon that is false hope since this event it says 'we will give you alts but in reality they will love fate' and all the couples we do will have romance in it...it starting to become...ugh not good.

they keep putting romance in this they are going to be like the Tales series I don't know who they are trying to attract.

It's to the point if they are going to do the same thing as they are doing now I want to skip the events now it might be the new writer they got in I don't know but I don't like this new change they are doing.
but yes Swimsuit Maria event starts off good and Swimsuit Sophia comes in and ruins it with the whole 'I-am-promised-to-fate-I'm-the-one' and it ugh...I don't think anyone was expecting this groom fate had no event and swimsuit maria gets both fate and swimsuit sophia in her event.

it almost feels like that is why groom fate had no event because they did not want to destroy this love triangle however bridal maria had a event with our character in VR that's...unfair.

I'm salty and upset just ignore me and no I don't like romance that much that why win the put couples and do major PA/events with them it don't go over smoothly with me but if it with couples I do like lets say Claude and Rena that is alright but something this dramatic as this love triangle it all 'meh' to me it there for the fans but not for me.

And reading this it pushed me off on using swimsuit Sophia and using Sophia at all in trying to roll for Swimsuit Maria that what it done to me however swimsuit Millie event was fun and cute I like that one over Swimsuit Maria romance one.

and it almost made me want to pull for swimsuit millie almost. and twitter is very silent about this event I think they are getting tired of it whatever they was trying to do it stop people from almost talking about fate but they are still posting about RNG draws about getting swimsuit maira and swimsuit millie but it not that big as usual.

they went from our character and less dialog with us and other characters and focused on making couples and romance it don't feel the same as it use to now it might get to the point where only our character exist in the main story and battles and that's it I don't want that to happen but it might happen.

Ugh enough of that I wanted to know what was going on and this is what I've come up with now win this comes out in NA it might be a bit different they might change the dialog but this swimsuit maria event was disappointing she was made sexy to attract the guys to pull for her but this event says more then that that maria despite being sexy and to attract male players is deeply in love with fate and she will fight sophia if she has to and fate all he wants to do is hang out with faize and do his job....Delacroix is that you?...

So this my rough translation of it don't take this seriously at all it was out of my desire to know what was going on in this event.

About groom fate I think since he has no story you can make one up for him and put him with anyone you want, and if your going to do this swimsuit event have fun.
I just noticed fate calls our character 'captain' in this event in that last event with fed edge and fed reimi that fate calls our character by our name hmmm...maybe its nothing.

but enjoy this swimsuit event and the beach background I like it.
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The whole debate


So how long has it been since .Hack//Link? why am I talking about this subject? since people don't like that game for obvious reasons
Link- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.hack//Link for .Hack//Link info

Well for reason why this question has come into my mind in .Hack//Versus they did bring back Tokio who got older so .Hack//Link looks like it's the legit ending for the whole .Hack series but after that they did make .Hack//Guilty Dragon witch is a app for the phone they said that .Hack//Link was the ending to the series but many people doubt that was the ending since what .Hack//link did to the whole other .Hack games and you ask why am I talking about this? well thinking about Project X Zone 2 yet again this subject was on my mind

Why did they pair Haseo with Kite? shouldn't it be Tokio? since it obvious if you played .Hack//Link Kite did bond more with Tokio not Haseo >_> as I said before Project X Zone 2 would be the first time they actually do meet but then again there is .Hack//Versus witch surprised us all win it come out a fighting game witch is not any kind of RPG whatsoever maybe they are doing this because .Hack//Link got backlash? I know win I played it long time ago I was 'meh' about the story win it come to R;2 storyline and what they did to Haseo oh god I was upset after that I hesitated to even finish the game got far as the 'Azure Kite' battle and stopped and through all of that I clearly see that this game almost had a Tokio-Kite-BlackRose love triangle going on or something O_o I mean how many times did Tokio say Kite name in the game? or BlackRose getting depressed because Kite was frozen? yeah it almost felt like a tragic love story gone bad now that I think of it and I almost felt like Kite could of ended with Tokio if it wasn't for Saika being around or BlackRose but that just my emotions *cough* moving on

but yes currently we have .Hack//Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses (ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い) so far it alright I still want more info on the storyline and as for Project X Zone 2 that surprised me first I was excited they put .Hack and .Hack//GU together but after all that hype drained I was left with a bittersweet feeling and then come the realization that Kite and Haseo don't really have a history not like with Tokio maybe it just me but that still bittersweet in the future I should not worry about this little detail things that are inside a fan girl mind lol

For Project X Zone 2 I'm guessing Haseo will try to fight Kite? and somehow they get interrupted by Skeith that what I think is going to happen I can be wrong about that theory my personal feelings is that I guess I'm still happy we got Haseo in the game but this time hopefully his memories are not messed up another reason why I'm doing this it the comments that people are making even today about .Hack//Link how much it screws the .Hack games I'm more surprised people are still talking about this game O_o and me making more topics about it >_<; I still don't like the story and I doubt I'll ever finish the game but I still own the game and I'll have to admit I kind of do like the older Tokio in .Hack//Versus just a little his design still reminds me of Hwoarang from Tekken for some crazy reason maybe it's his hair? or the fact Tokio got older?
Yeah the goggles don't help that just reminds me of Digimon -_- and Tokio still has his Goggles in .Hack//Versus so yeah...*cough* wow I'm going way of topic here lol

I'm near the ending of .hack//MUTATION (Yes I'm replaying .Hack games) after the original .Hack series I'll replay GU to and I play .Hack//Versus off and on and I'm also playing .Hack//Guilty Dragon on my Ipaid air but I really can't do this all at once *cough*

Off topic- Memorial day

And this is another break for Project X Zone 2 overall I'm still excited for the game yes that still true and I'm still going to buy it you can completely ignore this topic think of it just another rambling one lol maybe win things settle down I can look at TOZ OST O_o No I didn't forget about it