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Final Fantasy

So let me be clear about one thing


I got news people was telling me I made discord news?


The same discord that tells discord people that facebook is cancer yes them not like I hate them they are good info.

And they call me a lurker? To tell you I've been with this game from the start I remember the hype win it come out my first account was a Faize main user I re-rolled to get Faize and win I got him my phone I stuck with it until I got well more characters I use my tablet I re-rolled a few times on my tablet until I got Albel as that main user then Fayt drop on both accounts and the rest is history.

Yes I taken the long way I DL the whole game don't ask how many times to re-roll and that was before we upgraded our internet and here people had it easy they used Nox.

The argument between 9S and Opera has got them upset it from my point of view everyone has different ideas I keep saying this.

About this 9S is a very good to have if you don't have Opera use 9S and if you don't have 9S use Opera.

My alt account has 9S and he is good I have no good healer and my alt account almost bad there was times that I wanted to re-roll that account but I didn't

If you use Opera her jumps you can be almost OP she is good at long rang

And now they want me out of Discord thanks I was going to show my account there but no way I'm not that place for mature people who are bit toxic and they are not afraid to tell you they dislike you.

I get info from discord, twitter and facebook and win they have upcoming event I see what people was talking about like the last live stream we had people was hinting at EoE and that what I guessed we might be getting

My livejournal is all about my ideas and theories and rumors that I heard people was talking about and I never wanted to disrespect people I never wanted people to hate me but if this not your cup of tea don't look that all you need to do.

I'm not going to let this get me down even if they are telling me 'go and die' it's that bad I'm not letting them get me down it's a bit crazy but I'm going to stay positive

I will say this people on discord are hardcore if you don't see eye to eye with them they will let you know they hate that and if you don't know what your doing they will tell you they hate that.

If you don't use the characters they like and use a character you like they are Garbage that how people on discord think it quit the opposing how Facebook people think if you look at it.

I don't want to hate people on discord but I never wanted to make news over there and I'm not giving out my account no way.

Why I thought it was EoE? Youtubers from Japan was spamming EoE in the chat twitter was hinting about EoE for all we know that just a theory for now we have no proof that we are getting EoE again

I myself want Final Fantasy but that just my desire everyone HAS different desires

If you use and take Alt Albel buffs win he heals with his Talent one person said they solo win there group died Alt Albel has that heals in you attack it will be hard with out a healer *cough* Rena or someone that heals but you can use Alt Albel if you don't have A2.

*Fix that due to my nails and typing too fast T_T

The person that was talking about was on facebook that they soloed with Alt Albel.

Compared to normal Albel, Alt Albel is way powerful with the new GS you can do damage with Alt Albel or A2 or any other GS user.

Go on facebook and look for Star Ocean Anamnesis English and join that group.

So this is a update that I was never expecting to do I will update win the next events comes out

And if you doing to do the RNG with the GS good luck may the RNG be with you

To let you know I do spend money in this game real money before I was going to use Nox for just playing around however Nox gone and I'm not going back to bluestacks that bluestacks is horrible it was crashing a lot win I use to play .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. it was bad.

~RIP in the memory of .Hack mobile games.

I also caught the last of the .Hack mobile games on my phone and tablet just barely but I did get the story at first I played on bluestacks then I got the tablet and phone so yes I do need to upgrade my tablet and phone but I'm holding off for now.

So I'm going to wait for the upcoming live stream it will be the usual get some sleep before the live stream and wake up 4 AM O_o hello from Pacific Standard Time and then go to bed and get ready for work yes I do have a job that's why I'm able to spend money.

Alright enough of my real life way off the topic

I apologize for all this but it had to be brought up.

And since I'm off the topic we got a new Scanner so I might post some more Doujinshi I did end up buying more Doujinshi for more info on my Doujinshi scan you can go look at
Link-http://asukaikari.tumblr.com/ be warned I am a fan girl if you don't like don't look it's simple as that.

Come to think of it discord reminds me of the toxic of any MMO you know them you seen them yes them and to tell you I did run into a few toxic people like this.

On the other hand there are some nice and helpful people on discord but it's rare.

And now you ask who ships who? Not only me go take a look on twitter the fan wars are real.
red and white

.Hack//G.U. Japan


Japanese version

Noticed that Haseo words in the begging is different not long in the English version


Different dialog??

And look they are showing off the hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION like I said they would

Not only that it looks like the "Premium Edition" is Japan only none for NA


so here the links again

(11448yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 96.65

Look for 【PS4】.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION【早期購入特典】オリジナルPS4カスタムテーマが貰えるプロダクトコード同梱【Amazon.co.jp限定】アイテム未定
¥ 11,448

It looks like the Premium Edition comes with the CD and art book and if you order from amazon Japan or CD Japan you should get "First Press Detail Custom theme through download code"

PS4 wallpaper theme Japan only??

If you're going for Premium Edition you might want to get the orders in

So I'm really thinking of ordering the Premium Edition also for collection and my desire to love .hack however I'm trying to support Star Ocean Anamnesis also I might if I don't try and roll this time...T_T got to save gems for Ashton

I do have a job but I'm also paying bills...


And the money I did have went to my New PC I got yes I got a new gaming PC right now I'm downloading all my games I have to DL GW2 and Revelation Online yet I'm not doing BDO on this PC it will take hours I recall the last time I had to download it and it taken more then 1 day

I got a CyberpowerPC and it works good 16GB I had to replace my 12GB Asus but I'm going to hook it up with my 32GB in the bedroom so I can play it I also have games on it

I think I'll save my 12GB for BDO a.k.a. black desert online it has it on it and it's up to date

I was this close of buying a PSVR but I held off for my PC my gaming PC

So got to start saving again

I'm getting off the topic but who hype for .hack/G.U.

The Premium Edition looks good no word on NA at all to this point we can say the Premium Edition is for Japan only and it looks good

I'm thinking about the Premium Edition I might per-order or I might not I'll see

"『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』第2弾PV公開されました! https://youtu.be/nuibzErilgs 新要素もあるよ!! ぜひ御覧ください! #ドットハック #dothack"

"".hack // G.U. Last Recode ' 2 series PV released! https://youtu.be/nuibzErilgs There is also a new element! Please take a look at our!"

SOA what did I get?


So I rolled on both accounts.

My main account was being stubborn seriously what I got was...

Reimi after she knock down lot of my gems >_>

Sorry I was getting tired and this was the pic saying that she was in my main account.
And yes Faize just LB himself without my help O_o got Faize in a draw it was right after the time I said was going to work on Faize and he dropped and it was one of the free draws I was lucky that day.

>>looks and sees Michael er Decus oh Spicule...I got him last night from a free ticket >_< I'm not going to use him
"Don't you think I'm very strong!?" "I will warm you up to your bones!" "Spicule!" "Oh it's hot oh ho ho ho!"
"Aren't you guys cold!?" "Hey it's Spicule!" link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NCmVpmDT-o
Sorry just had a SO2 moment...omg I'm hearing Decus English voice win looking at 'Michael' picture in SOA...
Yes I will always know him a Decus not Michael if you played SO2 the original one wow old memories.

It was before I drawn swimsuit Reimi I used one of my ticket and got Decus I was like...>_< >_>

Yes this was last night draw I was up late.

my alt got

The power of Reimi

My alt was lucky to get Swimsuit Reimi on one try...ignores the healer Sarah is good for now.

I heard some people was unlucky to get none of them

No swimsuit Sophia for me on both accounts.

--From discord--

Character: Swimsuit Reimi Saionji
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: One-handed Sword
Talent: Mind's Ear Mind's Eye - ATK +50% when not in front of target (All Allies)
The Finishing Strike - ATK +35% & Rush Combo Damage +15% when in front of target (All Allies)
The Handmade Doll - AP Recovery from Normal Attacks +80% & Nullify "Reduce Rush Gauge Accumulation" Effect (All Characters with Close Ranged Weapon)
Continuously Splitting Watermelons - AP Consumption -50% when Skill Chain 3 or higher (Self)
Rush Combo: Heaven's Sword - Cure Status Affliction & Damage +40% to Single Targets (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 7
Skills: Streak Breaker 23 AP - Power: ATK x 300% Max Hit Count: 4
Watermelon Divide 32 AP - Power: ATK x 450% Max Hit Count: 1
Aero Smash 17 AP - Power: ATK x 180% Max Hit Count: 5
Crescent Mirage 20 AP - Power: ATK x 200% Max Hit Count: 4

Character: Swimsuit Sophia Esteed
Role: Healer ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Orb
Talent: Witch of the Beach - INT +20% & Recover allies AP when using Offensive Symbology (Self)
Master at Rallying - AP Consumption -40% & INT Damage +30% when Skill Chain 3 or above (Self)
Cat Beachball & Cat Sandals - ATK & INT Damage +20% (All Allies) & Nullify "Movement Speed Decrease" Effect (Self & All Close Ranged Weapon Allies)
Connection (Eternal Summer) - Symbology Cast Time Reduced by 30% & AP Consumption -10%(Self)
Rush Combo: Lightning Service - Heal 50% of Max HP & INT +40% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: INT x 3,000% Max Hit Count: 4
Skills: Thunder Flare (Wave) 35 AP - Power: INT x 580% Max Hit Count: 4 Element: Lightning (All Allies Recover 8 AP)
Lightning Blast (Wave) 20 AP - Power: INT x 200% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Lightning (All Allies Recover 4 AP)
Faerie Light (Wave) 30 AP - Power: INT x 120% Max Hit Count: 1 (All Ally Heal)
Thunder Struck 47 AP - Power: INT x 770% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Lightning (All Allies Recover 7 AP)

----End of post from discord---

Alright from my experiences playing as swimsuit Reimi

The good the bad the what?

Alright Swimsuit Reimi is pretty however there one thing bad very BAD about swimsuit Reimi...

I was doing the

"Thread Mission for Accessory Upgrades is now added. This mission starts 7/27 and ends on 7/30 Maintenance Start. The three different colored threads give different amounts of exp with Gold giving the most, Silver in between, and Bronze giving the least exp."

Event right? There is one event where you can get thread for accessory upgrade anyhow.

Win playing as Swimsuit Reimi you know win she was a shooter how foes would only target her that was annoying right?
Well...foes still target her win she IS a attacker...it almost like the games still treats swimsuit Reimi as a shooter...

So get ready to dodge a lot and that is annoying...if we have a mage in party Swimsuit Reimi might get lucky sometimes and not get attacked I never did try her in a boss battle but that is my experience.

I don't even have a

"Target Charm
Factor: Damage Taken -10%
Enemies are more likely to target you +3"

On her at all it almost like Swimsuit Reimi and Reimi have that annoying 'Target' in them...I don't know why...

Wedding Maria also has that 'Target' charm on her without that accessory I think all shooters have that.

Swimsuit Reimi is alright but she not that OP unlike Swimsuit Sophia witch I heard was almost OP since Swimsuit Sophia has that 'Fast lighting' that what people are saying.

So if you want a swimsuit girl without that 'target' charm on them go with swimsuit Myuria or swimsuit Sophia but swimsuit Myuria weapon has that target in it and there is also swimsuit Miki who don't have that target on her.

That is disappointing I wanted an Reimi that didn't have that 'target' on her but swimsuit Reimi has it on her ugh...

So if you see a lot of swimsuit Sophia that might be why people didn't like how Reimi was...
she was a shooter and she got target a lot from my experiences with a swimsuit Reimi 1LB she still got target.

On the bright side you can have both Reimi in party with Reimi and Swimsuit Reimi one of them will get target.
I tried that on my main and Fayt 10LB was like 'wtf' he did protest.

or if you have Sophia and Swimsuit Sophia you can have two Sophia's in party double the fun.

I'm seeing in the game a lot of swimsuit Sophia's and bravely people who play swimsuit Reimi's and LB her to max.

that is a lot of dodging to do.

I say if you're new or want it easy go with swimsuit Sophia it might take a bit to get used to swimsuit Reimi.

And have fun rolling for any of them as I said I heard a lot of people from discord and maybe facebook group has spent a lot of money on this and to get the swimsuit girls.

If you're going to play with swimsuit Reimi have a defender with you they might take the aggro and get ready to dodge.

So good luck win trying to get them the swimsuit girls if you want to try the RNG.

What did I get? (main account)


So I decided to roll 4 times the first 2 times was the day before and I got a Faize drop.


That got me enough gems to get Faize up to LB8 I also got Edge up to LB8 and Fayt was protesting like crazy win Edge was LB7.

Got Edge up to LB8 Fayt left him alone for now >_<;

So on my roll today I rolled this morning and got nothing good no rainbow decided to roll a few min ago and...

R-Relia O_O I was on Fiore banner to >_> Before I did draw was on Relia banner and got nothing good...odd

Yes I did knock my gems down T_T But I'm not worried I have to pick up my check tomorrow huh? today? Er...time zones (I have a job O_o)

She so cute...if I didn't have Fayt as leader she would be 'leader' and yes I did change the pic back to Fayt >_<;

OK I did some testing

Rena has Angel feather that buffs attackers right? Angel Feather (AR) 95 AP - Power: 20% 20 seconds Max Hit Count: 1 (All Allies ATK・INT・DEF・HIT・GRD Increase)

Relia has a buff named Wise・Prevent ATK 65 AP - Increases INT based damage, reduces ATK based damage taken (All Allies)

Relia is kind of good she is...is...a fast caster! O_o I was surprised and she's fun to play as and her voice is cute.

Did a few runs doing the Micheal event had Fayt, Edge and Celine (rent) and me playing as Relia holy we nuked poor Micheal and Fayt was the only one with Ice Sword and I don't even have Relia weapon at all she was on some random healing staff I think it was pink and heart?

So now I got to think of rolling for a new staff weapon or try to get Relia weapon witch I need to start farming for I didn't think I was going to get her so...yeah I used the coins T_T

But yes the ranking for me is

And anyone below Sarah is use only if you must.

And Relia light spell she gets omg it's so cute and small...it like small tiny light wind thing but she is light elemental it looks like it so the light staff would work with her but I don't have it.

Now me playing as Relia I had both Edge and Fayt looking in my direction I was like 'What?' and we know Relia is 12 right? So it was like 12 year old to save the world it was cute.

But yes Relia is OP she has to be at 0LB with not her own weapon she did about 1K damage going on first rush I'm thinking she will get more powerful if you LB her? No wonder I see lots of Relia's around and Fiore to.

I would but I have no LB stones at the moment and I just LB Faize and Edge to T_T

I guess we can do a Faize, Fayt and Relia party that might work I might to try that out after I get Relia at lest 1LB

This time no slacking win Faize weapon comes around I have to go get it I tried fighting that monster on non LB old account I don't even have no more...that win I tried to re-roll for better characters and that was not fun memories that deep freeze...T_T

That was before they 'nerf' the tree I never had any reason to go back to it until Faize got this update and we have fire weapons.

Now let me talk about groups-
Star ocean Anamnesis facebook English group is alright they are friendly but serious and they want you to go by the rules they have.

Discord Star Ocean Anamnesis group is good for information however some of them are stuck in there own ways and like to rant about new players and they will tell you what character they really really really hate and it full of harsh language so it mostly a group for adults.

The discord group rather have people who know what they are doing and they don't like new people you can here them complain in the chat and it's known that most of discord group is full of guys heads up win you join that group.

But the points I can say the discord group has good information and there are a few friendly people there but they are washed away by the 'hate' what I mean if you don't listen to them they will argue with you until you see it there way and they love picking on 'pubs' in the MP and they dislike auto there words are

"Who ever auto is banned" they want whoever players auto banned from being in the MP rooms that how they are it's...ugh.

That one negative emotion that prevents me from talking with them I was going to post my ID there and everything but no way not after all that and how bad they can be.

(And I think there some guys pretending to be girls but they act all wicked like and...it's messed up and win a girl or someone nice shows up they act all rude toward them until you act like them or leave that how it is) it just the way they talk...O_o sorry.

And you can tell they are guys if another guy says 'Alright lets go guys' so heads up on joining that discord group.

I am posting in the English Star ocean Anamnesis facebook group they are really toned down so if you have facebook just look around for
'Star ocean Anamnesis English' and join

And the discord group half them are not from NA...O_o why are they in the English group?? So they play on Asian time zone.

So this was a talk and I know the people from discord work really hard on the information and I respect that but I don't like how some of them act.

That's why I stop posting links to that discord group you can find it at
https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/ look for the link on the side bar.
Group that is 18+ mature group they also have lots of 'NSFW' R-18 pictures heads up. (so yes lots of guys in this group)

So I'm sorry for being negative it just ugh I can't deal with that kind of people who use words like that it almost like they want to say
'I hate you' or 'Get the f out' sometimes it just gets me down that's why I'm 'blah' but I'm only there for info I guess.

off the topic-
Tales of the Rays Brings Its All-Star Heroes To North America This Summer

O_O where is our Star ocean Anamnesis for NA?? We need the game in English.

Yes I did try Tales of Rays its...not good as Star ocean Anamnesis but people do play it.

SOA Caster buffs so we did??


Again I don't play with casters but...except Faize who comes in the party sometimes on main account.

"Changes on 1.7.0
Adjustment Contents
- Additional config added in Battle Settings
- Gacha Layout changed
- Multi Room codes changed to numbers only
- A portion of character's victory pose camera has changed

Unique Caster Revision for some characters

- Higher Rush Combo Damage
- Added Lightning to Rush Combo and is now Extinction (Violet Lightning)
- Lowered the amount needed to fill gauge

Military Spirit talent has an additional AP Consumption -20% so Ronyx can Cancel Bonus 300% by himself

Chosen Intelligence talent has completely change and is now "Damage to Single Target +30% & Ease of Stun +15% (All Allies)"
The cast time reduction from Chosen Intelligence moved to the talent "Feelings for Elda"
Dark Element added to Rush Combo and is now Elda Pierce (Dark)"


Hmm 'buffed' is the word not all of them have been said we need Lymle and Sophia you get the idea.

The 'Gacha' layout is something to get used to it's new some people already dislike it.

And one thing I did noticed Ivilish her voice is More after battles win you click on the banner there IS more Ivilish >_> I'm barely liking her and now we have her voice more...I had to turn her voice completely off in the settings.

(SO Ivilish voice is off on both accounts I don't mind Koro voice)

Ugh...I like it win it was silent but yeah more Ivilish they are really pushing her to be loved.

Sorry It felt like she was 'nagging' and 'nagging' after every battle some people like her encourage words but it just got flat out annoying for me in the end.

If they come out with swimsuit Ivilish that will be 'it' we know that Ivilish is supposed be 'Waifu' cannon wife to this game but I think that is enough for now give the poor girl a break we need other people or better yet swimsuit guys I would love some swimsuit guys.

However people are already guessing it's going to be swimsuit Nel and Swimsuit Ivilish and swimsuit Miki more girls but they already hinted at swimsuit Miki and they also maybe hinted at swimsuit Maria in the comics...so we might get them again...T_T

if that ever happens I'm not rolling for any of them we already had them as wedding girls except Miki so we need new people.

new blood new swimsuits new people.

Hmm didn't they joke about swimsuit Deputy Director Shimada long time ago?? This is his time to shine :P

Sorry for sounding upset it just the whole Ivilish voice got to me and SOA is supposed to be my relaxing game.

An sorry Ivilish I know you may like her and hearing her voice more might encourage you to play more but it was not for me.

By the way the SO5 event was cute and Fidel from SO5 almost 'hey did we ever met before?' the whole event was relaxing until you realized Ivilish was involved somehow I think she sent our characters there by the looks of it she open the portal to get us back.

My guess they are going to promote the girls and Ivilish ever more to draw in more guys so expect more of that in the future.

Ivilish isn't that bad but she is a Tsundere and she was cold a first and now later she is showing that she might like our character and since there no one else around we might have a ending with her and it was at first she was the only main heroine that can't fight however that changed around the April Fools event the first ever Healer Ivilish it was supposed to be a 'joke' however they pushed Bridal Ivilish out to make it serious now and yes Ivilish has a demanding side soft side a.k.a. Tsundere.


So far the only girl I feel attached to in this game is Rena I like her soft side everyone else is 'look at me!' and pushing one another out of the slot since everyone has some kind of attachment to our character don't manner what gender they are.

Oh boy some of the guys have that side of them to ones like Dias and Albel watch out of them.

So far the laid back guys was- Fidel, Claude and Roddick. (I don't use Roddick but I can tell by renting one)

Win I say laid back guys I mean easy going guys that don't get pissed or upset win fighting.

Fayt is a mix bag he can go either way sometimes he's way too possessive.

Faize is easy to get upset and Faize is the fastest to 'rush' um...Faize is Faize you get the idea.
(And thus is why I said you have to get use to Faize emotions if you're playing as or with him)

Victor odd win I noticed Fidel in party Victor will act like he is Fidel boyfriend er...I mean 'glare' at Fidel and try to squeeze him in the wall if that don't happen Fidel will turn and glare and chase Victor away...if I have Daril rent Victor will stay by him or runaway from him O_o I always knew there was a Drail-Victor-Fidel love triangle going on.

Oddly enough win Emmerson is in battle rent Fidel will stay by him O_o er...nothing to see here.

Sadly to say the whole Victor and Fidel romance I think it flopped I think the only reason why Victor will ever go with Fidel because he reminds him of Drail and the fact that Drail and Fidel are father and son that is...and Victor always puts Drail above anything else.

That my take on playing Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, I still think Star Ocean 3 is way better.

And people will think other ideas about SO5.

Oh boy I went way of topic sorry *ahem* so yes get ready for swimsuit that are coming and guess who we are getting.

And win the swimsuit come out we will see who they go for I think they might make more girls for the guys.

SOA Wednesday maintenance.


【5/31(水)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 水曜日の14:00~17:00頃まで、新イベントの追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス開始をもって、開催中のEoEコラボ、SO4イベント前編、コイン交換所全開放は終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス
"5/31/(Wednesday) maintenance] 14:00 on Wednesday-will be doing maintenance work due to adding a new event to 17:00. With the maintenance starting EoE collaboration being held, SO4 events part, open all coin Exchange will end. Please note that."


So farm farm and farm win you can Events will end and maybe new events will come and maybe wedding girls?

Now I said I was going to avoid the girls right? I'm going to see if they are worth it I do like Wedding Nel but wedding Maria looks too much like Fayt >_> that don't help sorry.

It looks like maintenance is starting sooner then usual hmm are they going to push for the girls much faster?

Are they adding the girls that soon? I would be surprised if they did.

So if you're farming EoE event do it now and it looks the first part of SO4 event will end also if I'm reading this right so you might want to fight that bird again.

I might do little farming tonight er...today depends on timezone we're in...Japan is one day ahead of us.

So 5/31/(Wednesday) maintenance] 14:00 to 17:00 get ready for that one.

And it looks like people on twitter are talking about the girls...already?

Alright time for Waifu wars part 1 lol.

Who do you love the most?

Wedding Albel and Wedding Fayt would kill the fan base any guy in a tuxedo or...dress would kill the fan base not the girls.

I know for a fact Albel and Fayt both brought in the money on the girls side Rena didn't do good from what I heard and the Crossover girls did good from EoE but if they do nothing but girls and girls and girls I'm going to be very disappointed ever since the EoE event we had nothing but girls and Edge was the only guy we go >_>

But I will accept if they do nothing but girls and add Albel in a dress I'm being serious if people can say they want Deputy Director Shimada and Cliff in a dress why not Albel? He partly there.

Sorry my fan girl taken over me

For the guys I would like to see Fayt in a tuxedo or his school outfit.

For the girls I think Rena might look cute.

Celine would be overkill along with Myuria can you say sexy enough?

The shadow picture they posted of who they have ready next looks like...
Sophia and Welch? People was guessing it can be Reimi but I don't know so it looks like more wedding girls?

The shadow they posted in
You will see the picture.

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/869025717442330624
New comic kisses all around oh man that look Sophia and Miki has.

I've always knew Sophia and Miki was the 'I am you're wife' type they are too flirty and pushy and...ugh I never did like how they acted sometimes that why I always avoid there ending and I know people/guys like Sophia and Miki.

On the side note-
I am playing Star Ocean 3 HD on my PS4 very slowly win I have time and it's fun the voices are a bit low?
What did they do to Fayt English voice...he sounds more...rough some parts he sounds soft normally but...
dun dun dun dominated Fayt? More like his Japanese voice I have the feeling they are trying to say Fayt is not the Uke here.

That would fit how Fayt is in Star Ocean Anamnesis.

Get ready for this update we might get the girls we might not but we do know we are getting a event.

.Hack//N.U. End goodbye game.


The final moments really shook me up emotionally T_T

the towns was full of players it surprised me but on my main Azure Kite and everyone except Haseo was cool I got the feeling that Kite was somehow worried about our character or maybe it was me?

Now for the full feedback about the good and the bad and the ugly and the love.

The story- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwgVBE_IsQG19R7MkVBWQe3YtyakdnQH

You can find it here.

What was the the whole story about? We now know that DD is known as the silver horn?

We heard rumors that the crying women is the crying princess and she wants the player character to meet her?

In the very begging we got powers because of a white unicorn right? is that hint to DD? silver horn??

I heard that person who did the youtube vides will be translating this story so I'm going to leave my theories here however.

In .Hack//Guilty Dragon we got Phantom Kite right?

In .Hack//N.U. we got a mix of DD who was in our story more then Kite was who we got our first SR card right?

So in the next phone game if we get another one who are we getting DD or Kite?

I was very disappointed that Kite or Haseo had no role here or anyone else except for DD and the story and the girls.

Win it first come out people was excited for .Hack//N.U. on twitter and after a few months the numbers drop fast I assume the rumors of people in Japan disliking this game was true??

And what's this about Algiers who says "See you in the next world?"

I just now found out Algiers is that little girl name >_> omg I'm bad with names.

So who did I like between my SR cards?? :P

Well let's start with Haseo everyone favorite.

Haseo 1st- It was Haseo 1st from G.U. his actions reminded me of the rude Haseo that never grown up sorry to say...it turned me off so bad...and I loved Haseo in G.U. to.
Haseo 2nd- Haseo 2nd was much more...nice to be around he didn't act like Haseo 1st at all witch surprised me and I just wanted to smoother this version and get him with Azure Kite :P.
Phantom Haseo- he is like a big rough soft version of Haseo he has emotions and he feels like a pure dominated sign.

Atoli- Oh wow Atoli knew how to attached them seriously but she was either chasing Haseo 1st around or trying to talk to my player character uh...no.
Shino- Oh wow I loved Shino I would of kept her if she didn't try to chase Kite around >_> every time I give a item to Shino she would go try to dominated Kite who would end up going to my player character so no and the sad part she rarely talked to Haseo 1st they did talk but not that long.
Pai- She was the same as Shino but Pai would often reject everyone mostly but my player character.

3 girls that we hang around in story they are all the same...but one of them is worse so no.

Phantom Kite- This surprised me out of all the copies Phantom Kite is the only one the girls see as our romantic partner not only that Phantom Kite wants to marry us *rumor* maybe...but yes the downside is Phantom Kite get confused at everything even items.

Azure Kite- Again this surprised me I knew I liked Azure Kite in G.U. and this just got me deeper but the way he sits and the way he almost says 'I love you' if you do that romantic rub with him is a step more then any of the copies it looks like Azure Kite is not afraid to show his emotions he's mature.

Kite- oh boy I thought I didn't like Kite since I thought I liked Haseo but since Haseo 1st come along I grown to like Kite his friendly personality drawn me in and I found out versus Phantom Kite and Azure Kite, that Kite's emotions can waver between his innocent looks to his dominated side and I got a feeling half the time he wanted the player character to be dominated element it showed.

And yes Kite wasn't afraid to go after the girls but they rejected him that sent him going after my player character in the end but on the flip side Kite isn't afraid going after the guys that what I saw.

In fact no one in this game is afraid to after anyone even our player character isn't safe.

Jealousy- They can get jealous if you give one gift to someone it knocks them out and it makes them sometimes go or vanish with someone and you knew you screwed up not only that sometimes if the one you loved is being chased by someone else they will let you know seriously Haseo 1st back off...

Romance- everyone in this game of love no one is left behind seriously all the SR cards that you had was fighting one another for you're player character love it showed bad but they won't say it but the SR card desire you're love in that romance game.

Items- now Items in this game was used mostly to restore and some was used to rise romance levels and I do know that every SR card is different and Kite can protest how much food you get lol and Haseo didn't care about food he like the sharp items.

Now without your favorite SR card this game would be...blah seriously I loved it win it was nice and good but win it start becoming hard and story taken a turn with romance ect and pkers >_> it felt like a chore the only thing that kept me in this game was the romance items and new store weapons.

I know that harsh to say but that was reality for me out of all of this I think .Hack//Guilty Dragon had the better story in wise but .Hack//N.U. had the better elements and romance now if only they could of mixed the two...

The only time we might of saw Aura was in the start and maybe the Shadow of Tokio at the start to?

But yes rumors are the little girl Algiers "In was to end while I'm getting ready for training your new world!" was Algiers made by Aura?? it feels like it.
It might be a rumor for now.

RNG- oh my god I hated this with passion they need to fix this really really bad! The RNG either sometimes liked me or half the time hated me T_T that win buying in the gemstore but the soul in me wanted the cool looking weapons that wasn't in game and that wasn't put up on Arena.

Events- don't get me wrong I loved events more then I did with stories and that was bad I wanted more but I didn't really like the major boss events I did end up doing a few and it was...not interesting to me But I wish half the SR card you got from the arena was in events like a Azure Kite event that would of been fun.

SR cards- now here the thing some are locked in Events some are locked in the store and some are locked in the Arena and major boss fights so you can't get every card and some are lock in daily time gated items that annoying like you got to get 20 for one and 40 for another...

Weapons and outfits- time gated in dailies and some are lock in store and arena nothing you can get normally witched...sucked I wanted town merchant or something another bad thing is they never never brought back old outfits and weapons so if you missed out you missed out.

So someone normally would either save up the crystals and get really luck at the RNG or do dailies like mad the issue with store crystals really was in this game you had to have money but in the end they did us a favor and given us SR weapons and outfits for those who needed it like my Alt's.

In the begging of .Hack//N.U. it was barley anything but with more updates it got bigger and the areas got nicer looking and it look amazing near the end especially that final two daily you can do I saw the sun and the rainbow and I never wanted it to end...but it did.

Now past the light fluff...now down to the meat.

CC2 has said in interviews or twitter this was not the .Hack game they wanted to make seriously that was brought up several times so was .Hack//n.u. rushed??

And back in .Hack//Versus win asked if they was going to make a new game the excuse was .Hack//Versus graphics wasn't enough they wanted it better so the rumors of them working with square enix on FF7-R more better??

And now we are seeing CC2 making new games like more Naruto and Project LayereD witch they are focusing on big time so is CC2 trying to move away from .Hack?? I got this feeling bad and it hurts.

The .Hack//N.U. had with SAO was more then a hint? was it CC2 way saying go to SAO??

In some twisted way I almost wanted SAO to buy .Hack that's how bad it got but CC2 also said it was up to Namco-bandai not them and Bandai-namco said it was up to the publishers so...its up in the air.

Despite me being negative here I've grown to love .Hack//N.U. to the point where it hurt me emotionally to see it go I couldn't do the romance rub right on my main it hurt and I tried not to cry...

I grown to love this silly game that wasn't a proper .hack game and it drawn me into it deep I did miss the whole feel from .Hack and .Hack//G.U. the original proper mmo feel.

To both .Hack//Guilty Dragon that saw it fate before .Hack//N.U. I love you both you guys brought me joy and pain at the same time and you made me realize how much I love the .hack series.

And how much I desire to see it remake on the PS4 I would love to see .hack and .hack//g.u. remake or HD on the PS4 as a bundle with more dlc and story that would be the dream.

or even have .hack games on the PSN so we can play it on the PS4.

But this was my talk about how .Hack//N.U. got and I gotten off topic I'm sorry.

Goodbye .Hack//N.U. may you rest in peace in the sea of twilight with .Hack//Guilty Dragon.

I'm going to miss them and that romance game so bad...
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Project X Zone 2 Englsih and random talk


Wow spoilers just played the English version got almost half way on the Japanese version and stop in the English version typo? spoilers seriously

Win Haseo called Kite Tri-Edge and talks about 7 years ago that must be a typo since Haseo never heard about the .hackers not until Vol 3 from Yata right? But in Project X Zone 2 Haseo knows about them in G.U. he finds out later about them right? that kind of confusing not only that Haseo still in his third form so he must be in Vol2 of G.U.? still a bit confusing but yeah the whole think about Azure Kite not talking that happens in .Hack//G.U. Vol 1 he never talks until you get him in Vol. 3 in G.U. after the game so I'm trying to gasp what time they pulled Haseo from he thinks Kite and his lookalikes are Tri-Edge witch they are not it's Ovan who we find out who Tri-Edge is ugh it seems like every game they put Haseo in he's stuck in the past like in .Hack//Link he was like that to not only that in .Hack//Versus he was like but here in Project X Zone 2 Haseo calls R;1 kind of old maybe he wants to remember his past in R;1? I don't know I think people would like .Hack//G.U. vol 3 Haseo you know the one with X-from that would be nice so yes Azure Kite is pretty much the person to get Kite and Haseo on the same party with Haseo 'Sasuke' personality and Kite well Kite's personality they do collide, funny to say it feels like Kite getting his revenge somehow he was never in G.U. that was Azure Kite and it was Azure Kite who you could get after you beat the game in Vol.3 I noticed something odd they are showing off Kite more then Azure Kite since Azure Kite was more popular in Japan and Kite wasn't and even in the latest games .Hack//N.U. the only person you have from .Hack is Kite so hmmm well .Hack//Link was supposed to to be the 'end' for .Hack with Tokio and even playing to this part I think Tokio would of been a better choice then Haseo since Tokio had more of a bond with Kite versus Haseo did speaking of .Hack//Versus that comes right after .Hack//Link right? so I assume maybe if they do a Project X Zone 3 they well go with .Hack//Link? I rather them go with .Hack//Versus or even .Hack//N.U. with DD that would be fun

Wait Haseo just called Kite 'Azure Kite' but Azure Kite *cough* Tri-Edge is over there that's not him...omg Project X Zone 2...lol so Azure Kite get his real name back sometimes later in the game I'm surprised they name him Tri-Edge in this game

For me personality I think Tokio and Kite have more of a bond in .Hack//Link *cough* and much as I like it since with Tokio time travel he can go to any time in the .Hack universe and I think they did add him in .Hack//N.U. that my feeling from it that why I find it odd they just randomly put Kite and Haseo together in Project X Zone 2 and with Azure Kite not in party he was in G.U. after game that is yes it's very bittersweet for me honestly I like the older Tokio from .Hack//Versus
I feel like in .Hack//N.U. you get that Kite SR card and cards come to life thanks to the 'player' and that shadow figure stalks you 'Tokio' because you got Kite SR card that how I feel about it
But I could be wrong it could be someone else stalking the player O_o

as far as I know about Tokio and Kite relationship it kinda went nowhere there was major hints in .Hack//Link and as far as I know Tokio would watch over his friends that's why we see him like in .Hack//Versus and hinted in .Hack//N.U. in .Hack//Guilty Dragon I feel like it's Tokio but they never showed off his face yet

Back to this topic...wow I went over bored sorry but this just make me think more of the subject >_< overall the game play of Project X Zone 2 is good the voices are in Japanese no English like I hope it would be but for Haseo voice torn between hearing Haseo and Asbel from TOGF they share the same voice actor and Kite voice hasn't changed but overall Project X Zone 2 is pretty good if this is cannon I don't know how they are going to link this...

I know I'm not trying to let my personal feeling get in the way of this game so far ugh... just call it bittersweet symphony

Side note-

I'm playing .Hack//N.U. it's going good I keep getting sword weapons out of the random RNG T_T seriously and I play a Twin sword class on my second account I got the buggy one I got a R blue card that is a healing one used that since that character is a magical class anyways

In .Hack//Guilty Dragon just waiting for new events to show up nothing yet

Also they have a dating system in .Hack//N.U. I find that cute and funny they kind of had one in .Hack//Link but was keeping them 'happy' versus giving them random items as gifts in .Hack//N.U.
On the plus side I did a test give Kite that random pink perfume he dislikes it but his affections goes way higher then anything else after that O_o the girls love girly stuff and Kite kind of edges away from that lol oh god I can just think of what Haseo likes and dislikes will be if they ever add him in .Hack//N.U. him and personality lol omg...I think I just died so the whole dating system in .Hack//N.U. is kind of cute and funny wow I'm getting off the subject here again >_<;

Overall Project X Zone 2 is a good game play it for more fan service and story

Side note 2-
Shugo- never had a soiled girlfriend in the anime, but he did kiss other people *cough* Aura, Reiki and Zefie
Azure Kite- Never had a soiled lover except maybe Haseo if you pushed it in G.U. but I think all the Azure knights are program to love Haseo somehow er...O_o
Sakuya- she never had a soiled lover maybe Mary? why I said Mary if you watch the anime Mary is closet to a lover that what I think it's more epic in the Japanese version.
Sora- She/he never had a lover maybe Balder that guy who looks like Balmung maybe in .Hack//Versus anime Sora and Balder alone hello that is all hints
Kite- difficult question his love is difficult to answer we got the girls who like him and Kite never returns there love and Kite had lots of hints with the guys like Tokio, Cubia and maybe Haseo, but in Project X Zone 2 Kite says Aura is a special girl so maybe Aura to? we don't know what kind of special relationship Kite has with Aura it could all motherly figure or sister or love.
Phantom Kite- major difficult question win playing .Hack//Guilty Dragon so far his relationship with the other phantoms is mystery maybe the closest friends/lovers he has is Phantom Haseo and Sharp BlackRose that my guess we really won't find out until the final final final part
Kite- N.U. version of Kite omg he has no one except maybe the player?

I thought I'd add this playing Project X Zone 2 Kite said Aura was his special girl that got me thinking about all the Kite copies and there relationship with the others
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.Hack//Guilty dragon update

.Hack//Guilty dragon update


I'm going to post my feedback/ideas/thoughts once again

It was a little unclear last time how we lost a party member after defeating Phantom Kite but this time around it made sense well after fighting him twice I'm level 71 and Phantom Kite level 49 you would think that would be easy right? nooo in fact Phantom Kite almost copied my same level of power as in attacks that wasn't fun at all >_< I almost thought I would lose that battle and I had to fight him twice not only that I barely survived and won twice T_T well enough of that to the story line it seems (thanks to my very broken Japanese) why Phantom Kite is stalking the player (the PC you make and control) I noticed something strange about Phantom Kite he's not...stable as in data wise his personality is a cross between Kite and Azure Kite strangely Phantom Kite is more emotional and more vocal there is some reason why Phantom Kite is always stalking you I think it has something do with his powers you noticed if you fight him he's weak very weak compared to the other Phantoms like Sharp BlackRose and Phantom Haseo ect yeah those guys but after fighting him twice he burst into a light and I thought we actually destroyed him T_T with the red light flashing across the screen and seeing a bright white light take over my ipad air it surprised me it did not only that some dark wave come out of Phantom Kite and was going engulfed my pc/player that we control but that women jump in font of *him* and saved him but in the end she become a phantom herself now the phantoms they don't talk normally they growl and almost act Zombie like but she was more more harder then Phantom Kite himself and I ended up losing to her and after that battle the group disables the new people who was fallowing my party leaves because of the loss of there friend and even the shadow of Tokio/that guy who follows you around leaves so now you're only down to 3 to 4 girls with you and win you come out of that area the sun in the game is daybreak that was the emotions there it makes me wonder who else is going to become a phantom who with you strangely enough if you loss to a phantom it not game over no no no you can just get back up and fight but you lose the exp and gold but that strange enough the player you make almost acts like a phantom but not dark and evil you see phantom can keep going with out no problem but whatever Phantom Kite told the group about the player did shock them very much there reactions was
Yeah pretty much beside the yelling across the screen ect but so far two players become phantoms one was that cat like women who was with you the first time the second is that silver hair women who I mistakenly thought she was a guy >_< she saves you after she asks questions about you before Phantom Kite comes around so yes the story line did pick up nothing going on until the 18 no event yet so I was doing my personal story and just thought I'd share to you what is going on my thoughts and what can be theories

On the side note:

I'm almost thinking how funny this is but I think the cards...have emotions... hahahah er...why I say that because it just the feeling I'm getting >_> no I'm not rambling nonsense it just they always like to knock the other color out not only that they like to block one another in color wise that get annoying like you would have one side blue= magic side all blue cards would take up half the space win the other side is
red= you're you're heavy blade side damage deal
so let's say that blue and red decided to block green out witch is your twin blade/blade side and win they do that omg that annoying it get more annoying win you try to draw the colors you want but your cards are being stubborn as hell and they don't show up so that what happens and ugh sometimes you just got to force the cards out seriously as for the DLC outfits ect nothing new yet but the outfit I did want didn't show up and I'm wasting anymore money on that so with the cards and have I told you how much they are stubborn on getting there skill up? omg I don't know how many cards I lost trying to get that skill up >_< maybe other decks don't like the other decks? *crack theory* my deck is mostly made up of let's see Kite, Azure Kite both of them are green SR cards and do major damage on the magic side I have a SR Helba and a SR Haseo I got lot of SR cards but for some odd reason win I go to buy a random draw of cards I get R and R+ cards not very helpful the RNG hates me seriously I almost got SR Haseo green card maxed out and every time I try to level up his skill he rejects it >_< soo maybe SR cards have conflict issues? I don't know lol
oh right I have other cards beside Kite and Azure Kite and Haseo and Helba it not just made out of them but yes this my small update but overall the game is alright

Update- The next area the group comes back I just found that out and right now we're doing another phantom event but yes that guy returns to follow you around

I still one day to dream of .Hack on PS4
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The whole debate


So how long has it been since .Hack//Link? why am I talking about this subject? since people don't like that game for obvious reasons
Link- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.hack//Link for .Hack//Link info

Well for reason why this question has come into my mind in .Hack//Versus they did bring back Tokio who got older so .Hack//Link looks like it's the legit ending for the whole .Hack series but after that they did make .Hack//Guilty Dragon witch is a app for the phone they said that .Hack//Link was the ending to the series but many people doubt that was the ending since what .Hack//link did to the whole other .Hack games and you ask why am I talking about this? well thinking about Project X Zone 2 yet again this subject was on my mind

Why did they pair Haseo with Kite? shouldn't it be Tokio? since it obvious if you played .Hack//Link Kite did bond more with Tokio not Haseo >_> as I said before Project X Zone 2 would be the first time they actually do meet but then again there is .Hack//Versus witch surprised us all win it come out a fighting game witch is not any kind of RPG whatsoever maybe they are doing this because .Hack//Link got backlash? I know win I played it long time ago I was 'meh' about the story win it come to R;2 storyline and what they did to Haseo oh god I was upset after that I hesitated to even finish the game got far as the 'Azure Kite' battle and stopped and through all of that I clearly see that this game almost had a Tokio-Kite-BlackRose love triangle going on or something O_o I mean how many times did Tokio say Kite name in the game? or BlackRose getting depressed because Kite was frozen? yeah it almost felt like a tragic love story gone bad now that I think of it and I almost felt like Kite could of ended with Tokio if it wasn't for Saika being around or BlackRose but that just my emotions *cough* moving on

but yes currently we have .Hack//Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses (ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い) so far it alright I still want more info on the storyline and as for Project X Zone 2 that surprised me first I was excited they put .Hack and .Hack//GU together but after all that hype drained I was left with a bittersweet feeling and then come the realization that Kite and Haseo don't really have a history not like with Tokio maybe it just me but that still bittersweet in the future I should not worry about this little detail things that are inside a fan girl mind lol

For Project X Zone 2 I'm guessing Haseo will try to fight Kite? and somehow they get interrupted by Skeith that what I think is going to happen I can be wrong about that theory my personal feelings is that I guess I'm still happy we got Haseo in the game but this time hopefully his memories are not messed up another reason why I'm doing this it the comments that people are making even today about .Hack//Link how much it screws the .Hack games I'm more surprised people are still talking about this game O_o and me making more topics about it >_<; I still don't like the story and I doubt I'll ever finish the game but I still own the game and I'll have to admit I kind of do like the older Tokio in .Hack//Versus just a little his design still reminds me of Hwoarang from Tekken for some crazy reason maybe it's his hair? or the fact Tokio got older?
Yeah the goggles don't help that just reminds me of Digimon -_- and Tokio still has his Goggles in .Hack//Versus so yeah...*cough* wow I'm going way of topic here lol

I'm near the ending of .hack//MUTATION (Yes I'm replaying .Hack games) after the original .Hack series I'll replay GU to and I play .Hack//Versus off and on and I'm also playing .Hack//Guilty Dragon on my Ipaid air but I really can't do this all at once *cough*

Off topic- Memorial day

And this is another break for Project X Zone 2 overall I'm still excited for the game yes that still true and I'm still going to buy it you can completely ignore this topic think of it just another rambling one lol maybe win things settle down I can look at TOZ OST O_o No I didn't forget about it