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Groom fate

スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -The Leash Code- OPムービー


EP3 OP Evelysse looks darker so her and that guy are....hmmm...no wonder JP is not talking about this.

EP3 is on it's way good and Evelysse also looks a bit older

They asked for more story and it's on it's way but will it be what you wanted?

What do you think about this?

it looks good.
Anime guy blue



With all the hype that is PQ 2 this is the OP for the game

Must have music as for Kamoshida do we want to know "....."

And I do have my 3DS getting ready for this game

And get ready for all the crazy shipping that will come from this game and all the fandom hype.

I'm all ready for PQ2 even if I did not play P5 but I did see videos of someone else playing the game so I know what is going on and people did want PQ2 on the nintendo switch if they did port it to the switch I'll buy it but otherwise 3DS for the game.

So who ready for PQ2?

「PQ2でパーティに入れたい!ペルソナ3・4・5キャラクター人気投票!」結果発表!みんな、たくさんの投票ありがとう! http://p-ch.jp/news/2067/ #PQ2
popularity vote are in
P3 Hero
P4 Hero
P3 Female hero

P5 MC uh...not so much liked people love P3 hero alright and people like P4 hero surprisingly.

I think it was also translated from the trailer that the P3 hero and the P4 hero remember one another but I want to see there reaction to the Female P3 hero and people want to know win Goro Akechi will turn on them.

Devil Survivor 2 BR/RB OP


Meguru Sekai and sang by MC/Hibiki VA - Kamiya Hiroshi from Devil Suvvior 2 anime

So Hibiki Japanese VA did this opening? not bad the opening is not that bad I do like it

Off topic- I'm taking a small break I still got to make ribbons for memorial day

Correct me if I'm wrong about this subject it was just the info that I got around the internet

Update- replaced the missing video with this one

Tales of Xillia 2 coming to US/EU 2014


I did play the game its fun I never finished it >_> as you well know I'm not good at Japanese I know a little but not that much and no I'm not dead Its WAY too hot I had to drink lots of water I got half way of TOX2 I might finished it now this gets me motivated to work on it so people get hyped for TOX2 that's coming in 2014 It just I'm not used to the new battle style that TOX2 has it's new very new I'll have to get used to it it seems lol

TOX2 opening I still love it Ayumi Hamasaki did amazing job on the opening I hope they keep it but yes its time for me to get motivated again

TOX2 opening full

Source- http://www.siliconera.com/2013/07/06/tales-of-xillia-2-is-coming-to-the-west-in-2014/

So what do you guys think of it?

Tales of Xilla 2 opening

Yes Tales of Xillia 2 opening the game that made me buy more yen for the Japanese psn store just for dlc outfits I also had to buy
Ayumi Hamasaki CD just for this opening song yes I do have it so this is an update

but yes youtube are taking tales of xillia 2 opening down a lot so watch out for that

since I've been playing Tales of Xillia 2 I grown to love ludger x alternate milla I think it's just me but I won't do a whole debate over this
but I'm sure she says I love you or something mushy win she dies...ugh never mind...

Persona 4 OP and ED real ones


I've found them! well yes the real ones not the old remix ones on Youtube so yeah

Song- Beauty of Destiny opening full real version
Aime- Persona 4 Aime First ED


Song- Sky the Limit
Anime- Persona 4 First OP

So yeah my new Icon is from my MC/Naoto Doujinshi yes I got more Doujinshi of them on the way I love that couple I'm such a odd ball fan girl lol so yeah I've upgraded if you had not noticed so yeah enjoy now!
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Disgaea 4 opening maybe.

Hello this is the new Disgaea 4 opening maybe but it sure explains a lot of drama kind of...

So fair there hinting to Val and Volcano Angel and Vampire I was hoping that he was with Fuuka That Would be Different and from the video she gives her life for Val reminds me of Disgaea 1 Almost so it looks like more shade Business with Heaven maybe it has to with that seal that Val Undid that related to his powers? as for Flonne if that her she become more like a Goddess but Really he eats Fish? O_O I never heard of a Vampire who eats fish...so expect Romance between Val and Volcano I just hope the angels are not Gender blend lol man this gives away too much but I like this opening and song so yeah enjoy now!

>>Update 2/27/11 found new Video since the old one no longer plays.

.Hack//Quantum Opening song.

Hello this is .Hack//Quantum opening song full version of the newly Anime

It's kind of soft not what I've excepted from .Hack well it is excepted since Sakuya is the main Hero and she is a girl I hope there more action though in my mind she the love child of Haseo and Azure Kite or Kite lol *Hides from the angry mob* and Mary is the love child of BlackRose and Balmung or the worst we could think of them from Rena and Shugo children O_O never mind *Cough*
Anyhow this is the opening song I did buy the CD if I don't get it from overseas I'll get it Another way so yeah...enjoy now!.