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From what I see that SRF fayt is a Alt...?

if you read his BIO it says or hinted at much as SRF fayt spends a lot of time with edge and also 79 wins, 81 draws, 11 draws.

from SRF fayt BIO his father works at 'this ship' meaning SRF fayt father is alive??

it also said that SRF fayt is more into sports then any studying.

they are talking about this.

from SRF fayt BIO it hinted this SRF fayt is a alt.

that's explains why SRF fayt don't have any skills from fayt or groom fayt and SRF fayt has skills from edge himself and it also might hint why SRF fayt don't have angel wings in his rush because this SRF fayt had a normal life with edge.

so is this...the what if fayt had a normal life?

wow this timeline is odd enough.

It explains why SRF fayt is so clingy with edge they spent so much time together in that alt world.

SRF fayt has taken time to get use to but SRF fayt is really into edge that SRF fayt acts like him that is something to get use to.

hopefully this explains something about SRF fayt and why he don't have any skills from fayt or groom fayt.



本日20:00より、公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #25』が放送です! みなさん本日もよろしくお願いします! 視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/_hU  #アナムネシス

"From 20:00 today, the official live STAR OCEAN PROGRAM # 25 is broadcast! Thank you again today! Watch it here ⇒ http://sqex.to/_hU #アナムネシス"


スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、ゲーム実機プレイ交えて公開予定です! ◆出演者 ウェルチ・ビンヤード(MC) 小林秀一(プロデューサー) 甲斐聖現(運営プロデューサー) イヴリーシュ ゲスト

So we don't know who we are getting no keywords can you guess who it is?

Will it be the rumored Collab? *cough*...Final Fantasy XV...

Or something out of the blue??

But keep in mind this is near the ending of the Nier Automata Collab if you didn't get them they might not come back keep that in mind

I hope it isn't anyone that we want I myself don't want to spend any money until June for the Wedding sets I want Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt must save

And if your doing events Farm now.

So get ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #25

And who do you think we are getting??

My guess is something random not the Collab (I can be wrong) and some girls...that my guess who do you think we are getting??

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

Maid Clair

Maid Nel

Girls this time around with

With Maria awakening Not interesting

Back to girls for the guys aiming for the guys again

And remember that guy who works on this game really really loves Nel so expect that.

I think I heard...PA...ohh this is going to be fun.

So it will be like PA from Star Ocean or more like talk among the group like Tales of Rays?

So this makes me Save my gems I'm not rolling for girls they said June wedding event and people said 'Albel' and we get Nel and Clair too many of them now.

This time it feels like it a Nel and Clair from the guy who loves Nel he the guy who loves girls keep that in mind.

They forgotten about the girls who play this game again and the fans who like guys either that or they are trying to go back to how they was all girls nothing but girls.

Sorry I'm salty good luck with the girls.

SOA What did I get yes...I did.


I did I wasn't going to after I spent that much money on voting >_>

Collapse )

So that my RNG for both accounts I still want Leon for my main but yes both accounts are not using Faize so we don't have Faize in party.

After getting them and this RNG luck my luck has been gone so I'm not expecting anything and I'm not drawing on the new gacha.

I know some guys in discord wanted Freya bad and playing as her is fun she really fast at casting I think she has no casting time she that good playing as her no negative from party but I think Fayt did pout a bit win I switched back and forth.

So good luck if your going to roll for the RNG.

I think facebook people was trying to get rid of there accounts so they can re-roll for Freya now here the inserting thing I was looking at Yahoo Japan and people was selling there accounts O_O it surprised me they was also doing high gems on account and selling the account like that.

Why I was looking at Yahoo Japan I was trying to buy something and it cost me a lot...of....I'll post more about it win I get it but I did get something that's all I'm going to say and no it is not Doujinshi sorry.

In fact I never got any new Doujinshi in a long long time.

And yes the new update is going to be out tonight or soon.

VP round 2 fight...ugh can this be over with now??...

I Hope this cures the people who wanted this crossover and I heard there is a VP 3 coming up...noooo.

People on discord was talking about it...so one month and a half of VP?

After this no more VP please this made me not spend any money in this game in gem wise this time around so I do got some money I might go look into some Doujinshi...hmm.

I don't know if they are getting money or not but I have not spent money since this VP started and all the gems I was using was on my account.

Oh the only other money I was spending on was...Final Fantasy Mobius...I'm guilty there I was playing that waiting for my accounts to recharge I also got some PS4 games I have to play now beside .Hack//G.U. I'm struggling playing that...to be honest I'm on Vol.2 and the story is getting to me...

I have not did any stories in a long time never got any time to do them and nothing spark my writing yet so my creative emotions are not running right now but win they do...we will see.

Did we ever find out who won the wedding voting?

It's either Albel or Fayt for the guys and Reimi or Clair for the girls that my guess.

But good luck on your RNG draw hopefully you will get what you want.

I'm going to skip this Gacha and save for the next one after VP part 3 win we do have it (rumors) for now.

This update is VP crossover part 2 for the people who cried on youtube and twitter they got VP the last time we had a crossover they was pissed it wasn't VP but if the rumors are true part 3 of VP that would be one month and half so January and half of February we might get stop just for Valentines day maybe.

And I ask you is that enough of VP now I myself think this part 2 is enough for part 3 to come I'm going to be very very very bored and disappointed.

So far out of the VP girls Freya is the one you want to get her cast is that good.

People on discord guessed the chances of us getting Lezard is not good since he is a boss we might not get him at all but I do hope for him I think people did want him.

If we never get Lezard he up there with Luther and Cyril who we might never never get T_T I do want Luther and I do want Cyril I don't know why they don't add them they will draw in the money.

Star Ocean Anamnesis RNG pics.


Now I get to show you what and who I got.

Incoming pics coming in.

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Now the story for Xmas event.

Spoilers are ahead it has to with Ivilish and Fidel who want to experience Xmas it was suggested by Precis they do this event so Ivilish and Fidel get dressed down and they are excited now there is choices here you can react to how jealous they hint you are that Ivilish and Fidel are getting to close me I chosen the one that would push them closer the results is
"......." from both parties and the gray emote so yes this story hints that you might be jealous of Ivilish and Fidel or Ivilish liking another guy I don't care for Ivilish at all.

after that the whole battle thing and you find out that it was all set up to make this winter wonderland for Ivilish everyone was involved.

after that you get branching stories now this is more fun then the main Xmas story.

3 stories come up first one is Fidel trying to figure out what to with the gift the red box the guys make a suggestion and Fidel go off on his own

To the left story is one with girls that is funny and cute how Fidel almost freaks out over this after doing that Myuria comes to Fidel who almost freaks out again but she tells him to give it to someone who he really cares about.

To the left across the story is another story set up by Roddick and Fayt?? They both get the hint and make a quick set of date win Fidel arrives Miki is waiting for him O_o not only that pink hearts are around her but Fidel don't get it and Miki get disappointed she ask about the 'red box' he says it not hers and he gives her a white box they have a talk and that it.

The middle last event is at top it has Claude and 'us' and Relia who is waiting for Fidel win Fidel sees her he goes into parent emotions and he drops the red box Fidel is more worried about Relia then the box witch she sees and asks him about it and she opens it and nothing inside...

morale of the story comes up and Claude finishes it with how the gifts of something another and our responds is ".........." the end of Xmas event.

Now this story is short but it was good it almost better then the Halloween story and the fact they hinted that Roddick and Fayt know how to be romantic unfortunately Fidel is not romantic yet unlike Roddick and Fayt in this story them setting Fidel to talk to Miki did surprise me it was like obvious we are going to set Fidel up with her of all people I think they was trying to cover up the hints with Halloween Victor and Fidel in the Halloween event?

So this might lead to if Roddick or Fayt get chosen for the Jun bride they will be more Romantic? Hint hint?? But I'm more surprised they dragged Fayt away from the VR room who knows if Fayt did get chosen it might be VR like Wedding Maria's was maybe?? We don't know.

Yes that covers the winter event and yes there IS Ivilish/Evelysse romance hints in the story if you care about that I do not the story makes it like our character is upset that she with another guy but the choices we make can change that a lot I did because I don't care for her it almost feels forceful again.

To balance that off we need Ivilish jealous win we are with someone else I'm not into the whole our character going to end with her of all people as a romance lover they really do push for it hello Wedding Ivilish that was 100% obvious there twitter is lukewarm about her being a romance icon for our character discord don't care facebook don't care and guys they aim for win they do girl characters they don't even talk about Ivilish at all they post about some other girl so...I don't know if this is going to work or not make sexy powerful Ivilish to draw in the people and get them to like her and accept her and maybe think about the story that is here that our character might be jealous that she with Fidel now....yeah I'm not buying that.

Sorry I never will like her.

So this my post about RNG luck and the story.

I will say this Winter sky Fidel is OP...he can do damage but his defense is...bad you need to LB him soon as possible I'm slowly working on him on my main I replaced Prince Claude with Winter Sky Fidel and I'm using Fed Edge two shooters and Fayt that works.

For my alt is sill the same party I'm not using snow white Ivilish at all she at level 1 and collecting dust so on my alt I'm going to focus on Rain.

And good luck if your going to draw people do want Winter Sky Fidel and Snow white Ivilish.

SOA weapons


"【新★5武器追加!】 11/22(水)メンテ後より、火属性付与などの★5新武器が登場! 1人1回10連で新武器いずれか確定ガチャや、10連3回毎に新武器いずれか確定ガチャで先行配信! 新武器は「サジタリウス(弓)」「エクリプスソード(片手剣)」ほか全4本。期間は11/30(木)メンテナンスまで! #アナムネシス"

"[New ★ 5 weapons added! ] 11 / 22 (Wednesday) maintenance after more fire attribute, such as granting of ★ 5 new weapons! One in 10 new weapons or definitive Gazza and 10-3 times every one new weapon or delivery by definite Gazza! The new weapons "Sagittarius (Archer)" "Eclipse sword (one handed sword)" Besides all four. Period is 11 / 30 (Thursday) maintenance!"


---From Discord---
[Instrumental Sword : Sword]
- Gain Fire Attribute
- Recover 5% HP every 4 seconds
LB5 Factor - 70% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above

[Sagittarius : Bow and Arrow]
- Gain Fire Attribute
- 70% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5 Factor - ATK +10%, if hitcount is 150 or above

[Eclipse Sword : Sword]
- All Elemental Damage +20%
- Damage to Humans +30%
- DEF +15%
LB5 Factor - +50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks

[Onimaru Kunitsuna : Sword and Sheath]
- Damage to Humans +40%
- Critical Chance +10%
- Critical Damage +15%
LB5 Factor - ATK Damage Taken -10%

---End of discord---

2 Swords well one of the might be good for Fayt that The 'Eclipse Sword' it's Sigmund weapon and it's the blue sword the brown sword is the 'fire' sword that is good for someone who don't have fire power *cough* if you don't have Fayt you might want to get that sword.

The Instrumental Sword might be good it will be worthless on Fayt but it has Recover 5% HP every 4 seconds that something to look at.

So I did another sword draw on my main account and got another 'Wind sword'

Weapon Name: Storm Dealer
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Wind Attribute
Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
Limit Break Factor: 50% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 963 ATK / 958 INT

That is Edge weapon but it a bit powerful then Fayt own weapon at the moment at 1LB now.

And my alt got another Fayt weapon however my main didn't get so lucky on Fayt weapon.

My advise if you're using someone else that is not Fayt try getting the Fire sword you will need it if you're using another sword user that isn't Fayt try getting the new fire sword.

But in that sword draw I did get lots and lots of Sword and Sheath weapons T_T My main account is cursed with that luck I was crying tears of joy win I got that second Wind Sword draw I did want Fayt weapon or Swimsuit Reimi weapon her sword is pretty nice but I got the Wind sword it will do for now.

So my main account has the wind sword on and my alt has Fayt weapon on so if you see 'Luna' or 'Zero' its my two accounts :P

And I did one draw for the 1 time per-account guaranteed banner and got Eclipse Sword one weapon I might not use some people says it's good for Fayt some people says it's bad for Fayt but that on my main account and after that I went to draw the normal banner for weapons *cough* swords.

And yes I never did draw for the new character banner on my main account I did try on my alt and I never got a rainbow it was 'ugh' so I don't have any of the new characters.

I did try Aya she is a bit fun almost like Fed Edge but she's alright if you have her use her I just rented her and yes she is alright.

That is my weapon draw and yes I'll keep trying to get another sword weapon on my main account however people are renting my alt account so that's good.

The ranking over on discord is that Sigmund is good and might be better then Rain however I still like Rain myself if you don't have Fayt or not using him I will say try to get Sigmund.

Sigmund-Talent: The One Called Hero - Imbues Fire and Dark Element to attacks (Self)

Fayt- Silent Fighting Spirit - Attacks gets Fire or Light Attribute (Self)

And if you have both try putting Sigmund and Fayt on the same party it see how that works.

And if you're going to roll of the new weapons good luck to you and people says on discord this character banner is not 'very good' but Sigmund is one you might want to get and save gems for the next banner.

If you have Rain or Edge or Dias you might not want to get Sigmund since Rain is also good to use Edge and Dias is well...somewhat alright but Dias is more of and attacker and Edge can't hold aggro that something to keep in mind.

I use a 10LB Dias on my party to do more damage someone like Rain with the party who rented Fayt can do more damage I did get some pics of that I'll post them later.

For healers Rena is still queen of heals and Fina is pretty good and Swimsuit Sophia is one if you don't have Rena or Fina use her.

But we got another upcoming character banner I'm going to save my gems for them and see who they are hopefully we can get someone good.

So good luck on you're draw of you're going for the characters or weapons banners.

SOA story?...


New story is out

For this story it will become 'clear'. Spoilers ahead

It did become clear alright omg...poor captain so we know that something will happen right?

And we guessed why we never had a character avatar our captain we don't know what he/she looks like right?

something did happen that was too dramatic I want to say spoiler so bad.

So we find out that Koro did survive I thought he died...Koro T_T

we was warned so many times to tell them if something was wrong win using the 'summons' right?

something did happen O_o omg from what I can tell we used the summons so much we...become a summon.

Ivilish was not happy she cried real tears win she had to 'summon' us...or recall us back to her.

So the way this story is going and why we don't have a avatar is that we become a summon...
From what I can tell by the story O_o and I'm thinking all the hints was in the Opening of the game

Ivilish is alone right? why did it look like she was crying??...it's at the very end!

So if our character is not real now...and this opening is leading to that...I'm starting to believe all the hints of what to come are in the opening of this anime to this game...something is going to happen to 'us' the character and thus the 'summons' might become real...that a theory for now.

The next two new story might lead to the 'end' the final that my feeling...

Now I did this story on my alt and omg...it was easy compared to the other stories however if someone can fully translate this it would be good this from my guess and my broken Japanese.

And Ivilish was that close to saying her emotions she didn't so...I don't know where this is going?
And it was hinted through the game Ivilish did like or love our character but it looks like our captain chosen the 'summons' over her I got the feeling that the type of guy he/she is.

And it feels like whoever we got in party our captain is closely bonded to and it would make sense since our captain don't have a real outside life outside spending time with his/her summons er...party members.

And yes they are still calling the summons our party members AI in this game so...this whole story is omg...

(I think Koro also says in this story that the AI are moving on there own? If I'm not mistaken correct me on this one please)

Seeing this story makes me want to do a story now hahaha...er...*cough*...

But this all from my experiences someone who knows fully Japanese might see it differently.

And what ending do you think this game is going to have now? I'm thinking all the hints for this story is in the opening or I can be wrong that won't surprise me.

Out of all of this I wanted to know what our character looked like if we ourselves turn AI isn't that the opposing what SO3 is all about??...er...I'm confused.

But yes the story is out see for yourself and how you feel about it.

---New story--
【シナリオ新章解放】 惑星ヴィレで出会った3人の協力により、基地に辿り着いた一行は、ベルダ(CV:井澤詩織)という少女に出逢い、物語の真実に迫ります… 7/20(木)のメンテナンス終了後より、新たな冒険の舞台「ランビュランス宇宙基地」公開です(`◎Д◎´)ノ

This map is very easy you can even use Fidel but the meat of the story is here this new story is what we are talking about right now if someone can translate it for me that will be good I can make out words but it might not be right...
----End of post---

Now of all this is based on my theories I can be wrong...hopefully or else this is another...

Star Ocean story plot twister...*cough*...Star Ocean 3....

Wait...hold on what dose this mean for shipping wars?...anyone in party??....
>_< so we can rule out Ivilish for now not unless in the next story she dose something stupid...
Ivilish is a girl and she did like our character keep that in mind...O_o

If this madness is true...Star Ocean 3 Azazer lines "You're just data" has so much meaning now...
If they are going that way with SOA...that to SO3 right?...O_o the whole data in reality thing...
all the timelines connect and SO3 is still end game for now...so SOA is...ugh this is...
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII Remake shifts toward internal.


Some negative news on this seriously...

"Square Enix is shifting development of Final Fantasy VII Remake in-house. According to several comments it was revealed Naoki Hamaguchi, who was previously in charge of the development for Mobius Final Fantasy, will be taking on the top developmental role for the highly-anticipated remake. He made the following comments during the show:

“So far, development (for FFVIIR) has been carried out mainly with the support of external partners. However, in view of factors such as improving quality when the product goes into mass production in the future, the company has decided to shift the developmental system back to within the company, so as to maintain a stable schedule and have control over factors such as quality. We will be forming a robust system within the company to properly carry out the development.”

It seems Naoki Hamaguchi will be focusing his attention on Final Fantasy VII Remake in light of recent looking for various staff positions. It’s currently unknown what this means for Square Enix’s previous collaboration with outsourcing companies such as CyberConnect2." - End of Quote

link- http://www.novacrystallis.com/2017/05/final-fantasy-vii-remake-shifts-toward-internal-development/
Youtube- https://youtu.be/ZqyXu0SKpcM
link- http://www.jp.square-enix.com/recruit/career/group/1bd/
link twitter-https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/869069753255702528

So if you don't know who CC2 is otherwise known as CyberConnect2 they are the people who do Naruto games and .Hack games now dose this mean that CC2 is not working on this project? All the hints I seen on twitter from CC2 are posting 'Naruto games' and maybe hints of '.hack' nothing serious yet but we know that CC2 is working on other games that are not .hack related at all.

Or was it them dropping CC2? We don't know all I know I don't have a good feeling about this.

So what dose that mean for Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Well we do know that they are recruiting people and the fan base believes this game is doomed now I know people are upset this the most beloved game out of the Final Fantasy I do want to play this game myself.

I was trying to avoid all negative news but I had to post this one and yes I know about the whole chaos that is going since square-enix has announced they need people for this game.

However I want to stay positive about this however since they put Naoki Hamaguchi in charge I think he's changing it and he's the guy in charge of Mobius Final Fantasy this what I did fear I think they did drop CC2 sadly to say.

This quote "We will be forming a robust system within the company" that means hiring people that are different? That means changing the story? adding people who they want? I don't like that comment.

I know I'm trying not to get upset about this so...I think that's enough talk about this and FF7 is truly a great game.

So this a little update about FF-7 R try to stay positive.

On the bright side if CC2 is not working on this...maybe we can get a .hack game O_o dreams don't come true...T_T

And I apologize for sounding negative this info I saw on twitter.

And this talk is about my theories nothing more but the quote from novacrystallis.

star ocean anamnesis info update.


This link might help people who are playing SO-A

Link- https://translate.google.com/translate?act=url&depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://altema.jp/soa/buki/91

go it from SO-A discord.

You can join SO-A discord link from
Link- https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/ side bar location it has SO-A discord link.

So going over after making Faize into a 6 star card his power is pawns however there a downside.

He's weak like earth spells or really fire attacks you name it that hits him and damages him and he can die even at 6 star.
So running around sometimes is your job avoiding attacks is part of it.

And at ranked

Magic top user-

are the top ones you want to get for magic users Myuria for ++SS however Lymle gets buffs after rushes attacks so the rumors say.

the best healer is
Miki is the best.

second is

third is
Hana and Raffine.

last ranked would be Nel poor Nel.

Star Ocean update info!


Link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/83292.html

The drop was...dropped O_o

No new updated it was 'pushed' back.

Rumors from discord vp collab
lenneth & silmria according to mined info
and lezard sending demon troop at us.

the date for new gatcha was supposed to be today update but they extended it to 1/26

So no new cards weapons has been added and a new Nel event shows up Nel more...girly??...O_o hints of...love...is in the air

No new map.

the time of maintenance was cut back with our new update.
Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/821993285359013889

link- http://cache.sqex-bridge.jp/guest/information?list=no

A new boss has been added it's timed and you can get weapons from it.

And rumors was they was hit by a negative feedback from this?...oh boy.
Hug me now01.

Revelation online CBT 2 will be Starting soon.


I'm still numb after losing .Hack//N.U.

Link- https://twitter.com/PR_CC2/status/811131236802437122
Link- https://twitter.com/PIROSHI_CC2/status/811128377239281668
Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info/status/811145416729362432

"".hack // New World ' fun, really thank you. From this ".hack" series to a new stage, continues to evolve, so future support so thank"

However on the side note .Hack//N.U. was supposed to be for the G.U. fans...what?
B-but .Hack//N.U. was nothing like G.U. nothing correct me on this one.

First translations- "".hack // New World ' conclusion. You for supporting people to thank. Pleased, you till the end. Also, let's walk together. In the slow gait. Decoding!" noticed the picture of Haseo...eeep!

Second translation-『.hack//New World』完結。

Thank you very much for your support. I'm glad to have enjoyed it until the end.

Let's walk together again.

Slowly and as fast as you walk.

Where the hell are you?

https://twitter.com/PIROSHI_CC2/status/811128377239281668 2017...is G.U. so...
If you have twitter support this tweet it might lead to something maybe but decoding...

Back on topic *ahem*

Revelation online CBT2 will be going up soon at 3:00 am PST since I'm up thanks to my screwed up sleeping time my broken sleep thanks to .Hack//N.U. I might as well try it just a bit.

I'm not going to try that long I'm still kind of...well...I'm trying to stay positive right now.

Noticed new .hack tweets oh no...don't give hope to me...T_T

Must think of...Revelation online CBT 2 O_o *cough* yes that's right CBT2 is going up and I'm going to try this game again.

Link- https://ro.my.com/en to buy the game.
Link- https://www.facebook.com/RevelationOnline facebook page.

So I'm going to stop for now this is mixing my feelings up.