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.Hack//G.U. Last Recode Ovan ending.


So you CAN marry Ovan *cough* *cough* dies...

Haseo finally got what he wanted after all this time he is Waifu Tsundere Haseo 2:39 Atoli accepts defeat and I see Pai and Yata smirk here and Shino is drooling so that means...Shino might be...a fan girl??.

People are saying this is the 'cannon' and True ending now note to self Haseo is Waifu to Ovan so Haseo is the 'Uke' here and yes Ovan outfit do look pretty a hint to that and Haseo in a dress we need that.

But the choice is up to you and you can make Haseo marry anyone you want however the whole point of this new story and the whole .Hack//G.U. Haseo has feelings for Ovan keep that in mind.

Normal ending if you don't choose to marry Ovan.

So both endings says one thing you're end is Ovan no matter how you feel that's a hint to Haseo desire.

Vol.4 is all about Haseo and Ovan keep that in mind.

So we saw vol.4 ending it's Ovan.

Nah I'm not playing vol.4 not yet the whole Ovan is with Haseo is not enough to draw me into that.

So no new characters has been added yet from what people are saying they are expecting DLC but I doubt it.

So no Kite or BlackRose here? That's...disappointing.

And new info that green hair person who I thought was Cubia wasn't Cubia that was Tri-Edge that AIDA that is linked to Ovan who has deep feelings for Ovan hello Rival to Haseo.

So now you saw both endings are you going to marry Ovan or not?.
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.Hack//G.U. last recode...


Spoilers ahead

whole game done see before it's gone.

English version part 1...er Haseo didn't want to share Ovan >_> Atoli knows Haseo was seeing...Ovan so for 1 year Haseo was looking for...Ovan??...ugh and yes Atoli is jealous and pissed and Shino knows Ovan don't want to wake up and Haseo wants Ovan to wake up so he can...be with him...*cough*...and Haseo got new job in the real world.

The new story vol.4 sounds like a fan fiction and people are now getting upset whoever you chose to marry in vol.3 might not count here some Alkaid fans are sour Atoli fans are going to be pissed and we don't know about Endrance fans yet. I'm not playing vol.4 at all.

Sad to say this vol.4 story is...bad almost bad as .Hack//Link story...almost in .Hack//Link G.U. story with Haseo never happened win Tokio changed the timeline it all changed some parts of G.U. went the same win some parts of it changed in .Hack//Link.

Let me get this straight G.U. was all about Haseo saving Shino? and he ended up with Atoli by the end of G.U., by the end of that Haseo leaves Atoli to go look for Ovan for 1 year and Haseo admit that he didn't want to tell anyone not even Shino about his desire for Ovan?.

This romance is...ugh I don't even want to go there...

Someone said in the light novels Haseo admits to Endrance that he likes guys and girls but he prefers girls over guys in the e-mails between Haseo and Shino she knows that Haseo likes Ovan so yes Haseo likes Ovan ugh last recode just proved it 100%.

But...with all the negative emotions I feel now...I'm going to support this game somehow.

So that might be the bit of change dialog I think someone translated it and it was different...if I recall.

And the hints are...Ovan and Haseo all the way the girls are nothing in this story.

The new power comes from...that green hair girl we thought was a 'girl' is...(Tri-Edge) we got a confirm that is Tri-Edge.
And I think that green hair girl is a guy from what I can tell from the story correct me on this one.

Haseo saves Ovan who didn't want to be 'saved' from what I can tell.

Wait wasn't Tokio powers from AIDA also?

So Ovan and Haseo has new outfits to say they are bonded now :P

The story focus on Ovan and Haseo relationship and do Haseo finally tell Ovan that he loves him?
Well see for yourself that ending before they see there friends proves how they feel for one another.

Now I see how that ending is I'm not going for it it looks like Alkaid and Atoli missed out on getting with Haseo :P and Shino missed out also.

I'm going to re-play .Hack//G.U. Last recode to vol.3 and end it there that the ending for me.

So this ending raps up how Haseo and Ovan cliffhanger ending was and how they feel for one another we can say that Ovan is most cannon now even how much I don't like him with Haseo.

If you don't want it all spoiled don't watch the video but we don't know about post game and if any new characters has been added.

But yes .Hack//G.U. the way Haseo reacted to the whole 'Ovan' is the bad guy he wasn't really upset with him and that ending before the new story come out was more enough Haseo has feelings for Ovan and it's more powerful then Haseo feelings for the girls.

The way Haseo acts around Ovan says...Haseo is a 'Uke' and wants to be more then friends with Ovan that the body language I'm seeing or I'm seeing it wrong at 3:55:43

But that raps up .Hack//G.U. and the whole story this makes me feel...'ugh' the hints are powerful in this story.

And don't forget the Japanese tone might be changed a bit in the English version heads up on that one.

So see for yourself how it ends and how you feel.
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.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)


9/7(木)発売号で新情報!URL先の記事も必見です! 『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』新規描き下ろしイラストとともに、『Vol.1』~『Vol.3』の名シーンを振り返る!【先出し週刊ファミ通】

"9 / 7 in the (Thursday) release of new deals! URL of article is not to be missed! ".hack // G.U. Last Recode (theatre code) ' draw new illustrations and "Vol.1-recalled scenes from"Vol.3!"


Famitsu post.

It's official we have...5 different Haseo from G.U. alone


I think Ovan can have one of them that's it >_> I'm being nice that all I'm going to say about the whole Haseo and Ovan deal >_>

So .Hack//G.U. is known as .Hack//Glow.up. a.k.a. Grow up it hints to Haseo story

Now the 5 Haseo don't count from the ones from Link, Guilty Dragon, N.U. you get the idea so Haseo has lot of copies he can almost outmatch Azure Kite and Kite copies...lol

I want the game now but we got a bit and I hope we get new characters added to the game like BlackRose, Kite even Tokio you get the idea and maybe dlc?

I'm loss with all 5 Haseo copies personalities that will come in omg and that don't count Phantom Haseo from Guilty Dragon...hey that gives me a idea I'll save it for later

I'm always happy to hear some news from G.U. even something like this I still want this game badly

But yes this is little info on .Hack//G.U. that was posted by famitsu

I'm just re-posting it here

5 Haseo copies with the Kite copies we can...er...*cough* moving on

So who hyped for .Hack//G.U. I am.
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.Hack//G.U. Japan


Japanese version

Noticed that Haseo words in the begging is different not long in the English version


Different dialog??

And look they are showing off the hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION like I said they would

Not only that it looks like the "Premium Edition" is Japan only none for NA


so here the links again

(11448yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 96.65

Look for 【PS4】.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION【早期購入特典】オリジナルPS4カスタムテーマが貰えるプロダクトコード同梱【Amazon.co.jp限定】アイテム未定
¥ 11,448

It looks like the Premium Edition comes with the CD and art book and if you order from amazon Japan or CD Japan you should get "First Press Detail Custom theme through download code"

PS4 wallpaper theme Japan only??

If you're going for Premium Edition you might want to get the orders in

So I'm really thinking of ordering the Premium Edition also for collection and my desire to love .hack however I'm trying to support Star Ocean Anamnesis also I might if I don't try and roll this time...T_T got to save gems for Ashton

I do have a job but I'm also paying bills...


And the money I did have went to my New PC I got yes I got a new gaming PC right now I'm downloading all my games I have to DL GW2 and Revelation Online yet I'm not doing BDO on this PC it will take hours I recall the last time I had to download it and it taken more then 1 day

I got a CyberpowerPC and it works good 16GB I had to replace my 12GB Asus but I'm going to hook it up with my 32GB in the bedroom so I can play it I also have games on it

I think I'll save my 12GB for BDO a.k.a. black desert online it has it on it and it's up to date

I was this close of buying a PSVR but I held off for my PC my gaming PC

So got to start saving again

I'm getting off the topic but who hype for .hack/G.U.

The Premium Edition looks good no word on NA at all to this point we can say the Premium Edition is for Japan only and it looks good

I'm thinking about the Premium Edition I might per-order or I might not I'll see

"『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』第2弾PV公開されました! https://youtu.be/nuibzErilgs 新要素もあるよ!! ぜひ御覧ください! #ドットハック #dothack"

"".hack // G.U. Last Recode ' 2 series PV released! https://youtu.be/nuibzErilgs There is also a new element! Please take a look at our!"
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.Hack//G.U. Nov


.hack//G.U. Last Recode launches on November 3 in North America.


Wait wait...Japan is out in November 01, 2017

NA- Nov 3.
JAP- Nov 1st.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION looks like that Japan only right now no word on the NA version at all

So far if you want the Premium Edition you might have to get the Japanese version

I check BANDAI NAMCO NA and Amazon NA no listing of the "Premium Edition" looks like it's Japanese only so

(11448yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 96.65

Look for 【PS4】.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION【早期購入特典】オリジナルPS4カスタムテーマが貰えるプロダクトコード同梱【Amazon.co.jp限定】アイテム未定
¥ 11,448

Checking the shipping on both CD Japan is much faster to NA to where I live usually win I order from them it takes about 3 days after its out and I have to sign for it

So if I order the Premium Edition my NA version from amazon NA will come faster since it's out on NOV 3rd and they might come the same time...O_o

And no there is non Premium Edition for NA sadly to say not yet

I'm surprised they are releasing both almost the same time if that said recording might be done no word on DLC or anything new except what they show

So you're undecided if you want the Premium Edition or not it's up to you I might hold off until next month and order it I'm still thinking of I want the Premium Edition or not I just want the game and I already got more then one of the NA and JAP copies not even opened

And the good thing is .Hack//G.U. copies for PS2 might go done after this if you're selling or plan on selling them now is the good time to do so I think collect the money win its high before the price drops win the .Hack//G.U. Last Recode comes out

or if you just want to collect the PS2 games wait for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode to drop and the PS2 games will drop in price or just buy .Hack//G.U. Last Recode

NA English voices Haseooo

Wait I just looked there is no Japanese trailer yet...O_o

So in the Japanese one they might show off the Premium Edition more something NA is not getting so heads up for that

so who excited for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode I am and countless hours trying to rise party romance level for the wedding event

Spoilers you can marry who you like...O_o but that don't come until way later

Time to get countless hours into this game again so it can match my PS2 saves

And good luck if you're buying the Premium Edition or not I might next month I'm not sure I do want to buy the Steam version also so I can play on my PC so I'm thinking about it.

As for the new story I might finish the game and play the new story at lest once and go back to .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption I played lot of hours in that game and I enjoyed it

Beside I love Haseo x-form outfit versus his new black one

For people who never played a .Hack game oh boy you're in for a ride a good one from what I'm seeing people who never played are like 'Oh its like SAO' 'Is it good?'

No offense SAO lovers but I can never replace .Hack it's in my heart and from my darkest times it was .Hack and Final Fantasy and Star Ocean

But yes enough talk and get ready for nov 1, nov 3rd NA and JAP are both coming out

And good luck on what version you're playing

I myself played the Japanese version and the English version I own a Japanese PS2 I own all 3 games in Japanese and I also own English versions so the story I heard is much darker then the English version

One thing they did change win you fight Atoli a.k.a. Innis win she scream at Haseo in NA right?

In the Japanese version she screaming Sakaki name O_o yes that one thing they changed I noticed win I played the Japanese version they changed it to 'I want you look at me!' in the English version

(From what I recall Atoli Japanese VA was screaming Sakaki name not Haseo in that fight now I can be wrong but that what it sounded like she was saying in the Japanese version)

I don't know what else they changed my broken Japanese don't help much so I assuming they are going to change some dialog with the new story coming out for NA

So playing the Japanese version and getting that ending it felt...'ugh' the first time to me in the Japanese version Haseo and Atoli felt forced the English version tried to cover that up
by changing dialog and all that

By the looks of it Shino hint and the new story we might in the Japanese version Haseo might hint that he likes Ovan now win they bring that out in US and it all in English they might change it

Japan is more acceptable to that kind of 'Yaoi' win in the West 'NA' is not so they will change to please the fan base you get the idea

So I might end up buying the Japanese version after all to see what they changed

And if you read the light novels it hinted that Haseo did like Ovan the way the trailer they showed and the artwork that come out it hinted as much as I hate to say this

Haseo might finally admit his emotions to Ovan that how it feels so the whole Haseo and Shino and Ovan love triangle might be finally over with now if you recall Shino also liked Ovan not Haseo that why G.U. romance is...yeah

And in the light novels Haseo did say he likes guys but he prefers girls over guys...
O_o someone was talking about that so it not really clearly hinted over in the west or in English that Haseo is 'Bi' except the silly e-mails you can do with Endrance

And this new story is all about Ovan so expect anything I just hope this time in NA or JAP version that Haseo admits his emotions it getting way out of hand and Haseo is in denial that he likes Ovan and G.U. final ending the one where you get Tabby that ending did not help

Spoilers Haseo desire was to see Ovan as he faded away that white room hello that was too hard to cover up

One thing I did noticed that was hinted in the books Ovan emotions for Haseo is...
From what I can tell Ovan was seeing Shino in the hospital a lot and bringing her flowers?
But it never got to the point where Ovan was thinking or talking to Haseo witch means...

Ovan likes Shino?
Shino likes Ovan
Haseo like both
In the ending Haseo ended with Atoli

(To me Haseo and Atoli felt forced since the way the romance went and Alkaid did not admit that she liked Haseo so they went with Atoli)

I'm thinking Ovan thought of Haseo as a friend but not romantically but Haseo did have a crush on Ovan you have to blind not to see it and to this day it looks like Ovan is on Haseo mind

Man this love story is...they should of stuck with original idea keeping Shino as a 'avatar' user you did know that Shino was supposed to be the original 'avatar' user? they changed that and made Atoli and went with this path

That why Atoli attracted the 'avatar' she looks like Shino who was supposed to be the original avatar user can you image the story if Shino wasn't killed and the avatar awaken in her?

The love story would not be the same win .Hack//Prototype was out it had a small video of G.U.
and in that video it had a love story of Haseo and a girl in black with dark hair not silver and this girl was not Atoli it was Shino so win they thought of 'Atoli' they changed the story

You can find that video on youtube so that why I like Shino more she WAS the original one

Why they kick Shino over Atoli? I don't know that one maybe they thought blonds would be more fun? I don't know but they should of stayed with Shino

And fun fact why did they add cheats to this game?

Answer if you had a cheat system like codejunkies codes you can hack this game O_o
the fun was switching Haseo out for someone else you use Endrance in Vol.1 that was fun and his powers and fight ageist Azure Kite however to degree of damage win Azure Kite did his special move he would sit there unable to since it was all animated to Haseo not anyone else
and Azure Kite would just move and float around unable to to do anything

you can also use codejunkies codes to rise attack and def and all that even EXP and money
so win they found out NA was hacking this game they stop it in Vol.2 and Vol.3 so win you had a special boss fight and you tried to switch Haseo out and switch someone else in you can't go to that area it locks you out like in Vol.3 trying to fight Azure Kite again this time around if you're not Haseo the game will lock you out

however end game is different after beating the game you can switch Haseo out and you can replace him with...Shino or someone else but one thing they did change win they noticed NA was Hacking this game if you switched out Haseo with Azure Kite after the game Azure Kite will look down it hinted that they 'know' you're doing cheats so that supposed be a hint

There are some old youtube videos of cheats going around people hacking this game and you can find them so win they announced they was adding cheats I was surprised but not really I figured they taken the codes that people was using and placed them inside there game so people won't try to hack this game again you can find the codes around I did use them

And yes .Hack//G.U. games was hacked on PS2 alright enough of that.

I'm going to say if you played the Japanese version or getting it see how the story compared to the English version and see how you like it this is all from my experience everyone can have different ideas.
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hack//GU Last Recode update Japan date


"『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』2017年11月1日発売決定! 『Vol.3』に続く新エピソードも判明!【先出し週刊ファミ通】"

".hack // G.U. Last Recode (theatre code) ' 11/2017 1 released! New episodes following "Vol.3' turn!"

"1 November 2017" Japan release date.

If you look closely to this pic you will see 'Premium Edition' So maybe almost like a CE?

Now this is for Japan no word on NA or outside of Japan yet.

Another episode has been added I'm thinking it has to something to do with 'Ovan' and to rap up G.U. ending.

You know the whole Haseo 'I want to hug Ovan' moment in G.U. ending yeah that...or Haseo resolve of his desire for Ovan.

So Now I know to save money for November the 1st for Japanese version good I'm going to buy that also.

By the way Ovan hair looks fabulous here it almost like Ovan is...'Waifu' O_O ugh...as much as I don't like Ovan *mutter* I can see why Haseo likes him >_> who knows maybe Ovan might be a party member >_<


If you watched .Hack//Roots or played .Hack//G.U. even in the e-mails Shino will tell 'Haseo' that she knows the he liked Ovan it was hinted a lot very lot...and yes Shino did like Ovan to...

Sorry that was spoilers but in the end he kind of ended up with Atoli almost...forcefully to me G.U. love story was...
Hopefully this new episode will fix that leftover emotions kind of tie up G.U. ending and all that

end of spoilers

and if you watched .hack//G.U. Returner it was hinted that 'Ovan' will return so this might be the episode win he do return now this is just theories of mine nothing is said about this new episode.

Out of all of this fan girl muttering we got the release date for Japan

1 November 2017


So I'm all hyped about that...wait what do I do until November?


Plays Star Ocean Anamnesis I guess I'm playing that and SO3 for my PS4 I might think of getting the Japanese ver of SO3... maybe. (I'm getting into Fayt Japanese voice a lot and I'm starting to like it) thanks Star Ocean Anamnesis.

So get ready to experience all the emotions of .Hack//G.U. all over again I'm ready to go.

And Yes I will post some of my pictures of .Hack//G.U. win the game is out hmm let me think.
(As in pic I'm talking fan art)

"For the first time in a year and three months, Haseo logs into The World R:2, and he discovers a frozen Ovan in a cavern located at Qua Holme. He attempts to break the ice to no avail, and learns that he currently doesn’t have the power to melt the ice. Haseo gathers with his old friends and goes on a new adventure in hopes of finding a way to save Ovan."

This story...

Ovan frozen...hello

Kite was frozen many many times by Fluegel this is .Hack//Link the story that everyone dislikes.

Fluegel A mysterious male player character with long white hair and a right monocle. He holds a pistol called Brieler Rössle that is able to freeze the player character and encase them in ice/crystal (time control or possibly changing of the Akashic data). Kite was frozen but the pistol has no effect on Tokio. At the end of the battle against Kite, Fluegel was hit by Kite's Data Drain. He was saved from the attack and now has shorter black hair. Schicksal's leader.

.Hack//Link story takes place in the year 2020 this in the timeline comes after G.U. and .Hack//Link HAS time travel with the Akashic Record so are they setting this up?

The whole G.U. new story with Ovan almost like it connecting to .Hack//Link maybe...I'm hope I'm wrong...

Yeah seeing Ovan frozen like that reminds me how many times Kite got frozen in .Hack//Link and how many times Tokio and Kite almost become a couple...>_> but BlackRose stop that.

So maybe this might be a little crossover with Schicksal and Haseo? and maybe even Tokio might show up after all Tokio is still using the Akashic Record or that time travel whatever it's called...sorry.

And in both .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. Tokio was still looking after this game somehow...

So we might see a new confrontation between Haseo and this? Omg this might redeem the fact Tokio changed G.U. timeline.

But back to the new story 1 year and 3 months that long after G.U.? alright did Haseo get far with Atoli?
And why is Haseo on a quest for Ovan? >_> I know Shino was G.U. first story and now it's Ovan sorry girls.

If it's not Schicksal or Fluegel it has to be someone new or 'testing' it before .hack//link.

That is my thoughts for now we won't know the whole story until we play the new story.

Ugh...just thinking about this I went from excited to anxious...