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SO2 スターオーシャン:アナムネシス 新キャラクター「ガブリエル」紹介動画 [JP]


SO2 Indalecio *cough* Gabriel has come

More SO2?  Who do you think is next?
Groom fate

SOA Fate [JP]


神翼のフェイト  oh boy

Luna account

He come on the 3rd roll.

he looks so 💙

got his GS weapon to but used some gems to buy some magical hammers from the pack so I did not have to roll for his GS weapon.

神翼のフェイト has no elements like フェイト so you have to use a gear that has elements or get a weapon that has elements on it.
that sucks.

but 神翼のフェイト is better then SRFフェイト for me 花婿フェイト is much better out of the 3 however with 神翼のフェイト he feels like...Luther I don't know if that a good thing or bad thing.

神翼のフェイト feels a bit darker in his personality don't fit フェイト at all...it was almost like a virus or a program フェイト got into changed him if this was right after Luther ending that would of made sense the solo ending for フェイト right after SO3.

Playing with 神翼のフェイト no new voice they just used the voices from 花婿フェイト and stuck it on him...wtf it don't fit! It is better than SRFフェイト voice I have to say.

now it more confusing win 花婿フェイト and 神翼のフェイト talk in battle along with フェイト own voice.

so far my 花婿フェイト do NOT like 神翼のフェイト 💭 it the first time I saw my 花婿フェイト get agitated around 神翼のフェイト in auto-battle 👀 how many times 花婿フェイト nearly tried to swing his sword at 神翼のフェイト and make 神翼のフェイト run into the wall...omg you two 👀

神翼のフェイト has a playful personality very...different.

now we get to the battle is 神翼のフェイト worth it? He has no Elemental powers unlike the other フェイト's we already have 神翼のフェイト is a attacker with a GS and he moves like Luther.
That means 神翼のフェイト is kind of defenseless without a Defender like 花婿フェイト the AI win you auto-battle with 神翼のフェイト in a boss fight don't do it unless you are the ONE who controls
神翼のフェイト or have a healer that AI is...bad between my フェイト and 花婿フェイト they was the only two alive thanks to the Health regeneration they both have.

Health regeneration or avoiding AOE is one thing win using 神翼のフェイト is a must no auto-battle in boss fights with 神翼のフェイト.

You want someone that moves more faster and don't move like Luther, 花婿フェイト is good I was always tempted to use 花婿フェイト as my main but never did thanks to フェイト calling me back to him 👀 💙 yes I am a フェイト user now if I'm going to keep 神翼のフェイト I need to start looking at GS weapons for him I do have some GS weapons beside 神翼のフェイト own GS weapon I got on my main account.

my alt had to roll few times to get 神翼のフェイト my new account *laughs in the dark* don't ask...

フェイト fans are a must if trying to get him.

JP guys over on JP side are upset they wanted more women but the thing they don't know is the girls they was pushing out did not sell this WAS the first time they put up a guy in very very long time.
fans wanted something else beside SO3 you can tell the way they talk about it on twitter, fans wanted nothing but women you can tell how they acted on twitter and youtube, fans who asked for フェイト ARE happy they never post on SOA twitter but I did find some who are very happy.

Over all as long as people are happy let them be happy so much negative energy.

since they are doing White day 👀 who do you think the next one will be?? Someone from SO2 SO4 SO5?

Fidel? Edge? Claude? Roddick? Shimada? 😆 Arumat? Albel? 👀 Crowe?

💭....??💭 wait...

"!" *dies*

they did not!...

no wonder 神翼のフェイト IS different...I was wondering why they they made 神翼のフェイト different...are they looking at Pokemon masters?? 👀

Steven has a playful serious down to eath personality his playful possessive side only comes out win he around the player.

神翼のフェイト rush reminded me of something from Pokemon masters out of all the champions they look at they look at Steven 'That why I like you so much' 

神翼のフェイト the way he acts

they did it makes sense now.

Pokemon masters crossover with SOA please 📢

now I see why 花婿フェイト don't get along with 神翼のフェイト it personality.

looks like they are looking at other phone games hmmm...💭

that's why 神翼のフェイト rush looks like going to a Pokemon battle

okay I got 神翼のフェイト if you like 神翼のフェイト get him he is different from the フェイト that you know in a good way.
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Pokemon masters Paulo who?


What do you think of Paulo?

Devs frogot about him we forgot about him


I watch some youtube video how he acts...omg he acting like a rejected BF of the MC...

Paulo is not going to be happy win he sees my MC being flirted with by Steven 😆😍

It would be like
"The first day we met I been waiting for you to say 'oh your amazing paulo!' 'I want to be your sync partner!'" Paulo
"Are you listing to me!?" Paulo
"Uh not really who are you again?" Hikaru
"What!?" Paulo
"If you asking I already have a sync partner oh Steven just set me a text I'll see you later" Hikaru says ignoring Paulo look
"What!?" Paulo ask as he *dies* from rejection and friend zone by the MC

I feel like it not that Paulo wants to beat the MC I feel like he wants to be noticed and loved by the MC who rejected him.

this rival between Paulo and MC was not done right at all the devs and the players forgot about Paulo at this rate I think Paulo might become evil.

And to try and get the MC to look at him right now Paulo is 🧂 he wants to be noticed by the MC that bad it's sad.

if you ask me I don't like Paulo he not anyone type sadly to say if Paulo was done right they might of ended like Red and Blue but since Paulo is not like that everyone forgot about him our MC is getting a new rival.

Paulo the rival that no one remembered I hope Paulo finds someone else to love that is not our MC.

Pokemon masters more rumors.


You heard about the leaks that are coming from JP side right?


We don't know if this is true or not.

N fans get ready N is coming.

More N and Hilbert time they need more time since N is Hilbert other half...

I think they noticed the fans that was talking about Steven and they thought 'We need to add N'

Now I do want to ship N and Hilbert,

Look like more girls are coming to if you want the girls better start saving or using money for them.

If N do come around I want to try and get him so I can have N and Hilbert on the same team.

Who are you happy to see if this leak is real or not?

the new story they added oh wow the evolution they did with Hilbert they are moving him away from the player it looks like 👀
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SOA Maintenance [JP]


【1/16 (木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:30頃まで、イベントの追加や不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイいただけません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。

[1/16 (Thursday) Maintenance notice ②] From 14:00 to 16:30 today, we will carry out maintenance work associated with adding events and fixing defects. You will not be able to play the game during maintenance. For more information, please check the in-game announcements and the official website.

SRFフェイト voice was not that good he sounds like edge but if you are a フェイト fan he might be one you want to pull for if his buffs make him good.

Good luck to the ones who are pulling for them I already have all フェイト may the RNG be with you.

I see on twitter people was worried about EP coming out they might need more time for it.

I did not pull for the new year girls that I skip along with that maria I was waiting for something to come more time to wait.
I think people are hyped way too hyped for the new EP that is coming out.
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SOA Tax? [JP]



【Important Announcements】
In accordance with the consumption tax increase of 2019/10/1 (Tue), we will revise the number of free gem stones granted at the time of the purchase.
Please see the notice for more information.
https://sqex.to/3TpO0 #アナムネシス

Tax Increase?

Question will gems go up in price?

Ah JP sales tax got it.

So overall you can buy less gems >_>

Less gems price will go up with more tax right?

This might be bad for new players who can't buy lots of gems.

Is this good or a bad move?

And is that the last time we get a gem sale? 🤔 We don't know.

This news was about the tax increase what do you think about it?

PDF on Japan's Consumption Tax in English.
Bridal and Groom

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』 情報紹介動画「NEWS コロ」#6


Incoming voting girls are coming.

The guys who voted for Celine and Myuria they are coming.
But yes Celine has a alt finally that's the good part.

Get ready for the girls who you voted for are coming in I did not vote for them but lot of guys did.
So good luck on pulling for them may Evelysse shine upon you with the RNG.

I'm not going to pull on them I did my RNG with Ioshua I'm good for now.

Celine and Myuria are coming get ready for both girls if you want them.

Let see the guys who voted for them will pull for them right?...I hope they do this is the girls they voted for.

Celine got a alt after all this time as for me we was this close to sky prince フェイト if they ever do another フェイト alt it has to be him 💙.

can't wait until the next vote they do.

SOA Maintenance


"【3/22(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベントの追加や不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"[3/22 (Thu) Maintenance notice ②] from 14:00 to 16:00, we will perform maintenance work to add new events and fix bugs. You will not be able to play the game during maintenance. Please check the game announcements and the official website for more information. #アナムネシス"


--From discord--

Maintenance on 3/22 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

-New Event
-All Weapon Gacha (Tickets included), Weapon Coin Shop, and Weapon Synthesis line up will get adjusted
※A portion of weapons will be taken of gacha and will be added in coin shop and synthesis
-Administered Gear's Energy Drain attack got sped up after the 3/15 maint and will get fixed after this
-People that used gems during Supremacy Jie Revorse will have them refunded

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

-Prehistoric Psynard Event
-Lucifer/Cyril Event
-Ruins of Trial Paralysis
-Original Dias Pick-Up Gacha
-Facula Dragon Box Gacha
-Both Chronovale Coin Shop

--End of discord--

New comic tackles uh...*cough* *hint*...some...for the fan girls.

So if you wanted original Dias you lost that chance I say go with Cherry Dias he way better and people like him I heard from discord they like him in MP room I don't know since I never play MP rooms but it just the rumor I heard.

If you like playing Dual Swords Cherry Maria pawns all of them even Snow Evelysse and outcast Crowe who is now outdated with Ashton poor Ashton.

So it would be Cherry Maria, Snow Evelysse, Halloween Clair, Crowe, and Ashton would be last if you use them.

For Dagger users hot right now is Cherry Dias I would get him but none of my accounts use Dagger users so I have no good dagger weapon.

The good defender right now is A2 from Nier Automata but mostly people like B2 for Wifu reasons alone but she is a good attacker right at this moment B2 also outcast Fidel awakening she that good however I use her on my alt account she not bad.

I say in OP wise A2 and B2 are way OP along with 9S who pawns them both yes 9S is that good he even heals after his rush so if you don't have a healer *cough* Rena...you might want to get 9S.

My alt don't have Rena so my alt is using 9S my main has Rena and Fina so my main is good for healers I wanted 9S for my main but it never happen and I given up the 9S chase on my main account...T_T

Fina also dose the same thing win she rushes she heals so 9S is almost way better upgrade from Fina with unique attacks and fast win you doge I have to say playing 9S on my alt was fun...playing B2 was alright she shows a lot of...er...the way the camera is like under her and...ugh now I see why guys want her, A2 is fun but slow on attacks but she is powerful with her weapon.

I like A2 a lot more then I would imagine and surprisingly Fayt on both accounts don't mind win I play as A2 I almost wished she had more...clothes.

I also tried a rented Cherry Maria and she is OP for Dual Sword user she fun but she has that...dominated feel to her...maybe it her personality but it Maria and renting a Cherry Maria always throws Fayt into a little protest I take Fayt don't like this version of Maria well Fayt is hard to put with a group.

I still remember what people was saying never put Fayt with other SO3 characters for buff reasons and other I don't know people from discord to facebook was saying that.

I tried in the past on both accounts Fayt never really pays attention to anyone from SO3 his own game Fayt can dislike other guys that why I said Fayt is a hard person to put on a team without him protesting it Fayt personality I think

There are a few guys Fayt do like like Faize, 9S very lukewarm toward 9S, Leon he somewhat like and somewhat dislikes, Fed Edge and Winter sky Fidel that Fayt likes.

Girls...is another story any girl from SO3 Fayt is somewhat lukewarm toward them I know for a fact Fayt dislikes dominated women like Rena I see why Fayt don't like Cherry Maria she has that dominated air about her maybe it just me but that how I feel win I rent her.

I had a theory long time ago if whoever you chosen to be your leader and you're character is with that effects the RNG that you get win you summon.

I'm not sure if that true or not I thought it did I know for a fact every time I want a guy character like 9S it hard to get them and I end up getting girls who I'll never use my alt was lucky to get 9S I never got him on my main account.

And I know win the wedding event comes up I'm going to be very very anxious it depends if I get Wedding Fayt and Wedding Reimi

I want both Wedding Fayt and Wedding Reimi my main would have team Reimi for the win.

But I'm thinking Wedding Reimi story will be a bit forced since we never had any time with her beside the Summer event we had lots of time with Fayt so...it going to be nuts.

I'm thinking in Wedding Reimi event it will have Edge since Reimi likes Edge if you forgotten...I have (silently ships Edge with Faize) yeah I forgotten about that.

Fayt story will have Sophia no doubt she will do something to stop it and salty Sophia will arrive if she was bad as she was in the school event Sophia was upset in the school event it showed she wanted to walk with Fayt like 'couples' do and Fayt wanted to fight Albel.

Oddly enough in SO3 Sophia was never that pushy but oh wow in SOA she is very very pushy that she loves Fayt and she want him Now she makes it clear she is ready for something else however Fayt in SOA don't really respond to her like that and they keep putting him with Roddick to set up Winter sky Fidel with Miki or Fayt is with Faize so...

And that what twitter EdgeXFaize fans dislike that Faize was spending too much time with Fayt in the VR room...doing what...we don't know...

Fayt had more time with Faize and our character so far then he did with any girl to date except that one event with Chisato that she said Fayt had a love triangle with Maria and Sophia who Fayt really denied it and that made Sophia get upset and leave.

It was more like Chisato said the love triangle Maria left without warning beside getting upset and Fayt denied it and Sophia was crushed and left upset.

The war between Maria and Sophia fans are still going maybe that was a hint that Fayt never chosen any of them in SO3??

For some strange reason with Fayt wedding event I hope Faize shows up with Roddick since Fayt has been spending a lot of time with them.

I know for a fact in Maria Wedding event that I did do Fayt was never around and she look like she let him go and wanted to be 'serious' with our character even Wedding Rena that I did event with she was like that also she wanted to be 'serious'...

I'm going to say all the Wedding characters are going to be our character 'fantasies'
Wedding Maria was all done in VR The VR...crashed before she kissed our...
Wedding Rena was done in a (I forgot)
Wedding Nel was done in a cup of tea??...or was it coffee it was a dream
Wedding Evelysse I never did so I don't know and I know she loves our character *dies*

And that's why Fayt dislikes Cherry Maria they are both dominated elements right? Oddly enough Fayt don't mind Cherry Dias but not Defender Dias.

I can't wait to see Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt events

And if they do more Wedding characters Albel and Clair was in second just a reminder.

I feel like Wedding Nel event that was aim not at us but rather for that guy who loves Nel who working on SOA this game remember there is a guy who loves Nel that working on this game now.

He the one who keeps pushing the girl events out it no secret that he likes girls and I think he might be the one who chosen the art winners for new characters that we just had was mostly girls...

Oh my I'm talking again about random stuff...Sorry.

So if you are holding onto weapon tickets after this update wait and see if you want to use them or not I wished I never spent that 3 tickets I had T_T weapons gacha is being updated.

So get ready for this update.

SOA story?...


New story is out

For this story it will become 'clear'. Spoilers ahead

It did become clear alright omg...poor captain so we know that something will happen right?

And we guessed why we never had a character avatar our captain we don't know what he/she looks like right?

something did happen that was too dramatic I want to say spoiler so bad.

So we find out that Koro did survive I thought he died...Koro T_T

we was warned so many times to tell them if something was wrong win using the 'summons' right?

something did happen O_o omg from what I can tell we used the summons so much we...become a summon.

Ivilish was not happy she cried real tears win she had to 'summon' us...or recall us back to her.

So the way this story is going and why we don't have a avatar is that we become a summon...
From what I can tell by the story O_o and I'm thinking all the hints was in the Opening of the game

Ivilish is alone right? why did it look like she was crying??...it's at the very end!

So if our character is not real now...and this opening is leading to that...I'm starting to believe all the hints of what to come are in the opening of this anime to this game...something is going to happen to 'us' the character and thus the 'summons' might become real...that a theory for now.

The next two new story might lead to the 'end' the final that my feeling...

Now I did this story on my alt and omg...it was easy compared to the other stories however if someone can fully translate this it would be good this from my guess and my broken Japanese.

And Ivilish was that close to saying her emotions she didn't so...I don't know where this is going?
And it was hinted through the game Ivilish did like or love our character but it looks like our captain chosen the 'summons' over her I got the feeling that the type of guy he/she is.

And it feels like whoever we got in party our captain is closely bonded to and it would make sense since our captain don't have a real outside life outside spending time with his/her summons er...party members.

And yes they are still calling the summons our party members AI in this game so...this whole story is omg...

(I think Koro also says in this story that the AI are moving on there own? If I'm not mistaken correct me on this one please)

Seeing this story makes me want to do a story now hahaha...er...*cough*...

But this all from my experiences someone who knows fully Japanese might see it differently.

And what ending do you think this game is going to have now? I'm thinking all the hints for this story is in the opening or I can be wrong that won't surprise me.

Out of all of this I wanted to know what our character looked like if we ourselves turn AI isn't that the opposing what SO3 is all about??...er...I'm confused.

But yes the story is out see for yourself and how you feel about it.

---New story--
【シナリオ新章解放】 惑星ヴィレで出会った3人の協力により、基地に辿り着いた一行は、ベルダ(CV:井澤詩織)という少女に出逢い、物語の真実に迫ります… 7/20(木)のメンテナンス終了後より、新たな冒険の舞台「ランビュランス宇宙基地」公開です(`◎Д◎´)ノ

This map is very easy you can even use Fidel but the meat of the story is here this new story is what we are talking about right now if someone can translate it for me that will be good I can make out words but it might not be right...
----End of post---

Now of all this is based on my theories I can be wrong...hopefully or else this is another...

Star Ocean story plot twister...*cough*...Star Ocean 3....

Wait...hold on what dose this mean for shipping wars?...anyone in party??....
>_< so we can rule out Ivilish for now not unless in the next story she dose something stupid...
Ivilish is a girl and she did like our character keep that in mind...O_o

If this madness is true...Star Ocean 3 Azazer lines "You're just data" has so much meaning now...
If they are going that way with SOA...that to SO3 right?...O_o the whole data in reality thing...
all the timelines connect and SO3 is still end game for now...so SOA is...ugh this is...

SOA who is best Waifu?


The wars of Waifu is coming soon so I decided the fan girl inside me said.




Are best Waifu's for Luna O_o

And my alt Zero is stuck with Fayt and maybe Albel with no healer T_T

I end up putting that cat gloves I got on Luna's account my main on Rena she's cute with it I knocked Edge out of party and

I'm working on Albel.

So my part for my main is going to be Fayt, Albel and Rena but for boss battles I'm going to control Rena since she's 1LB yet I might work on her a little also.

I got that level 5 wind sword the on Fayt, Albel has that 5 sword I think it might be Dias weapon on him and Rena cat gloves.

On my alt I got Fayt with the The Holy Sword Farwell that don't do much for him but for flat out damage it helps a lot
my alt Fayt is at LB7 now I think or was it LB8 either one I just finished working on him so he's getting up there on my alt I'm using
Fayt, Albel and Dais if I must if not I knock out Dias and put someone else there.

So after putting Rena out of party the first thing she do is protest and Fayt ignores her that's going to be cute that after I got Albel up another LB level I had to remove Dias from party since Fayt at 10LB was really trying to get Dias out of there it was sad yet cute
that's on my main account.

In the end Edge was starting to act that way toward Fayt so that's why Edge is no longer in the party for now I'm thinking Edge was starting to get jealous over this...maybe if I didn't have Fayt I have to say Edge would be leader he has good stats and is powerful.
(And yes I did go fan girl win Edge reaches out to us in his window preview Edge has to the most flirty out of the guys toward us)

So my theory is everyone every summon we have might have Romantic feelings for our character O_o that just a theory for now.

And it just happens we might get a wedding event so what dose that say??

Wedding Maria and wedding Nel who are they trying to marry? My guess they are going to do a SO3 event with the guys trying to leave hints or it has to do with our character that my guess.

But that just my thoughts for now.