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SOA What I got [JP]


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Don't this look like...this?? 歌星フェイト did leave rena alone win you two went to become idols?

Genshin impact?? If you look at 歌星フェイト outfit his cape looks like
This?? It might be a hint?? If you saw the stars in 歌星フェイト background is that hinted at astrology?

All this CAN be nothing it just a theory for now it just something I notice win looking at 歌星フェイト and seeing his rush it just reminded me of 歌星フェイト coming from another 'game' or 'area' or something and using his powers to do so.

Genshin impact on the survey???

May the RNG be with you win you pull for them.
Groom fate

SOA フェイト! [JP]




【新キャラクター登場!】 明日3/12(木)メンテ後より、新キャラクター『神翼のフェイト』が登場! イラストはPOKImariさんにお願いしました!明日の登場をお楽しみに!!
[New character appearance! ] 】 From after 3/12 (Thursday) maintenance tomorrow, new character [Fate of the god wings] appeared! Illustration asked POKImari!! Please look forward to the appearance of tomorrow! !

Alt フェイト is coming!

hmm??...don't his outfit look like Luther outfit?? *gasp* Fate taken Luther job!...💭 Fate become a god somehow...💭 do that mean we can finally have Luther?? 💭
Fate is now a god class?

----Face book---
—— New Character : Divine Wings Fayt ——
Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Greatsword

  • Beneficial against Divine race enemies

  • Support buffs for all allies


  • Cave of the Seven Stars Adjustments


  • Step Up Gacha (for Divine Wings Fayt)

    • Guaranteed Divine Wings Fayt on Step 10


  • New Weapon Gacha (for Divine Wings Fayt)


  • 2 White Day Pickup Gachas

    • Male characters

    • 10-pulls grant 「White Day Cookie」 for Affection


  • Character Awakening: Chisato

---End of facebook---

神翼のフェイト is a GS user I hope you have GS ready for him. and stones and gems.

White day...they did it!

Are you ready for 神翼のフェイト I am! now you almost drawn me away from Pokemon masters.

he looks way better than SRFフェイト omg my two main accounts are rolling for him my new account maybe.

Anime guy blue

Pokemon masters more talk


You can get more talk from Steven O_O

this is of my feelings and my emotions thank you.
Note-  they just added more dialogue what he says has nothing to do with the story...>_<; oh man I got all hyped over this.
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Okay in order for Stevne to talk this way to your own MC you have set Steven as your favorite and sync battle on your profile. like making Steven your favorite sync battle partner and making Steven your favorite without anyone else but him as marked.

Win Steven moves back to the top that desk where he just says that one dialogue and he is not where he is showen in the pic you ignore him do one battle until you drag him down away from the desk and start talking to him that win the new dialogue should come up. if Steven is at the desk do not talk to him ignore him and that will pull him back down and then you can get new dialogue or more info from him. you only do this if you marked Steven as your favorite that will pull him into the pokemom center win you can talk to him all the time. and only he is marked as your favorite and no one else.

if this works on Steven I think it works on other people or other champions if you want you can redo the whole story from the very start and get new dialogue from the people you mark as your favorite and who you like did you even know this!? I did not I just found out today omg...I wish I did this win I first got Steven.

No more Hilbert as sync partner favorite sorry my MC wants to talk to Steven and get new dialogue from him.

Ta-da you are now dating the mineral champion.  With more events coming Steven should say more dialogue if you do this or if you like anyone else from other champions to girls this might work so if you have this girl or champion you like you can do this to get them to talk to your MC.

This must be
Flavor text they put in the game without anyone seeing it you have to find out what they put in this game this makes me want to redo the whole story again
just to see what Steven says from the very start but if you have so many girls mark as favorite this might not work I have not tested it and I don't think I will I don't want to mess this up with Steven.

I might redo the story and find out what he says in the very start and maybe if you're a Red fan you can do this if you have Red and you love him so much I don't know what Red would say beside ".........." or any other girls would say if you do this with them try it out and see for yourself this might make you redo the whole story again.

the bug I did run into was not nice it told me my game crashed win I was buying gems and I was not too happy it did to me 2 times I sent in a bug report.
You might want to look out for that.

This a little pic of what is going on in Pokemon masters and what is Steven saying to our MC and what you can do to make the favorite person or champion to talk to you.

Side note I did change to EN voice I was going to change back to JP voices but...Steven said

the first top line in EN voices he said it I was O_O I'm keeping his EN voices it win I open the game and that what he said to me. the two time my game crashed this is what he said so I'm keeping the EN voices as much as I loved his JP voice this is what he said in his EN voice. You might want to change back to EN voices if they added more dialogue for them to say to you win you open the game.

I change to EN I thought Red would have a EN voice so that why I switch but I'm happy I did change to EN voices I get to hear Steven say in his EN voice dialogue win you open the game.

I don't know what he says in the JP side of the game I'm only playing NA/EN side of this game so I don't know if this only for NA side or not (theory)
Anime guy blue

SOA heart level is [JP]


With the power of 💗💗💗💗 hearts.
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who are you going to go in Affection System? and Who will you pair them with?

good luck on choosing who going to be with who and you.

SOA 3D update that we need. [JP]


With Twin Eclipse out it come with some updates that are needed for the game like the 3D update.

However I did noticed win using 3D on Fayt and Groom Fayt they did this...

it makes me wonder if guys always touch there lips somehow O_O uh...who are they going to kiss?...

Do you really want to know if you use them as your favorite? alright I just answered my own question.

The touching lips has to be a thing among the guys now.

"I also have experience of drifting the universe by myself. I was very sad and uneasy"

That was my broken translation of what Fayt is saying and Fayt has one more new line they added to his old ones.

That is

"Eh? oh, is there anything I can do for you? I am happy that you can rely on me"

"The flower language of this blue rose is "love in all worlds". That's a good word."
(Not a good pic of groom fayt sorry)

touching the lips we will never know.

Groom fayt is into flower language O_o looks like groom fayt is very different from fayt.

"The flower language of this blue rose is a nice word "love in all worlds" is not it.
Hmm Groom fayt also says this line looks like groom fayt is teasing now.

So groom fayt talks about blue roses and flower language and fayt looks at him like he's crazy version of him...no wonder they can't get along...JK.

keep that in mind blue roses are special to groom fayt love in all worlds...or not or is it?

My Japanese is somewhat but this is a rough translation I would wait for win they do the real translations for this and Koro has more lines and Koro has lines for the person who you put on your favorite.

Rena on 3D is cute and Reimi on 3D is also cute did I try any other girl? No and I did try there alts also.

I was so hyped for Groom Fayt and now seeing this and somewhat reading the lines of Fayt I think I like fayt more over groom fayt...O_o yes it's a shocker.

And using auto-battle Fayt don't really like groom Fayt at all and I'm getting the
'highlander there can be only one' vibe from Fayt and Groom Fayt.

And it also feels like Fayt has become waifu and Groom Fayt has become husbando.
oddly enough I thought they was trying to make fayt the none waifu element and I think they pushed him back into being girly again I know from some events fayt has a bit of a anger issue and fayt don't really like to respond to girls that much like they thrown at him in SOAXFes event that video they taken down.

however groom fayt personality is 100% pure husbando yes groom fayt personality is a bit different from fayt personality and no groom fayt is not girly at all in his 3D viewer if you use him as your favorite.

And using the Rush Assists that is fun however putting fayt and groom fayt together they somewhat like it they don't like it there lukewarm about it thank you auto-battle for letting me see that.

Another use I'm seeing on twitter is using the Rush Assists to make your favorite couples oh boy that is getting spammed on twitter alright time for shipping wars alright, And also using the whole 3D favorite and touching them you are touching your now favorite Waifu and Husbando people was posting that also.

I know the whole 3D favorite is a hit among guys now I think they swimsuit girls will get some use.

I did a test and removed groom fayt from my party to see if that changed fayt personality and it did a bit...fayt wasn't acting agitated or 'pissed off' fayt was normal but once I put groom fayt back in party it all come back both fayt and groom fayt start acting up on auto-battle again there is some conflict between them.

I only seen the Rush Assist work two times between fayt and groom fayt I put rena on prince claude hoping that would work nope...not even claude or dias.

And this is my update on the whole 3D Favorite viewer I switch between that and the normal one it depends on how I feel.

And no A2 for 3D favorite that's a bit disappointing.

SOA what did I get??


I did some RNG draws for the GS alone O_o yes I did roll and I did spend my hard working Yen in this game.

My results are

GS for Zero account

A2 has a good weapon for my alt account

my alt did spend gems T_T

Now for my main account

This time I had to spend some gems it wasn't lucky as my alt was...T_T

However A2 has approved of this this weapon is good for A2 or Alt Albel if you are using them

My boss setup for boss fights this is my setup for now sometimes I change A2 out for defender Dias sometimes but A2 is my tank she is good with this newly GS and I have Rena for heals as usual

I did not post during the Maid event since I did not roll for Maid Clair and Maid Nel I have to say Maid Clair was temptation itself

So I got my gems back up on my main account yes I did spend money I'm saving for
Wedding Fayt and Wedding Reimi please come to my main account and maybe my alt...

So good luck if your rolling for the newly GS I did get the Rifle I'm not using it unless they give me someone I'm going to use it maybe Wedding Reimi? *cough*

May the RNG be with you its all up to luck and what not

I am still playing this game on my Tablet and Phone so I will support this game.

But it's all up to your RNG for this game if your rolling for this new GS it's very good.

I'll never have Alt Albel So I'm going to focus on A2 on both accounts for my GS user.


Fayt and Alt Albel lives so this is the first hint between the two in such a long time it did make twitter alright there was no talk between Fayt or Albel since SOA dose this mean Albel will appear in Fayt Wedding Event? Beside the salty Sophia? They might since it obviously hinted in SO3 Fayt had a 'thing' for Albel somewhat, this just felt like a light teaser to the fan base that they know that people do ship AlbelXFayt or FaytXAlbel this second time we see Fayt with Albel in SOA the First time was the school event where Fayt wanted to see Albel not Sophia but Albel was taking a nap in that event and didn't get to see Fayt at all Fayt ended up fighting some random guys and getting upset that Albel didn't show or talk to him.

Fun fact people on twitter like calling Albel pudding Albel for what reason we don't know maybe it a hint to his hair?

And you thought the war between Maria and Sophia fans was bad lol

Take a look at the triangle that is Fayt, Albel and Cliff that is another war.

SOA event story with--and talk.


I did find....

Alt Albel and Cliff...it works O_O must put...them...

I knew putting that Alt Albel with Cliff works >_< Here comes the fan wars

Now let me go over the event story with Alt Albel and Opera

This surprised me Opera who has no idea who Ashton was this was before she join SO2 group

This also surprised me Sophia and Alt Albel in the same party not fighting over Fayt O_o

Yes Sophia is in this event it almost like she preventing us from talking to Alt Albel

Was...she looking at Alt Albel since he's in pants now??

Sophia and Alt Albel have time to talk to one another shockingly they agree on stuff...

Fiore and Ashton join us in this event also it starts off with Alt Albel talking to Ashton wait wasn't Albel talking to Ashton before like this?? I don't know if that a hint or not...

Sophia joins us in order of helping Fiore again? (I think that what is was) she goes between Fiore and talking to Alt Albel a lot in this event and we use Alt Albel memories witch Sophia tells us about (shockingly) she knows more about Alt Albel then we do...and we go to the past where we see Opera who Ashton recognized but she says she don't know him...

That where Opera notes that we can fight and she asks us to protect her but Alt Albel makes a challenge and it ends up being a drinking challenge and Ashton, Alt Albel, Fiore all pass out from all that alcohol we end up being her bodyguard like SO2 story with Opera she chasing Ernest.

It pretty much ends the same way except we fight a boss from SO5 not SO2.

The ending is we get warp out and Opera is shocked that we transported out she notes that we was suspicious enough and she leaves alone.

This whole event felt like...it was more aimed at Alt Albel and Sophia nothing else.

Much like the Cherry Dias and Cherry Maria hints this event had small hints nothing big.

It feels like Sophia spends time with Alt Albel more now they are talking like friends or maybe something more it hinted but not that big of a hint

I think what they are doing is pushing this so the Wedding event with Reimi and Fayt will go uninterrupted or we are going to see salty Sophia.

But no Alt Albel nor Sophia mention Fayt at all so if that a hint that has to be one.

Alt Albel talks to our character once and act like 'I don't care' witch makes Sophia talk to alt Albel more so this felt more like Alt Albel and Sophia event strangely enough Albel and Sophia in SO3 never do talk to one another like this but they do now and here.

To me I'm getting a major Alt AlbelXSophia vibe from this a part of me wants to ship them another part of me wants to ship Alt Albel with Cliff.

And also Meracle is in this event she says that we 'smell good' O_o uh...she voted us as leader confusing the group that win Alt Albel ask if we are that powerful? Fiore and Sophia try to explain our power to Alt Albel who get frustrated about it and just tells us to lead the group

(They try to explain how our character is fused with other party group and our powers witch don't go over smoothly with Alt Albel that talk leads to more Alt Albel and Sophia talk)

And no Meracle don't drink in this event but the others do and no Sophia don't drink either not in this event.

But yes Alcohol was in this event and no our character did not drink either...T_T

This event is going on and if you want to see if play this event and see for yourself.

This whole event started off with Alt Albel and Ashton and (sexy Alt Albel) in pants :P
And ended like Sophia is the one who gets to talk to Alt Albel a lot it like she moved that quick stopping anything between our character and alt Albel.

And what's the deal with Albel and Ashton? If that not hint I don't know what is.

To me it looks like whatever Albel and Fayt had in SO3 is gone completely I think as I said before Fayt had a crush on Albel but moving into SOA we see them with different guys...*cough*

Fayt spend his time win VR room with Faize or doing something like setting up Fidel with Miki with Roddick it was also hinted in the Cherry event that Fayt like to eat....O_O and him and Roddick was talking about food and how Cherry Dias and Cheery Maria looked good together

Another strange thing is our character likes to sleep and eat >_< the jokes about bananas is one of them there was a few hints in the main story and off the story that our character likes food and water

I don't know win Fayt habit of eating started it could of been win he was with our character with all the events going on or it could of been all the time he was with Roddick

So Fayt spends time in the VR room with Faize, Roddick or our character.

And it looks like Albel spends time with Ashton and Sophia now??

And it looks like they are letting Maria do her own thing like win she wanted to be leader with Dias.

As long as Fayt don't turn into Allen Walker from D.Gray-man about food I'll be alright with it

Them making a new personalities for the main cast of Star Ocean 3 I'm talking some time to adjust to it seeing Alt Albel and Sophia get friendly like that surprised me

But yes this whole new event with alt Albel was more like him and Sophia event

One of the things I did noticed is they did change Albel and Fayt personality a bit

Fayt in SOA likes VR, hanging out with Faize, romance like setting Fidel with Miki with Roddick, Hanging out with Roddick and hanging out with our character and food.

Albel is now opening up to Ashton and Sophia doing what we only saw bits of that.

So far Albel and Sophia have no contact with our character but Fayt has contact with our character we did have lots of events with Fayt.

We had some events with Sophia but she never talks to us like she talks with Alt Albel or someone else we can ask her about 'Fayt' about something and she goes 'what Fayt?' that was one her responds in that young school girl Sophia event.

So it hinted that Sophia has no inserted in our character in this event with Alt Albel it more like she wants Alt Albel to talk to her and no one else that how it felt.

Putting Alt Albel for the fans in this event and putting him with Sophia was that a good idea?
Albel fans might be ranging about this and Albel fans are salty since Albel is not with Cliff or Fayt in this event but with Sophia.

But this talk was on my mind thinking about and playing it 2 times with my 2 accounts and reading the lines (with my broken Japanese) and making sense about this event.

And thinking about the Cherry event and how they acted it make sense now maybe...

Now I'm really looking forward to the Wedding Event with Reimi and Fayt

Remember Reimi has not spend any time with our character that is going to be inserting how they are going to put that up and I got a feeling Edge might show up for that one.

Fayt event we did have lots of events with Fayt and our character more then we did with Reimi that says a lot so I'm expecting Roddick or Faize or Sophia to show up in Fayt event and maybe a salty Sophia we don't know yet.

But since Sophia had this time with Alt Albel seeing her in Fayt event is going to be majorly awkward if you ask me.

But I hope you have good luck on getting Opera who is OP and Alt Albel who is good and if you don't have A2 get Alt Albel good luck on your RNG.

Remember this all my ideas and my experiences people can have different ideas about all of this.

Play the new event and see for yourself how you feel about it.

Update- Did the side story Alt Albel and cats beside the bar people that wanted to talk to him he goes out side to encounter cats and he sees this one with emerald eyes that is different he tries to get close to it and it turns out it's Meracle she transforms into a cat and normal and runs off Alt Albel goes chasing her and runs into Ashton they both fall to the ground and Ashton asks what's wrong and alt Albel says 'never mind' and has a gray emote over his head.

Opera story part 2 is about her talking to Sophia and Fiore about why she did that she looking for Ernest and she did it for love and now Sophia is surprised and then she starts talking about Fayt
(here we go) now she talks about Fayt we might see her in the Wedding Event after all.

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No I did not take a pic of Opera story it was the same as SO2 version with Fiore and Sophia and Sophia talks about Fayt and how she might be inspired by Opera determination about her love for Ernest if you don't know Sophia wants to be more then friends with Fayt however that never happens it never hinted in Sophia and Fayt ending at all and Fayt just always brushes her off somehow.

The only other time Sophia was thinking about her and 'Fayt' was in the school event where she wanted them to 'walk together' like couples do and she gets upset throws a fit win she realized Fayt wanted to talk to Albel not walk with her and Albel was taking a nap in this event and Fayt get frustrated that Albel didn't want to talk or fight him and Fayt ends up fighting random guys in the end.

Sorry about the pics it off my phone and yes I'm still playing this game.

So if you can get into this event and see for yourself do so.

Wait...why did Sophia stop our character from talking to Alt Albel if she was going to start talking about Fayt in the Opera part 2 event??

>>Sees Alt Albel leave with Ashton grumbling about Meracle

Yup we will never have any connections with Albel or his Alt sadly to say.

SOA Sakura event and what I got.


"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 3/15(木)メンテ終了後より新イベント「桜の星で芽生えた絆」がスタート! 併せて「桜雲のディアス」「桜花のマリア」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は3/29(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス"

"[Pickup gotcha held!] 3/15 (Thu) After the end of maintenance, the new event "the bond that sprouted with the star of cherry Blossoms" starts! In conjunction with [Diaz of Cherry Blossom] [Maria of cherry Blossoms] pick-up gotcha appeared probability is up! The pickup period is 3/29 (Thu) Maintenance!"


I'm tempted to get them I do want Cherry blossom Maria but I heard Blue Cloud Dias is very good.

--From discord--

Character: Cherry Blossom Maria Traydor
Availability: Gacha Limited 3/15/2018 - 4/5/2018
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dual Sword
Talent: Cherry Blossom Riot - Nullify Critical Damage taken while Charge Assaulting (All Attackers) / ATK Damage +40% while Charge Assaulting (All Attackers)
Adaptable - ATK +15%/+30% when Hit Count is over 100/200 (Self)
Moral Beauty - AP Consumption -40% (Self)
Hunt Leader - ATK +20% (Self) / HP +10% (Self)
Rush Combo: Radiation Bots - AP Consumption -50% (Self 20 seconds) / Recover 10% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 5,000% Max Hit Count: 20
Skills: Sinistral Edge (Cherry Blossom) 14 AP - Power: ATK x 190% Max Hit Count: 2
Dextral Zapper (Cherry Blossom) 31 AP - Power: ATK x 460% Max Hit Count: 2
Northern Cross (Cherry Blossom) 30 AP - Power: ATK x 440% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Dual Sword Arts 37 AP - Power: ATK x 710% Max Hit Count: 6
LB 10 Level 70 Status:
HP: 17,210
ATK: 3,433
INT: 1,549
DEF: 1,811
HIT: 1,148
GRD: 826

Character: Cherry Cloud Dias Flac
Availability: Gacha Limited 3/15/2018 - 4/5/2018
Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dagger
Talent: Armory Contest Winner - Will not flinch to damage under 15% Max HP (All Allies) / Agro Rate +2 (Self)
Cultivated Victories - Damage +40% when under agro (All Allies) / ATK & INT Damage taken -20% when under agro (All Allies)
Momento Ring - Damage +50% when not under agro (All Allies) / Critical Rate +20% when not under agro (All Allies)
Changing Heart - ATK +15% (Self) / DEF +15% (Self) / HP +30% (Self)
Rush Combo: Phoenix Blast - Single Target Damage +30% (All Allies 20 seconds) / AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Fire
Skills: Lightning Chain (Cherry Blossom) 16 AP - Power: ATK x 160% Max Hit Count: 9 Element: Thunder
Flying Guillotine (Cherry Blossom) 19 AP - Power: ATK x 310% Max Hit Count: 4
Dancing Sword (Cherry Blossom) 40 AP - Power: ATK x 1,300% Max Hit Count: 7
Phoenix Drive 20 AP - Power: ATK x 490% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Fire
LB 10 Level 70 Status:
HP: 18,564
ATK: 2,854
INT: 1,523
DEF: 2,099
HIT: 1,239
GRD: 910

---End of discord--

I head This version of Dias is very very good and he knocks out defender Dias

If you love Dias and want to support him get this version of him people like this version of Dias now if you have a awaken Dias well you might as well stick to him since you got him awaken I myself was working on him on both accounts my defender Dias but I stop since I got A2.

"I want to see No. 6 after a long time"

Word is SOA is now ranked 6 woo they are doing good in sales $$

So Cherry Maria and Cherry Dias brought them in beside the Neir characters I want to give up the 9S chase on my main account...T_T he keeps avoiding me


Collapse )

So that is what is going on my alt as 9S do I use him I was for a bit until he collided with alt Fayt and well switching between Fed Edge and 9S on my alt account playing with auto battle you see there emotions and yes alt Fayt is lukewarm to 9S sometimes they get alone sometimes they don't

my main account main Fayt said no to me getting 9S and getting another of his weapon felt like he saying 'Focus' on me or my weapon or something I don't know so my main account stop chasing 9S I still got B2 event weapon for my main for healing I'm going to keep that sword

Oddly enough win play as A2 on my alt or my main account both Fayt on both accounts do not protest in fact I think they like it too much...put any other girl that I'm not playing as in the party they ignore them or protest so....yeah.

Well Fayt is into the whole VR world thing and A2 is an Android it don't surprised me at all I just got a feeling Fayt is attracted to anything internet related or VR related wise and I noticed Rena acts a bit jelly win A2 is in party win I play as her...hmmmm well females in this game I noticed if you play on auto battle you can see who they like and dislike anyway Rena is another possessive type of girl but so is Fayt he acts very possessive on auto battle and other guys it depends and who he can get alone with so far I can tell Fayt get along with Faize who been in many events with him *hint* *hint* and Fed Edge and Winter sky Fidel other guys who Fayt is with Fayt will collide with them that why I only use Rain or Dias on boss battle.

That why I was so surprised win Fayt did not protest win A2 was around or win I'm playing as her...I think Fayt might of like it too much that the feeling I got

A2 on my main account is maxed LB out and I have her GS now I use her in boss fights but that time I've taken her out and replaced her with Rain I switch them around A2, Rain and Dias sometimes my alt don't have a high A2 yet lack of LB stones.

This Cherry blossom event hinted a lot of Maria and Dias hints move over Albel you can't fight or flirt with Dias he's with Maria but that little ending with Chisato trying to find out what Dias is up to ruined the whole Maria and Dias moment...

And I was more surprised Faize was not with Fayt the last events they been together you know...and I have to say the whole Fayt and Roddick moment them teasing Dias like that they are hooked on watching romance I swear it might be a hint how romantic Fayt and Roddick really are but the guys did almost ruined that and mostly Albel upset emotions and yes Albel had the last words in that mini event.

>>Remember win Roddick and Fayt tricked Winter sky Fidel into a romance with Miki and Winter sky Fidel was so dense in that event

Yeah they are into romance alright no wonder Faize is not with them

And don't forget about June wedding event with Reimi and Fayt hello we get to see how much Fayt is romantic then must save gems must save gems...

Poor Albel he acted so upset and jelly that Dias was with Maria in this event and he did get the last words I think Albel might of wanted Dias attention I know that last event they was in they did fight a lot or maybe Albel wants Dias to fight him

Oddly enough Fayt and Albel are not talking to one another ever since that high school event in April we had it was Fayt who was obsessed on talking to Albel who was ignoring him and what happen was Fayt ended up in a lot of battles and getting frustrated that Albel didn't show up and that was the last contact Fayt had with Albel in the SOA story in the school event Fayt even brushed off Sophia for Albel she wasn't happy at all and she helped that guy off the battle area

After that Fayt has been stuck with Faize or doing something tricky with Roddick like setting Winter sky Fidel up with Miki them both alone since Wedding Event is coming up I was expecting more contact with our character and Fayt since he was chosen like getting closer to our character a bit somehow and I was expecting more Reimi like that also since Reimi was chosen also I will say this our character had more time with Fayt then we did with Reimi *hint*

However that event Dais and Albel had was all fighting and fighting at one point I thought...hey Albel ditched Fayt for Dias...until this cherry blossom event showed up with Dias and Maria *hints* all the way that is until Chisato showed up to ruined that dream even Roddick and Fayt was getting all 'drooling' over Dias and Maria getting together but Albel and Cyuss said otherwise thank you guys...>_<

And win Chisato showed up with Ilia I was like there goes that event.

But the Cherry blossom event was fun try it out and see for yourself.

This is all done from my experience everyone can have different experience play the game and see for yourself and if you like play the game on auto and see who like who.

SOA What did I get yes...I did.


I did I wasn't going to after I spent that much money on voting >_>

Collapse )

So that my RNG for both accounts I still want Leon for my main but yes both accounts are not using Faize so we don't have Faize in party.

After getting them and this RNG luck my luck has been gone so I'm not expecting anything and I'm not drawing on the new gacha.

I know some guys in discord wanted Freya bad and playing as her is fun she really fast at casting I think she has no casting time she that good playing as her no negative from party but I think Fayt did pout a bit win I switched back and forth.

So good luck if your going to roll for the RNG.

I think facebook people was trying to get rid of there accounts so they can re-roll for Freya now here the inserting thing I was looking at Yahoo Japan and people was selling there accounts O_O it surprised me they was also doing high gems on account and selling the account like that.

Why I was looking at Yahoo Japan I was trying to buy something and it cost me a lot...of....I'll post more about it win I get it but I did get something that's all I'm going to say and no it is not Doujinshi sorry.

In fact I never got any new Doujinshi in a long long time.

And yes the new update is going to be out tonight or soon.

VP round 2 fight...ugh can this be over with now??...

I Hope this cures the people who wanted this crossover and I heard there is a VP 3 coming up...noooo.

People on discord was talking about it...so one month and a half of VP?

After this no more VP please this made me not spend any money in this game in gem wise this time around so I do got some money I might go look into some Doujinshi...hmm.

I don't know if they are getting money or not but I have not spent money since this VP started and all the gems I was using was on my account.

Oh the only other money I was spending on was...Final Fantasy Mobius...I'm guilty there I was playing that waiting for my accounts to recharge I also got some PS4 games I have to play now beside .Hack//G.U. I'm struggling playing that...to be honest I'm on Vol.2 and the story is getting to me...

I have not did any stories in a long time never got any time to do them and nothing spark my writing yet so my creative emotions are not running right now but win they do...we will see.

Did we ever find out who won the wedding voting?

It's either Albel or Fayt for the guys and Reimi or Clair for the girls that my guess.

But good luck on your RNG draw hopefully you will get what you want.

I'm going to skip this Gacha and save for the next one after VP part 3 win we do have it (rumors) for now.

This update is VP crossover part 2 for the people who cried on youtube and twitter they got VP the last time we had a crossover they was pissed it wasn't VP but if the rumors are true part 3 of VP that would be one month and half so January and half of February we might get stop just for Valentines day maybe.

And I ask you is that enough of VP now I myself think this part 2 is enough for part 3 to come I'm going to be very very very bored and disappointed.

So far out of the VP girls Freya is the one you want to get her cast is that good.

People on discord guessed the chances of us getting Lezard is not good since he is a boss we might not get him at all but I do hope for him I think people did want him.

If we never get Lezard he up there with Luther and Cyril who we might never never get T_T I do want Luther and I do want Cyril I don't know why they don't add them they will draw in the money.

Star Ocean Anamnesis RNG pics.


Now I get to show you what and who I got.

Incoming pics coming in.

Collapse )

Now the story for Xmas event.

Spoilers are ahead it has to with Ivilish and Fidel who want to experience Xmas it was suggested by Precis they do this event so Ivilish and Fidel get dressed down and they are excited now there is choices here you can react to how jealous they hint you are that Ivilish and Fidel are getting to close me I chosen the one that would push them closer the results is
"......." from both parties and the gray emote so yes this story hints that you might be jealous of Ivilish and Fidel or Ivilish liking another guy I don't care for Ivilish at all.

after that the whole battle thing and you find out that it was all set up to make this winter wonderland for Ivilish everyone was involved.

after that you get branching stories now this is more fun then the main Xmas story.

3 stories come up first one is Fidel trying to figure out what to with the gift the red box the guys make a suggestion and Fidel go off on his own

To the left story is one with girls that is funny and cute how Fidel almost freaks out over this after doing that Myuria comes to Fidel who almost freaks out again but she tells him to give it to someone who he really cares about.

To the left across the story is another story set up by Roddick and Fayt?? They both get the hint and make a quick set of date win Fidel arrives Miki is waiting for him O_o not only that pink hearts are around her but Fidel don't get it and Miki get disappointed she ask about the 'red box' he says it not hers and he gives her a white box they have a talk and that it.

The middle last event is at top it has Claude and 'us' and Relia who is waiting for Fidel win Fidel sees her he goes into parent emotions and he drops the red box Fidel is more worried about Relia then the box witch she sees and asks him about it and she opens it and nothing inside...

morale of the story comes up and Claude finishes it with how the gifts of something another and our responds is ".........." the end of Xmas event.

Now this story is short but it was good it almost better then the Halloween story and the fact they hinted that Roddick and Fayt know how to be romantic unfortunately Fidel is not romantic yet unlike Roddick and Fayt in this story them setting Fidel to talk to Miki did surprise me it was like obvious we are going to set Fidel up with her of all people I think they was trying to cover up the hints with Halloween Victor and Fidel in the Halloween event?

So this might lead to if Roddick or Fayt get chosen for the Jun bride they will be more Romantic? Hint hint?? But I'm more surprised they dragged Fayt away from the VR room who knows if Fayt did get chosen it might be VR like Wedding Maria's was maybe?? We don't know.

Yes that covers the winter event and yes there IS Ivilish/Evelysse romance hints in the story if you care about that I do not the story makes it like our character is upset that she with another guy but the choices we make can change that a lot I did because I don't care for her it almost feels forceful again.

To balance that off we need Ivilish jealous win we are with someone else I'm not into the whole our character going to end with her of all people as a romance lover they really do push for it hello Wedding Ivilish that was 100% obvious there twitter is lukewarm about her being a romance icon for our character discord don't care facebook don't care and guys they aim for win they do girl characters they don't even talk about Ivilish at all they post about some other girl so...I don't know if this is going to work or not make sexy powerful Ivilish to draw in the people and get them to like her and accept her and maybe think about the story that is here that our character might be jealous that she with Fidel now....yeah I'm not buying that.

Sorry I never will like her.

So this my post about RNG luck and the story.

I will say this Winter sky Fidel is OP...he can do damage but his defense is...bad you need to LB him soon as possible I'm slowly working on him on my main I replaced Prince Claude with Winter Sky Fidel and I'm using Fed Edge two shooters and Fayt that works.

For my alt is sill the same party I'm not using snow white Ivilish at all she at level 1 and collecting dust so on my alt I'm going to focus on Rain.

And good luck if your going to draw people do want Winter Sky Fidel and Snow white Ivilish.