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.Hack Q&A what you need to do.


--Taken from youtube---
1. Get Active Online Be vocal and talk about the series on social media, make a website, make fan artwork, fan fiction, cosplay, etc. The key here is to be as transparent as possible--show and be seen! Do things that are easily found, discovered, shared, etc. Also, get involved in other fan circles online. There are all sorts of hubs for connecting with other .hackers, you shouldn't have trouble finding other like-minded fans!

2. Purchase .hack Games & Available Merch Although it may be difficult to get items new these days, it's important to support the series with your wallet. Please be aware that the money you pay for any used item from a 3rd party does not go to the publisher or developer... so although your collection might get a bit bigger, it's not exactly helping to revitalize the series... UNLESS you take all sorts of photos of your collection and rally the fanbase, which would fall under #1 above!!

3. Write to BNE & Frequently Tell them you want more .hack, show them how passionate you are and what the series means to you. Write to their email on the website, their twitter, Facebook, anywhere you can. Get others to do the same!

4. Support the Developer Can you even imagine how hard it would be to have a great story and be unable to do anything about it? I'm sure many pivotal folks at CC2 feel this way but are unable to do anything... So, because of this, as fans of the .hack series, let's try to be a little considerate how we handle this situation. Bombarding CC2 with requests to continue the .hack series isn't going do anything. They know. They want to do more .hack. Those words are better off directed toward BNE! Other things you can do are to follow CC2 on social media, share their works, get other people interested, follow new projects!
--Taken from youtube---

it what he saying you need to tell the Publishers you want another .hack game.

Nothing changed in .Hack at all it the Publishers holding them back.

I myself have fallen out of .hack due to the lack of desire to talk about the game T_T

what do you think of this? E-mail the Publishers and tell them you want another .hack game.

Pokemon masters update.


Training my team did you know that you can have hearts with them??

You can mark them *cough* tell them that you like them and they will show up more often. ❤️

set who you like for fav person you like for battle

and set the person who you like just for talk

omg love getting hearts with them ❤️

Red is coming and people ARE saying he is OP and broken and Olivia might be getting dethroned soon.


Looks like people who rolled for Steven did not get him...👀

now people are going to start spening money I hope 🙏 for Red will they do it? 🤔

And Red has lines so they say

it Red what did you think he was going to say?

are you happy that Red is coming? Did you get Steven win you rolled for him?

I say I'm happy right now I'm working my lv grind yet 📱

This game is fun it's a freash air for me right now since playing SOA JP I'm still playing that yet.

フェイト 💙

Are you ready for this update do you have gems for this update?

Red is coming and is someone you want put him with Steven or Olivia for OP team.

talk about salt 🧂 fans are salty since they did not pull Steven on reddit they are really showing salt right now 🧂.

But what if Red isn't not OP as they said he was? Will you still pull for him? if you are a true Red fan OP or not right?
Hmm looks like to me people just care about power and not the person it comes with that what I'm starting to see on reddit.

I'm just going to say play with who you like power or no power I'm going to be using who I like so it makes it more fun for me. 🎶
Anime guy black

SOA New year....JP has drama [JP]


【新キャラクター登場!】 本日1/23(木)メンテ後より、新キャラクター『華王妃ネル』、『華王妃クレア』が登場! イラストは「華王妃ネル」は大慈さん、「華王妃クレア」はたくぼんさんにお願いしました!明日の登場まで今しばらくお待ちくださいね! [New character appearance! ] 】 From 1/23 (Thursday) maintenance today, a new character [Queen of The Chinese Nel] [Queen Queen Clare] appeared! The illustration was "Queen of the Queen of China Nel" was Mr. Oji, and "Queen of the Queen Of China Clair" asked Mr. Takubon! Please wait for a while until tomorrow's appearance!
After all, it is the usual character again after all waiting, and there is no freshness only in the (;´Д`) ⁉️ same character, news koro is no longer broadcast at all, and what do you think about the management? (ーー;) ‼️

-----From twitter-----

That was just a bit of it looks like someone trying to push for more money now. (theories)
JP is pissed it can be near the end of the service maybe they are trying to gete more money before it too late? (I hope not)

I just have a yuck feeling right now...like win GL shutdown I hope I'm wrong...the voting and got in girls girls girls right? So did the girls they push out not sell??

looks like Koro got removed from Newsコロ? So it this the end?? Is that why SRFfate buff was so bad?? They had no money for him? And they put all the money in Nel and Claire?
So many emotions going around I never saw JP so upset since the dark memorial thing they did...

they have deep pockets not enough to pay everyone is that what is going on?? (theories)
all the guys who voted for the top girls there not here are they? They have not spent any money in the game did they?...(theories)

from twitter it looks like people ARE leaving the game they are losing money who going to pay for all of this?

Koro got removed from newsKoro what is that? What that tell you?

so much emotions are going on you better get you're pics win you can this game might end if Nel and Claire don't sell.

How they buffed SRF fate was bad...I want to get so mad even if I don't like SRF fate...

maybe this is nothing...right?...then why is JP so mad? Why are fans leaving the game? why did Koro get removed from newsKoro? (theories)

all sings tell me something is going on something good for new Nel and Claire something bad is going on with all the things they are doing...like win GL shut down...

maybe this is the last shot...we don't know.

however if they are getting money why all the silence?
what I last saw they did make money and they was not last so what is going on??
can it be they have enough money to keep afloat but not enough money to make EP3? or Are they waiting for FF7...remake??....doing a crossover?? (theories)

So a new Nel and Claire are coming out and they buffed SRF fate bad...what do you think of all of this??

I just don't like this silence they are doing reminds me so much of GL...I'm sorry GL....🥀 😢


SOA twitter.


Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844809963469910016

So close to twitter yes this is a campaign going on twitter and LINE I can only help on the twitter side.

so twitter this link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844526626981404672
We can see how far we can go but if we get the end free crystals gems.

However if you make a new account and you reached this twitter end you will have lots of crystals from being 'new' and the story just to keep that in mind.

But sadly to say no word on a English version of this game yet I heard you can play this game win using a APK however I can't get this game running on Bluestacks 2 or KOPLAYER so I'm using my Ipad and Iphone.

And yes Fayt and Sophia drop tonight soon very soon this is going to be madness I tell you.

People was saying they want Fayt and Sophia but they want to save gems for the collab win they do events it looks like the cards are a one time thing so it's rare if you draw them like Valkyrie Profile Lenneth she's rare her card never drop back into the game yet.

So yes I hope to use some of my luck tonight time to do some drawing.

And don't forget Luther is drop into the game for a boss event so get ready and have a healer and fire element.

【3/23(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 現在実施中のメンテナンスにて、一部問題が見つかったため、延長させていただきます。終了時刻は現時点では未定となります。皆さまにはご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません。
"[3/23 (Thursday) maintenance ③] will be to extend the current part in the ongoing maintenance issues was found, so. The end time and undecided at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience to our guests"

Nooooooooo *dies*....dun dun dun Luther said 'No'...T_T
Link- http://www.jp.square-enix.com/soa/dame/comic22.html

So time for the new maintenance is...'unknown'...noooo.

Update 2
【3/23(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ④】 現在実施中のメンテナンスにつきまして、終了予定時刻を19:30頃とさせていただきます。ご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません。メンテナンス終了までもうしばらくお待ちください。
[3/23 (Thursday) maintenance ④: now with regard to ongoing maintenance, scheduled ending time will be 19:30. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Maintenance end now please wait for a while
link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844847766673154048

I'm still waiting...O_o... for Fayt I can stay awake but some people are upset Fayt has no Dimension Door but they already rated Fayt as a 'Ace' so get him if you can.