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.Hack//G.U. Last Recode Ovan ending.


So you CAN marry Ovan *cough* *cough* dies...

Haseo finally got what he wanted after all this time he is Waifu Tsundere Haseo 2:39 Atoli accepts defeat and I see Pai and Yata smirk here and Shino is drooling so that means...Shino might be...a fan girl??.

People are saying this is the 'cannon' and True ending now note to self Haseo is Waifu to Ovan so Haseo is the 'Uke' here and yes Ovan outfit do look pretty a hint to that and Haseo in a dress we need that.

But the choice is up to you and you can make Haseo marry anyone you want however the whole point of this new story and the whole .Hack//G.U. Haseo has feelings for Ovan keep that in mind.

Normal ending if you don't choose to marry Ovan.

So both endings says one thing you're end is Ovan no matter how you feel that's a hint to Haseo desire.

Vol.4 is all about Haseo and Ovan keep that in mind.

So we saw vol.4 ending it's Ovan.

Nah I'm not playing vol.4 not yet the whole Ovan is with Haseo is not enough to draw me into that.

So no new characters has been added yet from what people are saying they are expecting DLC but I doubt it.

So no Kite or BlackRose here? That's...disappointing.

And new info that green hair person who I thought was Cubia wasn't Cubia that was Tri-Edge that AIDA that is linked to Ovan who has deep feelings for Ovan hello Rival to Haseo.

So now you saw both endings are you going to marry Ovan or not?.
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.Hack//G.U. preorder.


So the news is .Hack//G.U. English version.

No word on Japanese version yet.



"Hack//G.U. Last Recode is getting a physical edition for the #PS4! Preorder today at participating retailers:"
Box art for now from twitter.

Now originally we was supposed to get the digital version however people protested and we are getting physical edition now people want digital also and Collector's Edition now...

Collector's Edition? What is this Tales? Win I hear Collector's Edition I think of how Tales games do it.

Like Tales of Berseria Collector's Edition you get the idea sorry.

If they ever do a Collector's Edition I might buy it if not I got the PS4 version NA ordered.

I know Star Ocean did a Collector's Edition with integrity and faithlessness but I never did buy it.

Looks like NA did protest the whole Digital and got it physical edition I don't think Japan minds it digital seriously...not that I mind I was going to buy it either way digital or physical.

However why did they post NA version first?...O_o

I would think Japan will come first right?

Again no word on Japanese version I might buy that one also.

I'm going to keep a eye on the Japanese sites to order from I'll update this if I do hear about the Japanese version.

Alright hype is now 100%

And I already order from amazon since I got a amazon card the other day I was thinking what to use it on and now I know why I got it for .Hack//G.U.

Got to love how emotions work.

So get ready to experience .hack//G.U. all over again.

That must mean the game is almost done? All the new stuff they added we don't know what they did add...

Please more characters and Kite or BlackRose added to the game.

Word on twitter NA getting physical edition and people are anxiously waiting for the Japanese version.

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode ティザーPV!



It's here! Wait...Haseo has a new outfit and it looks like the story almost remains the same however what has been added to this??
Wait another...Haseo?? O_o maybe from a different timeline?? Or...Haseo has new power...theories huh...is that a strange looking dagger on his head?...or is that a ear piece?...wait why do that remind me of...DD...dun dun dun...maybe it just me at 1:17 pause it and look.

But yes this version of Haseo hair looks different almost flat no spike except that spiky thing on ear or hair or head and his outfit his mostly black versus Haseo X-from outfit that his black and white and his a sword user might be...another Haseo that my guess but not from this timeline...or G.U. timeline *cough* time travel is my guess.

Or it's Haseo new power either one and Azure Kite is looking good I want this game now.

Oh right

".hack//G.U. Last Recode has now been trademarked in America"

New twitter


Time is getting closer please release date.

And I hope this other Haseo if it someone else is a party member it would be so cool
But I'm thinking we might have to fight the guy however if it Haseo new outfit I would not mind.

Wait why in the very start it looks like 'someone' is watching the movies...at :05 maybe there is a reason for all of this...
.Hack//G.U. last Recode and why we have this other...Haseo?...maybe this other Haseo is looking into the past? Or...Memories??

I'm saying this all theories for now until we get the game I'm very excited for this.

PS4/PS3「テイルズ オブ ベルセリア」第2弾PV


Tales of Berseria! wait...? I'm having Tales of the world radiant mythology 2 Flash backs O_o wow that arm of Velvet reminds me that guy from TOW2 seriously o_O that was unexpected she is going to be different from any other Tale hero's that for sure but I'm still excited!

And Tales of The Rays another app game *sigh* I think some people knew that was going to become a app game T_T
Final Fantasy

The Cat is out of bag Rumors are True? -update-


CyberConnect 2 developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yes this topic come before and CC2 has come out and said they wasn't however now we got Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase both confirmed that CyberConnect 2 will be developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake I'm shocked seriously the whole rumors was CC2 was remaking Final Fantasy 7 in order to upgrade there graphics for a rumored .Hack game because they said the graphics for .hack//trilogy was bad that was the whole rumor and it started way back in

Link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/57226.html

so that's win the whole rumor started it was confusing at first some people didn't believe it but it looks like it really happening but why would CC2 hide it so long? hmm


For Kitase model, for example, we are doing things in that or put or are supervised by the director of our visual Works, the hand to the data.

Nomura design, such as Biggs three of us, which has become now public, in addition there are Ferrari has worked mainly in sub-character (Mr. Roberto), programmer, core members of the planning and the like, densely and external cooperation company's I am feeling to go underway.

At the same time Kitase these core members is supervised been gathered, it is in now become a commonplace of production techniques, but also our cooperation in a number of production company's. "FFVII G bike" CyberConnect2 that is indebted (hereinafter, CC2) san, will be the one company of them.


Kitase CC2 san to action game experience is you have a rich and know-how, I felt that there is something that shines in the sense of the video production. However, in the densely exchange because there were parts production of taste is subtly unlike our work. Also Tetsu about this PV (that of Mr. Tetsuya Nomura) to say is annoying (laughs), it was closer to our style.

--end of Quote

Wait so that means...all the work CC2 is getting upgrading graphics is from Square Enix? what kind of deal is this? I thought CC2 was from Bandai-Namco? is something else going on? so wait all the stuff CC2 is doing will it become under Square Enix in the future? ugh...I don't want think about that yet that just a theory of mine hmm...I really can't see Square Enix owning Naruto and .Hack and whatever else CC2 has it would make one hell of a crossover with Square Enix or something omg omg I know CC2 was putting out job advertising and having lots and lots of meetings before .Hack//Guilty dragon come out and .Hack//N.U. there was rumors of a new .Hack game but it never went on and we got apps for our phones so this 'wow' the graphics look amazing and it was done by CC2 I'm speechless now for all the people who dislike Cloud new design I think he looks good it's CC2 version of Cloud the whole sunglasses thing is what we should be worried about :P

Source- http://www.famitsu.com/news/201512/07094721.html
Source- https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/673740295444365312

Oh right Final Fantasy 7 R will be split into parts episodes

Nomura: If we make the characters real, they’ll look like real people and no one will recognize them, so we’re aiming to balance.
Nomura: Advent Children models are too old, so they’ve been refining the graphics and balancing reality and deformation.
Aside from the CG shown at the beginning of the trailer, everything is in real-time. You can alter the camera angle during the train scene.
Cloud’s appearance has to partially to do with the lighting and his pale skin. Nojima had said Cloud’s sickly appearance is brilliant.
Square Enix is working with CyberConnect 2 to develop the Final Fantasy VII Remake.
Cross-dressing scene will be included. Nomura has yet to work on the design, however.
Final Fantasy VII Remake is completely different from Crisis Core’s battle system. Not as action-y as Dissidia Arcade or KH but closer to that style.
The battle speed they’re aiming for is Dissidia Arcade’s. The battles we saw in the trailer are kind of like a standard to aim for.
Nomura can’t go into details about the battle system, but he said it’s important to note that the ATB gauge turns red. Something significant.

Kitase: We are not going to remake a game so you only play for nostalgia.
Kitase: We want to make the hearts of the original fans pump. We are adjusting the storyline with this idea in mind.
The character models for FF7R are being overseen by the director at Visual Works, SE's CG studio.
Each of the party members will have an updated design, like Barret.

That what we know so far overall I'm still hyped about but all the theories I said is just my thoughts about this so everyone has there own ideas.

But wait! what about that new .Hack game? yes that still on my mind T_T so far I know that all they are doing is .Hack//N.U. witch they are posting

【第2回オープンβテスト】[2 open beta test] will last as well as from Google Play Tester registration on the participants. So travelers who register in advance will be the detailed step by step guide non-registered members take a look at the register.

Link- http://newworld.bn-ent.net/entry/

Ummm Now I want a crossover with SE and Bandai-Namco somehow someway

Update- Just a clarification: CyberConnect2 is one of many studios assisting development on FF7 Remake. from twitter

So CC2 IS one of the many people helping them alright I can accept that Hmm who else is helping them? it making me wonder now
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PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer PS4


Sunglasses O_o it's in the making! by the way Cloud looking good and yes his eyes um they look green? I thought they was blue oh yeah it's Mako never mind lol but Jessie looks cute! Oooh it looks like one Solder recognize Cloud there but I'm loving Cloud and Jessie voice so far Barret voice is deep um...Mr. T is that you? but yes this is going to be epic I tell you and it looks like they are pulling elements from Final Fantasy XV I hope Final Fantasy 7 has a cameo in it somehow
But yes looking good and we need some dlc

Final Fantasy VII - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4


So all the rumors was true before E-3 happen siliconera released info that it was going to happen as someone else also quoted there sources that they was the first to hear about it anyhow here it is

I was waiting for this game for a long time if you hadn't played Final Fantasy series this is a good series to get into oh right I was watching E3 on my phone and trying to mautaitask win I saw it come up at Sony at E3 on my phone I nearly drop it >_<; it seems like a good start for PS4 but I still like how Xbox one allows you to replay your old games for free so I might actually think about this getting a X-box one maybe I'm not too sure yet since I still got my PS3/PS4/VITA/VITA TV here beside my PC and Iphone 6 and Iphone air

But I'm am excited for this I recall long time ago win they said remaking Final Fantasy 7 was Impossible and lot of people was upset but now it's really going to happen I just hope they don't change the battle too much and I hope we get DLC outfits no rumors about it being on PS3 yet