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Alt Millia

テイルズ オブ ベルセリア第3弾PV


Tales of Berseria PV

I'm drawn back into TOZ for a Rose and Alisha moment O_o those two remind me of them somehow maybe Ancestors??
Or Rose and Alisha was reborn in TOZ *cough* that's a way of theory lol *cough* don't mind me I know that's something people don't want to here.

Link- http://tokrin.com/archives/50910230.html
From twitter

So the whole TOZ and TOB connection is there I'm excited for this I want this game on my PS4 yes I'm getting this game I hope the English voices are good.
Final Fantasy

魔界戦記ディスガイア5 プロモーションムービー


Disgaea 5 I really do like the Music they used here so yes the typical Makai Senki Disugaia 5 game I'll end up ordering this I hope all the music here in D5 is good humm I wonder how many dlc we'll get with this one? but this is looking good
Final Fantasy

Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker PV


This is off デビルサバイバー2 ブレイクレコード English PV of the upcoming game

O_o >_<; o_O Daichi your voice...I like your Japanese Voice better sorry to say Makoto sounds good I think it's Makoto I'm not too sure yet but I hope that's her voice

Now take look at the Japanese ver

I really like the music here the voices are good and they do show more but yeah I've already played DS2 normal ver it's pretty good but hopefully DS2-BR has more endings

『ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い』第3弾プロモーション動画


another late PV of .Hack guilty dragon now I have the right phone I just upgraded my phone from the 2 year contact >_> I can play this game now but I'm going to wait for the Us Release Date for this game they said it was going to be this summer what date I have no Idea yet but this is what Namco bandai is doing for .Hack games I SO want it to continue .Hack//Versus was in the right step in graphic wise but I really can't see .Hack being a fighting game like Tekken that we all know and love The first Hack game the original was great and so was GU however they tried to change it with .Hack//Link and that led to .Hack//Versus ugh enough debate over this it's getting me upset

Phantom BlackRose at the end so yeah we need this app game so this a update for .Hack Guilty Dragon