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It was posted on Reddit


That FFBE was getting star ocean anamnesis for it's game.

"Come and watch as #FFBEWW Global Producer Hiroki Fujimoto happily announces the collaboration event with @StarOcean Anamnesis! Don't miss this chance to get SOA series characters as they enter the world of Lapis on July 27!"

So FFBE is getting SOA July 27 *cough* wow they pushed this out so fast if SOA get FFBE characters they will be so OP since the game just come out...it going to throw everything out of chaos.

I don't know if they can use this teaser in EN ver they don't have half the characters used in this yet. And I think it was the 1st hint that Fayt had white wings that was out a lot.

But the rates win they did this crossover in Japan was bad...I had to use Nox to play FFBE trying to get Fayt omg the rates are bad...and someone was saying FFBE is dying...? I don't really listen to rumors but that what they was saying.

I don't play FFBE anymore I moved to FF Mobius the only FFBE I have is the JP ver that has Fayt I use Nox for that otherwise I don't play that game.

But yes SOA EN get them for the first crossover they will be OP for a long time and it going to throw everything out of chaos...now FFBE is one of the crossovers for Star ocean anamnesis they have other crossovers.

Come to think of it FFBE has not return to SOA JP version yet so whoever missed on them on the JP side can get them now here if they are playing the EN of SOA.

Fina will be the top healer until Rena comes so Fina will be good for a long time and Lasswell is free you just have to pull for Fina and Rain.

Having them on my JP account my main one I don't use Fina that much as I use Rena for her Health regeneration is good for me but Fina don't have Health regeneration unlike Rena however Fina win she rushes she heals the party and that key win you want to heal.

Rain was good for a bit until Rain got replaced by A2 and 2B and Groom Fayt. otherwise the stamps was cute yes Final Fantasy stamps and Rain was supposed to be a GS user however they did not have GS in the game win Rain was out so Rain sword looks like a GS sword win it's not...

Now a real GS user like A2 is slow but a real tank I have A2 on my main and my alt account playing SOA JP and she is good.

will I be rolling for FFBE in EN? I'll try but I'm going to save my gems for Rena and Fayt >_< yes my mind is already set...that way lol.

And Star ocean anamnesis EN don't have the free characters yet like Healer Nel and Prince Claude/Admiral Claude.

all we need now is the announcement from SOA EN they are going with the whole FFBE first crossover that fast and FFBE characters with English voices...I hope they are good.

Are you excited for this news or not? will you be pulling for them or waiting for A2 or 2B? I myself is somewhat mixed of happy and surprised if SOA EN get this that fast.

The 2 accounts I'm working on I'm still testing them if we do get this crossover for SOA EN I'll see what account I'm going to be using for my 3rd account.

Most of the people are saying skip this banner I'm not going back to FFBE sadly to say.

SOA...talk about what??


So people on facebook says

"Fayt's light and fire buff applies for party"


People can't stop talking about him.

No that's Wrong

"Attacks gets Fire or Light Attribute (Self)" Not Party

Fayt's Fire and Light elemental powers are part of his powers.

People on facebook says Rain is more easier to use then Fayt is...come on people stop arguing.

And thus is why I fear for Fayt users do they know how to play as Fayt?

We also have another Elemental user in SOA beside Fayt and that is Federation Anne she has
"Talent: Completely Flawless Support - All Elemental Damage +30% (All Allies)"

And there also Ashton
"Gentle and Sincere - All Elemental Damage +30% (All Allies) & AP Consumption -10% (Self)"

Fed Anne and Ashton are almost the same except for Fayt who has two elements to his powers light and fire.

So you can work with Fed Anne and Ashton beside Fayt if you have a DPS dealer like Rain or Dais in party that will make the damage go up.

Now I got a feeling people don't know how to play as Fayt they either say he too hard to play as or die playing as him...

*sigh* this is why I play in auto-battle all the way and also you got to know who rushes first if you have Rena or rent her let her go first she is the buff starter.

That how my Fayt did damage that's why win I do boss fight I use my 10LB Rena and rent a Rena on my alt account.

And let me remind you putting a Fire sword or a Light sword on Fayt is useless that won't help his powers or his Fire or Light Attribute (Self) powers, Fayt powers switch depend on the foes you are fighting it will switch between Fire or Light that's why Fayt is a Elemental user and works good with elemental swords.

Like the Ice Sword of Lighting Sword or Wind Sword give either one to Fayt and he has 3 elements to switch around with.

So boss fights that are weak ageist Fire or Light or elemental sword he has he will do damage non elemental weakness Fayt will struggle like earth boss without earth sword >_<

And sadly to say I don't have a earth sword except that one...but that sword the first one to come out was terrible on Fayt it lowered his INT a lot and it fit Edge more better oddly enough Swimsuit Reimi Lighting sword and Edge's Wind sword work good on Fayt.

So overall I don't think putting a earth type sword on Fayt is not a good choice I don't know how the other earth sword is on him is I never got it T_T

But yes Fayt, Rain and Dais and Rena work good for boss fights.

My thoughts are Fayt rush do more damage with a sword that has a high attack and INT the more the better for Fayt since he is a elemental user in this world...er game.

Swimsuit Reimi Lighting sword, Edge Wind sword and Fayt red sword and the Ice Sword is good for him but you might want LB the sword to use on Fayt.

And this is why we need a dark sword so Fayt can have all elements with different swords :P

Win people talk about Fayt on discord I listen and they talk about it on Facebook I have to respond somehow and as a Fayt user on both of my accounts I can say I know how he works.

The only boss fight I did struggle using him was Cyril high levels that time Dias wasn't LB that high but beside that one Fayt has been holding up on his own in auto-battle :P

This Halloween event Fayt is melting the boss it almost...easy O_o

And yes there are a lot I mean a lot of Halloween Clair's around people got her and Halloween Victor I see around to people love Halloween Claire and Halloween Victor.

But Halloween Clair nor Halloween Victor has no light powers so if you are using them have a light user for the Halloween event.

Light users are- Fayt, Fidel, Relia, Original Ivilish, Daril.
Anyone with the light spell will work despite having the 'warrior of light' tittle for Claude, Claude is more Fire then Light so Claude is not going to work.

And Lenneth and Silmeria will work for light users with there Nibelung Valesti if you have them both Lenneth and Silmeria are outdated by other characters but they are rare to see.

I do have Lenneth on my main account but I never use her...>_<; in fact lot of characters are collecting dust on my main account >_<;;

My alt is not so lucky however this draw did surprise me I got another pictures ready to go I'll update late on 'what I got' again all for LB stones for my alt.

So this a talk about what people are saying again.

Win they talk about SO3 or Fayt I feel defensive it like them trying to talk about .Hack games don't get me started on that one either.

Sorry for sounding a bit negative if possible.

Enough of this talk and hopefully you guys got who you wanted from the RNG I see a lot of guys wanted Halloween Clair and was upset they got Halloween Victor both from discord and facebook.

Hmm it almost feels like they are salty about Fayt but enough of that.

SOA What did I get?


Luck with the Random RNG.

Luna draw

Fed Edge

Fed Edge he's cool looking.

Zero one draw seriously I was getting low and losing hope and this drop on my alt.

So both of my accounts has Fed Edge I'm working on him at the moment and...

Random Fayt damage now who said Fayt was useless? This is with Dias and Rain a rented Rain and not a full maxed out Dias yet this is on my main account oh right Rena 10LB is mine I don't need any more healers she covers it all side note on my main account I only use 10LB Rena for bosses my alt don't have Rena at all.

So yes this is my draw and I got Fed Edge on both accounts no Fed Reimi or Crowe at all.

Sorry for the bad picture of random damage with Fayt it was hard trying to get that and my phone didn't want to take the picture >_> the timing for that is...ugh and this was my second try to get that picture >_> the first picture was home page picture >_> but Fayt damage can go higher it was a bit higher but I never got that first picture of it T_T...

So yes Rain and Dias is a must for damage dealer with Fayt and Rena for heals and buffs.

If anyone else don't need LB I'm going to work on Dias for my main account.

And you need the best for Fayt if you're going to use him I use elemental swords if possible since Fayt powers are elemental to begin with and you need a high INT on the sword.

And it's good if Rain has a good weapon win you rent him but yes Fayt can do damage win you have the right set up.

But yes I got weapon tickets I was saving I might use them maybe.

So this is pictures of what I got and random Fayt damage and my main Fayt is maxed out in skill seeds and AP seeds and I finally got my alt Fayt maxed out to that taken longer seriously.

And yes Faize works good with Fed Edge and Fayt that's my experience beside Fayt is not protesting with this set up yet so I'm going with it and yes Fayt is a hard one to put with anyone

So my party looks like this and yes my rank went up I this is Luna account my main.

So Luna is my main account and Zero is my alt my Iphone and Ipad and yes I have two different Itunes accounts for them.

I need a good gun for my Fed Edge on my main I use him he's not that bad but no I don't have that many guns on my main account but I do got a lot of swords for Fayt to use :P

But I got a lot of Sword and Sheath on my main account and 2 Orb weapons I think >_>

My alt has Staff weapons and Gun weapons and hardly no Swords >_> poor Zero.

However my main got so many swords but never twice the only sword I got more then once is Fayt weapon the one he has on T_T I need more sword drops.

For both accounts the weapon of choice I want is swords and Gun for Fed Edge on my main.

This is my draw and what I got on my main and alt accounts with the luck of Random RNG.

I had to get this out there I almost forgot about it I've been busy >_<;;

Now waiting for Halloween update.

SOA ranking.


So we heard that SOA sales and app download has skyrocket since the FFBE event is out.

They are getting the sales and is ranked in the store again.

Now how are the characters themselves?

Fina is good if you don't have Swimsuit Sophia I head she is risky if left alone in auto she almost good as Rena I said almost.

Rain is a god defender and is a tank you can replace Dias and Edge with him if someone says re-roll if you roll Rain don't listen to them Rain is that good I tried him out and he fits perfectly with my team with maxed out rented Dias and my 10LB Fayt we did damage to the Cyril event.

Lasswell is good for new players he is free if you have the blue FFBE tickets and I never tried him but people say he is a good freebie.

I'm thinking of building my 'Rain' up a lot yes I did get Rain it just...*sigh* it just how much I had to spend on my main account to get him T_T My alt got him with in the second free gems roll my main got...

>_> 2 drops of Fina >_< I had to get more money to get Rain and he was worth it.


Fina drop 2

So yes the money I had to spend for Rain on my main was worth it.

My alt got Rain but not Fina my main got Fina.

So good luck with the RNG in this game remember they are limited characters so roll if you can

And yes Fina is cute I almost do like her for a girl she maybe up there with Rena in my ranking.

Word from facebook group that a lot of people joined them O_o so people are coming in maybe from FFBE game itself so expect to see a lot of new players about.

I know both of my Fayt on my main and alt are getting rented I'm not too sure by who but I am getting coins I do see a lot I mean lot of Rain with all kind of swords out I think there are a lot of Rains out there now.

And yes Nel is making a comeback with a lot of Claude users and Edge somewhat and there are still a lot of Rena users out for rent along with the wedding girls and overflow of Swimsuit Reimi that is what I saw.

But for me I do see a lot of Fayt users making a comeback on solo maps I don't know about MP maps.

So far no Emmerson making at comeback at all with maybe barely Decus I mean...Michael.

With the skill seeds you can upgrade anyone but it takes time to farm them and it's not cheap.

I just maxed out Fayt on both accounts my main and my alt so I'm good to go as in LB and skill seeds.

And Faize is making a slow comeback on solo maps.

I would work on my 10LB Rena just for boss battles with the skill seeds and I do like Fina but I'm not too sure with the skill seeds first off I'm going to try to finish Rain in LB.

I say if you're new try to get Rain and Fina and try to LB them soon as possible but expect to see new people playing this game in MP and solo maps and people on discord say that Fayt users are dying...
I see a lot of Fayt users in solo maps...seriously and a lot of them admit they drop Fayt for Swimsuit Reimi for her body and some will say Swimsuit Reimi is squishy this is from discord chat.

Well I can't complain I am a girl after all so I go for the guys mostly :P

Girls have different point of views that why we are called fan girls lol.

SOA FFBE event.


So did the story mission and...

Ivilish don't even show up at all this OP is false but yes Ivilish has no part in this story.

It starts off win you find Spoilers Fina alone you do a battle with her and Rain and Lasswell come.
Collapse )

I think I can stop now I'm getting way off topic lol :P

So play the new event that is out and see for yourself what is going on.

And good luck to getting the FFBE limited characters that will be rare in the future.

I'll post my pics later and how much I spent to get...*sigh* you will see later.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』TVCM (FFBEコラボ篇)




Rain is a defender people say he better then Dias and almost with Edge top rank defender must have.

Fina is a healer bow healer get a good bow if you roll her.

Lasswell is a Sword & Sheathe get the fire sheathe or dark sheathe and put it on him.

Remember Lasswell is from the blue FFBE tickets he is not in the Gacha.

If you are going to pull Rain get his sword that is in the new weapon Gacha.

Yes another weapon set is going to be out.

*Sigh* and we just drawn from this weapon set now for the weapons and Fayt sword.

O_o so many weapons sets now.

TVCM...Ivilish not interesting but the anime hint of...Crowe and a very good anime looking Fayt is that going to be a hint?...as far as I know Fayt in SOA don't have his wings out...hmm or it's FFBE Fayt.

So I'm thinking Ivilish is going to be a big part of this story?

Yes the Ivilish hints I'm trying not to see them >_>

The fan base was mixed people was saying FFBE is leeching off SOA now and is dying a slow death...

Or so what people on youtube was chatting about and some are upset no EOE event again or Valkyrie profile lenneth I think they was salty now the limited characters from that events feels rare now.

Remember now if you don't draw from this crossover we got Halloween coming try to save gems for that event.

I hope we get guys this time around >_>

Odd...are they promoting Fayt a lot or is it just me?...I know they do that with the girls...

As far as I know Fayt was the most wanted guy before he come out and win he did come out and they changed his body just a bit made him more like a guy they stop asking for him...compared to SO3 Fayt the one in SOA is not that girly looking like I said before even Swimsuit Sophia got a bit...thicker however they had to slim Wedding Maria down almost to her body type from SO3 all the characters got a upgrade in looks the only Cliff, Nel and Albel and Clair hardly changed except maybe Clair got more...breast.

If you put Fayt, Fidel and Claude in a team Claude is more girly looking now O_o

(But don't go thinking that way Claude did marry Rena that's proof of Emmerson Claude and Rena are cannon)

I said I'm a fan girl shipping never ends.

Seeing Rain and Lasswell oh wow a lot of people on discord was joking about them 'yaoi' or 'bl' anyone?

And yes Rain do look a bit girly and I have to admit Fina is cute.

About Fina she already ranked up to Swimsuit Sophia maybe passes her if you want a healer get Fina.

If you want Lasswell get the blue tickets FFBE ones in SOA now.

I do want Rain I'll say that *sigh* buying gems incoming O_o

If I didn't spend money on FFBE...>_> *sigh* thank you NoX player... T_T

I got money for this thank you for getting paid next week.

And if you're farming now do it now this update is coming soon.



詳しくはFFBE×SOAコラボ特設サイトにて⇒ http://sqex.to/GBX  #アナムネシス"

"[Ffbe×so collaboration event! ] 9/28 held collaborative events and FFBE (Thursday) after maintenance! For more information on FFBE×SOA collaboration Web site"