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SOA Maintenance


"【3/22(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベントの追加や不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"[3/22 (Thu) Maintenance notice ②] from 14:00 to 16:00, we will perform maintenance work to add new events and fix bugs. You will not be able to play the game during maintenance. Please check the game announcements and the official website for more information. #アナムネシス"


--From discord--

Maintenance on 3/22 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

-New Event
-All Weapon Gacha (Tickets included), Weapon Coin Shop, and Weapon Synthesis line up will get adjusted
※A portion of weapons will be taken of gacha and will be added in coin shop and synthesis
-Administered Gear's Energy Drain attack got sped up after the 3/15 maint and will get fixed after this
-People that used gems during Supremacy Jie Revorse will have them refunded

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

-Prehistoric Psynard Event
-Lucifer/Cyril Event
-Ruins of Trial Paralysis
-Original Dias Pick-Up Gacha
-Facula Dragon Box Gacha
-Both Chronovale Coin Shop

--End of discord--

New comic tackles uh...*cough* *hint*...some...for the fan girls.

So if you wanted original Dias you lost that chance I say go with Cherry Dias he way better and people like him I heard from discord they like him in MP room I don't know since I never play MP rooms but it just the rumor I heard.

If you like playing Dual Swords Cherry Maria pawns all of them even Snow Evelysse and outcast Crowe who is now outdated with Ashton poor Ashton.

So it would be Cherry Maria, Snow Evelysse, Halloween Clair, Crowe, and Ashton would be last if you use them.

For Dagger users hot right now is Cherry Dias I would get him but none of my accounts use Dagger users so I have no good dagger weapon.

The good defender right now is A2 from Nier Automata but mostly people like B2 for Wifu reasons alone but she is a good attacker right at this moment B2 also outcast Fidel awakening she that good however I use her on my alt account she not bad.

I say in OP wise A2 and B2 are way OP along with 9S who pawns them both yes 9S is that good he even heals after his rush so if you don't have a healer *cough* Rena...you might want to get 9S.

My alt don't have Rena so my alt is using 9S my main has Rena and Fina so my main is good for healers I wanted 9S for my main but it never happen and I given up the 9S chase on my main account...T_T

Fina also dose the same thing win she rushes she heals so 9S is almost way better upgrade from Fina with unique attacks and fast win you doge I have to say playing 9S on my alt was fun...playing B2 was alright she shows a lot of...er...the way the camera is like under her and...ugh now I see why guys want her, A2 is fun but slow on attacks but she is powerful with her weapon.

I like A2 a lot more then I would imagine and surprisingly Fayt on both accounts don't mind win I play as A2 I almost wished she had more...clothes.

I also tried a rented Cherry Maria and she is OP for Dual Sword user she fun but she has that...dominated feel to her...maybe it her personality but it Maria and renting a Cherry Maria always throws Fayt into a little protest I take Fayt don't like this version of Maria well Fayt is hard to put with a group.

I still remember what people was saying never put Fayt with other SO3 characters for buff reasons and other I don't know people from discord to facebook was saying that.

I tried in the past on both accounts Fayt never really pays attention to anyone from SO3 his own game Fayt can dislike other guys that why I said Fayt is a hard person to put on a team without him protesting it Fayt personality I think

There are a few guys Fayt do like like Faize, 9S very lukewarm toward 9S, Leon he somewhat like and somewhat dislikes, Fed Edge and Winter sky Fidel that Fayt likes.

Girls...is another story any girl from SO3 Fayt is somewhat lukewarm toward them I know for a fact Fayt dislikes dominated women like Rena I see why Fayt don't like Cherry Maria she has that dominated air about her maybe it just me but that how I feel win I rent her.

I had a theory long time ago if whoever you chosen to be your leader and you're character is with that effects the RNG that you get win you summon.

I'm not sure if that true or not I thought it did I know for a fact every time I want a guy character like 9S it hard to get them and I end up getting girls who I'll never use my alt was lucky to get 9S I never got him on my main account.

And I know win the wedding event comes up I'm going to be very very anxious it depends if I get Wedding Fayt and Wedding Reimi

I want both Wedding Fayt and Wedding Reimi my main would have team Reimi for the win.

But I'm thinking Wedding Reimi story will be a bit forced since we never had any time with her beside the Summer event we had lots of time with Fayt so...it going to be nuts.

I'm thinking in Wedding Reimi event it will have Edge since Reimi likes Edge if you forgotten...I have (silently ships Edge with Faize) yeah I forgotten about that.

Fayt story will have Sophia no doubt she will do something to stop it and salty Sophia will arrive if she was bad as she was in the school event Sophia was upset in the school event it showed she wanted to walk with Fayt like 'couples' do and Fayt wanted to fight Albel.

Oddly enough in SO3 Sophia was never that pushy but oh wow in SOA she is very very pushy that she loves Fayt and she want him Now she makes it clear she is ready for something else however Fayt in SOA don't really respond to her like that and they keep putting him with Roddick to set up Winter sky Fidel with Miki or Fayt is with Faize so...

And that what twitter EdgeXFaize fans dislike that Faize was spending too much time with Fayt in the VR room...doing what...we don't know...

Fayt had more time with Faize and our character so far then he did with any girl to date except that one event with Chisato that she said Fayt had a love triangle with Maria and Sophia who Fayt really denied it and that made Sophia get upset and leave.

It was more like Chisato said the love triangle Maria left without warning beside getting upset and Fayt denied it and Sophia was crushed and left upset.

The war between Maria and Sophia fans are still going maybe that was a hint that Fayt never chosen any of them in SO3??

For some strange reason with Fayt wedding event I hope Faize shows up with Roddick since Fayt has been spending a lot of time with them.

I know for a fact in Maria Wedding event that I did do Fayt was never around and she look like she let him go and wanted to be 'serious' with our character even Wedding Rena that I did event with she was like that also she wanted to be 'serious'...

I'm going to say all the Wedding characters are going to be our character 'fantasies'
Wedding Maria was all done in VR The VR...crashed before she kissed our...
Wedding Rena was done in a (I forgot)
Wedding Nel was done in a cup of tea??...or was it coffee it was a dream
Wedding Evelysse I never did so I don't know and I know she loves our character *dies*

And that's why Fayt dislikes Cherry Maria they are both dominated elements right? Oddly enough Fayt don't mind Cherry Dias but not Defender Dias.

I can't wait to see Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt events

And if they do more Wedding characters Albel and Clair was in second just a reminder.

I feel like Wedding Nel event that was aim not at us but rather for that guy who loves Nel who working on SOA this game remember there is a guy who loves Nel that working on this game now.

He the one who keeps pushing the girl events out it no secret that he likes girls and I think he might be the one who chosen the art winners for new characters that we just had was mostly girls...

Oh my I'm talking again about random stuff...Sorry.

So if you are holding onto weapon tickets after this update wait and see if you want to use them or not I wished I never spent that 3 tickets I had T_T weapons gacha is being updated.

So get ready for this update.

SOA Sakura event and what I got.


"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 3/15(木)メンテ終了後より新イベント「桜の星で芽生えた絆」がスタート! 併せて「桜雲のディアス」「桜花のマリア」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は3/29(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス"

"[Pickup gotcha held!] 3/15 (Thu) After the end of maintenance, the new event "the bond that sprouted with the star of cherry Blossoms" starts! In conjunction with [Diaz of Cherry Blossom] [Maria of cherry Blossoms] pick-up gotcha appeared probability is up! The pickup period is 3/29 (Thu) Maintenance!"


I'm tempted to get them I do want Cherry blossom Maria but I heard Blue Cloud Dias is very good.

--From discord--

Character: Cherry Blossom Maria Traydor
Availability: Gacha Limited 3/15/2018 - 4/5/2018
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dual Sword
Talent: Cherry Blossom Riot - Nullify Critical Damage taken while Charge Assaulting (All Attackers) / ATK Damage +40% while Charge Assaulting (All Attackers)
Adaptable - ATK +15%/+30% when Hit Count is over 100/200 (Self)
Moral Beauty - AP Consumption -40% (Self)
Hunt Leader - ATK +20% (Self) / HP +10% (Self)
Rush Combo: Radiation Bots - AP Consumption -50% (Self 20 seconds) / Recover 10% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 5,000% Max Hit Count: 20
Skills: Sinistral Edge (Cherry Blossom) 14 AP - Power: ATK x 190% Max Hit Count: 2
Dextral Zapper (Cherry Blossom) 31 AP - Power: ATK x 460% Max Hit Count: 2
Northern Cross (Cherry Blossom) 30 AP - Power: ATK x 440% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Dual Sword Arts 37 AP - Power: ATK x 710% Max Hit Count: 6
LB 10 Level 70 Status:
HP: 17,210
ATK: 3,433
INT: 1,549
DEF: 1,811
HIT: 1,148
GRD: 826

Character: Cherry Cloud Dias Flac
Availability: Gacha Limited 3/15/2018 - 4/5/2018
Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dagger
Talent: Armory Contest Winner - Will not flinch to damage under 15% Max HP (All Allies) / Agro Rate +2 (Self)
Cultivated Victories - Damage +40% when under agro (All Allies) / ATK & INT Damage taken -20% when under agro (All Allies)
Momento Ring - Damage +50% when not under agro (All Allies) / Critical Rate +20% when not under agro (All Allies)
Changing Heart - ATK +15% (Self) / DEF +15% (Self) / HP +30% (Self)
Rush Combo: Phoenix Blast - Single Target Damage +30% (All Allies 20 seconds) / AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Fire
Skills: Lightning Chain (Cherry Blossom) 16 AP - Power: ATK x 160% Max Hit Count: 9 Element: Thunder
Flying Guillotine (Cherry Blossom) 19 AP - Power: ATK x 310% Max Hit Count: 4
Dancing Sword (Cherry Blossom) 40 AP - Power: ATK x 1,300% Max Hit Count: 7
Phoenix Drive 20 AP - Power: ATK x 490% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Fire
LB 10 Level 70 Status:
HP: 18,564
ATK: 2,854
INT: 1,523
DEF: 2,099
HIT: 1,239
GRD: 910

---End of discord--

I head This version of Dias is very very good and he knocks out defender Dias

If you love Dias and want to support him get this version of him people like this version of Dias now if you have a awaken Dias well you might as well stick to him since you got him awaken I myself was working on him on both accounts my defender Dias but I stop since I got A2.

"I want to see No. 6 after a long time"

Word is SOA is now ranked 6 woo they are doing good in sales $$

So Cherry Maria and Cherry Dias brought them in beside the Neir characters I want to give up the 9S chase on my main account...T_T he keeps avoiding me


Collapse )

So that is what is going on my alt as 9S do I use him I was for a bit until he collided with alt Fayt and well switching between Fed Edge and 9S on my alt account playing with auto battle you see there emotions and yes alt Fayt is lukewarm to 9S sometimes they get alone sometimes they don't

my main account main Fayt said no to me getting 9S and getting another of his weapon felt like he saying 'Focus' on me or my weapon or something I don't know so my main account stop chasing 9S I still got B2 event weapon for my main for healing I'm going to keep that sword

Oddly enough win play as A2 on my alt or my main account both Fayt on both accounts do not protest in fact I think they like it too much...put any other girl that I'm not playing as in the party they ignore them or protest so....yeah.

Well Fayt is into the whole VR world thing and A2 is an Android it don't surprised me at all I just got a feeling Fayt is attracted to anything internet related or VR related wise and I noticed Rena acts a bit jelly win A2 is in party win I play as her...hmmmm well females in this game I noticed if you play on auto battle you can see who they like and dislike anyway Rena is another possessive type of girl but so is Fayt he acts very possessive on auto battle and other guys it depends and who he can get alone with so far I can tell Fayt get along with Faize who been in many events with him *hint* *hint* and Fed Edge and Winter sky Fidel other guys who Fayt is with Fayt will collide with them that why I only use Rain or Dias on boss battle.

That why I was so surprised win Fayt did not protest win A2 was around or win I'm playing as her...I think Fayt might of like it too much that the feeling I got

A2 on my main account is maxed LB out and I have her GS now I use her in boss fights but that time I've taken her out and replaced her with Rain I switch them around A2, Rain and Dias sometimes my alt don't have a high A2 yet lack of LB stones.

This Cherry blossom event hinted a lot of Maria and Dias hints move over Albel you can't fight or flirt with Dias he's with Maria but that little ending with Chisato trying to find out what Dias is up to ruined the whole Maria and Dias moment...

And I was more surprised Faize was not with Fayt the last events they been together you know...and I have to say the whole Fayt and Roddick moment them teasing Dias like that they are hooked on watching romance I swear it might be a hint how romantic Fayt and Roddick really are but the guys did almost ruined that and mostly Albel upset emotions and yes Albel had the last words in that mini event.

>>Remember win Roddick and Fayt tricked Winter sky Fidel into a romance with Miki and Winter sky Fidel was so dense in that event

Yeah they are into romance alright no wonder Faize is not with them

And don't forget about June wedding event with Reimi and Fayt hello we get to see how much Fayt is romantic then must save gems must save gems...

Poor Albel he acted so upset and jelly that Dias was with Maria in this event and he did get the last words I think Albel might of wanted Dias attention I know that last event they was in they did fight a lot or maybe Albel wants Dias to fight him

Oddly enough Fayt and Albel are not talking to one another ever since that high school event in April we had it was Fayt who was obsessed on talking to Albel who was ignoring him and what happen was Fayt ended up in a lot of battles and getting frustrated that Albel didn't show up and that was the last contact Fayt had with Albel in the SOA story in the school event Fayt even brushed off Sophia for Albel she wasn't happy at all and she helped that guy off the battle area

After that Fayt has been stuck with Faize or doing something tricky with Roddick like setting Winter sky Fidel up with Miki them both alone since Wedding Event is coming up I was expecting more contact with our character and Fayt since he was chosen like getting closer to our character a bit somehow and I was expecting more Reimi like that also since Reimi was chosen also I will say this our character had more time with Fayt then we did with Reimi *hint*

However that event Dais and Albel had was all fighting and fighting at one point I thought...hey Albel ditched Fayt for Dias...until this cherry blossom event showed up with Dias and Maria *hints* all the way that is until Chisato showed up to ruined that dream even Roddick and Fayt was getting all 'drooling' over Dias and Maria getting together but Albel and Cyuss said otherwise thank you guys...>_<

And win Chisato showed up with Ilia I was like there goes that event.

But the Cherry blossom event was fun try it out and see for yourself.

This is all done from my experience everyone can have different experience play the game and see for yourself and if you like play the game on auto and see who like who.

SOA FFBE event.


So did the story mission and...

Ivilish don't even show up at all this OP is false but yes Ivilish has no part in this story.

It starts off win you find Spoilers Fina alone you do a battle with her and Rain and Lasswell come.
Collapse )

I think I can stop now I'm getting way off topic lol :P

So play the new event that is out and see for yourself what is going on.

And good luck to getting the FFBE limited characters that will be rare in the future.

I'll post my pics later and how much I spent to get...*sigh* you will see later.



So the news is FF7-R is getting new graphics...

Or the rumors is that


We know that Square Enix fallout with CC2 a.k.a. CyberConnect2 is big we know that CyberConnect2 was kicked from the team win they wanted new people in this game right?

And that win CyberConnect2 announced they was going to push for .hack more likely that what triggered us getting .Hack//G.U. Last recode

This news is like oil and water CyberConnect2 and Square Enix are going at it and it something I wanted to avoid talking about but win it linked to FF7 remake that's a go

So far the interview just talks about them wanting to use a different graphics
"Yoshinori Kitase has stated he looks to shock fans by introducing technology"

That the quote from youtube video yes I'm trying to keep up with Ff7-R news also

Over all this might mean FF-7 R for PS5...yes PS5 if the rumors are true *sigh*

I'm worried but I'm also upset I got the PS4 Pro for this game >_>

I also got a 4K TV for this game >_>

If you don't know CyberConnect2 was working on FF-7 R with Square Enix it was no secret but Square Enix wasn't 'pleased' with CyberConnect2 work so they kicked them so the rumors was after that 'break up' CyberConnect2 announced .hack//G.U. Last Recode and why we are getting .hack//G.U. Last Recode from CyberConnect2.

There also hints that if .hack//G.U. Last Recode do well we might get another new game out of the .hack series or another remake *cough* .Hack//infection anyone?

CyberConnect2 said they wanted to introduce fans to the .hack games that why they started with .Hack//G.U. this is why we are getting .hack//G.U. Last Recode.

Now on Square Enix side there break up with CyberConnect2 was big they was saying CyberConnect2 was going to be replaced with people with new ideas so far no big names they replaced CyberConnect2 with.

More likely Square Enix 'hand picked' who they wanted to replace CyberConnect2 with people we don't know or heard about.

What dose this have to do with FF7-R? Well the fact is that we never got a new update since CyberConnect2 break up with Square Enix and this news coming out they want

New 'technology' in says a lot that means PS5? That the only thing I can think of

If it not the PS5 what is it?

If anyone else can translate this better then me please do.

Square Enix also said they are working on a bigger game that will be better then
Final Fantasy XV O_o

That was my reaction so if they are going to push FF-7 Remake to PS5 and working on another game that is bigger then Final Fantasy XV where dose it leave FF-7 remake??

So where do FF7-R come in again? If they are going to make a new game or FF game that means...FF7- R is getting pushed back?

This is all my thoughts and news coming from youtube people who try to keep up to FF7-R remake news

One thing oddly... .hack G.U. last recode news always drops win...Star Ocean Anamnesis updates...or do anything I'm starting to see that CC2 is watching Star Ocean Anamnesis and yes Star Ocean Anamnesis is still working with Square Enix so...

Hmm maybe it nothing? I don't know but it always win Star Ocean Anamnesis drops news and updates I get more .Hack news.

As far as I know Star Ocean Anamnesis has no issues with CC2 more likely Star Ocean Anamnesis is worried about FGO and trying to beat them somehow.

The other two games I see going at it is Star Ocean and Tales you should know there bittersweet history it all started with Tales of Phantasia for those who don't know Star Ocean and Tales use to be 'One'...O_O

Yes that was before they broken up in two different factions they split into Star Ocean and Tales games that why Star Ocean fans and Tales fans don't get along and win a new Tales or Star Ocean game comes out they are at it.

For those who wish for a Star Ocean Anamnesis crossover with Tales it not going to happen.

So what do you think about this news FF-7 new graphics or the fact we might get it on PS5 or more later?

I myself is disappointed I do want to play FF-7 remake one day and I wish they would stop worrying over the graphics and how the game looks...*sigh*

Looks like .Hack//Last recode broke my theory they just posted hmm.

Alright this is the word this topic is just...'ugh'

I'm calling this BS topic to have fun.

However the Final Fantasy 7 remake news is??...

I might try to translate this page but I have broken Japanese so...

If someone can translate this page please do.

SOA Prince Claude -update-


"【因果律のその先に】 8/24(木)メンテ後より限定イベント『因果律のその先に』開催! SO2の主人公「クロード」が時を超え、若かりし頃の両親と出会うオリジナルシナリオが展開されます。 イベント限定キャラ『★5式服のクロード(キャスター)』も報酬で入手可能ですよ! #アナムネシス"

"[The law of causality before] 8/24 (Thursday) maintenance after limited event "held"the destination of causality! SO2 hero Claude] over time, younger days of expands the original scenarios meet the parents. Events limited character "★ 5 ceremonial Claude (caster)" also is available in the rewards!"

So the rumors was win they had the radio event
That Prince Claude was 'not' Ilia son but 'another man' O_O

Wait so Emmerson is not 'Claude' and 'Rena' son also!?

This universe is...

So this event with Prince Claude is all about Claude and his 'emotions' for Ilia that triggers Rena and Ronyx they got jealous well you know how silent Ronyx jealousy is but Rena she showed it

So it started out romantically Claude got help from Emmerson hence 'Prince Claude' outfit to woo Ilia O_o

And it turn out to be friendship in the end I was like...O_O all the way

So what they said Prince Claude isn't there 'son' but another 'man' right?

But yes they did hint romance in this one I was surprised it's official give pretty boy Prince Claude out and push for straight romance so what fan base was they aiming for??

That last program they did was supposed to be 'guys' and we got this...

Not that I'm upset I'm all up for Claude and Rena romance it just...

They 'hinted' at this wrong people voted Claude as most loved among girls/guys I think they wanted...'Yaoi' but got this I don't know how the fan base feels this was straighter then a arrow alright

Now they are saying Albel is most 'gayest' now >_<

This event told me that RonyxXIlia, ClaudeXRena, are a couple it cannon they have kids get over it Claude will never be without Rena why people voted they wanted Claude again??

*sigh* out of all the guys we could of had this is what we got

I'm sad yet happy so bittersweet

That why we got M.Anne people voted her most liked and in the game people don't play her

I feel like we got 'trolled' here people want Claude but don't want him with anyone else
People voted Anne most liked and most loved and they don't even play as her

This event is fun and full of tricks it leads you to believe that what you see is there but is not you get the idea?

Prince Claude wants to impress Ilia this leads pretty boy who wants girl who was 'supposed' to be his 'mother' but is not his 'mother' not in this universe >_<

But in the end this event turn out to be friendship and then we get the big old
RonyxXIlia, ClaudeXRena, hints they are together

this event is cute but misleading the fact we was supposed to get 'guys' and we got this...

So take this mind they well never make a guy only event it will either be with there cannon girlfriend or has to do with guy likes girls


I'm disappointing but yes Prince Claude plays just like Ronyx if you want to know

But hey this prove 100% that Claude did end with Rena even now

So no more fighting that Claude and Prince Claude will love anyone else but Rena

That ship has sailed and is going 100%

Sorry for being upset it just...the way the story went and the event...It got me

So SOA is all to my point of view pushing out girls and making straight romance I'm going to say that because that how it feels so if you're into 'Yaoi' this might be not the game for you

If they ever go back into making nothing but girls let them do so that what they want

I myself am a fan girl I go both ways I like the fact they put ClaudeXRena in here it makes it more cannon

But the people who voted for Claude as most liked you got what you wanted this event was for you I do hope you enjoy Prince Claude he's not that bad

And yes I'm salty that they only given us Claude no Prince Claude sorry for all of this

I'm very salty

Sorry for all of this it just got my emotions I'm a fan girl

Prince Claude event is out and go see it for yourself

But don't fall for the trap 'Prince Claude' is pretty boy attract the girls but this event is 100% romance with guy and girl

And enjoy this update before the real one drops

Ashton it's all about Ashton

And I apologize for my 'rant' I was upset T_T sorry and salty...

.hack//G.U. Haseo new outfit.


o_O O_o er...he looks like a hollow no...arrancar! O_O something from 'bleach' is the first thing that come to my mind >_>


Something from Bleach...O_O but his outfit almost like like something from SAO people was saying it look like SAO.

People are surprised to see Haseo in this outfit shows off his chest hello his 3rd class did that also.

Warning this talk has some spoilers in it you have been warned

So the black dots are AIDA right?


So Haseo overcome his emotions to get this job from AIDA??


IT the same AS Tokio what do you think Tokio powers are?

if there is a chance we are dealing with AIDA there is a chance we might see Tokio or AIKA

But overall Haseo looks deadly I think he may become the dominated one now maybe

If there is no change in Azure Kite that might happen lol

But I do want more characters to be added to this game like BlackRose, Kite, Tokio or someone.

Haseo still has his 'charm' I got to tell you that even in this new outfit I'll miss the butt protectors :P

Seriously I'll miss his X-form I wonder if his Twin blade animation will change if he get this new outfit??

If you noticed ever since Haseo got his X-from Haseo twin blade attacks normal ones mirrored Azure Kite animations
That why Haseo in his X-from look different win he used his twin blade normal attack not his special that something I picked up win I had Azure Kite in party playing G.U. long time ago that was funny and cute

Since Haseo X-form are connected to the 'Key of twilight' right? So his new outfit might be connected to...
Ovan yes I'm thinking something tragic is going to happen to Ovan and Haseo will inherit his powers...

And this might be the results of Haseo merging with AIDA not Azure Kite >_< that AIDA inside Ovan arm
And we might get to see what AIDA looks like O_O

They say that AIDA is capable of speech by assuming control of Ovan's voice but we never got to see what AIDA looked like at all if AIDA has a body right?

That a good theory but AIDA has been erased that what wiki says and I'm thinking its right however Ovan powers hello he is the "Rebirth" so anything can happen?

Well if it's not "Rebirth" or AIDA it has to be something else that given Haseo that powers...

Er...Tokio? O_O no no no that would be...>_>

Um...Aura? But why would she given Haseo the powers of something she was trying to defend herself from?

Kite? How would that happen that would be a crazy plot twister

BlackRose? That might happen if she WAS 'Sharp BlackRose' from .Hack//Guilty dragon

Wait it can be someone from .Hack//Guilty Dragon or .Hack//N.U. also or maybe I'm going to far...

So yes what do you think it is? and old foe that 'Mysteries girl' that shows up or something else?

And yes I just found out Haseo out of the blue meets a 'Mysteries girl' who we don't know about...

Quote "However, a mysterious girl named Kusabira suddenly appears before Haseo, and she appears to know about the Q’ha Holme caverns where Ovan was found frozen…"


I just noticed...isn't that outfit that Haseo has the opposing one that Kite had?...
O_O in .Hack//Link Kite's Xth form it has to be the trance coat maybe I'm looking too deep into this...

Wow this has gone long enough this is all from a picture of Haseo and wow I'm still seeing the whole
hollow-arrancar thing it the black spots I tell you...

With this info we got someone can make a Bleach and .Hack//G.U. crossover now :P

But yes what do you think of Haseo new outfit like or dislike?

I myself like his X-form better it just me but I'll get used to this one maybe.

SOA ranking low?


So we find out SOA a.k.a. Star Ocean Anamnesis fallen in ranking bad.

People say it not the characters but the events really?

My guess it's the girls you make a star ocean game and deliver girls after girls it just get tiresome after that many.

You see if you just 'aim' for one fan base witch is the guys at this point it didn't work you can tell by how far the ranking is I think they noticed the 'fan base' win the fans requested Albel to be made they tried to ignore it but it was a too big of a demand and win Fayt come out later the fan base went wild

Not only that Albel and Fayt was the both best selling at that time that win they ignored it again and pushed for girls.


The last guy we got was Edge that was long time ago they been pushing girls and girls out after another hoping to get the more of the 'guys' fan base in and it didn't work it flopped.

if they had wedding guys and swimsuit guys it would of sold but no they wanted girls and girls and girls.

That was a bad move on there part I think even that other guy was asking 'where the guys at?' or hinted to that even Swimsuit Myuria VA asked 'where the guys at?' whoever making this decision to put girls in needs to stop

The fan base is not one sided we got both fan bases here you can tell in the last swimsuit video everything was 'smooth' until Swimsuit Myuria VA ask 'where the guys at?' that win that guy got red I can tell he got upset I'm getting the feeling the person who working on this wants to make nothing but girls.

The last CM they made was aimed to draw in more guys I don't know if it worked or not.

So yes you can see that this was there latest push to draw in more guys so they can keep on making only but girls

The real girl players at this point like some big named youtubers who are girls might of dropped this game and some of the girl player fan base might of fallen a bit

And the guys who are into the whole 'I want guys' might of dropped a bit also yes 'Yaoi' is still big over there

I say they need both fan base to survive not just one

And even facebook group was like 'girls don't play this game' they stop saying that win the girls start posting in there facebook group

So yes girls DO play this game

Sorry for getting upset it just 'ugh' me that people don't think girl's play games at all and to see this from a series that you care about it just got to me

From now on I'm going to support this game but if they keep making nothing but girls that will ease up a bit

I won't be throwing money into this game every time more girls come out

The only girls I do like are

Rena, Wedding Rena, Wedding Maria, Clair, and Swimsuit Reimi and Reimi.

These are the girls I did play with and have in party at one point on both accounts that was fun

The other girls I never did get or never felt attached to I almost did like Swimsuit Miki that was a almost

To say over all my upset emotions I don't hate the girls it just they are making too much and it get boring seeing them

Not only that the events they are doing are...Easy they need different events they need more fun events

Everyone has different feelings and there are some people who just want nothing but girls but for me I want a mix of both I don't mind the girls it just give me a guy every now and then

And yes this was a random talk about SOA and there ranking and how far they fallen and what made it fall?

Do you think it was the girls?

The events?

The story?

Or the fact the last guy we got was Edge it has been that long

And yes everyone has different ideas and I apologize for sounding negative and if I have any bad spelling here it my nails >_> my nails are getting long and...typing with long nails are...

Back on topic overall SOA is the best phone game I ever played I will continue to support it

And I hope we get some guys in the future in the game and the next big event we will get 'Halloween?' might have a mix of guys and girls for both fan base so it not one sided

For the crossover event something for both fan bases but we might get girls for that one.

SOA Caster buffs so we did??


Again I don't play with casters but...except Faize who comes in the party sometimes on main account.

"Changes on 1.7.0
Adjustment Contents
- Additional config added in Battle Settings
- Gacha Layout changed
- Multi Room codes changed to numbers only
- A portion of character's victory pose camera has changed

Unique Caster Revision for some characters

- Higher Rush Combo Damage
- Added Lightning to Rush Combo and is now Extinction (Violet Lightning)
- Lowered the amount needed to fill gauge

Military Spirit talent has an additional AP Consumption -20% so Ronyx can Cancel Bonus 300% by himself

Chosen Intelligence talent has completely change and is now "Damage to Single Target +30% & Ease of Stun +15% (All Allies)"
The cast time reduction from Chosen Intelligence moved to the talent "Feelings for Elda"
Dark Element added to Rush Combo and is now Elda Pierce (Dark)"


Hmm 'buffed' is the word not all of them have been said we need Lymle and Sophia you get the idea.

The 'Gacha' layout is something to get used to it's new some people already dislike it.

And one thing I did noticed Ivilish her voice is More after battles win you click on the banner there IS more Ivilish >_> I'm barely liking her and now we have her voice more...I had to turn her voice completely off in the settings.

(SO Ivilish voice is off on both accounts I don't mind Koro voice)

Ugh...I like it win it was silent but yeah more Ivilish they are really pushing her to be loved.

Sorry It felt like she was 'nagging' and 'nagging' after every battle some people like her encourage words but it just got flat out annoying for me in the end.

If they come out with swimsuit Ivilish that will be 'it' we know that Ivilish is supposed be 'Waifu' cannon wife to this game but I think that is enough for now give the poor girl a break we need other people or better yet swimsuit guys I would love some swimsuit guys.

However people are already guessing it's going to be swimsuit Nel and Swimsuit Ivilish and swimsuit Miki more girls but they already hinted at swimsuit Miki and they also maybe hinted at swimsuit Maria in the comics...so we might get them again...T_T

if that ever happens I'm not rolling for any of them we already had them as wedding girls except Miki so we need new people.

new blood new swimsuits new people.

Hmm didn't they joke about swimsuit Deputy Director Shimada long time ago?? This is his time to shine :P

Sorry for sounding upset it just the whole Ivilish voice got to me and SOA is supposed to be my relaxing game.

An sorry Ivilish I know you may like her and hearing her voice more might encourage you to play more but it was not for me.

By the way the SO5 event was cute and Fidel from SO5 almost 'hey did we ever met before?' the whole event was relaxing until you realized Ivilish was involved somehow I think she sent our characters there by the looks of it she open the portal to get us back.

My guess they are going to promote the girls and Ivilish ever more to draw in more guys so expect more of that in the future.

Ivilish isn't that bad but she is a Tsundere and she was cold a first and now later she is showing that she might like our character and since there no one else around we might have a ending with her and it was at first she was the only main heroine that can't fight however that changed around the April Fools event the first ever Healer Ivilish it was supposed to be a 'joke' however they pushed Bridal Ivilish out to make it serious now and yes Ivilish has a demanding side soft side a.k.a. Tsundere.


So far the only girl I feel attached to in this game is Rena I like her soft side everyone else is 'look at me!' and pushing one another out of the slot since everyone has some kind of attachment to our character don't manner what gender they are.

Oh boy some of the guys have that side of them to ones like Dias and Albel watch out of them.

So far the laid back guys was- Fidel, Claude and Roddick. (I don't use Roddick but I can tell by renting one)

Win I say laid back guys I mean easy going guys that don't get pissed or upset win fighting.

Fayt is a mix bag he can go either way sometimes he's way too possessive.

Faize is easy to get upset and Faize is the fastest to 'rush' um...Faize is Faize you get the idea.
(And thus is why I said you have to get use to Faize emotions if you're playing as or with him)

Victor odd win I noticed Fidel in party Victor will act like he is Fidel boyfriend er...I mean 'glare' at Fidel and try to squeeze him in the wall if that don't happen Fidel will turn and glare and chase Victor away...if I have Daril rent Victor will stay by him or runaway from him O_o I always knew there was a Drail-Victor-Fidel love triangle going on.

Oddly enough win Emmerson is in battle rent Fidel will stay by him O_o er...nothing to see here.

Sadly to say the whole Victor and Fidel romance I think it flopped I think the only reason why Victor will ever go with Fidel because he reminds him of Drail and the fact that Drail and Fidel are father and son that is...and Victor always puts Drail above anything else.

That my take on playing Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, I still think Star Ocean 3 is way better.

And people will think other ideas about SO5.

Oh boy I went way of topic sorry *ahem* so yes get ready for swimsuit that are coming and guess who we are getting.

And win the swimsuit come out we will see who they go for I think they might make more girls for the guys.

SOA thoughts.


So people are saving up for the new event.

However as you know hard Luther is out and people say you have to dodge if your going to use Albel.

I never did try fighting hard Luther but they say he has more HP and that attack.

So mainly I have both accounts on auto and just playing around doing normal fights.

I noticed something odd my main I have Fayt as leader and he acts normally right? So on my Second account I set Albel as leader and Fayt second and Fayt is...stalking Albel I think that might be another throw back to SO3 if you put Albel as leader it's cute and kind of funny.

And yes I got to save up money to buy SO3 and DL to my PS4 off my Japanese account so this might be the first time I'm going to play the Japanese version of SO3.

From what I can tell people are having a hard time playing as 'Albel' with the harder Luther fight so my guess is they are not dodging right or don't know how to play as him as Faize he's kind of hard to play as also but yes you really have to dodge a lot playing as Faize.

I think I also seen a video where all girls was fighting hard Luther and won...it was on youtube so I don't know what to say.

As for hard Luther I think have Rena for her fast healing.

However as for now people want the new event to start already and there is a new weapon draw in the store you have to have gems for them.
I did here they are somewhat good.

So yes this is a small update and for now I went back to SO3 on my PS2 and I just realized how much I missed that game.

I'm also playing SO2 the original version not star ocean second evolution I'm playing the original version on the emulator and wow I missed the old voices.
Link- http://coolrom.com/roms/psx/40031/Star_Ocean_-_The_Second_Story_(Disc_1).php
You can find it here but somehow I lost my disk 2 of this game >_> but yes this game works alright on my windows 10 PC.
For this I'm using a simple Logitech controller and it works I got it at fred meyer I never used so I put it to use I think last years.
The Emulator I'm using ePSXe200 it works alright.

So I'm getting my Star Ocean fix seriously this is Star Ocean madness.

This makes me wish they have Star Ocean on Steam I would buy them in a heartbeat but yes Star Ocean 3 HD is out for Japan for the PS4 and you have to have yen to buy it so I'm going to go after that next no word on English version yet.

SOA Top.


I thought I'd share what I've heard.

Caster mage-
Faize for fast cast and yes so far Faize is the fast caster and if you get him max out he can tank however playing as Faize you have to do a lot of dodge.
Sophia for fire and buffs they say put her with Faize.
Lymle is alright for fire damage but I never did like her sorry.
Myuria would be last sadly to say Sophia and Faize outshine her.

Rena is top for now you want to get Rena she also has buffs put her with Sophia for major buffs.
Millie she not as fast as Rena but she can heal you want her if you can't get Fayt for buffs.
Miki she is the last resort healer she has that Light AOE I think if you get her to 6 star but people say she not good no more.
Hana she's good for heals if you don't want to go for Millie try going with Hana I use her for heals.
Nel healer Nel is alright if you got nothing.

Dias is a tank if you get him to 6 star.
Victor people say that Victor has come back I have not yet to see that if you can't get Dais get Victor.
Stephen D. Kenny I see a lot of people use him so maybe?
Miki defender Miki is pretty good she not as powerful as Victor or Dias but will do if you don't have any.

Attackers- Oh boy
Cliff people say that Cliff is still the major tank if you have him I don't have him on either accounts.
Fayt his attacks feel much smoother then Albel if you ask me but yes Fayt is powerful once to 6 star.
Albel is a tank if you can dodge and keep using air slash of fury he is pretty powerful after get him to 6 star.
Claude people say Claude is good over Albel I'm not going to argue about that omg.
Lenneth she was good? Before Fayt and Albel and Claude come out lately she fallen in behind in popularity.
Fidel would be dead last people say that Fayt replaced Fidel and people say that Fayt is more powerful then Fidel so I'm not too sure about that I don't have Fidel.
Daril no use for him at all poor Fidel dad use him if you got non of the top 'Aces'.

Maria is still tops.
Clair would be second people like her.
Phia is pretty good if you can get her people like her because of her element and attacks she might be up there with Maria and Clair as a must to get.
Reimi is up there I think she is one of the tops If I recall.
Nel would be good to get but she's not that great.
Valentine's Day Clair she alright.
Pavine people do use him I think he's not that good maybe it's his character? (I think he's creepy and he love to stalk my accounts)

As for rushes so far I noticed Fayt, Albel and Dias have major tank rushes Rena's rush is alright along with Sophia and Faize but people are starting to say Sophia rush is OP for a caster.

So it all depends and who you like and what party you're going with.

I only use Rena if I need to for now I'm using Fayt and Albel and some random one but on my other account I finally made Hana into a 5 star so she can heal.

Now If I use Rena in party I put her in main so I can control her and put Dias on party maybe Sophia or Faize.

But yes you don't want to use all 4 stars cards you might want to try and get 5 stars at least 2 in party.

So go for the rainbow win you do random RNG draw and wish for the best.

Oh right I spend my last...money on another RNG draw...>_< and got Fayt for my main account but all that money...omg.
"@#%^&$@" don't ask how much I jut spent for Fayt...I don't want to remember...But I had fun.

And yes I'm seeing a lot of Sophia and Fayt cards going around so yes it looks like they are popular now.

So last hero to come out is Edge they might pull a random SO4 event but I'm not too how they can do it now since SO2 and SO3 are out in events and yes SO3 is the all 'end game' it's still confusing for timeline.

Link- http://dengekionline.com/app/sp/soa/
This page is more updated then Wiki that what people say.

Link- https://www.dopr.net/anamuneshisu-cheats/%E3%83%AA%E3%82%BB%E3%83%9E%E3%83%A9
Updated Wiki??? Alright here is SOA Wiki update for top characters.

So far I'm having fun running around as Fayt maybe it just the whole nostalgic feeling? I mean Star Ocean 3 is most loved and yes Fayt is more faster in attacking I mean I just go and hit everything and he attacks more...faster?
Compare to Albel yes his normal attacks not his skills attack it's hard to explain.

And some other time it just me attacking nothing with Fayt is kind of funny Fayt just owns the monsters to fast.
Either that or Albel uses air slash of fury and destroys the monster before I can hit it >_> I'm having fun.

So this time around it looks like they made real money Fayt might of drawn a lot of people.