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SOA X NieR:Automata event.


This will have major spoilers if you had not played the new event play it now.

My random theories about this story.

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So this is my take on it people can play this event now and see for themselves how it is and it sounds like something right out of the fan fiction.

That my take on this event the emotions I feel.

Play this event and see how you feel about it that all I got to say but this event was fun now I got to play it again on my alt with no Rena for heals T_T

It did draw me back into SOA again and it made me spend money on RNG luck that given me...

I'll post later about it...

New comic.

I hope RNG luck is with you on getting the characters you want.

"現在、特定のミッションにおいて、アプリが強制終了しやすくなる症状を確認しております。原因は調査中となりますが、強制終了する方はバトルに使うパーティメンバーの編成を変更することで改善される場合がございます。お客様にはご不便をおかけして大変申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス"

"At present, we have confirmed that the application will be easier to kill on certain missions. The cause is under investigation, but the person who kills it might be improved by changing the organization of the party member used for the battle. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to our customers."


I hope you enjoy this event and have fun.

All this drama makes me want to do a Star Ocean story...O_O the hints the hints...is real.

Keep in mind this is my thoughts everyone can and will have different ideas.

Now I'm going to say this talk has theories in it.

SOA FFBE event.


So did the story mission and...

Ivilish don't even show up at all this OP is false but yes Ivilish has no part in this story.

It starts off win you find Spoilers Fina alone you do a battle with her and Rain and Lasswell come.
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I think I can stop now I'm getting way off topic lol :P

So play the new event that is out and see for yourself what is going on.

And good luck to getting the FFBE limited characters that will be rare in the future.

I'll post my pics later and how much I spent to get...*sigh* you will see later.

SOA Caster buffs so we did??


Again I don't play with casters but...except Faize who comes in the party sometimes on main account.

"Changes on 1.7.0
Adjustment Contents
- Additional config added in Battle Settings
- Gacha Layout changed
- Multi Room codes changed to numbers only
- A portion of character's victory pose camera has changed

Unique Caster Revision for some characters

- Higher Rush Combo Damage
- Added Lightning to Rush Combo and is now Extinction (Violet Lightning)
- Lowered the amount needed to fill gauge

Military Spirit talent has an additional AP Consumption -20% so Ronyx can Cancel Bonus 300% by himself

Chosen Intelligence talent has completely change and is now "Damage to Single Target +30% & Ease of Stun +15% (All Allies)"
The cast time reduction from Chosen Intelligence moved to the talent "Feelings for Elda"
Dark Element added to Rush Combo and is now Elda Pierce (Dark)"


Hmm 'buffed' is the word not all of them have been said we need Lymle and Sophia you get the idea.

The 'Gacha' layout is something to get used to it's new some people already dislike it.

And one thing I did noticed Ivilish her voice is More after battles win you click on the banner there IS more Ivilish >_> I'm barely liking her and now we have her voice more...I had to turn her voice completely off in the settings.

(SO Ivilish voice is off on both accounts I don't mind Koro voice)

Ugh...I like it win it was silent but yeah more Ivilish they are really pushing her to be loved.

Sorry It felt like she was 'nagging' and 'nagging' after every battle some people like her encourage words but it just got flat out annoying for me in the end.

If they come out with swimsuit Ivilish that will be 'it' we know that Ivilish is supposed be 'Waifu' cannon wife to this game but I think that is enough for now give the poor girl a break we need other people or better yet swimsuit guys I would love some swimsuit guys.

However people are already guessing it's going to be swimsuit Nel and Swimsuit Ivilish and swimsuit Miki more girls but they already hinted at swimsuit Miki and they also maybe hinted at swimsuit Maria in the comics...so we might get them again...T_T

if that ever happens I'm not rolling for any of them we already had them as wedding girls except Miki so we need new people.

new blood new swimsuits new people.

Hmm didn't they joke about swimsuit Deputy Director Shimada long time ago?? This is his time to shine :P

Sorry for sounding upset it just the whole Ivilish voice got to me and SOA is supposed to be my relaxing game.

An sorry Ivilish I know you may like her and hearing her voice more might encourage you to play more but it was not for me.

By the way the SO5 event was cute and Fidel from SO5 almost 'hey did we ever met before?' the whole event was relaxing until you realized Ivilish was involved somehow I think she sent our characters there by the looks of it she open the portal to get us back.

My guess they are going to promote the girls and Ivilish ever more to draw in more guys so expect more of that in the future.

Ivilish isn't that bad but she is a Tsundere and she was cold a first and now later she is showing that she might like our character and since there no one else around we might have a ending with her and it was at first she was the only main heroine that can't fight however that changed around the April Fools event the first ever Healer Ivilish it was supposed to be a 'joke' however they pushed Bridal Ivilish out to make it serious now and yes Ivilish has a demanding side soft side a.k.a. Tsundere.


So far the only girl I feel attached to in this game is Rena I like her soft side everyone else is 'look at me!' and pushing one another out of the slot since everyone has some kind of attachment to our character don't manner what gender they are.

Oh boy some of the guys have that side of them to ones like Dias and Albel watch out of them.

So far the laid back guys was- Fidel, Claude and Roddick. (I don't use Roddick but I can tell by renting one)

Win I say laid back guys I mean easy going guys that don't get pissed or upset win fighting.

Fayt is a mix bag he can go either way sometimes he's way too possessive.

Faize is easy to get upset and Faize is the fastest to 'rush' um...Faize is Faize you get the idea.
(And thus is why I said you have to get use to Faize emotions if you're playing as or with him)

Victor odd win I noticed Fidel in party Victor will act like he is Fidel boyfriend er...I mean 'glare' at Fidel and try to squeeze him in the wall if that don't happen Fidel will turn and glare and chase Victor away...if I have Daril rent Victor will stay by him or runaway from him O_o I always knew there was a Drail-Victor-Fidel love triangle going on.

Oddly enough win Emmerson is in battle rent Fidel will stay by him O_o er...nothing to see here.

Sadly to say the whole Victor and Fidel romance I think it flopped I think the only reason why Victor will ever go with Fidel because he reminds him of Drail and the fact that Drail and Fidel are father and son that is...and Victor always puts Drail above anything else.

That my take on playing Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, I still think Star Ocean 3 is way better.

And people will think other ideas about SO5.

Oh boy I went way of topic sorry *ahem* so yes get ready for swimsuit that are coming and guess who we are getting.

And win the swimsuit come out we will see who they go for I think they might make more girls for the guys.

SOA Wednesday maintenance.


【5/31(水)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 水曜日の14:00~17:00頃まで、新イベントの追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス開始をもって、開催中のEoEコラボ、SO4イベント前編、コイン交換所全開放は終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス
"5/31/(Wednesday) maintenance] 14:00 on Wednesday-will be doing maintenance work due to adding a new event to 17:00. With the maintenance starting EoE collaboration being held, SO4 events part, open all coin Exchange will end. Please note that."


So farm farm and farm win you can Events will end and maybe new events will come and maybe wedding girls?

Now I said I was going to avoid the girls right? I'm going to see if they are worth it I do like Wedding Nel but wedding Maria looks too much like Fayt >_> that don't help sorry.

It looks like maintenance is starting sooner then usual hmm are they going to push for the girls much faster?

Are they adding the girls that soon? I would be surprised if they did.

So if you're farming EoE event do it now and it looks the first part of SO4 event will end also if I'm reading this right so you might want to fight that bird again.

I might do little farming tonight er...today depends on timezone we're in...Japan is one day ahead of us.

So 5/31/(Wednesday) maintenance] 14:00 to 17:00 get ready for that one.

And it looks like people on twitter are talking about the girls...already?

Alright time for Waifu wars part 1 lol.

Who do you love the most?

Wedding Albel and Wedding Fayt would kill the fan base any guy in a tuxedo or...dress would kill the fan base not the girls.

I know for a fact Albel and Fayt both brought in the money on the girls side Rena didn't do good from what I heard and the Crossover girls did good from EoE but if they do nothing but girls and girls and girls I'm going to be very disappointed ever since the EoE event we had nothing but girls and Edge was the only guy we go >_>

But I will accept if they do nothing but girls and add Albel in a dress I'm being serious if people can say they want Deputy Director Shimada and Cliff in a dress why not Albel? He partly there.

Sorry my fan girl taken over me

For the guys I would like to see Fayt in a tuxedo or his school outfit.

For the girls I think Rena might look cute.

Celine would be overkill along with Myuria can you say sexy enough?

The shadow picture they posted of who they have ready next looks like...
Sophia and Welch? People was guessing it can be Reimi but I don't know so it looks like more wedding girls?

The shadow they posted in
You will see the picture.

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/869025717442330624
New comic kisses all around oh man that look Sophia and Miki has.

I've always knew Sophia and Miki was the 'I am you're wife' type they are too flirty and pushy and...ugh I never did like how they acted sometimes that why I always avoid there ending and I know people/guys like Sophia and Miki.

On the side note-
I am playing Star Ocean 3 HD on my PS4 very slowly win I have time and it's fun the voices are a bit low?
What did they do to Fayt English voice...he sounds more...rough some parts he sounds soft normally but...
dun dun dun dominated Fayt? More like his Japanese voice I have the feeling they are trying to say Fayt is not the Uke here.

That would fit how Fayt is in Star Ocean Anamnesis.

Get ready for this update we might get the girls we might not but we do know we are getting a event.

SOA story 01.


"Set in Space Date 539 (A.D 2625), the player controls the captain of the Pangalactic Federation starship GFSS-3214F, which was exploring deep space following the events of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness two years earlier. After a surprise attack by pirates, the entire crew jettison the vessel in escape pods while the captain stays on board with only the AI robot Coro (voiced by Ryūsei Nakao). Making the decision to activate the ship's hyperspace drive, the warp fails and ends up sending them to a distant region of space outside the Federation's borders. While investigating a seemingly barren planet, they happen upon a mysterious women being chased by a monster. The woman, named Ivlish (voiced by Sumire Uesaka), uses a powerful form of Symbology magic that allows her to summon warriors from throughout time, and manages to escape with the aid of her time-warped allies. After she joins the captain back on the ship, the course is set to return home to the incredibly distant Earth."

Link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Ocean:_Anamnesis

So that means we control that captain who we named in the begging...er is it male or female and how old are they?? and What do they look like? That is the questions I would like to know.

No wonder in that Lymle event win we got shooter Lymle that event Emmerson thought suspiciously about our character or something along those lines that was the feeling I got if it wasn't for Faize stopping that something might of went down.

The habits I'm picking up from our character by choice of dialog is that they like--Food, and Sleep?? correct me on this one but we do know where that banana come from and by more dialog it sounds like our character might be around Edge age not that old...maybe...on the flip side we can be way younger then them...O_o;

But the conflict between MC ahem our character and Ivlish is amusing in dialog and yes Ivlish is 100 no 200% Tsundere and yes that whole romantic emotion that the game hinted at Coro and Ivlish was a joke I think they wanted to get a reaction out of people maybe even hinting toward Ivlish being our player character crush?
(Tsu-tsundere Ivlish might like our character hint hint)

If you don't know who Ivlish I'm calling her Iris is she the blond who summons it was a joke in the begging that she can't fight win every other main character girls can fight so that why she ended up in the April fools joke.

But oh man so my character Luna she must be the most emotional serious captain ever lol.

But wait they are AI right?...so in the events I'm seeing reality and non reality coming together?? In the story Ivlish is worried about them and about 'us' using them but I myself got a feeling they are more then AI and the events treats them more then AI almost like they become...real...oh never mind maybe I'm thinking about this too much...(I know the plot twist in SO3 but I didn't think they would move this fast with it)

In the main story Ivlish calls them 'AI' so I guess they are AI but...with emotions?...er...but that also makes me remember SO3 plot...hello win they arrived at 4D space? Fayt and co existed in 4D space right? So is this what happening here to? with them our party?? So I'm guessing win Ivlish summons them they become linked with our character maybe theory: as long as we exist they exist? I got to think about this more.

So that why everyone like and is drawn to our character we have the main protagonist vibe along with captain vibe so that why everyone wants to be part of it and thus the fight for who get to be 'loved' continues.

And yes sometimes our character acts like the silent hero tops who get this one.

Yes this story SOA is not done yet so the main story line is going slow plenty of time to get new players caught up.

But yes I had to post this after I was thinking about the story and time for this game but it looks like Star Ocean 3 is really end game for now in the time line.

I just got a chill...Fidel and our character and everyone must be way older then Fayt and co...O_O

Just wait until we get Edge...he's going to be amazing...and old...compared to Fayt er...sorry.

This is what happens win you mess around with time travel JK But nah I still love them no matter if time is involved I'm happy to see Rena and all the others and yes I wonder how poor Emmerson feels about seeing his parents Rena and Claude and years younger and not married yet.

Spoilers Emmerson is a Kenny/Kenni so we can say that Claude and Rena ending is cannon and we know where Emmerson get his flirty side from Rena and it looks like Emmerson takes after his grandfather Ronyx in bows and this family is descendants of Stephen D. Kenny ahem Lightspeed Kenny so yes this is one major family tree but maybe...ended with Emmerson? or after Emmerson they kind of faded out?. (to my knowledge there was no Kenny in SO3 correct me on this one)

But god this game needs PA's really bad to fill in this emotions now I want a PA with Claude, Ronyx and Emmerson and Stephen for fun.

So this is my talk about this game and story and what my thoughts on correct me on this if you must.

But now I know small parts of the story it makes me a bit excited and it makes me wonder what our character looks like and how old they are I did get some dialog in the game about hints and translation sorry I have broken Japanese but I'm starting to make out Ivlish personality and our character personality to.

So this is my thoughts on it everyone thoughts can come differently.



I was just messing around with my apps so I pulled up .Hack//N.U. and I click on the 'world' button so fast it loaded--to blue screen and back to tittle...T_T

nooo don't tease me like that.

I know .Hack//N.U. is gone but I still have it on my phone and Ipad.

but ever since I started playing SOA star ocean anamnesis the app itself tries to open win I start my phone almost annoying.

Link- https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/
Reddit on reddit side bar is the link to discord I never use it but people do to me it looks like a mash of facebook and twitter but other people run it social media is very interesting.

I still miss .Hack//N.U. but...I hope sometimes in 2017 we get some news on .hack anything related.

So yes this just happen to me win I was looking at my phone and apps waiting for SOA to update.

This is a small post of what just happen you can ignore it.