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SOA 渚のレナ [JP]


"【新キャラクター紹介】 渚のレナ (from SO2) 水樹奈々 (CV):エナミカツミ(イラスト) SO2より「渚のレナ」さんが、★5エースの双剣ディフェンダーで参戦! 敵と近距離時に味方アタッカーと自分の単体ダメUP&味方全体の被ダメDOWN! さらに、ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×5000%! #アナムネシス"


艦長~!本日登場の新水着キャラ「渚のレナ」さんを、動画でご紹介です!(`◎Д◎´)b 水着はもちろん髪飾り、ブレスレット、そして足元のサンダルと、お揃いの花でコーディネート! あ。足元の物騒な得物は気にしないでください (´◎∀◎`) #アナムネシス

Swimsuit Rena the only one new character no Verda as people guessed would come with Swimsuit Rena.

If I recall the only time they did something like this win we got Sigmund he was also a one time draw it looks like swimsuit rena is going to be one draw also.

I rolled like 3 times on my alt got nothing but gold and I'm not going to try anymore swimsuit rena is cute if your lucky to get her.

Looking at the rentals looks like a lot of people got her already maxed so if I want to see swimsuit rena I'll just rent her.

---From facebook---
• Pickup Gacha (Beach Rena)
Start: 16 August 14:00 JST
End: 31 August 23:59 JST

- Increased rates for the Limited Swimsuit Character, Beach Rena! 10-Pulls will grant a bonus x20 Platinum Ingots.
※ Beach Rena will be completely removed from the pool from 8/31 23:59 JST onwards
※ Other Swimsuit Characters are not included in this lineup, including Beach Maria/Millie/Eve/Roddick etc.


- Beach Rena (Ace Defender / Twin Swords)

Battle Skills:
- Piercing Sauce (Fresh)
- Dextral Edge (Fresh)
- Twin Stab (Fresh)
- (6* Evo) Spread Shaver

- Does not flinch to Damage Taken that equals to under 20% HP & While target is at Close Distance, Damage Taken -20% (All Allies)
- Recovers 5% HP every 3 seconds & While HP is above 20%, 80% chance to survive a fatal blow (Self)
- While target is at Close Distance, Single Target Damage +40% (Self / All Attackers)
- ATK +30% & HP +10% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Light Cross | ATK x5000%]
Crit Rate +100% & Crit Damage +20% (Self / 20s)


- Rush Combo & Victory Pose


• Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha / Pickup Gacha / Step-Up Gacha
Start: 16 August 14:00 JST
End: 31 August 23:59 JST

- New Weapon Pickup Gacha (新武器ピックアップガチャ)
Increased rates for the 4 new weapons, which have Ice Elemental / Insect Killer Passives.

- Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha (新武器1本確定10連ガチャ)
Once per player, 10-pull Weapon Gacha which will guarantee at least one of the 4 new weapons.

- Step-Up Gacha (新武器1本確定3ステップ10連ガチャ)
Includes a total of 4 steps. Only 10-pulls, and upon reaching the 3rd Step, will guarantee any one of the four pickup targets. Resets after 3rd Step. x10 Platinum Ingots given as bonus for each step.

—— Pickup Targets ——

※ Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Perma & Ticket Banners on 8/23 (After MT)

[Water Gun - Beach Empress: Rifle]
- Adds Ice Element to Attacks & Damage to Insect Race +20%
- While attacking, ATK Damage Taken -15%
- (LB5) While target is at Long Distance, ATK Damage Dealt +15%

[Waterfish Blade - Scarlet Butterfly Tail: Sword & Sheathe]
- Adds Ice Element to Attacks
- AP Recovery through Normal Attack +100%
- (LB5) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

[Crimson Water Blades - Sweet Angle: Twin Swords]
- Ice Elemental Damage +40% & Ice Elemental Damage +15%
- While target is at Close Distance, ATK Damage Taken -15%
- (LB5) ATK Damage Dealt +15%

[Sharp Edge - Crustachia Bite: One-Hand Sword]
- Damage to Insect Race +40%
- While HP is above 10%, 80% chance to survive a fatal blow
- (LB3) AP Consumption -10%

---End of facebook-----

The One-hand sword not elemental I'm going to pass that only weapon that need a new upgraded ice sword but not this time.

If your going to try for swimsuit rena good luck the rates are...you need luck on your side.

side note playing on auto-battle I did see how the party reacted to swimsuit rena and yes...
fayt emotions toward rena has not changed maybe that's why I never got this swimsuit rena?.

oddly enough groom fayt is more open toward rena and swimsuit rena from rental unlike the original fayt is toward any version of rena at all it almost like...groom fayt emotions are very different from fayt emotions from my rough translations groom fayt is into blue roses and flower language that is different from fayt.

but otherwise another story has been added and yes our character with swimsuit rena more romance comedy but seeing edge get hit by swimsuit reimi was worth it that so makes up for the whole bridal reimi and edge being alone.

but our character having that dream of swimsuit rena and dreaming of her hitting our character that was some dream it reminded me of the first time we had our bridal events with bridal nel that was also out of a dream and VR with bridal maria.

there was no one else except koro and our character in swimsuit rena event I think that's how it should of been with the other events I did not do swimsuit eve event for several reasons I know it hinted that eve has emotions for us so I pass her events now.

but oh boy did they push the whole screaming in pleasure with swimsuit eve that voice she says that one line she says in battle it reminds me some kind...hentai >_> voice...*cough* *cough* moving on...that was major turn off for me but it might draw guys to draw her.

and good luck on your RNG if your going to try for swimsuit rena.

FFBE Draw.


6 accounts later and how many Fidel's later I got them T_T

I wish I knew this method before spending money in this game use
emulator to play FFBE and use

DL this to NoX and play

So this account is free to play no gems T_T

Both my Ipad and Iphone accounts have nothing but Fidel that guy drop more then I liked him to.

Yes move off the Fayt banner and onto the Rena one Fidel will stalk Fayt banner and you will get nothing but him.

They look good

I got nothing but Fidel how many times I got sick of him and I almost lost hope until I made my 6th account and used that name just for 'oh just go for it' I used Zero name and Rena and Fayt both dropped

My accounts on my Iphone and Ipad was so jealous and this is all done on a emulator of all places.

With the NoX emulator you can use it's Multi-Drive look on youtube for more info about that and how to use it but DL the game 6 times and going through it all from start that was time consuming.

But I got Fayt in FFBE I'm happy but the downside is I cannot spend any money in this game T_T

So I wasted that money on my Iphone and got nothing but Fidel it was making me upset.

I might actually play this game now I've seen a lot of re-roll accounts with the same name I think someone else was doing the same thing but they never changed there names but I think they are gone I myself was using all other names and yes you can play FFBE on a emulator.

This emulator helps people who don't have a Japanese account you can play this game at you're PC.

I myself have 2 Japanese Itunes accounts I did this to get Fayt and Rena and I got them both.

However on both of my accounts I never saw them I got nothing but Fidel and it was nuts I think if you pull on Fayt banner you most likely to get 100% Fidel I'm not joking move off Fayt banner and onto Rena banner if you are going to pull for them.

The Fidel draw is crazy he drops more then Fayt will.

This bring me back to the moment win I used to play on the emulator before making Itunes accounts.

So this is my experience I might play this slowly and painfully without any real money in it.

But good luck to the ones who want to pull Fayt and Rena I got both and Fidel randomly drop in a ticket >_> I was like '@#$@%@#' win I saw Fidel who drop again so I'm using him but enough Fidel already.

And the RNG is more harsh then it IS in SOA that from my Experience.

SOA update and what did I get?


Ashton has drop I repeat Ashton has dropped


So what Did I get?


O_O Ashton

Luna is luck

my 1st roll and after that I brought gems >_< I also got a Itunes card for this account

Zero my alt not so lucky 5 rainbows in different draws all the same the only 1 new card I out of that is Relia so my alt now has a good healer T_T

No new draws for Zero poor Alt...

holy I never been this lucky with Luna before this draw I got Swimsuit Sophia

Hmm but I had to farm Ashton weapon that was annoying and after that I got the coins >_<;

So this is my main account now I got so many summons cards

I also drawn 2 times from the weapon Gacha and got the The Holy Sword Farwell O_o
Er compared it with Fayt weapon 'Sea Treasure Sword・Braublitz' S.Reimi weapon and well it falls short if you don't have Swimsuit Reimi sword use Holy Sword Farwell it has good stats for Fayt

Since on my main I'm not using any other attacker and sword user so I given the sword to Swimsuit Reimi it works it felt like they just traded swords :P

Ashton is alright and Mavelle has no casting time? That what people said

Character: Ashton Anchors
Availability: Gacha Permanent
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Dual Sword
Talent: Gyoro's Encouragement - AP Recovery after using Fire Element Skills (Self 10 seconds)
Ururun's Healing - AP Recovery +150% from normal attacks after using Ice Element Skills (Self 10 seconds)
Gentle and Sincere - All Elemental Damage +30% (All Allies) & AP Consumption -10% (Self)
Sole Successor of Symbology Fencing - Rush Damage +10% upon 100 and 200 Hit Count (All Allies)
Rush Combo: Tri-Ace - ATK +60% & AP Consumption -30% (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 11
Skills: Piercing Blade 15 AP - Power: ATK x 150% Max Hit Count: 6 Element: Ice
Twin Thrust 20 AP - Power: ATK x 200% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Fire (Self Recover 5 AP)
Northern Cross 27 AP - Power: ATK x 400% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Sword Dance 39 AP - Power: ATK x 920% Max Hit Count: 30 Element: Fire (Self Recover 10 AP)

Character: Mavelle Froesson
Availability: Gacha Permanent
Role: Caster ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Orb
Talent: Cruel Fate - INT +40% (Self)
Hardships of Vengeance - AP Consumption +100% & Ice Skill Damage +150% when Hail Orb is used (Self 20 seconds)
Light of Atonement - AP Recovery Speed +100% when Shiny Lancer (Midair) is used (Self 20 seconds)
Ancient Arcance - AP Recovery Speed +30% (All Allies) & Will not flinch when casting Symbology (Self)
Rush Combo: Seventh Star - INT Damage +50% (Self 20 seconds)
Power: INT x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 8 Element: Ice
Skills: Hail Orb 30 AP - Power: INT x 230% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice
Shiny Lancer (Midair) 20 AP - Power: INT x 200% Max Hit Count: 8 Element: Light
Aurora Rings 35 AP - Power: INT x 460% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Light
Freezing Impact (Connection) 45 AP - Power: 740% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice

Prehistoric Psynard
Race: Avian
Weakness: Ice
Long Ass Note: Boss does attacks based on remaining HP. Git gud and dodge. Using weakness element and status affliction helps. Freeze and Seal also works to some extent. It may recover HP by using an absorption attack
Caution: If you do not defeat it in 7 minutes, boss will enter Destroy Mode and will do massive amounts of damage
Upon battle start, everyone will get a -80% fire resistance debuff
In addition, the Nightingales that appears with the boss will use Faerie Heal and recover the boss's HP.

So this boss fight use Ice weapons and Ice spells is a must and go after the add on first or else it will heal and heal and heal you get the idea and have a healer Rena or Swimsuit Sophia

They also have a gem sale

So good luck on getting any of them for now I'm going to not roll on my alt I think Zero is good now and my main account time to save gems

And yes the RNG is nuts but oh boy Luna is lucky for now Luna luck might drop

Poor Zero my alt.

And yes Fayt and Ashton are getting along somewhat I'll update later and see if they conflict or not *sigh* Fayt has to be the most stubborn person ever I just replace Faize with Ashton

Talk about stubborn Fayt would not talk until I did the new event and found who 'Ashton' was and all that >_> after that Fayt started to talk again >_< I think the summons have the most emotional emotions at times Prince Claude has no issue with Ashton in fact Ashton is clingy with Prince Claude O_o er...maybe that what Fayt is annoyed about? *sigh*

(oh right I've forgotten about Claude and Ashton...O_o that PA they can have hint hint *cough*...so maybe Fayt saw the hints they had?...and yes we know Claude ending with Rena but that don't count Prince Claude o_O) >wants to ship Ashton and Prince Claude...

It just gives me a take how there emotions work got to love the wonders of auto-battles
You can see everything and how they feel at times

Fayt just looked at Mavelle once just like he did with Swimsuit Sophia no issue it just the uneasy of Ashton for now and I just given Mavelle the dark orb even if she don't have any dark spells it better then nothing

I just notice something odd about Mavelle...do her and Albel share the same Knee Highs?
O_O I mean...*ahem* stockings? I just noticed that well...if you put them together they can be...purple and fashion *sigh* just put Mavelle and Albel in the same party...

No offense Albel and Mavelle users it just they have the same stockings almost.

SOA What Did I get?


So I tried the RNG right? On my main account.

Someone posted you can get the wind sword in this gacha so I rolled got that bow weapon the one I said was good for Reimi?

I rolled again it given me the same bow >_> rolled 3rd time given me a bunch of 5 weapons that was useless a fist, a gun a staff
Oh right the staff was the new earth one but I don't use casters T_T

So lastly I tried the other gacha got a Ice Staff...wasn't too happy.

Now I got 2 good bows for Reimi the

[Horn of Gold: Bow]
- Damage +40% to Beast Race
- Will not flinch to damage that is less than 10% of Max HP
LB Factor - ATK Damage +20% when over 100 hit


Weapon Name: Flame Soul Shooter
Type: Bow and Arrow
Factor: Gain Fire Attribute
+50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks
Limit Break Factor: Recover 3% HP every 5 seconds
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 958 ATK / 960 INT

And I'm not even using Reimi at this point (Not right now I do use her) I said forget it enough weapons I still got gems left so I'm going to save them.

Reimi with the flame soul shooter that's the red bow she is OP with it very OP I have not tried her on the new weapon I got.

So people was saying if you're going to keep the 'leader' you want 2 weapons for them good ones.

For Fayt I got Wind Sword and Ice Sword I was hoping to get another one of either one to help it but I never did T_T

On my alt Fayt has...Holy sword and Ice Sword I noticed the holy sword do nothing for Fayt however it boost his Intellect strangely I tested it and Intellect makes his Ethereal Blast do more damage O_o er...what? All I know on my alt win I tested it the Ice Sword did little damage versus the holy sword that did more thanks to Intellect it had on it.

I'm guessing Fayt needs that Intellect for his attacks right?...O_o if Fayt is still the 'Sword mage' without symbology in this universe
Oddly enough the Ice Sword boost Fayt attack but lowers his Intellect so his attacks get buffed but his Ethereal Blast get lowered??

Ugh I'm confused...

This is what I'd experienced so the Holy Sword Farwell is good for Fayt for attack and Intellect, the Wind Sword Storm dealer the blue sword that is Edge weapon is good for Fayt I noticed Fayt dose more damage with that weapon.

*sigh* so playing both my main account and alt and I'm still learning how it is...

So it can work if you can get more then 1 Ice sword to boots that Intellect maybe.

And if you can get element weapons do so it will help you in the long run for now Reimi has two good weapons and Fayt is going to be using the wind sword or a long long time until I get another Ice Sword if I ever do...T_T

My alt I'm going to try and roll win it done charging I was undecided to go for weapons for save for gacha the gacha they put in there might be a trap and I don't want to pull Lymle or Sophia from that however they have Rena in there for a small chance.

Ah for Swords --

Weapon Name: Storm Dealer
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Wind Attribute
Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
Limit Break Factor: 50% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 963 ATK / 958 INT
-Blue sword that might be Edge weapon- this weapon is perfect for Fayt right at this moment.

Weapon Name: Icicle Sword
Type: Sword
Factor: ATK +15%
Factor: Gain Ice Attribute.
Limit Break Factor: AP Usage Reduced by 10%
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 535 ATK / 533 INT
-Red-pink sword that is Ice elemental good for Fayt-

Weapon Name: Holy Sword Farwell.
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Light Attribute.
Critical Chance +10%
Limit Break Factor: AP Usage Reduced by 10%
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 960 ATK / 959 INT
-gold sword- not good for Fayt but it has damage and INT.

Weapon Name: Renowned Sword - Veinslay
Type: Sword
Factor: Damage to Divine +40%
Damage to Humanoid +20%
AP Usage Reduced by 10%
Limit Break Factor: 80% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 961 ATK / 956 INT
-green sword- the one that Fayt has in his pic I think...

I never did get the Veinslay at all it says you can get it from the Gacha but no luck on this side.

The Earth sword looks like it is the worst weapon for Fayt it might be good for Edge or Claude maybe Edge since Edge has that one earth attack...I think I never did roll for the earth sword the wind sword is much better for Fayt.

The Earth sword is-
Weapon Name: Scratch Blade
Type: Sword
Factor: Damage to Beast +40%
AP Usage Reduced by 10%
Limit Break Factor: Recover 5% HP every 3 seconds, if hitcount is 100 and above.
Yup the good weapon for Edge and it looks like Edge colors to.

I'm not too sure about weapons for Claude or Fidel I'm thinking all the weapons Fayt can use Fidel can use it to as for Claude maybe the Holy Sword Farwell?? Since Claude has no light elemental powers unlike Fayt? But Claude is more...Fire I think.

I'm not too sure about Roddick I never use him so...sorry maybe his weapon you get from the shop??

But I think this is enough thinking about weapons...seriously so just choose who you're going to use and go with the weapons.

SOA What did I get 02


What did I get part 01.

Got a little money and rolled my alt results are...

T_T Albel dropped 1 time copy and Roddick >_< and a Anne copy I cried many tears.

Poor Zero omg I swear luck with this account is bad and I still don't got a good healer I'm not using Millie.

So next month win I get paid I'm going to roll on my main and go for more weapons maybe I can get another sword copy.

Rolled the weapon on my alt got the claws don't have anyone to put them on T_T

My alt account is bad not the luck my main got well I was able to get premium on my alt so alt Fayt can be LB 6 maybe.

so my main party for boss is Fayt, Albel, Dias and Dias has his 5 weapon and Fayt has the Holy Sword Farwell witch don't do anything to him but it might work better on Roddick but I'm using it for the flat out damage for Fayt.

So for heals I mostly rent Rena she that's good.

And in the roll of weapons I got a level 3 dark sword O_o so that level 4 weapon on my main must be...a fire sword >_>

I put it on Roddick so he can cover that element so far on auto on my alt Fayt and Roddick get a along good thus Albel avoids both of them now.

Another way to tell about weapons are to look at it closely and see what color they glow I just didn't pay attention to them that much
my bad.

So this was my roll on my alt not a good roll at all putting 'rent Rena' on the team with Roddick made Fayt quickly turn and look at 'us' I was like O_o my guess he's either wants to stop fighting or he's...not happy with this I got a feeling Fayt might not like either of them and I thought he was getting along with Roddick...

So much drama it's cute

No Edge for this account omg poor Zero.

SOA RNG Results


Time for my results.


Well I tried my main account rolled for Celine and the results was...Sarah >_> *sigh* I don't need her on my main got Rena for that.

My alt account flat out said don't need any of them T_T

Celine looks cool and Sarah isn't that bad I tried them with rentals now since I got so many on my main account I think I'm going to wait for Edge now after that maybe that enough and then I'll focus on my alt account.

Collapse )

So yes that Sword on my alt Zero account is the one I wanted on my main and why??
Well it don't do much for Fayt who has light element in his attacks already but I just want it for damage.

So yes this is my picture of my boxes and my main is Fayt 10LB my alt just got that far but it looks like getting Fayt is hard in RNG some people don't have him yet.

So yes the RNG good luck with getting Celine or Sarah.

Now let's if you're starting a new account I say good luck to you farming mats and Prism orbs are going to be a uphill battle people was saying do story for a bit get good enough level and fly into multiplayer find people who will help you and don't feel bad if you get kicked.

I say from experience Fayt to 10LB wasn't easy and wasn't cheap it was struggle for me I had to buy Premium witch you use real money for and that help a lot it basically some exp cubs, prism orbs and the stones you use for LB a character that's 14 days so it helps in the long run but if you just want gems people was saying don't go for Premium and by the cheaper ones off the store.

So it still a slow build up but it works I might not LB any more on my account if I do get enough I might LB Albel more since he's high.

Some people who say they don't buy into Premium and they say they are playing Free to play it's hard you got to use maybe one character a good one and stick to them there are a lot of people who spend a lot of money in this game and have maybe more then 3-5 characters 10LB.

Right now people are saying Rena is top healer Fayt is wanted and Clair is good and it looks like Claude is having a bit trouble I don't know I don't really use him that much but for me Albel is good if you use Albel as main stick with his long rang attack and Dais is still a tank.

Leanne Wedding is pretty good from what I heard and she is fun to play as if my alt didn't have Fayt I would use her and if you don't have Rena get Sarah she has Angel feather, and Faerie light that is a must for buffs she not a fast as Rena but she more useful.

So if I'm not fighting a major boss I don't use Dais so Dias is my tank put a good weapon hopefully a 5 on him and watch him go you need a defender on the team and a healer if you don't have one rent one otherwise I just use random people if it's not boss and just framing and it looks like both accounts almost use the same set up lol >_<;

Now the feedback people are saying Celine is good but she kind of slow at casting...? I don't know but her Starlight looks good and if you are using Myuria it looks like Celine is a upgrade from her if that makes sense.

And if you don't have Dias or can't get him Victor is good so is Shimada people said Shimada really? Might as well say Stephen D. Kenny to.
I don't use Shimada or Stephen so I'm not too sure about this but if you have Victor use him.

As for healer use Rena or try to get Sarah if you can't get them stick with Miki or Millie I'm not saying Ivilish is good if you get her use her but beware if you don't have her weapon she is slow at casting and you got to play as her or her AI will not healer right I say that from experience otherwise she alright.

For mages Faize is still the fast caster with Sophia and her buffs that's set to go Celine might fit in the middle and Myuria would be last?

Shooters is Leanne Wedding that is one shooter you might want to get from my experience Reimi at 0LB dose pretty good damage with a good 5 star weapon and if you can't get none of them Maria would do people might not say Reimi but if you get a really good weapon for her like I did with my main holy she can nuke foes win playing as her she was faster then Fayt in battle er...alright not in speed but attack and killing foes I had to take her out since she OP with that weapon it was one the red bows and it's pretty powerful and I felt if I'm going to be using Fayt I don't want Reimi to kill foes before he can do anything so I taken her out.

So that why Reimi wasn't in party in the picture and yes Reimi on my main not my alt.

For attackers oh god
Fayt is wanted right now for his skills and power once you get Fayt to 10LB he's pretty powerful and you might need a good weapon on him.
Claude is struggling from what I heard I don't use him so I don't know sorry.
Cliff is still powerful but on the right bosses.
Michael the guy from SO2 I heard he's alright but if the element is not right don't use him and he's a fire element.
Lenneth is not forgotten if you have the right party with her she can be useful otherwise...

Now the damage I did with my main account I need a better sword for Fayt so if I spend anymore money I'm going for weapon draw.

My alt is alright but oh man I wanted that sword for my main and I'm still working on my alt to get that weapon up it's not even 10 yet so...ugh.

So yes that is a little update I might talk about more win we do get Edge I'm going to roll for him on both accounts.

And may the RNG luck be with you oh geez that RNG luck is...don't mind me and this talk was from what people are saying about characters and from my own personal experience so everyone thoughts and experience is different so just play the game how you want.

Star ocena program 11.5

本日20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #11.5』が放送されますよー!ピィピィ!(´◎8◎`)


using Rena voice "Are you ready?"

Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jQYjeSRLWA

So it begins and who we get this time around but people don't really want Sarah I don't mind her but I don't want her not unless she a fast caster like Rena in healing magic I just learn the true value of Rena she is a must at healing the other healers you have to juggle with them and slow casting.

not unless they have someone else with magic maybe Celine? Nole? Leon? Fiore?

But I'm ready to see who we get.

And the side note I got Fayt to level 10LB O_O I'll post pictures later that on the main account and...my alt...might not be cursed anymore >_< the sword I wanted to get for Fayt on my main drop on my alt >_<; T_T and you have to use gems to RNG for weapons.

[Holy Sword Farwell: One-handed Sword]
- Adds light elements to attacks
- Critical Rate +10%
- AP Consumption -10%
LVL : 20
ATK: 960
INT: 959

And then you ask 'why put this weapon on Fayt?' since Fayt has light in his attacks? I just want the flat out damage however my alt Fayt is not 10LB and that account might take a bit >_> *sigh* looks like I have to keep both accounts now seriously ever since I got Fayt up past 8LB on my main my luck in RNG weapons has gone down T_T I feel like every time I roll Fayt is like 'you don't need this' maybe it the game telling me I don't need a good weapon for 10LB Fayt lol.

All he has is his starter weapon from Luther fight at 2 nothing special.

But holy crap got Champ Pater halfway and did a rush with Dias with that 5 fire red katana and Albel and a 10LB Rena rent and holy crap 10LB Fayt is worth it 100% you must if you have Fayt LB him that was on my main my alt not so lucky...

So get ready.

Update- Celine wow and it's Sarah and Edge was mention so was the game hmm.

.Hack//N.U. Update again and talk.


Not that I mind having Haseo his story introduction is odd it makes me wonder who was trying to attack him?

Yes he just randomly appears in .Hack//N.U. then gets attacked by something we find him and after healing him Haseo first form tries to the walk away that win the group get upset and try to fight him I was like 'wft' that part of Haseo personality guys.

Haseo 2nd is in the RNG random draw for 5-for one and 50 for 10 I tried both on my alts who was saving there crystals and none won him.

Not unless theory-
Haseo used the same method that Azure Kite was using you know the one we saw in SAO event? to get here and run into a monster that attack him after he arrived here?, or we got another PK we should be worried about but who the heck would randomly attack Haseo from behind and leave him not finishing him?? or was it in front? it look red...red...another Phantom?, or Haseo B-st? I myself doubt it was Azure Kite but you never know it could be him to all that time in isolation could really mess with his mind and seeing Kite and having Phantom Kite come to this time yeah poor Azure Kite it just a bittersweet reminder he's all alone again.

We get another story added to the game the weapons are the same the only update we had is Haseo been added Haseo 2nd has been added to the RNG along with good SR card for another draw for 30 crystals has been added and the FP has been updated.

Haseo 2nd is in that draw until 5/6 so you got that long to try and win him yes Haseo Japanese voice actor has return Haseo 1st is a water element win Haseo 2nd is a fire element, I don't know how they are going to add Haseo 3rd if they ever do maybe he could be a staff magical user like he was in .Hack//Guilty Dragon?.

And No Haseo dose like not like perfume T_T but he like the other randomly stuff that Sora likes, like thorns both Sora and Haseo share this like I think Kite and Phantom Kite like it to beside that one food they love.

So yes 10 years for .Hack//G.U. and no hint of a PS4 game or remake or HD of the game CC2 has announced they are working on a game but it NOT .Hack related T_T

Link- https://twitter.com/famitsu/status/724886501335683074

So here it my thoughts CC2 is still working on FF7R and they are now going to work on this game but no hints of anything .Hack yet since they are working on these 2 it might be a long time before they do work on anything .Hack for the PS4 or PC or Vita, that are my thought on it on the bright side CC2 has open something in Canada.

Link- https://twitter.com/PR_CC2/status/725511914168578049

So is that the hope we're looking for? they was advertising jobs so this might work out for us maybe we might get .Hack//N.U. in English? that would be nice but you can beat on some words in the story and dialog to change, or it can mean we might get nothing that's another thought thinking about this so anything can happen.

But by the looks on twitter no one has won Haseo 2nd yet so the RNG must be high...or no one is trying.

So yeah 10 years since .Hack//G.U. that was a long time and no Haseo personality in Hack//N.U. look like it hasn't changed at all.

Right I didn't get Haseo 1st SR card I just made him on my 10 item I was fighting him to get his R card and he randomly drop his R card I was like O_o after I put in Kite and Phantom Kite in the same party I was alright he drop the R card because of them two right?, so I can build another Haseo 1st SR card if I want to for me that's more easy in that fight Haseo went after Phantom Kite not Kite I wished I record it or take a picture of it darn it.