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SOA rumors? [JP]


There is a small rumor going around that something big is coming is it real or just a rumor?  👀

Talks about a new EX coming talk about a new weapon type coming all the rumors talking. 💬

The main story is over with right? What can come next?

what do you hope for this game? I want new フェイト I want him to use magic come on in SO3 he used magic 💙

what do you think of the rumors is it true or not?

what was the https://old.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/comments/l2uv9j/tri_ace_is_hiring/
what this for?? A new main story? SO6? what was this?? do anyone know?? 👀

Players are still playing this game that says a lot this game is making money so what are they up to??

Or do you think it's nothing? That it's all rumors? We don't know it might be nothing.

And yes I'm am playing this game and all my accounts 💙

Pokemon masters more rumors.


You heard about the leaks that are coming from JP side right?


We don't know if this is true or not.

N fans get ready N is coming.

More N and Hilbert time they need more time since N is Hilbert other half...

I think they noticed the fans that was talking about Steven and they thought 'We need to add N'

Now I do want to ship N and Hilbert,

Look like more girls are coming to if you want the girls better start saving or using money for them.

If N do come around I want to try and get him so I can have N and Hilbert on the same team.

Who are you happy to see if this leak is real or not?

the new story they added oh wow the evolution they did with Hilbert they are moving him away from the player it looks like 👀
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Twitter rumor is saying SRF Fayt is a defender with one hand sword...

We don't know yet nothing new yet.

But if they keep SRF fayt with swords isn't that kind of...disappointing? if they do have SRF fayt with swords again he has to be a dark element with Dimension Door.


Fayt with scythe was too good I still want fayt with a scythe weapon.

Now twitter saying it was a 'leak'


looks like SOA has a leakier on the inside this is not the first time SOA had a leak.

Twitter is talking about this looks like people are taking SRF fayt very good no hype for the SRF sophia however they are talking about SRF fayt.

This leak so far we know from the info they are talking about

SRF fayt defender with one hand sword that's what people are saying from what I can tell we don't know if this is true or not. (Rumor) I'm going say a rumor but the pic we are seeing look way too real...

If it true by the looks of SRF fayt pic he will have light elemental powers again like original fayt and groom fayt and some other element.

Let's see original fayt has light/fire and groom fayt has light/thunder so SRF fayt might have either light/ice or light/wind I'm thinking more ice maybe since fayt did have ice powers in SO3 so maybe Ice?....but we need Dimension Door.

if that is true they can't keep fayt away from being a light elemental user and one hand swords about the OHS I'm still disappointed about that.

a little more info but not anymore then this we don't know if all of this is true or not this the info we have right now we have to wait and see.