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Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth The Wild Cards Premium Edition


It seems no word on the 3DS LL that Japan got but we are getting this

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: The Wild Cards Premium Edition - Nintendo 3DS The Wild Cards Premium Edition Edition $79.99 I got it order

Song- Light the Fire Up in the Night (P3 Version) no English dub yet but get hyped for this!
Black hair

Persona Q and Persona 5 North america


I'm so excited Persona Q and Persona 5 are coming to US

Persona Q is coming to North America in Fall 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS, Atlus USA announced this morning. You can watch a trailer for the game below.

Very good move AtlusUSA I've been posting Persona Q for Japan and I loved it so lets hope they bring back all English VA for this game P3 VA and P4 VA got to have that feeling

Persona 5 will be released in 2015 for the PlayStation 3 in North America, Atlus USA announced this morning.

I wonder who the English VA going to be with this one?? seems like they are Finishing P3+P4 with Persona Q but I myself hope its not the end for P3+P4

I'm going to buy it that's for sure I was thinking of buying the Japanese ver but I'm going to wait for the English ver

『ペルソナQ』第3弾PV once more


Alright LJ didn't want to let me in no matter how I typed my password it kept telling me it was the wrong one >_< but I retried 3-4 times before it let me in *grumbles*

P3 team ect

P4 team ect

So you can only pic 5 for a team and they are giving P3 and P4 cast the power of switching Persona's! uh right so the two main MC are still wild cards right? I mean that didn't count in P1 and P2 they did that almost too normal how I feel about that...hummm it kind of sucks I wanted the two MC to be special oh well and I see Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth Limited Edition 3DS XL Coming To Japan A stand alone copy of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will cost 6,980 yen and first print copies include a Persona Q: Sound of the Labyrinth soundtrack CD so do we get the same 3DS XL? I hope so but I kind of doubt it humm it almost makes me want to order it just for the game and the 3DS alone but yes I still want this game

Persona Q update again


So yes this has new video CATHERINE Cameo at 1:37 makes me wonder why P3 cast was in the Velvet room again and they wake up at the P4 school I still want this game I'm still thinking this game is using time travel somehow and it seems P1 and P2 both have been forgotten some people are kind of asking why they are not cameo in this game but there is a small bit of hope of P5 since it takes place before P3 and P4 but no word on US Release Dates

Persona Q update




Japanese video game publisher Atlus began streaming two character introduction videos on Thursday for its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labrynth Nintendo 3DS game. The two videos focus on Minato Arisato (played by Akira Ishida), the protagonist of Persona 3, and Yu Narukami (played by Daisuke Namikawa), the protagonist of Persona 4.

End of Quote

Sooo P3 MC name is Minato!! not Makoto for this game but sadly Yu Nrukami is still P4 MC name not Souji so Minato seems kind of shy to me o_O oh right that's how he is I almost forgot how Minato plays in P3 it's been so long since I played that game yes he's the complete opposite of Yu please don't mind me I'm feeling the fan girl phase *Screams* oh god I still want both Minato and Yu to be a cameo boss fight in P5 somehow yes I do like Minato and Yu working like this ♪humm-humm♪ maybe a story might happen in the future oh yes I did buy some more Doujinshi that are going to be in the mail and yes I will update my Photo bucket win they all come in that might be after new years >_< I got it off Ebay so it was on standard shipping >_> it was the only choice they had
What about a Persona crossover with Devil Survivor 1-2? yes I played Devil Survivor 1-2 1 was kind of blah to me but I really liked 2 O_o I think I might know a enough for all 4 games humm maybe I can...do a crossover with...alright I'll see what I can do I may I a Idea that might work

back on topic here Yes Minato talks but he's not really outspoken like Yu they would work well tougher...er...I'll debate more on my Ideas but I'm so excited for PQ

Source- http://www.siliconera.com/2013/12/20/persona-q-shadow-labyrinth-goes-persona-3-persona-4-protagonists/

Persona Q Story or rumors? or just random ideas?


Yes Persona Q has been on my mind lately so powerful the fan service almost taken over me (No joke) and the song is so addicting that I had to have it

Yes you have the music from PQ the a very short music I would love to have the lyrics of this
Story of PQ-
At the "Culture Festival" that takes place in Persona 4, a bell rings, which is also heard by the characters of Persona 3, and captures both parties, trapping them in the high school from Persona 4.The two groups must explore the area, fighting "shadows" along the way, in order to regain the memories of new characters Zen and Rei, which the characters believe will lead them to freedom.The dialogue and events will vary depending on the players choice to follow either the team of characters from Persona 3 or Persona 4

This was taken off Wiki I don't know if it true or not but that the story so far I want to know if this changes both Makto and Yu fates or will it be another crossover with memory erased at the end? and we don't know the game has social links or it just a Dungeon crawl game by the looks of it people are expecting to be a Dungeon Crawl I'm still excited for this game rather it's a normal Persona game or a Dungeon Crawl I just hope this clock tower is not the mirror of Tartarus or something I wonder if you can get a bad ending and have the P3 and P4 group trap there *evil smile* ahhh that would make a good story...*cough* I see Sho Minazuki is not there maybe he got trap outside win the P4 group enter the school? ;P yeah I can see him outside doing something stupid to get inside and being blocked
another rumor going around is that Sho, Zen and Rei are from P5 but I think they are from P4 myself since I hope we get all new Cast for P5 I would not mind having a Cameo of Makoto and Yu boss battle as the tower shows up and win you open the door you fight them yes that would be nice to see and having them have a bit a dialogue before battle about PQ or something and after you beat them they return being lost in that tower great that a bit a torture for them eh? and having P5 MC want to help them as they watched the tower vanished before they can act but yes I want P5 MC not to be a wild card I think it should be Makoto and Yu for special but we don't know who the P5 MC is but P3 and P4 will have a special place in my heart and I'm sure I'll learn to love P5 as well if PQ sells well we might get more Persona+crossover with other Persona games and maybe P5? one can hope of that but I'm going to get PQ now with this I'll go and make a story...*cough* *cough* excuse me

Tis the Season for Persona


After taking part in the live stream last night I was there win they told us the new Persona games

Persona Q is P3+P4 mixed people think this is non cannon and it just a fan game since Makoto is alive and so is Shinjiro and they look way younger then P4 Arena so it might be a fan game or they might have time travel in this game I'm happy to see Makoto in some other game beside P3 but it's kind of creepy the way he smiles almost reminds me of Yamato smile from DS2 I can just see it now

Makoto (Ah so there is more people here more social links I want to collect them all) gives Yu and Yosuke a smile
Yosuke "W-what is he staring at?!"
Yu just silently watches them

Yeah that's not going to happen lol since I taken part of the live stream I did almost squeal win Minato and Souji did a handshake it a shame they didn't show it on this video or I did miss it but I'm thinking that Yu and Makoto are going to work on this whatever this tower is or more like clock tower but yes they do look cute *mumbles*

Alright P4D is a dance game and it's made by the people who did Project Diva and one day I hope they also do a Miku Hatsune dlc for it
and yes they did say they are going to do P5 since everyone was ready to burn them if they didn't yes the live stream was nuts all that hype

Since I own a 3DS I will buy Persona Q and I'll buy P4D since it done by Project Diva but a lot of people did want PQ to be on Vita