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.Hack//N.U. time end.

In Japan it's about 6:33 am there and it's the 20th now the ending said 12:59(in game it said) from now that's 7:00 hours from now so about roughly 7:59 pm that win .Hack//N.U. might end...

Omg I stayed up almost all night just watching them it was heartbreaking. (I did take breaks every 3 hours and stop the game and given them a break)

I taken a nap I finally woke up 1:35 pm here and it's about 6:36 am over there on my main I login and Kite was the first to greet me beside Azure Kite I almost cried...

twitter is going mad since last night posting about .Hack//N.U. use search
"ニューワールド" to find the tweets.

But I just looked up dec 20th and didn't the original .hack end sometimes in December?
I think I remember that from .hack//liminality it makes me wonder why they didn't wait until dec 25 for it to end...

This is so sad the final moments are on us.

I thought I post this and yes I'll come back win the game is gone T_T

I just now noticed that .Hack//N.U. in the bottom of my iphone and ipad they both say
"Good morning" alright I'm emotional right now...the app is saying that in a gray window...T_T

So the way they timed it we got 2 more romance mini games that we did today one that started at 7:00 am this morning and now the timer cools down it will begin again at 7:00 pm this evening just in time for the game to end...daily showed this is our last gold chest so this is the end.

.Hack//N.U. Videos not me.


I was going to wait until after .Hack//N.U. shuts down but I want to post this before it dose.

Link- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwgVBE_IsQG19R7MkVBWQe3YtyakdnQH

Someone did the whole game it might help if someone is looking for more info.

The game shuts down very soon so say your goodbyes now I did login all my accounts and some players was out right now in town.

I was sitting here trying not to cry again...looking at my cards *cough* er...our NPC friends.

However the ending they did post in the video is not a cliffhanger ending?

That might lead to something...

"Come and find me?" something to do with the crying women or people was calling her the crying princess.

Usually the game dailies start around 7:00 AM our time er...7:00 am PST so I'm guessing that win the game will end from now I can be wrong another time they use is at 8:00 PM PST that win they do updates so I'm not too sure what time they will use.

update- time above after looking at the time.

Thanks to my facebook club I was in letting me know about this youtube videos.

But it loos like .Hack//N.U. has two possible endings that the player can choose will that lead to the end of .Hack?? time will tell.

No word on anything new in .hack related but more rumors about FF7-R in 2017 and you know that CC2 is helping square enix with this game that's why maybe they had to shut down .Hack//N.U. not enough time.

But more games that are not hack related they are making with more Naruto games.

I also heard in a rumor among facebook and twitter that .Hack//N.U. was not liked...I don't know if that true or not in Japan.

But on twitter people do post about .Hack//N.U. and WAS sad about it ending that I saw myself so I'm getting conflicted info right there.

So that's about the only info about .Hack//N.U. right now I got to say until the game end I'll post my thoughts about it T_T

.Hack//N.U. story end? part?


I've found one post about the ending seriously??


Nothing else is said...


Cliffhanger ending!? Noooo

But if anyone else knows about the ending to .Hack//N.U. please let me know!

I'm thinking if that the ending it's a step down from .Hack//Guilty Dragon ending.

However I think this is story ending to that story correct me if I'm wrong.

No one else is talking about the ending to that story we know that DD got maybe corrupted otherwise nothing else is said??

So the rumors of .Hack//N.U. being in vol? might be true?

All I know more rumors about Final Fantasy 7 R being made on is floating around I'm saying it's rumors but we do know that CC2 is ONE of the people helping Square enix with this so stopping .Hack//N.U. around this time makes CC2 more time to help on FF7-R.

Link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info/status/806694291187924992
最終日となる明日12/9(金)は 12:00~12:59 の開催となります
events ends this guy I think is the one.

But yes the days are counting down to .Hack//N.U. final goodbye T_T

As of this moment I realized I'll never get DD card T_T this is too sad if only...

I feel bittersweet seeing them as the days go bye...I think on the last day I just give all my items out to them and that will be it beside watching them until the game shuts down...

remember 20th of December 19th for us .Hack//N.U. will be gone forever.
Phantom Kite

.Hack//N.U. DD


I found more tweets about this the rumors is.

So DD get's turn evil as he body is taken over by--bad guy.

Remember this pic? This is what DD looks like after...that!?
DD looks like Azure Kite...*cough* and her hair is longer...
Honestly I thought this was a new girl long time ago but this is DD?...wow she really changed.

Wait can we assume the red eyes is a hint to who is controlled?? So is the crying women being controlled to?
(theory) or the crying women can be evil do we really know?? Someone correct me on this one.

Very ironic it started with DD and the Crying women and it will end with them? Win you start the game What the first thing we see? The crying women shows up and DD chasing her so now they might be both controlled?

You also get this after that DD SR card!! DD is a fire element and she might get along with Haseo *wink* *wink*

translations- "Dwarf-got DD" who is Dwarf? that big guy?? or the evil guys? Whoever it is must like the teal hair women Just kidding :P Sorry my mind just went there...>_> So at odds Dwarf got DD and Crying women but we got the other Kite copies that's good enough and Kite himself.
(Maybe they was after Kite to but Aura was protecting him by giving Kite to us!? Wait...I'm starting to think they was after Aura to...) theory.
This guy?? or the guy in charge? The pretty one with violet eyes and dark hair? If not the big guy beside the crying hair women is that is with the 3 brothers? Correct me on this one.

I don't know if this is true I never made it that far yet 8 stories and 11 battles is a lot to do >_>
And I'm like 2 stories away from that and dealing with Pkers who are...nuts and annoying.

My emotions are they should of never made the battles so long it's...time consuming so the battles right now bring a fire element but yes the bad guys might have DD body doing...? eh...do we want to know?...

If DD is a the legit copy made by Aura and she is a Kite clone DD has the power and I have new theories in Pai event she said that the player character was a AI right?

Well I'm thinking...since people on twitter was talking about getting a e-mail from...themselves it surprised me our character might be a AI maybe...copy of a real person...O_O made by the 3 brothers.

Maybe this AI our character was supposed to bring chaos but Aura might of stopped it buy awaking us that my theory or I can be wrong about it correct me on this one. (theory)

So the 3 brothers are our...that? All that this moment I'm thinking of fullmetal alchemist story...

You get one of the brothers as a SR card and he knows the player character so that is a hint and you see them again way later on.

After thinking that there might be thoughts that DD might be part of the final battle.

So far the story is about DD getting taken over nothing about the ending yet.

Yes I was looking for the ending but nothing yet.

Maybe...it's a cliffhanger ending? They won't do that to us...would they??


.Hack//N.U. vol 2...nah...that can't be...

Well this is what is going on so far I can get together with the help of twitter since I'm not that far into the story thank you the people who posted this on twitter.

But whatever I said is a theory until someone can confirm this I'm not that far int the story so this is my thoughts and twitter talk so take this in mind.

.Hack//N.U. update


It looks like they give you 2 SR cards win you update.

But I just saw someone on my friends list on my alt who-who...HAS DD card!!


Wait how!?

>>Looks at the store nothing new
>>Looks at the new fight maybe..
>>looks at people posting the story maybe...
>>looks at the events nothing new

So my guess it either the new fight event OR the story witch is...annoying I think it the main story.

But why why wait so long to give out her card!?

And to lock it with the main story to...

Legit everyone should of gotten her card this is annoying I wanted DD card to...T_T

or put her in the event fight that would of been easier but yes DD card is out in the game now and I think you have to finish the main story to get it...>_> correct me if I'm wrong here.

either that or it's a drop with the new event going on

Or it's a drop from the arena.

But the update everyone is the same nothing change no new event to fight.

So this is the update.

and the 20th of December 19th for us .Hack//N.U. will be gone.

.Hack...So is it?


So 20th December 2016 is the end of .Hack//N.U.

But in the month of December the new CD is coming out that what the rumors say.

But that news did any news come from that music event?

The answer is 'No' nothing was announced so what dose that mean? The end of .Hack?

They are still advertising .Hack//N.U.

link- https://twitter.com/NEWWORLD_info

But the story is coming to a end and yes I've tried the story again and the battles are still...annoying.

I've taken a look at them in .Hack//N.U. and lately...I've noticed Kite is depressed (Maybe it's me?) I think the characters got a update and no I'm neglecting anyone seriously and Haseo 1st is clingy as ever lol omg.

With both my main and my alt's Haseo 1st is so clingy...not that I mind but jealousy in this game is cute.

Back on the topic is there a new .Hack game coming out my sources tell me 'no' noting yet they will have a new CD out but nothing else is said...and it sad this might be the end of a truly good RPG series even if .Hack was supposed to end with .Hack//Link >_>

So I head rumors about the last story will be out with the last update that what people was saying and the 3 brothers in this story are... "......." you're going to find out in the last update but correct me if I'm wrong about this it what people was saying.

But remember December 20 2016 will be the end of .Hack//N.U. and maybe for good T_T

I hate saying stuff like that I want to believe that someday we will get a remake or PS4 game but the hopes of that is...looking not good.

Maybe that's why they WAS pushing SAO into the light? Because this was the end of .Hack??

I still remember that crossover they did with SAO but so far CC2 only wants to make new games or not anything .Hack related now and I still remember Namco-bandai saying it was up to the publishers not them...so??

With CC2 new game coming out that is not anything .hack related and Naruto and FF7-R remake and maybe another game is there anytime to make anything .Hack related? I'm starting to doubt it.

I'm also getting the feeling CC2 wants to and is trying to cut ties with .Hack that why they are pushing new games out I hope I'm wrong about that...sorry for being negative but that can explain why we never saw a new .Hack game for so long...

But so far the fan base is disappointed and some believe this is the end so they end the 'world' by closing .Hack//N.U. and leave many fans with a heavy heart this is too sad...

And some fans was upset they they chosen a phone game and not something for the console but they got to remember that phone games are cheaper to make but CC2 said that .Hack//Guilty Dragon would decide the fate of .Hack I don't know...if this is going good or bad...but .Hack//Guilty Dragon is gone.

And so now .Hack//N.U. is going to be gone with .Hack//Guilty Dragon so no good?

I still want a PS4 game or have them release the old games for the PS4 I would buy them again or even on Steam or working with VR somehow.

And you know what? We still never got a DD card in .Hack//N.U. I still want that card.

.Hack N.U. story spoilers?


From the info I gather from twitter about the last new story they put ou

The 3 brothers ARE inhabits of the world O_o they are also exorcist? (Correct me on this one please)

And they are your... "........" (family!? my guess is that)

That the translation someone posted on twitter so I don't know if that true or not

we confirmed that you the player character might be a AI but not made by Aura? How about made by the a.k.a. Crying women? the one we keep running into? That's just a theory for now.

But all of this is not mine I don't own the pictures I got it from twitter someone else got that far not me.

As I said before the bosses just got majorly hard and annoying.

But mostly I just login spend some time on my main and do other events and yes this updated also has

Most of the SR cards you can fight and yes Azure Kite has return to get his SR card along with Haseo 1st and Phantom Kite has return also to fight.

.Hack//N.U. will shut down next month keep that in mind and that will be the end T_T

correct me if I'm wrong about any of this I have not made it that far into the story this is all information from twitter keep that in mind thank you.

Update- did one of the story missions but got a long long long ways to go and one of the Pkers called my main character...'brother?'...or did I get that wrong? I got one story mission to do leading up to that mission but omg it's pure nightmare have a Fire and Water elements are needed with a healer.

(And I find it creepy that some PKer we fight knows my character name but let alone use our hairstyle not only that I noticed all Pkers use our hairs for both male and female...hmmm that's not suspicious? At first I thought it was yes they are going to use random hairstyle that we don't use but now...)

And win I thought that moment it lead me back thinking of Soul Nomad Drazil and win you find out about the people in Drazil look like you...and then you find out Revya is world eater? That what made me think of this moment.

Back on topic sorry about that.

But my theory is changing now after hearing that so...maybe

Theory- that our character is a program but not the one Aura made maybe since we first saw Aura maybe she pushed us to our friends a.k.a. the girls mints SR card Kite?

I'm still thinking DD is made by Aura she looks like a Kite copy (Correct me on this one) but so the brothers in that story is?...

dun dun dun....Parent?...*cough* *cough* *cough* er...owner? No Star Ocean 3 Luther not you...
er...family? Now I'm just guessing but it would make sense why we don't have a class and we have to use SR cards to make our class so this story is... interesting.

But yes Pai event and the talk with DD leads me to believe that our character is a AI correct me if I'm wrong about it seriously.
Phantom Kite

RIP .Hack//Guilty Dragon

My sweet prince may you rest in peace forever in the light of twilight and into the new world


I can't believe it's over I'm still numb over this I was playing around in .Hack//Guilty Dragon outfits win it shut off on me T_T not what I wanted my character dressed in that I know my bad T_T

Link- http://www.mediafire.com/download/8r7ppg2978qpq2g/11_%E5%A4%9C%E3%81%8C%E6%98%8E%E3%81%91%E3%82%8B%E3%81%BE%E3%81%A7.m4a
I think this is the ending song however it was never used in the game or the ending I wished it was it would of made the ending more emotional since if you watch the ending the player character ends up in .Hack//N.U. witch is bittersweet for me.

Alright the story was confusing itself and Phantom Haseo never showed up at all in the stories sure we fought him in events but it wasn't until the very very very end we saw him >_> however it was Phantom Kite who stolen the spotlight half the time and who we fought many many times but the ending felt...rushed I wished we knew what happen to the phantoms after the world shut down at first I thought Phantom Kite was creepy in a stalker kind of way however in time I got used to him and I think I'll miss him the most the other Phantoms never had any light except the dark wave people who we fought randomly but it never explained what happen to the girls who looks like they might show up in .Hack//N.U. and speaking of .Hack//N.U. that new event with SAO and Azure Kite...? no he looks like Azure Kite however the dark glow around and glowing red eyes and the way he attacks harder he reminded me of...Phantom Kite O_O I Know that's a way off theory sorry I had to say it, now I think of it I really really hope our character IS not the same character from .Hack//Guilty Dragon I have my reasons for saying that :P just the way the stories are going in .Hack//N.U. my feelings >_>

For some crazy reason Phantom Kite is always with the moon in some cards to I remember

Phantom Haseo like this design

And no there was no new event at the end like I hope there was nothing new in the game *sigh* looks like that twitter post was... rushed >_>

So yeah .Hack//Guilty Dragon is officially over into the sea of twilight where our dreams is at.