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Groom fate

SOA フェイト! [JP]




【新キャラクター登場!】 明日3/12(木)メンテ後より、新キャラクター『神翼のフェイト』が登場! イラストはPOKImariさんにお願いしました!明日の登場をお楽しみに!!
[New character appearance! ] 】 From after 3/12 (Thursday) maintenance tomorrow, new character [Fate of the god wings] appeared! Illustration asked POKImari!! Please look forward to the appearance of tomorrow! !

Alt フェイト is coming!

hmm??...don't his outfit look like Luther outfit?? *gasp* Fate taken Luther job!...💭 Fate become a god somehow...💭 do that mean we can finally have Luther?? 💭
Fate is now a god class?

----Face book---
—— New Character : Divine Wings Fayt ——
Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Greatsword

  • Beneficial against Divine race enemies

  • Support buffs for all allies


  • Cave of the Seven Stars Adjustments


  • Step Up Gacha (for Divine Wings Fayt)

    • Guaranteed Divine Wings Fayt on Step 10


  • New Weapon Gacha (for Divine Wings Fayt)


  • 2 White Day Pickup Gachas

    • Male characters

    • 10-pulls grant 「White Day Cookie」 for Affection


  • Character Awakening: Chisato

---End of facebook---

神翼のフェイト is a GS user I hope you have GS ready for him. and stones and gems.

White day...they did it!

Are you ready for 神翼のフェイト I am! now you almost drawn me away from Pokemon masters.

he looks way better than SRFフェイト omg my two main accounts are rolling for him my new account maybe.

Anime guy blue

Pokemon masters was it a date?


A/N: This is based on MY emotions it can end how you think it can.

So taody we are going to talk about the 'date' that Wallace and Steven was on.

yes that date that was out on Feb 14 the big date that everyone was so hyped about seriously.

the timeline is Steven story starts win they see him with Wallace the second part is win Steven is alone and sees the player the third part is Steven own sync story from the very start win Steven was with Wallace it just felt like he was already eyeing the player the second part is win Steven talks to the player alone win you see him in the Pokemon center.

I going over the event and reading the story...my feelings was.

Wallace finally talked Steven into going looking at rocks it was going to be a date however Steven wasn't into that.
and then the player is training with Barry who talks them into going after Wallace and Steven who was trying not to let Wallace know he was watching them battle in the very start.

next sceen shows Steven asking about the area but what's oddly he not looking at Wallace who wants Steven attention if you look closely to who
Steven is looking at he looking at the camera that is the player??

Win Steven noticed that the player noticed him he looks at a rock so the question Steven was asking Wallace he was asking the player.
Wallace feels a bit rejected and tells Steven that he not paying attention to him and likes looking at rocks as the camera turns to Barry who was looking at them to.

the mask group show up and you guess it Wallace isn't too happy that more people stop him and Steven from there date as you gussed it Steven was watching the player closely win the mask group come.

To me it feels like Wallace has high standers for someone to date him and he been after Steven for so long but Steven isn't into Wallace.

Win Wallace steps in to take the lead it tells me he might be just like...Yukari the Lovers Arcana. the way Wallace acts reminds me of the Lovers Arcana somehow

the fight starts and ends

Wallace make a remark that Steven was not holding back in the battle he was right he wasn't Wallace thinks it was the rocks that Steven was protecting
but it might of been but it almost might of been the player to.

I think the only reason why Steven was fighitng was to impress the player win Grant shows up Steven questions him but why him?
Grant is older cool looking guy maybe Steven saw him as a threat? Steven was wtf where did he come from!?

Grant come to Barry side not the player side Steven...>_<; I mean it Barry he was worried about Barry not...*sigh*
Ship Grant and Barry come on game do it...

The mask group was trying to steal his stones like Wallace thought they was he did noticed that Steven was upset more then usual and Wallace says if you cross him he becomes a different person it can be possible that Steven is that posessive about his items and people.

Steven was talkling about how he got his power he had to look at Wallace trying not to make it obvious that he wanted to stare at the player
noted that Steven called Wallace his good friend not lover.

Wallace just wants to be by Steven side that all he wants however...Steven is not into that life with Wallace win the Pokemon League comes around Steven drops his title to Wallace why? Brendan/Ruby did not understand what Steven wanted win he come to him and ask him if he need help.

win you talk to Steven in the Pokemon lobby he always talks how he likes his freedom and it hated being tied down as champion.

And that he hinted he long for freedom win you talk to him a few times Steven will ask the player to come and find him at his home so they can fight just the two of them alone.

It hinted that Steven knows that he will return to Hoenn but he wants the player to come to him hinting that he don't want to leave the player.
might even be the 2nd time Steven told the player to come to his home in the lobby and now the story hint hint.

Overall the story was fun it showed that both Steven and Wallace do care for one another one some level but not romance level.

I think Wallace is pushing too hard to be Steven BF and Steven wants freedom with someone else that can match his power.

that why win you talk to Steven in the lobby a few times he says out of all the trainers he saw he was drawn to us Steven craves power and he craves for someone to be on the same level as him he want the player to become the champion and come to his home so they can fight alone.

I think the time they taken Steven is from might be the time before he given up his titile to Wallace.

In Ruby Steven thought Brendan was the one but Brendan showed no emotion for Steven or why Steven kept coming to him.
in Pokemon masters it said that Brendan wants to be like his dad he do not talk about Steven or the Hoenn champion at all.

My feeling is that Brendan rejected Steven without knowing what Steven wanted in Ruby and Sapphire. that win it started Steven drop off the deep end
Pokemon Emerald he becomes a wandering trainer that win he loses himself.

in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver he see the player after defeating Red once again Steven tries to get close to the player with the Hoenn Pokemon that don't work.

Pokemon Black and White Steven pretty much given up on his love life and never returns to Wallace again as his crushed dreams of being with the player never happens win it come down to Hilbert it looks like Steven wasn't even into him or not even trying anymore and how did Steven get to Unova away from Hoenn he must of walk that much away form his home town alone...in that time I can see a lifeless eye Steven fighting in that Champion with no goal or love in his eyes...another reason why Steven never went after Hilbert maybe N?...that can be it the N and Hilbert hints.

looking at this tells me Steven love life is pretty bad not only that he never told Wallace that he had a thing for younger boys...uh younger girls.

overall Steven wants to the player to become a Champion in Pokemon masters so he can be with him it that simple.

now think how Steven felt win he awaken on a new island called island Pasio? A new door has open a new path and a new trainer caught his eye.

What do Steven see win he first come to the lobby after looking around he sees the player instant love something drawn Steven to the player.
Steven senses told him this player was not like the others the only that keept Steven from not dropping his tittle to Wallace?
it was the player seeing the player and talking the to the player.

For all the people who got Steven in RNG you are blessed by him since he chosen you to be his only one.
Island Pasio is a new starting place for Steven and his life and this trainer who caught his eye is you the player.

Now I see why Steven is so bitter at Hilbert they both are having feelings for the player and it's bad...omg.

all that time Steven was alone from Ruby all the way to Black and White now Steven has a new chance in Pokemon Masters
but this time Wallace is right by his side for now but Steven is starting to sneak away from Wallace and talk to the player.

Steven new goal is to be with the player without telling Wallace or maybe Wallace already knows who Steven is after now?

Wow this is some info I never was into Pokemon history until now I think now I know how to write Steven a bit more.

win drawn from a RNG draw win you got Steven it was a blessing for him he got his wish to be with the player.

this is my take on the story.
Groom fate

V-day what happen?


So I don't eat cake that much win Feb 14 come around I thought to myself why not?

So I went to the store and saw this blue rose heart shape cake...👀

I thought to myself blue rose??...💙 my mind went to フェイト/花婿フェイト with all the blue roses he has.

Collapse )

Ever since the whole cake come along I don't eat cake that much.

blue roses made me think of フェイト right on V-day.

Blue rose cake and フェイト coming in on V-day and the day after that made me feel happy.
Who did you get on V-day?? Was it someone you like or disliked?

I got a Blue rose cake and フェイト 💙 oh and the cake was 🍓 if anyone wants to know.

I had a good V-day I mean フェイト on V-day the whole cake help to I like to say it was 'fate' who lead me to the cake that day.
Happy valentines day I hope you got to spend it with the person who you love.
Anime guy black

SOA New year....JP has drama [JP]


【新キャラクター登場!】 本日1/23(木)メンテ後より、新キャラクター『華王妃ネル』、『華王妃クレア』が登場! イラストは「華王妃ネル」は大慈さん、「華王妃クレア」はたくぼんさんにお願いしました!明日の登場まで今しばらくお待ちくださいね! [New character appearance! ] 】 From 1/23 (Thursday) maintenance today, a new character [Queen of The Chinese Nel] [Queen Queen Clare] appeared! The illustration was "Queen of the Queen of China Nel" was Mr. Oji, and "Queen of the Queen Of China Clair" asked Mr. Takubon! Please wait for a while until tomorrow's appearance!
After all, it is the usual character again after all waiting, and there is no freshness only in the (;´Д`) ⁉️ same character, news koro is no longer broadcast at all, and what do you think about the management? (ーー;) ‼️

-----From twitter-----

That was just a bit of it looks like someone trying to push for more money now. (theories)
JP is pissed it can be near the end of the service maybe they are trying to gete more money before it too late? (I hope not)

I just have a yuck feeling right now...like win GL shutdown I hope I'm wrong...the voting and got in girls girls girls right? So did the girls they push out not sell??

looks like Koro got removed from Newsコロ? So it this the end?? Is that why SRFfate buff was so bad?? They had no money for him? And they put all the money in Nel and Claire?
So many emotions going around I never saw JP so upset since the dark memorial thing they did...

they have deep pockets not enough to pay everyone is that what is going on?? (theories)
all the guys who voted for the top girls there not here are they? They have not spent any money in the game did they?...(theories)

from twitter it looks like people ARE leaving the game they are losing money who going to pay for all of this?

Koro got removed from newsKoro what is that? What that tell you?

so much emotions are going on you better get you're pics win you can this game might end if Nel and Claire don't sell.

How they buffed SRF fate was bad...I want to get so mad even if I don't like SRF fate...

maybe this is nothing...right?...then why is JP so mad? Why are fans leaving the game? why did Koro get removed from newsKoro? (theories)

all sings tell me something is going on something good for new Nel and Claire something bad is going on with all the things they are doing...like win GL shut down...

maybe this is the last shot...we don't know.

however if they are getting money why all the silence?
what I last saw they did make money and they was not last so what is going on??
can it be they have enough money to keep afloat but not enough money to make EP3? or Are they waiting for FF7...remake??....doing a crossover?? (theories)

So a new Nel and Claire are coming out and they buffed SRF fate bad...what do you think of all of this??

I just don't like this silence they are doing reminds me so much of GL...I'm sorry GL....🥀 😢

Anime guy black

Did you say goodbye yet? SOA [GL]


GL is coming to the it's end soon did you say goodbye yet?


I will never hear Groom fate GL voice....😭

I'll miss my GL team a world that fate will never know about srf fate or groom fate and alt world...

a world that fallen into the abyss thanks to several reasons the captain of that world is asleep forever
a world where they given up hope and fallen into the void.

omg sounds like a fanfiction...💭 maybe...I can...📜

I'll think about it I'm sad about GL yet I'm relaxed knowing that fate is on JP side I'm ready for GL to shut down.
now my main focus is to be JP side and support them.
I played GL today it was bittersweet I'm not used to fate GL voice they changed I'll never be used to it. But I think I got used to
fate JP voice so much I love it  💖

GL will forever be in my heart.

into the sea of twilight another dream lost.
one thousand dreams we will remember one thousand tears we cry
but we will remember the happy the joy the love
you will be in my heart my joy I will see you in my dreams
until we find one another again may you rest in peace in the endless twilight.

Goodbye GL you will be in my heart in memory of my GL account I have made another account on JP side
on my newly Ipad yes I have now 3 accounts to this game on JP side with my GL acocunt closing it takes a memory a memory that is passed onto my newly account on JP side I might show off my newly JP account maybe...

Luna is my main Zero is my alt and...dun dun dun is my 3rd account it's name "3897" error in decoding the name.

I'm going to stay with GL account until it done for good in a few more days GL can RIP ⚰️ ⚱️
alright goodbye GL....😿 🥀 💝
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.Hack//G.U. Nov


.hack//G.U. Last Recode launches on November 3 in North America.


Wait wait...Japan is out in November 01, 2017

NA- Nov 3.
JAP- Nov 1st.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION looks like that Japan only right now no word on the NA version at all

So far if you want the Premium Edition you might have to get the Japanese version

I check BANDAI NAMCO NA and Amazon NA no listing of the "Premium Edition" looks like it's Japanese only so

(11448yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 96.65

Look for 【PS4】.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION【早期購入特典】オリジナルPS4カスタムテーマが貰えるプロダクトコード同梱【Amazon.co.jp限定】アイテム未定
¥ 11,448

Checking the shipping on both CD Japan is much faster to NA to where I live usually win I order from them it takes about 3 days after its out and I have to sign for it

So if I order the Premium Edition my NA version from amazon NA will come faster since it's out on NOV 3rd and they might come the same time...O_o

And no there is non Premium Edition for NA sadly to say not yet

I'm surprised they are releasing both almost the same time if that said recording might be done no word on DLC or anything new except what they show

So you're undecided if you want the Premium Edition or not it's up to you I might hold off until next month and order it I'm still thinking of I want the Premium Edition or not I just want the game and I already got more then one of the NA and JAP copies not even opened

And the good thing is .Hack//G.U. copies for PS2 might go done after this if you're selling or plan on selling them now is the good time to do so I think collect the money win its high before the price drops win the .Hack//G.U. Last Recode comes out

or if you just want to collect the PS2 games wait for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode to drop and the PS2 games will drop in price or just buy .Hack//G.U. Last Recode

NA English voices Haseooo

Wait I just looked there is no Japanese trailer yet...O_o

So in the Japanese one they might show off the Premium Edition more something NA is not getting so heads up for that

so who excited for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode I am and countless hours trying to rise party romance level for the wedding event

Spoilers you can marry who you like...O_o but that don't come until way later

Time to get countless hours into this game again so it can match my PS2 saves

And good luck if you're buying the Premium Edition or not I might next month I'm not sure I do want to buy the Steam version also so I can play on my PC so I'm thinking about it.

As for the new story I might finish the game and play the new story at lest once and go back to .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption I played lot of hours in that game and I enjoyed it

Beside I love Haseo x-form outfit versus his new black one

For people who never played a .Hack game oh boy you're in for a ride a good one from what I'm seeing people who never played are like 'Oh its like SAO' 'Is it good?'

No offense SAO lovers but I can never replace .Hack it's in my heart and from my darkest times it was .Hack and Final Fantasy and Star Ocean

But yes enough talk and get ready for nov 1, nov 3rd NA and JAP are both coming out

And good luck on what version you're playing

I myself played the Japanese version and the English version I own a Japanese PS2 I own all 3 games in Japanese and I also own English versions so the story I heard is much darker then the English version

One thing they did change win you fight Atoli a.k.a. Innis win she scream at Haseo in NA right?

In the Japanese version she screaming Sakaki name O_o yes that one thing they changed I noticed win I played the Japanese version they changed it to 'I want you look at me!' in the English version

(From what I recall Atoli Japanese VA was screaming Sakaki name not Haseo in that fight now I can be wrong but that what it sounded like she was saying in the Japanese version)

I don't know what else they changed my broken Japanese don't help much so I assuming they are going to change some dialog with the new story coming out for NA

So playing the Japanese version and getting that ending it felt...'ugh' the first time to me in the Japanese version Haseo and Atoli felt forced the English version tried to cover that up
by changing dialog and all that

By the looks of it Shino hint and the new story we might in the Japanese version Haseo might hint that he likes Ovan now win they bring that out in US and it all in English they might change it

Japan is more acceptable to that kind of 'Yaoi' win in the West 'NA' is not so they will change to please the fan base you get the idea

So I might end up buying the Japanese version after all to see what they changed

And if you read the light novels it hinted that Haseo did like Ovan the way the trailer they showed and the artwork that come out it hinted as much as I hate to say this

Haseo might finally admit his emotions to Ovan that how it feels so the whole Haseo and Shino and Ovan love triangle might be finally over with now if you recall Shino also liked Ovan not Haseo that why G.U. romance is...yeah

And in the light novels Haseo did say he likes guys but he prefers girls over guys...
O_o someone was talking about that so it not really clearly hinted over in the west or in English that Haseo is 'Bi' except the silly e-mails you can do with Endrance

And this new story is all about Ovan so expect anything I just hope this time in NA or JAP version that Haseo admits his emotions it getting way out of hand and Haseo is in denial that he likes Ovan and G.U. final ending the one where you get Tabby that ending did not help

Spoilers Haseo desire was to see Ovan as he faded away that white room hello that was too hard to cover up

One thing I did noticed that was hinted in the books Ovan emotions for Haseo is...
From what I can tell Ovan was seeing Shino in the hospital a lot and bringing her flowers?
But it never got to the point where Ovan was thinking or talking to Haseo witch means...

Ovan likes Shino?
Shino likes Ovan
Haseo like both
In the ending Haseo ended with Atoli

(To me Haseo and Atoli felt forced since the way the romance went and Alkaid did not admit that she liked Haseo so they went with Atoli)

I'm thinking Ovan thought of Haseo as a friend but not romantically but Haseo did have a crush on Ovan you have to blind not to see it and to this day it looks like Ovan is on Haseo mind

Man this love story is...they should of stuck with original idea keeping Shino as a 'avatar' user you did know that Shino was supposed to be the original 'avatar' user? they changed that and made Atoli and went with this path

That why Atoli attracted the 'avatar' she looks like Shino who was supposed to be the original avatar user can you image the story if Shino wasn't killed and the avatar awaken in her?

The love story would not be the same win .Hack//Prototype was out it had a small video of G.U.
and in that video it had a love story of Haseo and a girl in black with dark hair not silver and this girl was not Atoli it was Shino so win they thought of 'Atoli' they changed the story

You can find that video on youtube so that why I like Shino more she WAS the original one

Why they kick Shino over Atoli? I don't know that one maybe they thought blonds would be more fun? I don't know but they should of stayed with Shino

And fun fact why did they add cheats to this game?

Answer if you had a cheat system like codejunkies codes you can hack this game O_o
the fun was switching Haseo out for someone else you use Endrance in Vol.1 that was fun and his powers and fight ageist Azure Kite however to degree of damage win Azure Kite did his special move he would sit there unable to since it was all animated to Haseo not anyone else
and Azure Kite would just move and float around unable to to do anything

you can also use codejunkies codes to rise attack and def and all that even EXP and money
so win they found out NA was hacking this game they stop it in Vol.2 and Vol.3 so win you had a special boss fight and you tried to switch Haseo out and switch someone else in you can't go to that area it locks you out like in Vol.3 trying to fight Azure Kite again this time around if you're not Haseo the game will lock you out

however end game is different after beating the game you can switch Haseo out and you can replace him with...Shino or someone else but one thing they did change win they noticed NA was Hacking this game if you switched out Haseo with Azure Kite after the game Azure Kite will look down it hinted that they 'know' you're doing cheats so that supposed be a hint

There are some old youtube videos of cheats going around people hacking this game and you can find them so win they announced they was adding cheats I was surprised but not really I figured they taken the codes that people was using and placed them inside there game so people won't try to hack this game again you can find the codes around I did use them

And yes .Hack//G.U. games was hacked on PS2 alright enough of that.

I'm going to say if you played the Japanese version or getting it see how the story compared to the English version and see how you like it this is all from my experience everyone can have different ideas.
red and white

.Hack//G.U. preorder.


So the news is .Hack//G.U. English version.

No word on Japanese version yet.



"Hack//G.U. Last Recode is getting a physical edition for the #PS4! Preorder today at participating retailers:"
Box art for now from twitter.

Now originally we was supposed to get the digital version however people protested and we are getting physical edition now people want digital also and Collector's Edition now...

Collector's Edition? What is this Tales? Win I hear Collector's Edition I think of how Tales games do it.

Like Tales of Berseria Collector's Edition you get the idea sorry.

If they ever do a Collector's Edition I might buy it if not I got the PS4 version NA ordered.

I know Star Ocean did a Collector's Edition with integrity and faithlessness but I never did buy it.

Looks like NA did protest the whole Digital and got it physical edition I don't think Japan minds it digital seriously...not that I mind I was going to buy it either way digital or physical.

However why did they post NA version first?...O_o

I would think Japan will come first right?

Again no word on Japanese version I might buy that one also.

I'm going to keep a eye on the Japanese sites to order from I'll update this if I do hear about the Japanese version.

Alright hype is now 100%

And I already order from amazon since I got a amazon card the other day I was thinking what to use it on and now I know why I got it for .Hack//G.U.

Got to love how emotions work.

So get ready to experience .hack//G.U. all over again.

That must mean the game is almost done? All the new stuff they added we don't know what they did add...

Please more characters and Kite or BlackRose added to the game.

Word on twitter NA getting physical edition and people are anxiously waiting for the Japanese version.




7/11(火)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14』が放送決定!今回のキーワードは『夏とこれからの僕たち―』です。艦長・・・この夏、僕たちはどこへ向かうのでしょうか・・・ http://sqex.to/cfC  #アナムネシス"

"7 / 11 (Tuesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14' 20:00 more! This keyword is "summer and from this we-' it is. Captain: this summer, where we headed?"


Youtube or niconico

Scheduled for Jul 11, 2017

◀◁ キーワード ▷▶


----End of post---

Welch Binh Yard (MC)
Shuichi Kobayashi (producer)
Kai St. Present (operating producer)
Other guest

"This program is a live stream of Star Ocean's latest work Star Ocean Anamnesis. Join the MC Welch, Kobayashi Producer, and Kai Management Producer as they showcase New Characters, Events, and Live Plays! This time "that" sexy character will join as guest for the first time! Please enjoy!"

The keyword this time is "Summer and the us from now on"

Wasn't this the one with the roadmap? The future of Star Ocean Anamnesis right?

So we know girls are coming Miki was already showed off but what about the guys? And there joke of swimsuit Deputy Director Shimada? :P

They have to skip all the girls who was in the bridal pack we know Miki is one of them.

Celine, Sophia, Clair, Reimi, Fiore you get the idea but Reimi would be nice we need more bow users that for sure.

And we hope no Ivilish she was in the bridal pack and we will have too many of her.

For the guys Albel, Fayt, Edge, Cliff, Fidel, Roddick you get the idea or any of the guys in swimsuits that would be nice since non of them was in the bridal pack and we had nothing but girls since Edge come out >_> but girls attract the guys and I thought that what they was aiming for...

But I will say this Fayt or Albel will sell they will bring in the money fan people will go crazy.

But then again we might get nothing but girls and girls and SOA will turn into SINoALICE they have nothing but girls right??
Sorry I never did play that game the only other game I can think of that has nothing but girls is Hyper Dimension Neptunia?

Not that I mind the girls they are cute and girls do draw in the guys it's all about the Waifu but for us girls we need the Husbando.

But heads up I'm ready to spend money if it any guys if it just girls again I'll see.

So let the Waifu and Husbando wars begin.

Who do you think will be coming in swimsuit style?

Long time ago they did joke many times about Deputy Director Shimada I don't know if anyone taken it seriously or not...O_o
It was in the past program they did.

I know people would want some guy in there even Cliff I can see them putting swimsuit Cliff and Bridal Nel together for shipping :P

The worse they can do is put in Lymle and Relia people would be upset the guys want real women.

So my guess since they showed off Miki it's going to be her and another girl Sophia, Celine, Reimi you get the idea.

After that next one swimsuit part 2 we might get some one new maybe the guys? I'm thinking they might do the girls first but it would be nice if they did Miki and and a random guy.

That my guess it can be anyone it don't have to be Miki but they did show off Miki so people are guess she is next.

And they got a weapon gacha I rolled on my alt and got the earth sword, Godflame Sword Kagutsuchi red Katana I called fire Katana and another Ruin's Fate I never use on my alt Fayt at all if only it had INT in it.

So Edge has the earth sword and Fidel got his old weapon and Fayt is still on the Holy Sword Farwell if only I got another Ice sword...

my main I'm not rolling it's too tempting and I might spend all my gems on those swords...knowing me I would of...

So the update is out and know we got STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14 coming soon this is moving fast O_o

So get ready for Summer fun and who we get for swimsuits who do you want?

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode ティザーPV!



It's here! Wait...Haseo has a new outfit and it looks like the story almost remains the same however what has been added to this??
Wait another...Haseo?? O_o maybe from a different timeline?? Or...Haseo has new power...theories huh...is that a strange looking dagger on his head?...or is that a ear piece?...wait why do that remind me of...DD...dun dun dun...maybe it just me at 1:17 pause it and look.

But yes this version of Haseo hair looks different almost flat no spike except that spiky thing on ear or hair or head and his outfit his mostly black versus Haseo X-from outfit that his black and white and his a sword user might be...another Haseo that my guess but not from this timeline...or G.U. timeline *cough* time travel is my guess.

Or it's Haseo new power either one and Azure Kite is looking good I want this game now.

Oh right

".hack//G.U. Last Recode has now been trademarked in America"

New twitter


Time is getting closer please release date.

And I hope this other Haseo if it someone else is a party member it would be so cool
But I'm thinking we might have to fight the guy however if it Haseo new outfit I would not mind.

Wait why in the very start it looks like 'someone' is watching the movies...at :05 maybe there is a reason for all of this...
.Hack//G.U. last Recode and why we have this other...Haseo?...maybe this other Haseo is looking into the past? Or...Memories??

I'm saying this all theories for now until we get the game I'm very excited for this.

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode HD


『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』HD+新要素追加で甦る!【先出し週刊ファミ通】

".hack // G.U. Last Recode ' revived in HD + new features added!"

HD...!? HD!....somewhat a remake in HD but we got something!

"本日のファミ通さんの先出し情報が、アクセスランキング1位、トレンドワードで2位を記録しました。 多くの皆様に支えられてここまできました。 本当に嬉しく思います。 詳しくは2日後に発売する週刊ファミ通をご覧いただきたいのですが。 一言だけ。 “待たせたな。俺はここにいる。”

"Information out of today's FAMI 通sann recorded second access ranked number one, in the word trend. Backed by many of you, has been so far. I really am delighted. I need weekly Famitsu to launch two days later for more details, please. Only a Word. "Waiting for a. I'm in here. "

"While no further details were shared about the new title, they say that it won’t be a simple HD remaster but a newly reborn .hack//G.U. with enhanced graphics, systems, and elements that’ll make it feel like a new game without taking away from the original work."

------End of Quote from Twitter--- Sorry for my translation if anyone can do better please do. T_T

So it a remaster with new features added to the game it looks like from the translation.

English site for some translation.

English site for some translations.

Why no video of it and from Famitsu?...hmm I hope this is not fake...or else I will cry.

I hope this is not a leak...T_T Come on .Hack//G.U. HD for PS4 and PC...I hope Kite is in this one Sorry Azure Kite we still love you.

Omg omg omg om...and here I was hyped for Final Fantasy 7 remake news!...if there was one yet T_T

Dun dun dun the someone thrown a phoenix down on me my fan senses are tingling I am so importing this if this IS real.

This might revive my road block of stories...O_o yes if you don't know I'm on a major road block right now T_T I almost...lost the will.

So .Hack//G.U. is not dead not yet we got enough hype for this.

Maybe one day we might be a HD or a remake of the original .Hack games so if you have twitter share the news.

So can we think of who they might add in this?

Phantom Kite?

I would love Kite, BlackRose and Tokio just to gab at .Hack//Link I wonder what the new features will be?

So was this the reason why CC2 was...drop from Final Fantasy 7 remake??...O_o or what the rumors was saying they was? They had time to do this...?

Wait...the quote

"they say that it won’t be a simple HD remaster but a newly reborn .hack//G.U. with enhanced graphics, systems, and elements that’ll make it feel like a new game without taking away from the original work."

Looks like CC2 taken some moves from Final Fantasy 7 Remake to remake G.U. in HD with new graphics and systems but keeping the same elements that G.U. had I'm still going to buy it so maybe...we might get a new...ending?...with new events ect.

New remaster game a newly reborn .Hack//G.U. but it will feel with the original work...I'm excited.