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艦長!公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #37』を11/26(火)20:00から配信予定です。MCウェルチに加え、たかあき、イヴリーシュ、コロ?と共に間もなく3周年を迎えるゲーム最新情報をお届けします!(`◎∀◎´) b
#アナムネシス #3周年

[Announcement of the official live broadcast] Captain! The official live broadcast "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #37" will be broadcast from 20:00 on Tuesday, November 26. In addition to MC Welch, Takaaki, Evelysh, Koro? We will deliver the latest game that will soon celebrate its 3rd anniversary with! ('◎∀◎' b) b Announcements ⇒

Scheduled for Nov 26, 2019
コロ?(BAN BAN BAN山本正剛・芸人)
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SOA VP hints [JP]


#アナムネシス #スイーツパラダイス


Someone ask for more VP crossover is VP hints...I'm not into VP but some people was asking for more VP you know who you are.


SOA Lezard and Mystina [GL]


Captain! Lezard and Mystina from VP will be appearing for the very first time! Now you got an increased chance of drawing new 5★ characters in Campaign Character Draw! New Maze of Frost and more! #StarOceanAnamnesis #StarOcean

I did roll for Lezard on my GL account and I did get him.
win will I show off my GL account?...🤔 maybe win I get groom fate 😎.

I did awaken fate/フェイト on my GL account now waiting for groom fate to drop.

Lezard just replaced Fidel who was in my party.

may the RNG be with you win you try for Lezard and Mystina.

if groom fate comes soon I'll be happy if not that's alright save more for him. 🌸

SOA a whole...


So the new VP collab is a 2 part event they say.

That means a whole month of VP you guys asked for VP a whole month of VP (So the rumors are saying).

The good thing old characters Lenneth is returning to get her they also are giving her awakening so her and her sister are not going to be useless.

The bad thing the rest of the SOA characters have to wait until VP is over with to see who is next in the awakening so far we only got Fidel no one else.

Who we are getting first.

So part 1 of this event starts tomorrow keep in mind we are still voting.

They did post Clair and Nel new year outfit stamps >_> I think if we had no got this VP that everyone on youtube and twitter wanted we might of gotten New year characters that my thoughts but the last crossover we had people was pissed they wanted VP and no we got it...we might of missed out on new years.

If we go for the whole month of Jan we out by Feb 2018 just in time for Valentines by then the results of the voting should be in that my thoughts so the whole month of Jan is VP no new years event (my thoughts I can be wrong).

No news on who is winning now for the voting.

My mind is still on the voting I can careless about this but if you're into the whole VP go ahead and draw I got Lenneth on my main account and I'm not using her.

Now here is the big deal

2017年12月29日00:00〜2018年1月7日23:59までの10日間に「スターオーシャン:アナムネシス」をプレイした方が対象となります!詳細は特設ページにて!特設ページ⇒http://sqex.to/MYo  #アナムネシス

Extra super large campaign! : Every day one person 1 million pieces! 2017 12 / 29 / 00: who played "Star Ocean: anamnesis, 1/7 23:59 10 days to be eligible. For more information on the special page! Special page ⇒ http://sqex.to/MYo


Login in everyday to enter 10 days to enter if you are making alt accounts keep a eye on this win you log in you will be entered so if you're re-rolling you might want to hold off until this event is over with if you have a re-rolled account you might want to keep a eye on this if your are using it and if you delete it and you used it you might of won.

good luck to the people who are going to enter I am I'm always playing this game everyday so may the RNG be with you.

The downside to this 1,000,000 is that they made a digital error it not that much they tried to talk down about this and someone made a mistake so it might not be that much win you do win it will automatically go to you account.

Overall this mistake is to draw people into this game so is the girl gacha it all bait looks like they are aiming for the guys this time.

No new on the skill update so far we only have Fidel who is the only one who is awakening I think we got to wait until VP is over with to see who they are going to push out so that might mean they need more time.

So is this digital error going to be pushed out? Are they going to fix it?
Or are they going to make it real? That's my question now twitter is saying the gems login to get that is supposed to go to everyone but the digital error is lower so it not 1,000,000 that what twitter is saying so I'm going to say it's (Rumors) for now.

So next update is VP incoming with new Gacha related to VP and Lenneth awakening nothing related to SOA just all VP.

Next Jan 2018 win we are still in VP...I'm going to be hoping they awakening Rena or Fayt by then...and I'm going to be putting all my focus onto the voting.

Voting is still going on support who you want.

I'm voting for Fayt and Reimi.

But yes this is the VP incoming tomorrow and to be sure that you vote for who you want.

Now this is based of my ideas and what I'm seeing on twitter.

People on discord says that giveaway is not going to be paid out until mid January?

Just enter that all I'm going to say it best just to enter and hope you can win.



12/27(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22』が放送決定!『ヴァルキリープロファイル』コラボイベント第2弾の情報をお届けします!ゲストにはあの女神さまが…!!  視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/XIw #アナムネシス

"12 / 27 (Wednesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22' 20:00 more! 2nd installment collaboration event information!  The guest is that goddess. Will watch this ⇒ http://sqex.to/XIw #アナムネシス"



スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、

Valkyrie Profile Collab no keywords yet.

And the voting so far is...
Reimi and Albel >_> But Fayt is in second place for now.

From discord -Reminder that the event is still ongoing until 01/11/18
Continue to vote and support your favorite characters!
Final Results will be posted by 01/25/18

But yes Twitter was pushing for Claude but they might of changed there mind to Albel people want to see Albel in a dress...*cough* or something girly but people on discord thinks Albel will be in pants I just want another copy of Fayt I don't mind Albel.

So on my main account I just put one vote for Reimi might as well she in the top right now so we might get another Reimi I don't mind her.

But I'm still voting for Fayt.

If your not voting get in and vote I say vote for either Albel or Fayt since they are the top 2 for the guys and Reimi in top right now but you can vote for whoever you want.

And yes Valkyrie Profile Collab is coming up so save gems if you want in on that now I got Lenneth on my main account O_O but I never use her Lenneth is alright if you got nothing else better she good with her rush but to other attackers she kind of...outdated.

People who missed the 1st Valkyrie Profile Collab will like this event but they wanted Lenneth back and all that I'm not going to draw in the Valkyrie Profile Collab this time around I'm more focused on the voting right now.

Let put it this way Lenneth is good if you don't have the updated Fidel or Fayt for the rush but maybe the attack Seeds will help her? I don't know I never touched Lenneth so I'm not sure if helps or not.

Not unless they come out with someone else beside Lenneth returning I'm not tempted to draw for any of this I'm more focused on the voting.

So be ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22 coming up and Valkyrie Profile Collab coming up.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

But I'll watch the Star Ocean program 22 just to see who we are getting and all that.

My mind is...on the voting...ugh this is why I don't like being a earth zodiac sign I'm too stubborn.

Moving on the voting is still going on vote for the character you want right now Reimi, Albel are the top 2 with Fayt and Clair in second place I'm going to vote for Fayt and maybe throw another vote for Reimi.

And get ready for the upcoming STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #22 coming up and Valkyrie Profile Collab coming up.

I hope you got what you want from Xmas and gems for this upcoming Collab.

And if you have twitter use twitter to push your voting character maybe it might help? I don't know but the voting is still going on.

SOA 本日14:00~18:00 update.


1/26 (Thursday) maintenance today 14: 00 ~ until 18:00

[Upcoming events] 1/26 VP events are held after the maintenance


So yes get ready for the new event that looked hard and new cards er...gatcha hopefully.

I'm surprised they pushed for a crossover right away is the new VP game doing that bad?

They said it did $$$ a lot to make new characters but they want to make new characters.

But they said that Rena might come later to the video they did at that last event.

People are guessing sometimes win Claude is out Rena might be out at the same time.

But yes we got to wait for the new update.

Star Ocean Anamnesis Update!


SOA公式生放送 "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM" #08 Scheduled for Jan 23, 2017

Quote "艦長・・・公式サイトになぞのメッセージが…いったい何でしょう?"
Translate- Captain: official site mystery message. What on Earth?
Link- http://www.jp.square-enix.com/soa/
Forgot to turn the BMG on >_< it's VP music alright crossover time? Hit the green BMG for music.

Omg that message it scared me win I'm listing to this
Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8a33qCTE_s&index=35&list=PLL1K6l8lhh6tcgnILX0n9mVnVjXV5ntWZ

So today I'm listing to SO2 OST and looking a twitter and this comes up

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/821931929905704960

Twitter people says it has to do with...girls...what? They use the adult words so yeah...um never mind I think I just ruined the mood lol.
update- people says it might have to do with Lezard...Lezard Valeth? alright we get the idea...*cough* now it makes sense why they said that on twitter 'pervert Lezard' what would be crazy if we had a battle with Lezard and someone else but my guess he might be a new event or a new RNG card but I hope they keep Lezard personality. (I want a Lezard boss battle now)

This is not the first time VP and Star Ocean crossed over and people want Lenneth now she would be OP very OP.

And one person beside the fan base thinks it might be a crossover with VP we hope so as you know they do have VALKYRIE ANATOMIA I never did play it.

I myself would like to fight old bosses from Star Ocean somehow and crossovers are welcome but listing to SO2 OST did bring back memories.

On my Ipad air in my party Faize 6 star just made him into one omg he pawns after getting him to 6 star, 5 Star Nel she a healer they given her card away free and some random blond hair guy who is 4 star so get the character you like to 6 stars as soon as possible.

On my Iphone I got 5 Star Miki who I'm starting to like her Japanese voice O_o and 5 Star Faize seriously? and 4 Star girl from SO3 she one of Nel's...I forgot her name...Farleen got it 5 Star Myuria and 5 Star Lymle I never use them both I just need Edge and Reimi now and I almost have everyone now that's on my Iphone save.

Before I'd re-rolled into a new account on my Iphone I had 5 star Maria and 5 star Cliff if you get a chance get them they are OP.

Maria is easy to play Cliff is just power I like playing magic users so on my Iphone save I'm going between Miki and Faize I was thinking of Myuria but I also got her on my Ipad save and using her so...no.

And yes Lightspeed Kenny stalks both my old saves and my new ones seriously that guy I have nothing bad to say about Stephen D. Kenny it just I never never use him O_o him and that odd ball Pavine I never use him either omg him and Stephen love to stalk my games O_O

I was thinking win re-rolling a new account our first battle who did you pick? I'm thinking that win you choose out of Maria, Fidel and Myuria It also affects what and who you get that just a theory.

Win I picked Fidel in our first battle and got mostly fighters, next two new account draws I got long range cards win I switched to Maria so maybe something there? I don't know either that or the RNG is RNG.

But so far I have not spent any money in this game it's very very tempting to.