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Groom fate

🌹 Groom fate pulls let's talk about Groom fate 🌹


My groom fate pulls let's talk about groom fate. 💙

"if he wants to help someone in distress he reaches out to them without regret of his own danger"

Groom fate was voted on he barely won over albel you spent money in this game to vote on wedding characters and groom fate won. 

very sad news that wedding girls got stories and groom fate got nothing. that is until they put him in maid sophia story trying to push them as a couple that did not work the sophia fans who was guys who loved her did not like that idea and the fate fans who loved him hated him with sophia 💬 they forgot a lot of guys love sophia.

2nd time we saw groom fate was in the wedding cliff story without sophia.

how do groom fate act? He acts very girly...unlike fate and idol fate and Godwing fate and SRF fate I have to say that makes fate and the others upset at groom fate a lot he loves to cry out in battle and he has a anger that if you don't pay attention to him he will get upset but he not as bad as fate is himself.

lately I've seen groom fate really wants to love fate yes we can ship them! 👀 and fate is still trying to get noticed by the MC and he keeps doing his long rang attack to try to get groom fate away from him omg they do try to flirt.

groom fate he got more time then SRF fate and Godwing fate but it feels like fate and Idol fate got more time with our captain. 🤔

I have to say Idol fate is really the captain lover win fate is trying to get noticed by the captain and everyone frogot about the others *cough*
>>looks at Godwing fate and SRF fate who are both ignored.
>>they didn't even add Godwing fate or SRF fate to any story or events.

in events and story fate and Idol fate get more love groom fate is acknowledge but they pusehd him away from everyone even sophia in the end and they forgot about Godwing fate and SRF fate this is too sad.

Idol fate got more love than the new idol girls what did that say? Compare his video to the new idol girls and you see why SE pulled this game. the rumores of the new idol girls KO this game might be true or it just a rumor. look at Idol sophia she had higher views on her video then the new idol girls.

I love this game it just...I wanted more events with Fate and all his copies and they favorited the girls over anything else and crossovers that did not make sense. but I love the persona crossover I wish it come back it never did and I never got 9S! 😭

lot of people on twitter on JP wanted to see more Fidel wedding Miki wedding Sophia, more Cliff and Roddick more Faize and Edge and we never saw that all we saw was the same characters that did not sell.

Did SE pull this game because of the new idols did not sell? it was hinted that they add more people to work on this game and it said this game was stable but not making any money win the idol girls come around. their was too much drama going on about Sophia and idol Tika that JP was not happy about.

Sorry for the vent it just I love this game and I wanted it to last another year 😭

I feel sorry for the Maria fans they forgot SO3 had lots of endings.

What did I wish from Groom fate? A event with him that people paid for! Hello they used real money for him! And we got NO event with him! 😭

But in the end a twist of fate we got Idol fate as a close lover to our captain is that a good trade yes I'm taking it.

I paid real money to vote for Groom fate and in the end we get Idol fate as a lover 💙

I will add more to this post later.

SOA 3D update that we need. [JP]


With Twin Eclipse out it come with some updates that are needed for the game like the 3D update.

However I did noticed win using 3D on Fayt and Groom Fayt they did this...

it makes me wonder if guys always touch there lips somehow O_O uh...who are they going to kiss?...

Do you really want to know if you use them as your favorite? alright I just answered my own question.

The touching lips has to be a thing among the guys now.

"I also have experience of drifting the universe by myself. I was very sad and uneasy"

That was my broken translation of what Fayt is saying and Fayt has one more new line they added to his old ones.

That is

"Eh? oh, is there anything I can do for you? I am happy that you can rely on me"

"The flower language of this blue rose is "love in all worlds". That's a good word."
(Not a good pic of groom fayt sorry)

touching the lips we will never know.

Groom fayt is into flower language O_o looks like groom fayt is very different from fayt.

"The flower language of this blue rose is a nice word "love in all worlds" is not it.
Hmm Groom fayt also says this line looks like groom fayt is teasing now.

So groom fayt talks about blue roses and flower language and fayt looks at him like he's crazy version of him...no wonder they can't get along...JK.

keep that in mind blue roses are special to groom fayt love in all worlds...or not or is it?

My Japanese is somewhat but this is a rough translation I would wait for win they do the real translations for this and Koro has more lines and Koro has lines for the person who you put on your favorite.

Rena on 3D is cute and Reimi on 3D is also cute did I try any other girl? No and I did try there alts also.

I was so hyped for Groom Fayt and now seeing this and somewhat reading the lines of Fayt I think I like fayt more over groom fayt...O_o yes it's a shocker.

And using auto-battle Fayt don't really like groom Fayt at all and I'm getting the
'highlander there can be only one' vibe from Fayt and Groom Fayt.

And it also feels like Fayt has become waifu and Groom Fayt has become husbando.
oddly enough I thought they was trying to make fayt the none waifu element and I think they pushed him back into being girly again I know from some events fayt has a bit of a anger issue and fayt don't really like to respond to girls that much like they thrown at him in SOAXFes event that video they taken down.

however groom fayt personality is 100% pure husbando yes groom fayt personality is a bit different from fayt personality and no groom fayt is not girly at all in his 3D viewer if you use him as your favorite.

And using the Rush Assists that is fun however putting fayt and groom fayt together they somewhat like it they don't like it there lukewarm about it thank you auto-battle for letting me see that.

Another use I'm seeing on twitter is using the Rush Assists to make your favorite couples oh boy that is getting spammed on twitter alright time for shipping wars alright, And also using the whole 3D favorite and touching them you are touching your now favorite Waifu and Husbando people was posting that also.

I know the whole 3D favorite is a hit among guys now I think they swimsuit girls will get some use.

I did a test and removed groom fayt from my party to see if that changed fayt personality and it did a bit...fayt wasn't acting agitated or 'pissed off' fayt was normal but once I put groom fayt back in party it all come back both fayt and groom fayt start acting up on auto-battle again there is some conflict between them.

I only seen the Rush Assist work two times between fayt and groom fayt I put rena on prince claude hoping that would work nope...not even claude or dias.

And this is my update on the whole 3D Favorite viewer I switch between that and the normal one it depends on how I feel.

And no A2 for 3D favorite that's a bit disappointing.

SOA update and what is going on [JP]


【7/5(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもってイベント『託した想い、明日への誓い』『駆け出し技術者と凶つ星』などが終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス


----From facebook----


• Maintenance
Duration: 5 July (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- New Event
*All 2018 Wedding Character variants (Bride Reimi, Bridegroom Fayt, Bride Precis, Bride Clair) will be completely removed from the pool

Following Events will end,
- 2018 Wedding Event, Ocypete Necromancy & Land Kraken
- 2017 Wedding Event, Beast Monarch
- Adhesion Alma Event
- Facula Dragon Event
- Both Colossal Beak Coin Exchange
- Armaros Depth Coin Exchange

---End of facebook----

So yes the brides are going to be removed completely no more less random chances on getting them.

Bride Reimi, Bridegroom Fayt, Bride Precis, Bride Clair until next year for you sorry for the people who did not draw you.

I myself is happy with Bridegroom Fayt boy he drop on my alt the first roll and my main account had to chase him with lots of gems that was my experience with bridegroom Fayt.

So the brides are going to be removed until next year.

This wedding event was fun but my disappointing they focused on couples this time like Edge and Reimi and not like the first time but it was fun to see that and yes it do feel like Edge and Reimi are more canon now.

But to me Bridegroom Fayt had no part in this story that was sad it still leaves in the air how Bridegroom Fayt come to be we know how Bride Clair was here.

I'm going to stay with my theory how Bridegroom Fayt come to be for a moment in Fayt wedding story he thought of him being a 'Bridegroom' and thus Bridegroom Fayt is here that's why he says
'No....' in the begging of Fayt wedding story before Faize come in.

And yes Reimi and Fayt was voted for the bride event people paid real money for this this time it wasn't a random choice of brides this was voted with real money and people voted for Reimi and Fayt.

And this is what we got did you like it? Did you hate it? Or was you only in for the brides? I myself wanted another Fayt and more story and we got it.

So after getting the goal of Bridegroom Fayt will I be drawing for more characters? I don't want to I got my goal however random characters falling into my lap from all the time not drawing since Bridegroom Fayt that is another story...it did happen I was not expecting it.

My alt

Bride Clair from and Ace ticket O_O

She is pretty

One ticket used for her I was working on original Nel and Bride Clair come in hmm.

My main account

Nooo Nurse Fiore I was trying my hardest to avoid her but she is good for a healer and yes I got her on my free draw.

I do got a enough stones to LB her on my main account for saving that long I might maybe.

But yes my main account Luna got a free Nurse Fiore without trying.

But my rental on Luna and Zero accounts is still going to be Bridegroom Fayt for now.

And yes I'm slowly working on my gems on my min account since Bridegroom Fayt made spend a lot on him my alt account is not so lucky on gems not like my main account.

That was my experience with ace tickets and free draws it can happen even win your not ready for it but yes Bride Clair for Zero and Nurse Fiore for Luna that what I got without spending gems that surprised me.

So say goodbye to the June brides until next year it was fun and now...we wait for Twin Eclipse to drop.

SOA 6/14 (木) Maintenance [JP] Wedding Event Part 2.


"【6/14 (木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもって「花嫁レイミ/花婿フェイト」のピックアップガチャなどが終了となります。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス"

"[6/14 (Thu) Maintenance Notice] We will carry out maintenance work related to the addition of new events from 14:00 until 16:30. With the start of maintenance, "Bride Reimi/Bride groom Fate" pickup and exit. Please understand."

---From facebook--

• Maintenance
Duration: 14 June (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- New Event
- New Campaign
- Adjustments to Bride Rena & Bride Evelysse
- Bug Fixes

Following Events will end:
- Wedding Campaigns Part 1 (Wedding Item Bundle, Gem Sale, Limited Achievements, Limited Login Bonus, Character Enhancement Great Success Up, Rainbow Evo Materials Dungeon, Rainbow EXP Materials Dungeon)
- Pickup Gacha (Bride Reimi / Groom Fayt)
- Pickup Gacha (Bride Maria / Bride Nel)
- Pickup Gacha (Fayt)
- New Weapon Pickup / Guaranteed / Step-Up Gacha
- SO2 Event, Hell Siren
- SO2 Event, Michael
- Ruins of Elements (Ice Elemental Weakness)
- Gerel Legacy Coin Exchange
- Jie Revorse Coin Exchange
- Both Dimension Beast Coin Exchange

Wedding Event Part 2 is among us, with Bride Clair and Bride Precis dropping by tomorrow!
Bride Clair with ATK x4500% Rush Multiplier, and Bride Precis at ATK x4000%!
Please wait for more info during the radio later.
---End of facebook---

Can you wait until another year for Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt? This will be the last time this year to get them and yes Wedding Fayt is good so is Wedding Reimi and no I don't have wedding reimi
I stop trying to get her after getting wedding fayt.

News for NA-

Coro has made it very far on the goal map thanks to everyone’s support! You can exchange the Launch Coin in-game for a 5 Star weapon or enhancement material of your choice! Pre-register on the @GooglePlay Store or follow us to unlock more items! https://sqex.link/staro6c890

Daring explorers lead the way with our STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS Closed Beta Test for #iOS users. Sign up now! https://sqex.link/staroe8fb6

So if your lucky enough to get into the close beta have fun this game is fun keep in mind the close beta is only for NA a.k.a. US for now people outside of US was having trouble trying to get into the page so far I have not got a e-mail for the close beta and I'm not getting into that it looks like.

Good luck if your going to pull for the wedding characters or wait until...next year may the RNG be with you.

Bride Clair and Bride Precis I'm not rolling for them but good luck on them.

艦長!明日のメンテ後に登場予定の「花嫁クレア」さんのラッシュコンボの動画もゲットしましたよ!ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×4500%! あわわっ!そんな微笑みで見つめられてしまうと僕っ、僕っ…!(;`◎∀◎´)ノ 詳しくは、この後のスターラジオーシャンで! http://agqr.jp #アナムネシス

艦長!明日のメンテ後に登場予定の「花嫁プリシス」さんのラッシュコンボの動画をもらってきました!ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×4000%! お花に囲まれてプリシスさんも無人くんも楽しそうです!ヾ(◎∀◎´) ノ 詳しくは、この後のスターラジオーシャンで! http://agqr.jp #アナムネシス

Looks like wedding fayt is the only male character to be added to the wedding set no wedding albel since he did come in second and bride clair is here she also placed second...looks like bride precis come out of nowhere.

I have to say clair has so many alts now but her wedding outfit is cute need to pair her with bride nel for win.

good luck if your going to roll for bride clair and bride percis may the RNG be with you and no I'm not rolling for either of them got my wedding fayt I'm set.

🌸 SOA what I got it's time. [JP] 🌸


It's time to show you what I got in my RNG...the tears the joy the...what?...

Collapse )

So that what I got and what happened and how much I spent on my accounts.

I got a new iphone 8 plus red 🌹 moved my main game over to it and it's so smooth and fast yes I got the red iphone for color wise and my tablet is the same no upgrade for that yet now I'm so ready for star ocean twin eclipse.

have fun trying to get wedding reimi and wedding fayt may the RNG be with you if your going for them.

SOA Wedding story~✿


SOA Wedding story~✿

It starts off with Fayt working with our character learning how to do Federation work?? (correct me on this one) but with the new foes that show up Fayt recklessly sets off with Reimi them both alone.

That makes Faize and Verda show up looking for them worried yes Faize is in this event *cough*

This story works just like how Phia got her powers but its for Reimi alone so this is a female event story *cough* so win do Wedding Fayt show up? He don't not in this story.

The results is that Reimi is alone and Faize and Fayt have to go look for her and she is with that foe who ends up talking to them much like in Phia story and Reimi has to accept that power much like Phia story.

So that how we get wedding Reimi who ends up with Edge who comes really late and he makes a note that Reimi would be fit to marry any lucky man that makes Reimi upset at him and Edge is really really dense in this story.

Win Fayt was helping Reimi with that Faize says to Verda that Fayt and Reimi are both special people to him or it hinted like that maybe that why Faize is attached to Fayt that Fayt reminds Faize of a reckless Edge.

In the end Edge ended up with Wedding Reimi alone and for Fayt event he ended up with Faize...>_<

Did I tell you Faize and Fayt are together a lot? No girls just them both...

But before Faize went to talk to Fayt who said... "...No" what was Fayt thinking of that Wedding version of him? I think for a moment Fayt desired a wedding version of him and thus Wedding Fayt was born...*dies*...(theory)

Since Wedding Fayt has no part in this story you can make theories of how wedding fayt come to be another theory is that our character is dreaming of all these wedding versions of our party and is dreaming them ourselves.

And it is hinted that Fayt is spending lot of times with Faize our character and Roddick no girls Fayt has enough time with Faize to be shipped with him that what fan base didn't like.

Even in the live event they did that video that got removed Fayt was spending time with Faize a lot

And yes all the hints saying Fayt is spending time with our character and Faize and sometimes with Roddick no girls.

Maybe that why win they did that live event they thrown girls at Fayt who responded like Fayt did

This event was fun go and see for yourself how it ends and have fun with this event.

But yes wedding fayt has no part in this story and wedding fayt is the desire from?? "......"

And Edge and Reimi are now almost canon ending like Claude and Rena.

And have fun with this story.

I'll post my pictures later I did roll on both of my accounts I'm very...happy.✿✿

"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 5/31 (木)メンテ後より、ウェディングイベント『託した想い、明日への誓い』がスタート! 併せて「花嫁レイミ」「花婿フェイト」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は6/14(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス"

本日のメンテ後に登場予定の期間限定キャラを、動画でご紹介! SO4より「花嫁レイミ」さんが、★5エースの弓アタッカーで登場です! 純白のドレスに、すこし恥じらいのある表情がたまりませんっ!こ、これはなんとしても僕たちの艦にお迎えしないとっ…!!(`◎∀◎´) #アナムネシス

本日のメンテ後に登場予定の期間限定キャラを、動画でご紹介! SO3より「花婿フェイト」さんが、★5エースの片手剣ディフェンダーで登場! この差し出された左腕…!えっ、まさか僕のために!?だ、だめです~っ!僕には艦長という存在が~っ!!(´◎∀◎`;) #アナムネシス

I have to say wedding fayt is very...girly O_O er...this versions makes him more girly...but no wedding story with our character and fayt or even reimi that sad I did want to see reimi and our character but she ended up with edge.

My the RNG be with you~✿

STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #27 スターオーシャンフェス~星海祭~2018 舞浜出張版!


スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、ゲーム実機プレイ交えてお送りいたします! 今回は、5/20(日)舞浜アンフィシアターにて開催される『スターオーシャンフェス~星海祭~2018』の会場にてまさかの公開生放送!ゲストも登場し、いつもに増して内容盛りだくさんでお送りいたします! ※開始時刻はイベント進行により時刻が変更となる可能性がございますのでご了承ください。 ◆出演者 ウェルチ・ビンヤード(MC) 小林秀一(プロデューサー) 甲斐聖現(運営プロデューサー) イヴリーシュ ゲスト

this is star ocean anamnesisXstar ocean fes time.

so who are we getting this time?

I'm thinking of the wedding gacha that's on my mind yet. (reimi with rifle and fayt with GS or orb or sword & sheath)
but get ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #27 and who we are getting and what is going down.

#アナムネシス #星海祭
Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/998146526554734593
Wedding Reimi <3

【公式生放送スターオーシャンプログラム#27】 1周年企画「俺の嫁選手権」男性部門第1位「花婿フェイト」さんを発表! ボイスは「保志総一朗」さん、イラストは「藤ちょこ」さんです! 5月末のウェディングイベントにあわせて登場予定です!\(´◎∀◎`)/ #アナムネシス #星海祭
Wedding Fayt <3
Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/998146800606298112

I want them both

--From facebook--
Groom Fayt (Defender / One-Hand Sword)

- Adds Thunder & Light Element to Attacks (Self)
- All Elemental Damage +20% / Upon reaching 100 & 150 HITS, All Elemental Damage +30% & 40% Respectively (All)
- HP +40% & If HP is at 20% or above, will not flinch (All)
- ATK +15% & DEF +25% (Self)

- Rush Combo:
Large Damage & AP Consumption -60% (Self / 20s) & Damage Taken -30% (All / 20s)

Bride Reimi (Attacker / Bow)

- ATK+40% / Upon reaching 100 & 150 HITS, ATK +55% & 60% Respectively (All Allies)
- AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies)
- Rush Gauge +20% (Self) & Rush Gauge +10% at Battle Start (All Allies)
- When Chaining [Skill], Damage +100% & 200%
- Nullifies Ailments (180s) & Movement Speed +30% & Evasion Dist. & Spd +100%

- Rush Combo:
Large Damage & Recovers 15% HP every 3 seconds (All Allies / 20s)

--End of facebook--

So both wedding reimi and wedding fayt have the same weapon no change however wedding fayt now has thunder not fire so if your going to use wedding fayt have fire sword.

I want them both.

The second part of SOA started in the summer of 2018. Wedding events and Radioshankolabo also http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/729/1729966/#アナムネシス #スターオーシャン

Yes Star Ocean Anamnesis - Twin Eclipse is coming up be excited for that I am.
Arc 2 to drop in Summer of 2018

Awakening is Fayt, Nel, Myuria, Victor.

【公式生放送スターオーシャンプログラム#27】 シナリオ第2部「スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-」キャラクターを一部ご紹介! ダフティーネの青年「ユーイン」 ボイスは「豊永利行」さん、キャラクターデザインは「あきまん」さん、イラストは「mot」さんです! #アナムネシス #星海祭
Name-Yuuin (Yrain) Lackstar from Arc 2. (he looks like Fayt)

【公式生放送スターオーシャンプログラム#27】 シナリオ第2部「スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-」キャラクターを一部ご紹介! キーキャラクターの少女「ティカ」 ボイスは「悠木碧」さん、キャラクターデザインは「あきまん」さん、イラストは「mot」さんです! #アナムネシス #星海祭
Name-Tika Blanche from Arc 2.

And another Welch I think they said she was the original Welch that what I heard correct me on this one. so SOA takes place before SO3 right? So...if that the original Welch then...Yrain is...nah it must be just for the fan service to make him look like Fayt right? (theory)

I'm excited for this update.