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SOA Swimsuit girls. [JP]


"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 7/26(木)メンテ終了後より、新イベント『紺碧なる海竜の末裔』がスタート! 併せて「渚のマリア」「渚のミリー」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は8/31(金)23:59まで! #アナムネシス"

"[Pickup PAWS held!] 7/26 (Thu) After the maintenance, new event [descendants of the Azure Sea Dragon] Start! In addition, "Maria of Nagisa", "Millie of Nagisa" appeared to pick up the probability of appearance is up! Pickup Period: August 31 (Fri) 23:59 #アナムネシス" hmm?...Descendants of Azure Sea Dragon...is that pun at...Descendants of Fianna? *cough* moving on.


Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Millie is here get your gems ready and draw for some girls.

Returning banners-

【常夏キャラ 復刻ピックアップ&上方修正!】 7/26(木)メンテ後より水着キャラ「常夏のミュリア」「常夏のソフィア」「常夏のミキ」「常夏のレイミ」ピックアップガチャを復刻開催! タレントやラッシュコンボ威力など、キャラクター性能もアップです! 期間は8/31(金)23:59まで! #アナムネシス
Old swimsuit girls has return.


【10連で★5エース1体確定!】 7/26(木)メンテ後より、★5エースキャラが1体確定で召喚できる10連ガチャが、期間限定で登場! 1人1回限定の10連専用ガチャを、以下の2つの期間で開催します! ・7/26(木)メンテ後~7/31(火)23:59まで ・8/1(水)00:00~8/9(木)メンテまで
Guys banner that will never get a swimsuit >_< the salt is real...T_T

艦長~!Episode2公開を記念して、フォロー&RTキャンペーン開催しちゃいます\(´◎∀◎`)/ 目標RT達成でゲーム内アイテムを全員にプレゼントフォ~ユ~!です! 皆さま!張り切ってまいりましょ~! キャンペーン詳細はこちら ⇒ http://sqex.to/I9T #アナムネシス #ツインエクリプス
Episode2, follow & RT campaign.

If your going to try and get the girls good luck on that.

And yes Swimsuit Maria is top waifu among the guys who are trying to get her.

Good luck if your going to roll for them.

Story event- Ten wisemen and good that was cute and funny and Michael/Decus and spicy food that music played...Star Ocean 2 OST - Mighty Blow and yes Miki can eat a lot.

2nd event Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia fight for Fayt who is not responding to them until Swimsuit Myuria shows up and tells them they got a lot to learn about flirting with guys and in the end Fayt run away from Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia who go after him yes they hinted at the 'love triangle' that Chisato hinted about in her event and yes Fayt did get upset at Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia who was fighting over him as the girls question Fayt who tried to avoid that this might be hint at Fayt anger issue dealing with girls and yes Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia almost did actually start fighting one another over Fayt if it wasn't Swimsuit Myuria stopping them.

Quite opposing on what happen in SOAXFes that video they taken down in that event it was Myuria who was flirting with Faize and it as Fayt who saved him from Myuria and in that event it was Miki and Sophia with the help of Cliff the two girls that was after Fayt and in that event Fayt still showed no desire in the girls at all in fact Fayt was upset about the whole ordeal and even Welch was disappointed that Fayt showed desire for girls and Fayt even got upset at Welch win she called him that...'.....'

But this swimsuit event oh man they even almost made Swimsuit Sophia and Swimsuit Maria to fight over Fayt who still had no desire for them at all until Swimsuit Myuria showed up and did more then flirt with Fayt and got him to blush.

So maybe now they are saying Fayt has desire for girls now after all this time but no desire for Maria or Sophia but Myuria? (that one big teaser)

But yes Swimsuit Maria event has Fayt and Swimsuit Sophia be ready for that love triangle that is not going anywhere soon and Myuria.

People wanted Fayt and romance with girls they got it but not what they was expecting it to be as for the whole Myuria she only did that to stop Sophia and Maria from fighting one another over Fayt so don't take this event seriously I'm not all.

This stop my desire for pulling on this banner I might of almost for Swimsuit Millie but not for Swimsuit Maria it just stop my desire for her altogether swimsuit maria is pretty but after seeing this nope not going to but good luck on people who do get her.

Bridal Maria was all for our character win Swimsuit Maria is all for Fayt even if Swimsuit Maria is top Waifu tier that the same with Swimsuit Sophia looks like she now 100% for Fayt who has no desire for none of them.

That the sad thing our character stop having events with characters maybe they are pulling away from that? I would not be surprised and yes I know of the one event we have with swimsuit Millie but that's all and it's about food.

SOA Wedding story part 2.


Collapse )

That just my take on it and go play the story yourself but I have to say bride clair is cute and no I did not roll for her.

this time it's all about couples and I'm a bit disappointing but the story was alright.
Final Fantasy

So let me be clear about one thing


I got news people was telling me I made discord news?


The same discord that tells discord people that facebook is cancer yes them not like I hate them they are good info.

And they call me a lurker? To tell you I've been with this game from the start I remember the hype win it come out my first account was a Faize main user I re-rolled to get Faize and win I got him my phone I stuck with it until I got well more characters I use my tablet I re-rolled a few times on my tablet until I got Albel as that main user then Fayt drop on both accounts and the rest is history.

Yes I taken the long way I DL the whole game don't ask how many times to re-roll and that was before we upgraded our internet and here people had it easy they used Nox.

The argument between 9S and Opera has got them upset it from my point of view everyone has different ideas I keep saying this.

About this 9S is a very good to have if you don't have Opera use 9S and if you don't have 9S use Opera.

My alt account has 9S and he is good I have no good healer and my alt account almost bad there was times that I wanted to re-roll that account but I didn't

If you use Opera her jumps you can be almost OP she is good at long rang

And now they want me out of Discord thanks I was going to show my account there but no way I'm not that place for mature people who are bit toxic and they are not afraid to tell you they dislike you.

I get info from discord, twitter and facebook and win they have upcoming event I see what people was talking about like the last live stream we had people was hinting at EoE and that what I guessed we might be getting

My livejournal is all about my ideas and theories and rumors that I heard people was talking about and I never wanted to disrespect people I never wanted people to hate me but if this not your cup of tea don't look that all you need to do.

I'm not going to let this get me down even if they are telling me 'go and die' it's that bad I'm not letting them get me down it's a bit crazy but I'm going to stay positive

I will say this people on discord are hardcore if you don't see eye to eye with them they will let you know they hate that and if you don't know what your doing they will tell you they hate that.

If you don't use the characters they like and use a character you like they are Garbage that how people on discord think it quit the opposing how Facebook people think if you look at it.

I don't want to hate people on discord but I never wanted to make news over there and I'm not giving out my account no way.

Why I thought it was EoE? Youtubers from Japan was spamming EoE in the chat twitter was hinting about EoE for all we know that just a theory for now we have no proof that we are getting EoE again

I myself want Final Fantasy but that just my desire everyone HAS different desires

If you use and take Alt Albel buffs win he heals with his Talent one person said they solo win there group died Alt Albel has that heals in you attack it will be hard with out a healer *cough* Rena or someone that heals but you can use Alt Albel if you don't have A2.

*Fix that due to my nails and typing too fast T_T

The person that was talking about was on facebook that they soloed with Alt Albel.

Compared to normal Albel, Alt Albel is way powerful with the new GS you can do damage with Alt Albel or A2 or any other GS user.

Go on facebook and look for Star Ocean Anamnesis English and join that group.

So this is a update that I was never expecting to do I will update win the next events comes out

And if you doing to do the RNG with the GS good luck may the RNG be with you

To let you know I do spend money in this game real money before I was going to use Nox for just playing around however Nox gone and I'm not going back to bluestacks that bluestacks is horrible it was crashing a lot win I use to play .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. it was bad.

~RIP in the memory of .Hack mobile games.

I also caught the last of the .Hack mobile games on my phone and tablet just barely but I did get the story at first I played on bluestacks then I got the tablet and phone so yes I do need to upgrade my tablet and phone but I'm holding off for now.

So I'm going to wait for the upcoming live stream it will be the usual get some sleep before the live stream and wake up 4 AM O_o hello from Pacific Standard Time and then go to bed and get ready for work yes I do have a job that's why I'm able to spend money.

Alright enough of my real life way off the topic

I apologize for all this but it had to be brought up.

And since I'm off the topic we got a new Scanner so I might post some more Doujinshi I did end up buying more Doujinshi for more info on my Doujinshi scan you can go look at
Link-http://asukaikari.tumblr.com/ be warned I am a fan girl if you don't like don't look it's simple as that.

Come to think of it discord reminds me of the toxic of any MMO you know them you seen them yes them and to tell you I did run into a few toxic people like this.

On the other hand there are some nice and helpful people on discord but it's rare.

And now you ask who ships who? Not only me go take a look on twitter the fan wars are real.

SOA update


--From discord--
Maintenance on 9/14 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Event
Revision on Ashton's Rush Animation
Minor Bug Fix

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Mavelle/Ashton Pick-Up
New Weapon Pick-Up
Guaranteed New Weapon Pick-Up
SO3 Executioner Event
Claude Coin Shop
Micheal Coin Shop
Micheal (Destruction) Coin Shop

New Event "Ten Wisemen Lucifer/Cyril Advent". Cyril is capable of teleporting across the map and surprise players with attacks. His attacks can inflict Seal status. He is weak to the Fire Element more so with symbology. Status Effects are hard to inflict as with Elemental Breaks. The reward for the devs beating Cyril during the live stream everyone gets 1000 gems.

Character Status Up Function
Using stats separate seeds, you can raise each characters individual stats by 1 for each seed. These can be farmed in a permanent mission unlike hammer or thread missions. AP can be raised with AP Seeds however these are not found in the permanent mission but event achievement rewards.

---End of discord--

So farm farm farm the skill seeds and Cyril a.k.a. Lucifer is weak ageist fire so get the fire weapons ready and if you have someone who uses fire you're good to go

Sophia would be nice for this fight also Fayt if you have him maybe Ashton fire only

And don't forget your healer Rena or Relia might be good Swimsuit Sophia if you have her but she more lighting

Prince Claude might work he is fire element if you don't have anyone better

Mavelle is not going to work nor is Fiore not unless you have them with fire users

You can use a defender or Albel with the
"Weapon Name: Godflame Sword・Kagutsuchi
Type: Sword and Sheath
Factor: Gain Fire Attribute
+50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks
Limit Break Factor: 60% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 960 ATK / 958 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"

weapon and use sword and sheath user or anyone with a fire weapon that's why Fayt users are good with fire weakness Fayt already has that in his powers give Fayt the Ice sword and he has 3 elements to him but you can also use Military Anne she also has that.

Elemental we only have 2 so far Fayt and Military Anne they feel rare to me but that just me correct me if there is someone else I'm forgetting.

But you're leader must be a 10LB win starting the events it helps a lot going in without them being LB would be...bad if you're under 10LB find the party that will help you do the events and focus on 10LB the party as soon as possible

doing events it not impossible doing them under 10LB it will just take longer that from my experiences I played around with my alt account and yes it taken longer me to LB them and I'm still doing it today my alt account is not full 10LB party like my main but with a 10LB Fayt it works for my alt.

And my alt account don't have a good healer expect Relia she perfect for the mage type party or my alt party Fayt, Faize or Prince Claude all 'INT' boost and yes I still think that Fayt 'rush' is based on INT I noticed that win choosing swords for Fayt he needs a good damage sword with 'INT' in it so if you're wondering why Fayt isn't doing much damage it can be all in the 'INT' in the sword.

As I said before I always look at what sword I'm using I don't just put anything on Fayt and some people need INT for there rush and some don't but yes people say that Relia works good with Rena both buffs going will help.

(Remember Relia buffs INT win Rena buffs Power)

However I think once you get the skill seeds and upgrade you're character that might help to I'm going to start working on Fayt and Rena on my main my alt I'm going to work on Fayt and Relia.

For the Wedding girls Wedding Maria on my alt and Wedding Rena on my main I might work on them I don't know I never touched them in a long long time T_T

For both accounts I'm working on Swimsuit Reimi who drop for both accounts and slowly LB her to 10 and both accounts I'm working on Prince Claude who us somewhat useful and people will say that Sophia is way better then Prince Claude I have to say yes for now but if you get the skill seeds you can...

Boost the lower Tier class...that no one likes O_O

So if you have a skill seed Emmerson or Nel you might not get kicked and you might be able to play the lower class Tier that no one likes or even make Clair better again or Reimi think of all the possibilities.

Someone from discord was thinking about boosting 'Michael' so look at the characters you have and think of boosting them with skill seeds that is coming with this update
Or try to make Dias a tank that might work.

If you're worried about Tier ranking and all that don't worry about it once this update drops and the skill seeds are out you can upgrade the character you want I also think this is going to wreck the Tier ranking if all the characters are fully upgraded.

For attackers focus on attack skill seed sand Def and mage type focus on INT and def
Shooters you want to focus on Def and attack defenders you want to focus on Def and attack (that my thoughts people might tell you otherwise)

For attackers that use INT you might want to have INT skill seeds also and for anyone else who uses INT in there rush go for INT also.

So farm farm and farm get the skill seeds.

I'm excited for the skill seeds then more I am for the Gacha that says a lot right there.

And I think some people might go straight for the limited characters and start working on them like the wedding girls or swimsuit girls or even some characters we never seen in a long time.

So this update I'm excited for it what you think about it?

"[9/14 (Thursday) maintenance ②] today 14: 00-16:00, add a new event or failure will be doing maintenance work due to fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site"

I'll update again win the update is up.

Skill seeds are 1.9.0 update next update T_T so far away...
red and white

.Hack//G.U. Nov


.hack//G.U. Last Recode launches on November 3 in North America.


Wait wait...Japan is out in November 01, 2017

NA- Nov 3.
JAP- Nov 1st.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION looks like that Japan only right now no word on the NA version at all

So far if you want the Premium Edition you might have to get the Japanese version

I check BANDAI NAMCO NA and Amazon NA no listing of the "Premium Edition" looks like it's Japanese only so

(11448yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 96.65

Look for 【PS4】.hack//G.U. Last Recode PREMIUM EDITION【早期購入特典】オリジナルPS4カスタムテーマが貰えるプロダクトコード同梱【Amazon.co.jp限定】アイテム未定
¥ 11,448

Checking the shipping on both CD Japan is much faster to NA to where I live usually win I order from them it takes about 3 days after its out and I have to sign for it

So if I order the Premium Edition my NA version from amazon NA will come faster since it's out on NOV 3rd and they might come the same time...O_o

And no there is non Premium Edition for NA sadly to say not yet

I'm surprised they are releasing both almost the same time if that said recording might be done no word on DLC or anything new except what they show

So you're undecided if you want the Premium Edition or not it's up to you I might hold off until next month and order it I'm still thinking of I want the Premium Edition or not I just want the game and I already got more then one of the NA and JAP copies not even opened

And the good thing is .Hack//G.U. copies for PS2 might go done after this if you're selling or plan on selling them now is the good time to do so I think collect the money win its high before the price drops win the .Hack//G.U. Last Recode comes out

or if you just want to collect the PS2 games wait for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode to drop and the PS2 games will drop in price or just buy .Hack//G.U. Last Recode

NA English voices Haseooo

Wait I just looked there is no Japanese trailer yet...O_o

So in the Japanese one they might show off the Premium Edition more something NA is not getting so heads up for that

so who excited for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode I am and countless hours trying to rise party romance level for the wedding event

Spoilers you can marry who you like...O_o but that don't come until way later

Time to get countless hours into this game again so it can match my PS2 saves

And good luck if you're buying the Premium Edition or not I might next month I'm not sure I do want to buy the Steam version also so I can play on my PC so I'm thinking about it.

As for the new story I might finish the game and play the new story at lest once and go back to .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption I played lot of hours in that game and I enjoyed it

Beside I love Haseo x-form outfit versus his new black one

For people who never played a .Hack game oh boy you're in for a ride a good one from what I'm seeing people who never played are like 'Oh its like SAO' 'Is it good?'

No offense SAO lovers but I can never replace .Hack it's in my heart and from my darkest times it was .Hack and Final Fantasy and Star Ocean

But yes enough talk and get ready for nov 1, nov 3rd NA and JAP are both coming out

And good luck on what version you're playing

I myself played the Japanese version and the English version I own a Japanese PS2 I own all 3 games in Japanese and I also own English versions so the story I heard is much darker then the English version

One thing they did change win you fight Atoli a.k.a. Innis win she scream at Haseo in NA right?

In the Japanese version she screaming Sakaki name O_o yes that one thing they changed I noticed win I played the Japanese version they changed it to 'I want you look at me!' in the English version

(From what I recall Atoli Japanese VA was screaming Sakaki name not Haseo in that fight now I can be wrong but that what it sounded like she was saying in the Japanese version)

I don't know what else they changed my broken Japanese don't help much so I assuming they are going to change some dialog with the new story coming out for NA

So playing the Japanese version and getting that ending it felt...'ugh' the first time to me in the Japanese version Haseo and Atoli felt forced the English version tried to cover that up
by changing dialog and all that

By the looks of it Shino hint and the new story we might in the Japanese version Haseo might hint that he likes Ovan now win they bring that out in US and it all in English they might change it

Japan is more acceptable to that kind of 'Yaoi' win in the West 'NA' is not so they will change to please the fan base you get the idea

So I might end up buying the Japanese version after all to see what they changed

And if you read the light novels it hinted that Haseo did like Ovan the way the trailer they showed and the artwork that come out it hinted as much as I hate to say this

Haseo might finally admit his emotions to Ovan that how it feels so the whole Haseo and Shino and Ovan love triangle might be finally over with now if you recall Shino also liked Ovan not Haseo that why G.U. romance is...yeah

And in the light novels Haseo did say he likes guys but he prefers girls over guys...
O_o someone was talking about that so it not really clearly hinted over in the west or in English that Haseo is 'Bi' except the silly e-mails you can do with Endrance

And this new story is all about Ovan so expect anything I just hope this time in NA or JAP version that Haseo admits his emotions it getting way out of hand and Haseo is in denial that he likes Ovan and G.U. final ending the one where you get Tabby that ending did not help

Spoilers Haseo desire was to see Ovan as he faded away that white room hello that was too hard to cover up

One thing I did noticed that was hinted in the books Ovan emotions for Haseo is...
From what I can tell Ovan was seeing Shino in the hospital a lot and bringing her flowers?
But it never got to the point where Ovan was thinking or talking to Haseo witch means...

Ovan likes Shino?
Shino likes Ovan
Haseo like both
In the ending Haseo ended with Atoli

(To me Haseo and Atoli felt forced since the way the romance went and Alkaid did not admit that she liked Haseo so they went with Atoli)

I'm thinking Ovan thought of Haseo as a friend but not romantically but Haseo did have a crush on Ovan you have to blind not to see it and to this day it looks like Ovan is on Haseo mind

Man this love story is...they should of stuck with original idea keeping Shino as a 'avatar' user you did know that Shino was supposed to be the original 'avatar' user? they changed that and made Atoli and went with this path

That why Atoli attracted the 'avatar' she looks like Shino who was supposed to be the original avatar user can you image the story if Shino wasn't killed and the avatar awaken in her?

The love story would not be the same win .Hack//Prototype was out it had a small video of G.U.
and in that video it had a love story of Haseo and a girl in black with dark hair not silver and this girl was not Atoli it was Shino so win they thought of 'Atoli' they changed the story

You can find that video on youtube so that why I like Shino more she WAS the original one

Why they kick Shino over Atoli? I don't know that one maybe they thought blonds would be more fun? I don't know but they should of stayed with Shino

And fun fact why did they add cheats to this game?

Answer if you had a cheat system like codejunkies codes you can hack this game O_o
the fun was switching Haseo out for someone else you use Endrance in Vol.1 that was fun and his powers and fight ageist Azure Kite however to degree of damage win Azure Kite did his special move he would sit there unable to since it was all animated to Haseo not anyone else
and Azure Kite would just move and float around unable to to do anything

you can also use codejunkies codes to rise attack and def and all that even EXP and money
so win they found out NA was hacking this game they stop it in Vol.2 and Vol.3 so win you had a special boss fight and you tried to switch Haseo out and switch someone else in you can't go to that area it locks you out like in Vol.3 trying to fight Azure Kite again this time around if you're not Haseo the game will lock you out

however end game is different after beating the game you can switch Haseo out and you can replace him with...Shino or someone else but one thing they did change win they noticed NA was Hacking this game if you switched out Haseo with Azure Kite after the game Azure Kite will look down it hinted that they 'know' you're doing cheats so that supposed be a hint

There are some old youtube videos of cheats going around people hacking this game and you can find them so win they announced they was adding cheats I was surprised but not really I figured they taken the codes that people was using and placed them inside there game so people won't try to hack this game again you can find the codes around I did use them

And yes .Hack//G.U. games was hacked on PS2 alright enough of that.

I'm going to say if you played the Japanese version or getting it see how the story compared to the English version and see how you like it this is all from my experience everyone can have different ideas.

SOA next


So we are getting Mirage and shooter Anne O_o >_>


Not very excited I heard Anne is still most loved in Japan that's why they picked her and Mirage artwork reminds me of Wedding Maria picture they look the same the style...O_o

however we did get...

Prince Claude O_o


Rena and Wedding Rena are going to be so jealous omg...

Honestly the site of prince Claude is so...smooth compared to all the girls we got since Edge

People noted Prince Claude looks younger and is missing his headband at first I thought he was Prince Clauzer of Krosse or 'Chirs' or 'Clyde' what name he uses the guy that looked like Claude in SO2.

Maybe that where they got this idea from?

So maybe the next program more guys?

Why pick Claude? Win they know Albel or Fayt are the ones people want?

Emmerson and Rena and Wedding Rena might protest...ouch we got the whole family here

If the next one are going to be 'princes' I'm all up for it but I think the next one will be more girls >_>

Oh right rumors are they listen to a site that voted 'Claude' most loved..>_> that was long time ago it was old rumors to...I don't know if the fan base changed or not but I don't like Claude that much he's alright but er...

His cannon ending is Rena hello Emmerson?

I think the same website voted for 'Anne' that why Anne was in the game fast however she wasn't that used in the game itself people didn't use her >_>

【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM 速報】 次回STAR OCEAN PROGRAM#15は8/22(火)に放送決定!新衣装クロードさんや初参戦するあのキャラやこのキャラの情報含め、内容盛りだくさんでお送りします!(`◎Д◎´)ノ #アナムネシス

"[STAR OCEAN PROGRAM breaking] next STAR OCEAN PROGRAM # 15 8/22, (Tuesday) broadcasting decision! Including new costumes Claude's first participation in that character and this character information, attractiveness and contents will send you! ('◎Д◎ be), #アナムネシス "

Star Ocean program 15 announced I'm excited now to think about the 8/22 program and who we might get

This time for Mirage and Shooter Anne I'm going to pass I don't need anymore girls seriously

And gems sales are coming back new weapon so say goodbye to the weapons we have now and try to roll for Swimsuit Reimi sword that is good for now.

So if you don't have the sword get it now before it's gone I tried and my alt account again and did not get it T_T
I'm thinking alt Fayt who wants to keep that The Holy Sword Farwell it not bad it just Fayt already has light elemental from his powers that sword don't do nothing for him except Attack and INT.

However I wish you good luck on getting Mirage or Shooter Anne I'm not going to roll this time so no dice for me.

As for Anne

"Character: Military Outfit Anne Patriceani
Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Gun
Talent: Completely Flawless Support - All Elemental Damage +30% (All Allies)
Stubborn Disposition - Single Target Damage +15% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
Memories of an Unknown Planet - AP Recovery Speed +50% when distance between target is Long (All Allies)
Cat Shangri-La - AP Consumption -30% when Skill Chain 3+ (Self)
Rush Combo: Gunsmoke Arts - Critical Rate +50% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 19
Skills: Skyline Shooting
Stardust Aim
Bullet Locus"

Meaning she has Elemental Damage that is good if you don't have Fayt I heard that she buffs element weapons and is good in all shooter party O_o but from what I saw her defense is weak so you might have to dodge

Mirage is

"Character: Mirage Koas
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Knuckle
Talent: Skillful Kicking - ATK +20% (All Allies)
Klaustrian Bloodline - ATK Damage +20% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
Heart of Mercy - AP Recovery from normal attack +100% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
Personal Teachings from Father - Critical Rate +30% & Critical Damage +30% when HP is 100% (Self)
Rush Combo: Avenger Charge - AP Consumption -30% % Recover 10% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 15
Skills: Trident Arts
Acrobat Locus
Electric Fist"

People was saying 'oh mirage is pretty' and after they saw this it was 'oh mirage is not good' some people says she good some people says she not that will be up to you to decided.

So far we got 2 people who use elements that is Shooter Anne and Fayt since I'm not rolling for Mirage or Shooter Anne I Don't have to worry about it however if you need a elemental user or play with a shooter party or have element weapons you might think of shooter Anne but watch out win you play with her she looks like she has the shooter defense.

And now people are saying 'Mirage' is dead before she's out? What?...

Ugh discord chat please...

moving on good luck with the RNG and I'll wait win the update drops later.

And yes if you're not farming do it now the events will change.

Star Ocean Anamnesis we got


So did we get any guys like I hope for?

No we are getting girls and more girls even Myuria VA asked where the guys at?

Yes Myuria VA was there today.

I will say this the only girl who looked inserting was Reimi

Girls we are getting this picture just...screams...'sex' don't it? O_o it will attract the guys.

Oh boy pervert event upcoming with the girls no more dreams please? I don't want another one like the Wedding Event that was...I wonder what girl out of the group will be looking for some guys? Since you know how all the girls act to the guys they like...it's going to be crazy and Salt. (This is my guess for the upcoming event)

Beside the girls the roadmap is what I wanted to know they did say a Halloween event and a collab event.

What collab are we getting this time? Final Fantasy? Nier Automata?

But my hype was the skill build it looks like you can make your character more OP but you have to use materials?
And they people are saying you have to farm...oh boy time to farm like crazy.

Well I'm going to be working on Fayt win that drops and maybe Edge and Rena.

And as usual the guys are saying it's all going to be all girls if that ever happens I will stop buying gems.

*sigh* what did you expect? I think my next money I get will go into something else...

The gems I have might go into weapons time to roll some swords.

Next boss is weakness ageist Lighting and they said Darkness is no good there so RIP Faize and Fiore.

So use who ever has lighting attacks and Star Ocean 3 event comes back hello Luther.

"Skill Points for characters to increase the power of Battle Skills, there is also the ability to strengthen Rush Combos and learn new Battle Skills depending on the character"- From Facebook

So you can make them OP O_o yess

I'm going to be happy for that update win it comes in the roadmap is all the way to Dec if we can last that long...

I do want the list of all the new skills they can learn that what I'm most excited for.

And good luck on rolling for any of the girls they do look cute but I'm going to pass on them I might try and roll for Reimi maybe.

------From Discord----

New Event : Planet of the Blue Sea - From 7/12 to 8/3
Upon visiting the planet with a beautiful coast, they meet an orb-weaving spider along the beach. In order to grant its wish, the crew along with Miki and Myuria does a search on the planet.

New Boss: Predate Queen
This boss is does Ice elemental attacks and is completely resistant to Seal. The boss this time is weak to Lightning Element Attacks.

New Event Weapons

[Billowing Bow: Bow]
- Resounding Wind Damage +20%
- Recover 3% of Max HP every 5 seconds
LB Factor - Critical Damage +20% when behind enemy

[Blue Wave Sword: Sword & Sheathe]
- Explosive Lightning Slash Damage +20%
- Increase Aggro +1
LB Factor - DEF +10% when under aggro

Road Map for the rest of the year - Check order number for relative time for when it will be added(edited)
July/August Part 1 - SECOND TO COME OUT
- Contents/Functions -
Accessory Upgrade - Upgrade accessory parameters, complete accessory mission for materials
Story Chapter 8 - New Character Belda
- Battle Features -
Result Time - Shows time taken for missions
- Player Features -
Dual Follow "Friendship Gauge" - Bonus reward for filling gauge when playing with people that you follow and has also followed you(edited)
July/August Part 2 - FIRST TO COME OUT
- Event -
Eternal Summer Swimsuit Event
- Large Scale Campaigns -
Summer Break Campaign(edited)
September/October Part 1 - THIRD TO COME OUT
- Contents/Features -
Increase Character Stats - Increase stats of your choice by upgrading, complete character stats mission for materials
- Player Features -
Titles - Fancy titles for ego needs
Bestiary - Show characters you have/don't have and enemy data
Rental Bonus - Bonus reward for people using your rental character
Beginner Participation Bonus - Extra mission drops when beginners join multi-player party(edited)
September/October Part 2 - FOURTH TO COME OUT
- Event -
Large Scale Collab - No info
- Event -
Halloween Event - No info(edited)
September/October Part 3 - FIFTH TO COME OUT
- Contents/Features -
Character Awakening (Level Up Battle Skills) - Level up battle skills through Character Board, Depending on the character, raising Rush Combo or learning new skills are under consideration
Story Chapter 9 - No info
- Battle Features -
New Difficulty "Supremacy" - One Time Completion for reward
- Player Feature -
Easier to Dual Follow - Make it easier to dual follow(edited)
November/December Part 1 - SIXTH TO COME OUT
- New Battle Contents -
Completion Type Challenge Missions - Clear each dungeon floor, used characters cannot be used again on other floors
All Players Joint Event Boss Subjugation Event - Server Wide Boss Raid, Defeat Boss and upon clear whittle away Boss Total HP(edited)
November/December Part 2 - SEVENTH TO COME OUT
- Event -
New Years Large Scale Collab - No info
- Large Scale Campaigns -
One Year Celebration Campaign - No info

-------End of Discord---post

September and October is one to look out for the patch for 'Character awakening' for new skills this the roadmap they posted so who the large collab?

But I'm looking forward to the roadmap and the skills.