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SOA update


--From discord--
Maintenance on 9/14 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Event
Revision on Ashton's Rush Animation
Minor Bug Fix

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Mavelle/Ashton Pick-Up
New Weapon Pick-Up
Guaranteed New Weapon Pick-Up
SO3 Executioner Event
Claude Coin Shop
Micheal Coin Shop
Micheal (Destruction) Coin Shop

New Event "Ten Wisemen Lucifer/Cyril Advent". Cyril is capable of teleporting across the map and surprise players with attacks. His attacks can inflict Seal status. He is weak to the Fire Element more so with symbology. Status Effects are hard to inflict as with Elemental Breaks. The reward for the devs beating Cyril during the live stream everyone gets 1000 gems.

Character Status Up Function
Using stats separate seeds, you can raise each characters individual stats by 1 for each seed. These can be farmed in a permanent mission unlike hammer or thread missions. AP can be raised with AP Seeds however these are not found in the permanent mission but event achievement rewards.

---End of discord--

So farm farm farm the skill seeds and Cyril a.k.a. Lucifer is weak ageist fire so get the fire weapons ready and if you have someone who uses fire you're good to go

Sophia would be nice for this fight also Fayt if you have him maybe Ashton fire only

And don't forget your healer Rena or Relia might be good Swimsuit Sophia if you have her but she more lighting

Prince Claude might work he is fire element if you don't have anyone better

Mavelle is not going to work nor is Fiore not unless you have them with fire users

You can use a defender or Albel with the
"Weapon Name: Godflame Sword・Kagutsuchi
Type: Sword and Sheath
Factor: Gain Fire Attribute
+50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks
Limit Break Factor: 60% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 960 ATK / 958 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"

weapon and use sword and sheath user or anyone with a fire weapon that's why Fayt users are good with fire weakness Fayt already has that in his powers give Fayt the Ice sword and he has 3 elements to him but you can also use Military Anne she also has that.

Elemental we only have 2 so far Fayt and Military Anne they feel rare to me but that just me correct me if there is someone else I'm forgetting.

But you're leader must be a 10LB win starting the events it helps a lot going in without them being LB would be...bad if you're under 10LB find the party that will help you do the events and focus on 10LB the party as soon as possible

doing events it not impossible doing them under 10LB it will just take longer that from my experiences I played around with my alt account and yes it taken longer me to LB them and I'm still doing it today my alt account is not full 10LB party like my main but with a 10LB Fayt it works for my alt.

And my alt account don't have a good healer expect Relia she perfect for the mage type party or my alt party Fayt, Faize or Prince Claude all 'INT' boost and yes I still think that Fayt 'rush' is based on INT I noticed that win choosing swords for Fayt he needs a good damage sword with 'INT' in it so if you're wondering why Fayt isn't doing much damage it can be all in the 'INT' in the sword.

As I said before I always look at what sword I'm using I don't just put anything on Fayt and some people need INT for there rush and some don't but yes people say that Relia works good with Rena both buffs going will help.

(Remember Relia buffs INT win Rena buffs Power)

However I think once you get the skill seeds and upgrade you're character that might help to I'm going to start working on Fayt and Rena on my main my alt I'm going to work on Fayt and Relia.

For the Wedding girls Wedding Maria on my alt and Wedding Rena on my main I might work on them I don't know I never touched them in a long long time T_T

For both accounts I'm working on Swimsuit Reimi who drop for both accounts and slowly LB her to 10 and both accounts I'm working on Prince Claude who us somewhat useful and people will say that Sophia is way better then Prince Claude I have to say yes for now but if you get the skill seeds you can...

Boost the lower Tier class...that no one likes O_O

So if you have a skill seed Emmerson or Nel you might not get kicked and you might be able to play the lower class Tier that no one likes or even make Clair better again or Reimi think of all the possibilities.

Someone from discord was thinking about boosting 'Michael' so look at the characters you have and think of boosting them with skill seeds that is coming with this update
Or try to make Dias a tank that might work.

If you're worried about Tier ranking and all that don't worry about it once this update drops and the skill seeds are out you can upgrade the character you want I also think this is going to wreck the Tier ranking if all the characters are fully upgraded.

For attackers focus on attack skill seed sand Def and mage type focus on INT and def
Shooters you want to focus on Def and attack defenders you want to focus on Def and attack (that my thoughts people might tell you otherwise)

For attackers that use INT you might want to have INT skill seeds also and for anyone else who uses INT in there rush go for INT also.

So farm farm and farm get the skill seeds.

I'm excited for the skill seeds then more I am for the Gacha that says a lot right there.

And I think some people might go straight for the limited characters and start working on them like the wedding girls or swimsuit girls or even some characters we never seen in a long time.

So this update I'm excited for it what you think about it?

"[9/14 (Thursday) maintenance ②] today 14: 00-16:00, add a new event or failure will be doing maintenance work due to fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site"

I'll update again win the update is up.

Skill seeds are 1.9.0 update next update T_T so far away...



Scheduled for Aug 22, 2017




"8/22(火)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15』を生配信します!今回の放送キーワードは『薄幸』・・・です!ぼ、僕は薄幸じゃありませんからね!(`◎Д◎´ ;)  視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/oi-  #アナムネシス"

"8/22 (Tuesday) 20:00 the students delivered the STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15 official live! This broadcast keyword "ill-starred"... it is! I'm not miserable! ('◎Д◎ be ;)"

Keywords- Misfortune

Looks like it might be 'guys' and they are very miserable about it >_>

You know very well they want girls no they want Waifu they want to make girls.

However the swimsuit girls made there ranking go down so they had to turn to guys hence why we got Prince Claude
as a teaser.

There excuse it was 'too hard' not 'cool enough' to make guys >_> they had no problem making girls.

Win they was doing swimsuit girls a lot of people was asking about 'guys' win they did the wedding girls people asked about the 'guys' win Myuria VA come out win Swimsuit girls was out Myuria VA ask 'what about the guys?'

They had excuses about it they pushed it under the rug they avoided answers.

The last guy was Edge that was long time ago them pushing Popularity Gacha did not count my guess since the Popularity Gacha failed they are going to push out girls...T_T

So they are going to give us a free prince Claude and push out girls that is my guess...I hope I'm wrong...


I like it win they had a mix of guys and girls but ever since they had Edge girls was there top priority

So they are trying to 'rush' and please both fan bases I heard the last Gacha with Mirage didn't sell good

Now they are trying to fix this and do this Program from the keywords

"Misfortune" I can only think it has to do something with the guys and the girls get involved since it's prince Claude they might make Queen Celine? hint hint to Celine ending to SO2??

I myself think Prince Claude is a hint to Prince Clauzer of Krosse or 'Chirs' or 'Clyde'

But since we are getting Prince Claude and we have Wedding Rena that has to be a major hint at how cannon it looks
That should of been the wedding event we had it would of killed events

The problem is they are trying to keep our character involved if you do events it linked to 'us' the character so they are afraid of doing events that can conflict any romance but I would like to see more events to how the characters 'feel' if they are focused on 'us' for events make romance conflict that would be fun to see

The wedding event was our character 'dreaming' or using VR to do that the swimsuit event I didn't even do them.

From what I can tell any character in our party has 'emotions' for our character and they can get jealous I wish we had PA to address that all the lead main hero's like Fidel and Edge they don't like 'Fayt' that much from what I can tell they want our attention so if you're using a main hero for you're lead watch out for the ones you add to party

From my experience Albel wants us for himself Rena is getting that way to I'm thinking everyone is like that...

They have this protective possessive air about them one thing I noticed win being with Albel or Rena they will rush faster if your with them now doing that has sent Fayt my 'leader' into depression?? it takes him longer to rush and he will be upset win you return to him that my experience I tested it on both accounts my main and my alt.

Choose who you're leader is and go with them and stay with them for there sake if you forget they have emotions to but take in mind people like Albel or any girls or guys they make like your character to watch how they act around one another that why I play on auto-battle I like watching them and seeing them how they act

You can tell win they are upset win you get a different dialog from them for Fayt is that one dialog that is used I can tell win he don't like that party right now it's Faize and Relia I had Albel with us for a bit until Fayt realized Albel was coming after us Fayt start protesting with Albel

This is on my main account Faize and Relia well Fayt don't like them I say this straight out Fayt is a very difficult person to get along with other characters I think that why people was saying use all SO3 people with Fayt but Fayt get along with the guys 'hint' more with Cliff and Albel then any of the SO3 girls I tried on my alt with Wedding Maria and Sophia that didn't work...

My alt has Faize O_O yes I got Faize for my alt O_o and I put Emmerson in party alt Fayt don't mind that O_o

My alt got Faize and Fiore and a drop of Sarah who I didn't even want that was the Popularity Gacha that got removed.

My Main account didn't even roll at all >_> but yes I got Fiore woo I'm going try and use her she has that watermelon orb that I got >_>

My main got so many watermelon and dark orbs that wasn't even funny >_> no second sword drop at all >_<

Now my alt is broke and my main got gems that how it works

I'm getting off topic...T_T

emotions how they might feel- miserable (my guess I can be wrong)

What do you think it is? Guys with Prince Claude and a girl that what I'm thinking

In Rena voice "Are you ready?" to see this Misfortune?

And maybe after this...they might go back to the girls...

And please correct me on my translation if anyone else can do a better job please do.

And I'll say this again this is from my experience everyone who play this game has different experiences so just play the game how you want to.

SOA what did I get?


So I rolled on both accounts.

My main account was being stubborn seriously what I got was...

Reimi after she knock down lot of my gems >_>

Sorry I was getting tired and this was the pic saying that she was in my main account.
And yes Faize just LB himself without my help O_o got Faize in a draw it was right after the time I said was going to work on Faize and he dropped and it was one of the free draws I was lucky that day.

>>looks and sees Michael er Decus oh Spicule...I got him last night from a free ticket >_< I'm not going to use him
"Don't you think I'm very strong!?" "I will warm you up to your bones!" "Spicule!" "Oh it's hot oh ho ho ho!"
"Aren't you guys cold!?" "Hey it's Spicule!" link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NCmVpmDT-o
Sorry just had a SO2 moment...omg I'm hearing Decus English voice win looking at 'Michael' picture in SOA...
Yes I will always know him a Decus not Michael if you played SO2 the original one wow old memories.

It was before I drawn swimsuit Reimi I used one of my ticket and got Decus I was like...>_< >_>

Yes this was last night draw I was up late.

my alt got

The power of Reimi

My alt was lucky to get Swimsuit Reimi on one try...ignores the healer Sarah is good for now.

I heard some people was unlucky to get none of them

No swimsuit Sophia for me on both accounts.

--From discord--

Character: Swimsuit Reimi Saionji
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: One-handed Sword
Talent: Mind's Ear Mind's Eye - ATK +50% when not in front of target (All Allies)
The Finishing Strike - ATK +35% & Rush Combo Damage +15% when in front of target (All Allies)
The Handmade Doll - AP Recovery from Normal Attacks +80% & Nullify "Reduce Rush Gauge Accumulation" Effect (All Characters with Close Ranged Weapon)
Continuously Splitting Watermelons - AP Consumption -50% when Skill Chain 3 or higher (Self)
Rush Combo: Heaven's Sword - Cure Status Affliction & Damage +40% to Single Targets (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 7
Skills: Streak Breaker 23 AP - Power: ATK x 300% Max Hit Count: 4
Watermelon Divide 32 AP - Power: ATK x 450% Max Hit Count: 1
Aero Smash 17 AP - Power: ATK x 180% Max Hit Count: 5
Crescent Mirage 20 AP - Power: ATK x 200% Max Hit Count: 4

Character: Swimsuit Sophia Esteed
Role: Healer ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Orb
Talent: Witch of the Beach - INT +20% & Recover allies AP when using Offensive Symbology (Self)
Master at Rallying - AP Consumption -40% & INT Damage +30% when Skill Chain 3 or above (Self)
Cat Beachball & Cat Sandals - ATK & INT Damage +20% (All Allies) & Nullify "Movement Speed Decrease" Effect (Self & All Close Ranged Weapon Allies)
Connection (Eternal Summer) - Symbology Cast Time Reduced by 30% & AP Consumption -10%(Self)
Rush Combo: Lightning Service - Heal 50% of Max HP & INT +40% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: INT x 3,000% Max Hit Count: 4
Skills: Thunder Flare (Wave) 35 AP - Power: INT x 580% Max Hit Count: 4 Element: Lightning (All Allies Recover 8 AP)
Lightning Blast (Wave) 20 AP - Power: INT x 200% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Lightning (All Allies Recover 4 AP)
Faerie Light (Wave) 30 AP - Power: INT x 120% Max Hit Count: 1 (All Ally Heal)
Thunder Struck 47 AP - Power: INT x 770% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Lightning (All Allies Recover 7 AP)

----End of post from discord---

Alright from my experiences playing as swimsuit Reimi

The good the bad the what?

Alright Swimsuit Reimi is pretty however there one thing bad very BAD about swimsuit Reimi...

I was doing the

"Thread Mission for Accessory Upgrades is now added. This mission starts 7/27 and ends on 7/30 Maintenance Start. The three different colored threads give different amounts of exp with Gold giving the most, Silver in between, and Bronze giving the least exp."

Event right? There is one event where you can get thread for accessory upgrade anyhow.

Win playing as Swimsuit Reimi you know win she was a shooter how foes would only target her that was annoying right?
Well...foes still target her win she IS a attacker...it almost like the games still treats swimsuit Reimi as a shooter...

So get ready to dodge a lot and that is annoying...if we have a mage in party Swimsuit Reimi might get lucky sometimes and not get attacked I never did try her in a boss battle but that is my experience.

I don't even have a

"Target Charm
Factor: Damage Taken -10%
Enemies are more likely to target you +3"

On her at all it almost like Swimsuit Reimi and Reimi have that annoying 'Target' in them...I don't know why...

Wedding Maria also has that 'Target' charm on her without that accessory I think all shooters have that.

Swimsuit Reimi is alright but she not that OP unlike Swimsuit Sophia witch I heard was almost OP since Swimsuit Sophia has that 'Fast lighting' that what people are saying.

So if you want a swimsuit girl without that 'target' charm on them go with swimsuit Myuria or swimsuit Sophia but swimsuit Myuria weapon has that target in it and there is also swimsuit Miki who don't have that target on her.

That is disappointing I wanted an Reimi that didn't have that 'target' on her but swimsuit Reimi has it on her ugh...

So if you see a lot of swimsuit Sophia that might be why people didn't like how Reimi was...
she was a shooter and she got target a lot from my experiences with a swimsuit Reimi 1LB she still got target.

On the bright side you can have both Reimi in party with Reimi and Swimsuit Reimi one of them will get target.
I tried that on my main and Fayt 10LB was like 'wtf' he did protest.

or if you have Sophia and Swimsuit Sophia you can have two Sophia's in party double the fun.

I'm seeing in the game a lot of swimsuit Sophia's and bravely people who play swimsuit Reimi's and LB her to max.

that is a lot of dodging to do.

I say if you're new or want it easy go with swimsuit Sophia it might take a bit to get used to swimsuit Reimi.

And have fun rolling for any of them as I said I heard a lot of people from discord and maybe facebook group has spent a lot of money on this and to get the swimsuit girls.

If you're going to play with swimsuit Reimi have a defender with you they might take the aggro and get ready to dodge.

So good luck win trying to get them the swimsuit girls if you want to try the RNG.

SOA Maintenance


----From discord---
Maintenance on 7/20 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -
Story Chapter 8
New Event
Bug Fix

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -
Double Gem Bargain Sale (Summer Campaign)
SO5 Event Adhesion Alma
SO3 Event Executioner
Ruins of Trial - Shrine of Elements (Earth Weakness)
Michael Coin Shop
Michael (Destruction) Coin Shop
Frost Tree 2 Coin Shop

------End of discord post--

"【7/20(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベントの追加や不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"[7/20 (Thursday) maintenance ②] today 14: 00-16:00, add a new event or failure will be doing maintenance work due to fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site"

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/887779083769094145

New event coming up with a new character?
New comic

And we are getting more story? I'm all up for that.

I decided to roll 1 time on my main account

And I got...

One rainbow


Nooo I wanted...

My luck in ONE roll >_< S.Reimi please wait for me...

I feel like I used my luck for Swimsuit Reimi...

So yes this is my one roll I'm going to save my gems for Swimsuit Reimi and watch me get Sophia...>_<

Good luck on getting any of the girls and Swimsuit Myuria is alright I did try her she good with Edge.

Tries to ship Swimsuit Myuria with Edge...>_< sorry Reimi.

As for Fayt he don't react anyway with Swimsuit Myuria and S.Myuria is glued to Edge...seriously.

I had to remove Rena from party she and Wedding Rena from party for a bit...

Yes more of the daily protesting you can guess who was doing some protesting.

So I might decide what party to use we do got Swimsuit Myuria on my main and my alt is going to have to wait.

I'm going to buy gems on my alt maybe tomorrow win I get my check in the mail *sigh*

Get ready for the update that is incoming.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

SOA Tier listing??


People are so worried about Tier listing.


I use doper.net for my tier listing and people usually use Game8 for listing however win characters drop and rating change people panic.


I'm seeing conflict people saying game8 is putting Dias so high win he's 'useless?' people in discord think Dais is useless..

Me playing with Dias he takes aggro but Edge is more powerful then him and Edge has that HP buff however Dias is not that bad if you give him that right weapon from my experience.

Claude being at the highest tier? seriously?? From what I can tell Claude is not that powerful except his buff he has now if you can give him a a good sword that might work otherwise...

looking at both sites Millie on dopr should not be on the list Rena is way better over her in buffs and healing wise.

As For Fayt his role is mixed if its not a good element its kind of bad that I did realized and I think Int effects Fayt attacks with a high INT sword and attack Fayt dose damage that from MY Experience playing as a Fayt player.

(And keep lots of elemental swords around win playing with Fayt he needs all the swords he can get)

There is no doubt that the Wedding girls are high in tier listing there is no doubt with the buffs Sophia should be SS ranking.

Looking at both sites can we get a better one please??

Now that I think of it https://game8.jp/soa/102944 has a better ranking but I'm going to see for myself who to trust and who not to trust.

I will say this there is no doubt that Rena IS SS ranking she is the most fast caster beside Faize and she can heal fast she is a must.

Healer Rena not her wedding version.

Second might be Relia and Sarah would be if you don't have either of them.

Omg I'm getting conflicted to I'm not going to take the tier listing seriously I almost did to lol.

I think someone said on facebook that they wanted to start over because of there tier dropping or something like that...
Sorry it all I recall people do take this tier listing very seriously.

I would not be surprised if someone did scrap there account because there characters drop and they only want tier ranking characters

Me I'm keeping my account I'm happy with my characters I say just play who you want to play with and have fun.

If you don't have tier ranking characters you can always rent them there are a lot and lot of people who have characters to rent if you're worried about that and people put hard time working on them so remember that win you rent them.

And some people are playing free to play and that's all they have.

I think from now on I'm going to stop listing to rumors and people disliking other characters and finding out myself how it is I don't like the negative emotions going around this is what happens win you got facebook group, discord group talking about characters.

So no more tier listing for me I'm going to play the game how I want.

However if you want to use the tier listing more power to you and good luck with that.

SOA is going to have SO5 event is.


You are aware update is dropping into the game right?

Will it be the Der-Suul fight? Er...Nope Kronos that's his name right?

Buffs and Faize has been buffed O_o -update- So Faize is shining and a 'test?' hmm...Faize collecting data...rumors going around Faize is a 'test'...O_o What??

No over buffed Wedding Ivilish, Celine Sophia, Lymle, Myuria you get the idea so rumors are the rest might stay the same T_T

More info.

So tonight new gacha word is Fiore is alright and Relia is slow? But we don't know unless we get more info how they do in damage wise.

But if you have Faize he just got buffed making him more useful and Faize has that fast casting so Faize players are good to go.
And yes that buffs makes Faize OP *sparkle* I'll think of have Faize in party in my main account with Fayt 10LB and Edge however if you can stand Faize personality you might want to think of using him if you have him. (Downside is Faize emotions ugh...)

(I might switch around with Faize and Fidel I'm not using Albel or Dias, Rena, Wedding Rena unless I have to but hey Fayt is starting to accept Edge just a little bit...sometimes...maybe...hopefully...er...)

By the way this new event boss fight has aoe field that debuffs you look out for them.

In terms of what I'm hearing from Relia and her buffs and (handicap? rumors) that Rena is still top healer in speed wise.
And that Relia is good with Rena? And that Rena is a type for everyone but mages win Relia is the type for Caster a.k.a. mage party.

So if you have mage types casters you want to get Relia for non other mage type party use Rena or rent Rena.

News that Fiore and Celine are about the same just different elements? (Rumors for now) we don't know yet.

However people are hoping weapons will buff both Fiore and Relia.

This is all little info from the discord and website and we need more info on the casters buffs and people are starting to worry that Faize is the only one that got buffed...O_o

We know that Wedding Ivilish is still top caster/mage and Faize just got buffed so they might work out good with Relia?
So if you just LB a caster to max that was a bad move no other caster got buffed so...bad ending?

I swear my feelings just dropped...from Moderate - Star Ocean: The Second Story OST song to Soul Nomad OST: Magic Man >_<;
(No new info yet waiting) T_T

"【6/29(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 本日のメンテナンスは17:00に終了いたしました。更新内容につきましては、アプリ内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。各ストアより最新のアプリ(1.7.0)にバージョンアップの上、プレイをお願いいたします。 #アナムネシス"

"[29 / 6 (Thursday) maintenance ③] maintenance of today is no longer to 17:00. Please confirm the update notice in the app and the website. Latest apps from the store (1.7... 0) To please upgrade on the play"


SOA maintenance.




"[6/22 (Thursday) maintenance ②: today 14: 00-16:00 until wedding event part [extermination-absolute] and additional glitches will be doing maintenance work, fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see notice within the app and the website"

---End of quote

So yes Star Ocean anamnesis a.k.a. SOA is getting a maintenance.

--- From Discord--
SO2 event return SO2 part 1 has come back.
Hell Siren
Race: Avian
Weakness: Freeze, Poison, Wind, Light
Long Ass Note: Boss does attacks. Git guard and dodge. It's pattern change depending on it's leftover HP. It uses various symbology including Dark and Wind attacks. Use status conditions/elemental weaknesses.
Caution: If you do not defeat it in 7 minutes, boss will enter Destroy Mode and will do mass amounts of damage
----End of Discord post----

New tower with Earth weakness good party for it anyone that can use earth Sophia, Bridal Ivilish, Millie, Ronyx and I think Edge has one earth attack that might help with a healer rent Rena.
(Sadly Fayt is not going to be useful here not without the earth sword maybe you can use Albel for long range)

And a new weapon has been added to the Gacha.

People are saying use don't use Victor for this and use Edge for this and Rena I guess Dias would do and if you don't have Edge use Fayt if you don't have Fayt use a shooter and dodge but have a good healer.

My party is going to be Fayt, Albel and Dias/Edge strangely enough I noticed win Edge is around...he don't take aggro and Fayt ends up getting it...but Dias takes aggro versus Edge that what I noticed >_> I heard Victor is a master on taking aggro and is a must to have.
(My Edge is at 5LB vs Dias who is at 4LB and Wedding Rena at 2LB) I just got Dias to 4LB and Fayt 10LB is protesting bad...T_T even Dias at 4LB is taking aggro good Edge feels like he not really a aggro dealer is it me?...he has the damage but...

My alt party is going to be Fayt, Albel and Dias/Wedding Maria and rent a Rena.

As for the weapon Gacha I'm not interested in it I'm afraid I might roll the Sword&Sheathe I'm always lucky on them on my main account it's sad and I have to fight to get a sword weapon T_T
Link-https://twitter.com/StarOcean_soa/status/877768559228735488 weapons.
That bow weapon is good for Reimi if you have her.
"- Damage +40% to Beast Race
- Will not flinch to damage that is less than 10% of Max HP
LB Factor - ATK Damage +20% when over 100 hit" --From Discord--So you can go nuts with Reimi.

If it's not the Sword&Sheathe it the Bow weapons seriously!? Just give me swords that's all I want...T_T
And I'm like Sword&Sheathe Dias and Albel got enough as for Bows I'm like enough Reimi is OP with one.
(That's on my main account) I'm starting to think that account wants me to play with either Dias/Albel with Reimi added to party with Fayt as leader...>_< I do use Reimi once in a bit I play as her and watch Fayt be clingy with her...O_o er never mind.

I find this ironic I never did like Reimi in SO4 however I do like playing her in SOA...O_o I was always a Edge and Faize shipper back then maybe that's why er...but I have to admit Reimi in SOA don't bug me much.

People are saying that Edge and Fayt in a party don't mix good I'm starting to think that...
From my experience Fayt is flat out damage and Edge working with him don't work good since Edge is not a good aggro dealer.
And people was saying you got to choose one or the other so I'm going to stay with Fayt I know Edge has this whole HP buff but I love SO3 too much to let it go.

I'm thinking Fayt is way to powerful with good weapon that they go after him and Edge is overlooked and from my experience Dias takes the aggro from Fayt unlike Edge if you put both Dias and Edge in party it works to.

I might draw 1 time from the weapon Gacha and save for next month rumors are going around...swimwear O_o

We know they showed a picture of Miki in swimwear but maybe we might get some guys this time around...maybe hopefully... please...
I think that might happen around win Fiore drops or after that.

Next major characters are Fiore and Relia I'm not excited for them I know a lot of people want Fiore I want a Der-Suul fight yes Der-Suul the Albel lookalike maybe that's why Daril stops and looks at Albel...O_o never mind....

So this is a talk about what is coming and SOA maintenance and my thoughts about what is going on.

And maybe that bow weapon will bring Reimi back into play? We don't know but I want more sword weapons...

"【6/22(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 本日のメンテナンスは16:00に終了いたしました。更新内容につきましては、アプリ内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。メンテナンス前にアプリを起動していた方は、必ずアプリ再起動の上、プレイをお願いいたします"

"[6/22 (Thursday) maintenance ③: maintenance of today is no longer to 16:00. Please confirm the update notice in the app and the website. Apps started prior to maintenance make sure on the app restart play please"

SOA debate


So people was talking about what 'sword' to use on Fayt.

Light and Fire weapons you want to avoid with using Fayt since that his powers.

Ice, Wind and Darkness is good on him so what people are saying so that level 4 dark sword might work correct me on this one I thought there was a lv 4 dark sword but I would like to get a 5 dark sword to.

Right now Fayt still powerful if you use him right so me putting the Holy Sword Farwell on my alt Fayt isn't such a good idea but it has damage.

Pulling the Wind sword right now is a good weapon for Fayt if you have enough gems/crystal for the store gacha.

I would like to get a Ice sword for Fayt I think that might do good on him.

Holy Sword Farwell might work good on Claude I see a few that have that weapon and Edge might work good with that weapon.

But it's odd in this universe Fayt has no symbology so they given him elements that switch around depends on what foe you fight.

Come on Fayt need 'explosion' it a must symbology from SO3 but that what made him special from the other Star Ocean Hero's come to think of it Fayt might be the only one of the Star Ocean main Hero's that can cast symbology beside Rena.

So we can confirm Edge is more powerful then Dias? I finally taken Dias out of my party and wow Edge has a high HP boost now if you can't get Edge use Dias but make sure he has a good weapon.

Rena still top healer and fast caster with Faize they are still both fast what I like to do is have Fayt as leader and put both Rena for heals and buffs and Faize for fast and dark element that's on my main account and maybe rent a defender.

Using anyone that is not Rena is a juggle you might have to play them yourself since the AI are kind of...*cough* yes.

As for the wedding gacha in June I'm going to wait and see if the girls are worth it but yes too many girls...O_o

I think the fan people will have fun putting wedding Nel with Cliff or Albel if I do get her shes going with Clair...O_o yes I finally got Clair on my main account so...*cough* enough of that.

Celine is good to use if you have her but her casting is slow I rent one and I never did get her...my main and alt accounts said 'no' T_T

As for personality on my main account 'auto' battle Fayt gets along with Edge somewhat as Albel is ignoring Edge...so...and yes Fayt is still leader all ends will right? I don't know it looks like Albel got along with Fidel more...*cough* never mind moving on.

If you can get a element sword good if for anyone that might work for Fayt avoid light and fire ones.

And maxing out a sword isn't cheap so get ready to spend some money on it but if you have enough go for it.

SOA talk.

【5/25(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベントの追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。作業開始をもって、開催中のピックアップガチャ(セリーヌ/サラ、リーンベル、ガールズ)は終了となります。ご了承下さい。

"[5/25 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-will be doing maintenance work due to adding a new event to 16:00. With work starting during the pickup Gacha (Celine / Sara girls, Leanne/reanbell) will end. Please note that"

So Celine will be removed with Sarah and the girls and look forward to the update with Edge and Meracle.

I'm excited for Edge he is way late and he's defender.

From what I've heard Edge is pretty good over Meracle and maybe better then Dias O_o that what people are saying now people was talking about Dais being 'weak' give him a 5 sword and watch him become a tank that fire Katana is very good for him or his own sword and with Edge they might become tanks that what I think.

(From my experiences Dias with Fire Katana with Fayt 10LB with anyone even Albel or Rena they can take down anything even better give Albel a 5 weapon and holy crap that damage I mostly rent Rena that is maxed out my Rena is only 1LB I use her if must I still need a good sword for my Fayt 10LB I hope to get one in the future)

And Keywords June for weddings Maria and Nel both look alright but...Maria they given her that...I hate to say this but Maria almost reminded me too much of Fayt that attack she did didn't help either...and Nel new attack look pretty flowers uh...marrying Clair? (don't mind me sorry)...people want to put wedding Nel with Cliff and maybe Albel now.

I myself want the guys too much girls I'm going to roll for Edge and I'm not too sure about the wedding gacha in june.

"After the fight with the Colossal Beak, Sarah suggest to go back to Irene's house and regroups with Edge. At the location where they found Meracle, they spot an enemy known as Grigori. This limited quest lets you fight Armaros Manifest. Like the previous boss, this boss is weak to Wind and Light along with the Poison and Seal status effect."
From discord.

Weakens- Light, Wind.
So Fayt is going to be good here maybe with Albel and a healer Rena and Cliff might do people with Wind and Light.

I'm a bit sad no Apostle of Creation that was that moment but this Grigori boss yes it's that one again if you played this game.

So do the events before the new update drops.

5/25(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:00頃まで、SO4イベント後編やエッジ/メリクルの追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス

"[5/25 (Thursday) maintenance ②: today 14: 00-will be doing maintenance work due to additional SO4 event part or edge/Meri Kul 16:00 up. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site. #アナムネシス"

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/867576227808202752
New comic welcome Edge and Meracle oh Reimi that reminds me of that PA wow Reimi can hit hard.

SOA RNG Results


Time for my results.


Well I tried my main account rolled for Celine and the results was...Sarah >_> *sigh* I don't need her on my main got Rena for that.

My alt account flat out said don't need any of them T_T

Celine looks cool and Sarah isn't that bad I tried them with rentals now since I got so many on my main account I think I'm going to wait for Edge now after that maybe that enough and then I'll focus on my alt account.

Collapse )

So yes that Sword on my alt Zero account is the one I wanted on my main and why??
Well it don't do much for Fayt who has light element in his attacks already but I just want it for damage.

So yes this is my picture of my boxes and my main is Fayt 10LB my alt just got that far but it looks like getting Fayt is hard in RNG some people don't have him yet.

So yes the RNG good luck with getting Celine or Sarah.

Now let's if you're starting a new account I say good luck to you farming mats and Prism orbs are going to be a uphill battle people was saying do story for a bit get good enough level and fly into multiplayer find people who will help you and don't feel bad if you get kicked.

I say from experience Fayt to 10LB wasn't easy and wasn't cheap it was struggle for me I had to buy Premium witch you use real money for and that help a lot it basically some exp cubs, prism orbs and the stones you use for LB a character that's 14 days so it helps in the long run but if you just want gems people was saying don't go for Premium and by the cheaper ones off the store.

So it still a slow build up but it works I might not LB any more on my account if I do get enough I might LB Albel more since he's high.

Some people who say they don't buy into Premium and they say they are playing Free to play it's hard you got to use maybe one character a good one and stick to them there are a lot of people who spend a lot of money in this game and have maybe more then 3-5 characters 10LB.

Right now people are saying Rena is top healer Fayt is wanted and Clair is good and it looks like Claude is having a bit trouble I don't know I don't really use him that much but for me Albel is good if you use Albel as main stick with his long rang attack and Dais is still a tank.

Leanne Wedding is pretty good from what I heard and she is fun to play as if my alt didn't have Fayt I would use her and if you don't have Rena get Sarah she has Angel feather, and Faerie light that is a must for buffs she not a fast as Rena but she more useful.

So if I'm not fighting a major boss I don't use Dais so Dias is my tank put a good weapon hopefully a 5 on him and watch him go you need a defender on the team and a healer if you don't have one rent one otherwise I just use random people if it's not boss and just framing and it looks like both accounts almost use the same set up lol >_<;

Now the feedback people are saying Celine is good but she kind of slow at casting...? I don't know but her Starlight looks good and if you are using Myuria it looks like Celine is a upgrade from her if that makes sense.

And if you don't have Dias or can't get him Victor is good so is Shimada people said Shimada really? Might as well say Stephen D. Kenny to.
I don't use Shimada or Stephen so I'm not too sure about this but if you have Victor use him.

As for healer use Rena or try to get Sarah if you can't get them stick with Miki or Millie I'm not saying Ivilish is good if you get her use her but beware if you don't have her weapon she is slow at casting and you got to play as her or her AI will not healer right I say that from experience otherwise she alright.

For mages Faize is still the fast caster with Sophia and her buffs that's set to go Celine might fit in the middle and Myuria would be last?

Shooters is Leanne Wedding that is one shooter you might want to get from my experience Reimi at 0LB dose pretty good damage with a good 5 star weapon and if you can't get none of them Maria would do people might not say Reimi but if you get a really good weapon for her like I did with my main holy she can nuke foes win playing as her she was faster then Fayt in battle er...alright not in speed but attack and killing foes I had to take her out since she OP with that weapon it was one the red bows and it's pretty powerful and I felt if I'm going to be using Fayt I don't want Reimi to kill foes before he can do anything so I taken her out.

So that why Reimi wasn't in party in the picture and yes Reimi on my main not my alt.

For attackers oh god
Fayt is wanted right now for his skills and power once you get Fayt to 10LB he's pretty powerful and you might need a good weapon on him.
Claude is struggling from what I heard I don't use him so I don't know sorry.
Cliff is still powerful but on the right bosses.
Michael the guy from SO2 I heard he's alright but if the element is not right don't use him and he's a fire element.
Lenneth is not forgotten if you have the right party with her she can be useful otherwise...

Now the damage I did with my main account I need a better sword for Fayt so if I spend anymore money I'm going for weapon draw.

My alt is alright but oh man I wanted that sword for my main and I'm still working on my alt to get that weapon up it's not even 10 yet so...ugh.

So yes that is a little update I might talk about more win we do get Edge I'm going to roll for him on both accounts.

And may the RNG luck be with you oh geez that RNG luck is...don't mind me and this talk was from what people are saying about characters and from my own personal experience so everyone thoughts and experience is different so just play the game how you want.